Gay young boy sex porn and free well hung glory hole Sam takes

Gay young boy sex porn and free well hung glory hole Sam takes
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When i entered the dim lit hotel room Ricky was there waitng for me. He told me to wear the long black jacket he gave me with nothing under and thats what i did. I greeted him with a wet kiss on the lips and sat on his lap.

I asked him what all this was about. His reply was that it was our last night together and that we needed to do something special, something that would forever connect us. I always knew he was crazy but this, seamed real strange. I looked around the room and I spotted a goblet and a knife on the table.

I started to panic and he must have noticed because he began to massage my back and told me to relax. I asked what was the knife for, have patience was all he said. He began licking and bitting on my neck despite the knife i started to relax. When he unbottoned my jacket and pulled it off of me he told me how good i was to him and said he loved me so much that he needed to have a part of me always with him.

A part of me!? He got up and went to the table and filled the Goblet with wine, then he diped the knife in it an swirled it around. He handed me the goblet and told me to have a drink. I took the cup, but before drinking it i said, are you going to kill me? Siren are you crazy? I could never do such a thing.

I thought you trusted me. I do Ricky its just all this seams strange. Isnt everything we do a little strange Siren? He had a point. With a prayer i took a gulp of the wine and whatever else was in it. I handed the goblet back to him and he drank some and handed it back.

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We continued to share the wine until it was finished. I knew i had been druged but none of that mattered. My body was tingling all over and I felt so strange. Sitting there naked i became aware of my body and i couldnt help but touch myself.


I spread my long legs wide apart and began to stroke my clit. Rickys arousal peeked from the opening in his robe, i told him to take the offensive material off so i could get a look at his body. When he did he began to fist his cock in a slow jerking motion.

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Rubbing my clit while he fucked himself was so fucking hot! I got up and walked my naked ass over to him and his huge dick and pushed him onto the chair, i straddled his legs and began to slide down his huge pink mushroom tipped dick. Then he graped both my ass cheeks and thrusted me down onto his shaft so that he was deep inside of me and i was sitting directly on his lap. When i began to move to ride him he stopped me.

Siren i need you to do this for me. Do what?


I asked. He took the knife into his hand and said I want to drink your blood and i want you to drink mine! The idea should have sicken me but frankly it got me so hot i almost came right then and there.

I take that as a yes! Ricky said. I nodded my head, then he lifted his wrist and cut across his vein.

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The crimson liquid trickled down his wrist and i immediately grabbed and began to lick it up all the way to the opened wound, when the blood hit my tounge i came so fucking hard I shook and my eyes rolled to the back of my head! Besides from Brandis pussy juices this was the best thing ive ever drank! I was so enthralled i didnt even feel him cut into my wrist. My body was so turned up that when i began to ride his rock hard cock, it was at my bodys own accord.

After a few minutes Ricky pulled his wrist away from me and kissed me our bloods mixed in our mouths wich sent another shock wave through my body and my pussy mucles contracted sending Ricky over the edge. He pumped his hot load into my wanting pussy. Squirt after delicious squirt shot through me, i continued to milk his dick for all its worth. When he finished he pulled two neosporin bandaids out of his robe pockets and placed them over our cuts.

We both licked at the crimson lines that had trickled down each others wrist.

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Amazingly Ricky was still hard and deep inside of me. He picked me up still burried inside of me and took me over to the bed. Before safely putting me down he lost his balance and we collapsed onto the bed, making his dick push further inside me to the point that it seamed like he would be stuck inside of me for all time.

We laughed for a moment, then i told him that i wanted to be on top. I positioned myself on top of him ass hole first, this excited him. Since the first time Ricky butt raped me months ago we handt had anal sex since. My ass was so tight that i had to wiggle to even get the tip in. Each inch was excrutiating pain. Ricky had his hand on my ass and was doing his best to help push me down. When i finally reached the base of his dick i let out a scream.

I began to bouce my tight ass up and down is cock, the feeling was amazing to me. I could feel my ass stretching and tearing, and each time i slammed down on his dick it felt like i was going to shit. He pulled me closer to him so that he could wrap his hands around my neck and choke me.

A habit he had any time i was in control, so that he could put me in my place. I could barley breathe but that didnt stop my bouncing.


He began to shout out dirty things things that turned me on. "You nasty little slut you like getting your shit pushed in dont you?" "Thats right fuck my dick nasty bitch, you belong to me, your ass is my sanctuary" Then he turned me over on my back, positioning his legs on either side of my hips and pushing my knees into my chest so that he could have easy access to both holes. When he shoved his cock into my pussy i moaned aloud, and he said " ooh your such a dirty bitch.

you like that i shoved my dick into your pussy right after i fucked your dirty little ass dont you?" Mmmhmm is all i could get out before he began choking me again. He began to pound at my pussy, making me lose the little bit of breath i had. I decided to make things a little more interesting by fighting him scratching at him like he was hurting me, like i wanted him to stop.

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This made his assult on my pussy even more furious, and he began to pull back far and ram into me over and over again, it amazed me how great it felt to be brutally fucked.

He missed a beat and sent his fat mushroom tipped cock into my ass, it was a pleseant surprise for both of us. He pounded my ass for a while before returning it back to my cunt. Then he found a steady rhythm that alternated from pussy to ass. I started to think how dirty i was to let him do this to me, but that thought just turned me on even more.

I was making squealing noises enjoying the nasty pounding i was getting. I was so turned up and i knew my orgasm was going to come real soon. I could feel his dick was getting much stiffer and i knew it was only a matter of minutes maybe even seconds. He rammed my pussy hole long and hard once more sending shock waves through my body and as soon as he pulled out and rammed my ass full force my orgasim over took me and i began to squirt my pussy juices onto Rickys muscular body.

The sight of it sent him over the edge, and just as he shot his hot cum into my ass he pulled out and squirted some on my pussy, belly and face. Leaving me covered with his sweet necter. He fell ontop of me and began to kiss and lick at my face, tasting his own jizz.

I whispered to him "dont be greedy" and with that he went down on me and slurped at our combined sex juices and then shared them with me. I was beat litteraly, but he had one more thing in mind. He sat me up in the bed and then pissed in my hair when i moved to protest it shot in my face and he matched it with a hard slap.

Then he told me to suck his dick clean. I began sucking him with a greedy intent the combination of his cum piss as well as my own juice was pleaseant on the tounge. When he was satisfied he layed down and pulled me close and began running his fingers through my soaking wet pissy hair until he drifted to sleep.

My last thought was wishing that Brandi was there to experience this amazing night with me.