Amateur gay raw bareback anal pov

Amateur gay raw bareback anal pov
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TEN YEARS OLD Maryon had always adored her brother Michael, five years her senior. Almost as soon as she'd been able to toddle she'd taken to following him around, a habit about which he'd had mixed feelings, finding her devotion flattering on the one hand and a pain in the ass on the other.

The Swelts were not a very close family at any time -- Burt had long since found Lois, his wife of an early-aged marriage, something of a bore, and she, him, a boor. Their attitudes, carefully unvoiced in front of the children, nonetheless were sensed by them, so that Mike and his sister unconsciously drew more companionship and the sustenance of reassurance from each other than might ordinarily have been the case.

Burt spent more and more time as the years sped by in 'afterhours' development of his sales. He worked on commission for the Metropolis' Lincoln dealer, often working through Saturdays to demonstrate an auto to one of his special customers, one of those who regularly traded-in each model year. The fact that most of his clients seemed to be middle-aged women of means had once perturbed Lois and been the source of considerable friction between them, but by now she had accepted the position with -- the rationalization that he was successful, and did provide a good enough income for his family.

Lois had invented her own romantic notions of the world, using her medieval fantasy to explain to herself why she had no right nor business to go poking her nose into the 'man's world' which existed merely to provide 'ladies' with the means for their ease, comfort, and sustainment.

Lots of Lois' words, written, uttered or merely thought, were set within 'quotes', or italicized. While Burt equally dwelt in a world of unreality and insubstantiality, his mind a constant fabrication of half-truths, flatteries, and flimsy sales-pitches, their worlds were far apart.

In the matter of the children's names he had compromised with her in the case of his son, her artistic Michael being easily convertible to plain, mannish Mike, but by the time his daughter arrived he'd thrown up his hands and let Lois decide on the artsy-chintzy Maryon Alysun. Lois tended to be off in another land altogether when it came to dealing with her offspring, and though Burt tried hard, awkwardly and unsuccessfully, to be pals with his son, he fussed over Maryon whenever the opportunity arose, as though guilty, or perhaps trying to make her over into a different girl than the one he'd married.

The youngster looked forward with delight to the infrequent occasions when he was home and she out of bed, but in his absence turned her attentions to her brother, making him an extension of his father, though, of course, she didn't realize this, then. Most of the Swelts' neighbors in the tract-home suburb of Glenville were younger, more keenly upward-mobile, childless to be free of restraints while the men climbed and their women pushed. Michael, at fifteen, spent much of his time at his friends' homes in close-by areas, free as a bird on his bike, but Maryon, who by nature seemed to be introspective, and a lone wolf even at ten, spent most of her time dutifully around the house, amusing herself with her dolls and her books, half-ignoring the fluttery flow of words her mother trailed behind her at such times as she wasn't being hypnotized by the tube's view of the world as illustrated by the soaps.

Reaction to her mother's constant reiterations for her to 'act like a little lady' and 'mind her manners' and 'not act the tomboy' came through in the way she treated her own dolls, admonishing them in the same phrases on the one hand, and on the other taking a devilish enjoyment in acting out for them the unladylike, unmannerly and tomboyish that earned them their reprimands.

Despite the fantasy worlds of her own she was able to create with her imagination, her family of mannequin actors, and the spaces between the words of her books, she secretly envied the toys -- as she considered them -- of her brother, and it was chiefly this repressed longing that involved her for the first time in the strange, fascinating-and-frightening, mind-molding magic of sex. It happened on a Saturday morning, a couple of weeks before Christmas, 1961.

Dad was out at work, intent on getting as many sales commissions as possible before the holiday season, and Lois had swept out to do some Christmas shopping. Michael had left early on his bicycle for parts unknown and Maryon had been left to her own resources for a few hours. She was restless, and some demon in her urged her to explore the house, poking into corners and closets in the hope that she might discover the hiding place of the presents that would be hers in such a short time.

But children's lives are half-made up by the drives of curiosity and impatience, and so she made her tour, clad in her pajamas. Ten minutes of keen searching netted her nothing, but some excitement still gripped her, making her feel reluctant to resort to her reading or her dolls. and television completely bored her. In her parents' bedroom she idly stood before the mirror and looked at herself.

Her long and curly blonde hair hung in straggled ringlets and without thinking she reached for her mother's hairbrush and began smoothing out the snarls. Before long it had fluffed out prettily and she put back the brush, sitting tall on the dressing table stool.

Her clear blue eyes speculated as she tilted her head to one side, then her fingers reached for a lipstick and, filigreed gold top off, applied the crimson pencil to her chubby, full lips, imitating her mother's often-seen gestures, pushing out her lips, drawing them tight against her pearly teeth.

The result, after a few minutes of concentration, didn't seem at all bad to her, and a wisp of tissue soon cleared away the slight smudge at one comer of her shining, rosebud lips. She looked at the other paraphernalia on the glassed table-top, and decided that to attempt to touch up her eyes would be too difficult. A thrilling spirit of excitement sparkled those clear blue eyes now, and brought pink color to her smooth, fair cheeks. She slipped off her stool and stepped quickly to the clothes closet, intent on dressing up in the silent, secret house.

A bright red satin sheath, a cocktail dress, not often worn, caught her attention and she reached up to slip it off its hanger, then hurried back to the mirror. She pulled the cord of her pajama bottom and then slipped off the buttoned top before impatiently tugging the pants down her long, slim, coltish legs where she kicked them from her ankles. Her body only just beginning to fill out with roundness, her blonde hair hanging full about her bare shoulders so that it tickled, small pink lips, bare of hair, shadowed between her smooth round thighs, she stood naked in front of the mirror and stepped into the dress.

The touch of the silk on her bare skin put goosebumps of pleasure on her warm flesh as it slid up her slender frame. She struggled to put her arms into the straps and awkwardly reached behind her for the zipper, tugging the back of the dress around in its fullness.

It was way too big for her in all directions, and hung from her lean shoulders like a crimson, sheening sack, reaching to just above her ankles.

Even when she slipped into a pair of Lois' high shoes the thing looked silly, and a belt snapped around her waist did nothing to improve her looks. Shivers delight ran through her small body when she whirled the dress out about her, but she thought to herself that the picture of herself in the mirror was quite ridiculous, and was disappointed.

Presently she let the dress slide to the floor, and struggled to hang it back up in the closet, wrestling the stool over to stand on it. Picking up her pjs, she wandered back into her own room, the cool winter air hardening her little nipples so that she fingered them on her flat chest. She decided to get dressed, and, in a sudden moment of daring, took out her party dress, the fluffy blue dress of satin and lace, with a stiffened skirt that she was only to wear on special days, the next occasion to be the Christmas party.

Discarding the box it was in, she pulled it down over her golden head and tugged till it was in place, its wide, lace-trimmed hem several inches above her dimpled knees, for she'd grown some since she'd worn it last. A pair of white silk, elastic topped and legged panties snugged quickly up over her slim hips, and she pulled on a pair of white, ribbed knee stockings, and flat-heeled patent-leather shiny black shoes.

Back to Mom's bedroom to pose and posture in front of the big mirror, admiring herself in the dark folds of glossy satin, the blue setting off her eyes. a run to her own room for a matching thick satin ribbon for her hair, and a few last hasty brushes at her hair, and Maryon was satisfied. For a while, bouyed up by the guilty pleasure of wearing her forbidden clothes, she played a game with herself, pretending she was her mother at a party, greeting the guests, and accepting their compliments on how pretty she looked in her finery.

But after a while this, too, palled, and she hunted around for something else to do, something exciting forbidden! On tiptoe, for some reason scared though there was no one in the house, nor expected for several hours more, she opened the door to Mike's room, which he'd pointedly kept her out of for over a year, now that he was fifteen and almost a man. She made a moue of feminine disgust at the mess the room was in, with clothes strewn over the floor, books littering the two chairs, and a mess of papers and pencils pushed carelessly back and to one side on the old table top which now contained, in its center, a model plastic airplane, some eighteen inches in length and, apparently just completed.

Other models, smaller, as she could see, hung suspended from threads thumbtacked into the ceiling. Pushing the door closed behind her, she walked into the room, stepping over the untidy heaps of clothes and around the unmade bed, and made her way to the table. She'd seen the other models before, when Mike'd triumphantly brought a finished project out to show the falsely enthusiastic Burt and the understanding proud Lois, but this plane was a super monster, cream and scarlet and black and silver, carefully painted and decaled.

It was an old-fashioned thing, she saw, with two propellers, and idly she turned one of them with a small finger. The gleaming toy fascinated her and she picked it up, a bit gingerly, by the body. Soon she was prancing around the room, skipping over the clothes, making the plane fly in her hand, her head mentally set in the cockpit, which had a sliding transparent casing over it, and seeing through half-dosed eyes a swooping, soaring view of the world.

So entranced was she in this new game that she didn't hear the door open behind her, but her brother's voice -- "Put that Goddamn plane down, Maryon!" -- hit ears and made her stumble to the floor. The brittle, fragile plane shot out from her hands and crashed against a bed leg to break in shatters on the carpet.

A rough hand seized her arm painfully and threw her to one side. White of face, she saw Mike go down on one knee and tenderly collect the pieces. In a fury he crushed them all together and would have thrown them in her face, if something he'd seen there had not stopped him.

His face was flushed with anger and he towered over her, too furious to speak, while she cowered, tearful and fearful, not moving from where she'd landed.

Swallowing, he let the broken fragments fall to the bed, and slowly sat down. "What the hell are you doing?" he asked his sister. "Where's Mom? How come you're wearing that dress? And. that's Mom's lipstick you've got on, isn't it?" When the frightened girl didn't answer, he went on: "Oh, you're in for big trouble, Sis, aren't you!? Dressing up like that. wearing that lipstick-that means you've been in their bedroom, and you know you're not allowed there.

And you're in here, when you know you're supposed to keep out. and you've broken my model. It's taken a whole Goddamn week to build it, too.

Oh, you're going to get it, for sure. You are really going to get it." "You made me break it. I didn't mean to. you made me drop it. you scared me," she got out between silent sobs. "You shouldn't have been in here in the first place," he said, and sat silent, looking grimly at her. "Mom's gone downtown shopping," she offered, still not moving.

"Hah! I'll tell her fast enough when she gets back, don't you worry about that." Fearful reaction against her previous excited pleasure came down on her. "Oh, Mike, please don't tell Mom. I'll mend your plane if you like." Eagerly she scrambled to her feet and made as if to pick up the ruined model from the bed. He circled her wrist and dragged her toward him.

"Oh, just leave it alone, it can't be repaired," he said, tiredly, thinking of all the work he'd put into it. And getting his sister punished wasn't going to get him a new plane, he realized. She might be told to stay in her room for a week, and not allowed out to play, but a lot of good that'd do him.

He'd get a bit of revenge in seeing her spanked, though, he thought. Looking at her, scared, submissive, almost shivering, her crimsoned lips quivering, clear blue eyes hazed by tears, a sudden idea came to him. Silly brat was only doing what he'd done often enough, exploring in the empty house. And it was his quiet and unexpected entry that'd caused her to trip and so break the plane.

His pretty little sister, and soft and blonde and rosy. And she looked almost sexy dressed like that, in her fine blue satin with the lace at throat and cuff and hem, and her stockinged legs. Kind of cute. And she was afraid of him, and would do anything to avoid punishment by Dad. Well, then, why wouldn't he punish her, make her remember not to mess about with his things any more?

Her chubby little face, framed by the golden ringlets, oddly accented by the crimsoned lips, seemed especially vulnerable, her blue eyes, tear-washed, more than ever eager to seek his favor. Mike swallowed, and relaxed a bit on the bed, sitting back more, spreading his knees. He pulled her, gently but firmly, to stand between his ankles, still holding her wrist. "Well, now," he began, "you did do all those, uh, wrong things now, didn't you?" His sister nodded her head briskly, the golden curls softly trembling to the movement.

"And you know at the very least you'll get spanked, hard. till your ass gets red, right?" Again she nodded, biting her lower lip at the thought of the pain. "And you can bet you'll be made to stay in your room. maybe they won't speak to you, or let you be spoken to, huh?

Well, then, Sis, suppose instead of me telling them, huh." This time she interrupted him, her eyes excited, almost jumping up and down with sudden relief, her free hand gripping his arm. "Oh, please, Mike, don't tell them. I'll do anything." He interrupted her in turn.

"Well, maybe, but you don't get out of being punished, okay?" "Okay, Mike," she said, a little wary, a little reluctant, "but what.?" "I'll spank you myself, first," he said with a grin. "Not too hard, and then I'll think of something. Okay?" "Oh -- aw, Mike! D'you have to spank me?" He made himself look severe. "Yes. Oh, don't worry, Sis, I won't hurt you.

won't make you cry. Just make you smart a bit's all. So, now," he added, releasing her, "just lay down across my knees and get ready." Mutinously, though she realized she was getting the best of a bad choice, Maryon came around to his side as he eased himself forward, and prepared to bend over his hard boy's knees in their black Levi's. He looked down at her, seeing the way her stiff satin dress rode up into the air like a sail.

"Uh, say, Sis," he said, low-voiced and hesitant, "we don't want you to get your party dress all bent out of shape, huh? I think you'd better take it off." Something in his tone caught Maryon's ear.

Though she was thankful for the slight reprieve, her mind was busy on the rather strained quality of his voice. It wasn't. straight, somehow, she thought as, dutifully, protracting the moment, she stood up and carefully pulled the dress up over her head. It sounded like.

like she thought her voice sounded when she was telling a small lie, or covering up for some mistake she'd made. Strange. She didn't feel ashamed at baring herself like this before him.

In fact, for some reason, it was nice. Mom had hinted things to her, and she'd heard scraps of tittered conversation among her classmates about boys and girls, but she didn't really know what it was all about. And anyway, Mike wasn't a strange, dirty little boy, he was her brother! Beginning to feel an excitement of his own, Mike watched as her cream-skinned, lightly curved body revealed itself beneath the slowly upward drawn blue fabric, watching as her dainty little pink nipples, aroused by the rough pull of the dress over them, became visible, hardened.

Stretched tall by her efforts, her slender little body arched leanly. Goddamn, I've got a pretty cute sister, he thought, eyeing the taut, translucent white silk panties through which her rosy, chubby cheeks of butt glowed faintly. He'd fumbled with a couple of girls before, but always in the dark, always in quick, guilty haste, and though he knew his sister was far too young to have all of the attractive signs and attributes of sex, perhaps he could learn some of the puzzling realities of the cold abstracts hinted at in the diagrams of sexual anatomy he'd furtively pored over in medical books in the library.

Stripped down to her thin panties, which now she unconsciously pulled tighter up around her waist, thereby outlining the soft fork of her thighs, and to her white knee stockings and shiny black shoes, Maryon stepped toward him again and, half-kneeling, laid herself across his slightly trembling knees, hardening the balls of her bottom in anticipated reaction to his slaps, and not noticing his quivering in her own nakedness.

"Not too hard, Mike, please." He rested one hand on her bare shoulder, beneath the fine golden hair, and let the other caress the rounded fruits of her ass, his heart pounding as the slither of silk beneath his palm sent messages to his brain, finding a queer delight in both the touch and in the thought that he was tormenting her by his waiting.

"Just to make you remember it better, this'll be a bare-butt spanking." Before she could protest at the indignity, his hand had slid beneath the elastic at her waist and his splayed fingers took the panties off in one smooth movement, to rest rumpled about her thighs. Maryon felt vulnerable, and as cool air hit her newly bared flesh she knew herself to be goose-pimpling, and for some reason she couldn't put into words, she felt a flash of anger at his further abasement, making her an object of fun, she thought, betrayed by her own body.

But Mike's still fondling hand warmed her quickly and the spear of thought sank deep into her mind and vanished there. Mike, delaying no longer, eager to get on to something else, smacked her six times with cupped hands, three blows to each cheek, producing more noise than pain, bringing forth only a tiny spot of color to the center of each firm sphere, knowing he hadn't hurt her.

Maryon, he soon realized, had also figured that he'd pulled back his strength and let her off easily, for while his hand still cupped her, she wriggled herself around, sat up, and threw her arms around his neck to plant a juicy kiss on his cheek.

Then, still holding on, she leaned back, regarded him, then unaccountably burst into giggles. "Oh, thank you, Mike," she said in her outburst of mirth. "You do look funny." She buried her face against his chest.

"Why, what's wrong?" he asked, guiltily, wondering if his face was giving away his intentions. He noticed his hand still nested between her careless thighs where she'd twisted beneath him.

"You've got lipstick on your face," she giggled. Heedless of everything else, she wet a finger on her dainty little tongue and rubbed his cheek until she was satisfied she'd removed all traces from him, then sat back on his knee, her hands now going to her panties where they made a soft white ruffled band against the pale pink of her fair skin.

Mike put his free hand about her shoulders, leaned forward and kissed her face, at the same time keeping his hand firm on the circle of silk at her thighs. "I let you off a bit, Sis, because I like you, you know?" He swallowed, started to speak, flushed slightly, then blurted out.

"But that's only the first part of your punishment." She regarded him for a moment, head to one side, golden ringlets dangling. "What else, Mike," she said, putting her chubby fists on her slender hips. "Well. well, I want to look at you, like," he said, not sure how just to put it. "Just. just lie back there, like you were just now, only the other way around." Misunderstanding him, Maryon began to get up, meaning to rest face down across his thighs from the other side, an innocent smile on her crimson lips, but gently he pushed her back, spreading his knees apart a bit more to make her more comfortable, so that her shoulders were flat on one thigh and her own slim thighs across his black-clad one.

Making a game of it, she flapped her arms above her head and let her neck bend back till her blonde curls touched the carpet. He quickly slid a hand beneath her ass to support her, and pulled at her silk panties till he clumsily slid them off altogether, pulling each knee up toward him in turn. With her shoes on the carpet and the stockings covering her to her knees, she presented her arched body to his inspection, her fragile hipbones pushing up through the whitened skin.

Maryon had been caught unawares by her brother's request. She didn't quite know what to make of it but acted quickly in a sudden flush of affection and trust. He was her adored big brother and.

well, it was kind of exciting, somehow, to be spread out like this. She wondered what he was thinking. Her head became heavy with blood in her upside-down position and, grasping his thigh, she pulled herself up so that she could see down the length of her body, between the hard little cones of her coral nipples, set into the soft spare skin of her saucers of breasts, now flattened out altogether by the stretch of her body, to where a soft hump appeared above the flat horizon of her belly.

She wriggled a bit to get more comfortable, and parted her legs further to let them give her more support. Her brother's face looked strangely flushed, and his eyes excited. Not feeling quite. right, quite nice, all of a sudden, Maryon closed her eyes and turned her face to where she could rest it on the arm that lay on his thigh, snugging her head against her shoulder.

Mike slowly let his hands and eyes roam over the treasure of his young sister's body, brushing the little nipples with his fingers, tweaking gently at them, pressing them, wondering as he did so why his own hardened under his T-shirt. He let one finger of his other hand circle around her belly-button until she giggled and wriggled deliciously, murmuring that he was tickling her.

He changed his circumscribing finger into a brush and let it rejoin its fellows, smoothing down and across her belly, slowly approaching that mysterious, bare mound that thrust up at the crack of her thighs.

Not quite bare, though, he discovered as he bent over her, for there was a nearly invisible dust of golden down there, a small triangle of fire, tiny tight curb whose apex pointed down to the naked slot whose edges were pinker than the rest of her. He'd lost track of the proper names of things as spelled out in the books he'd seen. vulva, pubis, labia, vagina -- didn't know which was which as exampled by the fair flesh offered him here, but he couldn't possibly forget the usual names, heard without meaning years ago from older boys.

He slid one finger in between her hot thighs until it rested lightly over the slit, covering it. "Say, Sis, what d'you call this?" He tapped it gently for emphasis, and his voice was low.

Maryon felt color flood her face and arms. Kept her eyes firmly closed, for the first time knowing an exhilarating sense of shame. "That's. that's my hole, Mike," she said, whispering. "No," he muttered, a bit contemptuously.

"That's your cunt. Don't you know that!?" Again a flush rolled through her, warmer this time, at the sound of the forbidden word. for it was not unknown to her.

Only she knew it to be. "That's a dirty word, Mike." "No it's not, everybody uses it. It's a grown-up word, see. Only grown-ups are allowed to say it. But I'll let you say it to me. As long as you promise never to tell anyone else, hey?

So say it, let me hear you say a grown-up word." "Cunt," she said, softly, not really believing him, but letting the word excite her.

"Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!" "Yeah, that's right," he said, shockingly thrilled at the sound of her girl's voice lisping the word. "Now, I'll teach you some more, if you don't already know them. What do you call this?" he asked, fondling. "That's my bottom, Mike." "Nah, that's kids' talk. That's your ass, your butt, your rear-end.

They call each one of 'em the cheek of your ass, see. And these?" flicking her nipples and pinching up the soft, silky skin of her breasts. "I-I don't know, Mike. That's my chest, isn't it!" "Hah! Little kids have chests. These are your tits, and these are your boobs. Can you remember 'em? Let me hear you say em." Maryon had heard the words before, but never used them.

Or thought of them, consciously. But like all secret, taboo words of the tribes of man, they were burned indelibly on her hidden memory. "Cunt, ass, tit, boob," she murmured; then, more boldly: "Cunt!

Ass! Tit!

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Boob! Cunt-ass-tit-boob! Cuntasstitboob! Cuntass! Titboob!" She giggled. "They're funny words, aren't they, Mike?

When I say 'em like that?" "That's good, Sis." He bent to kiss her on her left breast, sucking at her nipple as he drew back, sending a sudden delightful tingle from between her legs to her toes, and up to her. tits! Defiantly she said the word to herself.

Mike placed the hollowed palm of his hand on her belly, low down, and began to rub it. She arched like a kitten being stroked but, to her sudden disappointment, after a few brushes he left off, and moved a pair of long, warm fingers down to the hot spot between her legs. Feeling good, she relaxed her thighs, tightened momentarily against the alien intrusion, but jerked as he pressed down against the small, firm mound where she'd recently discovered fresh hair to be growing.

"Ooh!" she said between her teeth. "That feels funny, Mike. Like-like." she blushed again ". like I have to go to the bathroom." "You mean, like you have to take a leak," he sniggered. "I know what you mean, but it's different from that, really. Don't worry, Sis, it'll be all right, I promise." Fleetingly the little girl wondered how he could know what it felt like.

She did know that boys and girls weren't built quite the same, though she didn't know exactly in what way. Maybe Mike'll show me -- if I ask him nicely! -- she excitedly thought, and determined to put the suggestion to him when be seemed to be in a good mood.

Meanwhile, she was kinda enjoying this 'punishment' of his. And meanwhile, Mike was hot and cold at the 'punishment' he was inflicting. If only Maryon'd hold her tongue, and not go blabbing! But then, if she did, she'd not know that her own petty 'crimes' of the day wouldn't be doubly punished. And. she didn't seem to mind what he did with her!

He let his knuckles stroke the firm lean flesh of her thighs and gradually ran his thumb down into the moist, hot area he ached to explore. Leaning his body over her, he peered down as his probing digit eased its way into the lips of her bald, silk-edged cunt.

Moving his knee back a bit till it pressed against the hard cheeks of her ass, he brought his other hand sliding down her suddenly trembling body to join the first, and let both thumbs gently prise her flower-like slit apart. It was something like splitting a peach, he thought. Even the down on her skin there was the same. And she was just as juicy inside, he discovered. a little sticky, and with a few kinda little knobs almost like seeds on the soft, red flat part at the top.

He ran his fingernail up and down these hard pimples and was surprised when the lips he was holding seemed to thicken and grow to his touch, and he beard her gasp. "Are you all right, Sis?" he asked, alarmed. He felt a shudder and was going to take his hand away when one of her own stretched down to cover it and hold it in place.

"Yes. it's just. a funny feeling, that's all, when you do that. Don't. don't stop." She spoke through closed teeth and open lips, and her eyes remained closed. Her cheeks were rosy. Curious, he played with her again in the same way, and also slipped one questing finger into her wet hole, surprised to find it easily sliding into a hot, strange, soft cavern where seconds before there'd been only a tight little hole.

Against his knuckles he felt her slender thighs move restlessly. For her part little Maryon was equally as surprised by what was happening to and in her. She felt she wanted to. To twinkle was the way she put it to herself. Down there, where Mike was touching and squeezing and pressing her, it was all hot and loose and open and tingling, like. like when I swallowed a spoonful of hot chili too quickly, and it caught up with her down at the back of her throat and behind her chest.

At the same time she felt herself to be floating, as though she was going to faint or something. She shivered, cold, but then burnt with a warm flush that ran all the way through her. Then cold, then hot, in flashes. She licked her lips and took a deep, shuddering breath, letting herself go. Mike observed the waves of rosy color that swept across the taut surface of his sister's skin, and decided he'd better hold back a bit.

Leaving his finger in her, letting it curl and straighten despite his better intentions, he gazed again at the sight of the slender, fair-skinned, rosy-hued, flushed-cheeked, golden-haired, white-stockinged slither of naked flesh that was his sister. Without really knowing why, he slid one arm beneath her shoulders and, raising her so that her head dangled blindly back, kissed her slight breasts and ran his warm cheek down the skin of her belly.

He held her to him for a time, his finger still pulsating in her, and her breath matching the rhythm of his strokes, then it hit him that he might take her virginity in this way, if he wasn't careful! He still wasn't sure of the mechanisms of girls' cunts, but he'd read enough to know that if he took her cherry like this she'd bleed, and get hurt, and probably tell the Old Man and Mom, and. In sudden, shocking panic he withdrew his finger and let his hand rest hot against her hotter, heaving little slot.

Her head jerked up and her wide blue eyes stared at him in a kind of outrage. "Why did you stop, Mike? That was. nice." "Uh, well, uh, see." he broke off. Then, kissing her flushed cheek, he whispered in her ear: "III tell you later, Sis, but for now, just believe me, huh? And relax. Here, how'd you like this?" Still pressing her against him, he jiggled her until she half sat on his knee, coltish young legs sprawled wide apart, and rubbed her lower belly, letting the ball of his thumb press down on the mount at the very tip top of her slit each time it passed that way.

"Mmmmhhh, nice, Mike," she murmured against the chest that encased his rapidly pounding heart, and lifted her face to kiss him again, before she remembered, and made a loving pout at him, snuggling her golden head on his shoulder like a contented cat. She felt that something more should happen to her but, not knowing that she was too young to have any kind of a climax, let herself be titillated to no purpose, allowing him to gradually slow down his so-restful and exciting and pleasurable fondling; as his wrist became weary, regretting only the slight ache just inside and at the back of her.

cunt -- and relishing the prickling of her golden down. "There, Sis, was that good?" he asked presently, halting, all tones of punishment gone from his voice. "Mmmm, that was so nice," she whispered, holding him close, all pretense of being punished lost from her mind.

He bent his head closer to her, blowing in her ear, whispering likewise because of the intimacy of the moment, not from any fear.

"Hey, Sis, you know how good that feels. why don't you do the same for me?" he asked. "All right, Mike, anything for you." She tried to keep the sudden joy and hope from her voice. Now maybe she could get a look at him, without asking! "Okay, give me a kiss first though, eh, Sis!?" When she eagerly surged up against him, though, he laughed and reminded her of the lipstick, which she'd better get off anyway, before Mom or the Old Man came home. He pointed her toward a box of Kleenex and watched with mounting excitement as her smooth round globes, small and tight as grapefruit and rosy from their pressure against his knee, bobbled away above her white stockings.

While she licked her lips and rubbed impatiently at them with tissues -- he remembering to dispose of their guilty clues before the day was over -- Mike leaned back on one elbow and unfastened the waistband of his black Levi's, partly unzipping his fly. He'd long since given up wearing underpants, for the sake of believed masculinity, though Lois would have tried to shame him into wearing them if she'd known about his breach and so, when he pulled up his T-shirt, his black-haired, exercise-hard flat stomach was bare to Maryon's eyes as, lips now red with increased circulation rather than cosmetics, she came back, shy and awkward as a month-old filly, to her brother.

Mike's prick had gotten hard. hard as a hammer handle. when he'd been playing with his naked sister, but he'd subsided from that so that his male member lay flaccid and placid along his thigh beneath his tight pants. He hadn't yet recovered his calm and coolness, and was wary, unsure, of going too far. At this time. For now, he intended to keep himself covered and secure. Maryon was hopefully intent on exploring him, and came over to him as he sat up on the side of the bed, as before, with a charming mixture of boldness and blushes mantling her face and brightening her blue eyes.

He patted his knee and she sat herself astride his thigh, tingling again as he, in pulling her closer, unthinkingly brushed the material of his pants in thrilling friction against the lower lips of her cunt. Now she could think/say the word without hesitation, though she was determined in her own mind never to use it except privately to Mike. The straining fifteen-year-old held the slight nude figure of his sister against him and lowered his head to kiss her firmly on the lips, full, red, and soft against his, feeling her whole body press warmly up against him.

Running his hands up and down the valley of her spine, he let himself fall slowly back, so that she lay on top of him with his strong thigh firmly clutched between her own two slender, creamy, girlish lengths, lips still locked to lips, her hair tumbling down about his cheeks and ears.

Gently he rolled her off and pushed her up, resting his head on his pillow, his buttocks jacked up on the heap caused by the roll of the unmade bedclothes. He took her hand, winked at her questioning wide blue eyes, and laid her palm down on his warm belly. Her fingers were cold, perhaps from nervous excitement, but they soon warmed as she began to rub them over his skin as he'd done for her.

She concentrated on the job, looking back once at him to seek confirmation she was satisfying him, and he nodded, and embraced her trim little body, slowly caressing her firm ass, his mind lazily filled with thoughts of harem girls who'd perform for him without needing more than a casual touch from himself.

He felt his erection growing and shifted his leg the better to accommodate it. Maryon bent to her task with enthusiasm, slyly creeping her busy little fingers downward to poke their tips into the curly black hair of her brother and beneath the tight edge of his crotch, hoping to get a look at his mystery.

Just below her eyes she could see a larger lump of flesh she'd not noticed on him before, packed solid beneath the thin stuff of his black pants. She knew it to be flesh, now, though at first she'd thought it to be something in his pocket until, touching it, it quivered like something alive. Behind her she felt the loving touch of his hands on her ass -- and twitched it to encourage him, not being disappointed as presently she felt his finger play down between its halves, pass lightly over her hole there, and slide into the lips of her front hole.

her cunt. Greatly daring, she pushed her hands down under the top of his pants and for the first time felt the hard rod of flesh whose roots grew there. Mike took hold of his sister's left leg and, bending it at the knee, lifted it across his body so that she straddled him, the position pulling open the naked, pink lips of her little cunt.

