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German Milf Ashley Cumstar extreme banged
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Amber's Family Part 6: A Week With Daddy Michael and Amber fell quickly asleep and slept deeply and soundly till well past the rising sun. Michael was the first one to awaken.

He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, then looked down to his daughter. She lay on her side facing towards him. Her strawberry blonde hair was spread out around her, her lovely breasts rising and falling slowly. One of her hands rested lightly gripping his erect cock. He chuckled at that. Amber seemed to be unable to keep her hands off his tool, even while asleep. Michael's cock was hard most mornings when he woke up, and usually his wife would wake up before him and mouth fuck him until he came, swallowing all of his heavy load.

That was her usual breakfast.


Shannon wasn't here however, and though Michael loved his wife's sweet mouth, he preferred to fuck. He looked at his daughter's gorgeous elfin face so relaxed in sleep. His eyes devoured her tan body, roaming her heavy firm breasts, flat stomach, flaring hips and generous ass, and finally her sexy slender legs. He began to masturbate his cock, looking at his sweet daughter. He knew she would be too sore to fuck this morning.

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He had used her body hard last night. He decided to instead cover his daughter with his cum. He removed his daughters hand from his cock, and began to rub it hard and fast. It only took him a couple minutes and he was ready. He aimed his cock at her chest and with a loud groan spewed his jizz all over her heavy breasts. coating them with his thick fuck cream.


Amber awoke to the sound of her father cumming. she felt his hot heavy loads of warm sperm splash onto her tits. She reached up and massaged her tits, rubbing his fuckload into her breasts.

What a wonderful way to wake up! she thought. "Mmm.thank you for the gift Daddy" said Amber, licking her fingers and continuing to massage her breasts. She leaned up and kissed, licked, and finally sucked on her fathers cock head.

"How are you feeling this morning Amber baby?" asked Michael She removed her mouth and said, "I feel good, but my cunny is sore Daddy." "That is to be expected" said Michael. "It was your first time baby girl. My cock is big and your cunt is very tight. Don't worry though, you should be fine by tonight." Michael got up and stretched. "I'll go make us some breakfast." he said. "Thank you daddy" said amber continuing to lick her fingers and massage his load on her chest.

Michael fixed them a nice breakfast of bacon eggs and toast. They ate and talked about last night. Amber told him that it truly was the best night of her life. He told her that he had loved it as well. "What would you like to do today?" he asked "I want to fuck some more Daddy, but my pussy is sore." she said disappointedly. "What else would you like to do hun?" She listed off going to the mall to buy clothes, going to the movies to see a new romantic comedy that had just came out, and going out to eat at her favorite pizza place.

He agreed and after cleaning up, they both got in the large shower together. They washed each others bodies. Amber washed her father's back, then proceeded to thoroughly clean his large cock and heavy balls.

Michael washed his daughter off in turn, massaging her breasts, ass and pussy. Finishing up, they got out, dried off, and brushed their teeth. Amber began to dry her hair. While waiting for his daughter, Michael got dressed in a blue polo, shorts and no underwear. He then went to his study and did some work on his laptop.

Amber, combed her hair, put on some light make up and got dressed. She wore a simple flowered sundress, no bra and small barely-there pink panties, with strap on sandals. Amber walked into the study and Michael looked up, taking in his daughters amazing beauty. He complimented her on her sexy outfit.

She did a twirl for him, smiling. "You look very handsome too Daddy" she said. They got up and went to the garage. He helped her into his 2014 Bentley Continental and then got in himself. He drove them into town. Amber kept her hand on Michael's crotch the whole ride, holding and feeling his cock as she happily talked about her friends, her plans, and some of her favorite things to do. Michael let his daughter chat commenting here and there.

She had a very bubbly personality that made him smile. The first place he took her was not to the mall, but to his wife's favorite adult store Red Desire. They had a large section of very slutty lingerie, the kind you can't buy at the mall. "Remember baby girl, call me Michael while we're out together." He got out and opened the car door for his daughter. He took her by the hand, and lead her into the store. The men in the store stared as the beauty walked into the sex shop, unable to keep their eyes off the sexy young teen.

Amber was used to this attention, and smiled sweetly at the ogling men as she passed. Her eyes grew big as they passed the section of sex toys.

