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Diminutive awesome chick fucked hard hardcore massage
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A year later we arrived back in England at Portsmouth a girl I had known at the last camp came on board to see me big shock for me as I had taken a fancy to her I went out with her a few times then went home to Newcastle on leave while I was on leave my new shore base posting arrived and rail ticket to it .Id been sent back to Winchester ,I had the telephone number of the camp as I was supposed to ring when I got to Winchester station for transport to the camp as I was due back new years day I rang and had it extended for two days I arrived back, 5 months later I married the girl who came to the ship who lived near the camp her father was rich and I left the Navy now I know how they kept their money I worked for him I got less money from him than I got in the Navy only we had a house I couldn't afford to buy furniture all we had was a large bed table and chairs my son was born 3 months after I left the Navy, he paid for her to go into a private maternity home two years later we were divorced I only had enough money left to buy a ticket back to the northeast her father paid for the divorce .A year later I had my own flat and was sexually doing well no shortage .Then life turned back on me again the twin sisters whose 11th birthday party id gone to nieces to Betty my redheaded lover when I was 11yrs as well, remember they showed me their little hairless possies one had even tried to put me in herself.

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They came back to my place for an hour as it was very early 5pm for a cup of tea and a chat the story was hard to believe what they told me!

looking at them together there was no way I could tell them apart their names were Doreen and Doris, Doreen said we are identical twins in every way the only way to tell us apart is I have a small appendix scar so you would have to see us both nude .We have a problem which we are now going to sort out between us. We know you to put it bluntly fucked Betty and Jenny later made Jenny pregnant and the school teacher Doris as well, then there's Jenny's cousin had a baby the one time you fucked her so we know your potent .And we both want a baby and your our pick as we know all about you even Jean and Jill their girls look lovely .

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We've known you have a big cock since we were 11yrs old but now we know what it means for a woman. Doreen then said this is why it's a bit bizarre I'm married to Ken you don't know him we both live in the house as him its two flats, and we always have shared with each other so sometimes Doris uses him as well after ten years nothing's happened to us we have never even been a day late with our periods Ken doesn't even know we swap he's a dummy but earns good money are you going to help us or do we have to blackmail you about your broodmares see how much we know about you horse!

It was arranged that one would stop every night the other with Ken I said try not to have sex with him while we are doing this but enough to make him think he's the father next big shock from them he's not going to touch us as we want to be sure it's yours if we become pregnant we are leaving him Doris then said I'm stopping tonight ill cook dinner Doreen tomorrow and it will be like this till we are pregnant or you want us to stop coming but for now here's a sample of your two new mares, too your herd of mares and filly's get ready to service them, they then stood up side by side then they untied each other's hair long red tresses fell to their waists I didn't know which one was who now, one turned and the other unzipped her dress at the back pulled it off her shoulders it fell to the floor she then turned round the then unzipped the others eased of the shoulders it also fell to the floor they stepped out of the dresses one picked them up and put them on a chair they kicked their shoes off took their panties and panty hose down their legs kicked them away one stood behind the other undid her bra and let it fall to the floor her sister then did the same to her they stood side by side holding hands two visions of loveliness pale skin green eyes nice neck medium shoulders strong enough to support to big round breasts each big pink aureoles the nipples stood out, flat tummies just see the outline of the muscles slim waists bottoms well rounded, legs long not slim but a lovely shape a little patch of red hair between their legs at the top, two slightly puffed up lips slightly apart showing the pink inside a little reddish clitoris ,the legs slightly apart showed the creamy soft insides of their legs .This is 48yrs ago in today's standards they both had a body as good as the television star Zena but long beautiful dark red hair and pale white skin.


