Gime delicioso cuando se la meto

Gime delicioso cuando se la meto
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Dominic stood up and looked down at Lilly from under his mask. "Rich Bitch, you're gonna fucking pay for that." He stood up and pulled his pants back on. As pissed as he looked, there was still fear in his eyes. He was horrified of what would happen if Kyle found out. He paced the room, trying to process what might happen.

Then, he realized that if he got out quick, maybe it wouldn't be pinned on him. Lilly didn't bother pulling up her shorts or fixing her hair up. She had nothing to hide, and she hoped that seeing what he did - she was sure he was keeping their little "sessions" a secret - would get the guys to get rid of him, or at least stop him.

She watched him pace around, periodically checking the door before rushing out and wondered what he thought running away would accomplish. The door opened slightly and the one whose name she didn't know came in, tugging Dom behind him by the wrist. Fuck. He was the one who set Dom on her in the first place. Both were wearing their masks and Chad was nowhere to be seen.

"Stand in that fucking corner you fucking oaf." Dom sulked into the corner. Kyle came into the center of the room and looked down at Lilly. The girl had her shorts pulled to her ankles and her panties at her knees. The skin around her pussy was as red as her face from being penetrated.

He shook his head and looked back at Dom. "You stupid motherfucker, why the fuck did you touch her like that? There's no fucking need!" Dom's eyes dropped to the floor in shame. Lilly's face got hot with anger. No need? You're the one who pulled down my shorts to entice him to do this! And he had choked her and yanked her hair in the process. She decided it best not to say anything. However, when he approached Dom and punched him right in the nose, causing him to slump against the wall, she became confused.

He himself had caused her pain, but she started to wonder if there was some good in him that he was hiding. His earlier actions had seemed so violent, but now that the violence was turned away from her, she thought it possible there was some good in him.

Kyle took a step towards Lilly and cupped her chin in his palm. "Are you okay?" She nodded slightly, her eyes welling up with tears. Kyle shook his head. "We're not here to hurt you, Lilly. Everything we've done, being rough with you and keeping you tied up here, it's only about the money. We just have to keep you under control in whatever way we can." She didn't seem to find comfort in his words and her she let out a choked sob.

"Your parents love you very much - you should see how much your face is on the news! We're going to get in contact with them, and they'll give us what they want, and then they'll get you back.

I know you might not trust me because of how I was earlier, and because I'm with him," he shoved his thumb at Dominic, "but I hope we can get through this without so much as laying a finger on you.

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You've been a good girl and we trust that you're not going to fight or run, and as long as you don't, we have no need to hurt you. Okay? He won't hurt you any more. Isn't that right?" He looked back at Dominic, who looked down and nodded his head slightly.

"Now get out of here, I'm going to feed her." Dominic got up slowly and lumbered out of the room. He was ashamed at the liberties he'd taken and he had no real idea that he was set up. His mind was currently filled with regret and constant fear of being disowned from the team. He went into his room and sat on the bed, leaving Kyle to apologize to the girl for him, to repair any damage. Kyle smirked as he watched Dominic exit the room.

He knew exactly what was going through his neanderthal mind, and he knew he caused it.

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Manipulating him was easy. Dominic was the enemy, not him. He could be a friend.

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Now, he just had to find out something very important… He pulled out a sandwich and Lilly perked up. "Let's fix your shorts, Sweetheart." He wasn't calling her Rich Bitch anymore, and she began to wonder if he was manipulating her or if he had only said it to appease the others.

Her mental conception of everything was completely dismantled because of her newfound trust. When he turned back from watching Dominic leave, he had a caring look on his eyes under his mask. He dangled a wet cloth that he had brought to clean her, and went about wiping the makeup from her face.

She flinched, and he paused. "I'll tell you what. If you can promise me you'll stay well-behaved, I'll see if Chad will give me the key to let you get off the floor and use your arms. There's no windows and the doors lock from inside, so there shouldn't be a major problem." She was floored. He had called Chad by his name, without flinching.

From what she had learned from all of the movies she'd watched, captors didn't show faces or give names unless they didn't plan on their victim leaving with any capability to identify them. Her gut dropped as she worried that knowing their names would put her in further harm. When she looked at him, his unnerving smile showed under his mask.

"You look upset. I have a feeling it's because I said my brother's name." Brother. "I have a feeling you think me telling you any kind of identifying information puts you in harm's way, but I assure you, that isn't the case." His smile turned more pleasant. "I know how scary this must be. And I don't want you scared. I'm gonna go ask Chad about the key." With that, he got up and left the room, smiling deviously when his back was turned to her, just the right seed planted in her head.

He came back into the room a short while later, after grabbing the key out of his pocket where it had already been. When he came back into the room, locking the door, he held the key proudly in front of his face and walked towards her. Her eyes lit up.

