Undressing for the doctor stories gay I was rushing to get my

Undressing for the doctor stories gay I was rushing to get my
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Super MILF Chapter 3 I must've slept for an hour or so, and when I woke, the first thing I saw was Susan. She was only wearing her bra and panties. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips. I reached up and cupped her breasts through her bra, and kissed her gently.

"When will your husband the back." I said. "He still in Kentucky, I spoke to him just before I got here. I could be with you until around nine o'clock tonight. I have to have time to get home, and shower, before he gets home. I just hope he doesn't want to have sex, I couldn't deal with that." She said.

"Well, it's only 11AM now. We have about 10 hours, before you have to leave. We can have lots of fun. It's almost lunchtime, why don't we go out and get a bite?" I said. "I would love to have lunch with you, but we don't want to be seen by anyone we know, where can we go?" She asked. "I know an obscure diner, about 20 min. from here. No one will know us there, it'll be okay." I said. "I'm game, you want to go now?" She asked. "Sure, just let me get some clothes on and go.

I see you have your bra and panties on, but I think your gonna have to lose the panties. I also think you also have to take your bra off. I like to see your tits bounce, as you walk. I'd like you to wear the dress you came in, and nothing else. I want you completely nude under the fabric" I said.

"It sounds very naughty to me, what are you going to do to me, finger me in the car? Are you going to finger me in the restaurant?" She said. "We'll see, now, take it off, and put on that dress. I know you like to play, and be naughty. Don't deny it, you are just a very naughty girl, very naughty, dirty girl, and you know it." I said. Susan stood up and reached behind her unclasping her bra, letting it slide over her shoulders and onto the bed. She reached down to her panties, and in one motion slipped them all the way down, and off.

She stood there nude. She playfully went up on her toes, and spread her pussy lips. "Are you ready for lunch?" I took the bait, and leaned over giving her pussy a huge lick, from bottom to top. First she shattered, and then she giggled. "That was just the hors d'oeuvre. The main course will come later." She said. I walked over to where she put her dress, picked it up and walked over to her. I dressed her in her garment. I quickly dressed, as she put on her shoes, and off we went.

We chit chatted on the way to the diner, mostly about her husband, and what a bastards he was. He cared more about his dysfunctional family, then his own wife. On his death most of his wealth will pass on to his children, and Susan will be left with little or nothing.

I didn't like him, even though I only met him once. I took great pleasure in knowing that I was fucking his wife, while he was totally oblivious to the fact. When we got to the diner we sat opposite to each other, I ordered a sandwich, and Susan ordered a Cobb salad.

When the food came and we started to eat, I felt her foot on my leg. She was stroking my leg with her foot, going higher and higher. As there was no tablecloth, and the diner was busy, I wondered if she would go all the way. She did.

I felt her foot between my legs, and my cock started to stand at attention at the lewd thing she was doing. She liked public display of affection, but this was a bit beyond that. We finished our lunch, paid the check, and got in the car.

After I started the engine, I reached over to her dress which was about knee length and pushed it up. I didn't uncover her pussy, but she was very sexy sitting there in my car in public, with her dress almost up to her crotch.

We started the drive home. As we're driving I reached over and slipped my hand under her dress and onto her pussy.

She hiked her dress up a little bit more so as to facilitate my movements. I slipped a finger into her cunt, and to my surprise, it was all wet. She just looked at me and smiled. I took my finger out and put it in my mouth.

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She watched me do that, and I could see by the expression on her face, she was falling in lust again. "Susan, I want you to eat your pussy." She had no problem at all with that. She reached down under her dress, stuck two fingers in her cunt, and then put them in her mouth. Her eyes were half closed as she did that, and I knew she enjoyed doing it.

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As we approached my house, I asked to see her tits. She looked around, in all directions and since there are no cars, she pulled the dress completely off, and sat there in the nude, looking at me.

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"It looks to me like you want it again, how would you like it in that nice wet pussy of yours?" I said. As we drove up to the house, she spread her legs slightly, and just very gently, put a finger on and circled her clitoris, all the while with the devilish grin on her face.

She just loved to fuck. I stopped the car and we both got out. As my house was completely private, Susan stood there, completely nude except for her shoes.

She kicked them off, stepped back from the car and leaned forward on it, with both hands on the window. She spread her legs and looked behind her to see me unzipping my pants. "Give it to me in the cunt." she said with authority.