This close, and with his thumbs parting her, he could see clearly now the hard nodes he'd felt before at the top of the slit. That must be her clitoris, he figured, and noticed her twitches each time he brushed his fingernail across there, and the way she hitched her butt up in the air. There was no sound anywhere to be heard, except that there was an odd kind of ringing in his ears, and the pulsations of his heart.

Maryon's fingers were beginning to loop around the thick root of his sex and he decided what-the-hell and, letting her cunt alone for a moment, slid his hands beneath him, raised his own butt, and eased his pants down a couple of inches.

His sister seemed to pick up on this unspoken offering and with both hands, she reached into his crotch and along his leg and tugged his rigid dick free. As soon as it was clear, she stopped. He began to run his hand up and down her back, bringing the other to stroke her bent left thigh. "What's the matter, Sis?" "You.

You're. its so big!" she said. "Your thing, Mike. I don't have. why don't I have.?" Her voice trailed off, and he felt her golden, silky hair touch him as she leaned closer. "That's. that's my dolly, Sis," he grinned. "You get to play with your little dollies. men have their own, see. Now. what d'you call it?" "This?" she said, squeezing it with both hands. "Your, your thing?" "Another coupla words for you," he said. "It's called a prick. or a cock." "A cock!?" she exclaimed.

"But a cock's a. a daddy chicken, isn't it?" "Yeah. but it's also the grown-up name for that." "Do you mind if I play with your.

your dolly, your cock?" "Go ahead, Sis, but don't be too rough, and stop when I tell you." He lay back and continued to fondle her, trying to stare up into the little pink slit so freely and innocently presented to him. Maryon was delighted. She knew this was all wrong, somehow, but at the same time she felt she was being let into many grown-up secrets. an honor vouchsafed by her good big brother; and she was grateful.

She was sure, certain sure, that Mom and Dad wouldn't approve. this would get both Mike and herself into trouble. But it was better than being punished. And it was fun, playing with this curious length of red and white flesh, with its strange ways.

She felt how it throbbed against her palms, and -- wow! -- look at that funny skin at its end pull back! Nothing like that happened to her. Mike was such a good brother. Full of warm and happy feelings, she pressed the hot, funny-looking thing against her cheek, her soft, curly hair coiling down around it, mixing with his black, shiny, tight curls. "What's this do, Mike?" she asked, cupping four slim fingers under the loose bags of skin nested between his thighs.

"Balls," he said, his voice muffled as he pressed his head up between her own rounded thighs. "Oh, I see why now," she said, discovering that within the bags of skin were a pair of hard round things. like peach-pits. "Careful, Sis," he muttered, as she squeezed them and, in a kind of admonition, blew onto the upraised ridges of flesh and into her slot.

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"Oooooohhhhhh, that tickles. But it's nice," she said, wriggling her whole body. "How about you?" And bending her head she peeled back his foreskin and breathed warm sweet air about his quivering tip. "Mmmmmmhhhhhmmmmhhhh!" he hummed by way of reply, feeling ready to spurt. Maryon could see a drop of milky liquid in the end of the hole in his. cock, and it didn't look like. like bathroom water either -- but maybe boys were different from girls in that way, too.

Concerned, tidy, she rubbed her chubby palm across the red-lined tip to clean it up. "Owowowowowhhhh gggrrrhhh," said her brother immediately and, lifting her with both hands, roiled her off him and turned onto his side, his back toward her, his knees up against his chest.

"What's the matter, Mike, did I hurt you? I'm sorry," she began. But he shook his head. "It's okay, Sis, just leave me alone for a while, huh?" On hands and knees she continued to look at him, wondering, until he spoke again.

"It's okay, Sis," he said. "Look, uh. I'll tell you what. You'd like to play some more, eh?" She nodded then, realizing he couldn't see her, said: "Oh, sure, Mike. Now?" "No-non-no-non-no," he said, in a quiet voice. "But, tell you what, you run along now, and take your clothes with you, and put 'em away, and get everything cleaned up, eh? So that Mom and Dad don't know you've been fuc. messing about today. And, tonight, if you can keep awake, you come along.

quietly, mind you, to my room here, and I'll let you play some more. If you're a good girl, that is, and don't mess about any more. Would you like that?" "Oh, yes, Mike," she said, catching at his arm. "But." "Look, you've got a clock in your room, don't you? Well, wait until one o'clock, huh, and then come here. But be quiet! They'll be drinking, tonight being Saturday, and they'll sleep sound, you know?

So, okay?" "Yes, Mike. And thank you for letting me play." She delivered a swift, shy, juicy kiss on his exposed cheek, slid off the bed, picked up her dress and panties, and ran naked back to her room next door.

Mike, using an old sock, finished what she'd started, then lay back on the bed, panting, exhausted. The Swelt children had long since been allowed the privilege of locking their doors for privacy, the right extended to them in a weak moment after Michael, one fine Sunday morning, at the age of six, having walked into his parents' room when Burt had been humping his wife under the bedsheets, had been thereafter locked out.

Lois had long since given up the practice of looking in on her offspring before retiring and, as long as everything within was quiet, and the lights out, neither parent ever bothered to check. This night Maryon, keyed up with excitement all day, found it easy to stay awake until the prescribed time, reading by flashlight under the covers, listening to the sounds of her parents moving about, of Mike going to his room -- there was no click of his lock!

-- and, much later, of Lois and Burt going about the house locking up, putting out the lights, visiting the bathroom and, finally, going off to their own room at the far end of the corridor around the L of the house, beyond the guest room and bathrooms.

Finally the place was silent, creepy-quiet, for she'd never before stayed awake this length of time. She read on and on, every few minutes checking the clock which shone white in the bright moonlight. At last! One o'clock!

She put out her flashlight, slid out of bed onto the cold floor, considered her slippers and decided against them, glided to the door, feeling a sudden chill through the thin pink flannel of her ankle-length nightgown, cautiously opened the door, closed it quietly behind her, and trotted noiselessly down the passage to her brother's door in the dark.

She didn't knock, knowing it to be unlocked, and pushed it open. There was no sound from within, so she as quietly closed it behind her and tiptoed over to the bed, being careful not to stumble over the untidy heaps on the floor, seen clearly by the shafts of light streaming through the uncurtained windows from the full moon. Shivering with cold, she climbed up onto the bed and bent her lips close to Mike's ear.

"Mike! Oh, Mike. It's me!" she whispered. Impatiently she put her hand on his neck to shake him, and he came awake with a jerk. "Whaaaaaaa.?" Her fingers were cold and the shock of them on his skin startled him, but he quickly remembered the assignation and took in the situation. He'd three-quarters thought she'd go to sleep, and wasn't too concerned whether she came to him or not. he had several ambivalent views about the whole thing.

But here she was, his luscious little sister Maryon, eager and willing, it seemed. He put his arms about her and gave her a kiss on her nose, for being so good, and felt her trembling with cold. and what else? "Hey, you'd better slide in here," he said, pulling down the sheets and blankets for her. "Brrrhhh!" she murmured softly, pulling up her knees and driving her trim little body down beside him, her pink nightgown riding up about her legs.

"Why, you've got no clothes on!" she added, discovering this. "Aw, pjs are sissy," he scoffed, pulling her against him, sliding an arm about her shoulders so that she was flat to his body, as yet unaroused. "D'you. think this is sissy, Mike?" she anxiously asked, shrugging inside the pink flannel.

"Well, you're a girl," he said. "But, heck, why wear clothes to bed? You want to go to the bathroom, you put on a robe." "All right," she said, feeling warm and cozy here in this soft nest. "I'll take this off. I'm not a sissy, either!" Propping himself up on one elbow, he watched, amused by her little-girl determination, as she struggled with the garment. She sat up and reached down to the hem and began to pull it up over her long, slim thighs, but had trouble getting it under her butt.

She wriggled for a few moments, her face defiant and angry with herself, and then he laughed. "Hold it, Sis," he whispered. "I'll give you a hand." Making a kind of cave of the bedclothes over his back, he knelt over her, straddling, tugging down her ankles and tipping her on to her back. Putting his hands behind her knees, he slid them slowly up the backs of her silky thighs, riding the thin stuff of the gown up with his wrists.

His fingers reached the soft but clearly-defined indentations at the top of her legs and then he was cupping the hard, firm balls of her young ass, lifting her, watching as, at the front, the fine down above her pubic mound came into view, cresting her slender white legs. He moved his hands slightly around so that he could splay his long thumbs up over the fragile-looking bones of her hips, taut against the fair skin of her smoothly-curved belly, then continued to push upward, Maryon easing her body up to aid him, her wide blue eyes shining, her full lips moist.

She let him move her like a limp rag doll, thrilling, she knew not quite why, to his touch, to the silence, to the strange white moonlight, to the look on his intent face, to the sound of his hoarse breathing, to something dangerously exciting within her own self.

As the slowly upward-moving hem pulled over her stiff little pink nipples, she saw him lick his lips and then, dear brother, he bent his head and licked the twin hard towers so that once again she felt a weird, shocking current shoot along the wires of herself, to her.

cunt, to her toes, to the corners of her eyes. Across the bundle of nightgown beneath her chin she couldn't see his lower body, hidden as it was in the cave of bedclothes, but suddenly she felt his loose bag of hot flesh -- his balls! -- brush against her thigh, and another delightful shiver went through her. She curled her toes and closed her eyes, flushing as his soft flesh crept up her belly as he, leaning forward, raised her shoulders, straightened her arms above her head across the pillow, and pulled the pink nightgown up and over her head.

For a brief moment Mike left her like that, her head and arms shrouded in the flannel, her vulnerable child's body naked to his stare from throat to foot.

His penis was but quarter erected, still soft, and he deliberately let his swaying member touch down and dip till it nestled in her cute little belly-button. He watched a shudder run through her and bent to take one tiny hard nipple between his teeth, tugging gently on it. Again she twitched, and he heard her gasp. Slowly he grasped the hem of her gown and carefully pulled it up over her face until it was exposed, hooded by the cloth, her hair still within its folds, her arms trapped above her in the soft pink bonds.

Her eyes were open again, shining, her moist lips open in delicious wonder, and he bent to kiss her, for the first time thrusting his tongue between her pearly white teeth and letting it explore her small hot wet cavern. For a second she choked, and then he felt her own curious child's tongue, small, pointed, and flexible as a finger, driving around and into his own.

Favoring his left leg, he began to run one warm hand up and down the length of her body, from slit to slender neck and back. And again, and again, each time brushing one or the other of her nipples, still holding his lips against hers, letting his tongue swell and withdraw, teasing her. Unable to move her arms, but wishing to show her beloved brother the appreciation she felt he deserved for his new, tingling pleasure, Maryon thrust her hard body up at him, writhing a bit to rub her bare skin against his hairy thighs, unconsciously responding to the urge of sex, though she was as yet too young to understand or fulfill these instinctive movements.

She only knew that his tongue in her mouth was sweeter than candy, more delightful than ice cream, more sensational than sparkling, prickling Coke. and nothing like any kiss she'd given or received before in her whole entire life!

But intuition told her never to try this with Mom, or Dad, or anyone else she knew. Only with Mike! Daringly, gingerly, she closed her dainty little teeth on his tongue and, having trapped it, ran her own pointed prober around it as if it was a hot popsicle she'd gotten between her plump lips.

Mike was amazed and a little scared by his sister's enthusiastic response, and slowed down a bit. Already he was horny, though no more than piss-proud down there. With a last smacking suck, and a light peck on her blushing cheek, he concentrated on getting the nightgown clear of her. Devilishly she kept her arms stiff above her so that he was forced to extend himself up and over her, and he gasped as his swinging balls hit her chin, and he felt her lips pucker as they brushed against them.

Struggling with her recalcitrant wrists, his eyes widened as his amazing little sister kissed his dangling flesh and let her impudent tongue lick along the cord that defined his two nuts. Maryon was fascinated by the strange objects pressing against her face, and couldn't wait to have her hands free to explore there some more. Surely it'd been bigger than this earlier!? And harder!?

Once he'd finally stripped the scrap of pink from her, she raised her head to shake out her mussed up curls, and so mashed her pretty flushed face against him. Again that odd flashing glow sparked through her, and she put her hand to it. Not sure whether he altogether liked this sudden spurt of activity and inquisitiveness on her part, Mike sat back on one heel, then drew himself down against her, pulling the warm mass of bedclothes down over his chilling body.

His sister, happy as a kitten, snuggled up against him and once more reached down for his cock. A sudden thought came to him.

"Did you lock the door?" he urgently whispered in her ear. She shook her head. "Then you'd better hop out and do it, just in case," he said, pulling the sheet down from her to expose her once again. She shivered, made a mutinous moue then, sighing, slung her long slender legs over the side of the bed, and, on tiptoe still, made her way to the door and slowly, quietly as she could, thumbed down the lock.

Mike watched her as she went, sitting up in the bed with the clothes about his knees. As she turned toward him once more, smiling at him, with her body hunched and her hands on her opposite shoulders for warmth, he put his finger to his lips, then beckoned to her, then motioned with his finger until she was positioned, still hugging herself, in the center of the room, full in the bright rays of moonlight.

Acting out for her with his own body what he wished her to do, he had her reluctantly move her hands until they were raised high above her golden head, high as she could thrust them, standing on tiptoe with her legs somewhat apart.

Slowly she turned, with her gleaming hair falling down about her slim young shoulders, offering to his greedy eyes the whole, total view of her nude, slender, virginal body, with its flat breasts and hard cores of nipples which sent a pair of sharp black shadows down onto her silky skin, and the plump mound at the joint of her thighs, bare and brazen, and the firm creamy globes of her young girl's ass, with its black crevice between.

As she turned for the third time to face him, her eyes pleaded with him and, grinning, he nodded. What a slave she'd make -- this eager, golden-haired sister of his, ten, tender and untouched. She trotted rapidly to the bed and threw herself in with him with a slight protest of springs. "Careful, Sis!" he whispered in warning. He kissed her cool forehead, put his arms around her, and pulled up the bedclothes, holding her hard against him, silent, unmoving, until she was over her goose bumps and shivers and was warm again.

Presently, she was content to let him do anything. He reached down and put his hardening cock between her thighs so that it stuck out behind them. At the feel of this hot bar of flesh between the satiny surface of her legs and up against her. Ass! Maryon let out a gasp and trembled with guilty pleasure, though why she felt shy and brave and ashamed and afraid and daring all at the same time, she couldn't have said.

Placing warm, moist lips on his shoulder, she let her left hand run down her body, then behind it, until she could, by stretching a bit, just take his tip between three fingers and a thumb, squeezing and pressing, breathtakingly excited as she felt his thing growing larger beneath her cunt, and between her slim thighs. Using her thumb, she peeled his skin back ("What's that, Mike?" "Foreskin, Sis!" "Oh.") and since he was a bit longer there now, managed to get her tiny pinky to press its nail into the hole there.

She could hear Mike breathing deeply, shakily, and could feel his heart pounding against her. It was getting stiffer, harder, longer.

if only she could touch it freely. Mike's own free hand was slowly smoothing the flesh of her side and back, a delicious feeling, so soothing. when suddenly he stopped. "Wha.?" "Ssshhh.!" he said. "Listen!" There was a noise outside somewhere, in the house. Scared, all her 'grown-up'-aping confidence lost, Maryon made no resistance as, freeing himself from her, Mike roughly thrust her down along him and pulled the covers up to his chin.

"Don't move!" he ordered, sticking his head under the sheet. She hugged herself against him, her head on his belly, her knees bent with one leg over his, arms clutched to her breast. "It's Mom or Dad, going to the bathroom," he hissed again. Suddenly afraid, knowing his manhood to be wilted, aware of the awful consequences, especially to him, if they should be discovered like this, Mike felt his heart hammering and his lips drying.

He listened keenly, straining to hear if footsteps would come down to this leg of the 'L', if the doorhandles of his and Maryon's rooms would be tried. Bet the little idiot didn't lock her own door!

Presently he heard the toilet flush again, doors open and close. then blessed silence. There was no movement in the bed with him. Goddamn! Has she gone to sleep, or what!? He put his hand down, under the covers, and ran his fingers into the silk curls of her hair.

"Hey, it's okay now, you can come out," he said, tugging. But she hadn't been asleep at all, as he quickly discovered, just patiently and obediently waiting, for his signal was acknowledged by a juicy, full-lipped kiss about the hollow of his navel, and her sharp young tongue gouged into it to send shockwaves of pleasure through him.

The cool mass of her soft hair slid along his belly as she moved down. Trapped in the misty, musty warm darkness against the hot flesh of her brother, Maryon had felt against her thigh how Mike's cock had rapidly lost size and firmness, shrinking back and down softly against her.

And wondered at it. How strange! What a funny thing to happen! The problem was. was his cock usually long and hard, and only getting smaller when he was frightened -- for she'd worked that much out, that fear reduced it; or did it just come up big at special times. like when she played with it. But no, when she thought about it, she hadn't touched him the first time until he was already big and throbbing and hot. She decided to find out in the simplest way, experiment.

Unaware of the thoughts going through her brother's mind, she remained where she was under the covers, only moving herself around a bit in the kindly warmth to get into a more comfortable and practical position. on half-bent knees that hooked the sole of her right foot up under his left armpit, resting on his stomach, stretched over him, her left arm on his left thigh. She wished she could see down here. should have brought her flashlight, but another time for that.

Maybe her fingers, if she kept them moving about him all the time, would see for her. With one plump little fist, she thumped his right leg, willing him to spread it away from her so that she'd have more room and, primal communication, he immediately parted his legs, leaving all his sex to rest, dangling, between them.

Her hot, quick breath warming his hair and the base of his cock, she began her blind examination, not knowing what she did when her golden, silky hair floated and dragged about the tender, sensitive skin inside his thighs, and her proud young nipples scored through the black coiled hair of his belly. Maryon let both her warm soft hands coddle and cradle his dick, letting her thumbs tell her of the cracked, leathery sides of his balls -- creased and seamed at first, and then magically transforming to slippery smooth satin as she cupped them.

She circled his cock with her finger and thumb and discovered she could now do this easily, though before, when it was hard, it was too big for her.

The poor thing was bent and lax like an old piece of rubber hose. Commiserating with his droopy dolly, she put her lips to it and kissed it, running its short, squat length between her lips with her fingers beneath it. To her surprise she felt it quiver against her, and in a moment she could feel.

well, what felt like little rivers running crookedly along just beneath the skin. And the whole thing was growing again. Excitedly, as his blood engorged his veins, she took it in both hands, firmly, and squeezed.

it was just like pressing paint from a tube at school -- except that this was being filled, not emptied! Eagerly she fumbled till she found his foreskin, surprised to find it warmly moist on the inside, and slippery.

like a banana. Carried giggling away by her thought, she pressed her full, plump little lips over his cock's end and slid the rest of his foreskin back with her teeth until they caught behind his rim. Mmmmhhhh! A taste like cheese. And a smell. well, it wasn't quite like swe. perspiration -- "Horses sweat, people perspire, dear!" -- but something like it.

And something like, like 'off-of-cloves', Mommy uses sometimes when she cooks. In the hot, airless confines of the bed, Maryon, her face flushed, her breath heavy, her trembling body excited, sucked the magic rod, now back to its former strength and length. kissed it, admiringly caressed it, rubbed it against her cheek, felt it throb and quiver to her touch, squeeeeeeezed it, tried to bend it, felt strange jerks in it, marveled at the way the skin of his balls flinched and their contents flex, thrilled to the trembling of his own loins.

. and was hurtfully startled as once again she was thrust from him, bared as he flung the bedclothes off them, shocked as he reached under his pillow, ignoring her, wrapped something white about the head of the column of flesh that stuck up from his hips and, gasping, huddled over himself. Maryon crouched on her knees, her hand to her mouth, trying not to cry out with alarm. Was he hurt? Had she done something wrong to him? Would he punish her again?

He continued to squeeze his cock, and she saw that he had a handkerchief around it. He was breathing heavily but, in a minute, with a last squeeze and pull at himself, he lay back on the pillow and looked at her. Exhausted, spent, ashamed at having shot his load in front of her, suddenly scared that he'd frighten her with his sudden roughness, and that she would go running off crying to their parents, Mike thrust the soiled handkerchief under the mattress and reached for his sister.

"It's okay, Sis," he whispered in her ear. "You did just right. That's what happens when men. well. Hey, are you okay now?" Reassured, she nodded against his bare shoulder. He gave her a gentle kiss. "Look, I reckon that's enough excitement for one day, for you. Uh. while you're still warm, before you catch cold, put your nightgown on and go back to bed, eh?" A bit disappointed, feeling somehow cheated, Maryon nodded again, hugged him once, got off the bed, slipped into her pink nightgown, looking and fee ling forlorn in the cold moonlight, and picked her way over to the door.

"Hey," he whispered after her. "We'll do this again, Sis. And don't forget to be quiet, and lock your door after you again. Don't tell the folks, okay?" She ran back to him and threw her slim arms about him.

Her brother was so big and good, and she wouldn't hurt him for the world. But. that -- that cock! -- was a funny, frightening thing, if it made him act like that. Silently the little figure slipped off into bed and her dreams. ELEVEN YEARS OLD "You mean to say you've never heard of Truth, Dare and Promise?

You Yanks don't know nothing. C'mon, I suppose I'll have to teach you." It was the summer of '62. Maryon had made one firm friend at school, but even to Karen she'd made no mention of her exciting games with Mike. Though, lately. for some months in fact. he'd paid little attention to her. She'd suspected for some time that he was enjoying himself with his new girl friend, that Riva Kamparsky who treated her, on the few occasions she deigned to come over to the house, like a little kid.

One day she'd show them all how grown up she was. how much of a girl. how much she knew about making a boy happy, even if she was little and young. But so often had she gone to sleep thinking such thoughts, and so commonplace had they become to her childish, still largely unformed mind, that they'd sunken deep into her, and were now unvoiced and unnoticeable, as quiet and secret as a cancer.

She certainly wasn't consciously aware of them as, this hot, bright day, she sat with the others in the barn next to stables of the Matherly Ranch. Matherly's wasn't a working ranch, more of a rich man's hobby and tax loss. Glenville was too close to, and too much a part of the great Metropolis for a rough and ready acreage to be farmed, or much livestock raised. But the estate of the Matherlys was as secluded and spread out as their money could make it, with green pasture land for the string of horses, and comfortable quarters for them away from the main house.

The barn was full of straw, dried and in bales or, these broken, scattered thickly over the floor, while upstairs the remnants of last winter's hay still smelt sweetly from over the edge of the high loft and suffused the close air of the darkened building, with only occasional shafts of sun sliding through cracks and between the tall, all-but-closed doors.

"You Yank kids probably know it as something else.

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another name." The speaker was Colin -- Colin something. He was English, visiting thirteen-year-old Sylvia Matherly for the summer vacation. the 'hols' as he called it. From his lofty height of fourteen years he seemed to regard the rest of them, Karen, Maryon's twelve-year-old friend from school, her 'boy friend', the same age as Sylvia. Derek, his friend Johnny, a year younger, and Sylvia herself, currently 'dating' Johnny, and Maryon the youngest at eleven, with a considerable amount of condescension somewhat boosted by his exotic position of being 'Sylvia's English cousin'.

This was Maryon's first meeting with him and was, indeed, only the third time she'd been invited to Sylvia's to play, the invitation being extended through Karen who, though she usually kept herself aloof from the others at school, was mysteriously strong enough in her personality to go where she wanted, and had taken a sort of liking for Maryon's company, even though she was a year and a class ahead of her at St. Joan's. In Glenville it was a mark of snobbish distinction to be accepted as a 'Jonah', and Burt and Louis had groveled to get their daughter into the school.

For some reason Karen had laid it importantly upon her that this day she should wear her full school uniform for the visit to the Matherlys, and dutifully Maryon had obeyed, wearing her soft white ruffle-fronted blouse with the blue-and-brown school tie neatly in place, the knee-length brown skirt with blue hatchlines, blue jacket with brown piping, white long socks that nearly met her skirt's hem, tidy black button shoes and, on her long blonde hair, braided into two plaits, her school hat, of pale yellow straw with a blue-and-brown banded ribbon.

She was a bit put out to find that the other two girls were very casually dressed, in contrast, Karen in tight hip-hugging Levi's of faded blue that looked as if they'd been painted on her and, above a navel-bare midriff, a short, loose, sleeveless top, its once-bright lines of color now washed out.

Sylvia, barefoot, was tanned darkly the length of her legs, which only at their very tops vanished beneath a pair of white shorts, which matched the brief halter beneath which her burgeoning breasts strained the thin cotton cloth. Again in contrast to Maryon's neatness, while Sylvia's short brown hair hung in a froth about her head, Karen's jet black uncut tresses were caught into a ponytail secured by a rubber band, leaving her oval, white face a clear setting for her greeny-blue eyes.

Maryon really felt out of place, the more so as the three boys were even more informal in attire. Johnny in jeans and a flapping, unbuttoned shirt, Derek in tight red-and-white checked Bermudas, and Colin wearing a pair of faded light-tan shorts loose about his thighs.

The excuse Karen'd made was to show Colin that some schools in America wore clothes like they did in England! -- though why Sylvia, in the same house with him, couldn't have worn her uniform, Maryon didn't think to ask. Now the five settled themselves down to listen as Colin explained the game. Earlier they'd played hide-and-go-seek, but Maryon didn't much care for that, not since Derek had tried to kiss her. He was Karen's guy, and ought not to fool around with another girl, surely?

She hoped this one would turn out better, though, since Sylvia and Karen were paired off with Johnny and Derek, it didn't look like Colin was going to pay her much attention. he was three years older! She returned her attention to the English boy. "Now, this is the way it goes," he said. "One of us. doesn't matter who goes first.


gets to ask each of the others whether they choose a Truth, a Dare, or a Promise. Then, whatever they choose, he asks them something. whether it's true that something is so-and-so-like, 'is it true that you like, well, someone?' Whoever the Inquisitor says, see? And if it's a dare, then, the Inquisitor can dare him or her to do anything he likes.

Or if it's a promise, then they have to promise to do. well, whatever the Inquisitor tells 'em." "Sounds okay," said Derek, and Sylvia thought it was a groovy idea. "But what happens if whoever you ask doesn't want to answer, or do whatever it is you dare 'em to do?" asked Johnny.

"Then the Inquisitor can order 'em to pay a forfeit, do or say something else. And they have to pay the forfeit, that's very important and we've all got to agree before we start on that, else it's no good playing the game. Okay? Do you all agree? Then we can start now. Who wants to be Inquisitor the first time around?" They looked at each other. Colin alone stood before them, careless and looking almost naked to Maryon's eyes with his golden hair, bronzed skin, and pale tan pants.

She sat on a bale of hay while the other four lounged on the soft strawed floor each side of her, Sylvia and Johnny on her right, Karen and Derek at her left. Colin looked at her. "How about you, Maryon Alysun -- that's a pretty name, kid!-do you want to go first? You're the youngest." Confused, she shook her head. "Nah, you go first, Colin," said Johnny. "You know how to play it best.

Then we can learn from you." "All right," he said. "We'll do it in order, then. I'll ask first. Okay? Right, then. Ah, Sylvia, do you want a Truth, a Dare, or a Promise?" "Oh, I'll take a Truth, Colin," said his cousin, shrugging her frail freckled shoulders. "Um. is it true you like Johnny a lot?" "Oh yes," said Sylvia, taking her boyfriend's hand and squeezing it till he flushed and moved uncomfortably.

"Very good," said Colin. "Now, Johnny, how about you, what will you take?" "Oh, the same as Sylvia." "A Truth? Well, then. is it true you like her as much as she likes you?" "Oh, I suppose so!" "You only suppose so?

Won't you give us a Yes or a No, Johnny? Otherwise you haven't answered properly and you'll have to pay us a forfeit." "Oh. yes I like her as much as she likes me," he got out, not looking at Sylvia. But she wasn't about to let him get off easily, and, throwing an arm about his neck, kissed him on the lips. "You'd better," she warned, darkly. Colin looked at Maryon. "Now, then, what about you?" She thought she caught the suspicion of a wink from him to Sylvia, but paid no attention to it.

"I think," she said, "that I'll take a Dare." "Hah, good kid. braver than these two, at any rate. Let's see, now. I dare you to. go climb up the ladder there and come down again before I count twenty. One, two, three. Go!" Before she was quite sure of what she was doing, Maryon found herself clambering up the tall, straight-set ladder that led to the loft, frantically trying to beat the count of Colin's voice below her.

Halfway up, while he was still at four, she saw that he was standing directly beneath her, as though to make sure she went all the way up, and was blushingly aware that he could see all the way up between her legs to where her dark blue elastic-topped and legged underpants would cut off the view. But she scurried on up, stood swaying on the top-but-two-rung then climbed down again taking the steps two at a time, her light skirt billowing up slightly and once getting caught so that she lost a beat in getting it dislodged from the splinter, noticing Derek also, flat on his back, nearly underneath her.

However, her face red from the exertion, she managed to get her feet on the ground again just as Colin counted 'twenty'. though he whispered in her ear as he went back to the center of the semi-circle: "You cheated, you know. I slowed the count for you. Remember that. But I don't think the others noticed." Out of breath, she sat down on the bale of hay again and tried not to look at anyone as he next asked Karen what she would choose. "I'll take a Dare too," said the black-haired girl, boldly, looking at the ladder.

But her challenge was to be different. "Right. I dare you. to come over here and do a handstand. I'll hold your ankles so you don't fall," said Colin. Karen pouted but, without argument, placed her hands on the floor and swung her lithe white body up until she was upside down against his restraining hands. As she remained there, breathing strongly in and out, her loose top slowly edged down her upper body so that, since she was facing the others, the hard black nubs of her nipples were just revealed, set in her pair of flat, oval breasts, their darkness startling against her pale white flesh.

Karen didn't tan. Maryon, moving only her eyes, saw that the grinning Derek was intent on the view afforded him, and that Colin had leaned his head over slightly so as to see down his victim's body. In a moment he let his hands drop to her hips and expertly swung her back onto her feet.

