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Tons of ladies are sucking weenies striptease hardcore
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CHAPTER 6 Alisha walks into the courtroom. Dayle is sitting at the table with their attorney. She goes up and sits down next to Dayle and they talk like old friends. Colin has taken a seat back in the rear of the courtroom. As the judge enters the courtroom, they all stand. The courtroom is empty, except for the court reporter and a guard. The Judge reads through the paperwork on his desk and makes a short opening statement and asks Alisha and Dayle if they are both in agreement on the terms of the divorce.

They both answer the judge that they are in agreement. After some further instruction on the terms of the settlement, the judge declares the divorce final and that all of the financial terms have to be completed within the next 5 days. Their attorney tells the judge that he has in his possession the check and paperwork to be signed and that he will file all the signed agreements today and will disburse the funds today also. They sign the papers and the attorney hands Alisha a check.

Dayle comes over to her and hugs her and says, "Alisha, I'm so sorry for the way things turned out, I hope that we can always at least be friends." Alisha told him that she harbored no hard feelings and she appreciated the way he had conducted himself through the whole divorce.

She told Dayle to come with her she wanted him to meet Colin. When the two guys met, there was a little animosity, but nothing excessive. They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

Dayle wasted no time in leaving the courtroom. Alisha and Colin talked with her attorney for a little while then they left. Alisha went to the bank and deposited the check. She had enough money now to complete the ranch deal and pay for the cattle she had bought.

Colin told her that he had to go to the dealership and do some work and that he would see her later. Alisha had to go see Mr. Marrs and get a closing date set…&hellip.she hoped she could get it done as soon as possible. Mr. Marrs was ready to get the deal done, and agreed to meet at the title company on Monday to close the deal.

Alisha had one more stop to make in town. She wanted to begin building their new home as soon as possible. She met with an architect and started planning the new home she wanted. After two hours, they had an outline of what Alisha wanted in her new home. The architect told her that he would have the preliminary plans drawn up by the middle of the next week so she could come back by and take a look and see if it's what she has in mind. She went by Colin's office and told him what she had been doing and he was elated.

"I was wondering when we would get started, I'll go with you next week and we can see if we can get the house just the way we want it." Everything was coming together.

Christmas is getting close and she feels this will be the best Christmas she has had for a long time. She needs to go by the office and take care of a few things then she will go home.


Hopefully, Colin will be there when she gets there. She needs to get back into running to occupy her time and get her mind off of her problem. The best time to run is out at the ranch, there are several trails she can run close by the office. She could change clothes up at her folks house and shower when she is finished. The best thing to do is get some running clothes out at the ranch and set a time in the morning and just do it.

She has always loved to run out at the ranch. She almost always sees wildlife, plus, it's just a beautiful place. As she drives home, Alisha gets a call from Justin. He tells her that he has found another calf killed. Again, it looks as though a mountain lion did it. Alisha tells him that they need to set out several wildlife cameras in the area and see if they can catch a picture of the cat.

It might help them to figure out where the cat holds up. Justin told her that he will get it done at first light. As she pulls up on the driveway, Colin is getting home. They go in and fix dinner together. After the dinner dishes are finished, Alisha settles in a chair and reads a book she started a few days ago and Colin is working on something he brought home with him.

Soon its bedtime……&hellip.both are tired and they go to sleep quickly. In the morning, Alisha has packed up some clothes to run in. No time like the present to get started. As Alisha arrived at the office, Justin was talking to Bob about finding, yet another, dead calf. It also looked like it was killed by a big cat. Bob has decided to call in the Federal Trapper to see if they can catch this killer.

One of the guys thought he caught a glimpse of the cat a couple of days ago, but it was moving so fast he didn't get a good look at it. Now everyone carries a gun when they're on the ranch. You never know what a cat like this one will do. She goes up to the house to change clothes and take a run. As she comes down the steps, she thinks that maybe she needs to take a sidearm with her. Alisha is a deadly shot with a handgun or a rifle.

Bob taught her to shoot when she was 12. As she leaves the headquarters area she is looking at the scenery and feeling the fresh air in her face.

She always loved the mornings on the ranch, everything is fresh and smells so clean, the dew sparkles on the grass. The sun is so bright today, no clouds in the sky, just a beautiful San Luis Valley morning. She thinks about her addiction and the problems it could cause her if anyone ever finds out about it.

She knows that her mother will do her best to help her through it and the fact that she, herself, is a psychologist should help. She stops on a ridge overlooking the ranch headquarters and takes a breather. She thinks that she should come up here and take a picture, it would look good in their new house.

Alisha continues on, enjoying the beauty of the ranch as she runs along.

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Every time she runs out here, she always sees something she has never noticed before. Like this morning, she notices a grove of aspens with a large rock outcropping hidden back in it.

The colors surrounding the shape of the rock are just beautiful. She notices some movement in the aspens. It could be a young deer, there are several in this area.

She only saw the movement for a moment then it was gone. She is looking at the snow up on the high peaks above the ranch. Soon the snow will be covering all of this area and she won't be able to run up here till spring. As she follows the road through the aspens, she catches more movement off to her left. As she looks to see what it is, she sees it is a mountain lion and it's crouched down in the tall grass. Alisha is not one to panic, she has been raised hunting and being around the wild animals on the ranch.

She keeps an eye on the area where she last saw the cat. It's time to turn around and move away from this area. Most of the time a cat won't attack a human, but there is always a chance it will. It has to be the cat that's been preying on their cattle. Alisha pulls out the .45 caliber Sig Sauer and carries it in her hand as she runs along.

She sees more movement on a parallel path to her, going in the same direction. Alisha has become somewhat anxious about the cat stalking her, but, she is aware and has the 45 ready to fire. She hasn't seen any more movement in the trees or grass and thinks that the animal turned in another direction. As she looks in front of her, she sees the cat coming out of the trees directly at her. As the big cat leaps at her she fires three shots…&hellip.the cat hit's the ground in front of her and rolls into her, knocking her to the ground.

Alisha rolls when she falls, keeping the cat in her view. The lion is still moving, trying to get to its feet, she comes up on one knee and fires two more shots.

Both bullets rip into the lion's head and it falls, flopping in uncontrolled spasms. She knows that the cat is dying, but she is still wary till it is completely still. Alisha's heart is racing, she can hear it beating and feel the blood pulsing through her body.

She sits back on the ground, trying to catch her breath, not completely believing what just happened. She was thinking how lucky she is that she hit the cat on the fly. She hears a vehicle coming up the road, just beyond the next patch of aspens.

It has to be one of the cowboys that worked there coming to investigate the shots and sure enough, it's Justin and her dad, flying up the road. They see her sitting alongside the road and rush to her.

As they get out, they see the body of the mountain lion lying about ten steps from Alisha. They could see she was still visibly shaken as they went to her. "He came out of the trees at me……&hellip.I pulled up and shot and shot…&hellip.he…he just fell then tried to get&hellip.up and I shot him again. I was so scared…&hellip.Alisha broke down and started crying, putting her head on her knees.

Bob knelt down beside her and kept telling her everything was alright, the cat was dead. Justin had been looking the cat over………"Damn Bob, she put three shots in his chest, below his neck and two in his head." Bob took the gun from Alisha and dropped the clip.

"Five shots gone, damn Alisha that's some good shooting, I guess I taught you well." Justin smiled and commented, "I hope I don't piss her off anytime, I wouldn't have a chance." He and Bob laughed a bit as they helped Alisha to her feet and into the truck. Alisha was still crying, the reality of what had happened sinking in. That cat could have killed her if she had not been armed.

He heart was still pounding. "Dad, I want that bastard's hide tanned and tacked on my wall……&hellip.will you take him over to Daniels and let him mount it?" Bob told her he'd have the guys come back up here and take the cat over to the taxidermist. When they got back to the office, Alisha told them she was going up to the house, change and go home…… She needed to compose herself.

Alisha went home, showered huddled up on the couch and watched tv. In a little while, Colin came in. "Your Dad called and told me what happened, I had to come home to see how you are……& doing ok?" "I'm fine, just a little shaken up, I just can't get the vision of that cat jumping at me, his eyes looking through me and his mouth open…&hellip.those teeth……&hellip." Colin sat down by her and held her.

"I can only imagine how terrified you were&hellip.sounds like you are a good shot." "Yeah, and I'm gonna nail that cat's hide to my wall!" Colin laughed and told her that it appeared that she had already nailed his hide……they both laughed. Alisha was shaken, but she would be ok.

"Tell you what, let's go down and see that architect and see if he has anything done yet&'ll do you good to get out." She agreed so she changed out of her sweats and they took off to see the architect.

Colin decided to spend the day with her, just to keep her company. The rest of the day went well, they went out to dinner then went home. Alisha was still tired so she went to bed and went to sleep quickly. The next days passed quickly. Suddenly it was the day to close on the ranch. Alisha had looked forward to this for some time, now it was reality. The closing went smoothly and by nightfall, she was the proud owner of the Marrs Ranch.

There are several things that have to be done over there that have to be taken care of………she would start at that tomorrow.

She also has an appointment with her Mom right after class. She didn't look forward to seeing her classmate, Jim. She hoped that he didn't think he was going to get to fuck her again……& won't happen. Class went smoothly. Jim was absent, which relieved Alisha.

The appointment with her mom went smoothly, they made good progress. Alisha felt really good when she left and went out to the ranch. She stopped at the office and asked her dad and Justin to go with her. When they got to the Marrs Ranch, there was a moving van out front of the house loading. All of the equipment was lined up for the auction coming up next week.

Marrs had let all of his help go. They would have to hire two more people, but that wouldn't be till spring. Mr. Marrs had told Alisha that he had all the maps of the property and she should stop by and he'd give them to her. They went down and checked out the out buildings and the corals. Everything looked good, she had bought all of the livestock on the ranch and they were all in the winter pastures near by the corals.

Justin got a good introduction to the ranch from Bob and Alisha. They told him what needed to be done here, he could bring some of the guys over here later and they could get started.

Alisha was happy today, she had put the thoughts of the cat behind her and was working toward getting the new ranch going…&hellip.this was going to be great. She looked up toward the main road and sees Colin's car coming. She had told him to come out and they would pick a place to build their new home. When Colin got there, he was happy to see Bob and they talked for a while.

Bob and Justin took Alisha's truck back to the ranch and she and she and Colin left in his car. Alisha took Colin to a place on the ranch that she liked. It sat up on high ground and overlooked a large meadow with a river running through it. You can see the foothills behind the meadow. Colin looked at it and fell in love with the spot. "You sure know how to pick a building site, Alisha, I love this place." So, it was settled, this is where they will build their home.

The next day they went to their architect's office and told him that they had selected the building spot. He told them he would go make an inspection of the proposed building site and let them know. All they needed to do now was find a contractor. Alisha knew of a guy she had gone to school with that had an excellent reputation in building. His name is Melvin Rogers, his office is only a short distance from the architect's office, so they walked over to see him.

When they got there and consulted with Melvin, he told them he would be happy to build their home for them. He needed to go out and look at the building site, so, they all got in Alisha's truck and drove out there. When he saw the site, Melvin told them it was a perfect site. It had good solid footing and was on high ground, in case the river flooded. Melvin set out a few stakes and told them he would get the blueprints and come out and survey the area.

He just needed to know which way the front of the house faced. They all went back to Melvin's office and drew up the contracts for the construction. Melvin had called the architect and found out that he could have the blueprints the next day&hellip.he was ready to start. Alisha and Colin were very happy with the way things were going. Their next stop was at a well driller's office. He told them he would get the permit for the well and get started on it very soon.

It should only take about 5 days to get the permit. He told them he would go out with the contractor and find out exactly where he needed to drill the well so he could put the exact location on the permit application. Colin and Alisha drove home, very happy with their decisions. The memory of the mountain lion had faced away. When they entered the house Alisha was dancing around in a great mood.

Colin was very secure in his decision to marry Alisha, he thought to himself what a lucky guy he was to have a woman like her love him…&hellip.he would do anything for her, he just wanted her to be happy and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her…& was going to happen, even though he didn't know it at this time.

He went into the kitchen to get a beer from the frig. He was opening it when Alisha entered the kitchen……&hellip.totally naked. This was something that Colin did not anticipate. He sat his beer down as she jumped into his arms and kissed him.

Colin was getting excited. Alisha had a body to die for…&hellip.all the perfect dimensions in the right places. She started removing his pants as he was getting out of his shirt. His pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them as he felt Alisha removing his underwear and her hungry mouth taking his manhood completely inside it. He had an erection, but Alisha was making it harder. He knew that her giving him head was not going to last long…&hellip.he was starting to feel a big load of cum building up way down inside him…&hellip.the pleasure she was giving him was driving him to the edge…&hellip.perhaps he should slow her up………………&hellip.too late here it comes.

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Colin took her by the sides of the head and pulled her to him. She had her hands on his balls gently caressing them as he felt the first rush of cum blow out the end of his cock and into her mouth. Alisha moaned and he felt her tongue working his cock over as he continued to ejaculate into her mouth and down her throat.

She swallowed all she could, the rest ran down her chin and dripped onto her tits. Colin, feeling super horny, bent her over the kitchen table and slid his throbbing cock past her pink outer lips and deep into her hot, wet pussy.

Alisha screamed with delight as she felt his big dick drive deep inside her vagina and bump into the end of her cunt. The pleasure of being inside her felt so good. He was banging her with long, deliberate strokes. The head of his cock would almost come out of her, when he reversed and pushed it all the way inside her again. She felt his balls bang against her clit when he was all the way in, it felt so damn good that she was beginning to cum, the contractions were gigantic, her stomach muscles were so hard they hurt………the orgasm totally engulfed her from head to toe.

She was almost paralyzed, she couldn't move, just could only lay there having one of the most fantastic orgasm's she had ever had…&hellip.and to top it off…&hellip.Colin was filling her with hot sperm at the same time. He fell over on top of her, his cock still pulsing and throbbing inside her. She felt his warm cum running down the inside of her legs. When Colin regained his strength, he raised up off of Alisha's back and pulled out of her, his cock softened and is hanging down limp.

"Looks kinda like a dead soldier there," she said giggling. Colin grinned at her and said, "Dead soldier my ass!" Alisha took off running with Colin hot on her tail. He caught her at the edge of the bed and tackled her onto the top of the bed. Colin pinned her shoulders down and pushed his way between her legs. They were both laughing very hard as he pushed inside her again……Alisha's eyes rolled back in her head as Colin started to fuck her again.

She wrapped her long legs around his ass and pulled him deep inside her……her arms wrapped around him also. Colin was pounding her pussy hard, wanting to cum again. He felt Alisha beginning to cum, her pussy tightened around his cock so hard he could hardly move in and out of her……&hellip.then he blew his load………again……both of them moaning and groaning n ecstasy as they writhed around on the bed, both having the most fantastic orgasms that they had had in quite a while.

Alisha was truly happy. They fell asleep in each other's arms and slept soundly all night……&hellip.dreaming of their life together. Morning came slowly to Colin and Alisha. It took them a while to wake up and get around to starting their day. It had been quite some time since Alisha has had a sex experience like this.

She is totally satisfied. The thoughts of the encounter with the lion came rushing back to Alisha. In her mind she could still see the eyes of the lion looking intently at her as he leaped at her, his fangs glistening as he opened his mouth, ready to tear into her.

She shuddered as she showered and thought about the experience. She knew it was going to take some time for her to get those visions out of her head.

She had to change her attention from the attack…………suddenly she felt Colin's hands on her breasts. That shocked her back into reality rather quickly. Colin had entered the shower, without her hearing him, and had eased up behind her. She could feel his rod against her ass, trying to find the entrance to one of her pleasure centers. She bent forward slightly and leaned against the wall. She felt Colin's cock enter her again. It slid in all the way and she felt his balls against her outer lips, his swollen member going in and out of her wet pussy.

It only took a few strokes and she began to cum……&hellip.then she felt that warm, filling sensation as his cock began to spew it's hot load over her insides. "Now that is what I call a quickie," he told her as he pulled out of her. She continued her shower and then washed herself out. Colin was out of the shower and drying off…&hellip.Alisha was not far behind………she had class this morning then had to see her mom again. She knew she was on the right track, she would kick this obsession.

Class went quickly and so did her appointment with Anne. During her appointment, Anne told her a lot of things that caused her to be obsessive with sex. Most of it is caused by Alisha's need for affection. Evidently, while she was growing up, she never felt like her parents gave her the attention or affection she desired.

Alisha had some problems believing that, her parents had always went out of their way to show their affection for both the girls, but Alisha evidently did not think that way. She had always thought she had to fight to get their attention and approval.

That really wasn't the case, but Alisha believed it. Bob had always thought the sun rose and set in Alisha. He always was teaching her something or another, like shooting, riding, roping or some other ranch life type job. Alisha knew she could beat this thing because she had a guy worth fighting for. She was supposed to go look at cattle this afternoon, they needed another 300 head to get the herd to the size they would need.

