Pervertiert gesetzliche Alter Teenager genießt Sex

Pervertiert gesetzliche Alter Teenager genießt Sex
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I started my sexcapades at a young age. Dad divorced mom when I was 5 years old. I lived with my mom and my younger sister. I was about 10 when I first started jerking my cock. I loved cumming, and would jack off just about anywhere.

I think I wanted to get caught and be punished. I loved jerking in public. I started in bathrooms and moved to just about anywhere I could almost get caught, the bus in the mornings and afternoons,mainly. After jerking off in all these places I started thinking about girls.

I loved the oozing sexuality girls got to exude. Us boys didn't get to do that. Certainly us geeky, skinny, boys didn't get to.

I loved the clothed girls got to wear and how men reacted to them in those clothes. I couldn't afford my own clothes so I started swiping my mom's.


Id wear her panties and jerk my cock. Then I found her vibrator. I had seen porns where the girls had inserted the vibrators into there pussies, but I didn't have one. Then I saw my first porn where a girl fucked her own ass with a dildo, I was hooked.

I HAD to try it. I got into mom's panties got her dildo out of her drawer and lubed my little 11 year old asshole. I slid the first inch or 2 into my little ass and started sawing it in and out slowly.

I kept lubing it further down and sliding it further in. I had heard that it was supposed to really hurt. It did pinch a little at first but after a few strokes it started feeling pretty good. I got about 6 inches of her 12 inch dildo in my ass before it started to really hurt. I backed it a little bit and started to jerk my cock.

It felt so good but I felt like something was missing.

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I came in her panties and cleaned her dildo off. I put it back in place and went to bed. I threw her panties in the laundry where I found them. I started dreaming of taking a real cock in my ass or in my mouth. I started fucking myself everyday with her dildo, in her panties. It felt soo good, and I started taking the dildo deeper and deeper.

I still could only get about 9 inches in but it felt so good when I came. Mom went to work everyday but I was pretty sure she was hooking on the side. It excited me when she'd bring a guy home. Id sneak out when I could here them fucking her and watch from the door. She really liked getting fucked or faked it well. She would bend over and let guys pound her deep. I loved listening to her beg for their cocks, in her ass, her pussy, and sometimes beg for a load on her tits, or in her mouth or on her face.

She was the slut I wanted to be, but I was boy and boys aren't sluts. Or at least I thought they weren't allowed to be. Until the day I got caught in her panties. I was at home after school like usual and wearing moms panties under my clothes. My little sister was at a friend's and I was looking forward to my date with mom's dildo.

I heard mom's car pull up and the door slam.

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Damn. My date was canceled for sure. Mom came in and went to take a shower. When she came out she was searching threw the laundry. She went to my sister's room and rummaged for a while. When she came out she looked frustrated. She went back to her room and rummaged for a while. She came out and I asked what she was looking for. She said nothing. I leaned down to pick up a chip from the floor. She flipped out. "These are what I was looking for!" she screamed as she grabbed the back of the panties and gave me a wedgy.

"These are mine! What are you doing wearing them?" I stood bolt upright and my face got flushed. I was embarrassed and angry and hurt and knew this was gonna suck. "Nothing.

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I … I." "You, what, James? You like wearing my underwear? What are you some little fairy? Do they make you feel like a little girl? You little bastard. Take em off." I was so embarrassed.

I didn't know what to do. "What? I said.

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She replied with "Take my panties off now you little bitch!" She grabbed my hair on the back of my head and said "Get out of my panties." The hair pulling hurt, a little but I was still just so shocked.

I just unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. Then I started puling down her panties when I realized Id be naked in front of my mom. I hesitated. "Get them off now or I will blister your ass little boy". She used her free hand to grab a wooden spoon off the counter and then switched hands so she could swat my ass with the the spoon. It kind of shocked me into compliance. I dropped the panties quick and grabbed my cock and balls. "Finally. What are you doing wearing my panties you little fairy?

Do you wanna be a little girl? Is that what you want?" Then she swatted my bare ass again.