As she walked back to drop to the floor, Maryon observed that her friend seemed to swing her hips just a little more lithely under the tight Levi's, and her hands were slow to pull down her disarrayed top. "Very good, Karen, you're a good sport," said Colin. "Okay, Derek, what's it to be?" "A Promise for me," said the cautious boy, thinking this to be the easiest and less troublesome choice. "Ahah, the first with a Promise! Let me think about this.

Derek, do you promise to tickle Karen until I tell you to stop?" "What?" cried the startled boy. "But that means Karen has to be part of it too!" Colin blandly stared at him. "Doesn't matter," he said. "That's part of the fun of the game, see? Go on, now, she can run if she wants to, but she has to stay inside the barn." Promptly acting on his suggestion, Karen leaped to her feet and tried to evade her pursuer who, now that he got the idea, ardently played his part.

After some minutes of the chase, he had her cornered against the ladder where she leaned, breathless, and he begin to tickle her unmercifully, concentrating mainly on her bare sides and her neck.

She screamed helplessly at him until Maryon thought someone would hear her and come, till she remembered they had the run of the place today and were alone. In a moment the writhing Karen fell to the straw beside them, and instantly Derek was astride her, his busy fingers running up and down her quivering sides then, as she tried to fight him, up under her armpits and into her throat he went, until she was kicking and twisting uncontrollably.

Before long her scanty top was riding high up her slim young body and once more her sharp black nipples were on view, though she was struggling so hard they seemed to shimmer against her pale skin. Concentrating on his task, Derek let his full weight sit on her hard thighs and, holding her thin wrists in one of his hands, with the other began to play about her navel and then, inexorably, up her fragile rib cage to the soft silken bags of her shallow breasts, where with finger and thumb he began to rapidly circle their stiff little cores.

Maryon saw that his mouth was open and he was breathing as hard as if he were the one putting up a desperate struggle. But she'd noticed her brother Mike sometimes went like that when he was excited over playing with her, so she supposed that was what it was, even though this was different.

This was just ordinary play, wasn't it? Just then Colin told Derek to leave off and, panting, the T-shirted boy got up and threw himself to the floor by Maryon. She wondered why he so awkwardly adjusted himself under the bulging red-and-white checked Bermudas.

Karen merely rolled over and hugged herself into a ball, fighting for breath so that Maryon could see her slim, naked rib cage expanding and collapsing like a bellows. Very casually indeed, Colin sauntered over near the girl curled up on the floor and propped one bare foot on the bottom rung of the ladder, putting himself at the end of the line.

"Your turn, Sylvia," he said, over his shoulder, and his young cousin got up and took his previous place, exchanging looks with him when she stood there that Maryon thought, for some reason, significant. Johnny was the first to be asked, this time, and he again chose a Truth. Sylvia smiled, a bit evilly, Maryon thought, and poked her slim, limber tongue between her full, rosebud lips.

"Is it true," she said, "that you'll shout out what I whisper in your car? And remember, kiddo, I get to give you a forfeit if you don't!" "Uh, yeah. I guess," said Johnny. Sylvia, grinning impishly, went to him, leaned over and breathed in his ear. "Now, loud as you can," she said. The boy went red in the face then, looking at no one, bawled out, at the top of his voice: "COCK! CUNT!" A shock went through Maryon.

Mike had taught her all the words like that, but she'd never heard them right out loud like that. A hot and cold shiver went through her and unconsciously she pressed her legs together. This was some strange game! And it was her turn next! What should she choose!? She heard the older Sylvia ask her, and she hesitated.

"I'll take a Promise, I think," she said. "That's easy," said Sylvia, laughing at her with her hands on her hips. "Do you promise that, whenever I tell you to, you'll shout out what Johnny just said, and just as loud?" Beside her she could hear the now recovered Karen giggle, and she felt the blood rushing into her cheeks.

Her ears were singing, and her voice sounded strained and hoarse, as she got out: "Yes. Sylvia. yes." She expected she would have to fulfill her promise now, and mentally prepared herself, swallowing, but such was not to be the case, for Sylvia swung toward Karen, who was now sitting next to Derek, but not so closely as before, in her original place.

"Karen?" "A Truth, this time!" "Mmmhhh. Okay, Karen, is it true that you didn't mind at all showing us all your titties just now?" "You're a rat, Sylvia, and I'll get you for this." "Rat to you, too, but what's the answer? And remember the forfeit." Karen had the grace to bob her head down as she mumbled, but loud enough for the others to hear: "No, I didn't much mind." Sylvia was not about to let her off so easily.

"What didn't you mind, Karen?" "Showing off my tits, Goddamn it!" was the louder reply. "That's better. Now, Derek?" "Dare!" "Right. I dare you to tell us truthfully what you were thinking of when Karen's titties were showing." Derek blushed and looked awkwardly at his feet. "Uh. Nothing much.

She. they. I wasn't excited or anything," he stammered at last. That earned him a burning, sidelong glance from his girl-friend, but Sylvia was not satisfied.

"What d'you think, kids, is that the truth? Or shall I make him pay a forfeit?" "Hey, that's not fair," protested Derek, but Johnny and Colin gleefully agreed he should be forfeited.

"Oh, I'll get you," he hissed savagely at Johnny, behind Maryon's back, but nevertheless he promised to pay. "Then. Karen shall have a chance at tickling you," said Sylvia. "But this time, you mustn't run away, and you mustn't try to stop her, but just he there and let her do it." Karen laughed, and stood over Derek as he reluctantly streched himself out on the floor, arms above his head as she directed, then, hunkering down over his hips till Maryon thought the bard round cannonballs of her butt would burst through the tight, trim Levi's.

Then, her slim, deft little fingers were busy at the tight-drawn waistband of his Bermudas, under it, then under the edge of the T-shirt and, pulling it up, were free to tantalize and torment his bare flesh.

She started off as he had, by letting her hands attack his sides, where he, like most people, was most sensitive, but before long, as he twisted, his mouth grimacing with the effort to not give in and laugh, Maryon could see the ten slender digits beginning to dig into his soft, flesh, moving slowly but steadily about him until they gouged his belly.

Maryon was surprised at the look in Karen's eyes, almost slitted -- shining, fierce, secret -- as the girl dug her sharp-nailed thumbs into the outer moat of Derek's navel as if she would slice him there. But, as he bucked instinctively beneath her, throwing her forward, she eased off a bit and instead let her wandering hands work up into his hairy armpits, at which point he broke down and wriggled and gasped and hysterically laughed as she'd done when their positions had been reversed.

Finally, as if torn between being bored at this childish sport and a reluctance to let her victim free, Karen sat back against his upthrust knees, brushed the back of her hand against her brow, and asked Sylvia: "That's enough for now, isn't it?" The older girl, who'd been hovering over the squirming pair, nodded and, a bit wearily, Karen leaned over and kissed the stilled Derek lightly; quickly, and rolled off him.

"Okay, Colin, over to you," said Sylvia. "Dare," said the boy laconically. Sylvia looked briefly around the others before facing him as he leaned against the ladder. She seemed to swallow, then said: "I'll do you a favor, cousin. Since we're sort of in twos, the rest of us, I mean, I think you ought to make up to Maryon, so's she's not left out of things. So. I dare you to give her a big, real, romantic kiss and hug.

All right?" "Righto," said the taller, golden-haired Colin and, pushing himself away from the ladder, stepped quickly over to stand in front of Maryon, whose pulse was already palpitating at this sudden thrust to prominence.

"Stand up, luv," he said, taking her elbow, "and let's show them what it's all about, eh?" Something in his manner, something in his subtly burning stare, something she could almost smell reminded her suddenly, sharply, of Michael, so that as she got to her feet, her knees felt weak and she almost sat down again. Letting him take the initiative, she gladly surrendered herself to him, uncaring now of what he might do with her or of what might happen.

She felt maybe this might be what 'being in love' was like, being shaky like this, and a bit faint and helpless. Colin put one arm about her, under her long jacket, and tightened his hand about her waist.

His other hand held her just behind the shoulder and, putting one lean leg behind hers, and the other between them, leaned her so that she was just off balance. The hand behind her slipped a little lower and pulled her tight in against him, while the other touched her neck and raised her face toward his. Looking down at her with a strange light in his eyes, he bent to kiss her and, instinctively, she opened her mouth and thrust with her tongue as Mike had taught her to do.

She felt him start, then his lips were hard on hers and their tongues began to battle in their mouths, each pushing and withdrawing, sucking and wriggling. The hand at her back cupped her ass, now, outside the cloth of her skirt, so that her unprotected groin was ground into by his hip, and against her own hip she felt his large softness through the layers of thin material.

Now she put up her own arms about his neck and pulled herself up harder against him, dealing with him as she'd often done with her brother, knowing that this was the right way for grown-ups -- somehow Mike and Colin both seemed grown-up -- to kiss and show their affection for each other.

And she now desperately wanted to show her affection for the English boy. She closed her big blue eyes and plumped up her soft red cherub lips and gave as much of herself to him as she was able, not seeing the surprised and grinning faces of the others about her as they intently watched. She wriggled her hips a bit, to better adjust to his height, and felt his hidden flesh roll around to her belly so that she was able to press it between them. The hand at her cute little butt was clasping, grasping, squeezing her deliciously and, except for the strain on her arms, she would have been prepared to have gone on kissing like that forever.

But after a while she felt a tap on her shoulder and, dazed, she opened her eyes to see Sylvia standing over them. "Okay, okay, enough already," the bigger girl said, parting the two like the referee at a wrestling match on TV. "Well," she continued, as Maryon dropped weakly to her bale of hay, "you really know how to kiss, don't you? Perhaps you can give us lessons, huh?" Karen and the others giggled, but she saw that Colin was staring at her with an odd light in his eyes, as if he'd just discovered something curious, startling, and worthy of further investigation.

His face looked hot and flushed. "Thanks," he said, surprisingly, then took his cousin aside for a moment and whispered something quickly in her ear. Maryon was very pleased with herself at having come through this experience so well and having acted not at all like the little kid girl they seemed to have expected.

She even managed to wink at Karen, who was stroking Derek's hand where he held her round the waist, his hand red and fleshy on the girl's pale bare skin. "All right, Johnny, it's your turn now to be Inquisitor," said Sylvia, returning.

She dropped down onto the straw where her boyfriend had been sitting as he got up and stood in front of the small group.

"You first?" he asked her. "Not really. put me last, after Colin. That way it all works out equal," she said, stretching out with an arm bent beneath her head, so that beneath each cup of her halter a full crescent of tanned soft flesh spilled. "Looks like it's your turn again, kid," said Johnny, hitching up his jeans and looking at the still flushed Maryon, who could hardly keep her covert eyes off Colin, who'd returned to his stance by the ladder.

"Oh, um. oh, I'll take another Dare," she said, somewhat breathlessly. Her eleven-year-old body wholly ached that it would have something to do with Colin. But she was to be disappointed. Johnny scratched his stomach, in deep thought, while she willed him with her eyes to please have her kiss Colin, or something.

"Okay," he said, after a while, "here's what you do. You see the way Karen's got her hair down, in a ponytail, so that it sticks out, then hangs down? Well." he winked quickly at Derek, ". you have to go and take off her vest, but you have to do it so that you don't pull her hair up with its neck. understand? We'll watch you, and you pay a forfeit if you mess it up. Go on, now.

Karen, you kneel down there, so you're not too tall. You can put your arms up, to help her, that's all." Obediently Karen dropped forward on her knees, and held her hands up over her head, quivering slightly.

She looked down at the floor, but as Maryon approached she thought she saw a glint in those greeny-blue eyes from under the long, dark lashes. At first the problem didn't seem too difficult. the neck of the top was wide and the hole it caused quite large. The others crowded round to observe everything. Maryon considered. If she took the thing by its bottom edge and lifted, the way it would normally come off, she might not be able to see at the back properly to make sure the ponytail wasn't disturbed.

The other way was more awkward, but it might be better in the end. Carefully she reached down, standing behind her friend, and hooked her fingers under the neckline at each side. She gently began to lift and the garment slid up the slim body without trouble until, just as Maryon had the ponytail safely hanging down inside the back, the front caught on Karen's chin. Try as she might, she just could not get the two things, the hair and the jaw, clear of the top's hole, even when she tried putting her hands at front and back instead of at the side.

Johnny and Derek and Colin, she saw without really looking, were much more interested in looking at Karen's body than at her efforts, but Sylvia kept a hard eye on her struggles with the recalcitrant top. Finally, just when she thought she had it clear all around and triumphantly jerked smoothly upward along the upraised arms, the thing caught under Karen's nose, the back pulled forward, and her hand snagged against the girl's long black hair and bent it up into a loop.

"Not quite! Not quite!" laughed Sylvia, jumping up and down and clapping her hands. "You didn't quite make it, kid." In disgust, not caring, Maryon swiftly tugged the top up over Karen's bare arms and half-threw it at Johnny. "There!" she said.

"That's the best I could do. Did I hurt your nose, Karen? I'm sorry." Throwing one slim arm over her naked, pale, shallow breasts, Karen, half hunching her shoulders, rubbed briefly at her nose, then sniffed up at Maryon. "It's all right, baby," she said. "Don't worry about it." She reached for her top, but Johnny, stepping back, passed it to Derek. "Not yet, babe," he told her and, with a pout, she sat down, brought her knees up against her chest and put her arms about them, and waited for Johnny to ask her her choice.

When the question came, "Truth!" she declared, in a husky voice. "Is it true that you're wearing nothing under your Levi's?" asked Johnny. "And you'll have to prove it." "Oi! What about Maryon Alysun's forfeit?" interrupted Colin. "Oh, yeah. Forgot about that," muttered Johnny. "Say, is it all right if I give her one later, before we leave, but when I think of something?" "I guess that's okay," said the English boy, smiling at his cousin, who'd flopped down by Maryon again.

"Later, later, masturbator!" Derek barked out a laugh, then flushed deeply when Colin turned a bland gaze on him. "Okay, let's got on with it, Johnny," he mumbled. "Well, Karen?" asked Johnny. "Are you or aren't you. and will you?" "The answer to the first question is -- no! No, I'm not, that is; yes, it's true. Okay? And to the second question, well, I'll let Derek prove it, all right?" And before anyone could object, she'd unbuttoned the top of her pale blue Levi's, unzipped a couple of inches, leaving marginal room, reached for her startled boyfriend's hand and thrust it down in back of her, his palm against her skin.

From above Maryon could just see the dark-shadowed valley between the two squashed-up globes of Karen's butt before Derek's hand eased down against it. His wrist wriggled and his hand thrust deeper as he felt, clumsily, at her skin, then he withdrew it and, as Karen rearranged her clothes, said, a bit shamefacedly: "It's true, Johnny.

Take my word for it." His friend grinned. "Don't say I never did anything for you, Derek. Okay, I'm satisfied with that. Now, it's your turn." Derek thought for a moment, rubbing his recently pants-immersed palm against his smooth young chin. "I think 'I'll try a Dare," he said, licking his lips and eyeing his black-haired girlfriend.

Johnny smiled at him. "Well, since Maryon the world-famous champion kisser took something off your girl, I'll give you a chance to get even. I. dare. you. to take Maryon up into the loft there and, before I count up to one hundred, take off her panties and bring her and them back down to us." Derek's face was hot and his eyes shone as he looked from his friend toward Maryon, who felt a shiver of apprehension go through her. If it had been Colin-! But, still, they were letting her play with them, and not as if she were a little kid.

Half reluctantly she stood up. "Okay, blondie?" breathed Derek, and she nodded. "You don't start counting till we're both on the ladder, all right?" he flung back over his shoulder. Taking Maryon by the elbows, he steered her over to the ladder, where Colin obligingly made room for them, and let her get three rungs up before putting his own foot on the bottom rung. "Now, when he says, 'Go!' you just shoot up there, hear?" he whispered heavily in her ear.

"When we get up there, just leave it to me. You don't want us both to get forfeits, do you?" Johnny brought his hand down and said: "One!" and Maryon felt Derek's bony shoulder press hard up under the cheeks of her butt. Awkwardly but quickly she climbed up the ladder for the second time so far, everything happening so quickly about her that she hardly knew what she was doing. She fell over the lip of the loft and immediately she was being shoved forward from behind by the impatient boy.

"Eleven!" she heard from down below, and realized they'd have more time than she'd thought. She blinked in the semi-darkness, and coughed at the hay-dust, kneeling up. Derek, standing beside her, pushed her down so that she was on hands and knees. "Fourteen!" A rough hand caught at the hem of her skirt and flung it up over her back.

"Please don't tear it!" she implored. Her only answer was a dig in the small of her back as he eased his knuckles up under her waistband so as to grasp the top of her brown panties.

"Eighteen!" Looking back she saw Derek, silhouetted against the loft's opening, kneeling down behind her, his legs outside her own slender pair. On a new ploy, he ran his hands up her bare thighs until he could get his thumbs under the elastic there and then tugged, trying to jerk the whole thing down off her. "Twenty-one!" She felt her belly quiver as the front of her panties came a fraction free, and then his hot hands were at their top again, and this time she heard his sigh of relief as he got a good grip on them.

He pulled until she felt the tight elastic slip completely over her butt, and she knew that even in that dim light he could see the plump round curves of flesh exposed to the air. For a second she felt his thumbs brush over her skin and she goose-bumped, her mouth dry. "Twenty-seven!" Johnny seemed to be counting awful slow.

much slower than the first time. Or maybe it was only her imagination. The hands at her behind now completely circled the rumpled cloth at each side of her lower hips and then, in one smooth motion, it was down about her thighs. Roughly she felt a hand wriggle in between them and without demur she parted them a bit so as to let him drag the crotch-piece clear. Another second, and the pants rested on the backs of her knees.

"Thirty!" "Lift your knees up!" hissed Derek, leaning over her, and, one by one, she obliged, so that in a moment he had them stripped completely from her. "Thirty-two!" came from downstairs. Glad that they were in plenty of time for their return, Maryon was about to sit up and pull her skirt down when an arm went about her and she was rolled over on her back in the soft, warm hay.

"Hear that?" Derek breathed. "Still another sixty-six to go, and it'll only take us ten to get down. And I mean to get one of those super-kisses of yours, first!" He flung himself upon her and she couldn't resist. She didn't really want to kiss him, but, if it pleased him, why not. She puckered up her little plump lips and offered her face to him in the dark, wincing a bit when his hard lips found hers and his strong tongue began to thrust between her teeth.

Then, suddenly, she jumped as a hot sweaty hand grabbed her knee, slid steadily up her thigh, and finally clasped her at her joint, so that she could feel his thumb rub excitingly over her little bush of blonde fuzz.

She hadn't expected this and, although she didn't much care for him, remembering all the while he was Karen's boy, not hers. it was pleasant to have him fondle her like that. Since Mike had stopped feeling her and playing with her, she'd missed the touch of someone on her juicy, tiny cunt. her own hands were never quite the same, though she could dream. Half content, she lifted one slender leg and let it fall outward from the other, and thrilled as immediately Derek responded by sliding his forefinger beneath her until it was jammed in the crack-of her ass, while his thumb continued its pressing, circling play on her wide-open crotch.

Against her face she could feel his heavy, hot, rapid breath. She struggled to thrust her slim hips up at him, and, as if in a dream, was about to move her own tiny hand in between them until she could touch him in the way she knew Mike liked to be touched when: "Eighty-two!" floated up from below and, to her regret, Derek released her.

"Christ!" he said, apparently to himself. "You're really hot for it kid, aren't you!?" He sounded astonished, which Maryon found surprising. wasn't this the grown-up way of girls and boys? She was almost mutinous when he grabbed her wrist, flipped down her skirt, and pulled her to her feet.

"Let's get out of here," he said. "I've got things to teach Karen!" He pushed her toward the ladder and, in a hurry now, she clattered down, acutely aware, all of an innocent sudden, that the other four were clustered at the ladder's foot and staring keenly up under her billowing skirt at her twinkling little cleft and her pulsing little buttocks.

Not looking at them, she skipped to her bale of hay and sat down, crossing her legs to contain the fiery electric glow high between them, and watched as Derek jumped down and handed her brown pantie to Johnny just as the latter said, with a broad grin: "One hundred!

Uh. what took you so long, Derek?" glancing down at his friend's bulging Bermudas. Hastily the boy plumped down next to the amused Karen. Colin stepped forward and grabbed the tiny brown garment from Johnny. "Hah!" he said, waving them. "A good old-fashioned pair of knickers. just like the birds wear in the good old Yewwwwnited Kingdom!

You'll get 'em back later, luv," he said in an aside to Maryon, throwing them on top of Karen's discarded piece of clothing. "Right, now. no hanging about, who's next?" he went on, squatting with his back to the ladder. "You, chum!" said Johnny, as the others settled down. "What d'you want?" "Oh, I suppose I might as well have a Dare," he said. Johnny looked at Sylvia. "Then I dare you, Colin, to take off that bra thing of your cousin's.

Sylvia, you have to stand up, now, over here." Sylvia made a moue of simulated annoyance, and strolled long-leggedly over to where Johnny stood, and turned to face the others.

Colin, with an almost arrogant smile, followed her and, at Johnny's indication, stood behind his cousin, while the Inquisitor stood to one side.

Taking the older girl's hands, he placed them on her hips, then fumbled at her back with the knot of the halter. In a moment the thin white cotton eased forward and from beneath it flowed two tanned crescents of soft flesh.

Very slowly Colin slid his hands up the careless, defiant-eyed girl's arms to her slim shoulders until his fingers were under the loose strings there and then, as slowly, pulled his hands apart so that the material of the halter inched down over the budding breasts, not quite baring the nipples.

Maryon noticed that even Karen, her own part-nakedness seemingly forgotten, was leaning forward to watch the denuding of her girlfriend.

Holding the thing together at the back, Colin flipped the shoulder straps down past Sylvia's elbows and lifted her bent arms out of them, letting her hands return to their akimbo position. Now he took an end of the halter in each of his hands and, parting them, began to pull the thing back and forth across her, affording tantalizing glimpses of her young breasts to the others.

After a minute of this, during which Sylvia stirred restlessly on her feet, swaying her hips, he dramatically ripped the cloth away, leaving her totally exposed. And, because of the friction of the cloth on her breasts as he'd teased it across them, her small pink nipples, red-ended, stood out from her like hard round berries. While Colin moved out from behind her, throwing the halter on the growing pile of discarded clothes on the straw, and stood where he could clearly see her, the brazen thirteen-year-old stood there in her loose white shorts alone for all of them to see, probably proud that she gave them a better showing than had Karen when similarly displayed.

For her age her breasts were quite full. firm and round and as tanned as the rest of her slender body, smooth and balanced and large enough to cause a thin dark line of shadow as they slightly overlapped the fair skin below, and just touching each other. As she deliberately took a deep breath they seemed to swell, parted, then came together again, jouncing gently, their hard nipples casting their own black shadows on the soft globes. Bridling at the others' obvious admiration, she flushed delicately, and slowly brought her hands up from her hips, across her flat belly, and up until she could cup her child-sized but bounteous bosom, lifting them separately as though to offer further and closer examination.

Maryon stared, fascinated at this display, and inwardly hoped that some day she, too, would be as well endowed. Certainly it was what boys admired in a girl, judging from the absorption of the three in the barn. After a long, enraptured minute Johnny, with a gulp, said softly: "Uh, Sylvia, it's your turn now.

What do you want?" Still absently fondling herself, with a secret smile in her eyes, she said, "MMmmmmMMMhhh! Johnny, can't you guess?" "Yeah. well, um, Sylvia, uh Colin did his thing okay, and now you'd better get back over there, huh?" Maryon laughed to herself at the way he was upset by his girl's enjoyment of herself and her stark exposure to the others.

Dreamily, and with a sigh which jiggled her tits, Sylvia sat down cross-legged next to the hay-bale. "Oh, all right," she said. "I'll have a Truth." Johnny looked relieved. "All right, then.

ah. Maryon seems to have more clothes on than any of the rest of us. so, is it true, Sylvia, that you'd like to take three things off her? Name 'em and take 'em off?" Again Maryon seemed to be the focus, and she dimpled. Beside her, Sylvia stirred and turned to look up at her. "I think, first. the hat." "Take it off for her, then!" Sylvia got up and stood in front of Maryon.

As she leaned over her full breasts swung out from her and, as the older girl's hands deftly removed her ribboned hat for her, the youngster found herself staring at the soft, swinging mounds before her eyes, the nipples now sunken back into their rosy aureoles. The hat was skated to the top of the pile, then Sylvia's voice was saying: "And the jacket," and her hands were pushing the shoulders of the blue jacket down over her arms. "Why don't you stand up-it's easier," said Sylvia, softly and, as the little girl obediently rose, brought the jacket down her arms and threw it away from her.

Now, Maryon was rather glad she'd worn so many clothes, otherwise three might have left her nothing, what with her lost panties and all. What would go next?

Her tie? Shoes, socks? But the other girl's slim fingers were at her waist. "And the skirt, I think," and before Maryon had time to think, she felt a loosening of her belt. The short zipper at the side took a second, and then she was somewhat dazedly stepping out of the brown skirt before it, too, was consigned to the pile.

She felt a breeze up about her stomach as the blouse fell loosely about her. She was wearing nothing underneath, Lois deeming her far too young for even a training bra -- oh, how she wished she had tittles like Sylvia's! -- and, apart from the tie still knotted neatly at her throat, her only coverings apart from the froth-fronted white silk blouse were her knee-high white socks and her black shiny shoes.

Luckily, she thought, the level hem of her blouse came halfway down her thighs, but even so, when she came to sit back down on the hay-bale, its tightness caused it to ride up further, and she could feel prickly straw uncomfortably against her chubby bottom. With a casual "Okay?" Sylvia resumed her cross-legged seat on the floor and, as casually, rested one warm hand on Maryon's knee. "It's your turn now, kiddo," she said. "You have to go out there and ask us all what we want." Maryon considered, acutely aware of five pairs of older eyes turned and burning on her.

She wasn't too sure of herself. it was a lot easier to let other people make the decisions, and they seemed to know a lot better than she did how this game really worked. Perhaps if she could get through it fast, so that it would be someone else's turn quickly? "All right, Sylvia," she said, hesitantly.

"But -- but I'd just as soon sit here." "Righto, Maryon Alysun," called Colin, from the end, so she turned to Karen and asked her what she wanted. As she'd hoped, she was able to move through them without having to think up anything very complicated, until she got to Colin.

Karen, on a Dare, had to take Derek's T-shirt off. Derek himself had to prove he truthfully liked to kiss Karen, which took a long time and a lot of strenuous movement as the couple embraced on the floor. Colin excused himself for a moment and left the barn, saying he'd come in on the end of the line, so Sylvia was next.

She promised to take off Johnny's shirt, and did so, leaving the five of them bare from the waist up, which nobody seemed to mind. Johnny chose a Promise, too, and the little Inquisitor had to think for a moment, until she had him promise to find out whether Sylvia wore anything underneath her loose white shorts. Instead of unbuttoning herself, older girl stretched out one slim tanned leg, rolled and guided Johnny's eager hand up under the leg of the brief garment until it vanished altogether from view.

But beneath the thin cotton they could all see his fingers stretching and spanning the beautifully curved mounds of Sylvia's pert ass, and believed him when he told them: "Not a thing!" Colin came back, and it was his turn now. Chinning his long lean bronzed body on a rung of the ladder, he laconically indicated that he'd have a Dare. Maryon could come up with no quick challenge and, the more she thought about it, the more the others grew restless.

"Cmon, kid, hurry up," urged Sylvia, her hand gently kneading Maryon's knee. The young girl tried to think, even more confused now with the pressure on her. "Why don't you have him do what he did with you?" asked Sylvia, almost certainly thinking of the prolonged and surprisingly passionate kiss. But Maryon misread her and eagerly turned to Colin. "I dare you to climb up and down the ladder before I count twenty," she said.

And, amid universal groans of disgust, the English boy easily heaved himself up to the top then came sliding smoothly down again, well within the count. "Your go, Karen," he said. But the ponytailed girl shook her head. "I can't think of anything much," she said, boredom in her voice.

"Let Derek go first, if he wants to." "Hey, everybody," interjected Johnny, "I've just thought of a great forfeit for Maryon -- remember she owes me one." "Let's hear it, then," said Sylvia.

"Maryon, first you stand up on that bale of hay you're sitting on," said Johnny. When she'd done so, he continued: "Now, Karen, you put your top over her head so she can't see, and, Maryon, you're not to try to see, and you must stand there until we tell you it's all right, and you mustn't say anything, and you mustn't even move unless we tell you! Okay. the rest of you come over here a minute, and I'll tell you what we'll do." Left alone, sightless, standing on the bale in her blouse and shoes and socks, Maryon fearfully wondered what they were going to do.

Would they leave her alone there, while they went off and had some fun together, leaving her out of it? Her head was hot beneath the top, and in contrast she felt the coolness on her thighs and stomach. Patiently she waited. But not for long. After a great deal of whispering and giggling from the far corner of the barn, she heard shuffling footsteps approaching, and then, shockingly, a pair of hands locked on her ankles and firmly but carefully pulled them apart until her neat black shoes just rested on the crumbly edges of the bale.

"Put your hands behind your neck, Maryon," came someone's voice, and dutifully she did so, trusting they would not hurt her. She could hardly conceal a gasp as hands then took hold of the bottom of her blouse and began to roll it up until it snugly nestled about her waist. They could all see all of her!!!

Instinctively she tried to press her thighs together but her spread-legged pose made this impossible. Something in her shrunk but, gamely, she bit her lip and let them do what they wanted with her. It was part of the game! And now a multitude of hands seemed to be upon her skin, from knee to waist, sliding, stroking, tickling until she began to wriggle in frustration-bringing muted whistles of appreciation -- kneading, cupping, fondling, gently probing, brushing at the tiny tuft of golden down, caressingly thumbing apart the suddenly hard rigid cheeks of her ass, circling about her navel.

Standing behind her, some one of them cupped her knees, then slowly ran his or her fingers up the round firm columns of her legs, stroked her thighs until she shivered uncontrollably, moved inward to prise apart the bubbly pink lips of her now blossoming slit, inserted the tip of a cool finger into her, sending a strong shudder through her small body, then withdrew it to continue firmly up over her little mound of gold-fuzzed flesh, lightly across her belly, then paused to move back around her waist under the rolled-up hem of her blouse, thumbs and forefingers gripping her strongly while other fingers made small circles against the skin of her sides, at a spot just above her hipbones.