She needed to drive over to Pagosa Springs to look at a herd that was being sold. There are 150 bred 1st calf heifers, all from top blood lines. Justin is supposed to go with her to look at them. Hopefully, they will be back by dark. She meets Justin at the office and they take off. Alisha always liked to drive over to Pagosa, it was a beautiful drive. They talked about everything on the way over. Justin brought up sex and asked if Alisha still wanted to have a no-strings attached relationship, now that she was going to get married.

Alisha really didn't know what to say&hellip.on one hand, she wanted to beat the thing, but, on the other she really did like fucking Justin……and …&hellip.she knew he meant nothing to her.

She told him that if she got the urge to get laid, she would let him know. He told her that he really did enjoy sex with her, she is so beautiful and sexy. Words like these, really did turn her on. She could feel herself getting wet as they talked. "Well," she said, "it might be ok to get it on once in a while, might keep us both sane." Justin laughed and they continued their conversation.

As they neared Pagosa Springs, there was a small lodge just outside town. Alisha was getting really hot and knew she wanted some cock. "What say we pull in here and get a room and screw for an hour or so…&hellip.then we can go look at the cattle." Justin jumped at the opportunity……"Hell, I'll even pay for the room," he said. Alisha wheeled in and Justin went inside the office to get the room. In 5 minutes they were in the room and getting naked. Justin was hard as a rock and wanted to fuck her badly.

Alisha felt the same way. She got on the bed on her back and spread her legs. "Ok, big boy, bring that big cock over here, mama needs it." Justin didn't waste any time mounting her and sliding into her wet pussy. Alisha was moaning and moving her hips around in a circular motion, then pushing her pussy to him, trying to get all of him inside her. Justin was slow fucking her, long steady strokes. Alisha wrapped her legs and arms around him and pulled him close as they moved together, feeling all the pleasure they could.

They must have fucked for the better part of an hour before they both had their orgasms, simultaneously. Alisha's pussy clamped down on Justin's cock and started milking the cum out of him.

It seemed to her that his orgasm was everlasting, she could feel the hot spurts of cum hitting the back of her vagina……and it was making her cum more and harder.

Finally, they both had finished and were just laying there feeling each other. Justin pulled his cock out of her. Alisha could see the threads of cum hanging from it as he stood up.

She knew that her pussy was full of his cream, it was starting to run out and down her ass. She got up and went to the bathroom and pushed his cum out &hellip.she couldn't believe how much there was…&hellip.damn, she should have had him shoot it in her mouth so she could have savored the sweet taste of him before she swallowed it all. Oh well, some other time, they needed to get out to the ranch and look at the heifers.

In a half hour, that's where they were, talking like nothing had ever happened. It amazed her that after getting laid like that, thoughts of getting fucked again, really didn't even cross her mind. Oh well, she just might not be able to shake this curse, it might go on for ever……&hellip.right now she didn't care, there were cattle to look at and to be bought. When she saw the cattle, she was highly impressed with the herd.

It was a very young herd of cattle, mostly 3 and 4 year olds. There are actually 156 head. Alisha haggled with the owner for the better part of an hour.

He was a handsome man about 40 years old that was selling out his ranch to move to a lower altitude because of his wife's health. They continued to try to strike a deal on the cattle. There was one other herd they wanted to look at while they were over here. There were not as many and the herd tended to be a little older.

As the time passed, Alisha told Justin that he should go look at the other group of cattle before it gets late. She told him she trusted his evaluation. Justin left and went to meet the other rancher.

Alisha and Terry continued their negotiations……&hellip.Terry asked her if she would like a beer or a drink. She accepted, so Terry brought out a bottle of Sausa Tequila. They negotiated and did shots. After about another hour, they were only a little way apart, but neither would budge and they were getting a little drunk. Terry poured another shot and said, "Alisha we're only a little ways apart.

Tell you what, due to my wife's health, I haven't had sex in about a year. If you have sex with me I'll accept your offer." Alisha shot down her tequila and smiled at him. "Well Terry, I need to see what you're bringing to the……table." Terry smiled at Alisha and stood up, unbuckled his jeans and let them drop.

He stood there for a minute or so. Alisha could see the huge bulge in his boxer briefs. Terry slowly pulled them down to his knees. A giant anaconda of a dick jumped out…& had to be 12 inches long and very thick. Alisha's mouth watered when she saw it and she could feel her crotch getting wet.

"That's a real nice tool you have there Terry, I think we have a deal," she said as she removed her boots and stood up. "Now, Terry, here's what you get." Alisha removed her jeans and blouse, stood there for about a minute as Terry was kicking out of his jeans and removing his shirt. She slowly removed her bra then her thong.

They stood there in the afternoon light just looking at each other. Terry moved up to her and kissed her. Alisha then went down to her knees and took the end of his monster cock in her mouth and slid it in as far as she could take it.

There was still 4 inches of cock to go when she had to pull back. She spit in her hand and started jacking him off while she took about 5 inches into her mouth. She gave her a little pre-cum spurt or two which she lapped up like a puppy. Terry was a very muscular guy and strong. He lifted Alisha up to her feet, sat her up on the table, spread her long legs and slowly inserted his cock into her pussy. She could feel her vagina filling up with his cock as he pressed deeper into her until finally his balls were on her ass.

She had been up on her elbows watching, but when he was all the way in, she laid back and put her feet up on his shoulders, enabling her to take more of him inside her. He reached around her legs and grasped her tits and began to squeeze them gently and roll her nipples between his thumb and index finger, meanwhile gliding in and out of her wet pussy. Alisha felt wonderful as she thought to herself…&hellip.this fuck just made me $35,000. She was glad that she had sent Justin to look at the other herd…&hellip.she hoped that he would take his time and not come back too soon.

Terry was slowly fucking her, both of them moaning on every stroke. Terry looked down at her, "Alisha, do you ever take it up the ass?" Alisha smiled back at him and said, "I take it any way you want to give it." He grasped her calves and pulled his cock out of her. He spit a big glob of saliva down on her pussy and with one hand grasped his cock and smeared it down her crack. He put the head of his dick at her ass hole and began to insert it. Her sphincter muscle was tight and the big mushroom head of his cock was having trouble going in.

He rubbed the head in her pussy and lubed it again, then went back to her ass. This time the mushroom head spread her ass and went in. Ever so slowly did it go in, stretching her ass to its limits…&hellip.then…& was all the way in.

She could feel his balls against her ass cheeks as he slid in and out. She pulled her knees to her chest and he grasped the backs of her thighs and continued ass fucking her& felt good, especially when he inserted his right thumb into her pussy and rubbed her clit with his other fingers. Alisha could contain herself no longer, she had to cum and cum she did along with a few strong squirts that hit Terry in the navel and ran down.

"I didn't know you were a squirter, Alisha, this is even more than I bargained for." He pulled out of her ass and put his cock back into her pussy and started to fuck her hard, all of a sudden wanting to cum and fill her. For the next 15 minutes he gave Alisha the fucking of her life. He would fuck her in the pussy for a little while then switch to her ass then switch back till finally his cock erupted in her like a volcano. She thought, 'he was telling the truth when he said he hadn't had a piece of ass in over a year…………………it feels like he's dumping a gallon of semen in me.

Terry was pumping cum into her like a well. At one point he pulled out and Alisha saw long, thick squirts of semen shoot up onto her stomach and tits. He put it in her ass and fucked her some more as he continued to fill her to the brim with his hot jizz. When he finally stopped erupting, Alisha had cum all over her body……there was cum on the floor and the table.

It was running out of her holes like a dam had just broke. Terry stood there, for a moment, just looking at her, lying naked in his cum with it oozing out of her.

She raked up a wad of cum from her stomach with three fingers and licked it off. It tasted good so she raked up more and more, swallowing all she could get. Terry's cock had went limp when he pulled out of her, but, watching her eating his cum aroused him and his cock began to harden again.

She ran her three fingers up her pussy then let a glob of sperm run onto them. She took that to her mouth and licked them like an ice cream cone.

Terry couldn't take it any more and put his cock inside her again and began to pump her rapidly. He looked at her smiling and asked, "Do you want this load in your mouth?" Alisha hungrily nodded yes. Terry kept fucking her faster and faster till she could see on his face that he was going to cum again.

He told her, "here it comes,'" as he pulled out and she slid off the table to her knees and took the end of his cock in her mouth just in time to feel the rush of hot cum begin to fill her oral cavity. She swallowed all she could, the rest ran out of her mouth and down onto her tits. It ran off her tits down her stomach and onto her shaved pussy. This load wasn't as big as the first one, but there was plenty.

When he stopped cumming, she scraped up all she could from her pussy to her tits and ate it too. She stood up and said, "Terry, that was one good fuck. I hope you felt like you got your money's worth…&, where's your bathroom, I have to get cleaned up before Justin gets back." He pointed to a door across the room. He watched as she walked away from him, he thought, ' that is one damn good looking woman and one hell of a fuck.' Alisha jumped into his shower, washed off and pushed out all of the cum she could.

She dried off and went to find her clothes. Terry had picked them up and laid them on the back of a chair. She had brought a handful of folded toilet paper with her. When she put the thong on, she put it in to catch the cum that was still slowly running out. She got dressed and kissed Terry again. While she was getting dressed, he went to his office and got a bill of sale, filled it out and signed it.

Alisha was writing him a check when he returned to the dining room. "Well Terry, do you think it was worth it?" He just smiled and said, "You're damn right it was worth it! Want to knock off another $10,000?" Alisha turned and looked at him…&hellip."I don't know if we have time or not, what do you have in mind?" Terry grinned and chuckled, "How about a blow job?" Alisha grinned at him and told him to get his pants down and bring it to her, she'd do it.

Terry walked to where she was sitting, undoing his pants. Again his huge cock appeared. Alisha thought to herself, this guy is giving away money today and I'm more than happy to take advantage of this deal…&hellip.he must really be horny.

She took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him off. She had his balls in one hand, squeezing them gently as she stroked his cock in and out of her mouth. Terry told himself that he wasn't going to blow his wad too quickly, he wanted to enjoy this…& long as possible. However, he didn't know about Alisha's expertise with a cock. She felt his cock get harder, she knew that he was close, so, she pulled her old trick……&hellip.she slipped her forefinger up his ass about 4 inches and rubbed his prostate.

When Terry felt this, he exploded in her mouth, there was no holding back. Alisha slurped up his cum as fast as he shot it in her mouth. With her finger up his ass and her lips on the head and her other hand jacking him off. Terry was soon drained of semen and completely worn out. When his cock stopped jerking and ejaculating, he pulled his pants up and went back to his office to get another bill of sale.

Alisha wiped off the few drops of cum that had escaped from her mouth and licked them off her fingers. She tore up the check she had written and wrote another one for the adjusted amount.

Terry soon returned with the signed bill of sale. Alisha smiled and said, "Terry, it's been a business doing pleasure with you&hellip.and it sure was fun." They sat and talked till Justin got back. She told Terry she would make arrangements with the trucking company and would let him know when they would arrive to load the cattle. Terry still was reeling from the fantastic sex he had just gotten.

He would remember this afternoon, with Alisha, for a long, long time……&hellip.and yearn to have her body again. She and Justin left Pagosa and headed home, it would take a couple of hours to get there……&hellip.Alisha felt terrible.

She had betrayed Colin twice today. Would she ever be able to overcome this obsession? Could she continue to hide it from Colin? What would Colin do if he did find out? So many questions, she knew she had to keep it all to herself and not reveal it to anyone……she would overcome this…&hellip.and she would do it soon.

Her mind wandered back to the events of the afternoon, Terry's huge cock buried inside her, shooting his hot cum into her………and the feeling she had while it was all happening………damn she loved being fucked and enjoying the taste of a man's cum. She knew she was not much more than a whore……but, a very rich whore. f Alisha and Justin arrived back in Alamosa at about 7 pm. Alisha dropped Justin off at the office then went home.

Colin had dinner ready when she got there. "It's been a long day honey, do you mind if I catch a shower and get comfortable before I eat?" Colin could see she was bushed and told her he'd keep it warm till she got there. She went to the bathroom, stripped and got into the Jacuzzi tub and turned it on.

The jetted hot water felt good shooting against her. She laid back and closed her eyes and remembered the fucking she got from Terry. What a cock, she thought, I don't remember a cock completely filling me like that before. The hot water felt good. She picked up the bar of soap and gave herself a good bath.

She douched and cleaned out the remnants of cum that Justin and Terry had left earlier. She was tired and really just wanted to sleep, but, she was hungry also. She got out of the tub, put on her robe and went to the kitchen.

Colin had steaks ready. He kissed her as he helped her be seated. "Well, did you get any cattle bought?" he asked. "Yes, I bought a really nice set of bred young cows, they should be a really good addition to our herd. How are things at the dealership, been busy?" Colin told her that as the holidays get nearer, car sales will increase and that things had started picking up. He told her that Bob had been in to trade trucks, he really liked Alisha's.

He had made him a cost deal, just like he did with Alisha. Bob had told him that he'd be back in a day or two, he wanted to think about it. Colin told her that she looked tired and should go to bed. That was just what was on Alisha's mind, the fucking she had gotten from those two guys had taken a lot out of her, plus the long drive…&hellip.sleep would be great.

When dinner was finished Colin told her that he would clean up and she should go to bed. She kissed him and went to the bed room, dropped her robe and crawled between the sheets. Ooooh this feels good. It didn't take very long and she was sound asleep. When the morning sun broke across their room, Alisha was out of bed and off to the bathroom to get ready. The cattle she bought should be arriving at the ranch holding corals about 10 am.

She had made the arrangements with the trucking company while she was driving home yesterday. Justin had the guys standing by to work the cattle when they arrived. Colin was stirring. "So what are you doing today, dear?" he asked. We will be receiving the new cattle and getting them worked today. We will keep them penned till tomorrow then move them out to a winter pasture. What I like about these cattle is that they are already AI'd by the company I plan to use on our cows next spring.

It will help us get going on the new program. It's going to be a busy day. I have to figure the guys bonuses so I can give them out next week, Dad has gone down to New Mexico to see our neighbor, Mom has gone to Denver to do some shopping for Christmas. I have an appointment at the water office this afternoon to get the water rights squared away on the new ranch. I have a meeting with the architect and the well driller.

The plumber is going to show up at building site to figure out where we want to put the septic system………&hellip.everything is going on at once and there doesn't seem to be an end to it………I'm tired already…&hellip.ha ha ha. They kissed each other and went on their separate ways to face the day. When Alisha got to the office, Justin was there.

"And how are you this morning?" he asked. "I'm great," she said, "how about you?" Justin told her he was just about to enter the information on the new cattle into the computer. He told her that the guys were going to take care of working the cattle when they arrived, they should finish with the cattle today.

"I sure did enjoy yesterday," he told her. "Me too," she told him, thinking more about Terry. "How are you and Cody getting along," she asked him. "We are good, she was waiting on me when I got home last night……&hellip.she stayed the night. We're getting a little serious." he told her. Alisha laughed and grinned at him, "and you were off fucking me yesterday&hellip.that's real cool." He looked at her sheepishly, like she was getting on him for it.

Alisha told him she was just kidding, "Hell, she was talking about us three having a threesome sometime, think you could handle two of us?" Justin smiled and told her he would sure like to try. "We just might have to give it a try one of these nights." Alisha thought she would try to see if Colin had any desires to have threesomes or swap women……& would sure be cool if he had those desires too.

She will figure it out. Alisha told Justin she had to go to town and would be back later. He should get the guys started working the cattle as soon as they arrived. Justin said he would take care of it, not to worry. As she left the office, she saw the trucks arriving.

She wished she had made the appointment with the water office a few days later, she would like to have helped work the cattle. When Alisha got to the water office, she had to wait to see the District Water Superintendent. As she sat in the front office waiting, she thought back to Pagosa and Terry. His cock intrigued her. It was so big and had felt so good inside her, especially when it was pumping her full of hot cum.

As she sat there, she felt moistness between her legs. Just the thought of that fuck made her hot. Her mind was wandering. She wondered if Colin had any impulses to get some strange. She didn't know exactly how she was going to find out, but she would. The secretary told her that Mr. Goodwin would see her now. She went into his office, he got up from his desk and came around to greet her.

"Ms. Moore, I'm Gerald Goodwin, I have looked so forward to meeting you, your reputation precedes you. It looks as though you and your father have put together a rather large ranch in the past months." Alisha checked Gerald out&hellip.he was about her age, very good looking with a great build…&hellip.and no wedding ring.

"Mr. Goodwin, I must say, it's a real pleasure to meet you. I have heard a lot of really good things about you. I trust that we can get my little problem taken care of without much ado, and please, call me Alisha." "Thank you, Alisha, please call me Gerald. I had no idea that such an intelligent business woman could also be so beautiful." "You're too kind, Gerald. I need to get the water rights straightened out on the Marrs Ranch property.