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It hurt. I yelped. "Answer me little girl!" "I guess so." " What? You guess? Little girls don't guess hunny. And they don't fondle their cocks. Let go of yours. Ive seen your dick before. It doesn't really impress me. Hide it." Then she swatted me again. At first I couldn't understand it but my ass hurt so I figured I could tuck my cock between my legs.


So I hid my cock between my legs. "Better. Now take off your shirt too." I did but I was still coving my cock with my hands kind of. She swatted them. "Put your hands at your side little girl." "Yes Ma'am." I replied. "Very good. If I had known this is what it took for you to listen to me I would have stripped and beaten you a lot sooner. Now then why do you like wearing my panties?" "They feel good, Ma'am and make me feel pretty." "Do they now?

They make me feel pretty too. Do you want to feel even prettier?" My hear jumped. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Prettier? Sure. How?" Swat! "How MAAM is the proper answer little girl." "Yes ma'am" I answered. "The answer is that I will make you a little girl, my little girl. I will train you in all the ways of being a little girl and you will listen and do everything I say.

Do you understand, little girl?" " Yes ma'am." "Your first lesson is never to take mommies panties." Swat! I cringed "Yes Ma'am" Mom went over to the couch and sat down.

She said "Now come over here and bend over my knees. Its time you learned about the penalties." She patted her bare knees. I hesitantly waddled over with my cock between my legs. Mom had spanked me before but not like this. I bent over her knees and she slid her hand over my smooth little ass. "Such a cute little ass for a little girl. You know what girls do with their cute little asses baby?" "No Ma'am." I replied.

"They let men fuck it, sometimes for money. Did you know that baby?" "No Ma'am." I answered. "What else have you done in my panties? Have you been jerking your little cock?" Cumming in my panties? Have you baby? Have you been cumming in Mommy's panties?!" Swat, Swat Swat. "Answer me you little bitch." "Yes Mommy. I came in your panties." "Thats a bad little girl.

Only bad girls cum in Mommy's panties. Only Sluts do that. Are you a little slut?" Swat swat swat. "I am Mommy, I'm your little slut Mommy." I cried out. My cock was getting harder by the swat. It was growing in between my legs and it hurt. I started parting them a bit so my cock could get out. "No, no bad girl. Don't let that cock out." and then she smacked my cock with her hand.

It hurt but it felt so good to have her acknowledge it. "It hurts Mommy. My cock is so hard." "Little girls don't have cocks, hunny." Swat to my ass, swat swat. By now my ass was hot and somewhat numb.

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"You wanna cum don't you baby?" swat swat swat. "Yes mommy, I wanna cum so bad." swat swat swat. "You know how little girls cum hunny?" "No mommy" swat swat swat. "A man sticks his dick in her little hole and fucks her till she cums." swat swat swat.

"Would you like that baby? Would you like to get fucked in your little ass?" swat swat swat. "Yes? Mommy. I would like to be fucked in the ass. I wanna cum." swat swat swat. "Mommy my ass hurts." Swat. "Have you taken a cock already you little slut?" swat.

"No ma'am" SWAT! "Owwwww mommy." "You are lying. You little slut, I know you've taken a cock in that ass." SWAT! "Not a cock ma'am" swat. "Then what you little slut? A carrot, or something?" I hadn't thought of that it might feel good. Swat. "No ma'am, you're dildo ma'am." SWAT! "My dildo? You fucked your little slut, faggot ass with MY dildo?"SWAT! I was almost in tears but my cock was so hard! It felt like it would pop. It excited me so much to be telling my mom all about what I had been doing.

To know she accepted it was a big relief but I was afraid at how she might react too. "Yes ma'am. Your dildo has been in my ass." SWAT! "You little bitch!" SWAT! "Get up!" I got to my knees and she stood up and strode into her room. I heard her open the drawer that held her toys. She strode back in with her dildo. "This dildo has been in your little slut ass?" She asked. I looked up and then back down, humiliated. "Yes ma'am." I looked back up to see her reaction.

She was smiling. "Did you imagine it being a real cock, slut?