It was delightful! Her breath came quicker as the tormenting sensation seemed to spread out from the toying fingers to warm her whole body from head to toes. She moved a bit, beginning to roll her hips in the same rhythm, taken up with the sheer, consuming pleasure that flooded her tiny frame. Then without warning the pair of hands flattened against her and slid themselves up under the front of her ruffled white silk blouse until they reached her child's buds of breasts.

She could have cried at the realization that she was flatter-chested even than Karen, and mourned that she was not bigger up there.

But the fondling hands didn't seem to care -- she hoped they belonged to Colin. A thumb and finger each nipped at her nipples, which had long since hardened like pencil ends, and began to twist them about excitingly, tugging and pressing until she thought she would go mad.

Between her legs, where now other hands caressed her, she felt damp. the numb tingling making her twitch involuntarily as though she had to take a piss but, better than that, as though she was full of Coke down there, seething and bubbling and sizzling, ready to burst out of her. But nothing ever did, only sometimes when Mike spent a lot of time on her, a funny-smelling milky stuff would ooze out. The hands at her breasts began to gather up what slight satin flesh there was there and to squeeze!

squeeze! squeeze! deliciously. And sneakily from behind, when she least expected it, a sharp-nailed probing finger scratched across the edges of her tight-held asshole and she sucked in her breath and threw her slender hips forward. Immediately another shock, for as the finger behind insinuated itself, wriggling, into her, she felt hot breath at the foot of her belly, a contact with bare-fleshed bone, a brush of hair on her stomach and something hot and wet and round forced its way into her groin.

One of them was kissing her cunt! A series of long, moist kisses breathed hot fire into now, and the finger behind forced her to thrust herself against the anonymous face. The lips on hers quivered deliberately, and then she thrilled as a wiry, writhing, slithery firm something parted her damp, sticky, unbearably sensitive pink little pads and bored boldly into her, while all the time the mouth clamped to her sucked about it.

This was something new. something wonderfully new! Mike had never sucked her like this, though he'd kissed her lower mouth as often as she'd munched on him. Why. this was even better than a finger! Unheeding of the sight she made, standing there in her shoes and long white socks, hips and belly thrusting and rolling, she let the blood sing in her ears and felt it coursing in icy, fiery rivers through her body till she felt faint and feverish.

Things ended abruptly. The questing mouth left her, the tongue took its last lick around inside, the finger popped out of her ass, and the upper hands, with a last, painful pinch at her nipples, reluctantly slid down her bare belly, thoughtfully pulling down the hem of her blouse on the way. Someone gave her a hearty smacking kiss on her silk-covered butt, and then the breathing and the hands and the giggles left her alone and withdrew.

As her head cleared she heard them moving softly about her, and when, at last, Johnny said: "Okay, Maryon, you've paid your forfeit. Take that thing off and get down," and she'd shakily resumed her bristly seat, she saw them sitting quietly down on the floor as before, none of them looking at her. Instead, Johnny, in rather a strained voice, told Derek to take over as Inquisitor. Wiping his hands on his Bermudas, the stocky thirteen-year-old took his place before them.

"Karen?" he asked. Hugging her shallow breasts, the black-haired girl, her green-blue eyes firmly fixed on her toes, said "DARE!" in a voice Maryon decided was oddly hoarse. Her boyfriend looked pale and tense as he said: "Then I dare you to show us all whether you have more hair down there than Maryon." "Oh, no; not just me!" came the quick response from Karen.

"Then you'll have to pay a forfeit," began Derek, but Colin cut in with a cool: "Why not see if Sylvia wants a Dare, too, Derek." As the boy looked inquiringly at the big girl in shorts, she nodded, licking her lips. "I'll take a Dare, too." "The same Dare I gave Karen, then," said Derek, staring boldly at her. The older girl, doing nothing to cover or prevent the sweet jostling of her youthful breasts, jerked her head at Karen.

"Come on," she said, "I suppose we must. You can guess what the forfeit might be!" And the two girls, their expressions slightly mutinous, went off into the shadows of the barn. Privately Maryon thought that the forfeits were much better than the rest of the game.

She'd enjoyed hers, though it worried her that no one had paid her any attention since she'd sat down. But that, too, was to be changed, apparently. In a moment the other two girls returned. They'd taken off their pants but they still held them protectively in front of their stomachs as they walked barefooted across the straw to the center of the semicircle.

There, after a sort of mutual facial gulp! they stood side by side, facing the rest, then sullenly flung Levi's and shorts onto the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Maryon was surprised and impressed by the amount of hair that grew between thighs.

so much more, certainly, than she had. While the tanned-skin Sylvia sported a crop of tight-curled brown spring-coils, the ivory white Karen, otherwise smaller in every way, surpassed her in this respect, with a fine, flourishing nest of jet black that reverse-triangled up her flat, pale belly and trailed a shaggy, two-inch-long tapered ebony arrow below, completely hiding any sight of her twelve years' vintage Mount of Venus.

The ponytailed girl's long lashes were lowered over her strange, green-blue eyes, but her companion in nudity held her chin high and stared brazenly back at the glittering eyes of the three boys. "Satisfied?" she said. "Oh, no fair," drawled Colin. "We have to make the, um, full comparison, you know. Maryon, get out there and stand between 'em, eh, and let's see what you've got there." Her legs weak, though she knew she shouldn't think any more of their seeing her like this -- but, somehow, it was a lot different when she could see them -- the blonde-braided girl walked over and placed herself in the middle of the other two.

Bravely she reached down to the bottom of her white silk blouse and pulled it up on her stomach. She wondered if they'd want her to pull it higher, or even take it off, so she'd be like Sylvia and Karen, but they seemed to be satisfied. "C'mon, you two," said Colin, "let's be good judges and properly examine them. Must be fair, you know!" Following the English boy's lead, they crouched down in front of their nude and nubile captives and stared intently at the joints of their thighs.

Though the two older girls demurred, Colin made them stand with legs apart and fingered each in turn, tweaking at their hairs until they complained, slyly inserting his fingers under them and casting an eye upward to observe the unselfconscious hardening of their nipples and the self-conscious suffusion of blood in their faces as they suffered his indignities.

Derek and Johnny were not slow to follow their leader's example, though they were both a little less free with their own two girls; Colin, after all, was going back to England, while they would have to bear with their girls. well, forever! But they made up for it by their treatment of Maryon, who felt herself growing positively sore as they plucked and pulled at her short, scrubby golden tuft to get it to its longest length, not forgetting to scrape their nails, at first excitingly, on her pink and juicy pubescent pads.

"Well, I think Karen wins by a length," quipped Colin, twining her jet-black veil about his fingers. "Gosh, don't you ever trim that bush?" he asked her as he got to his feet. She didn't reply, seemingly still sullen, though her hard, pointed black nipples in their raised brown marbled areolas betrayed her body's eager participation in its fingerative ravishment. "Who's next?" called Derek, rubbing his sweaty palms on his pants as the other boys returned to their seats, both, Maryon keenly noticed as she, too, somewhat regretfully pulled down her blouse and sat on her bale, taking care to sit cross-legged with their hands in their laps.

Karen had begun to go over to her crumpled Levi's, but after a whispered word from Sylvia for her ear alone, she reluctantly sat beside the older girl, both of them drawing their heels up to their plumped-out butts and clasping their knees. "Looks like me again, old sport," grinned Colin.

"This time I'll settle for a Promise, I think." "Um. let me think; oh, yeah. you gotta promise now to tell us whether you've ever been with a girl, you know. all the way." "Jealous!?" said Colin. "Sure thing. more than one. And I mean. all the way, every which way!" "Mmhh. okay. Johnny, whad'you want?" "Truth!" "Okay.

is it true you've gone all the way with Sylvia?" "Oh, you lousy bastard!" came the reply as the boy, put on the spot, went a deep red. He looked shiftily at Sylvia, but she refused to meet his eyes, her own face darkening. "Yes, of course!" he said defiantly, after a pause. Johnny looked at the naked girl. "Sylvia, is that true?" "No," she said, coolly, not looking up. "Oh, sonofabitch," muttered Johnny. "Looks like you'll have to pay a forfeit, chum," grinned Colin, running his hand through his helmet of golden hair.

"Oh, you shut up," said Johnny, furious, still crimson. "Now, now, children," Karen surprisingly put in. "Don't let's have a stupid fight, huh!?" "Yeah, cool it, Johnny, Colin.

Well now, Johnny," said Derek, a cruel glint in his eye. "I reckon you ought t'be properly punished. So your forfeit is, to let Sylvia take your pants down and spank you." "What!?" came the indignant protest. But a game's a game and rules are rules, Maryon, interested, observed, and watched curiously and keenly as the shamefaced Johnny, angrily muttering at Derek, let the kneeling Sylvia, her big breasts joggling, unbuckle his belt, unzip his fly, and tug at his tight jeans until they dropped stiffly about his thighs.

"Help me, Karen," she said over her shoulder, and together the two girls, not bothering in any way to conceal their naked bodies from the hot, avid gazes of the others, pulled at the boy's pants until they were about his ankles. "Off altogether," decided Sylvia, and they roughly pushed Johnny till he sat on the ground, then jerked until he was as naked as they.

For he wore no underpants. Maryon saw that he didn't have as much hair on him as Michael, and his prick was thinner, too, although she couldn't properly tell because it was only just a little bit more hard than soft, the girl's handling and his exposure before his friends no doubt taking something from him.

It looked limp and crestfallen, which exactly suited his mood. Without more ado, Sylvia had him kneel down on the straw and in a moment the only sound to be heard in the barn was the slap of palm on bare flesh. The pale white slabs of his ass began to redden, though the girl wasn't really hitting him so hard, and he kept his knees together, effectively pulling his dangling parts up to the crease of his stomach, and Maryon could see how he tightened his rear muscles to harden the smooth marble skin beneath the stinging hand.

Karen, she noted, remained on her knees beside the pair and watched with a glitter in her eyes, though her face smiled. Sylvia's fine young breasts swung and swayed with her exertion, though her nipples stayed soft, and Colin and Derek seemed to be paying more attention to these attractive objects than to the punishment of their friend.

"That's enough, Syl," grumbled Johnny, after a minute or so, and, panting, her buoyant breasts swelling and shifting silkily against each other, his girlfriend sat back on her heels. Still hunched over, he started to crawl over to where his jeans were piled, but Karen expertly whipped them away, extending her lean, lithe young naked body flat on the floor to reach them before he did.

"Oh, no," she said. "What's fair for us is fair for you!" Complaining under his breath, he went to sit by Sylvia, drawing his knees up. Derek now looked at Maryon. "What'll you choose?" he said. "A Dare, a Dare," she cried, excited, and hoping that it would somehow involve Colin again. But, instead, Derek dared her to go sit on Johnny's knees then, in an afterthought, told his friend to sit on the hay-bale first. The nude youth started to complain again that the straw was sticking in his ass, and didn't seem too thrilled about having the kid in his arms, so little Maryon decided to do her best to make him feel better.

As soon as he'd sat himself down more or less comfortably, with his legs over the edge of the bale, she went over to him and, lifting the tail of her blouse up a bit, sat on his knees and slid along the groove of his thighs till she was close to him.

Since it was her Dare, she guessed she could make her own arrangements, and, since his knees were hard and bony, she preferred the fleshier part of his leg to plant her own plump little rump on. Again there came that little electric spark just inside her cunt as the hairs on his thighs brushed roughly under her naked butt, and then she was settled firmly against him, with his cold, limp flesh hard pressed between her thigh and his stomach.

Without really thinking what she was doing, she reached down with her right hand and grasped the length of his cock, adjusting it better against her, and hoping to warm it up.

She heard him gasp and innocently turned her big blue eyes on him with some surprise. Hadn't he had a girl touch him before? Johnny must have wondered what kind of little girl this was, after all, as her tiny fingers fondled and manipulated his cock and balls until the latter tightened and the former stiffened into a thin pencil.

He rather guiltily looked about him but the others apparently couldn't see the delicate maneuver going on at his crotch. With a surreptitious movement he parted his thighs a fraction, with the result that Maryon's little white ass was clamped between them as it dropped, and she found she could more easily work her slim fingers under his taut testicles to toy with them.

Letting her flexing hand rest there, she turned her attention back to the game. Karen was up in front now, her naked white body dramatically contrasted by the glossy black curtain that concealed the joint of her thighs.

Her shallow, oval breasts with their dark, hard centers flowed neatly into the other curves of her young body as she stood there with her weight on one leg, her hip thrown provocatively out.

Her pert, long tongue licked her dry lips as she suddenly pointed to Derek, who'd just sat down. "Okay, lover," she said. "It should be Colin's turn now but will you go first. or are you chicken?" Put this way, Derek could hardly refuse the challenge, and stared at her naked body lasciviously through narrowed eyes.

"Sure I'll take first go," he said. "I'll have a Promise." If he thought he'd get a delayed bit of action, he was sadly wrong. Karen's strange green-blue eyes widened to their fullest. "You have to promise to kiss my ass, right here and now!" she threw at him and, turning herself about, bent over with her hands on her knees, curving her spine so that the pale twin globes of her butt protruded at the startled watchers like a pair of blind eyes.

As he hesitated she wriggled it at him, knees and thighs together, looking back past her body with her black ponytail flickering at her ear.

Fascinated, Maryon could see the dark brown spot that was the girl's asshole and, even as she watched, Karen placed both hands on her wiggling rearward cheeks and pulled them apart, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind just where Derek was invited to place his lips.

In Maryon's hand Johnny's prick suddenly swelled and began to twitch, and she squeezed it tighter. "Shit! You find someone else to kiss your butt!" said Derek, outrage in his voice. "I'll kick it up your guts before I kiss it!" "Chicken!" said Sylvia and Karen in unison, and both of them fell into a fit of giggles which set the older girl's uncontrolled soft breasts to quivering and Karen to stamping the floor.

But she quickly recovered herself and, standing to face them again, rolling her hips as if to encourage Derek to think about what he'd missed, she said: "Forfeit! You got to give me a forfeit!" "Okay, what," growled her erstwhile boyfriend. "Same as Johnny's that you had him pay," she said, and called Sylvia up off the floor to help her. Standing the red-faced boy where the others could clearly see him, the two girls stripped his Bermudas down his legs to reveal he was smoother of skin even than Johnny'd been.

His prick and balls were pink and hairless, Maryon saw, and hung down together completely lax. Instead of having him on hands and knees like Johnny, Karen posed him in the position she'd been in, bent-legged and with his plump smooth melons stuck defenselessly out, hands on his thighs. Sylvia thoughtfully spread his feet apart so that it was difficult for him to clench himself, and then Karen, standing beside him, really laid into him with a power and a passion that frightened Maryon just a little bit.

The green-blue eyes slitted and the jet-black ponytail jerked like a small whip as the white-skinned girl spanked his bare ass as hard as she could, setting his flesh to quivering with the impact. In no time at all he was pink, and another half-dozen cracking blows inflamed him to a redness that matched that of his furious face. For Derek was in no way enjoying this punishment.

Curiously Maryon felt somehow stimulated by the sight of the naked couple in their tableau vivant, and as she imagined the feel of that flat, smarting, swinging hand on her own chubby rear she shifted herself on Johnny's thighs, increasing the pressure and clutching rhythm on the boy's now hot and hard red rod.

Her mouth was dry as she stared at the scene. So entranced was she by it that she hardly noticed when Johnny slid a heavy hand along her leg and began to caress her moist pink cunt, and how her own thighs slid apart to accommodate his busy fingers. But when, finally, Karen stopped her smacks and, in one quick movement bent her head and sank her teeth briefly into Derek's tender and hand-expectant rear end, Maryon's circling little fingers clamped so hard around Johnny's rampant cock that he jumped and all but threw her off.

Derek jumped forward and, cautiously feeling the place where Karen's white teeth had chomped him, but without breaking the skin, demanded: "What the fuck did you do that for!?" "Oh. seemed like a good idea at the time," was her soft reply. But although she acted casually, Maryon noticed that now her hard little nipples stood out from her like nails, and that she pressed her legs together from ankle to crotch, swaying them as though she was impatient to take a piss.

Bright patches of pink lit her cheekbones and her eyes were hot looking and moist as she turned to Colin. "Dare!" he said without being asked. Karen was obviously excited now, her hips swaying, her pointed red tongue wetly running over her lips, her weight going from one leg to the other, bent forward a little at the waist.

"I dare you to prove that you've a bigger thing than Johnny's and Derek's," she said, without even pretending to think. Colin didn't look at all surprised, but merely raised one eyebrow. He almost looked pleased, at last, in contrast to the embarrassed or annoyed expressions the other two had put on when they'd been forced to strip. As casually as if he were going to take a shower, the tall English boy unzipped his faded pants, let them drop to his ankles, and stepped out of them, kicking them toward the pile.

He strode straight up toward Karen, a mocking light in his eyes, took her hand, and placed it fair and square on his half-aroused prick. Maryon drew in a deep breath. Of them all, he most was like Michael. A soft golden down surrounded him and, as he stood, deliberately, in a shaft of sunlight, it almost looked as though there was an aura about him, a kind of yellow halo.

"I suppose you want a proper comparison?" he asked calmly, in charge of the situation. "Derek, Johnny, get your Yankee asses over here and let the girls see your stuff. And Sylvia, Maryon, you'd better come and help Karen to judge." Karen had let go of him and stepped back, as though content to let him run things. When the three boys stood there, only Johnny had a complete hard-on, and Colin winked at Maryon as she came over to them. "Looks like you've got an unfair advantage, Johnny," he said.

"You three birds better do something to us to, uh, get us started. For a kick-off, maybe another look at your jolly old quims'll do it. Your little jam-holes, your cunts, luvs," he added when they looked blank. "Don't you birds know what a quim is? Also called a fanny, back in England, not the same as your fanny, your backsides. Well, anyway, let's get on with it, eh? I reckon you two'll want your fellers to do their best and try and win, eh.

so, hop to it. You're lucky, Sylvia. old Johnny's quivering at the post already. I'll just have this little luscious lollypop, young Maryon Alysun, work her wicked will with me." Maryon stood before him, not quite sure what was expected of her, watching from the corner of her eye as Sylvia leaned her lush naked self against Johnny, throwing her arms about him and hugging him so that his cock stood up like a ramrod between their tolling, writhing bodies, and Karen, with lowered lashes, began to stroke Derek's slowly rising staff with one hand, the other gently smoothing his still pink buttocks, murmuring softly to him the while.

"Tell you how well do it, luv," whispered Colin, bending his head. "We'll have another of those beautiful kisses of yours, eh? Only this time well have you up here. like this!" And as he spoke he reached down to put a hand on each of her thighs, lifted them to ride the blouse up over her belly, gripped her waist and, with easy effort, picked her up and held her against him so that, as he let her slip a bit, her belly plumped against his.

Holding her with one hand as she contentedly rested there, with the other he parted her thighs and fingered himself until his soft tanned meat was between them. And then he kissed her as he had before, only this time, with nothing between them, and his questing hand cupping and fondling her unstraining nakedly exposed ass, it was so much better, so much more exciting, so trembling wickedly cunt-clenchingly quim-twinklingly fine and feverish that she let herself sink into a sickish, faintish dream in which nothing existed except the feel of his stiffening long cock between her legs, and of his probing finger into her tiny tight asshole, and of his dominating tongue swelling into her open, eager mouth so that she could hardly breathe.

Her own small hands wandered like soft, mindless animals over his chest and sides, and her legs instinctively tried to come together to trap him, and moved up and down to roll him between their hot, moist velvet insides. She wriggled, and writhed again, secretly wanting to have his cock inside her, though she wasn't sure what would happen then, and her whole sensitive groin sheerly ached for the void to be filled.

But Colin, it seemed, was much more intent on having his own pleasure satisfied than in worrying about hers, and after far too short of time he set her down, letting her weakly, blindly stagger off till she fell to the ground as he spread his legs, thrust out his belly, and pointed to his thick, long, pale-brown prick, which jerked spasmodically with its want. Poor Maryon hardly cared as the other two girls, no less excited than she, no doubt, but far more used to keeping some semblance of cool, visually and physically compared the three proud upthrusts of manhood and declared Colin the winner.

Trying to hide her feelings, her inflamed mind seeing more than her eyes, she was but half aware of Sylvia 'Promising' that soon -- not now! -- she would go all the way with Johnny, but she'd calmed down a bit in time to be startled by Karen's Dare to Johnny that he dress up in some of Maryon's things and act like a girl for her!

Her little fist stuffed hard against her pubic mound beneath the concealing blouse, Maryon watched in amazement as the boy, grinning and acting the clown, stepped into her skirt, belted it clumsily about him, slipped her jacket with difficulty onto his broader shoulders, and put the hat on his head.

He was a bit more bashful when Karen ordered him to slide the skimpy brown panties up his bony legs, but he nevertheless complied. "Okay?" he asked, grinning, standing in front of Karen and swaying his hips in a mockery of feminine ways. But his expression changed to one of indignation when, at a nod from Karen, the lissome Sylvia hipped her way across to him and began to touch him up, running her slender hands up and down his legs under the skirt and fondling his butt, playing with his hard boy's nipple and, finally, thrusting her hand into the hidden panties and tormenting him until he didn't know which way to look.

When Sylvia presently, amid giggles and laughter from the others, tugged the panties down about his knees, Maryon could see a darker wet spot among the folds. "Just a taste of your own medicine, sweetheart," said Sylvia, kissing him with exaggerated passion, her hand still busy on him under the brown skirt.

When she stepped away the cloth stood out from him, hanging, like a flag on a pole, and even Maryon could see that was funny. Now she realized that it was her turn again, last of all, and wondered what new grown-up-like thing they would think of next. She hoped it would be something exciting, like a lot of the other things that she'd enjoyed.

And, for once, her wish came true. When Karen, flaunting her black-haired nudity, stood before her and asked her choice, she shrugged her young shoulders and said: "Truth!" It didn't seem to make much difference what one said in this peculiar but oh-so-pleasant game -- it always managed to come out the same sort of way. Karen winked at her. "All right, Maryon, since this is the last one we'll do, I suppose, I'll make it special, and something for all of us." "Hey, don't forget she's still got that other Dare to do for me," called Sylvia, who was encouraging Johnny to stroke her bumptious little breasts while fumbling under his shirt with her fond fingers as they lay back against the ladder.

"Yeah, okay," said Karen, then put her hands on her hips and looked Maryon in the eye. "The question is, is it true that you've enjoyed yourself so far today; and is it true you'll let us all enjoy ourselves by doing what I say?" Maryon nodded her head energetically, her golden braids swinging behind her.

"Yes, Karen, this is fun. And I'll do anything to make you all happy!" "Karen, can I do this one?" asked Colin from the shadows, and stepped forward. After a quick, bidden look at him, the nude white-skinned girl shrugged, setting her slim breasts to shaking like creamy Jell-O. Colin went over to the bale of hay and stretched himself back on it, feet and head dangling. "Righto, now come over here, Maryon, and we'll work something out for them all, eh?" Obediently she got to her feet and squatted near his head to listen carefully as he gave her his instructions.

So it was that presently she found herself sitting on his firm flat gold-tanned stomach, facing his feet, with her thighs parted as wide as she could get them, straddling his with her knees. Behind her, she knew, Sylvia lay stretched out face down on top of her cousin, her soft ass up against her own, and with Colin's hand jammed, palm up, between them.

The English boy's championship prick stood proud and hard as she nestled her cunt in its fork, and it was sandwiched against her thin belly by Karen's as the ponytailed girl stood facing her between Colin's parted thighs, with his knees up and his heels jammed back against the edge of the hay-bale. Strange hands were up under her blouse, teasing her little nipples, and her own face was buried against her friend's shallow breasts, her lips moving from one to the other.

In each hand she held a smaller cock, one Derek's, the other Johnny's thinner shaft, and above her own she could feel Karen's warm and pulsing palms. The two boys, she knew, had one hand each on her budding breasts, and the other on Karen -- she could tell each time the girl's asshole was fingered, or her flanks stroked, by the excited twists and thrusts of the hard black-matted pelvis separated from her own seeking quim only by the mashed magnificence of Colin's throbbing prick.

Her senses were imbued by the sweet smells of sweat and oil, and the hot fetid crush of palpitating flesh. And every time that Colin, by accident or design, let his hand slide between his belly and Sylvia's writhing hips to quiver a finger so deliciously into and under the crack of her rosy plump ass's cheeks, she involuntarily jerked and increased the loving movements of her busy hands and mouth and twitching crotch until she thought she'd faint for real.

There was no sound in her singing ears save the heavy quick pulse-beat of her blood, the moans and grunts and heavy breathing of the others, and her own husky childish words. "Fuck. Cunt. Fuck. Quim. Fuck. Prick. fuck. cunt. fuck. quim. Prick. cock. cunt, oh! -- cunt -- fuck -- cunt -- fuck -- cunt -- fuckunt -- fucquim -- fuckunt -- quim -- fuckunt -- cock -- fuckunt -- cockfuckunt. cockfuckunt.

cockfuckunt. cokfuckunt; ooooohooooohoooohoooohoooohoooohooooh!!! Oh fuck oh cunt oh cock oh-fuck oh cunt oh fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK!" until in frenzied, unrequited unsatisfied frustrated lust for letting blow the bomb whose fuse she'd set she hungrily chewed on Karen's soft breasts and rolled the hard spiky nipples between her teeth and jerked like a milkshaker with her hands at the hot and throbbing heaving stalks of flesh in them and lifted herself wetly on and off the boiling bellied boy beneath her, and reached for his soaring golden prick with her questing quim and felt Sylvia begin to buck and jerk against her buttocks, and sobbed brokenly at the pain in her titties as the boys unmindfully pinched them and then.

then. as it'd never happened with Mike, something seemed to break deep inside her and a hot, peppery flow scoured the soft and tender pink walls of her secret cuntish cavern and gold and red and orange shapes pressed upon her eyeballs and the cheeks of her ass spread and she farted and on her belly a hot fountain spent itself and Karen's arms came around her thin-clad shoulders and pressed her closer into the warm silk bags of her breasts and the wet nipples in her mouth went in and out like snails' eyes and liquid warmth dripped down upon her hands until they were slick in their rapid strokings and Sylvia banged up and down against her back and all about her were moans and groans of ecstasy and a whiteness flashed over her and the singing in her noise rose to an unbearable pitch, and she collapsed backward onto the bucking uncaring butt of the shuddering, snorting girl behind her and felt Karen lean, following, over her to clasp her in a vibrant embrace.

and her hands fell limp and lax from the gulping, spitting cocks. and someone's knuckles ground into her aching, exhausted groin. and a mouth bit at her nipple, and something seemed to whip fleetingly at the other, and she whispered: "Oh-fuck-cunt-cock-fuck." and knew no more. TWELVE YEARS OLD Mike hadn't much relished the chore of walking Maryon to the Matherly place for her 'pajama party' with Karen and Sylvia, but Burt was working overtime, again, and the family car was in the shop, and the streets of suburbia weren't so safe as they used to be, and Sylvia's parents weren't available to send a car, so okay, already, Mike would walk his sister to the estate and see she got there safely.

He didn't have much else to do, anyway, the school's pool was being cleaned and there was no chance for him to practice his swimming, a sport he was expected to do well in at the Regionals, come spring.

He brightened up a bit as, walking up the long driveway, Maryon told him of the Matherly's pool, but didn't know whether he wanted to mess around with a bunch of kids. From his lordly seventeen years he told Maryon that his practice was a serious thing. he couldn't fool around with his length by length steady practicing in the middle of a mob of screaming yahoos. especially girl yahoos. In any case, he hadn't brought his trunks. why hadn't Maryon mentioned the pool before they left home?

His somewhat sour mood was not improved when he discovered Johnny and Derek were at the house -- it was a little after seven in the evening -- and seemed set on staying around for a while. It was Maryon herself, wishing to make up to him, who brought up the subject of his swimming, and Sylvia and Karen delightedly invited and urged him to go ahead and use the pool -- no charge, they'd like to see him in action -- maybe one day Sylvia could say an Olympic championed practiced in her pool! Flattered by their blandishments, Mike agreed at least to consider it, and they all wandered out of the large dining room, across the terrace, and down to the poolside.

The sun was getting low and there was a slight chill in the air but the pool was heated, so another one of Mike's objections was overcome. And the clear blue water did look tempting.

Swimming trunks? Well, said Sylvia, her dad's would be too big for him, but maybe -- and she smiled slyly -- a pair of her bottoms would do? In the past year Sylvia had filled out pretty well, and even in her light skirt they could see she was almost as big about the hips as Mike, despite the three years difference in their ages.

Okay, that might do, agreed Mike, a bit reluctantly, and they waited as she went off into the house to fetch the thing. Perhaps because of the older boy's presence the others were more subdued than usual.

Maryon had been up to the house a few times since that time in the barn, but never again had things been quite so interesting. Always Sylvia's parents or the servants were about the place. And for some reason the group didn't seem to get together too often otherwise, and more often than not Maryon was not invited along when they went elsewhere for their fun and games, so that quite often she suffered the pangs of being 'left out of it'. And though Lois often pushed her to invite the daughter of the socially prominent Matherlys home, Maryon knew that it would not do either herself or her mother any good.

"Here, Mike, I've left it on the couch in the dining room," called Sylvia from the terrace, and came bouncing down the steps toward them. "You can change there, okay?" Mike was already trotting up and was out of sight by the time Sylvia came up and sat on the end of the diving board near the others. "I'd kind of like to go in myself," she said, "but I don't have anything to wear, now." "Oh, Mike doesn't like having anyone in the pool when he's practicing," said Maryon, and the other girl shrugged.

"It's my pool," she said. Karen and the two boys were horseplaying near the edge, the girl being threatened with a dunking for something she'd said. Johnny had her wrists and Derek her feet, swinging her out over the water, and her wrigglings in the air had slid her dress down over her thighs so that Maryon could see the brief green panties that cut into her crotch.

The boys wore smart black jeans and white shirts, though Derek bulked a little larger. One of the black-haired girl's white shoes flew off into the pool. "Oh you bastard, Derek!" she said between laughing screams, and they might indeed have thrown her, clothes and all, into the depths had not Michael then appeared, running rapidly down the steps.

In the brief glimpse she caught of him before he reached the poolside and dived, Maryon saw that Sylvia's 'bottom' was no more than a brief black bikini, giving her brother a half-inch band about his upper thighs. Then he was gone from view and the other two boys, setting Karen down, stood watching as his blond head presently broke the surface.