I think that there have been some small mistakes made in the recording of the deeds in years past. I have some affidavits pertaining to the water rights, with me today. Of course, they're copies so that I can leave them with you. I have all of the originals, should I need them.

Gerald told her that the copies would be fine and that with them he could verify all of the water rights on the ranch. "We should be able to get this settled today so that you can continue to do what you need to do at the ranch. Alisha took the papers out of her briefcase and handed them to Gerald. As she bent over his desk and explained. He couldn't help but see the majority of her perfect tits.

She had intentionally worn a very low cut blouse and only an under supporting bra. She knew he was looking at her babies and she was totally enjoying being an exhibitionist. She liked it when men noticed her body. She worked hard at keeping it attractive, now Gerald was thoroughly enjoying the view he was being given. Alisha knew that she could use her body to get what she wanted from a man…………any man.

She continued explaining the paperwork she had brought, but Gerald hardly heard a word she said………he was too interested at looking at her tits to notice anything else.

Gerald couldn't help but notice how her well her jeans fit and he could see those two little bulges between her legs. Damn, how he would have liked to watch her put those tight jeans on, damn……&hellip.he thought. When she finished explaining what she wanted, Gerald agreed with her and told her that he would prepare the necessary documents to get the problem straightened out.

"It's almost closing time, Alisha, would you like to go across the street to the Inn of the Rio Grande and get a drink with me?" Alisha knew that she had this discrepancy fixed, now it was time to seal the deal.

"Of course, I'd love to," she said. They both got up and left the office and walked across the street. When they got into the Inn, they went to the lounge and found a table, in the back of the bar and out of the way. When they were seated, the waitress took their order and went to the bar to get it. Gerald was definitely fixated on Alisha's beautiful breasts&hellip.he could hardly take his eyes off of them. "Please don't think me forward but, I must say, Alisha, you are a very beautiful woman and your body is exquisite.

Are you married or attached?" Alisha smiled and told him, "I am engaged to Colin Braxton, we are to be married next summer." Gerald didn't care if she was married, single, engaged or attached, he was going to put the moves on this beauty and see if he could experience the pleasures her body could give him.

Their drinks arrived and they continued to chat. "It's too bad that a woman like you is tied down, I mean, unavailable. I'd love to get to know you, Alisha, I think we could be great friends." Alisha recognized what was going on and decided that she should take advantage of this situation and use it to get an edge for now and in the future.

A good friend in the State Water Office couldn't hurt. "Gerald, I may be engaged, but, that doesn't mean that I have stopped living……&hellip.or looking around.

I find that sometimes a little change of scenery is good, don't you think?" Alisha was leaning over the table and her luscious tits were more than noticeable. She pulled her upper arms a little closer to her sides and caused them to push out more, emphasizing her cleavage……&hellip.she could tell that Gerald was enjoying the scene also. As Gerald continued to look at Alisha's tits, he could feel his cock getting hard. He had inhaled the first drink and had ordered another.

Alisha scooted her chair closer to the table. She put her hand on Gerald's knee&hellip.she could tell that he was getting excited. The waitress delivered two more drinks. Alisha moved her chair closer to Gerald. She felt one of his hands on her thigh. Her jeans fit very tight and she could feel every teeny movement he made. She felt her pussy getting hot and wet.

She laid her hand over his hand on the table and gave it a little squeeze. His other hand moved up her thigh and was almost to her crotch. He could feel her engorged pussy lips pushing her jeans out. He stroked those bulges in her jeans and Alisha felt like she would cum if he continued.

He looked directly into her eyes and asked her if she would like for him to get a room for them to go to. Alisha smiled, enjoying the feelings coming from him rubbing her pussy lips. "Gerald, I think that would be a great idea!" Gerald got up and left the bar, went to the desk and got a room. He came back to the bar and told Alisha that it was room 119. She should take the key and go there, he would follow her in a few minutes.

She looked around the bar, there were only 3 other people in there and they looked to be tourists. She took his hand and led him out of the bar.

They went to the room and went inside. Alisha went to the TV and turned it on and turned it to a music channel. She turned around, looking at Gerald and started stripping to the music, slowly. Gerald sat on the edge of the bed and watched. When she removed her blouse and exposed her naked breasts to him, he thought he would cum in his underwear, but somehow, he controlled himself.

Alisha continued taking her clothes off till she was completely naked. She went to Gerald and began to remove his shirt. His hands went to her hips and pulled her to his mouth.

His tongue darted in between her pussy lips and found her engorged clit. He grasped her but cheeks and pulled her pussy closer to his mouth. One of his favorite things in the world to do was eat pussy and he was helping himself to Alisha's. Alisha felt her orgasm building and she knew if he continued she would cum…&hellip.then it happened.

Her stomach muscles contracted violently as she began her orgasm. Gerald felt it and stepped up his attack of her pussy. As he licked her clit, he slid two fingers into her pussy and found her G spot. He rubbed that little fleshy spot hard, feeling her pussy contracting around his fingers and her pussy running hot with her juices. Gerald licked her pussy, getting all of that sweet pussy juice he could suck up. Alisha finished her orgasm and took Gerald by his hands.

She lifted him to his feet and removed his pants and underwear. She noticed a wet spot in his underwear and knew he was oozing pre-cum. She took his cock in her hand. His cock wasn't that big, maybe 6 inches, but it was thick. As she stroked it with her hand, she felt him give up a small shot of cum. She went down to her knees and took it all in her mouth and began to suck it.

Every time she took it all the way in, she could feel him give up a small shot of cum. It tasted wonderful, she wanted more.

She continued to suck his cock faster and faster till she felt him tense and then that warm sweet taste filled her mouth. He was unloading a huge load of cum in her mouth.

He was moaning as she continued to pump his cock and swallow all the cum she could. Her mouth overflowed and dripped down on her tits. She really likes cum and she wants all of it……down her throat. When he finished cumming, he sat down on the edge of the bed, a little exhausted.

Alisha went up to the head of the bed and stripped the covers off and crawled into the middle of the bed and spread her legs. Gerald took the hint and mounted her. His cock was hard and slipped easily into her hot waiting cunt. It wasn't as large as she was used to, but, he damn sure knew how to use it. In just a little while she was cumming again.

Gerald never let up, he just kept slamming his meat into her. She could see that Gerald was sweating as he pumped away on her. She knew that he was trying desperately to cum again. He kept fucking her faster and faster till he pushed his cock all the way in and froze.

She could feel his cock spurting hot jizz into her…& felt really good, she wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him tight against her pussy as she felt him continuing to unload his hot semen inside her. When he finished he just laid on top of her, breathing like he had just ran a marathon. When he recovered, he rolled off of her and laid there on his back.

He looked over at her and told her that this was the best sex he had had in years………and he wanted more, if she felt up to it. He didn't know that he was talking to the most horny woman in the State of Colorado.

She rolled over on top of him, put his cock back inside her pussy.

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She sat upright on him and started to grind her pussy onto his cock. It didn't take but a few minutes and he was shooting his load again. All he could think was how great this beautiful woman was in bed and how absolutely great her pussy felt wrapped around his cock.

She could contract her pussy like it was milking his cock. She took every drop of his sperm that he had and wanted more. She fucked Gerald for the next two hours non- stop.

They both had multiple orgasms and finally they both lay on the bed on their backs, exhausted, not wanting any more fucking. Alisha got up and went to the shower and cleaned herself up. When she came out, Gerald was sleeping. She put her clothes on and wrote him a note thanking him for the wild sex and that he should call her sometime.

She quietly went out the door, went to her truck and went home. When she got there, Colin had not arrived yet. He had left a voicemail on the phone telling her that he would be working late. Alisha felt guilty for fucking around on him…&hellip.she would go pick up some Colonel Sanders and go out to his office and surprise him.

She got in her truck and went to the Kentucky Fried Chicken joint and got a bucket of chicken, and a couple of pops, then went out to he dealership. It was all dark except for a light in Colin's office. She got out with the dinner and went to the door.

It was locked so, she went back to her truck and got the key to the door. She unlocked it, picked up the food and went inside. As she got closer to Colin's office, she could hear that someone else was in there with him……a woman's voice and she sounded like she was having sex.

Alisha quietly sat the food down on the floor and crept up to his office door.

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She peeked around the edge of the door and saw Colin naked on his knees in front of his naked secretary sitting in a chair. He had his face buried in her pussy and she had her head laid back over the back of the chair. She was moaning loudly as he ate her pussy. Alisha could tell that she was cumming. Colin got to his feet and pulled her up to her feet and bent her over his desk.

He stepped up behind her and slid his cock inside her pussy and began to pump her. In a few minutes he slammed his cock all the way in her and let out a loud groan as he got his rocks off in her. He pulled his cock out and sat in the chair. His cock went soft. His secretary kneeled down in front of him and began to suck his cock till it got hard again.


Alisha wasn't mad at all, she just saw a door open that she had been thinking about. Maybe they could swing a little. She didn't know exactly how to handle this. She peeked back in. Beverly had straddled his cock and was fucking him again. She went back and picked up the food, turned and walked into the office. When Colin and Beverly saw her they didn't know what to do…&hellip.they just froze. Alisha acted like she was surprised and dropped the food.

"Just what the fuck is going on here?" she asked. Beverly got off of Colin's hard cock…& was standing straight up, all wet with pussy juice and cum. Alisha smiled at them and told them, "Hey, don't mind me, please continue&hellip.I'd like to watch…&hellip.Come on Beverly, get back on his cock and fuck him good, I want to watch you do it !!!!!!!" Beverly didn't know what to do, there was no place to run, so, she did just what Alisha told her to do.

Colin was in a state of shock, he didn't know what was going on. Beverly began going up and down on Colin's cock and in a few minutes, Colin shot his load again as Beverly got her rocks off at the same time.

She got off of Colin's cock and stood against the wall, not knowing exactly what to do. Alisha walked over to her and took her by the hand and led her over to the couch. She sat her down and went down and started sucking Colin's cum out of her pussy as she played with Beverly's clit.

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Colin couldn't believe his eyes, he thought surely that Alisha would have gotten mad and left the building, but it looked as though, she wasn't mad. Beverly started cumming and Alisha continued sucking her pussy and playing with her big tits. Colin thought to himself, why not.

He walked over behind Alisha and pulled her jeans down to her knees and slid his cock inside her and began to doggie fuck her. Alisha was feeling really good and continued to eat Beverly out, causing her to cum again and again. She was having orgasms also as Colin continued pounding her pussy.

Alisha felt Colin shooting his wad into her again…& was hot and she could feel the spurts of semen bouncing off her insides and running out of her cunt, down her leg. Colin pulled out as Alisha got to her feet and sat down next to Beverly. She leaned over and gave Beverly a wet kiss, with tongue as she squeezed Beverly's tits.

Colin had sat in a chair and was watching. Alisha sat back on the couch and looked at Colin and Beverly. "Colin, does this mean that you don't want me anymore or what?" Colin shook his head no and looked directly into Alisha's eyes, "Alisha I still love you and I want to marry you. I have wanted to tell you about my sex addiction since we became acquainted, but I was afraid that you wouldn't understand." Alisha looked at Beverly, "and what's your story, my dear?" Beverly was visibly scared, "Uh, Alisha, I, uh…&hellip.I'm married, I'm not trying to steal him from you, I just wanted a little on the side……you know what I mean don't you?" Alisha smiled at both of them.

Its ok, I've been trying to tell you, Colin, that I have a sex addiction. And like you, I was afraid you wouldn't understand. Colin came to Alisha, she stood up and they embraced.

Alisha told them, "Hell, I've brought chicken, anyone want to eat and maybe fuck some more?" They all laughed as Alisha put the chicken up on the table in Colin's office.


Everyone sat down and ate their fill. Alisha got to her feet and took all her clothes off and went down in front of Colin and sucked him off. Beverly had laid on her back and scooted up under Alisha's pussy and began to suck Colin's cum out of her. The three of them had sex till almost midnight. Alisha asked Beverly about what her husband was going to say about her getting home so late.

Beverly told her that he was out of town till Friday. They all got dressed and left. When Alisha and Colin got home they sat and talked about it for a while. Alisha asked him if would like to fuck her sister, Cody. His eyes lit up and he said, "Is that possible, Alisha?" "I think so, she's as hot as I am for sex&hellip.I just don't want it to be a secret between us Colin, if you want to fuck someone, tell me and I'll do the same&hellip.ok?" "OK" he said.

That being said, they went to bed and held each other tight. They both knew that they had found their soul mates and there would be nothing that could come between them. When she got up the next morning, Alisha went into the kitchen and made the coffee. She wanted to talk to Cody and see if she was up for a threesome or maybe a swap. Alisha called Cody. The phone rang several times and Cody finally answered. "How are you this morning Cody," she asked. Alisha could tell that Cody was still half asleep by the way she was talking.

"I just wanted to see if you would be up to fucking Colin?" There was a long silence on the phone then Cody blurted out, "Are you shitting me Alisha, you'd let Colin fuck around?" "It's a long story, Cody, I'll tell you sometime, but, I was thinking that maybe we could do a threesome, or, if you want, we could ask Justin to join in." Cody was excited, she told Alisha that she would really like to do that.

It was Saturday morning and Colin wasn't going in today. "Cody, why don't you come over right now and let's get laid." Cody told her she would jump in the shower and be over in 15 minutes.

Alisha went to the bathroom and got into the shower and cleaned herself up. When she got out, Colin was up. "Hey Honey," Alisha said, "Are you up for a surprise?" Colin had walked over to the toilet and was taking a piss. "Yeah, I'm up for a surprise, what cha got in mind?" Alisha was still drying off. "Well darling, Cody will be over here in about 10 minutes and she's ready to fuck……are you up for it?" Colin wheeled around with a big grin on his face, "Are you kidding me?

Are you serious? This can't be real……&hellip." Alisha was laughing at him, "you'd better get a quick shower, she will be here soon and ready to go." Colin dropped his underwear and went directly into the shower. Alisha asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee&hellip.he told her yes. Alisha didn't even bother to get dressed, she went to the kitchen naked and poured Colin a cup of coffee and refilled hers.

She took it to him in the bathroom. Colin had just got out of the shower and was drying off. The doorbell rang…&hellip."Must be Cody," Alisha said as she went to the door. When she opened the door, Cody took one look at her and said, "Damn, you look like you're ready to go. " She came into the house and asked for a cup of coffee. Alisha told her she would get it for her and Cody should go into the bedroom and get her clothes off.

Cody trotted to the bedroom as Alisha went for another cup of coffee. When Alisha got to the bedroom, Colin had Cody on all fours on the bed at the edge. He had been eating her pussy and was standing up getting ready to penetrate her wet pussy.

Alisha leaned against the dresser, sipping her coffee and watching her little sister get banged. Colin was giving it to her hard, then as Alisha watched, Colin began to shoot his load into s Cody's hot little pussy.

Colin must have been loaded for a bear, Alisha saw big gobs of his cum falling from her pussy onto the floor. Colin continued cumming for about a minute. He pulled out and a huge rush of cum came spurting out of Cody's pussy.

"Damn that felt good Collin, let me suck you hard again so I can get some more of that cock." Colin couldn't believe his ears. Cody spun around and sat on the edge of the bed and took Colin's cock in her mouth and began to suck it while she played with his balls. It didn't take long and Colin had his rod hard again. Cody scooted back on the bed and spread her legs for him. He didn't waste any time diving in. He was fucking her hard, Alisha could hear their flesh slapping as he slammed his meat in and out of her.

It didn't take long and Cody was cumming…&hellip.she was moaning loudly and yelling, "Fuck me Colin, fuck me………cram that meat in me……give it to me good you fucker…&hellip.ahhhhhhhhhhhhh shit I'm cumming!" Cody was bucking like a wild horse, slamming her pussy up to Colin's crotch, taking all of his cock in her as she could get.

It was so exciting to Colin that he started cumming again, pushing his cock in her pussy as deep as he could. When the two of them finished their orgasms, Colin collapsed on top of Cody. She had wrapped herself around him and was pulling him as close as she could……Alisha continued to sip her coffee and watch the show. When Colin rolled off of Cody, Alisha put her coffee down and went to Cody's pussy and started sucking Colin's cum out of her, while licking up the cum that had ran out of her and down her ass.

Cody started cumming while Alisha ate her pussy. Colin started getting a hard on again, just watching them. In a little while he was behind Alisha fucking her as fast as he could. Alisha was sucking out as much cum as she could and moaning while Colin fucked the shit out of her…………again……orgasms began around the board, everyone moaning and groaning and writhing around in ecstasy. When it was over, they all went to sleep, exhausted.