They both undressed me and one was giving me a soft hand rub on my rock hard cock they were also kissing each other and the one not fondling me was smoothing the others tits and squeezing the nipples we went to the bedroom I lay on the bed Doreen climbed over me legs apart I knew it was her as I could see the appendix scar .Doris took me in her hand moved it sideways each way that parted the lips to her pussy I could see the moisture on her hairs Doris put the head into her Doreen sank down onto it I slid into her she felt tight and hot Doris said is that the way we stallion women have to do it Doreen was moving her hips up and down very fast on me I could not help it I was soon shooting my cum into her she was right behind me went stiff except her hips witch never stopped, squealed but not loudly then said I loved that, rolled of me sat on the bed for a little while then got dressed said I'm off to Doris he's all yours till tomorrow then it's my turn he's big and good and I can't wait ,she went home Doris stayed nude but put on an apron I had, sorted the fridge out and made supper with what I had in it.

We had a few drinks rum and cokes then of to bed.

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We kissed and cuddled she started to suck my cock I pulled her round had her legs apart over my face pulled her hips down to my face she had to open her legs wider to do that and her knees were on my shoulders ,let me know when you are nearly ready to cum so I can turn and have you in my vagina so as not to waste any of your sperm I was licking her clitoris nipping it gently with my teeth pushing my tongue inside her she had a couple of small orgasms I said I'm nearly ready she got of me turned her legs straddled my hips she took my cock put it in herself pushed down hard on me she was tight muscles straining to milk all of my sperm from me my balls felt as if they were being pulled up I came with a rush pumping into her she cried out shuddered bit my shoulder and came she lay on me her tits round my neck I played with them she raised her self up they were hanging down over me I took one in each hand and tried to milk her tits were too big for one hand I put my two hands round one pulled and squeeze it then I did the other one.

I was still in her but soft if I was small it would of came out it started to grow hard again inside her she could feel it happening she started to move up and down slowly on me as it got really hard she like her sister moved on me like belly dancers no way I could control myself I could feel her Cumming I exploded into her it triggered her she bore down on me and came I now had two bite marks on my shoulderhow the hell do you and your sister move your hips like you do.

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We both took Greek belly dancing lessons when we were 18yrs old you know we always do things together she kissed me and said now we are sharing you to make us preggy we managed a couple more times we then fell asleep I woke and went to work at 7am arrived home at 6pm only one was there .I said hello? she said Doreen to finish it for me we have changed over.

I laughed and said if you had no clothes on I would of known you scar and allwe had dinner she'd made, the house was all cleaned up I learnt they had changed over at 9am but they had an hour's talk about me Doreen smiled and said it was all good what she had to say about you your big and you filled her more ways than one just make me as happy as she is tonight !

I said okay but no belly dancing on me tonight you make me cum to quick she said the fourth time you fuck me ill do it that way to make you come quick.

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I said the fourth time she said well you gave Doris four lots of sperm I want the same so we both have the same chance to be pregnant .We had a couple of rum and cokes and were a little merry we were both nude we were kissing and playing with each other and both were horny I laid her over the kitchen table opened her legs her breasts were flattened on the table I kneeled down between her legs parted the lips of her vagina the red hairs were wet on either side of her legs I put my tongue into her and wriggled it around sucked on her clitoris she came and juices ran down from her, tasted a little salty and musty but I liked it.

I stood up pushed the hairs and lips apart and entered her as far as it would go in a short while later we both came ,we never tried to make it last as the more sperm they had in them the happier they were .We then went to bed for the rest of the night we did it twice me on top and I feeling tired and my back was hurting I was laying on my back she started to play with me again it took awhile but it came hard she straddled me her legs wide took hold of me put it in and said hang on tight don't let it slip out she rode me so fast I could not keep my hands on her behind as she gyrated on me her finger nails dug into my shoulders we both came we were both exhausted she rolled off and said ready for another my reply you must be joking I turned over and fell asleep We kept on like this Doreen had a period a week later Doris missed hers three weeks later Doreen was late with hers another week and she also tested positive by this time I was so tired of sex I used to try and get them to leave me alone I stopped them coming as I wanted a rest they came now and again till they were really showing big tummies later both gave birth Doris twin girls Doreen a boy I still saw them till I came to Australia

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