He was probably embarrassed about the scantiness of the girl's bikini on him, Maryon supposed, glad in the slight chill that she wore trim cream slacks and blouse though, like the rest of them, she was barefoot. Studiously Mike began to swim, head down into the water, arms steadily threshing, legs smoothly kicking.

His tawny body looked like a magnificent machine as it ploughed through the water, though the skimpy black band over his buttocks did look a bit ridiculous. Only once did he interrupt his rhythm, pausing to throw back onto the cement Karen's floating sandal at her call as she sat, dangling her legs.

After a while it grew boring to watch his strong, muscled frame glide endlessly along, and Sylvia drummed her heels against the diving board.

Then a smile lit her face. "Get ready when I say the word," she whispered to Maryon, then ran along to speak in hushed tones to the other three. When Mike reached the shallow end of the pool she called out to him and, hearing her, he got to his feet, shaking his head free of water.

The tight black bikini barely held him in, and Maryon could see the gaps at the tops of his thighs where his firm young flesh pushed against the thin material. "What's up?" he asked, apparently not too pleased to be interrupted. "We've got a bet going here, Mike, that you can't do a full length underwater, only using your feet," said Sylvia. "They say it can't be done." Mike considered. "Well, with a bit of a push off at the start, I reckon I can do it," he said. "Just watch me." And he bent his head, crouched low, struck back with his feet at the underwater wall, and kicked himself smoothly forward, hands held out and head down.

Immediately he was out of hearing Sylvia cried: "Now!" and to Maryon's astonishment the four began expertly to strip, discarding their various clothes as they made their way to where she was sitting. "Skinny-dip time -- we'll surprise him," shouted Karen, shrugging out of her dress. "C'mon kid, off and in," said Derek, tugging down his pants, and before she quite knew what was going on around her, Maryon was alone on the diving board, fingers to her blouse, while the others were sliding smoothly and silently into the clear blue water, totally naked except for Karen, who for some reason had kept her narrow green nylon panties on.

As they lined themselves up with their backs to the wall, their feet kicking gently, arms outstretched along the gutter, Sylvia called up and back, impatiently: "Oh, hurry up, Maryon, come in and surprise your brother." All kinds of thoughts were going through Maryon's head.

what Mike would think. what fun it'd be. why not if the others did.? She wouldn't be in the water in time. what would happen afterward?

But her body seemed to have made her mind up for her so that even as she saw Mike's head but a scant eight feet or so from the end of the pool, her blouse and bra were on the found at her feet and her fingers were fumbling with the buckle of her slacks. All of a sudden Mike seemed to convulse. Whether he'd just run out of air after his more than a minute's submersion, or whether it was the shocking sight of four pairs of legs dangling before him, he surfaced in a spluttering hurry, beating at the water with his hands, eyes closed and streams pouring from his blond hair.

Maryon froze where she was, her pants unzipped and part pulled down her thighs, her young breasts hanging out and forward. There seemed to her questioning mind to be quite a difference between being naked in the water and caught like this, alone, out in the evening daylight.

So it was that when Mike got his breath back and opened his eyes it was only to lose it again and close them again at sight of four heads grinning at him above the water line, four female breasts seemingly free-floating just below the surface and, above them all, his kid sister, half-nude like a nymph startled at her bath, the pink rays of the setting sun giving her nubile body a rosy hue and putting an ash-ember glow in the dull gold of her long hair.

"What are you guys doing?" he said when he'd recovered again, treading water, his eyes intent on Sylvia's flaunted breasts as she half-pulled herself from the pool. Maryon slowly slipped her pants down her legs, as though trying not to attract her brother's attention.

But as she could see Sylvia deliberately kicking her legs out, one at a time, so that the brown tuft between them winked at the older boy, she knew she didn't have to worry about that.

"We thought we'd give you a surprise. And you've got my bikini. And I wasn't going to be the only bare-assed one," laughed the girl, kicking water at his face. He seemed quickly to recover himself for, nodding his head toward Karen, but keeping his eyes on the bouys Sylvia floated in front of her, with their red markers, he said: "What's so special about her, that she gets not to be bare-assed?" Somehow the other three in the water hadn't noticed Karen's green panties before, but now the two boys -- with a whoop!

-- simultaneously reached down at her like a pale white fish Karen pushed off from the wall and away from them, so that Maryon, looking down from above, could see the lithe, free movements of her body in the pale blue water. In a flash she was around and past Mike and was headed for the far end of the pool but he, bucking up his near-bare butt and jack-knifing so that his sister could clearly see the shadowed crack in it, dived down and under the fleeing girl.

Taking advantage of the distraction Maryon quickly completed her disrobing and slipped into the water. Sylvia and the boys had also gone in pursuit of the pair and stood up, waist deep, just as Mike managed to slip under Karen and rise up in front of her, the water to their knees.

The white-skinned girl, untanned by the sun and slim as an ivory figurine, tried to escape him but his longer legs were more suited to water-running in his strength and he easily caught her, holding her just above the elbows as she, kicking, tried to keep the others off. While Maryon watched from her end of the pool, feeling the warm water wash between her thighs, Johnny and Derek each seized a fighting ankle and the three boys lifted Karen completely from the water, her long black hair streaming down from her in a dark mass that was in complete contrast to the whiteness of her struggling body as she arched and bent it, writhing, her pale oval breasts silhouetted against the pale blue of the evening sky.

Beneath her brother's brief black bikinis she could see him bulging as his eyes no doubt feasted on the sight of the young girl's twisting body held so close to him. And as the nude Sylvia, jumping up and down with excitement, her breasts bobbing, reached for the green nylon panties and tugged them down the flexing thighs, she was sure he was setting a hard-on.

And now they could all see why Karen had so slyly kept herself covered, for, whereas in the past she had sported a great black mat of hair at her crotch, now she was shaved-clean, so that the cold wet pale lips of her cunt stared starkly upward, as bare of concealment as an oyster on the half-shell.

"Why, Karen!" exclaimed Sylvia, slipping the strip of nylon down to the suddenly quiescent ankles. "What happened. crabs?" "No," Maryon barely heard the other girl say, "just that it was so.

so ugly down there." With a laugh Mike gathered her up in his arms, pulling her free so that Sylvia could pull the panties free, then, flexing his strong biceps so that they gleamed fitfully in the falling light, he lofted the naked Karen far into the air so that she fell, twisting, with a great splash beyond the others. The others now were after Mike to take his bikini off, but he refused, on the grounds that he was older, bigger, stronger, and didn't want to.

Meanwhile Karen swam up beside Maryon. "The bastards!" she said, pushing the long black wet hair back from her oval face. Maryon was fascinated by the sight of the girl's weirdly clean crotch.

it made her seem so much more naked, somehow. Idly she scratched her own well tufted mound, and mentally compared her boobs to Karen's. In the past year, though the older girl had grown taller and had more flesh on her, and still seemed oddly boyish with slim waist, slender hips, a smooth ass, heir breasts had changed not a bit, save perhaps to become a bit firmer.

They still gleamed like silken bass, and their cores, now hard from the exposure and the cooling night air, were still dark and small and pointed, but Maryon knew she was bigger there, with clearly defined little pears that hung loosely from her but could be held up from below to fill out most satisfyingly. Though, she ruefully thought, only she was far satisfied, for nobody had seen them in months! Certainly not any males, and especially not Mike, whose companionship this evening was a rare exception to his usual coolness toward her now that he was in Senior High and presumably could have his fill of girls.

Maryon was jealous, and suddenly decided to do something about it. She'd show him that just because Sylvia and Karen were older and bigger didn't mean they could please him most! Without a word to Karen she kicked herself off from the side and, taking care that her plump bare rump was constantly above the surface, swam casually up the length of the pool, past the others, who were still squabbling, then began to circle them.

From the comer of her eye she saw that her maneuver had not gone unnoticed by Mike, for his head followed her. In a moment she let her feet down and stood up and, feigning water in her eyes, stretched and posed wantonly in the shallow end, knowing, as she knuckled her eyes, that her breasts had been set to jiggling and that her out-thrust hip revealed between her slim young naked thighs a sight of rosy lips only lightly veiled by her soaking pubic hair.

She felt her nipples harden and shivered as she pressed her elbows back and shook her head vigorously, curving her body back like a sensual cat. When at last she opened her eyes she thought she noticed a look of curiosity on Sylvia's face as the older girl glanced from Michael's riveted gaze to her own body, the focus of his attention, but immediately it was gone and instead the big-busted girl grabbed Johnny's hand and pulled him to the side of the pool.

"Brrhhh! I'm getting cold," she said, clambering out with a wonderful display of her well-muscled ass and the lewd lips beneath it. "I'm going in to dry. who's coming?" With Johnny close behind, she ran to the deep end of the pool, said something softly and quickly to Karen, scooped up an armful of clothes indiscriminately, and raced up the steps to the terrace and so into the house.

Close behind her the two naked boys and Karen, pausing to pick up the remainder of the clothes, displayed their bouncing bare butts like rabbits in the twilight.

"Well. come on, Sis," said Michael, turning toward her. She pouted at him, wriggling her nude little body in a manner she knew to be enticing, looking under lowered lashes at the tight bulge coiled fleshily against the strained thin black band of his borrowed bikini bottom.

"Little sister'd like to be carried," she said, affecting a childish tone. "Little sister sooooooooooo tired." And, stretching one twisting hand above her back-bent head, she put the back of the other to her mouth, extravagantly yawning, but also fully aware that her thighs yawned for him, too. "Little brat. I'll drown you," he said, coming through the water. But instead of upsetting her he obediently went along with her game, picking her up boldly in his arms and then, as an afterthought, swinging her up and around until she was seated joltingly but firmly on his shoulders, her slim thighs pressed against his cheeks, his hands holding hers.

As he climbed out of the pool by the steps, balancing her securely, Maryon thrilled at the contact of the short, already dry, bristly hairs at the back of his neck against her eager, unprotected cunt. At the doorway into the room he hesitated but, ducking her head under the lintel and kicking with her heels, she urged him on and in. He stood for a second in the middle of the floor. "Where the fuck are my clothes? I left 'em on the couch over there," he said to the empty room, dripping spots of water onto the rich rug.

Just then there was a pattering on the stairs and Sylvia stuck her head discreetly over the balustrade, turbaned in a towel. "Come on up and grab a room. first at the top of the stairs, on the left," she said. "There's a bathroom there, and you can dry off. Your gear's on the bed. We'll see you later. much later!" The emphasis was unmistakable as she winked, turned and, bobbing her tail like a bunny, sped away back. Shrugging, adjusting Maryon's weight on him and incidentally sending a flashing warm pulse through her, Mike trotted up the stairs, made for the open bedroom door and, once inside, dumped Maryon unceremoniously onto the made bed.

Quickly he thumblocked the door behind him. "I don't need them to play any more of their little surprises on me!" he said, coming over to the bed and staring down at his naked sister who, growing excited by the possibilities, was lying on the counterpane on her stomach as though posing for her first baby-picture.

Mike nodded to the open bathroom door and began idly picking at the clothes thrown in a pile at the foot of the bed. "You want to shower first?" he asked. She smiled at him impishly. "We could take a bath together," she said. "That'd save some time, wouldn't it, Mike? I mean. you do want to get out of here and go home soon, don't you?" "You're a little bitch-baby, aren't you?" he replied, coming to stand in front of her. "Okay, I'm set, if you're sure you are." Maryon was about set for anything.

She'd started her periods some months ago, and was a couple of weeks past the most recent so, though Lois had made a faltering, unclear and generally unsatisfying explanation of what menstruation was all about, she reckoned that nothing could upset her plans to enjoy herself and her brother in the way she liked.

and hoped he still did. "Go start the water, Mike," she said and, when he was on his way, slid off the bed and quickly resmoothed it, clucking her tongue at the water spots she'd made on it.

Then she pattered into the bathroom on tiptoe. Mike was leaning over the tub, sloshing the water about with his hand so, without further ado, she grabbed at the narrow black band of his bikini and pulled so that the hard, muscled globes of his buttocks sprang into view like surprised moons. "Hey.!" he began, but stopped as she next ran her small hands round his hips to his belly, under the thin material, easing it off him with her wrists, until she was able to take hold of his prick.

Feeling that it was more soft than hard, Maryon let go, took hold of the black bikini again, and pulled them down to his ankles. With her head pressed against his side so that she could see better, her mouth and eyes formed astonished little 'Os at the size of his dick, even in repose.

He turned off the water, stepped out of the pants and stretched elaborately. "Jesus, it's great to be out of them," he said. "I felt like an idiot." She touched his cock with a finger. "Why aren't you big for me?" she said. "When Sylvia and Karen took their clothes off, you were big. I could tell. Don't you think I'm as good as them?" "Haven't really looked at you, Sis, it's been a long time," he laughed at her.


Getting into the steaming water he sat down and stretched his long, strong legs. "Let's see what I've been missing," he said, so without another word, she climbed up on the side of the tub, put one leg over to the top at the far side, then moved up toward him, straddling the bath. Not looking at him but intimately aware of the brazen nakedness of her body as it was exposed to his gaze, she reached to her hair and carefully began to undo the braids, twisting her body innocently about as she tugged at her tresses, delighting inwardly at the effect her cavorting little cunt must be having on him.

And when, pretending to nearly lose her balance, she bent and swayed and looked down beneath her, sure enough the tip of him was just beginning to break surface, though, even through the diffraction of the water, his prick was, she saw, still not completely hard. Presently she shook her hair free, feeling the damp silken ends of it play over her taut cheeks.

The strain of her straddling stance was beginning to give her a most delicious ache in her crotch, and she was dying for him to touch her there.

But as if realizing her own impatience, and using it to heighten his own pleasure, Mike instead kept her there, ducking his head and scooting around in the bath so that he could now look up at her splitting crack and study the out-thrust of her young and tender buttocks. "You're filling out pretty well, Sis," he said, lightly caressing one steam-pinkened cheek, "but I didn't get too good a look at your boobs." Still sitting in the water behind her, he had Maryon bend over and touch her toes, so that her spritely little twelve-year-old breasts hung down from her in all their pear-pointed prettiness then, to her joy, he not only complimented her on their fine growth, but, his hair incidentally brushing against her parted lips, he leaned forward to fondle and stroke them, finally turning around once again so that, with his head back, he could kiss them and take them into his mouth like hanging bunches of sweet grapes.

As his tongue rasped over her tiny, cherry-like nipples, her knees shook and she all but slipped and fell on him. "Hold up there, Sis," he said, his voice low and hoarse and, reaching up, he took her by her slim waist and lifted her down into the water. Pushing her before him he placed her at the foot of the bath with her elbows hung over the rim, her knees bent, and her feet flat on the bottom, so that her thighs and stomach were thrown out toward him.

Pushing her legs wide apart, he gently lowered his head to her until, at last, he planted a big wet kiss in her burning crotch. With her head thrown back, she drove her lithe young body up against him and clamped her thighs about his face, in ecstasy as his tongue found her ready slot and slid into it. But she couldn't retain this position for long and began to slide down into the water under him until his nose gurgled underwater and he had to come up off her.

"A kiss for a kiss!" he wetly murmured, and with his hands under her ass turned her about so that in a minute he was lying on his back, with his feet stretched out and up over the sides, the rim hooking him behind the knees and raising his lower body up out of the water, while she was half-kneeling in the water, her thighs resting on his shoulders, the whole great wonderment of his now fully erected prick available to her eyes, hands and mouth.

As he gently pulled her down until she was clamped over his open mouth she, in turn, needing no instructions as to what he wanted, though she'd never ventured to be quite so obvious in her compliance before, placed one hand under his balls and, squeezing them, let the other play gently up and down the fine upstanding length of him.

Her long blonde hair hung straightly down to either side of her face so that she fancied herself in a kind of cavern, veiled not only from his sight but his inward sight as well, cut off from all reality except this strong, tanned, rubbery bar of flesh with its two round ridged and hairy partners. and the other end of the long, hollow tube which was her mouth, at which he munched and chewed and blew and sucked and licked like some perpetually unsatiated elephant.

All sense of time and place forgotten, fogged in by the hot steam that rose from the water beneath her, flushed by its fetid nearness, Maryon dreamily puckered her young rosebud red lips and lowered them down and over his already inflamed tip, breathing against the distended hole in its center and letting her slim fingers play up and down the blue-veined length below as though he were a flute and a sinuous serpent both, the one fantasy merging into the other and out and back again in her head.

She let her long narrow tongue complete the circle of her lips, washing it about the clean silk dome until she felt it pulse, then parted her dainty white teeth and let them scratch lightly against his aroused rod as she lowered her head. Between her legs there was now only a seething cauldron of hot, flickering sensation as his own broad tongue forced its way into her welcoming vagina and his teeth grated on her fragile-seeming pelvic girdle.

Forcing her lips and teeth still further apart until her jaw began to ache, she strove to take him into her, swallowing at him, tasting the saliva that came to lubricate the monstrous morsel and at the same time noting a new honey-and-vinegar confection tantalizing her palate. With both hands now she tried to cram him into her mouth, shivering deliciously as his tip reached the back of her throat and, as she stretched her slender neck, ease down into it.

Between the fullness of her mouth and the closeness of the steaming room, her air supply severely limited, Maryon plunged into a feverish state of lovely lassitude, fondly fondling her brother's taut and trembling testicles and as much of his proud-stanced prick as was left outside her for her fingers to gratefully grasp, and gulping and gobbling at the rest of it, swallowing at its sensuously strangling tip and licking it with as much license as its swollen, pulsating bulkiness would allow.

Sublimely eager to achieve the impossible task of drawing more of his beautiful manhood into her, the twisting twelve-year-old raised her body from his and thrust out her neck like an angry goose and, perhaps as her hard-centered roseate breasts swung sweepingly down along his belly, Mike discharged into her, himself flinging his jaws wide and chomping into her young and tender treasure-house, letting his straining tongue delve for trove there.

His sister shook like a leaf in the breeze as his liberated sperm hosed hotly down her throat, and his spasmodic, snaky length of cock swelled and throbbed in her mouth. His large hands came up to span her hips and press her down on him and then she felt herself burst inside like a suddenly and mightily squeezed orange; whose juice was hot and stinging as it sluiced into the empty, yearning, air-sucking cavity of her virgin, cock-cunctating cunt.

She gnawed the air through distended nostrils as the center of her body drew drowning breaths from her, her flanks heaving in rhythm with the inward draughts of suction. While her hungry munching frustrated lower mouth bit down on warm ice cream, the melting Mars-bar thrust in her throat became, for her, a compensation, and for want of sexual sustenance between her legs she satisfied herself by sucking on the sublime substitute that filled her blood-rushed face until, at last she'd -- thawaad!

-- its last sour-sweet marrow-drop and its wilting husk lay on her tiny, tireless tongue, inert and lifeless. Her own juices drained from her jaw-torn, coughing loins and she dropped her head half into the cooling water, licking her little lips and tasting still the acrid cheesy ripeness of her big brother's powerful and pungent cream.

"Guess we'd better get on with our bath, Sis," said Mike, his husky voice dimly penetrating the red-slashed pink heaven of her thoughts. Consumed by memory, she slowly got off him, delivering a tender kiss to his shrunken, relaxed cock as it lay there, laved by the water.

THIRTEEN YEARS OLD Pretty and precocious, Maryon found the following year's Christmas due to be dull and unhappy. It was not because of anything she'd done, or because of her increasingly sex-fantasied life's real-world disappointment, though sometimes in the secret nights of her 'soul' she would wonder whether it might be some 'judgment' on her that things had gotten so screwed up. Did her frantic, often frenzied fingerings of herself in the dark hours somehow radiate a sort of mood or aura out from her, that affected the others in the house?

She didn't seriously think so, of course. Still, it was queer, the way it had all happened so suddenly. First, quite early in the year, suspicious Lois had at last braced herself to personally check on some of Burt's overtime activities, and had found him quite truthfully making time -- with his office typist, in the back seat of a floor-model '64 sedan, demonstrating the exquisite ease of his personal synchromesh system, though not without a considerable amount of double-clutching, and in the process flooding the girl's own carburetor, though using a steady-enough stroke.

The appearance of Lois' furious face at the window effectively cut his ignition, however, though the unseeing underlying girl's motor continued to turn over for several seconds. The result of this discovery was to send Lois to a lawyer, seeking divorce, with her trump card the fact that, should she tell Burt's boss of his demonstration techniques her future ex would find himself fired from a lucrative job.

But, of course, the better the job he had, the better the alimony prospects, so it was a stand-off of sorts. However, the couple had separated with Michael, preparing for college, ostensibly staying with his father, though he had a pad of his own, and Maryon left with her mother. Lois, taking the whole thing badly, had herself started an affair with a sympathetic, bar-met male by the name of Jim Harris.

Though Jim was a pretty easy-going man in his middle thirties, not bad looking, and with a good job in an insurance office, the stretched-nerved Lois was often quarreling with him, usually about nothing of importance, and threatening to break up the affair. And on this second Sunday before Christmas it had happened that way again. Jim had promised to drop by and take both his girls out for a drive but, earlier, over the phone, Lois had got mad at something she imagined he'd said or implied and hung up on him, telling him she'd call him.

when she was good and ready. Maryon cringed at the thought of spending a day with her mother when the latter was in one of her moods, and said she'd go and visit Karen. Lois said that was just fine. Because she was going out to spend the day with one of her old girlfriends herself -- to cry over several mixers of martinis, Maryon secretly supposed.

But Karen hadn't been in, and so, for the sake of peace and quiet, she'd pretended a conversation over the phone with her friend in which it was 'arranged' that she'd go over there in a little while. Satisfied that 'her little girl' would be all right, Lois had left and Maryon, thankful for a whole full day on her own, prepared to relax and enjoy herself, remembering vaguely at the back of her mind that other day just before Christmas, three years ago!

After listening for a while on her record-player to a new group called the Beatles, she began to get restless and bored. Suddenly she realized that this would be a good time to see what she would look like, 'grown-up'. The house was hers for the day, and if there were visitors or phone calls she just wouldn't answer. Making sure that the back and front doors were securely locked, she turned off the record-player in her room and, feeling excited, slipped out of her 'round-home' dress, her bra and her panties, grabbing up a robe, just in case, as she went along the corridor to her mother's room.

As was usual lately, Lois' clothes were strewn everywhere about the place, as though the imminent lifting of the bonds of matrimony had also freed her from the restrictions of neatness, appearances, and other lower-middle-class importances. Dropping her own robe as carelessly to the floor, Maryon switched on the special light above the full-length mirror of the dressing table and admired the way in which her body had filled out lately.

Her breasts were full and ripe and lush, as big, at least, as Sylvia's had been last year. And she was only thirteen yet! Her waist was as narrow as ever but her hips had a new and more subtle roundness to them, with lean bones quickly becoming submerged into fair and creamy hills. The hummock at her crotch stuck out boldly, firm to her fingers as she parted the bright gold curls of pubic hair to let it be seen by her in the starkly illuminating mirror.

Posing coltishly the while, shifting from one leg to the other, raising a knee to show off to herself the excellent, fashionably slender length of her legs, thrusting her pink-tipped, well-separated and high-hanging breasts out toward her mirror-image as if she hoped that other might reach out and fondle them, Maryon shook her long blonde hair free from its hasty knot and, reaching for a rubber band, put it into a ponytail.

Caught by some memory of a Roman siren, seen on the TV, she sought around until she found a length of thin white cord and with it bound the hair nearest her scalp into a seven-inch-long whip stock from which the rest of her shining silk flaunted yellowly down in a true tail that flicked her well-pronounced milky mounds of ass each time she shook her head.

For a while she disported herself by lashing at herself with her hair, thrilling as it slid quickly across her breasts when she leaned back, and drew exhileratingly up between her thighs when she bent forward then slowly straightened her body. But this was wasting time, however secretly delightful it was. Deftly running through the heaps of scattered clothes, remembering to remember more or less where everything was so that she could obliterate any traces of her clandestine visit, the nude nymph shortly had gathered what she wanted for the moment.

Lois didn't allow her to wear much else but the school uniform and what Maryon considered to be 'kid's clothes' -- jeans, shorts, sweaters, simple, discreet frocks and skirts and blouses. Why, she suddenly realized, looking at her collected booty, she'd never worn stockings in her life! Lois and Maryon were now of a size, though it was obvious that the girl would shortly out-top and -bust and -hip her mother, so there was little fear of her repeating the comic (as she now remembered it) masquerade of that other time-before-Christmas.

Stockings being paramount on her mind, she pulled a pair of dark-toned nylons on first, standing in front of the mirror while she smoothed the cool, electric stuff up over her legs, carefully matching the darker rings of their tops against each other as they all but bracketed her gold-coiled cunt, riding high on her thighs. Next, a garter-belt -- a brief black net nylon thing was conveniently to hand and, wriggling her hips so that her full breasts bounced loosely and independently upon her, she got the thing about her waist and, impatiently, fingered its clasps so that when she stood up straight again and looked in the glass at herself the dark stocking-tops formed perfect crescents in the center of her satiny thighs and, at the back, fitted comfortably up under the slight curved overhang of her cheeks, the straps framing most sexily (she thought) the cleverly concealed cleft at the front and the boisterous, saucy billow-walled separation at the back.

A pair of bright blue high-heeled shoes next caught her fancy and, as soon as she stepped into them she realized why women often preferred to wear them. The heels threw her body forward so that she felt a delicious tenseness along the fronts of her thighs and down the length of her stomach. In the mirror she could see how her breasts and butt were given extra prominence by this new posture and, when she began awkwardly to walk about, her hips rolled and her whole pelvic structure seemed to be floating in thick oil, constantly pushing her quim out and up so that she could feel the pleasurable tremors begin to work back into her from its pretty prancing.

Eagerly now she stepped the into shoes' matching dress, shivering with delight as the bright blue nylon slithered up over her stockinged legs. Not wanting to bother for the moment with panties and bra, content to view the outward took, she thrust her arms into the sleeveless armholes, settled her breasts comfortably into the twin scoops of material that bracketed the low V-neckline, fitted the high, embroidered-banded waistline against her slim rib-cage, and with difficulty zipped up the back of the thing to where its top, in a lower-cut V, notched halfway down her spine.

The dress was a trifle tight about bust and hips, but that only added to the delectable image she presented to herself in the mirror. The skirt was very full and, when at rest, just covered her knees.

but when she twirled her hips the bright-blue stuff shirred and flayed high about her thighs. For a few minutes she amused herself by running her hands slowly, tenderly up her legs, watching in the mirror as the dress rose higher until at last it formed a bright blue curtain draped enticingly each side of her yellow-curled cunt, and she parted her labial lips with the forefinger of each hand, letting her thumbs play with her clitoris until she could see her nipples harden through the nylon and feet the desire to becream herself flush and excite her craving cavity.

But she stopped herself from loosing her load too soon, wanting to prolong the shivery ecstasy until the last possible moment. She let the dress drop to her knees and began to caress her whole body through the thin nylon, her eyes half-closed as she imagined other hands touching her here, there, sliding, stroking, kneading. And all the while she moved herself beneath the material so that its electrifying contact would upbrush the fine hairs on her body and sustain the sweet tingling that imbued her.

She slid her hand into the neck of the dress, fondling one sensitive breast, wandering what it was like to have another perform on her -- thus, and thus and thus! -- while she just relaxed and enjoyed the sensation. When she was about ready to explode another sound suddenly overlapped her heavy breathing.

The door-buzzer! Someone was out there! Who? Not her mother, for Lois had a key. Careful not to make a noise, thrilling anew at the touch of the dress on her bare skin, feeling especially excited at the knowledge she wore nothing under it, making sure she wouldn't trip in the high heels, Maryon crept down the passage, through the living room, and across to the front door. Through the peephole she saw the magnified image of. Jim! What could he want?

He wasn't supposed to be here? Caution flung to the winds, keyed up and already excited, Maryon opened the door a crack and stuck her head around it, her long, fancy blonde ponytail dangling. "Jim? Mother's out for the day. She's mad at you. What are you doing here?" It was evident, even to her, that he'd hit a few bars on his way over, for his face was flushed and his eyes mindfully solemn.

With a nod he indicated the two packages he carried. "Came to make up. Brought some presents, too. Got something for you. ain't you going' to let a man in?" A present for her!? Well, why not let him in. Lois would get over her mood, eventually. And Jim paid so little attention to Maryon, that he wouldn't now concern himself about her dress. She'd get him out of here in a hurry, anyway, once she'd found out what the present was.

She pulled the door open and waited till he'd entered before closing and locking it again. She really didn't know why she was being so careful. Jim put the three packages carefully down on the low coffee table and let himself fall -- phhheeewww! -- to the couch, putting his arms along the back. "Gee, little girl," he said, not yet looking at her, "that's a mean weight to carry about. Your mom's not home, you say? When'll she be back?" "Oh, not for hours, I expect.

She's gone to see one of her friends." "A boyfriend!?" "No.! One of the ladies she went to school with, or something." "Oh.

Say, Maryon Alysun, are you all dressed up to go riding with us today? Aw, that's a pity. But it ain't really my fault, y'know. And you took so pretty like that, come to think of it, don't ever remember seeing you wear a dress like that, and those shoes! Why, you look all grown up." "Oh, thank you, sir," said Maryon, making a mock curtsey, aware of the length of leg she exposed as she raised the hem of the bright-blue dress and bent her knee.

"No, I mean it, kid! You really look grown up. Say, how old are you again? Thirteen? Wow, when I was your age little girls didn't look like you, kid. You know your mother when she's in one of her spats, though. Don't understand her sometimes.

And she doesn't seem to understand me! But you wouldn't know about that. Jeeze, but I could do with a drink. She's out and won't be back till late, you say? Well, tell you what, I've, got a gallon of Chablis here -- not great stuff, local but okay for a picnic, which is why I brought it.

Since we're not going on a picnic, I might as well break into it, huh? Can you get me a glass, girlie? Old Jim ain't got much class, but he hasn't gotten to where he drinks out of the bottle, yet. Oh, and say, get a small glass for yourself, Maryon. We'll celebrate my solitude, a slug won't hurt you." Acutely conscious of her over-swaying slender hips, bare under the nylon, Maryon sauntered into the kitchen, found a couple of glasses, and returned, wishing the while that he'd hurry up and get out of here -- after he'd left his present!