So many types! she thought. Michael lead her to the section of very naughty swimwear and lingerie. Amber looked through some of them and was astonished by how revealing most of it was.

Picking up a pink Wicked Weasel microkini she looked at it and said "Michael! This one would show my titties completely, and the bottoms would pull up into my cunt!" "Yes baby, it's very sexy. Why don't you try it on to see if it fits?" "Ok Michael!" she said. She went to the dressing room and quickly removed her clothing, then put the microkini on.

It was really only a few strings. The top consisted of two triangles of pink material that went around her large tits, with no cloth in their middles. The bottom was simply a string that wrapped around her waist, and a second attached string that went down between the legs. It fit tightly, splitting her pussy lips and wrapping between her ass cheeks to meet the string at the back, where a cute lace butterfly sat, resting just above her ass cheeks.

She looked at herself critically in the mirrors. She liked it! it looked great on her and felt good in her puss. She walked out proudly to show her father. Michael was greeted to the vision of his daughter, the tiny material making her look even sexier than she was naked. "I like it baby" he gruffly said as his cock began to stiffen in his shorts. Amber did a twirl for her father and then faced away from him. She straightened her legs and bent at the waist.

This gave her father an amazing view of her cunt lips wrapped around the tiny pink string. Walking to his daughter he grabbed her hips and pushed her bubble ass into his groin. She coo'd at him and stood back up, resting her back on his chest. He reached up and began to fondle her ample tits. He began to slowly dry hump his sweet baby girl for about a minute, drawing quiet moans from her. "Ehh hmm!" a voice sounded behind them.

Michael looked behind him and saw it was a slightly older, somewhat plump woman wearing business clothes. She wore a name tag that said Mary. With a smile on her face she said to him kindly "I know it's hard," looking down to his waist, then back up, "but it is our store policy to not allow intercourse on the premises." Michael noticed that all the other customers in the store had stopped whatever they were doing and were also looking at the two of them.

Many of the men had noticeable hard ons in their pants. Michael chuckled and removed himself from his daughters sweet body. His daughter was embarrassed and her cheeks and chest were flushed. "Why don't you change out of that and back into your clothes baby." he said. "Yes Michael," she said quietly and quickly ran back to the dressing room.

Michael turned towards the woman, his hard on clearly showing in his shorts. "Mary," said Michael "Can you suggest some naughty swimwear and lingerie that would fit my girlfriend's body type?" Mary stared at his hard member resting in his shorts.

It seemed so big and long! she thought. After two seconds she looked back up to the handsome customer and smiled. "Of course, I would love to!" "Your girlfriend is quite beautiful and busty" she said "She has a very slim figure. Is she a model?" she asked. "No" said Michael, "but she probably could be." "I would recommend this piece here, she grabbed a small white microkini.

"It is mostly see through, and when it gets wet, completely so. As you can see there isn't much material either." She handed the suit to Michael and continued guiding him, showing him more of the slutty pieces of swimwear. Amber exited the changing room, clothed in her light summer dress and went to her father and the saleswoman with the microkini in her hand. She gave it to Michael. The saleswoman turned towards Amber and gave her a warm smile. "Hello sweetheart!" she said, taking the young girls hand in hers.

She began explaining to both of them about the various pieces of swimwear and lingerie. Soon Amber was feeling very comfortable and began to chat to the kind saleswoman about what might look sexy on her. Michael followed the two women around. They kept handing him pieces, each one very skimpy and sexual. Soon he was holding over 20 pieces of lingerie and swimwear. "I think this is plenty for today" said Michael to the saleswoman. "Yes, that should keep you barely clothed for a while!" said Mary to Amber.

Amber kissed the sweet saleswoman on the cheek and thanked her for all her help. "Oh anytime I can help such a beautiful couple out, it's my pleasure to do so." she said. "Will you be needing any sex toys or aids today?" "No" said Michael, he didn't think his daughter needed anything else besides her small vibrator, and his wife and him had a large collection of toys, aids, and miscellaneous objects already at home.

"Alright, lets ring you two up then" she said happily. Mary gave them a very good discount, telling them she liked to keep her good customers happy. Michael gladly paid on his card, and they left and drove away. "That was fun!" exclaimed Amber, as she rested her hand on her father's crotch rubbing his cock through his shorts. Michael took his daughter to the movies next, and they sat down in the back of the theater to watch the romantic comedy his daughter had picked out.