He bent down behind her and uncuffed her hands and she dropped them to her sides. She was crying. Normally, she would have fought him then and there but she was so tired and grateful to be free. She stretched her arms and tried to regain feeling in her fingers while Kyle smiled down at her. "Now, remember what I said about behaving?" She nodded. He looked up at the bed. "You can probably get up there now, get a good night's rest.

I had to steal the key from Chad, he might be mad, but he knows not to hurt you if he wants that money. I'll deal with it, don't you worry, okay Lilly?" She crawled up onto the bed, slowly and unsurely.

She still didn't know if she could trust him, but with all he was doing for her right now, it felt impossible to care about the doubts.


She laid on the bed and when her head hit the pillow, it was almost impossible not to fall asleep. Kyle began to unwrap one of the sandwiches - she wasn't hungry because Chad had just fed her, but she didn't know when she would eat again… "N-not hungry…" She could hardly manage the words. Between her two experiences with Dominic and being chained to the hot radiator and barely eating or drinking and sleeping uncomfortably while chained to the floor for only a few hours, she had no energy.

Kyle put the sandwich on the nightstand next to her. She wanted to thank him, but he was still the only one whose name she didn't know. "That's alright. You should eat, but you can feed yourself in the morning when you wake up." Her eyes were still closed, but she didn't try sleeping with him there. She still felt his presence, heard his breathing. Then, she heard the sound of sliding metal and her eyes flew open.

There he was, standing a few feet from the bed. The smile under his mask was gone and in its place was a scowl.

His eyes hadn't changed, and she wondered if he was ever really smiling to begin with. In his hand was a long - probably 6 or 7 inches - Buck knife.

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He was on top of her in a second, straddling her stomach. She was frozen in fear. Any fight that she'd had, even at the start of Kyle's visit, had gone when she'd let her guard down. She wondered if that was his plan, and it seemed evident that it was. The knife was at her throat. She could feel the sharp edge of the cold blade as it pressed against her neck.

She froze. "You're going to have to really trust me here, aren't you, Lilly? You stay perfectly still, you answer my questions, you don't scream out, and I don't push any harder than this. Got it?" She was afraid to nod, too petrified to make any movement.

He dragged the tip of the knife across her skin slightly and laughed down at her. She felt an extreme fight-or-flight response, but had to fight both and try staying still.

Her already exhausted mind was going haywire. Her legs trembled. "Speak up." He spat the words down at her. "Yes… I g-got it." "Good girl. But you're going to refer to me as 'Sir' from here on out. Makes sense while this knife is to your throat, doesn't it? You know, when I have full authority over you? I have total control over you; one wrong move, one thing I don't like, and I can just slice your pretty little face up. And you wouldn't want that, would you?" "No… N-no, Sir…" "Good girl.

Now, tell me, earlier, when my friend was in here and you yelled Chad, how did you know his name? He didn't tell you his name, did he?" She was silent at first, then he pressed the knife ever so gently, but she felt the sharp tip of the blade press into her skin. "I listened to you guys talk!

I heard you guys outside the door and pieced it together!" He put the knife in front of her face and she could see wet blood on the tip from where she had felt the knife. "You're not lying to me, are you?" She could barely make out a scared whimper and she shook her head. "So you know his name, do you know mine?" "N-no. I know Chad and Dominic and that's it, I swear." "It would be beneficial for you to stop listening, stop trying to piece shit together because it's only going to make it harder to let your pretty little head out of this room untouched.

Got it?" "Y-yes Sir, I'm s-s-s-sorry, it won't happen again." He smiled down at her again, it was the same false, warm smile that didn't go past his mouth. His eyes were still devoid of emotion. "Good girl. Do you like Chad? Is Chad nice to you?" She gulped, and the split second it took for her to swallow the spit she had in her mouth must have pissed him off, because the knife was back at her throat.

She felt conscious of a trickle of blood trickling down from where he'd cut her before. "Ye-yes, Sir. He was nice to me, I think he knew Dominic came in the first time and…" "He came in before that?" He wasn't really shocked, because that was probably when he left with Chad, but he was curious to what Dom did.

He ran the blade across her throat, passing it to his other hand and leaving it gently resting on her neck. "Did he do anything?" Tears welled up in her eyes instantly. "Yes, Sir." He pushed the knife against her skin again. "He… He pushed his… thing… into my mouth and… I think peed or something because stuff came out…" He laughed out loud and her face twisted into a hateful grimace. "That's called cum, it's what happens when you get your cock sucked by a girl that really likes it." "I didn't like it!" She was talking as loud as she thought she could manage without upsetting him.

"Well, then he wouldn't have cum. But maybe, you're just a whore." Tears streamed down her face. She'd heard the words before, around school, on TV, and she had only heard it in a negative way, so being called that made her feel more beaten down than she was before. "Now, I want you to tell me the truth. Tell me you liked sucking his cock." She couldn't help but struggle under his weight, and he lifted the knife and cut her cheek slightly, grunting at her a command to sit still.

