Sex china mom son sleeping xxx

Sex china mom son sleeping xxx
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Natalya pulled Rolan, her second in command, down to kiss her as they lay on top of the bed. Natalya's fingers dug into his hair holding him down. He reached up to the top of her blouse and began to undo one button at a time until the blouse flayed open revealing her luscious breasts and stomach.

He pushed in and kissed Natalya again, deeper this time. Then his tongue went deeper in and he began to caress the skin above her breasts.

As the broke apart from the kiss, his right hand moved up and cupped one of her breasts. His fingers found her nipple was rigid and responsive to his touch. He slide down and brought her breast up.

His mouth lowered to her nipple and Natalya drew in a breath as he pulled on it with his teeth. She moaned softly.

She pushed him up, away from her body suddenly then grabbed his shirt with both hands and ripped it apart, freeing it from his body. Beneath lay a massive broad chest.

The light glimmered off his tanned skin.

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There was always something about a human's skin that sent a ripple through her. It was something no demon could mimic, no matter how hard they tried. Natalya pulled him back down onto her and their mouths locked once again, this time Natalya shoved her tongue deep into his mouth. His hand slipped down to her hip and he felt around until his hand found the zipper on the side of her skirt.

He unzipped it until the zipper stopped. He pulled away from her embrace and grabbed the sides of the skirt and began to pull. Her lithe body slithered out from the skirt and Rolan tossed it aside.

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His left hand slid to her upper thigh then down to the knee as her caressed her leg. He enjoyed the feeling of her skin to the point he wished he had the chance to feel it more often. He then took his hand and grazed her inner leg and up between her legs until he touched the top of her hairless mound. His hand slipped down to touch wetness. She hissed slightly. The feeling of his touch was pure ecstasy. He slid one finger over her pussy, spreading the lips apart.

The wetness increased; the feeling exciting Natalya even more. Rolan stepped back and removed what remained of his clothing then slipped back onto the bed. Natalya's hand reached out and grasped his erection. It felt hot and hard, pulsating slowly in her grip. Her grip slackened when he shifted his hips and moved in to kiss on her neck.

His lips worked their way down her body until they reached her naval. He paused briefly then slipped down placing his tongue into her pussy.

He opened it up slowly with his fingers and slipped in the tip of his tongue. She bit her bottom lip and brought her legs up to bend them at the knees. He pressed his lips against her. He spread her open with his fingers and he licked and sucked on the inside of her and her clitoris.

Her fingers dug into the bed sheets, her back arched into the air. Suddenly, she felt her body pulse and the spray of cum splattering from her pussy.

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He gratefully lapped up her juices as they slowed to a continuous drizzle. He pulled back sliding back up her body and she was surprised when his fingers slipped into her. He fingered her, hitting every sensitive part in her until once again her body reached its breaking point and climaxed.

He pulled his hand away, drawing his body up over hers and slide his cock abruptly into her wet pussy. It sent a shiver through her and she had to reach in to kiss him. Rolan gave short, gentle strokes. He carried it on for a few minutes before plunging into her more fully.


He turned his short strokes into long, hard ones. Her tightness conformed to his cock, wrapping it tightly like her hand did a moment before. She reached behind his back, clutching it. She drew up her legs around his hips and pulled him in closer and held him there. His steady pounding brought her to another orgasm and forced Rolan to erupt violently into her. Her fingers dug deep into his back while her insides contracted against his cock extending the length of his orgasm.

He pulled out and slipped off the bed followed by Natalya. She slide down in between his legs and grasped his cock. She gingerly kissed the head of his cock, and then dipped her head to lick the underside of it.

She began running her tongue along the full length. He shuddered from the feeling it brought and prompted her to bring her tongue up around to the top of his head and slowly encircled it.

He gasped and Natalya stopped to grin before clamping back down onto his cock. His head slide in and she wrapped her tongue around it. She continued this for a couple of minutes then let the remainder slip in until it hit the back of her throat.

She pulled back a little and swirled her tongue around. Natalya pulled it out and looked up at the human, deep into his eyes and smiled, then plunged his throbbing cock back into her mouth. She began to suck slowly before steadily increasing.


When his body began to tensed she worked it harder until his body couldn't handle it anymore and like an explosion his cum shot down to the back of her throat.

She opened her mouth and accepted the second and finally a third burst. Slowly her tongue darted out from between her lips and she moved it around her whole mouth taking in whatever amount of cum had slipped out. When she thought she got it all, she went back in and licked at the base of his cock, lapping up the wetness from her pussy, groaning the entire time. The noise mixed with the brushing of her tongue made his cock rise again.

A smile returned to her face and she let go of his penis and crawled back onto the bed putting her ass high into his face. A coy grin splayed across his face and he followed her up onto the bed. Rolan grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart then plunged his cock deep into her tight hole.

The new entry made Natalya gasp and shudder with sensation. His climax came much quicker this time and after only a couple of minutes he filled her ass with cum.

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They collapsed onto the bed and Roland pulled out, rolling onto his back. Natalya followed suit and rolled onto hers.

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She licked her lips and she felt the warm cum slowly trickle out of her ass.