As the movie progressed his daughter put her hand in his lap and again began stroking his cock through his shorts. Michael put his strong hand between his daughters legs and, pushing her tiny panties away, began to finger her wet cunt. Amber did her best not to moan as her father's expert fingers massaged her clit. Within minutes, he brought her to orgasm. she convulsed slightly for a few moments, then went still.

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Her breaths were quick and shallow. She began to jack his cock off faster through his shorts. Michael pulled his daughter's hand away from his cock as he began to get close to cumming. He could wait till they got home.

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Amber leaned over and whispered into her Father's ear: "Please Daddy, let me feel it. I promise I won't make you come, I just need to hold it." "Ok baby, go ahead." "She zipped his zipper down and stuck her small hands in his shorts, grabbing hold of his hard cockshaft.

She sighed contentedly and held her favorite thing in the world while she watched the movie, slowly jacking it. The movie ended and Michael removed his daughters hand from his shorts, zipping them up. They got up and left. Michael drove them a short distance to Carla's.

It was a sit down pizza restaurant And they ordered their food and drinks. Amber took her sandals off under the table, and ran her shapely foot up and down on her father's crotch as they waited for their food. They talked about Michael's work. The case Michael was currently working on was complicated. Amber only understood some of what he talked about, but happily listened to her father explain.

Their food came and it was amazing. Amber had her favorite, ham and pineapple, and Michael had the combination. They ate till they were full, then he paid and left. On the ride back home Amber began again to run her hands on her fathers cock as he drove down the freeway. "Daddy, she whimpered, "my cunny needs it again." She had her other hand in her panties massaging her clit. "Wait till we get home baby girl" said Michael. "Ok Daddy, but can I suck your dick?" she said pleadingly.

"Sure," said Michael, "but only for a little while." She got on her knees and knelt on the seat. She unzipped her father's shorts and quickly took his cock out.

She put it into her wet, warm mouth. She really loved to suck her Father's penis, and she liked the way it filled up her mouth. She began to bob up and down on his shaft and it quickly became fully hard.

She used her hand to jack what she couldn't fit, and with her other hand she masturbated her cunt. The windows of his Bentley were tinted dark, so he wasn't too worried about what other people could see. His cock felt good in his daughters mouth cunt. He allowed her to continue her blowjob for another 5 minutes, until he was about to cum. "Stop baby." he said. Instead of stopping, she picked up the pace, jacking and sucking even harder. Michael grabbed his daughters hair and forcefully removed her from his cock, pushing her hand away as well.

"I said no baby." Michael sternly said. "But Daddy, I love your cum so much and I wanted to eat it all up." she said with a hurt look on her face. "Amber, you must obey me." he said. "I am going to spank you when we get home for not being obedient." "Ok Daddy!" she said happily. She got back into her seat and buckled up. Her hand quickly went to her cunt, roughly fingering her clit. "Take your hand out of your panties." Michael said sternly. "You are being punished." Amber looked defiantly at her father and continued to masturbate her young cunt.

Michael grabbed his daughters arm and pulled, forcefully removing her hand from her cunt. "You are being a naughty little slut!" Michael said. He slapped her hand. "I'll be good now, Daddy!" she pleaded, her hand stinging. She placed her arms at her sides and squeezed her legs together, trying to stimulate her cunt. "I don't want you to say another word until we get home." Michael said seriously.

Amber nodded, and looked down ashamed. I hope Daddy will still fuck me, she thought. Michael decided that he would punish his young teenage girl for being such a little whore. They were close to home and soon arrived.

He pulled into the garage and told his daughter to wait in the car. He went around and opened her door. "Give me your clothes" he said. She quickly got undressed in the car and handed her clothes to her father who threw them on the floor. "You will not walk in the house, only crawl until I say you can walk again." Michael commanded. "Get out and follow me." Amber crawled onto the floor of the garage and began following her Daddy on her hands and knees.

He took off his clothes and threw them on the ground. He walked to the bedroom, his Daughter crawling after. He took his cock in his hand and masturbated it as he walked. Reaching the bed he sat down on its side, spread his legs out and commanded his daughter to kneel before him.