-- so that she could further investigate the mysteries of her mother's roomful of clothes. Now she put the glasses on the table and, watching as he expertly poured, sat down on a red leatherette hassock across from him, careful to bend her tight-closed legs away from him and pull the edge of the dress down over her knees, lest he see beneath it to her nude little nubbin. "Now, sip that carefully, don't want your mother to get mad at me all over again 'cause I got you drinking," said Jim, taking a healthy swig from his own larger glass.

Maryon felt a warm glow go through her as she drank. The wine tasted a little bitter but as her mouth and throat and chest warmed to it she could understand why grownups would like it. "Mmmhhh, that's good," she said, looking at him out of her big blue eyes, screwing up her nose and shaking her long ponytail. "Uh, Jim, what present did you get me?" He was already pouring his second glass and waited until he'd taken another drink before he indicated one of the two parcels, the flat, smaller, square one.

"Bet you can't guess what it is?" Maryon took another drink of wine, a bit more, this time. It was beginning to taste good, and nothing seemed to be happening to her.

"Can I touch it?" she asked. "Sure, sure," he said expansively. "Hey, come sit on my knee, and then you can open it. But you should guess, first.

Bet you don't get it, first time off. Hey, mind my glass!" Wondering what it could be, Maryon hastily had finished off her drink, picked up the package, which seemed light, and sat herself uncaring down on his knee so that she almost spilled the glass in his hand. Leaning around her he refilled both glasses and leaned back to watch her as she puzzled. "Hey, what'll you bet?" he asked, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Oh, I don't know." she said, reaching for her glass and weighing the gift in her other hand.

"Uh. if I win, you get to buy me another something like whatever this is; if I don't guess, I'll give you a big kiss. And you get a kiss for this present anyway." "Oh, yeah, just like all you girls," he said, laughing a bit ruefully.

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"Doesn't cost you anything, but I'll have to fork out if I lose. Well, okay. Can you guess?" "Oh, don't rush me," she said, jiggling on his knee, feeling his bones through the thin dress against her rump. She moves a bit closer to him up his thigh and wriggled back until she sat on both his legs. His arm went about her waist to hold her. There was a moment's silence as they both drank. "Oh, I give up," she said, and began to fumble at the wrappings. "The bet first," he said, and pulled her toward him.

She turned her face up and kissed him full on the lips as they came together, having meant only to dab him on the cheek. But even though she was intent at the moment on getting into the package, she couldn't help giving him a responsive open-mouthed kiss as his warm hand came up around her shoulder in what had probably started off being a friendly hug. And then she pulled from him and ripped into the fancy covering paper. It was a record, an album, The Sound of Music! She'd wanted to get it but her allowance wouldn't allow it.

Tucking it under one arm, she threw her other about his neck and wildly kissed him, full on the mouth again pleased that he'd thought specially of her, and driven by the wine to extravagant gesture. "Oh, think you, Jim," she said, looking at him with shining eyes. "Can I play it now?" And with a fine disregard to the high-riding of her bright blue skirt up her stockinged legs, she slipped down from him and ran into her own room, where she impatiently set the record on the player and waited for it to start.

When, floating with the music, she returned to the living room, she found her glass once again full and Jim lying back against the couch grasping his own. Feeling light-headed, grown-up and happy, Maryon danced around the room, arms outstretched, pausing only now and again for a gulp of the heady wine, careless of the way the high-waisted dress swirled out from the stems of her legs, letting the music decide her movements for her.

When, out of breath, she paused, the skirt settling down over her dark-stockinged legs, she was surprised to see that the gallon bottle had been reduced by over a third. Jim, with a peculiar smile on his face, eyed her through half-closed lids.

"I've never seen your mother move about like that," he said, his voice comfortable and blurred. "That's a piece o'real 'ntertainment. Y'deserve a li'l som'p'm fr y'r time. Screw Lois, always standin' a man up. Here, kid, take this instead o'. instead o' her. Try it on, lemme see if it fits though, huh? At least a man deserves that, don't he?" Clumsily reaching for the parcel beside him, Jim attempted to toss it to her, but between his bad aim and her sudden, strange lack of coordination, she not only missed it but, in trying to catch it on the fly, fell over the hassock and sprawled on the floor giggling, one long leg still caught over the hassock so that the bright blue dress fell back upon her thigh.

She was still shaking as she crawled along the floor after the parcel, and when she noticed that one naked breast was peeping through the V of the dress she was too helpless with laughter to be able to fix it, and too gay to care.

And when, the oblong package under her arm, she tried to stand up again, she knew that her bent knee must reveal to his focusing eyes at least some hint in the shadows of her thighs that she was equally bare there. A little unsteadily Jim pushed himself to his feet and came over to her, taking her arm. "Upsy-daisy," he said, lifting, and at last she was on her feet, though unsteady in the forward-straining high-heeled shoes. She swayed against him as she scrabbled at the wrappings and at last got them off, feeling his hot breath on her ear as he supported her.

The oblong box now revealed she quickly dropped to the floor, holding on to the tissue-paper covered bundle of lightness inside. Taking hold of a comer of black material that showed she shook and waved it from her hand until the paper floated away and she could see that she held a garment of some kind. And such a garment! It was made of sheer black nylon, transparent as the stockings she wore, with large-patterned diamond-shaped ridges on it.

It was a one-piece affair, with legs and arms that ended in black ruffles that matched the ones edging the navel deep V in front and the deeper V in back. The front was the front, she could tell, because of the black ridges which outlined where the wearer's breasts would be held.

As she examined it more closely, closing one blue eye to concentrate better, she saw that a small plastic zipper ran from the notch of the rear V around to that of the front one, and now she carefully unzipped it so that, as she held it out in both hands, it resembled a floating black butterfly.

"Oh, it's beautiful!" she said, with a slight hiccup, and pushed herself away from Jim to try to dance again to the tune of 'These are a few of the things that I love'. "Mmhh, put it on, honey," said Jim. "I bet it's your size." Obediently, happy to oblige, Maryon kicked off her shoes and tried to step into one of the clinging legs of the harem-type costume, but kept on losing her balance.

"You'll have to help me, Jim. And gimme some more wine, please." She'd show him whether she was big enough to take her mother's place or not! He gurgled the Chablis into the two glasses and gave her one, then knelt in front of her. "Put your hand on my shoulder, Maryon," he said, then took her foot in one hand and eased it into the leg of the thing, then changed hands to do the same with the other leg.

He spent a minute at her feet making sure he'd got the thing on her the right side out and the right way around, then, pulling at the black nylon, slid his hands slowly up her calves and over her knees, then up to her thighs, under the dress. "Can't see what I'm doing," he said, and without thinking she took hold of the hem of the dress and tucked it up under her chin, quickly, returning her free hand to his shoulder and taking a sip of wine from the glass in the other.

The sight of her unconcerned nudity seemed to be too much for the man and he stared at her gold-twined cunt as it was exquisitely framed by the stocking-tops and the garter-belt and its straps as if he'd struck real gold. More slowly now, never letting his eyes deviate from that bland blonde nest that faced him, he slid the harem-costume further up her thighs. At the touch of that nylon-on-nylon sensation on her legs, Maryon felt that old feeling start all over again.

She shook her hips impatiently. "Hurry up, Jim," she said. "I'm getting tired of standing." She quivered as his hands cupped the lush balls of her ass, fitting the thing to her like a glove, then looked down the length of herself as she felt him fumbling at her thighs. "Ought to take this thing off," he was muttering, unfastening the straps of her garter-belt.

"Otherwise might tear something. Better get your dress off, too. Here, let me put your glass down while you do it." Maryon felt her breasts pull free as she struggled to get the bright blue dress off over her head, her long-whipped ponytail getting in the way for a while so that she strained and stretched her body to set her agile young breasts to dancing above Jim's head as he loosed the taut straps resting against the satin creaminess of her thighs and laddered the jiggling, ballooning richness of her cute little rump.

Finally he managed to unhook the thing and drop it to the floor, then stood up help her with the dress, as she arched her back, shrugging her shoulders, she was pressed against him and with a hidden gasp she realized that he was hard beneath his tight pants, and soon, if she was lucky, she would get her first look at a real man. The dress flung carelessly over the hassock, Maryon stood lax and limp as Jim quickly pulled the rest of the garment up over her and slid her arms into its sleeves.

Stepping back, he told her to get herself sorted out and, awkwardly bending her neck to see what she was doing, since there was no mirror in the room, she cupped her nubile breasts and tucked them carefully into place under the transparent dark nylon. At his suggestion she stepped into the blue shoes, then reaching behind her with an arc of her slim stomach that she knew thrust her titties out to their fullest prominence, took hold of the zipper that lodged above the crack of her ass and pushed it down as far as it would go beneath her, before leaning over to reach down in front of her, her breasts like cherry-tipped pears, to grasp the zipper and pull it up in front.

Its tightening track pulled the harem-thing about her like a second skin, and as she wiggled and stretched to get more comfortable in it the transparent black nylon moved with her. When she bent her legs and stuck her butt out, placing her hand to cup her crotch and smooth the bite of the ridge out of it, she surreptitiously fingered herself, oblivious of Jim's bright-eyed stare. Suddenly becoming aware again of the music, she put her hands on her neck, below the swinging ponytail, dropped her head back and, standing in place, lithely put her body through the paces of a wild dance, feeling the excitement grow in her as the tight nylon subtly slid and tugged against her flesh.

"I think you owe me a kiss for the present, honey," she heard him say softly, and then she felt one arm about her shoulders and the other on her waist. Still keeping her hands behind her, she let him pull her writhing body against him, and she deliberately drove her little crotch against the bulge in pants, letting the sleek nylon slide sussuratingly over him he had to be aware that she knew what she was doing, dropped a hand to her behind and feverishly clutched and stroked her animated ass, while on her closed-eye face she felt his hot, musky breath.

His lips came down on her own parted rosebuds, and immediately she darted her long, wriggling tongue into his mouth, thrusting and seeking his until they met and struggled. The familiar longings quickly spread through her, tinged with the delicate spice of daring, the consequences of discovery or disclosure in this instance would be far more severe than would have been the case with her brother, even. She mashed her wet lips the more resolutely against Jim's and prepared herself for utter abandonment.

Before long he was searching with his lips down her body, sucking her hardened rosy nipples through the shadow of black nylon, fondling the lower cracks of her ass, rubbing his head excitingly against her belly, finally on his knees, reaching up for the zipper and plunging it down into the nest of her crotch. Obligingly she parted her thighs, feeling the strain on their slender fronts as she turned them out, still rocking to the music in her head, the playing album now finished and off.

His head nuzzled deeper into her crotch and inexorably she felt herself being pushed back toward the couch, though only half aware of the cooperation she was affording him. Maniacally she swung her lissome body until the lashing ponytail beat on her shoulders and her cheeks. Moving forward after her on his knees the man clasped her thighs and, digging his fingers into the crevice behind her, pulled her apart until she felt she would split there. Even through the delirium of her passion she was conscious of relief when at last her calves hit the edge of the couch and she fell back onto it.

Impatiently he caught hold of the edges of the flimsy garment and pulled it apart, exposing her fresh lush breasts to his gaze and hands. He held one each in his hot, sweaty palms, roughly caressing them, squeezing her aroused, ardent nipples between finger and thumb so that she almost cried out, except that the torture was insanely wild and invigorating.

Lust consumed her and she flung one stockinged, nyloned leg over the back of the couch and let the other fall to the floor, splitting herself into a limber V the better to accommodate his gaping, gnawing mouth and strong-licking tongue. "Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby." he gasped, slobbering wetly about the smooth cream satin of her inner thighs, between whiles sinking his teeth gently into her taut, whitened tendons as they pulled out from her as if into the soft tender meat of a drumstick. As he moved his head slowly up her arched, upward-thrust bare belly, she caught at one of his hands in her own and pressed it down from her heaving breast, sliding along her panting flanks until he palmed her quivering cunt, and he insinuated one finger between her craving lips and rubbed his thumb on the hard node of her clitoris until she jerked and jerked again, sucking with her labia to draw him into her, hungry for her helpless hollow to be filled.

Presently his teeth and hand left her bobbing, tormented nipples, though the hand at her cleft continued to twist and tease her. In a brief flash of panic Maryon thought that he'd decided to stop, and for the first time realized that she was hopelessly, helplessly lost to the gusts of desire, and animal instincts overrode all other considerations with her.

But then he was back. She knew at the back of her mind that he must have stripped off his pants, for against her face she felt the hot hard stick of his prick and the wet soft bags of his balls as he straddled her head. Reaching dreamily for him with one hand, she rubbed his parts about her cheeks, smelling the sweaty incense of him, pulling him down to run her nose along his length, then taking the loose skin of his testicles between her tiny teeth until she could suck the dangling fruit into her wide-open mouth, swilling his nuts deliciously in her swollen cheeks.

To her blurry, slitted, near-sighted vision his cock was massive, magnificent, marvelously long and broad. Positioned as she was under him, she couldn't get it into her mouth however she twisted, so she contented herself with kissing it wetly, running her twinkling, lascivious tongue along its length, licking butter from a corncob.

Bending her slender neck a bit, she could see a pearl of moisture at its red, distended tip, and lovingly she curled her tongue up around to pick it off his cock-head, savoring the liquid nodule of nectar.

As if her laving tongue had provided the lot touch to his fuse, Jim abruptly jumped around on her, and, removing his rampaging hand, at last laid the head of his tool at her portal's lips.

He reached for her hand and placed it on him. Instinctively she grasped it, squeezing its pulsing palmful and thrusting up with her hips bravely to encompass with her sadly cunctated little cunt-lips his broad-domed driving rod. Taller than she, he could no longer nibble on her trembling tits, though with the hand that did not support him he roved her breasts like a pirate with a chest of gems, and in her ear, as meantime he bit her lobe, she could hear him through her own red torrent of tingling blood incoherently mutter how he'd give it to her, how he'd fuck Lois, how he'd been saving for his screw, how Lois would now get what had long been coming to her, how he'd make her whimper for him and quit her whining at him, but he was not completely unaware that it was not her mother under him, Maryon realized as a thin blade of rationality cut down through her raging emotions for a second, for often, as he eased his prick heroically into her juicy tightness, he would murmur, "Thirteen-year-old pussy; a thirteen-year-old piece.

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Thirteen-year-old pussy; a thirteen-year-old piece!" with a shade of amazement in his words. Utterly abandoning herself to him now, Maryon began to respond to his stronger thrusts with twisting drives of her own, letting the new-found muscles of her hot, velvet cavern use their steel fingers to draw him in. All sensation in her ran from nipples and toes down and up to her pleasure-pain-aching loins and, reaching blindly down, she caught her dark-nyloned legs behind her knees and pulled them back and apart still more, wondering why she could not get the rest of him in her that she sensed kept his crotch from grinding on hers.

His thighs smoothly riding between the shallow, silky fork of her own, he began to piston harder, stronger, battering at some blockage within her that, finally, with a sharp pain that cut into her like the slice of a razor-blade, shivered and split.

"Ooooowwwwwaaaaawwwwwggggghhhhhgggnmuuhhhhh!" she cried in shock, and withdrew her bouncing ass from him, pushing at his shoulders with fragile, frantic hands and pressing her high-bent knees against the powerful bones of his hips. But his new freedom of passage only served to lash his lust to further endeavors, and her sudden tight clamping on him seemed to encourage rather than dissuade his zealous zest.

Now each plunging stroke and sticky part-withdrawal rubbed her raw, but at the same time it was exactly like scratching a nettle-itch, too tantalizingly pleasant to give up despite the consequences. And when his bludgeoning blows at last beat their way to the ultimate door of her desire and his slippery key sidled with oil on its grooves into her final, canaliculated lock the clean erotic delightful delirium her instinctive constrictions sent her into washed away all semblance of hurt.

Her inner body hesitated with titillating indecision whether to shrink back from the bold bumblebee invading the tiny petals of her shockingly sensitive cervix or to fleetingly, flutteringly blossom about it. Short quick shivers consumed her whole being as her vaginal fingers clutched and clung to his swollen thrumming member and then, all too soon, her balm-dam burst and floods of golden flaming sweltering sweetness flowed from her about him, more gloriously satisfying than anything her fiery fantasies and fleet fingers had been able to achieve.

And still he rode into her, sshhhwacking up and down her tremorous tunnel so that the very sound of it drew more gushing gallons from within her, so that her vitals seemed about to be sucked out of her. Then as she lay there writhing, pinned it position like a dying butterfly, a hot hard stream shot through the sundered shards of her erstwhile honey's haven and first time Maryon knew the incredible impact of an uncontrolled creaming.

She sucked in her belly and roiled her hips rapidly, gasping at the repeated jets that squirted into her deepest recesses, filling them to an overflowing that laid a layer of viscous liquid between his prodding prick and her wambling walls, and clenching herself desperately about him to contain the excess and squeeze him dry.

Clench -- squeeze -- thrust -- squirt. clench -- squeeze -- thrust -- squirt. Clench -- squeeze -- thrust -- squirt. there seemed to be no end to it. to him. to her. to the aching misty magic moment. Against her singing ear he groaned gratefully in his throat, and from her own still-childish lips came quick little cries of gasping gratification. At last, hot and damp and panting, he'd finished with her, and Maryon was left breathlessly beneath him to experience the tender tantalizing tortures of mutual tabescence.

They lay there, breathing deeply and slowly, as if asleep. And then dry sobs for an ache of something irretrievably lost, began to consume her and, wine well washed out of her wits, she shudderingly drew herself out from under his uncaring, uncomplaining bulk and ran, naked, hands clapped to her ravished reddened cleft, to the bathroom where, locking herself in, she jumped into the shower, tearing the remnants of her clothes from her and mingling her frightened tears with the running water as she scrubbed demonically at herself.

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When, eons later, she plucked up innocent courage to return to the living room, she found bottle, paper, boxes. all traces of Jim gone. The couch had been wiped clean of whatever might have stained it, and the glasses, rinsed, returned to the kitchen. She picked up the dress and one shoe, got the other and the stockings from the bathroom and restored them to Lois' room, pulled on a sweater and jeans and went out to hide the harem-thing at the bottom of the garbage can.

In her room again, she stamped and hammered on the Sound Of Music with her shoe, then took the remains of that, too, out into the trash can.

FOURTEEN YEARS OLD Maryon approached initiation time next year with mixed feelings. She knew, vaguely, that she would be humiliated and degraded upon her entrance to the 'underground' 'Bare-Stud-Cat' society but she was at the mental and physical stage where she just didn't care.

Jim Harris had never shown up again, giving the quarrel with her mother as the excuse, though Lois, despairingly, put herself down and pleaded with him to come back and give her another chance. Since then Lois had taken to going out at least four nights a week to the neighborhood bars, deeming Maryon old enough not to need a babysitter. Karen seemed more and more to be engaged in mysterious, lonely projects of her own so, when Sylvia Matherly, condescending to her fourteen years from her sixteen, took her aside one day at break and asked her if she wanted to join the clandestine club, she shrugged and said yes.

The 'Bare-Stud-Cats', it was rumored in wondering whispers, were about twenty of the most rebellious of the Wingering Experimental School for Boys, with perhaps a dozen of the more daring of the otherwise straightlaced St.

Joan's older girls as a kind of unladies' auxiliary. Disclosure of what went on at their highly unauthorized random-selected and timed 'come-togethers' was peculiarly and painfully punished, it was said. Whatever the reason, none but the members knew how and where they spent their time, and it was considered a dubious honor to be asked to join. Maryon had received her instructions on a read-and-eat section of (unused!) toilet-paper.

She was to come alone, at seven of a Friday evening, to the small gym of the Wingering school, telling no one of her impending visit. She was to wear -- the instructions precisely spelled it out -- gym costume under a raincoat, no bra, no panties, rubber-soled boots. With a quick, sure look behind and around her to see she'd not been followed and that there were none to observe her illicit entry in the place, Maryon carefully closed the gate behind her and walked swiftly and noiselessly in her boots to the gym door.

The tiny foyer was dark, someone had removed the bulb. But as she stood there in the blackness she heard someone move, someone who knew where she was standing, oriented to her by her silhouette as she'd come through the door. With no word of explanation or introduction, a pair of hands touched her body, then ran up to her face. Something was placed over it and she almost panicked until she realized that some kind of mask, with no eye-holes, but curved and fitted to leave her nose and lips free, was being adjusted with straps that went over her head and beneath her ears.

As soon as it was in place, she heard a light click on, a last tug was given to the straps, then hands ran lightly over her body, unbelting and unbuttoning the white trench coat she wore and sliding it from her unprotesting shoulders before patting her to check, presumably, that she'd perfectly obeyed the orders she'd been given.

She knew what they. he. she.? could see, her blonde hair cut short so that golden curls hugged her cheeks, framing her clear, clean, creamy complexion, slightly turned-up nose, and lips that insisted on remaining over-full and childish despite her experimentation with lipsticks. a firm, rounded chin and a rather long, slim neck that was now circled by the polo-neck of her white, cotton-and-wool, long-sleeved rib-wristed, tight-fitting gym sweater.

Hugging her every contour, stretched like a second skin over her firm, high-held, berry-tipped grapefruit of breasts, the single garment swept down along her flanks, showing the subtle indentations and rises of her ribs, before being cut off from view just above the hollow of her navel and the lean thrusts of her hips by the elastic-topped brief blue synthetic-silk of her shorts that, with brown piping at sides down to the three-inch slits there, nestled high-legged into her crotch and smoothed themselves over her out-curved cheeks as unwrinkled and conforming to their swelling pressure as the fabric sheathing the globe of a hot-air balloon.

But, effectively blinded herself, she could see nothing, not even the hint of light beyond the mask, and so let herself be led forward, not without some inner apprehension which she did her best to conceal from whatever audience was around her.

From memory of a couple of previous visits she knew she was being led, by a hot hand at her elbow, into the gym proper, and as she carefully negotiated the short flight of steps which went down to the planked wooden floor, she recalled the set-up. Directly across from her as she entered the low door, some thirty feet or so, was a wall banked by wall-bars. Against the walls at left and right would be, respectively, a variable height wooden box-horse and a four-legged, leather-cylindered horse with a pair of vaulting handles, and a set of parallel bars and a pile of rubber mats.

Four pairs of ropes would be hanging down from the beamed ceiling, and across the width of the gym, halfway down its length to her left, would be the bar, perhaps lowered, perhaps hauled up out of the way. Against the walls immediately to left and right of the entrance door were stacks of low benches, not much used for exercise, but forming a convenient set of bleachers for whoever was not performing on the apparatus.

As she came into the small, lofty hall she felt the presence of people in those bleachers. a short, nervous laugh here, a couple of words in a subdued tone there.

an air of inhabitance everywhere. A boy's voice at her ear told her to obey exactly whatever order she received, told her to turn about to face her peers, told her she stood in the exact center of the gym, told her to answer truthfully.

Maryon, her pulse beating rapidly, nodded her head to show she understood, and stood patiently replying to the catechism put to her. her age. her statistics (five-one, ninety-five, thirty-four, twenty-two, thirty-one). the state of her virginity (no questions asked as to its loss) her general knowledge of the Bare-Stud-Cats purpose. Then began the ordeal of initiation. First she was asked to show them the soles of her boots, which she did.

The ridged rubber soles belonged to the only boots she possessed, shiny black fur-lined leather that fitted snugly to just below her knees without benefit of zipper, the tops turned back down a couple of inches to disclose a thick band of fluffy white.

Her choice appeared satisfactory and the lone mysterious voice, also a boy's, told her to climb the ropes that would be put into her hand. Running the two lengths over and around one foot and clamping down with the other, Maryon pulled herself up until she was told to stop, judging she was a couple of body-heights from the floor.

Here she was told to reverse herself and, feeling odd in her blindness and somewhat disoriented, she released her feet from the ropes and, taking a firm grip with her hands, swung her body up and over until she hung head downward, her booted feet once again wrapped around separately by the ropes.

A command ordered her to slowly descend and, the blood rushing to her head, she slid down until told to stop again. Without warning she felt hands on her body and someone inserted his fingers into her shorts, gripped the edge of her sweater, and pulled it down so that her breasts swung free, nakedly hanging out from her as she hung there.

The sweater was deftly rolled until it formed a tight band under her arms and then the hands moved caressingly up her belly to her shorts and under them, so that she quivered to the touch of fingers on her cunt under the tight silk. Next the voice told her to release her feet and swing over backwards, so that now she hung by her twisted arms, facing her audience, and the same pair of hands rolled down the top of her shorts, pulling up into her crotch so that she knew she revealed the lower swell of her belly, the valleys between abdomen and thighs, and her golden cluster of curls, with her quim starkly outlined by the stretched silk.

Behind her the inquisitive hands continued between the cheeks of her ass which, in any case, hung barely out above the band of blue silk. Meanwhile knotted loops must have been made in a pair of other ropes, for the hands bent her legs at the knee, one at a time, and inserted them into the loops so that she hung face down and spread-eagled.

Her hair was unceremoniously gripped and her chin jerked up, and she was set to swinging, at first gently, then in longer arcs, swooping toward her inquisitors with her pendant breasts dropping pear-shaped down from her, her bare balls of butt thrust up into the air as she jack-knifed her body to perpetuate its diving through the air.

She heard footsteps about her and now many hands let her swinging, unprotected body play under and over them, their touch so rough sometimes that she was forced to lift herself by her already straining arms in order not to have her titties bang painfully into some human obstruction.

As she writhed and twisted for them, the taut muscles of her thighs worked on her so that her cunt felt open, and each new swing cut the blue silk more deeply into her, so that she knew she spanned it with her young and liquid lips. After a while they tired of this amusement and, releasing her feet, let her gratefully stand up. Solicitous hands pulled down her tight white sweater over her heaving breasts, but then continued on down to tug at the sliver of shorts until they slid down her legs, where she was told to step out of them.

She could feel the lower edge of the sweater band about her lower belly and just above the inward curves of her ass as they swept sweetly into her thighs, and shivered as she faced them, naked from knee to navel, pretty well. She was next led over to the wall-bars and reached behind her to the highest bar above her head.

Her legs were parted and the heels of her boots hooked over the bottom bar, then she was told to 'walk' up the wall as far as she could. As her legs bent at the knees and, inch by inch, she moved her feet alternately up the poles, her body was thrust forward in a great arc, suspended by her arms in their tight covering of sweater, her breasts ovalled and flattened by the pulling strain, and her gold-fuzzed pussy pushed out to its greatest prominence.

When her knees were bent at right-angles and she could climb no more, her ankles were seized and pulled still further apart, and then, as she hung defenseless, fingers began to rove her lower body, tickling her thighs, plucking at her labia, pulling them open so that pairs of fingers could be slid into her.

She throbbed and quivered as biting kisses were delivered onto her exposed parts, and tongues and teeth were employed to titillate her clitoris. Her vagina was full of oozing moisture and, as someone's small fist was pistoned into her, wriggling its knuckles for purchase so that she silently struggled against the raking pain, the sounds of suction echoed in the place above the heavy breathing all about. With a great deal of expertise, they worked on her until she was just about ready to explode with desire, then desisted and let her stew before starting again.

Without preamble she was ordered down, turned around, and told to reverse her former position, so that now her unprotected ass was at their mercy, pushed out at them in all its rosy nakedness, and they again played with her, fingering her cunt as it bared its pink-lipped slit below her, moistening the tunnel into her tight brown asshole and plunging a finger into it till it met the tight first corner of the tunnel, sending startled and delighted shocks through her which they could not fail to notice.

And once she was sure that a hot-headed prick had been rubbed up against her, but it didn't enter, and she couldn't be sure. By this time it wasn't the indignities being visited on her that gave her any thought, but the sheer aching pain on her arms and legs, so she was glad when the footsteps receded and her parts were relieved of their probing.

Ordered to get down again, she walked with throbbing thighs and sore crotch to where the hand on her arm next led her. Standing, she wasn't sure where, the sweater was at last stripped from her to leave her solely in mask and boots.

She soon found that she was not to be left alone to be merely stared at. Instead she was bent forward until, stretching, she could feel the cold leather of the box-horse, then hastening hands on her ass sent her forward until the crease of her thighs was shivered by contact with the leather.

On instructions she laid herself along its length, on her face, cringing as the coolness of the material touched her belly and breasts. But not for long was she to be left on ice for, without warning, a stinging slap was delivered to her upthrust haunches, followed by an equally as scorching blow on her other cheek. Now they came like hot rain as, evidently, the whole crew took turns to buffet her bare and boldly offered backside. At first the slaps brought tears to her eyes under the mask, and she almost broke down and begged to be released.

this seemed to be just so much sadism. But then, as the descending fingers, some flat, some cupped, continued to extend the territory they so fleetingly but tinglingly covered, their effect, she was surprised to find, was to stimulate her sexually, both by virtue of an ultimate relaxation of herself to whatever they would do to her, and to be spanked like a child was about the most humiliating thing she could imagine, and by the pressure of the leathered-edge of the horse against the fragile-seeming bones of her pelvis, which steadily built an increasing pressure in her groin until she felt she must either piss or perish of a lovely and lascivious lassitude.

From halfway above her knees to the small of her back she was a roseate, glowing mass of sensation, and when at last they finished and she was allowed to get up, she felt deliciously, feverishly bruised, and almost fell to her knees from the ache. In a daze she let herself be led next, stumbling her oddly heavy-footed way across the planked and polished floor, to where they had creakingly lowered the walking bar.

Fearfully she wondered if they expected her to get up there and walk it, blind and shaky-legged, but with a sigh of relief she understood that she had merely to hang from it by her arms and swing her way along it back and forth several times. Dimly she imagined what a sight she must make for their avid eyes, clad only in the mask and her shiny black white-fur-topped boots as her straining body bounced and bobbled her nude breasts and her twisting hips by turn excitingly covered and concealed the gape-lipped young pink juiciness of her cavorting quim.

Again, as she finally hung there from bone-aching wrists, eager and predatory hands probed and pried at her, sliding into her ready cunt, ravaging her outraged rectum, lifting and squeezing her breasts as though she were fruit in the market, tormenting her tender ass with great pinches of tortured flesh between finger and thumb till she felt like a side of beef being appraised at a butcher's.

Still with only brief, low-pitched words to guide her, she at last dropped from the beam and stumbled over to where the pile of rubber mats had been stacked so that, as she was pushed back on them, her booted feet just was clear of the floor.

Painfully conscious of the ridges of rubber beneath her burnished bottom, she tiredly but obediently parted her legs and fell back with outstretched arms, knowing now that she was to be faced with the ultimate test and already feeling her eager nipples send their aroused shocks through her expectant body. Almost immediately she was subjected to myriads of shades of strong and subtle stimulation. Some of them, boys and girls alike, had apparently stripped themselves while others, it seemed, had only partly denuded themselves.