" Give it to me in my wet cunt." I obliged her. I slid my dick up her cunt, and started to fuck her. I couldn't believe she was able to excite me so soon, after my last orgasm. I slipped in and out of her wet pussy in a very casual manner. She really liked being outside in the nude. I remembered years back when we met in a park. We were in a very private section, where people infrequently traveled. We hadn't seen each other for quite a while, and we had no place to go. We decided to seize the moment, and fuck right there in the park.

We sat down on the fallen tree, she dropped her shorts to her ankles, and spread her legs so that I may finger her to orgasm. It only took about 30 seconds before she came. After she was done, I stood her up against a tree facing away from me, and mounted her from the rear.

Her pussy was dripping wet, and I too came in about 30 seconds. It was very risqué to do that, but that added to the excitement. "Oh that feels so good, so good in my pussy!

I love just getting out of the car like this in the nude, and spreading my legs, and having you fuck me from the back. I love doing it outside, it's very exciting and it turns me on. I love being nude for you, I love feeling your cock inside me.


Oh, that feels so good up my pussy. You're going to make me cum right here, is that what you want?" She said. I slowly slipped my cock out of her, because I didn't want her to come yet. I didn't want to come so soon either, it was time to play some more. After my cock was out of her, she turned and went down on one knee, and sucked me. She cleaned my dick completely, making sure she licked all of her juices off of it. "Susan, how would you like to go shopping for new pair of heels? I want you to go inside, and put on your bra, garter belt, and stockings.

Then slip on your heels, and come back out here." "Oh how exciting, I usually get excited when I shop by myself for these sex toys, but doing it with you would be double the excitement." She turned and went into the house.

In a few minutes she came out and was wearing her nude stockings. She looked great and I'm glad she didn't put on her panties. She walked over to me and gave me a nice kiss. "I'm excited, what kind of heels would you have me buy?" "I thought you would look nice in a shiny pair of black strap 4 inch heels, would you like that, would you like me to fuck you in them?" "I would love you to fuck me in them, I bet you don't want to go the store like this." She said. "I guess we'll put on your dress, it's right here in the car." She put her dress on and looked terrific, sophisticated and poised.

She sat down in the car, and she hiked her dress-up so I could put my hand on her pussy. I gave it a little pat, started the engine and drove the 10 min. to the shoe store. When we got there, she was excited. I was even more excited, the thought of buying her a pair of high heels, and then her letting me fuck her in those same heels was very exciting.

We looked in the window, and she singled out a pair that she liked. When I saw them I knew they would be perfect. There were shiny black 4 inch heels with a double strap that came over the top. I wanted to fuck her in them right now. She said "these are the ones, I know you're going to like me in them, maybe the black stockings would look better, I'll try them both on for you, and you decide." We went to the store, and she told the clerk which shoes she liked and her size.

The clerk brought them out, and she said "these are great shoes." I wondered if she really knew that she would be fucking in them soon. I paid for the shoes, and went back to the house. Susan was very excited, because she knew I was excited, and we were both going to have a great time.

As we pulled into the garage, she gave me a very wet kiss, her tongue rolling around inside my mouth. I knew we're in for a great time. We went in the house and she was already taking her dress off. She couldn't wait to get started. We went up to the bedroom, and she took the shoes out of the box, and put them on the floor.

She then sat down in a chair, unhooked her stockings from her garter and unroll them. She went for the black stockings and put them on, every now and then looking up to see the expression on my face. She then slipped on the new shoes, stood up, and walked back and forth in the room. She looked terrific with her pussy naked, bra, stockings and heels. "How do you want me, what are you going to do to me?" I took her by the hand and walked into the kitchen where stood a solid oak round table.

As I walked her to the table, I said "I'm going to tie you to this table, and then eat you until you come. And then I'm going to fuck you while you're tied up." I had too long robe ties. I was saving them for this occasion. I stretched her arms over her head, and tied her right hand, slipped the tie under the table and fastened it to her left leg. I did the same for the other. She had some movement, but couldn't get off the table she was tied very well.

She was spread eagle, and ready. I got a chair and sat down in front of her beautiful pussy held open by the ties. I stuck two fingers in, to make sure she was wet enough, and she was. I started finger fucking her, and she started to moan. After a few minutes of this, I took my fingers out of her cunt, and put them in her mouth. She greedily sucked them off.

I sat down and started to lick her pussy. She was squirming a little bit, as my tongue brushed her clitoris. "Put your tongue inside me, I want it inside, I want to feel your tongue in my cunt." She said. I stuck my tongue inside her hole, and licked all around. I worked my hand under her pussy, as I licked her delicious clit.