She did so and began reaching for his cock. "No." He said. "Because you were a naughty slut today, you are going to receive a punishment." "First, You will not speak unless commanded to.

Now, sit up and stay still." Amber sat up in front of her father's hard cock and waited. Michael pulled her closer until his cock was resting between her large tits. He took his cock in his hands and slapped his daughter's cheeks with it a few times. He then positioned his cock between her tits and squeezed them together around it.

"I'm going to fuck your sweet tits until I come baby girl. You will leave my cum on your body to dry and not touch or lick any of it off." Amber nodded, a sad look on her face, her lips pouting. Michael was highly aroused already by the blowjob in the car, and he fucked his daughters tits quickly and squeezed them hard, drawing gasps from her. It only took him a few minutes to get off, and with a guttural moan, he shot his first heavy load on the underside of his daughter's chin.

His subsequent spurts covered her small neck and collar, and ran down between her tits. Michael removed his cock from her soft titties and wiped it against her cheeks, cleaning off the last of his cum on her pretty face.

Amber had gotten very turned on by her father's use of her body, and was breathing heavily. She wanted to eat up the cum her father had deposited on her, but was determined to be a good girl. "Now it's time for your spanking." He picked his daughter up by the armpits and bent her over on his lap. He started by massaging her generous bubble ass, squeezing her cheeks.

He then reached between them and ran his hand repeatedly up and down his daughter's sex, finding it very wet.

He coated his hand in her juices. With his other hand he pulled her arms behind her back and grabbed them by the wrists, pinning them both against the small of her back. Amber looked up and behind her at her Daddy, wondering when he would spank her.

The anticipation was driving her crazy! SMACK. "Owwieeeee" she bawled, tears springing to her eyes. That time really hurt! Michael gently massaged the ass cheek he had forcefully slapped. rubbing the stinging sensation away. Amber began to whimper. SLAP! his hand crashed against her other ass cheek and she screamed again. Amber was now squirming her sweet ass on his lap. "It hurts Daddy." Amber said as he began gently massaging her other cheek. "It needs to hurt Baby" he said. "But you talked without permission, so your spanking will be longer." His next stroke was across both his daughter's ass cheeks.

He didn't do it as hard this time, her ass was already red. "Nnnnhhh" moaned Amber. Again Michael massaged her cheeks after this spank. He then proceeded to spank his daughter once a second, alternating cheeks, not massaging her ass any longer, only punishing it. The blows weren't as hard as the first two, but they drew squeals from his daughter all the same. Amber's ass was on fire. Her tears leaked down her face, and her fathers cum was beginning to drip off her body onto the floor.

Her pussy wasn't being touched, but it was now leaking fluids. The spanking hurt, but she knew she deserved it, Michael spanked his daughter for one long minute, listening to her squeals turn into moans. Quickly after finishing her spanking, he forced two fingers into his daughters tight pussy. He moved them around until he found her G spot and began rubbing his fingers against the small area hard and quick.

He kept this up for a while, Her moans becoming more frantic, About a minute later she was cumming, her whole body convulsing. Her young body squirmed and her arms fought to free themselves from her father's tight grip.

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Her pussy squirted a small amount for it's first time ever, her pussy juice spraying her Father's leg. "unnnhhhhfuckkkk!" she moaned. Michael continued to rub her G-spot throughout her powerful orgasm and, like a chain reaction, brought on another powerful cum. She was now bucking violently on his lap screaming, her head thrashing around.

Michael held her down and continued his relentless finger assault. The third orgasm crashed about thirty seconds after the second and Amber's mind went blank and her vision went black. Her head fell down limply while her body continued to spasm gently. She had gone unconscious for the second time in less than a day.

Michael removed his fingers from her overworked cunt and sucked them into his mouth. She really did have a great taste, he mused.

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He released his daughters arms which fell lifeless to her sides. He picked her up and gently lay her on the bed. He went to the bathroom and whetted a hand towel with hot water and climbed onto the bed next to his daughter. He wiped her tears, sweat and his cum off her face, breasts and chest reminiscent of the night before. He looked lovingly down on her sweet form. She certainly was orgasmic, he mused. Even more so than his wife, who was very orgasmic herself.

Michael got out of bed and kissed her on the forehead. He pulled the sheet up to her neck and let her sleep off the powerful cums she had just experienced. He went to his study and turned on his laptop. Amber awoke about a minute later. Oh, I passed out again! she thought. Her Daddy really did know how to get her off.

