Twink medical movie tgp Ethan White gets straight down to biz in this

Twink medical movie tgp Ethan White gets straight down to biz in this
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After our game of "doctor" when Jerry got me to suck him off as part of the game he felt he "owned" me and to an extent I guess he did. I was a small lonely feminine looking little boy of age 10 with long honey hair, blue eyes, and full lips with a build that caused more people to think I was a girl than a boy.

I wasn't all that up on sex but I knew that what Jerry had me doing for him, and after the game of "doctor" there wasn't any pretense it was straight take off our clothes when we could and I'd suck his 14 year old cock to ejaculation and I'd swallow his load of cum. Sometimes we couldn't do it in his house and he'd either take me to the vacant lot up the street and have me do it behind the dirt mound and sometimes he'd even take me behind my garage in the alley between our apartment house and the adjoining home and do a quickie for him.

As summer turned to fall and fall to winter our chances became fewer and he hatched the plan to take me to the movies at the local mall on Saturday around noon when almost no one was at the first matinee, take me to a corner of the theater where it was dark and have me play with his cock and suck him while he undid my pants, shoved his hand inside and played with my asshole.

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He came to me with this plan at first and told me that this was what we were going to do, he didn't ask me or suggest it to me, he told me because he knew that I was his and I would do it.

He paid the admission and bought me candy most of the time as I never had any money. As soon as the movie started, sometimes even before, he would open the front of his pants and have me down on my knees kissing his cock and licking his balls.

I had to learn to suck and lick quietly unless the movie was a noisy one. I can't remember seeing a single movie as I spent almost the whole time between his legs playing with him until he was ready for me to suck him off. From time to time we'd take a break and instead of me sucking on his dick he'd have me sit in my seat with my back to him so he could finger my ass and give me a good finger fucking up my anus.

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I enjoyed him doing that and had all I could do to keep from whimpering and moaning as he worked 1, 2, and even 3 fingers into me. Then it was back on my knees and going down on his cock until he came.

Sometimes as we walked into the theater he would hold my hand and this embarrassed me terribly because though I may have appeared to be a girl I knew I was a boy and another boy holding my hand or putting his arm around my shoulders was just total humiliation to me.

He also began making out with me before the movie started. He taught me to french kiss and more than once I caught a glimpse of someone looking at us with disgust as we made out. I enjoyed his kissing me and the thrill of his tongue in my mouth but clearly I was too young to be doing this with such an older boy and though the attendance was sparse sometimes people would see what we were doing and they most certainly did not approve.


I didn't care because the making out became my favorite part of the whole experience and made up for the humiliation I felt when we walked into the brightly lit theater entrance with him holding my hand like I was a little girl.

This routine went on for several weeks and then something happened that made the humiliation of walking in public with him holding my hand seem minuscule. We went to the theater one noon time in late November and he made a show of holding my hand and occasionally kissing me on the cheek in public.

I felt really embarrassed for people to be seeing him treat me like a girl and even though most people didn't realize I was actually a boy it was just too much and somewhat unusual.

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Once he picked out a movie and he seated us we began the make out. I barely noticed a group of teenage boys several rows in front of us though 5 or 6 boys in the theater of his choice was unusual.

The movie began and Jerry opened his pants and slid them down to him ankles and positioned me between his legs with his knees on my shoulders as I went down on his cock.

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For reasons that I did not understand at first he held on to my head and kept thrusting his cock deep into my throat making me gag and keeping my head down so I couldn't see anything other than his pubic hair. He was apparently not at all concerned about the other people in the theater as he kept my head down on his cock as he drove it deeper and deeper into my throat. I gagged several times and almost had to hurl more than once but he was intent on keeping my head down on his cock between his legs and he was being unusually rough with me.

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After a while, too long by my count, of this rough treatment he shot his load into my mouth and told me to swallow it down like a good little girl. Now he was really humiliating me but like a good little "girl" I did just what he ordered me to do.

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When his cock stopped throbbing and his load was spent he sat back and let go of my head. When I looked up I saw that the row of teenage boys had moved back and had surrounded us. They had watched the whole event, had seen him put me between his legs after pulling my pants and briefs down to my ankles so my ass was fully exposed and had seen the rough way he treated me in getting me to suck his dick and swallow his cum.

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I couldn't believe that all of these boys had been watching the whole time but what came next was even worse. Jerry looked around at the crowd, smiling, and told them "see, I told you.

This little cocksucker belongs to me and he'll do whatever I want, right Bobby?" I was too mortified to respond and in a firmer voice he demanded "RIGHT?" I mumbled "uh-huh." "Okay boys," he said "whose next?" He took his legs from my shoulders, pulled up his pants and told me that I was to do for his friends what I had just done for him.


I begged him to please not make me and to let me go home but he wasn't having any of that. He was showing off for his friends and what he was showing off was the little boy he had turned into his cocksucker and now he was going to share me with them.

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As with "doctor's orders" I spent the next hour or so giving blow jobs to each one of them and I swallowed more cum that day than at any time I can remember.