Alisha was the first to wake up. She looked at Colin and Cody lying next to her. What a morning, she thought. As she got off the bed she thought to herself how this all played out. Colin was as big of a whore as she was. Both of them had kept it really low key and no one else really knew anything about their little obsession.

"This has turned out to be a real good deal," she said to herself as she walked into the kitchen. She poured herself another cup of coffee and thought about the events of the last 24 hours. Colin had been fucking around on her as much as she had been fucking around on him&hellip.this is hilarious she thought. Down deep, Alisha admitted to herself, I really like to fuck and a variety of men is what I want. However, I do want that one guy also……the one I want to live with the rest of my life.

And……if he wants other women also, well, I think we might be made for each other. While she was thinking about all this, Colin came into the kitchen. "What you thinking about darling," he asked her. "I'm thinking about us and this sex thing………what do you want to do Colin&hellip.evidently, you've been screwing around for a while, do you want to continue or what?" Colin thought for a moment, "Alisha, I enjoy sex and I like variety…&hellip.and I do love you…&hellip.kinda fucked up isn't it." "No, not really," she told him, "I'll admit to you, I like those things too…&hellip.and I do love you and I don't want to lose you.

Colin, I just want us to be very discreet about this thing, it wouldn't do either of us any good to have our private lives become public&hellip.know what I mean?" Colin agreed with Alisha. "It wouldn't be good if it got out&hellip.Alisha, I've had this sex addiction for some time. I've always been able to find someone to get relief with, but none of them have meant anything to me……&hellip.until you.

At first, I just thought you would be another piece of ass, but then something happened…&hellip.I can't explain it but I knew you were the one I wanted, then as time went on, I was absolutely sure. I still have these urges to fuck………I had hoped you would be enough…&hellip.but I don't know." Alisha knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Well, Colin, I have to come clean with you too. I've been fucking around on you too…&hellip.same thing, when I want a cock, I go find one.

A lot of the time I don't have to go looking, it just finds me. I want to make it clear to you, Colin……&hellip.I want to stay with you and I want to marry you, but I also want some strange too. Do you think we can make this work?" Colin thought about it for a moment and told her that he thought they could make it work, as long as they told each other about their other interests and even shared these other sexual partners with each other.

Alisha agreed. Colin told Alisha, "I think it would be hot to have to sit and watch another guy fuck you. It would make me super horny to watch you suck his cock and not be able to have you&hellip.just games, know what I mean?" Alisha sipped her coffee and smiled at him, "You mean like me standing in there watching you fuck my sister's brains out and cumming all over her…&hellip.I think it's hot too.

We just might have a lot of kinky fun Colin……&hellip.we might even have to have your secretary over some evening and have her for dinner, he he he." Colin laughed also and told Alisha, "Let's just see where it goes, we may even want to stop it at some point." "I think that we can handle it, too.

Alisha giggled, "Are you ready to get really horny Colin, you want to see if this is really what you want?" Colin nodded yes, with a puzzled look on his face. Alisha picked her phone up and dialed someone.

In a little while Colin heard her, "Whatcha doin' doll." she said. "Want to come over here and fuck me? I'm at Colin's house………&hellip.he's here……&'s fine Justin, just come on over and you'll see what I'm talking about…&hellip.Cody is here too……&hellip.see you in a little while." Then she hung up. "Ok Colin, are you sure you want to watch me getting banged? It's fixin' to happen, speak now or forever hold your piece." Colin was smiling, "Yeah, I think I'm ready to do this.

Have you ever fucked Justin before?" "Yes I have, darling. If this is what you want to see, I'm going to do it for you." A truck pulled up in front of the house. Everyone was still naked&hellip.Cody was still asleep on her bed. The doorbell rang, Alisha went to answer it. When she opened the door, it caught Justin by surprise to see her naked. "Damn, you know how to greet a guy Alisha." Justin came in as she closed the door.

"Colin came in and greeted Justin. Alisha walked over to Justin and kissed him as she started undressing him. "Might as well get those duds off, we're fixin' to get busy. She led Justin into the living room. "Ok Colin, get in that chair there and don't get out of it !" He complied.

She went over to Justin and started sucking his cock. Colin watched intently. Alisha did everything to Justin's cock that she possibly could making him begin to cum. She took his cock in her hand and started jacking him off while he shot his load all over her face and tits. She looked at Justin and said, "Ok, now that we've got that quick blow over with, I'll get you hard, I want you to fuck me good, make Colin's cock get hard while he watches you fuck me.

She went back down on Justin and soon his cock was rock hard again. She bent over the back of the couch and Justin started fucking her hard, slapping her on the ass as he banged her. Colin was visibly excited. He leaned over so he could clearly see Justin's cock sliding in and out of Alisha. His cock was hard and he was jacking himself off. Justin's hands were on Alisha's hips, pulling and pushing her on and off of his cock.

In a little while, Justin blew his load into Alisha's pussy and in a little while, cum was slowly dripping out of her pussy onto the floor. Colin was jacking off very fast and got his rocks off……&hellip.About that time, Cody came walking into the living room, yawning, seeing Justin "What's going on………&hellip.Justin, what the fuck are you doing here?" He looked at her and said, "Well my dear, I'm fucking your sister right now and you're next." At that point, Justin shot his load all over Alisha's lower back and ass.

She still had his cum on her face. Colin was going nuts. Alisha looked over at him jacking off, "Get that cock over here in my hot wet pussy, you cuckold, Colin jumped up and ran to Alisha and slammed his cock into her pussy. In a few strokes, he shot his load inside her. "I love it," she said, "l want more, somebody give it to me. Justin came back over to Alisha and slipped his cock into her ass and fucked her long and hard till he filled her ass with his cum.

Colin was fucking Cody in the ass and yelling like a cowboy riding a bull. Justin went over to help him fuck Cody good by double penetrating her.

It was a regular orgy and everyone was happy and getting all they wanted and as Alisha watched, she was thinking how well all this is coming together. Alisha had engaged in many perversions throughout her life. She was always ready to push the envelope when it came to sex.

Many times she recalled that night in Austin when she got fucked and knotted by a dog. When it was happening, she was a little apprehensive, but in the years since, she had had a secret yearning to do a big dog again, something like a Great Dane or St. Bernard……a real big dog. As she watched Cody getting fucked like there was no tomorrow, she got this old feeling of wanting a dog to fuck her again, after all, she was a bitch in heat.

There is a neighbor two houses down, Connie, that asked Alisha to take care of her dog while she went on a month long cruise to Europe. It's a Great Dane and was really friendly toward Alisha when Connie came to her house to ask for her help. The Great Dane, Spartacus, immediately had come to Alisha and put his nose in her crotch.

When she petted him, he really got excited and wanted to play with her. There was something in his eyes that bothered Alisha, something like he knew she had fucked another dog and he wanted a piece of her ass too.

While he was there, he had a huge hard on, he had about 8 inches of dog cock and it wasn't even totally hard. The knot that had started was almost as big as a baseball. She thought, if that was inside me, no way I could get away till he was finished with me. She was getting horny thinking about Spartacus………Justin came over to her, "Where are you at beautiful, you look like you're a long way from here." She replied, "Oh, I was just thinking about fucking you again, maybe a DP with you and Colin." Justin smiled and led her to the bed.

He sat down on the edge and laid back. Alisha got up on her knees straddling him and slid his cock deep inside her. Justin yelled at Colin, "Hey Colin, she wants another one up her ass, are you ready?" Colin was smiling wide as he came up behind Alisha and slid his cock into her hot little ass and began fucking her long and slow.

Justin was doing the same thing…&hellip.he and Colin could feel their dicks rubbing against the other inside her, with just that thin membrane between them. Alisha felt great, she was cumming when Colin penetrated her ass. When he started moving, she started cumming heavier, she was squirting on Justin and he was loving it. As she was getting humped by the two guys, her thoughts went back to Spartacus.

She was going to do it. She'd find some time when she went to feed him and let him dog fuck her. "Yessssssss," she yelled as the guys started cumming in her. She was having a huge orgasm herself as she thought about that big dog cock, knotted inside her and filling her to the brim. "OH, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS," she screamed as her two studs shot their hot loads inside her.

By sundown, they had all had all the fucking they wanted for a while. They decided to go out to eat and rest up. They all went to the Brewery and drank some local beer and had steaks. At this point, they all thought that life was pretty good. After dinner they all went back to Colin's house and started where they had left off.

They fucked and sucked till almost 3 am. That's when the party ended. The guys just couldn't get a hard on, as hard as they tried, their cocks said no.

Justin and Cody split for home and Colin and Alisha took a shower and went to sleep. Tomorrow morning was a brand new day and who knows what might come up. CHAPTER 7 Sunday was a really lazy day, Alisha and Colin were both totally fucked out. Alisha thought to herself, I haven't been fucked like that in a long time.

Her thoughts went back to Spartacus. She had better check on this deal, she damn sure didn't want to miss it. She told Colin she was going down to Connie's house to get indoctrinated on taking care of her dog while she was gone.

Alisha got to Connie's house and rang the doorbell. No one answered, she thought she might be in the back yard so she went around to the side of the house and went through the gate.

As she walked toward the back she could hear Connie talking. When she got to the corner, she was shocked at what she saw. There was Connie on the grass, stark naked on all fours and Spartacus fucking the shit out of her. That explained why he had such an interest in Alisha when she came over to her house last week. She stepped back and peeked around the corner and watched.

Spartacus had to have about an 11 inch cock and he had it buried in Connie's pussy. As she watched, she could see the knot beginning to form. It was small, like a ping pong ball. Spartacus was pushing it in and out of her as it got bigger and bigger.

On one plunge, he just stood there, his cock completely buried in her pussy……the knot swelling up. At that point she was really fucked, it wasn't coming out till he was finished shooting all his cum inside her and the swelling went down.

Spartacus had balls the size of a racquet ball and they were laying against her outer lips while Spartacus just stood on the ground above her&hellip.he was that tall.

He was panting and slobbering on her back. She didn't move, just stayed on all fours taking all his cum. Alisha didn't want to be caught watching, so she quietly backed out of the yard and went back home. "Well, did she show you what to do?" Colin asked.

No, she wasn't home, I'll go back later. Alisha waited for about an hour then went back down to Connie's house. Connie was a divorcee and since Alisha had moved in with Colin, she had noticed a lot of different men coming and going. When she got to Connie's house and rang the door bell, Connie came to the door in a robe. "Oh, hi Alisha, did you come down to see what to do for Spartacus while I'm gone?" "Yes, I have. I think I know how to take care of him, but I thought I'd better come down and get a key and you could show me where everything is." Alisha went in and followed Connie to the back yard.

She showed her a small closet that opened onto the patio where the food is. She showed her where the water containers were. There's no need for him to go inside while I'm gone.

He has a big dog house around the side of the house where he sleeps. Connie got Alisha a key and showed her some plants she would like for her to water. All the while, Spartacus was laying on the grass just watching them. He looked tired. Alisha asked, "Is he tired to day, Connie, he hasn't got up once since I got here." Connie told her that she had been playing with him before she got here and he was just tired. Alisha walked out to Spartacus and kneeled down and began to pet him.

He was lying on his side and she could see his dick. It was about half hard and still about 6 inches long and an inch or so thick. She could still see the look in his eyes like he knew he would be fucking her soon. Connie told Alisha that she was leaving on the early flight tomorrow morning and she would take care of feeding him tomorrow, she could start on Tuesday.

Alisha told her that was all right then went home. She would have to go by and check on him tomorrow afternoon……he he he. When she got home, Colin was watching a football game. He hadn't moved all day.

She walked into the living room and sat down beside him. "Are you tired, darling? Did you have fun yesterday?" Colin just smiled and nodded his head yes. "Alisha, that's the most fabulous fucking I've ever done in my whole life.

I should have leveled with you from the start, I'm sorry dear." "Don't worry about it, now we know and now we can enjoy it, together." She saw his cock getting hard in his underwear. "She reached over and put her hand in his underwear and began stroking his manhood. He laid his head back on the back of the couch and started moaning. She pulled his cock out of his underwear through the fly and put a lip lock on it and worked the head over with her tongue.

In a short time it was totally erect and she was deep throating it. Colin was in heaven. It didn't take long and he started squirting hot sperm into her mouth.

Alisha caught it all and swallowed it. When he finished cumming, she took it out of her mouth and milked it to get all his cum out. A big bead of jizz sat on top of his cock. She took her tongue like a snake and licked it off, then took it all the way down her throat again.

It was driving Colin wild…&hellip.a few more strokes and he was cumming again. Damn Alisha, I don't know how you do this to me, I look at you sucking me off, with my dick buried in your mouth and I just start cumming. Alisha licked off all the cum and smiled at Colin, "I love you Colin, I'll do anything for you, all you have to do is ask…&hellip.always remember that dear, I'll do ANYTHING." She got up and left his cock on the outside of his underwear. "Just leave it there, I might want some more later." she smiled as she went off to do some housework.

Colin felt like the luckiest man in the world. He had a beautiful woman that he loved and that loved him……&hellip.and nothing was out of bounds. WOW, he thought, how can I be this lucky.

For the remainder of the day, Alisha cleaned house, cooked and did random things around the house. She gave Colin another blow job after dinner. She was still tired from the day before, she took a long Jacuzzi tub bath and went to bed.

She had a lot of things to get done at the ranch tomorrow and she needed some rest. Monday went along without incident. They got the new cattle settled into a pasture for the winter and she bought some additional feed that should get them through till next summer. She finalized the paperwork on the water rights on the new ranch and the contractors started breaking ground on her new home.

But, today Alisha had an agenda that surpassed all the others. She was feeling naughty and intended to fulfill one of her perverted fantasies………&hellip.and it waited for her at Colin's house. She wondered why she had these off the wall desires, but she really didn't care.

She also knew she was not strong enough to not give in to these weird urges. She finished her work up around the office then went home early. Colin had phoned and told her that he would be going up to the dealership in Salida today and would be home late, but he would be home. Alisha drove home, driven by the urge to get over to her neighbor's house to take care of her dog……&hellip.or should I say, have the dog take care of her.

It was about 3:00 when she parked in the driveway and walked to Connie's house. She unlocked the door and went in. Though the patio door, she could see Spartacus standing looking at her through the glass. His ears were perked up and he was wagging his tail very rapidly. Alisha went through the house and opened the door and stepped out onto the patio. Spartacus came right up to her and put his nose between her legs and began sniffing.

Her jeans were tight and she could feel his movements, which was arousing her. She patted him on the head and rubbed behind his ears with both hands. Spartacus was in a playful mood and started jumping around, running back and forth and barking. Alisha got down on the grass and started playing with him. She was down on her all fours crawling around playing. She could see that Spartacus was getting a hard on.

She reached up under him and took his cock in her hand and began to jack him off. The sheath around his dick slid easily forward and backward and she could see that it was growing bigger and bigger. She crawled around on her hands and knees and Spartacus tried mounting her a few times, but she would pull away from him.

Spartacus lay down, wagging his tail and looking at her. She crawled over to him and started stroking his cock, he rolled over on his side. By now, his cock was huge with a small knot. She started jacking him off again and he rolled over on his back with his back legs spread wide part.

Alisha slid the sheath all the way behind the small knot. What a tool. She was thinking about sucking his cock to see what that was like.

She got her face real close to it, holding his dick in her hand. She thought, well, here goes and she took Spartacus's cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

Spartacus made some deep moaning sounds as she kept at it. She felt small spurts of cum in her mouth…& tasted just like a man, just not as much of it. She stood up as did Spartacus. She walked back inside the house with Spartacus following her.

He was visibly excited. Alisha took all her clothes off and got down on her hands and knees. It didn't take Spartacus long to get into position and walk up over the top of her&hellip.his cock was poking around on her ass.

She repositioned her pussy and in a little while she felt his cock begin to enter her pussy. When he felt it start in, he pushed it all the way in very quickly. His front legs clamped around her torso and he began to pump her hard and fast. Damn, Spartacus's cock was as big as a lot of men she had had through the years and it felt great. She could feel his small knot going inside her and back out as he pumped her.

She was feeling so damn good, she had an orgasm, then another and another. Spartacus was fucking her hard. He was panting heavily and she could feel him dripping saliva on her back as he fucked her. The knot was getting bigger all the time. Suddenly she felt Spartacus stop pumping her and pushed his cock deep into her pussy. The knot was growing rapidly and it was huge, stretching the inside of her vagina.

The entrance to her pussy clamped down on his cock behind the knot. She could feel his cock delivering very hot cum into her vagina. She didn't move and neither did Spartacus. He was standing over her, his dick pulsing over and over inside her, She knew that he was filling her with his hot cum.

After about 10 minutes she could feel that huge knot starting to shrink till finally his cock fell out of her. At the same time a huge gush of cum came shooting out of her and onto the floor. She had had 6 orgasms while Spartacus was inside her, wow, this had been fun, but now, she was feeling a little disgusted as her desire subsided. Spartacus was behind her, licking his cum off of her pussy as it dripped out. She stayed on her hands and knees as he continued to lick her clean. It was starting to feel really good as his tongue continued to lick her pussy and stimulate her clit.