She was pretty hot, I decided to finish her off with my fingers. I shoved two fingers up her cunt, and started working it really fast, as I was doing that, I went down on her clitoris. She was moaning and straining against the ties, but she couldn't get loose. I sensed that she was very close, and decided to finish her off. I started finger fucking her as fast as I could. Just as she was about to come, I stuck my finger up her ass.

She wasn't expecting it, and almost jumped right off the table. I fingered her even faster and then she came. "I'm coming, oh! I'm coming! Oh! Oh! Oh! I am coming." She cried. Her ass came off the table as she tried to push my fingers even deeper into her pussy. She thrust her pelvis up, in order for my fingers to get even deeper inside her.

With heavy breathing she said "Finger fuck me! Finger fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! I'm cumming! Finger me! I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm CUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGGG! Her orgasm started to subside, and her ass gently lowered to the table. Her breathing became more shallow, and her eyes started to close. I took my fingers out of her, and rubbed her juices over her lips. Her tongue came out, and licked her lips, it order to taste herself.

She thought she was done, but I knew she had more to go. As I looked at her tied spread eagle to the table, in her new high heels and stockings, I just wanted to eat her alive.

I just couldn't help myself, and I threw my face onto her alluring pussy. I immediately sucked her clitoris right into my mouth. She screamed. "No! No more! I'm too sensitive, I'm too sensitive, not now! Not now! Please stop!

Please don't!" Her pleading just spurred me on. I shot a finger up her cunt, as I sucked on her clitoris. "No! No!! Please don't! Please don't! I can't take anymore, please stop!" This time I was going to force her to come. I can only imagine how sensitive her clitoris was, and I can only imagine what her orgasm would be like so soon after her last. I worked another finger up her cunt, and started finger fucking her as fast as I possibly could, while sucking hard on her clitoris.

"Please stop! Don't! Please don't! Stop! Stop! Please stop! Don't! Please!" She was feeling so sensitive, that she thought she would burst. The feeling was both exquisite, and painful. She just wanted to rest for a minute, to catch her breath. I wouldn't let her. I sucked her clitoris deeper into my mouth.

"You bastard! Stop it!" She pleaded as my fingers fucking into her cunt made a wet slapping sound, that could not be confused for anything else. All at once, her ass once again lifted off the table, in order to meet my fingers, and pushed them deeper up her pussy.

"I'm cumming! Stop stop! Oh! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh! Oh! I'm cummmming, you're making me cum! I'm CCUUMMMMMIINNGGGGG!" She was thrashing up and down the table, like a fish out of water. I pulled my fingers out of her cunt, and took my mouth off of her clitoris all at once. She collapsed like a kite with no wind, onto the table with a thud. Her breathing immediately went shallow, and her eyes closed.

It was as if she just fainted. I stepped back to look at her in this lewd position. I could see the drops of moisture over her vagina. I knew she was spent. I decided to leave her there, and I went into the bathroom. I thought she could use a nice warm bath after her orgasmic ordeal. In about 10 minutes, I went back into the kitchen to see her exactly as I left her.

I walked over and kissed her on the lips. She opened her eyes and looked at me. "What just happened? I've never felt anything like that before, I feel like I'm floating on a cloud." I said "I hope you enjoyed your orgasm as much as I enjoyed giving it to you." "That was incredible, it was the most exquisite cum I ever experienced." As she was speaking I was untying her. I couldn't resist, as I ran a finger along her slit. "No! No! Please, I'm too sensitive." I took the juices I just acquired and put the finger in my mouth.

I knew she needed a rest, so I untied compleetly, and she just lay there on the table. I removed her shoes, and unhooked her stockings from her garter while slipping them off. I took her garter belt off and stood her up. "I have a nice warm bath for you, so you could relax for a few minutes.

Would you mind sucking me just for a few minutes?" I asked. "You know the answer." She said, as she went down on her knees, and sucked my cock right into her mouth. She made a kind of muffled sound as she took me in.

She sucked me for three or four minutes. but I was nowhere as near ready to cum yet. I stopped her, stood her up, I guided her into the bath. "Just relax" I said, as we left the room. After 20 minutes, I went back into the bathroom to find her relaxing in the tub." Time to get out" I said. "Oh, that was so relaxing, especially after the orgasm that I had. Thank you. I didn't know, I could cum, that hard" she said. I helped her up and she stepped out of the bath.