She looked around for him, and saw he wasn't there, and that he had pulled a sheet over her. She smiled. He really was the kindest Daddy a girl could ever have. She closed her eyes again and slowly fell asleep. Michael worked for about an hour when he heard a light knock on his open study door. He looked back and saw Amber there on her hands and knees. She had on an amazing piece of white lingerie. It consisted of a two frilly straps that hung over her shoulders and went around the outside of her heavy breasts, connecting to a small see through skirt that didn't quite reach down to cover her ass.

She didn't have on any panties. Her large tits hung off her beautiful small frame, her nipples hard. She crawled into his study. He was mesmerized by the way she moved so sexily. She crawled up to him and then put a hand to her mouth pointing at it, looking up at her Daddy hopefully. "You may speak now baby. Your punishment is over." "Oh thank you Daddy, it was the best punishment you have ever given me," She said with a smile. "Do you like this outfit on me Daddy?" "Yes baby, it's making my cock hard." "Oh good!" she said happily.

"I was hoping it would." She reached into his lap and began to play with his mostly hard cock. "Your fingers are amazing Daddy, but your cock is my favorite. My cunny is ready for it again." Michael let his daughter jack his cock off for a minute, until it reached it's full steely hardness. He then closed his laptop and got up out of his chair.

"Stand up and bend over the desk." He commanded. She quickly stood up moved to the desk and bent over at the waist onto it, spreading her legs slightly apart. Her sexy ass was still slightly pink from the spanking he had given her earlier, Her small puffy cunt peeked out between her cheeks. He moved behind her and rubbed her pussy.

She was wet. He used her sex juice to lubricate his cock, until it was fully drenched, then lined it up and shoved it forcefully into her cunt channel, not stopping until his whole 9 inches was buried deep into her tight twat. "Nnnnghhh!" his daughter wailed as the cock brutally impaled her. Her cuntal muscles spasmed around the invader, trying to adjust to it's girth. He began to fuck her cunt, slowly at first with long strokes. He reached around and pinched her right nipple as he fucked her, and she squealed in pleasure.

"Yes Daddy, fuck me hard!" she moaned as he picked up the pace. He grabbed her small skirt and pulled on it, forcing her onto his cock. He fucked her hard, grabbing her tits, and pulling her up off the desk, then pushing her down again.

He pulled her hair while he continued his powerful assault on her teenage cunt. Amber was moaning almost the whole time. She couldn't help her moans, they just kept coming. "Yes, Daddy!

like that!" she would say, and "don't ever stop!." Her cunt felt amazingly good and so full. The young teen realised she was hopelessly addicted to her father's cock.

Michael fucked his slutty daughter at a quick pace for long minutes, building up a light sweat. He didn't think he would ever get enough of his young teens sexy body and young tight cunt. "Daddie, I'm cumming!" screamed Amber as her pussy clamped hard over and over again on his pistoning shaft. Her head thrashed around as her whole body shook. Michael continued to fuck her through her powerful orgasm. She collapsed onto the desk after her cum. Her mind was reeling.

Her father continued to fuck her strongly. "Daddy, masturbate using my cunt!" Said Amber between moans. Michael did just that, using her steamy wet cunt like a toy. He grabbed her body and took his cock out of her, spinning her around and pushing her back so she was now lying on the desk. He spread her legs wide, holding them there and continued to fuck his sexy little daughter. He loved the way her titties bounced as he fucked her, and he grabbed them often, pinching her nipples. This fuck session lasted for well over 15 minutes.

Amber moaned the whole time. She came two more times, not as hard as the first one, but they felt very good. Michael's build up to orgasm was slow but powerful. After a quarter of an hour fucking his daughters pussy he was ready to blow. He yelled out as his cock shot his heavy load deep into his sexy teenage daughters cunt. She squealed in delight as she felt his powerful jizz fill up her quim.

He held his cock inside his daughter as he came down from his orgasm. He bent down and kissed his sexy girl on the lips and she opened her mouth and licked him. They began a slow and sensuous make out. They finished their kiss and Amber exclaimed happily "Oh Daddy, you are the best! I love you so much!" Michael hugged his daughter and replied "I love you too baby girl."