She was ready to get dressed and go home and get a shower. She got up to her knees when Spartacus mounted her again and took her back down on her hands and knees. His cock quickly found its mark and he started fucking her wildly again. She tried to get away from him, but he had hold of her with his front legs and was humping hard…&hellip.she couldn't get away from him. Spartacus held on to her, not letting her move as she struggled to get away from him.

In a short time he buried his knot inside her again and she knew that she would not be able to get away from him till it shrank. Again, she felt his hot sperm filling her insides. She felt helpless, it scared her that he could overpower her and hold her.

She was afraid she was not going to be able to get away from him till he was totally done with her…&hellip.and she was right. Spartacus knew what he wanted and was taking it, again and again…&hellip.she couldn't get away from this strong dog.

After two hours, Spartacus went out the patio door and left her alone. She quickly grabbed her clothes and went into Connie's bathroom, sat on the pot and pushed gobs of dog cum out of her pussy. She wiped herself well and got dressed. She went out on the patio and saw that Spartacus was lying on the grass, panting and looking at her.

She went to the closet and got food for him then filled his water container. He got up and walked over to her and licked her hand. It was like he was thanking her for a good time………she had enjoyed all of it, even though she felt helpless while he had his way with her.

He went back out on the grass and laid down. She thought, now all he needs is a cigarette…ha ha. She locked the house up and went home, got undressed and took a shower. She could see that she needed to take some socks with her the next time and put them on Spartacus's front paws. He had scratched while he mounted her and she needed to protect herself.

Shit, she thought, here I am thinking about the next time, she was a little disgusted with herself and actions…&hellip.really Alisha, a fucking dog…& are a whore. She cleaned herself inside and out and put on her shorts and a tank. She would get dinner ready and have a drink and try to figure out what the hell was the matter with her.

Colin got home a few hours later. She had dinner ready for him and had kept it warm in the oven. She was sitting in the living room watching a show on TV when he got there.

She got up and ran to him, kissed him and welcomed him home. Colin liked her actions, it made him feel good to know that she had missed him during the day……&hellip.and actually, he had missed her a lot. She was beautiful with a body to die for and he could have all of it he wanted. "Alisha, we are purchasing another dealership over in Durango." She looked at him puzzled, "Who's we," she said.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, I saw my lawyer last week and I'm having him draw up the paper work to make you my full partner in all my dealerships once we are married. I want to share everything with you…& are the love of my life and I will do anything for you, just like you told me that you would do anything for me." Alisha had a tear in her eye when she hugged Colin tightly.

"And that's right, Colin, I'll do anything you want for you." They kissed and walked into the living room with their arms around each other. Alisha stepped in front of Colin and put her hands against his chest. She smiled at him as her hands opened his fly and pulled his cock out…& was getting hard as she went down on her knees and gave him a blow job. When she finished swallowing the cum he ejaculated into her mouth, she licked her lips clean, put his cock back in his pants, zipped him up and got to her feet.

"Now that I've had my appetizer, how about some dinner?" She took his hand and led him to the kitchen. Colin knew he was a very lucky man. As they ate dinner, she asked him about this new dealership in Durango.

He told her that the guy that owned it lived somewhere down in Texas and he thought it was too far away from him to take care of it the way he should. He had heard that Colin was buying some dealerships and wondered if he was interested. He had told Colin that he would be in Alamosa later in the week and they could discuss the sale.

Colin had told him that he could stay at his house while he was here, that way, they could negotiate in private with no distractions. Alisha told him that was a good idea and that they could also take him out to her ranch for a break from the negotiations.

They finished dinner, cleaned the kitchen up and went to bed where Colin made love to Alisha like he had never done before. She felt like a real, fulfilled woman. Colin did love her and he showed it…&hellip. The days of the week passed rather quickly. Alisha was busy, for the most part, at the ranch. She continued going by Connie's house and feeding the dog. She was still a little apprehensive about letting him fuck her again, once he started, he would have his way with her till he had his fill.

Maybe next week she'll have another go at him…&hellip. Everything on the ranch was coming along nicely. Alisha was looking for about another 1000 head of cattle.

She had a a few leads she was checking out. Colin called her and told her that Jarrod Milner, the car dealer from Texas, was in town and would be coming home with him tonight. She told Colin she would do steaks for dinner and it would be ready about 6:30. Alisha finished logging in all the new cattle she had bought in Gunnison, told her Dad bye and took off for the the house.

She knew that Colin wanted to make an impression on this guy so she would dress comfortable, like shorts and a nice shirt she could unbutton and show a little cleavage. She had everything ready and the steaks on the grill when Colin got home with Jarrod. He took Jarrod and showed him his room and bath.

Jarrod told Colin he would like to shower and put on something more comfortable before dinner. Colin went to find Alisha. When he saw her, he told her he liked what she had on, "You really look sexy my dear." He told her that Jarrod was going to shower and put on something more comfortable before dinner.

Colin went to the bedroom and changed into a polo shirt and shorts. In about a half hour, Jarrod came into the kitchen area. Colin asked him if he wanted a drink, he replied, "Yeah, I think maybe bourbon on the rocks. Jarrod poured him some Makers Mark, put in a couple of ice cubes and took him out on the patio where Alisha was finishing up the steaks.

Colin introduced Jarrod to Alisha. "I must say, it is a real pleasure to meet you Alisha, you are far more beautiful than any woman I have met in a while," Jarrod told her.

Alisha was an old hand at this game, she sheepishly blushed and told him thank you and that it was really good to meet him. Jarrod and Colin sat down on the patio and talked business, while Alisha finished up the steaks. Jarrod watched Alisha almost the whole time he and Colin talked business. When she walked into the house with the platter of steaks, Jarrod's eyes followed her all the way in the door.

Colin noticed how Jarrod looked at Alisha and how his eyes followed her ass all the way into the door. In a little while, she called them in for dinner. As they all sat at the table, they chatted about a little of everything.

Jarrod was in his early 50's and had been married for several years. He told them that she was a very social woman and was on several committees and boards…&hellip.she stayed very busy most of the time. He told Colin again what a beautiful woman he had and he should feel really lucky. Colin replied that he knew that. After dinner, Colin and Jarrod went into the living room and continued to talk business while Alisha cleaned up the mess. When she walked into the living room, the guys were talking price.

Colin was offering 1.4 million and Jarrod was at 1.7 million. Jarrod got to his feet when Alisha walked into the room. He was truly a gentleman. She told him he didn't have to stand, to sit back down and continue what they were doing. "We are getting close," he said, "but when a beautiful woman, such as you, enters the room…&hellip.she gets my full attention." Alisha thanked him and sat down. Jarrod looked seriously at Colin, "Colin, we're close and I have an offer for you," he said.

Colin looked at Jarrod and said, "I'm open for an offer, what amount do you have in mind?" Jarrod sat forward in his chair and took a drink from his glass&hellip."Colin, I'll take your offer of 1.4 million, but……&hellip.I want to sleep with Alisha.

I've thought long and hard about this offer, she is the most beautiful and well proportioned woman I have ever seen. She is very intelligent and I can tell she is a fantastic business woman also." Colin didn't know what to say, he couldn't make a decision like that, he knew that Alisha liked to have sex and she had said she would do anything, but it was not his decision to make. Colin and Jarrod looked over at Alisha. She had been thinking that he would be a good fuck, but didn't know if he was in to sharing.

She thought his offer was good, better than she did on the cows, $300,000 for sleeping with him…&hellip.pretty good deal she thought. And&hellip.she was going to be an equal partner…&hellip.mmmmmm.

Colin was still looking at her, "Well Alisha, this would have to be your decision, I can't make it for you, what do you want to do?" Alisha looked thoughtful, but inside she had made her mind up. "Well Colin, Jarrod& answer is……………&hellip.yes I will." Colin smiled ear to ear and looked at Jarrod who was smiling as well.

Alisha said, "Just to be clear, I sleep with you all night for $300,000, is that correct?" Jarrod replied that she was correct.

She stood up and walked over to where he was sitting, she took his hand and said, "Well I guess we should go get to it then." Jarrod got to his feet and told Colin goodnight. Colin was still smiling at the great deal he had just got and he had a secret that Alisha and Jarred didn't know.

He had a camera in that room with which he could watch the whole thing&hellip.which really turned him on. Colin told them, "Good night, and have a good time." Jarrod looked back at him and told him, "With her, Colin, I intend to have the time of my life!" When they got to his bedroom, Alisha decided to break the ice so she put her arms around him and kissed him, with a lot of tongue. Jarrod kissed her back as his hands roamed her perfect body coming to rest on her breasts.

Alisha ran her hands down his sides and grabbed him by the ass and pulled it to her. She could feel his erection pressing against her. He was busy unbuttoning her dress while she unbuckled his belt, pulled the zipper down and let them fall to the floor. He had pulled the dress off her shoulders and pulled it down, letting it drop to the floor. Jarrod took a step back and let his eyes enjoy the sight of Alisha in a bra and thong.

He removed his shirt and underwear. Alisha took a long look at him. He had a muscular body and his cock was very good. It looked to be about 6 or 7 inches long and really thick.

His balls hung down really far, about 3 or 4 inches. She peeled off her bra and thong and walked over to the bed and pulled the covers back.

Nackte weibliche Ringen

The lamp beside the bed was on……she told him she liked to see her partner while they fucked, so to leave the light on. He said he liked to enjoy the view of a naked woman and if she wanted she could turn on all the lights, they laughed. Jarrod took her by the hand, pulled her to him and kissed her again. He put his hands on her midriff as he kissed her on her neck then on down to her tits. His tongue teased the nipples and gently bit them.

Alisha felt a rush of desire run up through her body. He sat her down on the edge of the bed and went down on his knees&hellip."Alisha, don't stop me till you cum at least once…go as many times as you want…………I love to eat pussy and I'm betting yours is as sweet as sugar." With that, he buried his head between her legs and began to suck and lick her clit. He had an exceptionally long tongue and she could feel it slide into her pussy teasing her G spot.

She immediately began to cum. Jarrod felt her cumming and stepped up the pace. She was feeling terrific, his tongue was magical. She felt him grasp her legs and lift them up till they touched her tits. This gave his tongue access to the total length of her slit. He ran his tongue down from her pussy to her ass hole. He stopped there and just barely penetrated her tight sphincter sending ripples of pleasure throughout her body.

His hands found their way up her sides till they found the sides of her tits where he softly stroked them. His hands then went back down to her ass and then he slid them up her thigh to the back of her knees.

He spread her legs wide and buried his tongue in her pussy again. Alisha went off again, this time squirting a little onto his face. Alisha never squirted much, most of the time just about the same amount that a man would cum. Jarrod took it and swallowed it, licking up any remnants that remained. He then went back to eating her pussy.

Jarrod was a master at cullingus and pushed Alisha over the edge several times, a few of those times she squirted on his face, which he liked.

Meanwhile, in the office……Colin had the door locked and was watching what was going on in Jarrod's bedroom on his 60 inch flat screen. Colin had removed his clothes and was slowly jacking off as he watched his wife-to-be getting eaten.

He knew the best was yet to come so he didn't want to blow his load too quick. He got up and poured himself a drink and went back to his chair and continued watching. Jarrod ate Alisha's pussy for the better part of an hour and gave her at least 12 orgasms. Alisha had not had that many orgasms that quickly in her life. She raised her head up and told Jarrod, "Hey you, it's my turn to taste your cum, and I am expecting a lot of it." Jarrod crawled up onto the bed and laid down, his cock standing upright, hard as a rock.

Alisha crawled up to it and took it in her hand. She licked it from his ball sack to the head. She could tell that Jarrod was having a good time, there was quite a bit of pre-cum on the head of his cock. She licked it off and took his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat. She loved to deep throat guys and hold it there, playing with the shaft with her tongue.

It was more that Jarrod could stand, he let loose and began cumming down her throat. Alisha liked it when it happened like this, she never had to lose a drop, it all shot down her throat right down to her stomach……and she could still taste it. When he had blown most of his load, she pulled her head back and began sucking the remaining cum out of his dick as she milked it like a cow. She caused Jarrod to cum three more times, each time devouring all of his cum.

Knowing she had swallowed every drop, Jarrod was really turned on and told Alisha, "I want to fuck you……now." Alisha rolled over on her back and spread her legs to receive Jarrod's cock.

He slid right in, she was as wet as she could be. He slow fucked Alisha for the next two hours. He changed positions several times and finally had ended up doggie fucking her. Colin was watching intently and still jacking off. He could see Alisha's big tits swing back and forth as Jarrod pumped her pussy. Jarrod would reach up and cup Alisha's beautiful tits every now and then and he'd hear her moan with delight. In one way Colin had a hard time watching another man enjoy his fiance's pleasures and delights while he was locked away from her, but, on the other hand, it was so hot he could hardly stand it……&hellip.then, all of a sudden, he shot a huge load out on the floor.

Damn that felt good and looking at Alisha getting banged by another guy was even hotter. He could see her ass spread, taking in Jarrod's cock and her long dark hair hanging down. And those tits, those had to be his favorite part of Alisha's body……so large and firm, the nipples all pink and sticking out about a half inch. Her areolas were pink and about an inch in diameter.

He could see Jarrod's hands on Alisha's perfect ass, pulling and pushing her on and off his cock. He could hear Alisha moan and groan as she enjoyed the fucking she was getting. He should be the one fucking her this way, he thought.

Then he remembered how much money this meant to him and Alisha and their future. $300,000 was a lot of money and if Alisha didn't mind, he shouldn't. Jarrod was continuing his assault on Alisha's pussy, then, he felt the pressure and pleasure building down deep in his cock and balls.

Then it all exploded inside Alisha. To her it felt like a volcano erupting…& semen was bouncing off the walls of her vagina and running out around his cock and down the inside of her leg. He had pulled her ass back as close to him as he could get her so he was as deep in her as he could get.

When Alisha felt all this happening, her arms collapsed and she began an orgasm like she had never had before. When he began to cum he had slipped his index finger as far up her ass as he could put it.

This really had pushed her over the edge. She felt or heard nothing, only the feeling of his hot cum spurting inside her and the feel of his cock throbbing every time he shot a stream. Jarrod was moaning and groaning loudly and Alisha was yelling, FUCK ME, JARROD…&hellip.GIVE ME ALL THAT FAT COCK AND FILL ME WITH CUM………GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And give it, he did, her vocal assault on him caused him to begin another orgasm and continue to shoot his hot jizz into her pussy.

Alisha hadn't stopped cumming either and was still being very vocal. All of this pushed Colin over the edge and he was cumming again also. When it all ended, Jarrod and Alisha collapsed to the bed, his cock still buried inside her and large gobs of Jarrod's cum were still running out of Alisha. Jarrod was whispering in Alisha's ear&hellip."Alisha, damn…&hellip. you are hands down the best piece of ass I've ever had…&hellip.and I've had a lot." She said back to him, "Darlin', we're just getting started, I want all you got !!!!" Jarrod rolled off of Alisha, they laid there looking at each other.

"Alisha, roll over on your back. " When she did he went down on her and began licking his cum off of her. He started at her knee and licked up the inside of her leg cleaning her…&hellip.then when he got to her pussy, he locked his mouth around her pussy and sucked as hard as he could, pulling his cum out of her. This felt so damn good to her and she thought it was so hot that he was doing this. He rose up and she saw that he had a full erection again.

He laid down on top of her and began to fuck her again saying, "Alisha, you're right, we're just getting started and I'm going to fill you again." He fucked her this way for a little while then pulled out, raised her legs up to her tits, then she felt his cock at the entrance of her ass.

He slowly penetrated her ass and then began to fuck her wildly. He'd fuck her ass for a little while, then switch to her pussy. He alternated back and forth and back and forth. He pulled out and dropped her legs. He brought his cock to her mouth and unloaded a huge load of hot cum into her oral cavity. She could feel his big balls laying on her tits as his cock pumped her mouth full of his cum. She swallowed all she could, but the overflow ran down and onto her neck.

He pulled back a little, grasped the outsides of her tits, pulled them together and began to tit fuck her. She raised her head and allowed the head of his cock to go into her mouth when he pushed it all the way forward. He fucked her this way for a little while then began to cum.

He shot wads of his white semen onto her face. She licked all of it she could reach and swallowed it. He got off of her and laid on his back. Alisha sat up and wiped the cum on her face off and then licked it off her hand. She went down on him and sucked a little more cum out of his shaft, then mounted him. She began fucking him, slamming her ass down onto his balls.

She could hear her wet pussy going slush, slush, slush………&hellip.she was so wet along with all the cum that was still running out of her.