I gave her a towel which she held over her breasts. With another towel, I started to dry her off, starting at her feet, upper legs to her pussy, her ass and her back. It was very satisfying to do this, and I was so happy she let me. When she was all dried off, she surprised me by saying, "would you get me my new heels, I want to put them on for you." I retrieved her new shoes, and gave them to her. She sat down on the edge of the bath, leaned over and put them on.

"I know this is the way you like me, nude, and in high heels" she said. She knew me very well. There is something very lewd about her, walking around the house, nude, and in high heels.

"Do you ever do this for your husband; does he like to see you in the nude?" I asked. "I let him have sex with me, because that is a wife's duty. He likes to watch porno graphic movies before we have sex. He doesn't become excited by me, like you do. I think he's carrying on an affair, with a woman in California, but I have no proof. I don't really care, because, look at me now." She said, as she stretched her hands as high over her head as she could, and bent one leg, and a very sexy stance.

My cock was standing at attention, listening to her and looking at her.


I knew I could fuck her one more time before she had to leave. She was looking at my cock, and she said, "do you want to fuck me one more time?

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If you want to go inside me, we have to use a lot of lubricant. My pussy is very sore, and I don't think I can come again.


But if you want to use my cunt, and come inside me, you can. If you would rather me suck you off, and give you a nice blow job, I'll do that. In fact, I would like a little taste of your cock right now" she said as she reached down, bent over, and put my cock in her mouth. She made a sound, like muffs, muffs, muffs, as she swallowed my cock. "I can't believe it, but I want to get fucked again. Let's go into the living room, I want you to fuck me there." With that we hurried into the living room, me in the nude, and she in her high heels.

She said, "wait a minute, I have to get the warming gel." With that she turned on her heels, went to the bedroom and retrieved the tube.

She walked back into the room, a little unsteady in her new heels, but looking great. She took the tube and squeezed out a liberal amount on her hand, and then smeared it all for my cock. She then lay down on the couch, put one leg over the top, squeezed some just above her cunt, and then started to shove it up her hole. She lay there fingering her clitoris. "Do you like to see me like this? Does it excite you to see me doing this, masturbating for you?" She spread her pussy lips, giving me a great view of her cunt hole, all moist and wet.

"Would you like to put your cock up my cunt? Would you like to stroke my cunt with your cock, and come off right inside me, right inside my wet cunt? Come on, give me your cock, cum inside me, I want to feel your hot, cum, deep inside me. Don't worry about me, this will be all about you, just give me that hot cum." She said.

I didn't need any more encouragement, I could see, she just wanted to get me off. She wanted me to feel a nice orgasm. I leaned over the couch and put my cock in her mouth, which she greedily sucked, like a dripping ice cream cone. I was very hard, and she said "give me it in the cunt." I took it out of her mouth and slipped it right up her waiting vagina. I lay on top of her, fucking into her open cunt. She whispered in my ear "fuck me!

Fuck my cunt, fuck me hard!" I started pumping her harder and harder. She held her pussy up to meet my thrusts. She started to close her legs, and said "go ahead, and cum in me, give me your hot cum!, fuck my cunt, fill me up!" Then she said "OH! My! GOD! I'm going to cum again!

I can't believe it!" With that, there was no holding back for me.

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She said, "OH SHIT! I'm Cummming, I'm cumming!" As her legs tensed, straightened and closed, I felt my own orgasm coming. I trust as far into her as I could get. My first stream of cum hit the back wall of her vagina. "I feel you, feel you." She said. I thrust it to her again, and I felt my cock spewing more and more come into her waiting pussy.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" She said. I came a third time in her now, CUM laden, cunt. I stood up quickly pulled my cock out of her, and thrust in her mouth.

I came again, and could see some drops of come sliding down the side of her mouth. All I could say was "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" After a few minutes she released my cock from her mouth. She licked her tongue around her lips and said "that was so good, I love to taste your cum!" We kissed for what seemed like hours. Every now and then, I would slip a finger inside her. The passion was incredible. As it was getting late, we decided she ought to leave. Her husband would be home soon, and I knew if he wanted sex, she would have to fake an illness.

She couldn't get fucked again, not today anyway. After she was dressed, I walked her to her car. She put her stockings, and heels in the trunk, and sat down in the drivers seat. I lifted her dress up and stuck two fingers up her pussy, and then sucked them off, with my mouth.

She said, "you're so naughty, that's why I love you." I closed the door, and she drove away.