She stopped. "I… I liked…" She choked on her own tears and snot. "I liked - liked sucking his cock… S-Sir…" "You really are a whore, aren't you. I'm sure he'll be very grateful to know you can do it again and again." He laughed down at her again.

"So, he didn't do anything else to you, right? The other time, I stopped him?" "Yes, Sir." "So you're still a little virgin, huh?" She knew what that meant and nodded slightly, uttering her admittance under her breath. "Well, once I tell Dom how much you like it, he's going to be bound to try it again. I won't be stopping him, either.

So, how about I save you the trouble of letting him be the one to deflower you." She felt broken.

The knife against her throat seemed to fade away, that was no real danger compared to his threat. She had kept herself innocent with a sense of pride, and he was threatening to take it - just because he wanted to be the one to do it.

In a second, he slid down her body, trailing the knife down her chest as he did. He pulled off her shirt, keeping the knife visible to her. She laid there looking up at him in a bra and shorts feeling more vulnerable than she had felt since she was first kidnapped. He slid the knife under the center strap and cut it. The cups fell off her tits and he smirked down at her chest. "You have some pretty nice tits for such a young little girl." She turned her head to look away.

Her shorts were unbuttoned and he climbed off of her and stripped her down so she was completely nude. "Now, I'm not a complete jerk, so of course I'll ask for your consent. Do you mind if I fuck your brains out, Lilly?" She didn't answer and he climbed on top of her and pushed the knife under her chin. His face was inches from hers and he was red from anger. "Fucking answer me, or I'll cut your pretty little head off right fucking now!" "Y-yes Sir - pl-please fuck me…" He smiled down at her again and, keeping the knife on her throat, reached down and undid his cock from his pants.

It fell down onto her leg, and she was startled to feel how much longer it was than Dom's. She was horrified at how bad that would hurt. She closed her eyes and bared her teeth for the pain… "Open your eyes. I want you looking at me." The knife found her eyelids and she nearly yelled out in fear.

Her eyes were open. He reached down with his hands and gripped his cock at the base, steadying it, and slid the head from the bottom of her lips to her clit. "That doesn't feel so bad, does it?" Before she could say 'No, Sir.' his cock pushed into her tight little cunt.

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"Holy shit, virgin is right, you're so fucking tight!" He immediately pushed his cock into her deeper so his entire head was inside. "Come on, whore, I know you like this, it's time to get wet for me. Wouldn't want to have to fuck you dry." He pushed his cock deeper inside of her, leaning on his elbow so he could run the knife down her chest to her nipple.

The feeling of the cool metal on her nipple must have done something for her, because he felt her getting wet for him. He pushed deeper inside. She moaned slightly, and tears ran down her face. She felt her lower half stretch out around his cock. Her fingers gripped the bed. He pushed deeper, and she gasped. The pain mixed with the most pleasure she'd ever felt in her life.

She felt herself stretch, but she also felt feelings she had never felt before. He pushed his cock deeper inside, and then pulled it back to the head. The feeling of friction, his cock pulling through her so fast, sent ripples through her body.

As horrified as she was of being raped at the end of a knife, this feeling was… When he pushed inside of her again, he went as deep as he could. He pushed firmly, but slowly, until he was buried inside of her.


Each time he stopped, when she was too tight for him to push through easily, she choked out a gasp. He looked into her eyes and smiled. His cock was pumping in and out of her now.

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"You like that whore? You like how that feels? Rich Bitch has probably never felt so fucking good, has she? Tell me you fucking like it. Beg for it harder." Her voice was forced out of her mouth in between moans. "I - l-like it, Sir. P-please fuck me harder…" At this point, she wasn't sure she didn't mean it. The aching in her pussy was bad, but the other feelings… She felt a trail of wetness slide down her ass, and she was sure he had "cummed" inside her or whatever.

She was soaking wet, though. "Take it, whore. Every fucking inch." He drove his cock deep into her, hard, and pulled it out fast. He was fucking her like he'd fuck a girl his age - a girl that didn't have a chance to be nearly as tight.

He felt himself nearing orgasm, and only fucked her harder. She was wet for him, moaning louder now. Her tears were gone and all she felt was the warmth radiating upwards from her cunt. He looked down at her and began grunting louder and louder. "I'm going to cum inside you for your first time! You're gonna like being filled with cum, I can tell…" He felt himself getting closer. Her breath started to quicken and she felt a rush. Her moans came in sharp, quick succession and she felt a peak of pleasure.

And then, she felt something come out of him. She felt herself filled up - she wasn't sure if she was bleeding from all the pain, but she had a feeling it was from his cum. He slumped over her body, dropping the knife. After a minute of lying there, he stood up and pulled his clothes back on.

"You were a good little whore. I knew you would like it." He tossed her clothes onto the bed. "Now get dressed. And if you tell either of them about this…" He held the knife and wiggled it in front of himself.

He chuckled, and left the room.

She cried herself to sleep, but at least she wasn't on the floor.