His hands were on her tits squeezing them. He pulled her down on top of him and began sucking her tits and biting her nipples. His hands went to her ass, pulling it to him, fucking her hard. After a half hour of fucking like this they both got their rocks off again. Jarrod told her that he wanted to fuck her in a lot of positions. He then told her there was a lot of time till morning and asked if she thought she could handle it.

Alisha laughed out loud………"You're the one that will drop before morning, stud, not me, you can't give me enough dick." He stood her up against the wall, raised one leg and began to give her another fucking.

Alisha loved it all and wanted it all……&hellip.and Jarrod was trying to give all to her. Colin sat and watched thinking what a hot woman he was marrying. "Just think," he said, "I get her for the rest of my life, I'm lucky as hell. In Jarrod's bedroom, the sex was non-stop. Alisha was doing what she did best. She could keep a guy going and keep satisfying herself time after time.

At about 5 am, Jarrod gave out. His dick was sore and he couldn't get a hard on. Alisha went down on him several times, but could not bring his cock back to life. Jarrod stood by the bed looking at Alisha laying there naked. "Man, you are the best piece of ass I've ever had. Damn, I wish I had met you before Colin got you. Alisha, I appreciate everything you have done to me tonight, more than you know…& it's your turn again, I'm going to give you all the orgasms you want to finish this night out." With that he went down on her again and ate her pussy, it felt like they had just begun.

He was a master at eating pussy, he made her cum 4 more times. She got off the bed and kissed him. "Jarrod, this has been great, not many men can keep up with me, you are one in a million and I'd fuck you again anytime you want, no charge lover…&hellip.just let me know. She wanted to get cleaned up, she had to go to the ranch for an hour or so this morning. She kissed him again, a long hard kiss. She liked Jarrod, he had been so considerate of her and hadn't treated her like a whore.

It was alright for her to call herself a whore, but no one else can. She went down the hall to her bedroom and to her surprise, Colin wasn't there. She walked into the main area of the house and didn't find him there either.

She went to the office and found the door locked. She knew where the key was hidden so she got it and opened the door. When she went into the office, she saw Colin, naked and asleep in a chair. She looked around the room and saw the big screen on and the live picture of Jarrod's room on it.

She smiled, "that son of a bitch has a camera hidden in there, I wonder where else he has cameras. She laughed about it and thought this could be a lot of fun. She could see where Colin had jacked off and shot his wad on the floor.

He does like to watch me being fucked, I wish I had known and I'd have given him a real show. Oh well……&hellip.she woke him up and told him he needed to get ready for work. He couldn't believe that he'd fallen asleep in here. "Did you enjoy the show?" she asked.

"Damn sure did, man you guys were a couple of dynamos. I think he got his money's worth." Alisha laughed, I'll tell you Colin, this guy had a lot of stamina, not many men can stay with me on a one on one situation.

Colin turned off the tv and went to their bedroom with Alisha. They both showered and got cleaned up. Alisha went to the kitchen and fixed breakfast. She wondered if Jarrod would stir till later.

About the time breakfast was ready, Colin came to the kitchen and Jarrod arrived a short time later. Jarrod walked over to Alisha and gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, "thank you my dear, I had a wonderful night." He then walked over to Colin and told him, "thanks for allowing me to have your fiance last night.

She is terrific and you're a lucky guy." Colin shook his hand and told him that he knew how lucky he was. They had breakfast and Colin and Jarrod went to Jarrod's office to finalize the deal. Alisha went to the ranch and did the work she needed to get done, then went to town for a meeting with her accountant.

When she finished there, she went home, took off her clothes and went to bed…&hellip.she needed some sleep after last night. Alisha didn't wake up till about 4. She decided that she would go down to Connie's and feed Spartacus. When she got there, Spartacus was very glad to see her. He ran around and barked a little, trying to play. She got down on the grass and played with him, rolling and jumping at him. He ran circles around her then all of a sudden he mounted her.

He was humping away. He couldn't do much because she had her clothes on and he couldn't get his dick in her. Alisha started getting excited by the play and decided to do a quickie with Spartacus. She didn't know it at the time, but Spartacus didn't believe in quickies&hellip. She stood up and removed her boots and jeans and got back down on the ground.

Spartacus immediately mounted her and his cock quickly found her wet pussy and slid all the way in. Once the head went in her, he gave it a hard push and went in her all the way to the small knot. He humped her for a few minutes, Alisha had two orgasms, then she felt that large knot growing inside her. She thought she would just pull off of it before it got so big it wouldn't come out. When she tired, Spartacus had different ideas and clamped her with his front legs and held her.

She couldn't get away. Spartacus definitely knew how to fuck and not let his bitch get away. Now, this was going to take a while, till his knot went down. She could feel his super hot cum filling her. After about 20 minutes the swelling went down and his cock slipped out of her with a huge gush of his cum spurting out at the same time. Spartacus began licking her pussy, she couldn't believe how good it felt, she had two more orgasms while he did that. She needed to get home, so she stood up and picked up her jeans.

Spartacus jumped up and put his paws on her shoulders, his cock hard again and squirting cum on her legs. She reached down and took his cock in her hand and gave him a hand job. He liked that&hellip.continuing to shoot small spurts of cum on her legs. Alisha pushed him off of her and then pushed him down on the ground. He rolled over and exposed his hard cock to her. She couldn't resist, she took him in her mouth and began sucking him off.

He did like that and began humping her head. He pushed his cock deep into her mouth up to the knot, which was growing rapidly. He was continually shooting cum in her mouth.

The knot was so big it wouldn't go in her mouth. Damn, she thought, no wonder I couldn't pull of it when it was inside me, this thing is huge. In a little while Alisha was able to get to her feet and get her jeans and boots and go inside. She shut the door and went to a bathroom to clean up a little before she went home. She looked in the mirror, she had cum all over her face and on her shirt.

She had cum running down her legs out of her pussy. Damn, she needed a shower so she just decided to shower at Connie's. When she got cleaned up, she went home to start dinner.

As she left, Spartacus was standing outside the patio door whining for her. "No more today mister, see you tomorrow." When she got home she went to the bathroom and took a shower and douched to clean all of Spartacus's cum out of her.

At least he didn't scratch her today……but the fucking he gave her was good…&hellip.she was still feeling a little repulsed about what she did, but on the other hand, she liked it. She got out of the shower and put on her sweats and went to the kitchen. She fixed hamburgers and was finishing up the French fries when Colin came in. Much to her surprise, Jarrod was with him. "We have a little work to finish up in the morning, then we're gonna fly over to Durango tomorrow when we get finished, you want to go look at your new dealership darling.

I' don't have a lot to do tomorrow&hellip.sure, why not." Jarrod walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek and hugged her. "I've thought about you all day long, Alisha, not many women have that impact on me, you're something special." She grinned and thanked him for the compliment, "How's your cock, still sore?" He laughed and told her that he had recovered.

She had done some extra burgers to freeze, so she had plenty. They all had a beer and talked over dinner. When dinner was finished, Alisha cleaned up and went into the living room with the guys. She wasn't wearing any underwear under her sweats, her nipples were showing nicely. She had the top zipped down about 6 inches, so a little of her tits were showing along with a nice looking bit of cleavage.

Jarrod couldn't help but look at them when he looked at her. Alisha didn't mind, hell he had seen a lot more of her last night. They sat there for about an hour, talking and laughing. Alisha was thinking about last night. She thought that she wouldn't mind it if he wanted to fuck her again tonight……&hellip.maybe she could manipulate a threesome……mmmmmmm, now that's an idea, she thought. She got up and went to the kitchen to get another beer. She asked the guys if they wanted one and they both said yes.

While in the kitchen, she lowered the zipper on her top about an inch and went back to the living room. She handed the beers to them and sat down on the coffee table, close to them. Jarrod got up and went to the bathroom, leaving Alisha and Colin in the living room. Colin looked at Alisha and told her how sexy she looked.

"Want to have sex later?" he asked her, "think we should invite Jarrod to join us tonight. Alisha smiled and said, "why not, he's a lot of fun. I'll bet a dp with him will feel really good to both of us." Colin agreed with her. When Jarrod returned, he sat down and began drinking his beer again. Alisha winked at Colin and asked Jarrod. "Well Jarrod, would you like to join Colin and I in our room tonight, I can handle both of you, if you don't mind being naked with another man and sharing my body with him at the same time." Jarrod smiled very wide, "I'd love to, that would be fantastic." Alisha added, "Just one thing, tonight isn't a marathon like last night, we'll fuck for a couple of hours then its sleep time, I'm still tired from last night." Jarrod agreed with her.

Alisha got up and said, "Well guys, let's go get to it, there's a lot of fun to be had ……&hellip.we might as well get started. Jarrod said he would go undress in his room and join us shortly. Colin went to lock up the house and Alisha removed her top and walked down the hall to her room.

Jarrod still was spellbound by her beauty and the look of her naked body. She went to her room and removed the covers from the bed, took off the sweat bottoms and stretched out in the middle of the bed. Jarrod was the first to arrive, he had a huge hard on. Colin was right behind him taking his clothes off as he walked. When Colin had removed his clothes, he and Jarrod got into the bed on either side of Alisha. The games did begin at that point, she was sucking Jarrod off while Colin was eating her pussy.

When they were all well aroused, Alisha got on top of Jarrod and put his cock in her pussy, Colin got up behind her and put his cock in her ass, then the fucking began…& much moaning and groaning. Alisha was the meat in a sandwich and she loved it. The two guys were thoroughly enjoying her body also. They all had a big orgasm then switched. They all fucked for the next three hours then Alisha told them she needed to go to sleep, the fun was over.

Everyone was ready to stop……Jarrod went to his room, and Colin rolled over and went to sleep. Alisha went to the shower and cleaned the cum out of her ass and pussy then went to bed and slept very soundly. She had been having a lot of fun these last few days, now it was time to sleep. The sun rose above the Sangre de Cristos as Alisha watched the beautiful red sunrise.

She sipped her coffee and thought about her life. She reflected on her actions, how she had allowed herself to do some really perverse things.

She thought about just how fucked up she is, her sexcapades were endless. She'd fuck any man, almost. She had fucked dogs, she'd fucked herself………what was next she wondered.

At times like this, when she could be honest with herself, she really hated herself for the things she has done…&hellip.and she knows these things are not going to stop any time soon. She heard Colin stirring and went to say good morning. He was brushing his teeth when she came into the bathroom. "Good morning, Love," she said to him. He uttered something through the toothpaste and brush, it sounded like good morning. He rinsed his mouth out and said "good morning my dear." She asked him when they were going over to Durango.

He told her he would call her, but it probably wouldn't be till around noon. "Good," she said, "that will give me time to do what I need to do at the office." Colin looked at her, "Alisha you're beautiful, no matter what time of day, with or without makeup…&hellip.I love you. What you have done for me these last two days I'll never forget, you have made us a lot of money with your actions and you have built a strong relationship with Jarrod that could very well be very beneficial to us in the future." Alisha went to Colin and gave him a big kiss.

"I told you I'd do anything for you Colin, and I meant it………anything." She kissed him again and went to the kitchen. She didn't have time to cook today so she grabbed a granola bar and left for the ranch. It took her a couple of hours to finish up her data entry. Colin called, so she left for the airport. When she got there, the plane was ready and Colin and Jarrod were on board.

She got on board and took her seat. It took them 15 minutes to get to Durango. They went to the dealership where Jarrod introduced them to the management team.

Colin talked to them for a bit, assuring them that there would be no changes made for the time being. He would be back in a week or so and talk with them individually and tell them how he wanted to run this dealership. They got back on the jet and flew back to Alamosa. Colin had told Jarrod that he would have the pilot fly him back to Texas.

Colin and Jarrod shook hands, Alisha got a hug and a kiss from Jarrod, then he left for home. Colin told Alisha, "We've got one more, now that makes 9. They were both very happy, so they decided to go out to dinner and celebrate. They arrived home at about 11 and went to bed. The weeks that followed passed rather quickly. Christmas was coming in a week and everyone was getting into the Christmas Spirit.

Alisha and Colin had decorated his house. One might think it was a little excessive, but pretty. Cody was giving away pussy……&hellip.the spirit was in her&hellip.ha ha ha. Anne and Bob had decorated their house and it looked really nice. Alisha didn't have a lot to do right now, so she had taken some time for herself. She went to the office almost every day and took care of whatever business needed to be seen to.

Alisha still had to make a trip out to Kansas. She had been informed that the cattle she was interested in had been foreclosed on and the bank wanted her to come out and see if she could make a deal on them. The bank would have full possession of them by the 10th of January, so she needed to get out there soon, maybe she will get Colin to let her use the jet or maybe he would even go with her and see what she does.

While she was thinking about it, she decided to drive to the dealership and talk to him about it. When she got to his office he was going through a pile of papers. He gave her a big smile when she came in. "What do I owe this visit to my beautiful lady," he said to her.

"Oh, I wanted to ask you something, so I decided to come by and do it in person………Could I use the jet this week for a day? I need to go out to Wichita and look at a herd of young cattle. They've been foreclosed on and I need to move quickly& could come too, if you wanted." Colin got up out of his chair and came around the desk to her and kissed her.

"Sure, you can use it anytime you want&hellip.and I'd love to go out there with you…&hellip.maybe I could get an idea of what you do." Colin pulled her close and kissed her again.

"It's so good to see you, I find myself missing you a lot during the day. "We do have kind of busy lives don't we?" she said, "we need to do more together, other than fuck." They both laughed. She told him that she wanted to go out to Wichita day after tomorrow.

Colin said he would arrange his schedule and go with her. Since it was almost quitting time they decided to go out to Chili's and have a few drinks and dinner. Colin rode with Alisha to Chili's. While she drove, Colin played with her leg and boobs. She told him that if he continued he might have to get over in the back seat and do her. He just laughed and said, "OK !" She gave him a look, you know, one of those looks. He decided it was a good time to shut up.

When they got to Chili's, they saw that it was quite busy, but decided to go in anyway. The hostess found them a tall table in the corner of the bar. They ordered drinks and talked. Alisha noticed their contractor sitting across the room. He saw them and came over to say hi.

He sat down and wished them a Merry Christmas and told them that they were making good progress on the house and if the snow stayed away, they might have it sealed up in a week or two and they could begin the finish work.

Melvin had been a classmate of Alisha's in high school. They had dated some when they were seniors and they had screwed several times, but broke up before their senior year was over. Melvin had always had a thing for Alisha, but she had lost interest in him. Alisha told him that she would be out in a few days to look things over with him……she had seen a couple of things she wanted changed. "No problem, come on out and show me and I'll see to it that it gets changed." he told her.

Melvin left and she and Colin continued their conversation. "Hey Alisha, do you think we should ask Justin and Cody over before Christmas, I'd sure like to play with her again." Alisha grinned at him, "You like my sister more than me?" Colin began back pedaling, thinking he had said the wrong thing.

Alisha laughed at him and said, "GOTTCHA !" "Damn it Alisha, you did it again, I thought you were pissed." "Well dear, I think it would be a damn good idea, we haven't had any strange in a month or more, I think the last one we hooked up with was Jarrod." He thought about it and told her that it had been Jarrod and it had been too long.

They decided to see if Justin and Cody wanted to come over on Saturday afternoon&hellip.they could have dinner, drinks and fucking, not necessarily in that order. They laughed and discussed things that might make the evening a little more interesting.

Alisha said she would see Cody tomorrow and see if she could get things set up. They ordered dinner. It was a nice evening, just the two of them and no rush. When they got home, Colin made love to Alisha, it was just like a love story, slow and easy with a lot of feeling and tenderness. It wasn't like just fucking, it was with feeling, deep and romantic. Alisha liked it. The next day out at the ranch she saw Cody and asked her if she and Justin wanted to come over on Saturday for fun and games.

Cody smiled with that naughty look in her eyes. I'll tell Justin, we'll be over about 3. I think that we are going to have a ball………or four&hellip.he he he. Alisha just laughed. Cody asked her what she was doing for the rest of the day. "Nothing really, I have to go feed Connie's dog. She will be back on Sunday." Cody said, "I'm not doing anything either, mind if I tag along?" Alisha told her that she didn't have a problem with it, it would be nice to spend some time together.

They got in Alisha's truck and took off. Cody kept telling Alisha that they should go get laid. Alisha just smiled and shook her head. They got to Connie's house and went in. Cody looked around and said, "hey, this is a great house, wish it was mine and she had a better one." Spartacus was standing outside the door looking in and whining.

Cody saw him and said, "What a pretty dog." Alisha laughed to herself. Cody went to the door and opened it, Spartacus came to her and put his nose in her crotch and sniffed her pussy. Cody giggled and pet him, rubbing him behind the ears. She got down on one knee and hugged him.

"I just love this dog, he's so affectionate." Alisha thought, yeah and he'll fuck you till you scream too…&hellip.she giggled. Cody was having fun playing with Spartacus…&hellip.she had always loved dogs. Cody went out in the back yard and was running and playing with him.