Before they'd finished with her, or she with them, Maryon judged they'd all participated in one way or another. In her blindfolded state, and with the delectably confusing sensations breathtakingly and mind-fillingly engendered in her, she could never hope to recapture exactly the order and manner in which they satisfied themselves on and with her.

The evening became to her memory a lost living legend of lust, full of peaks and valleys and climbs and drops. Sometimes a hand on her wrist would encourage her to grasp a hot hard stem of flesh and gently stroke or furiously frig it. Or it might be nylon-stockinged legs that would part to let her pulsing fingers slide into a wet and unknown cunt like clenching calipers. Twice by the taste a twinkling twat presented itself to her questing lips for a kiss, and another discreetly covered her head within the confines of a hot and humid skirt before edging along to place its pelvic bones firmly between her jaws so that coarse hairs wound their way between her teeth as she obligingly munched.

Her breasts were continuously ravaged by a round of chewing, biting, nipping, sucking mouths until she could feet her young cherries of nipples swell to bursting point and her puffed areolas corrugating to agonies of stirring sensitivity. And all the time at the center of her sex were foreskinned pricks and bare-headed bones; long-nailed roving fingers that raked her succulent flesh like razors, and blunt-ended ones that toyed tantalizingly with her tremorous clitoris; sharp-tipped tongues that impudently prodded into her, and duller, broader ones that were content to lick and lave her unprotesting and protuberant little labia.

Hands fondled and caressed and kneaded and tickled her so that she writhed in exquisite delight under their never-ceasing embraces. Now a hot, struggling nude body would lie heavily upon her while helpful hands opened her up and slid the stranger's leathered loaded length into her, briefly. now a cockless crotch would jerk fitfully raspingly against her own and softer lips would search about her mouth with urgently desirous response. now hands would reach beneath her and rend her callipygian cleft while a voided sensuous mouth hotly supped on the split semi-spendings of a former occupier.

now a lean and rubbery smooth and slender prick would bob for a moment against her cheeks before, her jaws prised roughly open, it found a honeyed haven. And meanwhile her hands were busy at breast and ball and cock and cunt, her desire mounting at a squared rate to theirs until she cried out around a mouthful of pendulous bollicks and twisted her head and petulantly pounded her hips up and down on the rubber mats, and reached and hooked with her black-booted legs to drag someone, something, any one or thing, into the hollow-echoing emptiness between her burning thighs that, mute, could not itself cry out for the filling it craved, mouth and mutter as it might.

Even so at least two of the boys shot their fiery sperm into her depths before she reached her first agonized orgasm, leaving her in the short interval between their insertions a sobbing, wrestling wreck who thought for a despairing second that they would cruelly let her suffer and so increased to a frenzy her manipulations upon someone's silken bag of nuts with one hand and a bulging, burgeoning bundle of flaring flesh with the other, with the immediate result that twin spurts of warm wet cream shot slithering along her arms.

Giving thanks as the second, slimmer length was placed against her puckering lower lips and pushed within, she squeezed her handfuls dry and felt them replaced by another plump prick and a hot hollow that clamped about her paired fingers like a rubber glove. Her own vagina began to clench and quiver uncontrollably as the intruder began to slide smoothly in and out of it, and she would have gasped at each incredibly reaching incursion had her throat not been blocked by the domed end of a meaty hot-dog of a prick that was engaged in dripping its mustard into her.

At last her volcano overflowed and hot lava melted away her walls as, with eager, striving lips, she let the swinging hammer between her thighs batter away at her cervix and breach the last quivering crack in the innermost recesses of her yawning chasm. Golden magna scorched her and, as if blocked by the still plunging piston of prick that now, too, was jetting into her, the glorious glow backed up and filled her boiling belly.

And soon her whistling breath was escaping into some new luscious questing quim athwart her jaws as a third battering-ram charged up her galvanized gulley and thudded imperiously at her closing gates to demand entrance. which demanded request she acceded to with redoubled pleasure.

Each new entry was welcomed into her marinating maw until she lost count of the number of times she liquidly, lovingly, lasciviously spent her cuntish kisses on the invaders. Whether those she masturbated to magnificent maturation also plucked up enough new Cassanovan courage to enter her, she didn't know. Or whether he that, kneeling over her, straddled her waist and jerked himself off between her creamy, satiny breasts with the aid of at least one girl -- her breast dipped brushingly into Maryon's mouth like a small, shapeless silken bag with a marble in its end -- also, shrived and shaven, entered her seminary in search of guidance and fulfillment.

Toward the end she only was dimly aware that she was the blind center of a pile of wriggling, sweaty, cum-smeared, spittle-slobbered bodies whose every touch to her flesh sent darts of desire from their point of contact direct to her clamoring cunt, and whose often ineffectual, jaded javelins left still unrequited quarts of quim-oil in the rubber barrels of her bowels.

Later, led to a washroom, she finally emerged, dressed, to find the gym deserted and somewhat crudely cleared up. Numb in mind and body, her psyche soothed and shocked by turns of memory, she thoughtfully and wearily went home, grinning ruefully at the fancy of her mother's reaction, should she ever learn where she'd been this evening.

But Lois wasn't home yet. FIFTEEN YEARS OLD Long before the winter of '66 came upon her, Maryon had grown tired of the constant fucking and fooling at the Bare-Stud-Cats' meetings. She was of a mind that there should be a time and a place for everything while they seemed to find pleasure only in using the auxiliary cunts as a place for their pricks, and at any and all times.

So bored had she become, indeed, that she hadn't attended a meeting since summer, though Sylvia constantly urged her to come along and share the fun whenever a new member was to be initiated. Conditions at home were still the same, with Lois beginning to put on a little weight and providing more TV dinners and excuses for her absence than ever.

More for the sake of giving Sylvia something to tell the others than anything else, Maryon'd halfheartedly proposed Karen for membership and, to her surprise, the next day was urged to seek out the other girl and see if she wanted to join. Karen had grown more introverted, it seemed, and Maryon hadn't spent much time with the older girl, who more and more kept herself to herself and refused to participate in the usual school activities, she had been prevailed upon to portray Portia in the school production of The Merchant of Venice.

So it was that this Saturday night Maryon found herself being led straightaway upstairs in Karen's house to what the black-haired girl referred to as her studio. Her parents had gone out to dinner and a movie, it seemed, and the two girls were alone in the house. "Gee, this is a swell pad.

Groovy!" exclaimed Maryon, looking around her at the room. All the walls were curtained, and, being large, was draped so that behind the black hangings Karen could store books and clothes and albums.

Even her record-player was hidden away there. The ceiling was likewise draped in black, like the inside of a tent, with only a glittering electric chandelier hanging from its center, with various colored bulbs set in it. A large mirror, tilted slightly forward, faced the foot of the bed, which itself was just a plain box-spring topped by a mattress, and shrouded in a multiplicity of imitation animal skins and furs, with brightly colored cushions thrown carelessly upon it.

On the floor were thick, intricately designed rugs, and there was a long footstool to one side of the bed. "Wow. groovy, man!" repeated Maryon, impressed with this exotic display so simply and economically achieved. "Yeah. see; any kind of light I want, too, fixed it up myself," said the older girl, showing off, reaching under the covers of the bed to produce a small console of switches which, as she clicked them on and off, brought different colors out to glow from the chandelier, so that the room went through the changes of pure white, purple, red, green, yellow, blue, pink, orange.

too many for Maryon to take in at one glance. and then in various combinations. Finally Karen left the lights to burn with a mysterious green effect with a touch of red in it, so that her oval, white-skinned face, framed by the long, straight jet black hair, might have illustrated a book on young witchcraft, and causing a strange sheen on the patterned nylon of the lounging pajamas she wore, whose belled legs and arms floated about her like seaweed.

"Loose your threads and park your butt, kiddo," she said, plunking herself down on the bed and patting a place beside her. "So, hey. what's up? How come you haven't been around?" Maryon slipped off her boots and socks and wriggled her toes into the warm depths of the rug, shrugged out of her coat and hung it behind the drapes, and affected a yawning stretch, a bit guilty at having ignored Karen for so long.

In the mirror she saw herself reflected, a bit bigger and fuller than her friend, despite their ages, and wearing a simple green skirt and a white blouse that also, in this light, was tinged green. Sitting herself down on the bed, she made a few excuses, then gradually introduced the subject of the Bare-Stud-Cats Club, and let herself be drawn out about what they did there.

Karen looked at her perceptively from under her long black lashes as she finished. "Uh, kiddo, something tells me you're not too turned on by it, this Club of yours, and all this screwing, huh?" Maryon admitted she was right. Karen nodded wisely, her secret eyes flashing in the odd green shadows.

"Gave up most of that stuff myself, couple of years back. Oh hell, yeah, you're not the only kids to get a kick out of fucking, y'know. Some of the rest of us got our kicks in too. But I dropped outa screwing around with those jerks, those little-boy-bastards, long since. Got something better than that going for me now." Maryon looked her enquiry. "Chicks, man! What else?

It's the only way to go! Y'ever go down on a chick, kiddo, or have one go down on you? Someone sympathetic and easy and slow, and not some cat hustling fast to get his rocks off, and screw your chance of getting your kicks?" Thinking back, Maryon realized that, especially of late, she had had fewer climaxes and more instances of the boys in the Club using her as a kind of masturbatory machine.

whip it in, whip it out, and wipe it! She confessed, a bit shyly, of her lack of satisfaction recently, but added that actually the girls in the Club were straight, and got their sexual kicks from plain and fancy heterosexual balling, though they turned to with a will on initiation nights, many hands making light work, as it were.

"Huh, too many fucking cooks screwing up the soup!" said Karen with a dainty snort and a toss of her head that sent ripples of green through her black hair. "Tell you what, baby, why don't I teach you a few tricks of the game, huh? C'mon, get down to your skin, now. What d'you say?" Maryon hesitated for a moment then, willing to try anything at least once, slid off the bed and stood in front of Karen, who propped herself up on one elbow to look.

Maryon looked into Karen's hidden face then began to loosen the buttons on her blouse. Karen merely continued to watch her, making no move to also undress. Maryon felt a little self-conscious, but it didn't keep her from sliding her blouse from her slim shoulders, unzipping and stepping out of her skirt, and sliding her half-slip down over her strong thighs before discarding it, bending down to tug the elastic free of her feet.

When she raised herself she wore only her black bra and panties, brief, lacy garments that did little more than accentuate the bounding curves of her breasts and hips and belly. She felt goose-pimples sweep over her body and knew that they were caused by the steady, curl-lash-concealed gaze of Karen.

"Aren't you going to get. naked, too?" she asked, after a pause, shifting her weight from shapely leg to outthrust thigh. "Sure, kiddo, just as soon as you're in your skin." With a slight feeling of irritation, Maryon reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Pulling the wisp of a thing from her breasts, she felt the black lace catch at her hardening nipples. Karen whistled. "You're built, kiddo," she commented, her eyes sweeping over the green-tinted mounds of breasts and dropping to the subtler curves of the hard, firm belly beneath.

"I guess I'll do," said Maryon, blushing despite herself at this unabashed feminine inspection. Karen continued to stare until Maryon could do nothing more than step out of her panties, conscious of the swing forward of her heavy breasts as she leaned forward. Then, totally nude, she faced Karen again. The older girl laughed, sat up, caught at the flaring edge of her colored top and brought her arms up to fight her bead through the neck-hole, revealing to Maryon's interested gaze that the black-haired girl's breasts were as shallow and oval as ever, except that now the dark areolas were larger and bumpier, and the hard black nipples, excited by the draw of nylon over them, were longer and more pointed, though as slender as before, like slim fingers of carbon.

Lifting her cheeks up one at a time, still fixing Maryon with a half-concealed took of antic amusement, Karen pulled her pajama pants out from under, with one swift movement bent forward and slid them down her legs, threw them floatingly aside, and stood up, arms and legs stretched wide, back arched. "Voila!" she cried, with a laugh, delighting in her total exposure. As on the last time Maryon'd seen her naked, the girl's crotch was shaved clean, as were her legs, belly and arms.

Her natural ivory coloring was excitingly enhanced by the soft green light that shone on it. Karen posed for a minute, shaking her head to let the long black hair sweep about her, pulling out the pins in it till it hung to her buttocks, then, without further ado, stepped forward and embraced Maryon, putting her arms about waist and neck, presenting her lips to be kissed, turning her face up to the taller, younger girl's. With a twitch of her hip she slid one thin thigh between Maryon's, boldly pressing it against her gold-haired Venus-mount and rubbing it up and down as her tongue slid into the opened mouth above her.

At first it seemed strange to Maryon to be kissing so passionately another girl, but in seconds her own arms came about the other slimmer body and pressed it to hers, jamming her tongue against the flickering dart that probed her, closing her big blue eyes and letting ha emotions take over.

Her hands roved over the slim back and dropped to cup the cool hard balls of Karen's provocative ass and lifted the girl up by the letting her fingers ride into and explore the soft-walled crack they found there.

After a hot, swaying while, Karen shook her little head and pushed away. "Come," she said, "let's sit down a while." Both girls were breathless as they sat on the edge of the bed. Karen slid her hand along a fake leopard skin and took Maryon by the wrist, saying nothing. The blonde girl drew her knees up, mashing them against her breasts, while Karen peered at her with a grin on her elvish face, her eyes traveling over Maryon's body as if she wanted to drink it all in, her lips half-parted as she softly breathed.

Neither spoke for a while and the muffled, draped room heard only the sound of their breathing. Against her knees Maryon could feel her nipples touching the soft down and she gently swayed so as to increase the sensuous contact. Then Karen broke the heady silence. "C'mon, kiddo, now's the time to eat me," she said. Slowly letting her body uncurl, she lay back on the colorful bed, her hairless green-tinted body stark under the subdued lights, her over-slender legs parted and hanging down to the floor, her bent attitude thrusting up her hip-bones and pelvis, pools of shadow at the base of her belly.

As Maryon hesitated, she quivered the muscles of her completely defoliated quim and languidly put her folded arms under her head, willing to be a voluptuous victim.


The quiver-lipped hole at her crotch, all one shade of pale green, seemed to beckon Maryon. Still she hesitated, fascinated by the sight. Karen wriggled her hips, then reached down with one hand and, scissoring her fingers, parted her labia, spreading her legs wide against the soft-rugged floor. "There it is, Miss Maryon Alysun," she said. "Come on and do me good. and I'll do the same for you." Slowly Maryon slid off the bed and onto her knees between Karen's slim legs.

Head down, she put her hands on the thin thighs and with her thumbs pried apart the naked green-white lips. She felt strangely hypnotized. repelled and attracted at the deliberateness of it all. no hot furious moment as she'd been caught up in at her initiation. Gradually, with open mouth, she lowered her head, letting her hands slide up to cover the hard-cored little nipples that played against her palms like jumbo-sized rubber erasers.

Already, before her lips were on it, the bare taut skin of Karen's cunt was flickering and the vulva pubated in anticipation. Now that she was thinking about what she was doing, Maryon thought that the hot mouth would taste odd, perhaps even repulsive, but it didn't, she discovered.

It was clean and firm and from it came the lingering odor of bath-salts. Without further hesitation, she leaned in and pushed her rosebud lips against ovalled cunt and delivered a kiss. Then, intoxicated with the whole atmosphere, she jammed her mouth in, forcing the thighs apart with her cheeks, and started licking.

She stuck her tongue out and hardened it, wriggling it about until the other girl began to gently moan. A spark of pleasure at her power clenched her eyes and she went at it even stronger, delving deeper, teasing her tongue up and down the moist slit, going faster, stopping, starting again at a slower pace, washing from side to side, flickering in and out like a snake's fangs, while the girl above her groaned and snorted. "Get my clit, kiddo. Chew on my clit, lover," Karen whispered hoarsely.

Maryon moved her head up a bit until she felt the hard protrusion peeking out of the smooth, wet surfaces of the soft vulva, then, drawing back her lips, took the little nodule between her dainty white teeth, nibbling like a rabbit on a stalk of lettuce.

"Oooooohhhhhh! Oooooohhhhhh! Baaaaabbbbbbyyyyy!" she heard above her. With thumbs and forefingers she squeezed and plucked at the hard rubbery nipples and felt against her arms and cheeks and forehead the long shivering shudders that racked the out-stretched Karen's slender young body. She roiled the third nipple between her teeth, smelling the sweet-sour smell of the liquid oozing out against her full red lips.

From time to time she altered her action on Karen's clitoris, sometimes sucking lightly at it like a straw, sometimes letting its slight length pull back down between her teeth by its own elasticity, which set her palpitating patient to fresh inventions of chants and chirrups.

Karen was a quivering mass of hot olive jelly under her plunging, plundering mouth. The hard, tight-skinned hips rode up and the thin thighs clamped her hot, flushing cheeks. "Keep going, lover," the hoarse voice said, "don't stop -- don't stop -- Goddamn it. Don't slow down, honey! Just keep going -- so I can -- can come -- can-can-can oorrrbbbrrhhhmm COME!" Maryon burrowed deeper and now, relentlessly, as though trained by years of perfecting practice, she began a new, more rigorous manipulation of Karen's trigger-clit, pulling at it evenly and letting it tuggingly slide free, gripping its tiny base and tonguing its tender tip before letting it struggle free once more.

Almost immediately the bare-cunted girt reached climax, lifting her legs and wrapping them about Maryon's neck, pulling her deep and hard against her crotch tin the blonde tasted spiced milk on her tongue, smelt the ripe odor of toasted cheese in her distended nostrils, and felt gluey cream on her trembling chin. Presently the vise about her neck relaxed and Karen's hands came wandering down to bury themselves in her golden curls.

"Come on up here, baby," Maryon heard softly, and obediently she climbed up over the other girl's slim body till she lay extended on it, nipple to nipple, crotch to crotch.

Again Karen's mouth searched for hers, and together the two drained out with kisses the residue of the black-haired girl's royal honey. It was some time later when Karen gently pushed her off. "Your turn now, baby," she said, and herself adjusted the bigger, younger girl's body on the animal skins as she had formerly lain, arms behind head, legs apart and touching the floor so that Maryon could feel the sweet strain of her breasts and belly as they arched.

Then fragile fingers boldly brushed aside the coiled, sweaty hairs of her golden cunt-concealer and pulled her tender lips aside. As the deft manipulations went ahead, her mind took her back. to memories of Mike's fingers and the other boys who'd fumbled there in fascination.

But Karen, true daughter of her own female knowledge, knew exactly how to arouse her and bring her up to new plateaus of premeditated pleasure. Ripples of sheer, unashamed delight ran through her as, the penetrating fingers carefully removed, she recognized the first touch of tender lips, and she trembled with delicious and unencumbered disregard as Karen's velvet tongue cylindered itself like a hummingbird's and darted with an adept's craft into the central core of her being.

Her own moans and little cries of gratification were softer than her friend's had been, and instead she shuddered from her mouth, the muted sounds sending subtle shocks through her glowing body as she threshed her golden head in utter abandon. Soon hands were sliding lovingly up and about her breasts, and fingers toyed delicately with her nipples, twisting them this way and that and pulling on them till it seemed they'd be lifted from her. And then the teeth!

On that undernourished little node of gristle that was her clitoris! That few boys had treated with commiserating respect, and none with ultimate expertise! Karen teased and tormented it with tiny nips and tender tugs, munching with her mouth the while on the extrusions of her labia, until she could stand the passive role of recumbency no longer. Already gold shoots of glory were suffusing her groin and growing longer shafts to fickle the insides of her tits and scorch the relaxed sphincter muscles of her hot-hearted rectum.

With one easy, graceful movement she threw herself forward, sitting up, then leaning down over that black head until her quivering nipples were entangled in the greenish-shiny-jet-sleek net. She lifted her feet from the floor and flung her legs over Karen's shoulders, bending her knees back and out to force that searching face smothering into her crotch, crossing her arms hard against the back of Karen's neck so that there was no way this epitome of ecstasy could escape her.

Eagerly, her ass sliding off the bed, she ground her writhing hips and silkily slid her flexing thighs against the hot satin cheeks of this girl, her friend, who was at the same time her slave and mistress. Closing her eyes hard so that tears nearly came, she felt Karen respond with lusher ravings and frantic daggerings of her flexible strong tongue. The hard jaws were forced open to their fullest extent and she felt two rows of teeth rowel the soft flesh that contained the only part of her that was!

While hot on her belly and heavily on her ears fell Karen's harsh and excited snorting as the girl tried to bite and chew her way through Maryon's skin and bone to get to her vagina's far end. Then down came the old familiar barriers and a wealth of gloriously glowing golden moltenness cleansed the agonizing ache of expectancy from her convulsing cunt and she collapsed, folded over the limp head of the other girl, hugging her like a dear doll between her thrumming thighs.

And presently they made gentler love, marveling over the clefts and contours of each other's bodies, discovering with soft exclamations the differences and samenesses each of each.

Later that night, as Lois came falter-footedly home, Maryon, helping her mother to undress and go to bed, found herself wonderingly wondering what it would be like to find herself in the arms of this woman who, once, must surely have cradled and caressed her. SIXTEEN YEARS OLD Her infatuation with the new world opened up to her by Karen carried Maryon through several months but, when the older girl's parents moved further out from the city, she lost touch.

And somehow she couldn't quite bring herself to form another lesbian attachment. It had been. an experience; something to be remembered and put at the back of her mind somewhere. Sapphism was, after all, only a middle course between masturbation and masterbation, or so it seemed to her.

Nothing seemed to work completely for her, neither self, boys, or girls. Perhaps the fall, when she would be attending Glenville High, would bring fresher contacts, more mature possibilities.? But in her classmates at least, she was to be disappointed.

Perhaps because she'd attended a nonpublic school hitherto, perhaps because of her natural inward-turning nature -- whatever the reason, she found herself cut off from the mainstream of school activities and for her part regarded with some degree of contempt the somewhat unsophisticated attitudes of her peers.

Though she studied hard on her own, her results in tests were poor, and before the semester was over she was marked as bottom of her class. So it was that on a bleak, overcast December afternoon she found herself reporting to the small private office of Mister Hugh Jenner, her Room- and History-Teacher.

'Old Gelid Jenner' they called him behind his back, more from alliteration than accuracy. He was a short, balding man in his early forties, with disappointed eyes behind his rimless glasses and a tag of beard on his chin. His temper knew only two moods. sarcastic, biting humor and long-suffering, patronizing forbearance.

As she stood outside his door in her newly-bought, latest-fashionable boots and brown imitation leather micro-mini-skirt, with sleeveless fringed vest to match over a bright yellow turtle-necked sweater, with her books in their strap under one arm, Maryon brushed the fall of blonde hair which she was letting grow again back off her forehead, tired after the day's studies, and wondered which of the two moods he would be in. Maybe, now that school was out and no noisy sounds ringing through the empty corridors, Jenner would be calmer, more human.

She hoped so. She was in no mood herself to be upset by some trivial point, and delayed from getting home to a warm house and a hot meal. With a quick look around to see that the place was deserted, she put the books down and ran both hands quickly, strongly up her legs to smooth into place her warm pantyhose.

Bending over thus, she was surprised when Jenner's throaty voice behind her said: "Hhhrrhhmm! Miss Swelt, is it? Come in, come in." He must have opened the door without making a noise, the quiet creep, she thought, a flush mantling her cheeks as she realized that her short skirt, hiked higher as she'd bent over, must have afforded him an excellent view of her sleek upper thighs.

At least! If such views interested him, that is! She trotted dutifully behind him in her high-heeled brown boots and sat in the chair he indicated, alongside his desk. He finished straightening out some papers that lay on it, then looked at her. "Um. Maryon, is it? Yes. well. uh, Maryon, we don't seem to be making very good progress our first semester, do we?" Followed, to her boredom, by a recital of her marks, her attitudes as reported by her other teachers, and the areas in which she might hope to make an improvement.

She let the words run past her ears, not in the least way interested, until suddenly she realized that he was interested -- but in her figure rather than her marks, for he couldn't seem to keep his eyes off the knee of her swinging crossed-over leg or the bulge of her sweater-bound breasts as, when she shifted herself uneasily, they brushed aside the narrow lengths of her loose-hanging vest.

Mentally she sat up and began taking notes. She knew she was smart, and didn't much care either for the rigid system of scholastic scorekeeping or the supposed value of it once she quit school and applied herself to a career. But. But! But if she could get herself upgraded through Mr. Hugh Jenner without too much degrading of herself then. why she'd make a little bit of effort to win his commendations. With, she hoped, pleasure!

She waited until he'd finished then leaned forward, putting a forlorn look on her face and bridling her breasts so that they hung enticingly out from her. "But I do try, Mister Jenner. I really do. I'm not stupid, it's just that I don't seem to do too well in the tests. I know that I know all that stuff." "Well, I think you do too, Maryon," said Jenner, the eyes behind his glasses still riveted on her heavy-breathing bust.

"I think that you're a smart girl, from what I've seen of you. And I think it's a pity that it's the test marks that count." "Oh, you do, Mister Jenner!?" said Maryon, sitting up straight and uncrossing her legs. "Well then, perhaps I can come to some arrangement with you. That is, if you really think that the test marks don't do me justice." She had determined on a bold course of action. "Why, er, yes. I really think that in your case your knowledge, generally, surpasses that of most of the students, and that the system of testing shows you to unfair advantage." "Then I propose a bargain with you, Mister Jenner," said Maryon, getting up.

"Just wait a moment, please." She walked to the door, keeping her thighs close together so that her ass-action would be enhanced beneath the brief brown-leather skirt. Puzzlement was on his face, mixed with a modicum of consternation, as she returned to the desk, pulled the chair nearer to him, and sat down. She leaned an elbow on the corner and regarded him intently from out her big blue eyes. "Mister Jenner," she said, after a moment, "in your history lessons you've rapped a lot about the way the world is run.

Sometimes the people want to take some power from the King or whoever's running things. Sometimes a country wants to rip off another so's to get something the others have and they don't. Lots of times more advanced countries would take over a defenseless one and make it a colony, so's they could get markets for their goods. Now, in your lessons you've made a point of saying that in all these kinds of cases it would've been much simpler if, instead of quarreling and going to war about it, people would've just sat down and discussed things, making a trade of what they wanted against what they could get.

Like the people give the King the money he needs, and make him a guarantee, and in return they get some power for themselves. Or, two countries get together and set a fair price for whatever the second one has that the first one wants. And the same thing goes with the colony bit, the big country gives the colony -- one some help to get on its feet, and in return they get concessions, or whatever, for oil or gold. the things they wanted to invade 'em for. Right? Bargaining is better, right?

If two countries, or two people, sit down long enough they'll each find that the other has something they want, even though the thing they are giving doesn't mean that much to them. Maybe that's not too clear. What I'm trying to say is that well. say that in Vietnam they need an industry to bring money in, and give 'em employment and like that, and they decide electronics would be a good thing for them, like it is in Japan, huh? And we, America, want to get them to go along with, uh, the American Way.

you know, our kind of Democracy. So, instead of getting into a war about it, we send them a few thousand electronic experts -- you know, we've got a lot of 'em out of work, now -- and the Government, our Government, pays them a good salary. Well, y'see. the men we send would be happy with the American Way because they're getting paid good by the Government, and so without being taught about propaganda and all that they'll just naturally be good, uh, spokesmen?

And the Vietnamese are getting what they want, without a lot of official crap being laid down on 'em?

And we save money 'cause we don't have all those soldiers to pay and bullets to throw away, and they save money 'cause they don't have to sell themselves to get the aid, or pay for the education of thousands of engineer students in other countries?

Seems to me they both get something for nothing -- whatever Mister Griswold in Physics says about the conservation of matter and energy and all that -- and they get it because what they give is also a benefit to them. Right?" Jenner was confused, obviously. But he thought for a moment, then said: "Well, Maryon, it's not quite so simple as that, of course. And I doubt that Roger would quite go along with your Physics' theory. But, yes, there is something in what you say. People should be able to exchange things, and bargain for what they want without losing pride or getting into a fight over it." "Right on!" said Maryon, taking a deep breath.

It was now or never. Perhaps after all she could make use of her rather special background. She reached forward and took his left hand as it lay beside her and, as she spoke, placed it on the warmth of her round, pantyhosed knee. "Mister Jenner, I want to get better marks and I want to try some sex with an older man. You, I kinda reckon, wouldn't mind getting it in me, if you could get away with it, and you wouldn't really think it'd be cheating to give me the marks you think I deserve.

What about an exchange? Is it a bargain?" Her blue eyes flashed and sparkled as she spoke, and she fought hard to keep the color out of her cheeks. It was the first time in her life she'd been so outspoken, and really put it on the line, to herself or anyone. Jenner in his turn went pale and pink and pale again. He swallowed hard. "You mean. you mean, Miss Swe. Maryon, that you want me to-to." he broke off in confusion. On her knee his fingers tightened. Maryon let herself smile intimately at him, comradely, with the suspicion of a wink.

She remembered the tales of his wife that were told around the school. her dried-up sexual charge being devoted to good works and social responsibility. A childless couple, Maryon bet that it was mainly because of the woman's hang-ups. Bet also that the poor man had never had it but in the modern-conventional, strictly head-to-head, face-to-face, male-uppermost style.

By the wrist she slid his hand over her knee and pushed it between her crossed lower thighs, trapping it. "You know what I mean," she said. "I'll trade my body -- and eagerly, too, not like a ten-minute trickster -- for your influence. Mark me higher, and do your best to get some of the other teachers to do the same, but not so's you'll screw things up, naturally. Here. I'll give you a quick sample and, whatever happens after, I'll expect at least a B on my next History paper.

And don't worry about any thing, I've been on the Pill for months. See, how about this.?" Maryon had already felt his hand growing hotter through the thin nylon and had observed, with secret amusement, how the front of his pants bulged where his gray suit jacket fell back from him. Moving herself a couple of inches forward and leaning at the same time, she made sure that his fingers were comfortably, comfortingly, snugged in the hot hidden haven of her crotch.

With her own left hand she reached over the comer of the desk and spun his swivel chair a quarter to his left so that he directly faced her, then walked her slender fingers up his tight-clad gray thigh until she could flick the swelling growth at the base of his belly. She swiftly unzipped him, and, after a moment or two of struggling with the slit of his jockey shorts, managed to grip his prick and pull it out.

