Busty blonde trades sex for the trip as she goes to the next city

Busty blonde trades sex for the trip as she goes to the next city
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Latin Neighbor My beautiful, Latin neighbor, made growing up enjoyable. She was 6' 1" tall, and had a figure to die for, at 34 years of age. Maria's breasts were cocoa colored and about the size of a pineapple each. Her ass was even more impressive.

It was huge!!! Standing outside, with only a bikini on, in her backyard. This giant ass, would swallow the normal bottoms, so that it looked like she was wearing a thong.


She always wore a light colored, swimsuit. When wet, you could make out the fattest nipples a man could want.


They looked to be about an inch long and even more amazing, an inch thick. With an areola, about four inches across. I have never seen nipples as big, since Maria. I was eighteen when Maria and I, finally met. I had been drooling over her through my back fence, for the two years, we lived in the neighborhood.

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Then on a hot, summer day she caught me looking at her while in a tangerine, bikini, "Hey you!" she shouted, "What are you doing?" I was mortified, not knowing what to do, I stood up and tried to play it cool.

I said, "Hello, my name is Rick." I was not going to get off that easy, "You know it isn't polite to spy on people. Come over here so I can talk to you." She said. I am in trouble now I thought. Not only was I bright red from embarrassment, but my shorts were not doing a very good job of hiding my massive erection.

This is one feature I never have been able to hide, since my penis is about seven inches long and quite thick. At 5' 10" tall, as I made my way around the fence, to talk to Maria, I would soon realize how much taller she was than me.

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This only made her even more enthralling to me, and made my cock stiffer. "What were you doing Rick?" and before I could answer, "I know you were staring at my swimming pool. Ha, Ha!

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Teasing has always been a bad habit of mine. You should have just asked me, to use it, if you wanted to." What a relief, Maria had a sense of humor, although I suspected she still knew I had been staring at her, and not her pool. It was my lucky day I thought, "I would love to go swimming, I just need to go home and get my swimsuit." "No need for that.

My husband is in Ecuador, on business, and has plenty of extra suits in the pool house. Go on in and grab one." "Alright, I guess." Was my response not wanting to be rude.

When I got inside I got a bit of a shock though. On a shelf, to the left of the doors, stacked in about four piles were the swimsuits. To my surprise they were all bikini, style Speedos.

Nobody I knew wore these, skimpy things. Worse yet if I put one on, how would I hide my erection. Resigned to the fact that there was no way out of the situation, I tried a black pair on. Now, I know why everyone calls them banana hammocks. My erection was clearly outlined in the thin material. It looked like I was trying to smuggle, a banana through customs.

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I couldn't go back out there like this, so I looked around for a sink. When I found the bathroom, I splashed some cold water on my cock, and finally got the stiffness to go away.

When I walked back out, my water trick, was pointless again. Maria was bending over the pool, testing the water temperature with her hand. That giant, muscular ass was shaking back and forth. Worse yet, when she turned around her swimsuit had wedged between her pussy lips. As I looked closer I saw a thick, lining, of black fur surrounding these lips.

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My dick swelled up again with blood and was pulsing again. I tried to cover my package with my hands. This effort wasn't lost on Maria, "Don't worry about your hard-on, all guys get one, when they see a lady in a swimsuit." I turned bright red, and jumped in the deep end of the pool! I swam to the middle of the pool, and put my back up against the wall.

She jumped in after me, and swam towards me. Now Maria's suit was completely wet, and see-through. Her enormous nipples, now stuck out like two erect thumbs, "Do you like my nipples, Rick?" She knew I was staring at them, "They loooove to be sucked." She said seductively, in a purring voice.

With this Maria peeled off the orange top, and exposed her gorgeous, brown, plump melons. The dark nipples udder-like nipples were almost black, and looked even better without her top on. I couldn't resist, and slowly brought my wet mouth over to the left one. My lips slid over it, and with my tongue slathering the underside, I sucked firmly on it. It stiffened even more as I sucked, and Maria let out a low moan, "Ohhhh Rick," she said, "You suck Mommy, soooo good!

Now, she needs to be fucked!" She then grabbed my suit, and pulled it down. This woman, kissed me hard, and rubbed her breasts against my chest. While doing this, Maria was stroking my penis, back and forth. "You want to see Mommy's pussy don't you?!" She whispered.

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"It is so creamy inside." With this, Maria pulled herself out of the pool, and then walked over to the nearest beach chair. She grabbed the sides of her bottoms and turned away from me.

Slowly, she slid the suit down, while bending over. It was the most fabulous thing I had ever seen. Next, she kicked away the bottoms and spread her legs. Underneath those huge, round, cheeks was the hairy-est pussy. It was animal like. The black hair was so extremely thick, it ran all the way down Maria's ass crack and completely covered her cunt.

She reached underneath her legs, and spread her dark, pink lips. "Come over here boy, and fuck Momma good," Maria said, "I need your big dick inside me!" I jumped out of the pool and came up behind her.

My cock was bobbing up and down with the anticipation. I grabbed it by the base, and lined the head up with her dripping, wet lips. It felt hot, and creamy, as I pushed my throbbing cock into Maria's womanly sheath. I squeezed her hips, and pounded that big, thick ass for all I was worth. She moaned and bucked, swearing in Spanish! I just kept fucking her, slapping against her butt, until I exploded deep in her cunt!!!

My cock tightened, and shot out load after load of cum. My whole body was shaking with orgasmic, pleasure. Maria slid off of me, and rubbed her big clit.

I stuck three fingers in her cunt, and my thumb in her asshole. I fucked these holes, while Maria continued ravaging her knob, until she came. Her body convulsed, and lurched, while my spunk oozed out of her furry pussy, covering it in thick globs of milky splooge. She turned around and kissed me on the cheek, "Now you are a man." I walked home, and never fucked her again. I tried, but she said she couldn't cheat on her husband anymore.