Spartacus jumped up on her and pushed her down. She was laughing as she rolled over on her hands and knees getting up. Spartacus took advantage of the situation and mounted her, locked her between his front legs and started humping her, trying to put his cock through her jeans.

Alisha stood on the patio and laughed. Cody couldn't get up, Spartacus had her. Cody was laughing, thinking he was just playing with her. Alisha got to her and helped her to her feet. Cody saw Spartacus's huge cock and gasped. Man, I'd like to have one like that this afternoon." Alisha thought for a moment…&hellip."would you like to have that one?" she said. Cody looked at Alisha a little puzzled. "What do you mean, sis? Like, you mean, like fuck Spartacus?" "That's exactly what I meant, you wanted to try something different?" Cody got this naughty smile, "I think I might like to try it once, it might be fun, you want to try too, sis?" Alisha laughed, "I've already had him a couple of times, it's really naughty, but it is fun." Cody smiled, "OK, what do I do next?" Alisha told her to come in the house and get naked.

She then went and got a pair of socks and put them on Spartacus. "These are to keep him from scratching you. Alisha tied the socks on his front paws. Cody was naked, Alisha told her to get on her hands and knees and play hard to get to by turning a lot and not letting him get behind her till his cock got really hard. Cody did as instructed and Spartacus would lick her pussy and she would turn.

He would catch up and lick her pussy some more, she would turn. Alisha told her to not turn this time, let him lick all he wants, then he will mount you. Cody did as instructed. Spartacus licked her a lot, she was getting really wet, then, he mounted her and put his cock inside her. He locked his front legs around her and started humping her.

He never let his cock come out, he just slid it in and out, rather rapidly. While he was fucking her, Alisha told her that she would feel something very large inside her in a little while and she shouldn't try to pull away, just stay on your hands and knees and let him finish cumming, the knot will go down in a little while. Cody was giggling as Spartacus was humping her. Alisha could tell that Cody was cumming, her eyes were rolled back in her head and she was moaning loudly.

Spartacus was starting to knot her, she could feel it getting large and said how good it felt. She told Alisha, "Damn, his cum is super hot, I feel like I'm full of it." Alisha told her that when his dick came out there would be a gush of cum. Spartacus had stopped humping and was laying on Cody's back shooting his load into her. Alisha knew he would be done soon, so she took her clothes off and got ready to fuck him too.

Cody was really feeling good, the knot was starting to shrink and cum was running out of her in a small stream. Spartacus was slobbering all over her back, his cock slipped out and a huge rush of dog cum came splashing out.

Spartacus got off of her and walked over to Alisha. She had sat down on a chair and was watching. She was running wet after watching her sister get all that dog dick. Cody had really had a good experience and was sitting on the floor. Spartacus went to Alisha and started licking her pussy while she sat in the chair.

It felt really good and Alisha came once. Spartacus sensing there was another hot pussy ready to be fucked started climbing up on the chair getting his cock closer to her pussy.

Alisha scooted down with her ass on the edge of the chair. Spartacus moved in closer and soon found the glory hole with his hard dick. Alisha wrapped her legs up around him and pressed her pussy up tight to him. Spartacus began to fuck her&hellip.she was so close to him he couldn't come out.

He was licking her face while he fucked her. She wrapped her arms around him too and soon he couldn't get away from her. She lunged her pussy up to him as he humped her. Alisha was cumming big time, over and over while that huge dog dick was pumping her full of dog cum. In this position, his knot was a couple of inches inside her, sealing her pussy off so his cum couldn't escape. She could feel the super hot cum filling her completely, then running out and down on the floor.

Cody was going nuts enjoying the show. She was down on her knees where she could clearly see his cock pumping Alisha's pussy. In a short time, the knot went down and his cock slid out, along with a huge rush of white semen. Cody caught a handful of his thick, white cum. She brought it to her mouth and tasted it with her tongue. "This tastes just like a guys cum, it's good," she said as she licked it all off her hand. Spartacus had licked the cum off of Alisha and was on the hunt for more pussy from Cody.

She was on her knees by Alisha, Spartacus came up behind her and pushed her down on her hands as he mounted and started fucking her again. He was ramming his cock in and out of her viciously, trying to get all his cock into her.

In a short time, he pushed his cock deep into Cody's pussy and locked her with his knot again. He was holding her tight with his front legs………Cody couldn't move, he wouldn't let her…&hellip.he had her and she was his till he was finished with her. Alisha noticed a worried look on Cody's face. "What can I do, I can't get away from him." she said. Alisha told her to just relax and enjoy it and that she couldn't get off that knot if she wanted to……"it's too big to come out of your pussy and he won't let you go till he's finished with you." Cody just stayed on her hands and knees and let Spartacus have his way with her…&hellip.there was not much she could do about it.

Alisha went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and got dressed while Spartacus was filling Cody's pussy with his hot cum. In a little while, the knot shrunk and his cock fell out of her pussy.

Cody slowly got to her feet, Spartacus came to her and licked her pussy clean. She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and got dressed. When she came out, Alisha was cleaning up cum from the floor, there had to be a half gallon of it. Spartacus was out in the back yard looking in, probably thinking he wanted to do screw these two some more.

Alisha giggled, "how did you like it…&hellip.did you have fun?" Cody giggled, "I've never done a dog before, it was really kinky and a lot of fun, I'd do it again if I had the chance." Alisha giggled again at her sister's enthusiasm&hellip.hell, she liked it as much as Alisha did. Fun fun fun………… Alisha got the cum cleaned up and they left. Cody was talking about buying herself a big dog, it would be nice to have all the cock I wanted, any time of the day or night.

"You'll have to train him, I think Connie trained Spartacus. I saw them doing it one afternoon before she left I thought, why not, he won't tell anyone, ha ha. Now Cody, you know we have to keep this to ourselves don't you?" "I wouldn't tell anyone, they would think I'm a pervert……of course, I am.

You know what Alisha, I'm going to tell you my secret…&hellip.I fucked that little pony down at the tack room one day." Alisha couldn't believe her ears, her little sister had fucked a horse…&hellip."I may have to try that, how big was his cock?" Alisha asked. "Oh, I'd say about 14 inches long and about 3 inches in diameter, it's huge and when he cums, I'll tell you, it's like milking a cow, there's a gallon or more in one shot. I had my friend Joan with me, she had done a pony before and she showed me how to do it.

Alisha couldn't believe it. "We will have to go down there one day when everyone is gone and I'll show you how, it's damn good Alisha, and you talk about different, wow, it's different. Alisha knew that she and her sister were cut from the same mold. All these years, she thought Cody was just a little girly girl………hell, she's a full fledged beastialist.

Alisha felt naughty and the thought of fucking the Shetland pony excited her……not that's a real cock for a real pervert. "Cody, I think that everyone is gone from the ranch, mom and dad went to New Mexico, Justin is in Denver and the guys should all be done for the day and gone……&hellip.want to go now?" "Cody smiled her naughty little smile and said, "Hell yes, let's go get it." so away they went.

They arrived at the ranch and went down to the horse stables. Cody was giddy, as usual. "come with me and I'll show you how we did it. They went to the far end of the horse barn. In the last stall there is a long bench, about 2 ft high along the back of the stall.

"What we did was bring him in here. We got his front feet up on the bench and tied him to the ring on the wall. We played with him till he got hard then got on the bench under him.

The height is just right. Once we put his cock in, he went to fucking. If you keep your pussy about a foot from the edge, he can't put it all in you, only about 12 inches.

So, what do you think?" Alisha pondered it and said, "Let's get that little fucker in here and get him going." They went out into the pens and found "Biggie" and brought him into the barn and into the stall. They looked all around the ranch and not one person was there. When they got him into the barn, Cody got his front legs up on the bench and tied him.

She went down on her knees and started playing with his cock& a matter of minutes, he had it ran out about 2 feet. Cody told Alisha to keep jacking him and she would be right back. Alisha took hold of Biggie's dick and started jacking him off with both hands.

Cody got back in a few minutes with a bucket of warm water and some soap. She soaped up Biggie's dick and washed it, then rinsed it off. "Now he's good and clean, I used disinfectant soap, just don't want to take any chances&hellip.Alisha agreed. Cody got down on her knees again and got Biggie really hard. When she started sucking him off, he got really excited and started moving back and forth.

Cody got up and took her clothes off and got on the bench under Biggie. She guided his cock to her pussy and started working it in. Since there wasn't a lot of lubrication, it took her a little while to get it in, plus her pussy had to stretch quite a lot for that horse cock to slip in. When she got it in, Biggie started pumping, rapidly. It was a good thing that Cody was back from the edge or he would have rammed it all in her.

He kept fucking her hard, then all of a sudden he stopped and gobs of cum came running out of her, around his cock. Alisha could see his cock pulsing as he shot load after load of cum into her. His cock began to go soft. When Cody got out from under him and stood up, cum came running out of her like someone turned on a faucet…&hellip.long streams of gooey white gobs of horse cum ran all over her legs and down to the floor of the stall.

Cody was still giddy, "hell Alisha, I came three times. She was licking some cum off of her fingers…&hellip.and you have to taste it Alisha, it tastes better than a man's cum……here, take a taste." She held out two fingers with a big wad of cum on them&hellip."go ahead, taste it." Alisha reluctantly licked some of it off her fingers and much to her surprise, Cody was right, it did taste good, very good.

Cody was squatting in the corner of the stall, pushing out all the cum she could. "Ok Sis, it's your turn, give it a try. Alisha took her clothes off and got down on her knees and started sucking Biggie's cock&hellip.he still had a little cum left and let it go in Alisha's mouth.

Alisha had cum running all down the front of her, all the way to her pussy. She gagged a little as she had to swallow some of it. She was amazed how good it tasted. She slid under Biggie and started sliding his cock into her. When Biggie felt it go in her warm pussy, he began to fuck. She was back quite a way from the edge so that she didn't get 2 feet of horse cock shoved in her.

Biggie was pounding her with about 12 or 13 inches of his cock…&hellip.Alisha was cumming over and over again. The huge diameter of his cock was rubbing her clit just right and driving her over the edge and giving her multiple orgasms……&hellip.then she felt him unload in her.

It was the weirdest feeling, it was like someone put a water hose in her and turned it on. It was like she was having a douche, her vagina was totally full, to the point of expanding. When there was enough pressure built up it was running out of her around his cock…& a river.

When his cock went soft and fell out, a huge gush of cum literally blew out of her and all over her legs. His cock got hard again and he started trying to find her pussy, It was sliding over her pussy and stomach and was shooting small squirts of cum all over her torso. When it did find the entrance to her pussy, he shoved it in as far as he could&hellip.Alisha felt like someone just drove a truck up her pussy, she yelled loud……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh& didn't hurt, it just pushed her into a super orgasm.

Biggie was shooting cum like a fire hose, his cock came out and really hosed Alisha down good……she had cum all over her. When Biggie's orgasm stopped and his cock went soft, Alisha got out from under him. She stood there, covered in cum from her tits to her feet. "Damn," she said, "it's a good thing there's a shower down here, I really need it." Cody agreed.

She needed it too. Cody untied Biggie and left him in the stall. Cody and Alisha walked to the shack, a room where people stayed while the mares were trying to foal. They both showered off the cum and finger cleaned themselves to get all the cum out of their vaginas. When they finished cleaning up they went back to the stall to get their clothes. When they walked in, Biggie had other plans for them. His cock was hard and he wanted some more pussy. Cody laughed, "Watch this, he did this the last time too." she walked over to the bench and leaned forward, putting her hands down on the bench and standing.

Biggie came up behind her and reared up and mounted her. She bent forward some more while his dick searched for the entrance to her pussy. When it found it, he rammed it in her and started fucking her hard.

She must have been taking 15 or 16 inches of his cock. She was yelling with pleasure as he fucked her mercilessly&hellip.that huge cock ramming into her time and time again. Alisha could tell that Cody was cumming hard, over and over again. Biggie was unloading another huge load of sperm, there was white gooey cum running out of her again and down her legs as he continued to pump her. He made one last lunge and his cock fell out and at least a half gallon of cum shot out of her pussy and onto the floor of the stall.

Alisha was spellbound, she didn't know what to do except watch. Biggie got back down on the floor and Cody stood up and spread her legs and pushed cum out of her pussy again. "Well, I guess I need to go shower again, he's a horny little fart and I don't know where he gets all that cum from, but he shoots a load like that every time he cums. Alisha had gotten dressed and picked up Cody's clothes and took them to her in the shack.

When she got out of the shower, she got dressed and went out and put Biggie back in his pen. She went back in and cleaned up all the cum soaked straw that was in the stall and replaced it with fresh straw.

Alisha was sitting on a stool in the hallway. "I would have never believed this, I thought that women getting fucked by a horse was just an old wives tale……this was something else. They went out and got in Cody's truck and went back to town. Cody had decided to come spend the night at Alisha's. When they got there, Colin was driving in.

Alisha went over to him and kissed him and gave him a hug. "What are you doing here, Cody?" he asked. "Oh, Colin, I decided to come spend the night here tonight, thought we might have a threesome………&hellip." Colin's eyes lit up and Alisha just rolled her eyes……like they hadn't had enough fucking today already.

Colin sniffed Alisha, "What you guys been doing today, riding?" You guys smell like a horse. They both laughed and said, "Yep". Alisha told Colin she was going to get a shower before dinner, as did Cody, "Mind if I shower with you, sis?" Not at all, come on. They went to Alisha's bathroom, stripped and got into the shower, soaped up good and cleaned themselves thoroughly.

They both douched twice and cleaned themselves out really good. Cody borrowed a robe from Alisha and went out to the kitchen where Colin was cooking steaks for dinner. Colin made the comment that they smelled a lot better. They both just laughed at him. They had dinner and went to the living room and found a movie.

They all watched it and went to bed. Alisha was thinking about the day. "Damn, what perverts we are. I think we would fuck just about anything that walks. It's time to go to sleep……it's been a big day." Alisha's pussy was stretched so wide that she didn't know if it would ever get back to where it was this morning…&hellip.she just needed sleep right now.

When Alisha awoke the next morning, she went to the kitchen for coffee. There on a bar stool, Cody was getting fucked by Colin. Alisha smiled and shook her head as she went to the coffee pot. "You guys doing ok?" she asked. They both smiled and continued fucking. While she poured herself a cup of coffee, they were both cumming and moaning. Alisha sipped her coffee and watched. Colin pulled his cock out of Cody and walked over to her and kissed her, "Good morning beautiful, want to be next?" "I think I'll pass this morning," she told him.

Cody was in a good mood and walked around in the kitchen naked. They were just one big happy, perverted family. Alisha got dressed and got ready to go to Wichita to look at the cattle she wanted to buy.

Colin came into the bathroom, "Why are you in such a rush this morning," he asked. "Did you forget, we are going to Wichita today…&hellip.did you forget?" "Oh shit, I did forget Alisha, I have to be here today, I'm sorry.

I'll call and have the plane ready when you get there. Cody popped in, "where are you going today?" Alisha told her that she had to go to Wichita. "I wish I could go, but I have two appointments today. Alisha breathed a sigh of relief. "Colin, can you give her a ride this morning, I'm running a little late." "Sure," he said, "I think I'll take her for another ride, if you don't mind dear." "Go ahead, Colin, she needs to get fucked good, she hasn't had much lately." Alisha giggled as Colin took Cody over to the bed to fuck her.

Cody was all bubbly again. She jumped into the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide for Colin. Colin had a hard on immediately and crawled on and put it to her.

She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him close to her as he pounded her pretty little pussy. Alisha was leaving, you two have fun, I have to go make some money." She was laughing as she left. She went to the airport. The plane was ready and Jeff was patiently waiting for her.

"Wichita, Ms. Moore, is that right?" "Yes it is Jeff, how long will it take?" "About an hour and a half." "I think I'll take a nap, just holler at me when we are getting close." "Will do, Ms. M." Jeff disappeared in to the cock pit and Alisha settled in for the trip.

The plane wasn't even off the ground and she was asleep. Yesterday had been tiring. The flight lasted a little over an hour. Alisha awoke when the plane touched down. When Jeff opened the door, Alisha got out and one of the guys from the bank was there to meet her. He was a guy about forty, tall, thin and good looking. Alisha thought that she wouldn't mind doing him……but this was business. He introduced himself as George Bailey, she told him to call her Aisha.

They got into his truck and drove about 5 miles out of town to a fenced pasture. Alisha saw a really good looking herd of cows. George told her that they were from 3 year olds to 5 year olds. The cows were all black Angus and had all been preg checked and all had calves.

Alisha walked out through the cattle and took a close look. She spotted a couple of sick ones, but nothing really serious. There were 150 head of cattle and they were asking 1400.00 per head. Alisha knew that come spring, when the cows calved, they would be worth up around $3000 per pair. She would have to pay about a $1000 in shipping costs. This would be a good deal if she could get it done. They went back to the office at the bank. She offered the bank $1200 each.