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Did it feel good? Did it make you cum? Did it?" She swatted my face. "Yes ma'am I imagined it being a real dick in my ass and then jerked my cock into your panties, ma'am." I blathered out, almost crying.

"Open your mouth slut." I loved it when she called me slut. I still do. She grabbed my chin and tilted my face up. I opened my mouth and she slid the dildo into my mouth. It was the first time I had anything like this in my mouth. "There you go slut. You like that?" I did and I nodded yes. It made my mouth water and my ass pucker and my cock harden. "I see you do. She started sliding the dildo in an out of my mouth. I was in heaven. I was almost asleep I guess, it felt so good to have a dick in my mouth and my mom feeding it to me no less.

"Now take your cock out slut." she told me. I spread my legs and my 9 inch cock sprang forward from between them. "You cant be a little girl with that huge cock baby. Down on all fours and hold this dick in your mouth. I did as she told me to and my heart dropped at the idea that I would not be a girl, but my pulse quickened as my mother put me on all fours.

She slid her hand to my ass and then to my cock as well. "No no this wont do at all. Look ow long and hard it is." She stroked my cock up and down. "You are supposed to take cocks not have them you little slut." She smacked my ass. It felt so good. My eyes were rolling into the back of my head. "Ahhh you like this don't you?" I moaned. "You want a cock in your ass too don't you slut?" I moaned again. "Let me get it." she said as she went back into her room and got into her drawer.

She came back with a strap on I had seen in the drawer and a bottle of lube. I shuddered. "You are a little slut aren't you?" She patted my head as she went by it. She got to my ass and told me "Get ready baby. You are gonna take 2 cocks at once, slut. Fell free to cum whenever you like you little bitch." she started lubing my asshole and my arms gave out.

"There you go slut, lay right down." she patted my back. She started sliding lube on my asshole. I moaned. She started sliding her finger in and out of my tight little 11 year old asshole. It felt tight at first and then I loosened right up I wanted it deeeep in me. I was about to cum too. "Don't cum yet slut" my mother warned. She gripped the shaft of the strap on and started sliding it into my ass. It felt so good, I opened my ass to her. "There you go baby. Take it all in." She kept sawing it in and out deeper with every stroke.

"You do take cock very well already." I was in heaven, it was ecstacy. I was drooling around the dildo. I wanted to cum but I knew she didn't want me to. I was finally a little slut.

I could have died happy there. Then she reached around and grabbed my cock. It jumped. I was scared I was gonna cum. "You want to cum don't you baby?" I murmured yes loudly. "Not quite yet I have an idea." she told me to tuck my head in and she pushed my ass over with her strap on.

I landed with my back against the couch, my ass in the air. She pulled the strap on out as I rolled. I was confused until she got on the couch and slid the strap on back in my ass.

My cock was only about 6 inches from my face. "Spit that plastic cock out you little slut." she demanded. I spit it out reluctantly. She started fucking my ass hard and deep.

I was moaning and wanted to grab my cock so bad. She said "You like this huh?" She slid the cock deeper in my ass and pushed my legs back further, until my knees were almost on the ground and my cock was in my face, on my lips. I kept reaching for it with my mouth and finally got the head in my mouth.

It felt so damn good to have a dick in my mouth. I was drooling and she kept fucking me with that strap on. "You got you won cock in your mouth, you little slut! Now cum, slut! Cum in your own mouth and swallow it." Mom was fucking me but I could tell she was about to cum too.

I felt my cum building and let it spray out. It was hot, and salty and kept cumming and I was moaning like a little slut should when she finally gets cum in her mouth. I was exhausted and I could hear mom cumming with the dildo in my ass.

"Oh God baby yes! Swallow it all you little slut!" as she finished cumming she pulled the cock out of my ass. It was so sore and raw that I expected the strap on t have blood on it but it didn't "Come here slut. Sit up." I could tell mom was tired and I was exhausted. She told me to clean up and put all the toys away. Then I was to clean myself up and she was going to lay down my ground rules. Next time: The ground rules.