They thought about it and came back at her with 1350 per head. She haggled with them for the next hour. She ended up buying the herd for $1300 per head. George asked her if he could buy her lunch, she accepted. Alisha hadn't had a lot to eat today and was getting hungry. While they had lunch, she found out that George was divorced and had been with this bank for almost 15 years. He had two kids that lived with his ex wife over in Emporia.

George told her it was too bad she wasn't staying over till tomorrow, he would take her out and show her the town. Alisha giggled and told him she had to get back to Alamosa and prepare to get the cattle shipped, otherwise, she just might stay. They finished lunch and George took her back to the airport. George told her what a nice plane she had.

Alisha explained that it belonged to her fiance, she had only borrowed it today. He laughed and told her he wished he had someone he could borrow a Gulfstream from. He told her that it was really the Cadillac of Jets. "What does your fiance do Alisha?" he asked. She told him that they owned 9 car dealerships in southern Colorado and he ran that part of their business. George told her if they ever needed any financing on anything, he would sure like talk to them.

Alisha told him she would keep him in mind. She bid him goodbye and got onboard the jet. Jeff fired it up and away they went, back home. Alisha caught a few winks on the way home. She was getting close to getting the cattle numbers she wanted……&hellip.she needed about another 100 head and she would have the ranch stocked.

She got hold of a truck broker on the plane's phone and made arrangements to have the cattle picked up and hauled to Alamosa. They should arrive early next week. It was getting close to 4:30 when the Gulfstream touched down in Alamosa. Alisha felt that the day had been successful. As she drove home, she wondered what Colin and her sister had been doing today. When she got to the house, Colin's car was parked in the garage. When she entered the house, she could see no one, but could hear voices coming from the back part of the house, maybe in the play room, she thought.

She put her purse and keys down on the table and walked back to see what Colin and Cody were up to. When she walked in Colin had Cody bent over the pool table fucking her hard up the ass. They were so far into what they were doing they never knew she was there. Alisha went behind the bar and poured herself a double Patron and watched as Colin unloaded his load up Cody's ass.

Once they both came back to earth, Alisha said, "Is this all you two have been doing all day?" They were both startled, having not heard her come in.

Colin pulled his cock out of Cody's ass and walked over to her. He gave her a kiss and poured himself a Makers Mark. Cody walked up and sat down at the bar, "Why don't you pour me one of those," she said to Alisha. Alisha obliged. "I went to work for a while and Cody stayed here. At about 3, I decided to come home. I figured you would be here around 4 or so. When I got here, Cody was shooting pool naked, so I decided to pass some time till you got home. Alisha really didn't mind Colin fucking Cody.

Their relationship was good and she really didn't worry. Hell, when he hooked up with Alisha, he got Cody too, kind of the best of both worlds. Alisha got her phone out and called Justin.

"Do you have time to come over here, I need to tell you about the herd I bought today and tell you all the particulars." Justin told her he would be there in 5 minutes, he was close to her house. She told Cody and Colin to continue their interlude, she would catch up after she did some business with Justin.

"I bought another herd of Angus cattle today and I had to take care of the logistics today. Justin arrived and rang the door bell. Alisha went to the front door and let him in. Alisha told him what had happened and that the trucks would be arriving with the cattle day after tomorrow. They needed to be worked and she wanted them penned for 48 hours before turning them out into holding pasture #2.

I want them all ear tagged and implanted so I can do the data entry next week. Justin told her he would take care of it. She asked him if he wanted a drink, he accepted. They walked back to the play room and he saw Colin lying back on the pool table and Cody giving him a blow job. Colin just waved at him and laid his head back down. Cody never looked up and kept sucking his cock. She was bent over the pool table with her legs spread showing her dripping pussy.

Alisha shook her head and smiled. What will you have. Justin told her that Patron sounded good. Alisha poured him a double on the rocks.

"Want to hang out here and play with us tonight?" He took a sip of his tequila, smiled and said, "I can't think of any place I'd rather be." Alisha smiled and began to disrobe. "Might as well get into the swing of things." she said. Justin took the hint and began removing his clothes.

When he was undressed, Alisha pushed him down in the bar stool and went down on him. She had been wanting for his cock ever since he got to her house. His cock tasted good and the taste of the small drops of pre-cum that oozed from it turned her on. She knew that after taking on Biggie and Spartacus, she needed a man's cock and a man to caress her and appreciate her as he took her body.

She heard Justin moan quietly and felt his cock swelling a little, she knew that he was going to give her his load of sweet cum very soon. She continued to suck and deep throat his cock. His cock was deep down her throat when she felt him start to cum. She held it there, controlling her breathing so she didn't gag. He was blowing his cum straight down to her stomach.

When she felt him stop pulsing, she took it out and licked the remnants of cum from it. She played with his balls and could smell the musty smell of a man. It turned her on more. She took his balls in her mouth and caressed them with her tongue. Instantly he was hard again. He lifted Alisha up and took her to the couch. She laid down on her back and Justin crawled on her and slid his cock deep into her wanting pussy.

It felt so damn good to both of them, they were both ready to have a good fuck. Alisha and Justin fucked for over an hour, slowly, deliberately and changing positions many times. She was on her knees with her cheek on the arm of the couch.

She could feel Justin's cock bumping against her cervix, she was full of cock and loved it. He had hold of her hips pulling her onto his cock when she started to cum. She felt the explosions of pleasure popping all over her body. Justin felt the contractions of her muscles sending vibrations throughout her midsection that pushed him to cum.

She felt his cock spewing hot sperm and filling her belly. Justin must have had a lot of cum built up. His cock just kept pumping his hot cum into her. When they had finished, Justin collapsed on top of her, his dick remained in her, still twitching. The small movements of his twitching cock pushed Alisha into another orgasm.

Her pussy clamped down on his semi-hard cock making Justin get hard again. The two of them were feeling so good that Justin began pumping Alisha again, within a minute, they were both cumming together. Colin was watching Justin fuck his wife to be and give her paramount pleasure. When he pulled his cock out of Alisha, his thick white cum oozed from her vagina like lava flowing from a volcano. Alisha was exhausted and laid there on her belly breathing hard. Colin was sitting next to her with his semi hard cock glistening with their juices.

The picture that presented itself to Colin gave him a rock hard erection. He had to have a piece of that hot ass, right now. Alisha was completely exhausted and couldn't move, the cream pie that Justin had left behind slowly oozed from her already wet cunt. Colin moved forward and pulled her legs further apart. He eased up on his knees and slipped his 8 inches inside Alisha and began fucking her hard.

Alisha, being totally exhausted from getting a royal fucking from Justin, couldn't move, she just lay there and took it. She felt her body involuntarily cumming again as his cock pierced her hot pussy. In a minute or so, Colin added to the cream pie flowing from Alisha. When he pulled his cock out of her, more thick, white cum was flowing down her crack and puddling on the leather couch.

Justin had sat right next to them watching, his dick getting harder and harder as he watched. When Colin pulled out, he saw the white lava flowing from her engorged pink lips.

He swung around and mounted her again and fucked her hard, slapping her ass as he probed her vulnerable pussy with his 9 inches of hot meat. All Alisha could do was moan when she felt another cock enter her. She was in just the right position. When their cocks penetrated her, they hit her directly on her g-spot and caused an orgasm. She was cumming like there was no tomorrow.

Every probe by Justin's cock hit right on the target and stimulated her more. She had had so many orgasms her strength was totally used up. Justin felt another wad of semen forming deep inside his body. Slowly the warm sensation spread up the length of his cock and erupted into Alisha's already cum filled vagina.

She could feel the head of his cock pressing against her cervix and his hot sperm shooting through the small opening. She could feel a hot burning sensation as his semen entered the cervix. Alisha just lay there, motionless, moaning in total pleasure, cum flowing from her. She was so exhausted she still couldn't move, the orgasms were so intense it zapped all of her strength.

When Justin pulled out, Colin was hard and went right back in. Alisha knew now what a bitch dog felt like when a pack of males caught her vulnerable. Each taking their turn with her. Cody was sitting on a barstool watching, rubbing her clit rapidly, cumming repeatedly. The sight of what was happening to her sister had her so excited, her fluids were flowing from her pussy and down her leg. She wanted some of that cock.

Alisha was getting all the good stuff. She got off the barstool and went over to the couch. She laid back over the armrest with her legs spread and up in the air. Justin saw her wet pink lips, glistening with moisture and open for the taking. He stepped up and planted his root deep into her hot box. She wrapped her legs around him as he began screwing her hard and deep. Colin finished with Alisha and fell back onto the floor, watching Justin's cock slide in and out of Cody's tight little pussy.

Alisha just laid there, moaning in delight, a river of cum running from her sopping wet pussy. It took Justin about 15 minutes of hard fucking to deliver a load of hot cum deep inside her tummy. When he pulled out, his cock flopped down and a thin stream of cum ran from her lips. Colin was right there to fill the abandoned hole. Cody had been cumming almost continuously since Justin had penetrated her.

When Colin went in her spasms continued, she was almost to the point of convulsing when Colin unleashed a torrent of hot man juice into her. Her body stiffened and her muscles contracted, she was totally exhausted.

When Colin pulled out, her legs fell to the floor, limp and lifeless. Colin and Justin sat at the bar, their dicks wet with co-mingled juices. They looked at the two young women lying on the couch, totally used up. They grinned and toasted each other. They could see their cum running out of Alisha and Cody's well fucked pussies.

They felt really good about themselves… they had out fucked the Moore sisters, something that had rarely ever been done.

When Alisha awoke the next morning, she was in her bed, Colin asleep beside her. She could feel a huge wet spot under her ass and her pussy felt saturated.

She figured the tequila had gotten to her last night. She pulled the covers back and swung her legs off the bed and got up. As she stood, a huge gush of cum came gurgling out of her and ran down her leg in torents. "Shit, what happened to me last night," she said to herself as she walked to the bathroom, cum leaking out of her like a broken radiator. She needed to pee so she sat on the pot. Her pussy bubbled and gurgled last nights cum out into the toilet as she let her urine go.

She had to have a douche, she flushed the toilet and turned on the hot water in the shower. In a few minutes she had the water adjusted to her liking and was in, letting it run over her entire body. It felt so good. She shampooed her hair, lathered her entire body and rinsed it all out.

She applied conditioner to her hair and just stood under the hot water enjoying the feeling of it. After a few minutes she rinsed out the conditioner and got out and began to dry off. Colin came in, moving slowly. Alisha had regained her strength and was feeling really good.

Colin took a piss and went right into the shower. When he came out, he looked refreshed and alive. Alisha looked at him and asked, "What happened last night, I think I blacked out. I remember Justin fucking me on the couch, then when I orgasmed it was terrific and everything after that is foggy." Colin looked up and down her perfect body.

"After Justin finished with you, I watched as he pulled out and his cum was running out of you, it turned me on so I stepped up and fucked you good too…&hellip.then it was him then me then him then me, taking turns with you. Then Cody got into the action, so Justin and I took turns with her till she passed out. You and Cody weren't able to get to your feet, so Justin and I carried you two to your beds.

Justin is with her in the guest room. I never heard a sound out of you all night, however, I did hear Cody yelling something about ridem cowboy sometime later." Alisha's pussy was sore, between the fucking she got last night and the bestiality escapade she and Cody went on, her pussy had been abused hard in the last week and needed a little rest. She was dressed and headed for the kitchen when she heard Cody yelling something in the guest room.

The door was open so she walked over to see what the problem was. Cody was sitting on Justin's erect cock bouncing up and down on it&hellip."Ridem Cowboy" she was yelling. Justin saw me standing there and smiled. Alisha went back to the kitchen and began to prepare breakfast, she thought everyone needed it this morning. It was soon ready and the smell of the bacon and coffee had drifted throughout the house.

In a short while, everyone was present at the breakfast bar. "I trust everyone had their fill last night, I know I sure did." Alisha told everyone. All she heard were grunts and moans. She had work to do, so she told them all she would see them later and away she went on her daily quest.

Alisha was a little giddy as she crawled in her truck and roared out the driveway. Damn, those two guys had actually fucked her to submission last night. She had never been fucked that hard by only two guys. Amazing. And the amazing thing was that they did it to her and to Cody too…& the same time.

Her man was a real stud and she knew it. Then you throw Justin into the mix, hell he's another stud, it was more than she could handle…&hellip.and she hated to admit it.

Alisha got to the office and found her Dad thumbing through a stack of papers. "Whatcha doin Dad?" she asked, smiling brightly as she walked in. "Damn, you look like the cat that ate the canary, Pumpkin. I'm just going over the feed invoices. We're spending a lot of money on feed, but, we have a lot more cattle than before too." "Well Dad, we have about another 150 head on the way, I bought that herd I went to look at yesterday. When I saw them, I knew they were perfect for our needs and I only had to give $1300 a head for them." A big smile came on Bob's face, "Damn, Pumpkin, you stole them, how'd you get out of Kansas without getting put in jail." he said laughing.

Alisha knew she had done well. "Plus, this guy works for Farm Credit out of Wichita, he said if we have any banking needs, we should contact him. It never hurts to have another source for capital." Bob was very pleased with his daughter, she was one of the smartest people he had ever known and she had a real knack for business. Even after the shipping expenses, she had bought the cattle for $45,000 dollars under the market……hell of a fete for a woman, he was very proud of his daughter and he knew he had made the right choice in who was to inherit the ranch.

He knew that Cody was too much of a girly-girl to manage a ranch like he and Alisha were building. He told Alisha how proud he was of her and what a good job she was doing. "I feel very secure in the fact that you will be running this ranch when I'm gone&hellip.I'm leaving it in good hands." She went to her dad and was giving him a big hug when Justin came into the office.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything." he said as he came in. "No," Bob said, "I was just telling her how happy I am with her and the way she runs this place." "I agree with you, Bob, she damn sure knows her business……made a hell of a deal on those cows in Kansas." Alisha told Bob that she had called him last night when she got home so he would know what to do with them when the trucks started arriving.

"See what I mean Justin, she was running the ranch first, before even telling me that she had bought them&hellip.she's got a good business head on her shoulders." Justin smiled as he thought to himself, "She has a damn good head on her shoulders and it'll take my whole cock, clear down her throat." "That's what I admire about her, sir and why I love working here." Alisha gave a little glare to him, not approving of the way he put his statement.

Bob told them he had to go to the Bank and wouldn't be back for the rest of the day. He was doing partnership on some cattle going into a feedlot in Clovis, NM with his buddy Bob Bradley, our neighbor to the south. When Bob left, Alisha chewed on Justin's ass about his "Snickering comment".

"Our deal was that our sexual encounters are completely separate and secret, when we have sex, it's not to be referenced in any way, shape or form&hellip.Do you understand? My Dad is no dummy, I think he may have inklings of what I do, but if he suspects that you are fucking his daughter, he will fire you in a heartbeat. If he finds out you're fucking both of his daughters……&hellip.he and the regular guys on this ranch will bury you on it………and I'm not kidding, I'm serious as hell." Alisha drove her point across to Justin and he did believe every word she said.

He had heard stories about guys that had crossed Bob Moore, some had never been heard of since their transgression. "I'm sorry Alisha, I just didn't think," he told her.

"I'm only going to say this to you this one time, if you don't think in the future, it could cost you your life, keep that in mind. No one messes with Bob Moore's daughters, nobody." Alisha had instilled the fear of God in Justin, and he was grateful for the advice………he was also grateful to Alisha for sharing her body with him.

She was terrific, even though he and Colin had fucked the two women into submission last night…&hellip.what a fucking night. He hoped that there would be more of those nights in their future. Alisha stopped and kissed him on the lips, I like you Justin and I like fucking you, hell, even Colin likes you, let's not mess up a good thing……………be sure to go over to Monte Vista and talk to those two farmers about raising sorghum for us next year.

I'd like to put up two thousand tons of silage next summer and I think we need to contract it, see what you can work out." It was about 11 am and Alisha thought she would go home and clean the house after last night. She didn't want her housekeeper to see the evidence of what went on. When she got home, no one was there&hellip.she went in and called, just in case Cody was still hanging around. She loved her sister, but sometimes she just needed to get away from her.

She walked through the house and not finding Cody, she stopped into the guest bedroom and stripped the bed. She could see cum stains dried on the sheets. Damn, those two guys really shot them full last night, she didn't know where they kept it all, he he he.

She went to her room and found a bigger dry spot on her sheets, she stripped them and took them all to the laundry room and started the washing machine. She went into the play room and checked it out. There was a big spot of dried cum on the pool table, the couch had a couple of big spots and there were numerous gobs of dried cum on the floor, everywhere. "Looks like someone had a good time here last night," she said to herself as she began cleaning.