She was inwardly delighted at its size and length. He was uncircumcised and his thin foreskin was red with a satin sheen. As she touched him there, appraisingly running a long-nailed finger down its underside and noting with approval its powerful jerk, she felt his fingers stir on her thigh, spreading to span the warm sector of nyloned flesh. His unaccustomed hard-on through his shorts made the rubbery pink-and-white sausage lean over toward the right, and when she grasped it firmly and set it straight, she felt him wince.

"Oh. that hurt you, didn't it?" she said in a soft and sympathetic voice. "Maryon'll fix that for you." Before he could think to protest -- her mind was set on overcoming him with surprise and speed so that it would later be too late to change his mind -- she stood up, feeling with mounting excitement the jab of his unexpecting fingers as they were driven momentarily against her pliable young pubic hummock.

slid his hand down between her close nylon thighs beneath the upridden skirt, then stepped over his sprawling legs and sat on his right knee, putting her left arm about his neck to hold herself in place.

Putting his left hand again on her thigh she took hold of his prick with her right, then leaned in to kiss his astonished lips. At first he seemed to resist, but soon his right arm came about her waist and he responded, quickly opening his mouth as his nubile young instructress nimbly attacked his teeth with her tongue, demanding obvious entrance.

At the same time she ran her circled fingers down his broad length until they reached the cloth of his pants, then slid them in and underneath the material, forcing it back until she could grope through the slit of the shorts and, finally, grasp his warm and fleshy balls, using her slim wrist as a shoehorn to give him an easier purchase for his climbing cock's convenience.

A groan went through him as she clutched his cocciferous cockles and gently squeezed, but he abandoned his mouth to her roving tongue and his left hand dragged higher beneath her skirt. She wriggled her butt provocatively on his leg, continuing her squeezing tactic until she felt he was near ready, then slid off and down to the floor between his legs. On this first occasion she wasn't too concerned about her own pleasuring -- that could wait for all the other times she now knew were to come her way -- but to give him something to do she took both his unresisting hands and, not without a lot of difficulty and squirming about, allowed him to slide them down underneath the tight neck of her sweater and so, beneath her bra, onto her breasts.

It was not very comfortable and the blood mounted to her face as she half-strangled, but she didn't expect to be long in this position. Jenner's bent-forward attitude hindered her head movements, too, but she drew in a great breath and, without delay, put her mouth over the end of his prick.

At the back of her mind was the thought that this was the first male she'd ever operated on who was possessed of a regular foreskin, and it pleased her, in a quiet way, that there was something else about his cock, apart from its sheer size in that department, to intrigue her.

But she didn't want to spend too much time on this occasion in rapturous investigation. In all of her sexual adventures, this one was to be entirely a job of work. She began to move her soft red lips slithering from side to side about the outer covering of him, at the same time reaching out with her teeth until she could grip him just around the distended slot which her inquisitive tongue had found for her.

She now drove her tongue into that slot, narrowing its point and probing as if she were putting a finger into a glove, feeling him give quick little jerks against her right hand.

Encouragingly she squeezed his balls delicately with her left. She let the air come whistling in through the sides of her mouth about him and sucked juicily through her own saliva so that the sound would further stimulate him to quick action.

Feeling the veins along the length of his cock beginning to stand out from its rubbery flesh, she kept her dainty white teeth close to the dome and pushed her head down, so that the loose skin of his cock-hood rode up against them and was pushed down from the slick surface beneath as neatly as a peeled banana.

A riper, more cheesier taste crept into her mouth, a little over-strong, but gamely she pressed on, letting her long tongue lick and lave about his flesh so that the end of his prick floated around her mouth against the restraining guards of her teeth, propelled by the flat of her twisting little taster.

In the cup of her left palm she felt his testicles harden and begin to draw themselves up from the bottom of his pouch and so, opening her jaws to their widest extent, she dropped her head downward until she could palpitate her throat muscles about his naked cock-head.

Under the confines of her bra and sweater, Jenner's hands clutched at her breasts as though he were trying to hold a half-dozen of eggs in each, but so much was this an intellectual exercise with Maryon that her nipples were hardly stirred by his clumsy endeavors. She started to gulp and chew at him, pulling in her cheeks, grinding her lower jaw-bone, using the whole mechanism of her mouth on him like a horse in a hay-bag, using the suction of her strangled throat to draw him off.

After a few seconds of hold-back during which she could sense his conscious mind trying to will him not to impregnate the fresh-faced flush-cheeked golden head buried in his belly like a sophomore succubus, his gray-suited ass sank a little lower in his chair and his rampant cock blew off in her as strong as a sounding whale. A thick and viscous scalding stream broke its force fiercely at the back of her throat and she silently gasped and gulped as he involuntarily snatched one hand from her trapped tit and spanned the top of her head so that she was forced to further engulf his dick and swallow his long-pent load.

His prick strained and locked and surgingly swelled in the sudden, shock-shriven salivalessness of her mouth and the steady, relentless pumping of his semen-shed stones pulsated between her hand and her chin. After a while she felt his prick beginning to go limp in her, the hand on her head relaxed, and against her forehead his breathing was radiated through his belly, ragged and uneven.

Jerkily, awkwardly, slowly-quickly the history teacher withdrew his other hand from her breast and she sat back on her heels, head down, getting her breath back, holding his laces for support. A quick look at his face showed him to be in horrified shock so, putting her own feelings aside, she thrust herself to her feet, plunked herself down across his legs, threw both arms about his neck, and passionately began to kiss him, making sure that some of his just-spent cum was painted around the inner walls of his mouth to clench the ceremony.

She finally managed to drive conscience and caution from him so that he responded to her lavish, lascivious embraces with the unheeding hotness of a horny hermit. Maryon had won the battle and the war with one masterly stroke and many mistressly ones. Though in no way did his conduct in the classroom betray it, Jenner was infatuated with this fantasy girl. So surely, indeed, was his secret erotic imagination inflamed that he made no attempt to take their various encounters out of the context of the 'staying-after-school' situation that had started them, for which Maryon gave many thanks.

No pretense of 'love'. no shame-faced offers of money, or gifts, or motel-meetings. no brazen 'let-me-take-you-home-and-introduce-you-to-my-wife' or 'I-have-to-attend-a-seminar-up-State-why-don't-you-come-along-with-me' madnesses. Maryon deliberately catered to his long-frustrated fantasies, play-acting sometimes the role of little-girl-student, sometimes the bizarre mistress of his imagination.

Before long she had him perfectly trained to be her perfect lover to her perfected requirements and satisfaction. She made sure, to receive full benefit from his side of their bargain, that whether their fond fornications were frenzied or frivolous, they were inevitably frequent and full of lingering flavor.

She always tried to surprise him, making no commitment in advance as to exactly when their next clandestine cockunted caper would be. Once she shocked him when, waiting till school was out, she went to the rest room, stripped to her boots, put her clothes in a bag, tightly belted her white trench coat about her, then went to him in his room, immediately dropping the coat so that for the first time he saw her completely nude.

Pulling him to his feet, she pulled his clothes off, then rubbed and stroked his dick until at last, unable to resist his impulses, he forced her backward across his desk and ravished her against her pretended remonstrances, her boots kicking him wildly on his backside until at last, carried away, she dug her heels into the crack of his fleshy ass and pulled his cock into her gaping loins. On another long-remembered occasion, she brought to school her old St.

Joan's uniform, now at least three sizes too small for her well-developed figure and, changing into this in the rest room, came to him in the guise of a naive, acquiescent and unknowingly nymphomaniacal schoolgirl about to be punished for her supposed sins.

The only change she'd made in her former much-accustomed costume was that she'd ripped off for the occasion a pair of Lois' fancy high-heeled black shoes. The straining height these gave her, together with the shortness of her brown, blue-checked skirt, thrust her smooth, creamy, light-tanned legs into unwonted prominence, while her bra-less breasts stretched the sheer, thin silk of her ruffle-fronted blouse until the buttons were about to burst off it, which fact her neat-knotted brown-and-blue striped tie helped to conceal.

Her white, ribbed knee stockings now only just covered her calves and the skirt was tight about her hips, forcing her jaunty honeydew melon-halves of ass enticingly together so that, as she walked to his room, Maryon was automanipulated to randy readiness by the satiny overlapping of her inner thighs.

Beneath it the brown panties hugged her as close as rinds to fruit and tingled her breathlessly at waist and crotch by the time-tightened tourniquets of elastic. She'd let her silky blonde hair hang down, with a pair of eye-matching blue clips behind her ears to show them off beneath the wide-brimmed hat that now sat back on her head with its strap beneath her chin, and touched up her lips with a Chinese red stick to make of them a harlot's parody of cherub-like charm.

Her blue blazer necessarily unbuttoned, she stood before her Master in simulated submission. Occasionally she had to step aside from her role so as to guide him in his poverty of perversion. For instance it was only when she remembered her initiation rites and the pleasure that she received from her spanking that she re-realized the pleasure it must afford to the spanker, and so was able to suggest to Jenner that this might be a suitable 'punishment' for her as a wrong-doing school-girl.

He needed no more than the hint to get him going. After berating her for a number of imagined 'crimes', during which monologue she stood with eyes dutifully cast down, he pretended to find a new offense, in that she wasn't conforming to the dress-code of the school. Swiveling his chair sideways, he told her to stand in front of him, parting his legs so that she was between his ankles. "I do believe that, wretched little girl that you are, you're not wearing a brassiere!" he declared.

"Show me whether I'm wrong or not, Maryon!" With fingers that really were trembling, though more from a morbid excitement arising from shivery shame at what she was doing than from actual fear of the consequences, the demure-eyed blonde loosened the knot of her tie slightly, then began to unbutton her frilly-fronted white blouse from the top down, halting every now and then as though asking whether any further.

But always an impatient nod of his head would drive her to the next button until finally she must draw the garment out of her tight waistband, undo the last button, and let the thing rest on her heaving bosom.

While she stood with hands behind her, he took hold of the blouse's edges and pulled them apart, so that her bare and beautiful breasts in their creamy-white glorious wealth were open to his gaze and touch. "You see!" he said, indicating her bounty in such a way that his fingers stroked her nipples to full and expectant erection.

"Since you seem to be shameless I will try to shock you into some sense of shame. Come closer!" When her bare knees were touching the edge of his seat and she could feel the warmth of his calves against hers, Jenner took hold of the blouse-hem, fastened the lowermost button, and tucked the thing into her skirt again -- not forbearing to tickle her flanks and fondle her snug-pantied rear end -- but this time in such a way that the frilled white edges circled outside her breasts, pressuring them closer to each other and forming a perfect frame that ran in a diamond shape from the straining top button and tie-knot to follow the curves of her breast's outer contours, run slightly, tightly, under their blossoming overlap, to meet at her waistline, her cute little hole of a navel lending a shadowed period to the erotic design.

Maryon's pulse began to race as he pretended to arrange her more shamelessly, jiggling her boobs on his warm palms as he pushed them up and apart with his thumbs caressing the satiny skin on their inner sides. Forgetting himself for a moment, he lowered his mouth to their centers and excitingly sucked and scraped at her hard red nipples' length and tips so that she was soon eager for him to continue her harassment.

Presently, adopting a 'this'll-hurt-me-more-than-you' tone, he cleared the top of his desk and personally laid her out to his satisfaction. Getting her to face one comer of it, he went around the other side and, taking her cool hands, pulled her forward until, slowly, her aroused nipples touched the cold leather of the top.

He made her jostle there a while, knowing this would add to her randiness, making sure they scraped the surface, then lower she was brought until she felt her breasts flattening against the chilled desk.

He pulled at her wrists until she could just grasp the far side of the desk, which position lifted her lower body until she was on straining tip-toe, while the comer of the wood pressed pleasurably-painfully on the front of her pelvic girdle, sending sweetly sick shocks up through her belly and into her breathless breasts. Now he went around behind her and stood for a moment, and she knew he was surveying the pert upward thrust of her posterior, the drawn-up short brown skirt that almost revealed it, and the long, slender length of her legs as they ran childishly out of the high-stretched white socks and enticingly, palely, into the shadows of the skirt's peak.

To add to his pleasure, she wriggled her ass. and found to her pleased surprise that this sent fresh waves of arousing anticipation through her slim frame. Deliberately, taking his time, Jenner caught hold of the hem of her skirt and lifted it up over her back, for the first time seeing the curvaceous casing her old brown school panties gave his victim's buttocks, cutting into the deep valley between her cheeks and revealing in every last intimate detail their dimples and rack-stretched planes and hollows on their otherwise perfectly symmetrical globes.

He left her like this for a minute and she was about to turn her anxious head to see or ask what he was doing when she felt him up close to her again, and realized with a fresh thrill that he'd stripped, at least part way, for his bare legs were against hers and a soft-heavy truncheon was bouncing against her butt.

Then his hands were up under her skirt and his fingers hooked into the top of her panties, pulling slowly down so that again she grew excited as the tight elastic slid between her belly and the skirt and reluctantly left her chubby cheeks to the caress of the air. As the panties were pulled down past her pubic mound where it rested so excruciatingly delightfully on the desk's corner she moaned softly, already manipulated to the point where she thought that a mere touch would send her into orgasm.

But she contained herself and let him continue. The brown panties were now swiftly drawn down her aching legs and over her feet, and now her bare ass was fully exposed in all its vulnerable, up-and-outhrust whiteness beneath the rim of brown skirt. Maryon flinched at the thought of the expected blows on her trembling cheeks.

and flinched again for a moment as the first open-handed slap descended an her and drove her thinly-covered clitoral concavity against the hard and pointed corner of the desk. But then, as wonderful waves of weirdly oooohh! -- oooohh! -- oooohh! -- bringing sensation swam powerfully through her stretched body, she began to relax and enjoy.

There was something strangely intoxicating about being so wantonly exhibited in this way, for she knew that between her legs the wet and widening red lips of her cunt must be presented to Jenner's view, and the tight brown hole of her ass had to be staring at him with its winking, wrinkle-edged little eye.

She was momentarily disappointed when, after only a dozen or so stinging slaps to her ready rump, he ceased, but then a feverish shiver of exultation flashed throughout her straining torso and lit her moist blue eyes as she felt her ankles firmly grasped and raised so that her knees bumped against the desk's edge. He slid her creased thighs a little along that same edge until her cuntish arena was free of the top altogether, then walked his fingers along the underside of her legs from knee to hip-bone, moving in closer to her until she felt his hot cock tip titillatingly against her lower lips, anxiously pressing for entrance into her.

Obligingly she jerked her white little bunny-fanny up and drew her knees apart to pull her languishing labia into a more easily penetrable portal. At the same time his hand slid down and around her smooth thigh to grasp his dick and immediately she quivered as his first inward assault began. She'd never been taken quite like this, she thought, as she discovered a fresh thrill in having his fleshy belly repeatedly touch the trembling spheres of her spank-flushed buttocks.

And when he leaned in over her and slid his hands under her breasts, she went wild with purely selfish sensation which set her to wriggling and writhing and bucking and bumping beneath his welcome weight although, from the stronger strokings of his ravaging rod, he probably thought she was doing it for his benefit. Her chaotic thoughts could not clearly sort the various new diversions this posture offered her, but above all she appreciated most the running rub of his bounding bludgeon as it rode lovingly against the top of her vaginal sheath instead of its lower, more usual layers.

In an ecstasy of exhilaration, Maryon clamped her legs tightly about his naked waist and pumped them like a frog's in water, dragging him into her clenching, grinding orifice until at last he was driving his very roots hard against her firm-fleshed vulva with every frantic thrust. Her nipples were being exuberantly tweaked in the scissoring forks of his frenzied fingers and her breasts moved, expertly controlled by her mammary muscles, to roll and throb sweatily in his hot and fervid embrace.

The small crisp sea-anemone at the inner end of her volatile vagina extruded its tendrils of sensation to excite them both and she droned droolingly against the leather-topped desk as his dick thundered dully at the door of her womb. In one sudden, swift, and completely coordinated though unconsidered move, the screw-happy schoolgirl moved her hands back and down to grasp the sides of the desk and began to hurl herself with strong and powerful heaves back against the thrusting hips of her enthusiastically invited invader so that as her rampaging rump rode whompingly up into his soft belly and the tender skin of her breath-ballooning breasts stretched and cushioned on the hard heels of his hands, the very desk creaked and groaned in seeming unison with their redoubled exertions and trembled beneath them as though it, too, were approaching some monumental climax.

As air began to pump damply burping from her uncontrollably lusty cunt, Maryon erupted like a suddenly ruptured pipeline, a glorious fountain of scalding liquid force-flooding her vitals while fiery red and purple and golden rocket-trails exploded in pyrotechnic panoply in the galaxy of her eyes.

In automatic, unmindful response, her palpitating belly bounced her rapidly upon the desk top in jello-y quavers that bobbed her bare butt smackingly upon the man's pitapatating stomach, initiating in him the chain reaction that sent ripples of rope riding round his pressure-pent prick. Reaching with her aaw! aaw! aaw!-ingly distended vulva as though her cunt was a hot and horny clam, Maryon, feeling as though her guts would run out of her with the strain her sphincter muscles imposed with their auctioning pull, took his throbbing cock by the roots and ran her vaginal fingers firmly but artfully about and around the entire swelling length until his dick was stretched to its ultimate extent within the moist confines of her quaggy quim.

A last masterful manipulatory munch on his tenderized cock-head and. and. and. Maryon's cunt was reamed by flushing flashes of roiling boiling ichorous liquid that replaced the marrow in her melting bones and filled every last crevice in her crumbling skin, inflating her with fumes that crowded out of her gold-capped cranium all thought save that of its own impact and implication.

She was fucked to utter fulfillment, as Jenner seemed to be fucking to first fruition, and together their complementary convulsions lingered them in lusty lostness which wound down only when both were completely exhausted, with her contracting cunt slackening as rapidly as his tabescing tupper. Their breathing was harsh and ragged as they lay there, each recapturing mentally the recent glories of their mutual experience. Jenner was first to get up, pulling his limp prick stickily from her slit so that Maryon could feel the cold cum congealing in her cleft.

The air in the room was chill on her sweat-cooled goose-bumped flaccid ass, but she made no move to rise or even cover herself for some time. She heard the rustling of his dressing, the hesitant clearing of his throat, the inherent embarrassment of the short pause that followed, then the quiet unlocking of the office door and its sluthering shutting.

A quick cold draft cut at her bare buttocks and that, finally, drove her to pull herself together, pick up her discarded panties, and sneak tight-thighed to the rest room in her rumpled parody of a schoolgirl's costume.

This was the best, but not the last, of their clandestine copulations. SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD Jenner unexpectedly resigned at the end of the spring semester, giving her no straight reason but facing her for their last time with a cold, calm expression of regret that she saw to be a lie.

Even when she attempted to go down on him, he pushed her hungry head away from his cock and, dismissing her, walked out of the office and her life. She shrugged, and surmised that either she'd worn out his virility or he'd somehow managed to convert his Jesus-freak of a wife to his widened, whimsical versions of sexual expression. If so, Maryon thought, then she'd be a better female for it.

"A cultivated cunt is a contented cunt, and a factual fuck in the here-and-now is worth two moot blessings in the Beyond!" was the way she formulated it. Things at home were no better. Lois was growing morose and man-hating as her various affairs tailed off.

A visit to Karen in the summer didn't revive the old lesbian fires for them, and everyone at school seemed dull and moronic as she trudged into the fall classes. Though Jenner's magic word seemed to have stood her in good stead, upping her marks; and though this trend persisted as the summer classes came to an end, Maryon found it easier to get along if she acted the part of a semi-simpleton, not putting herself forward as the one who knew all the answers.

It might have been because of this that she was approached by Wesley McAlister to play the role of Daisy Mae in the High School production of Li'l Abner. Perhaps because of the dumb blonde implications of the part, none of the older girls seemed eager to audition but, for the sake of something to do, and because of Wes himself, she immediately said she'd try out for it.

Wes was a well-built, handsome black of eighteen who, at six-two, refused to go out for basketball and preferred to get involved in the Drama Society and head up a rock-blues group called "The Rip-Off Ripon Society Band".

He was almost the last of a special group from Metropolis' ghetto district that Glenville High'd brought voluntarily in a couple of years ago as part of an experiment funded by the University. He seemed to have lost the ghetto hustling ways and antagonism toward the whites that marked his first year, and now was quite at ease among his peers, with only an occasional snarling jar in his drawl to betray his former deprived background. He quite naturally lorded it over the mixed members of his band and was accepted as a gifted Director-Producer in the Drama Society.

Though he had a small coterie of fans, he didn't appear to give his time to any of the girls who were wont to hang about the auditorium when he was in rehearsal. He seemed eager to have Maryon in the play and fussed about her when she was ready to try a reading and audition for him, as though wanting her to make a good impression on the others involved who would be hearing her.

Properly briefed, she went down to the auditorium one evening and let herself be shown out onto the stage. To add a touch of authenticity to her try, she'd brought, and now wore, a black micro-mini skirt and an old, flowered, wide-open-necked blouse and was bare-legged and-footed. At first her voice was weak, but after a shout came from over the blinding footlights for her to speak out, she got together her courage and declaimed, putting some little action into it, determined not just to stand there with her hands at her side.

When she'd finished there was silence for some moments, and she nervously wondered whether she should go off or continue to stand there. There must have been some consultation beyond the lights, for presently she heard Wes' voice telling her that she'd probably do but that he'd have to coach her, and telling her to go back to the star dressing room where he'd come see her when he was through.

She found herself to be annoyingly anxious as she sat before the large, bulb-surrounded mirror and waited for him. Was it because of the acting job?

Hardly. she just wasn't that much interested in theatricals. Because of Wes himself, then? Well, he was quite a man, and different in so many ways. She was so deep in thought that she didn't hear the door open, and was only aware of him when she got a startling reverse view of him in the mirror, his white teeth flashing out of the shadows that surrounded him. "Glad you could wait, baby," he said, coming forward, "Uh, Maryon, one thing.

I know this is no Broadway production we got going here but, just for the posters, d'you mind if we cut off that Swelt bit, and bill you as Maryon Alysun?" "Sure, Wes, why not? Wes, was I all right out there?" "Yeah, baby, you'll do, with a few changes. Your voice needs bringing up, but you move pretty easy.

There's a coupla things I'll have to lean on you about. Uh. let's get you into costume, right off. Then I'll start you in. You being the last part to be cast means all the other cats are already way out ahead, far as rehearsal's concerned. Yeah, guess you'll find your stuff over there, in that box. Ain't much. not too many changes for you in this thing. But that's what the costume rental people sent. Let's see what you look like, huh?" He negligently leaned a lanky leg against the dressing table and examined his fingernails.

There was no screen in the room. A bit hesitantly Maryon went over to the box on the floor, marked 'Daisy Mae', and rested it on the stool. Inside were the few items of costume and she quickly picked out the large polka-dotted, short-sleeved, off-the-shoulder red blouse and the short-short, ragged-edged rusty-black skirt that went with it. Wes made no move to turn away; on the other hand he wasn't making a big thing out of watching her so, turning her back, she dropped her own micro-mini skirt and quickly stepped into the other, glad that at least she'd worn her clean white nylon bikini briefs.

The Daisy skirt was tight. so tight indeed that by the time she got it over her butt and hips, the ridges of her briefs showed clearly through. Stretching, she plucked her blouse over her head and reached for the other. Behind her she heard Wes stir, then he said: "Uh, Maryon, that's one of the things I wanted to lay on you.

No bra in this part. Daisy has to bounce her boobies around some, and you don't make it in that bra. Take it off. Here, I'll help." While her mind was still taking in what he'd said, she felt his hands at her back and then he'd unsnapped her white bra and deftly flicked its straps over her shoulders and down her arms and off, to be tossed on the dressing table. Suddenly, shockingly nude from the waist up, she felt his casual eye examining her.

"Guess you'll do," he said. "Just turn around a minute, baby." In a dream Maryon turned slowly about, ending up facing him, inwardly proud that her breasts needed no support, standing out full and white and round and firm from her. "Yeah, like I thought. Y'got a good pair of tits on you there, baby." As he spoke he tapped the underside of one and nodded approvingly as it quivered.

Maryon flushed deeply from her forehead to her tingling nipples' tips. There was something. unsexual in his examination, as though she were a prize cow in the market.

Wes noticed her blush. "Hey, baby!" he said, with a grin that lit his eyes. "Don't get uptight on me, huh?

Look. this is, like the man says, show-biz, and y'have to get used to people doing their thing without bothering much about, uh, conventional mo-ral-i-ty.

Say now, Maryon, you surely ain't no virgin baby, hah!?" "No," she said, shortly, continuing to stand there, annoyed by his amusement, highly conscious of her near nudity. "Didn't think so," he said, turning away to light a cigarette. "Not the way you used to screw around after school with old Genital Jenner. Was he a good fuck?" "What d'you mean?" she demanded, angry. "Aw, c'mon, baby, don't kid old Uncle Wes, now. Maybe th'other kids didn't get the word about you two, but I always make a point of finding out what the good bright chicks are doing.

You two was making it like it was going outa style, less I miss my guess. Now, wasn't that about the size of it, sweetie? And get into that thing, huh?

You don't have to keep on standing there with your knockers hanging out. I've seen worse and better." Maryon's head was in a whirl as she dumbly struggled to pull the contume blouse on. He was so casual about the whole thing! And she bridled at the reference to her breasts. Seen better, indeed! She bet she could show him a thing or two if she put her mind to it! She decided to play it cool and sophisticated. The blouse was tight, too tight, and it was with difficulty that she was able to thrust her breasts down under the thin material so that her nipples were covered.

It felt uncomfortable because the tightness pressed her breasts together at the front, despite the shaping of the blouse that should have made it cup her. At last she tucked the hem under the already strained-to-bursting belt-line of the skirt and, hands on hips, presented herself for his inspection again. "C'mon over to the mirror," he said, laconically, and ambled to one side, leaving her in the light.

Impersonally he turned her about, patted her here and there, tugged at a skirt edge, pulled down the shoulder line. "Yeah," he said, after a while. "Looks okay 'cept for the front, there. Take it off again, baby, and I'll fix it." Maryon was getting mad as she stretched, pulling out the hem and wrestling the thing over her head with crossed arms, acutely aware of the splendid display of her firm fleshed beauties as they escaped their prison and bounded free.

She was used to being handled, but always it had been for the purpose of mutual arousal. Now, she was getting turned on by this dressing and undressing, but Wes treated her like a dress-store dummy. Was he queer or something? Maybe that was it.

Well, she'd have her fun with him, now, the cool bastard. But he was talking to her again even as his strong long black fingers played with the neckline of the blouse. "At least you've got the right kind of hair," he said. "Won't need no wig. Reckon I can fix you up as you are. Sit down here, huh, and let's see what Wes can do." He dropped the blouse to the dressing table top and, as she docilely sat down, came behind her. Teasing him, she lifted up her breasts and massaged them, as though they'd gotten crushed by the blouse.

His fingers went to her hair and quickly took out the pins there, then began to fluff and mold the curl and comb, gradually creating a rough version of the curly, wavy yellow-golden Daisy Mae hair style. Despite her thoughts of him. contemptuous. Maryon let herself be thrilled by the sight of his black hands working in her hair, contrasting her creamy-white nakedness as seen in the mirror to his shiny darkness.

Flirting with him, she cupped her breasts and raised them toward the glass, curving her back in, herself admiring the way she neatly tapered into the tight waist. "Don't you like them, Wes?" she asked his reflection, fluttering her long fair lashes over her big blue eyes. He paused, and settled his strong hands on her shoulders, leaning over her. "Yeah," he said. "Why? You want to sell 'em or something?" As he spoke he began to stroke her shoulders and moved in against her.

With a shock she felt something against her bare back and realized that, beneath his pants, Wes' cock was as hard as iron. He was no queer! Fascinated now, she watched her image as his stroking, gentle hands symmetrically moved on her white body, each finger moving separately in a light massage, smoothing her neck, the curves down, her shoulders, her upper arms, back to her shoulders and then, at last, down to the upper slopes of her breasts, suddenly down through the valley that separated them and up underneath, supporting their weight, with thumbs now beginning to circle around her roughened areolas, spiraling in to the fast-growing dull-red nipples, not quite touching them, teasing her.

and most of all she was conscious of the blackness of those caressing hands against the cream of her silken skin.

She was hypnotized by her image. watching it happen to someone else. barely perceptive of his eyes studying her face. His steady handling continued, paced to her needs, with only an infrequent scrape of thumbnail over nipple-tip to make her gasp.

Little muscles twitched with familiar signals in her thigh-guarded citadel and she knew her briefs must be moist with her inner oils. She was lost to desire. She knew well enough that now she could not go back. She would do anything to have this loving fondling continue. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back to rest it against his hard flat belly. She placed her hands over his and uncrossed her legs. "Don't stop, Wes," she pleaded.

"Oh, please don't stop." "You want a little loving, Daisy Mae?" he asked, and she nodded, a flash of amusement going through her at his misnomer of her for her role in the play. His hands moved lightly down over her ribcage and for a while stroked her flanks with a touch that was not quite a tickle but which in any case centered its circling about the twin magic spots that always added to her body's wants.

She arched herself out like a cat fresh in from the cold and moved her shoulders about on his hardness, imagining it in her hands. Soon he spanned her waist and urged her to stand. She obeyed him like a doll, knowing he would not disappoint her. He turned her about and, holding her in his arms, embraced her with never-still hands that covered every last tingling inch of her bare back, then moved again to her belly and breasts till she hung from him weakly, a vessel of want.

Now he began to kiss her, nipping her earlobes, spooning his tongue into her orifices until each warm laving sent a wave of heady warmth through her. He gently kissed her closed eyelids, the curve of neck and shoulder, her throat, the dimples of her cheeks and chin, the sides of her nose. His hot and steady breath thrilled her with its own caress and she let herself hang laxly, borne up only by the flexing flow of lusting life he was molding into her with his kneading hands.

She floated in a sea of sensuality, lived only a now-life of longing. Presently she felt her bare foot being raised and placed upon the soft worn-cushioned top of the dressing table stool, and then his warm large hands clasped her ass and lifted until she stood on it.

Tremblingly eager for the return of his touch, she waited as he carefully slid the ragged skirt down her legs then inched her briefs down until the back of them slipped beneath her curving buttocks and the front excitingly pressed its tight edge across the strong columns of her upper thighs and the protruding muscled mound between them. Leaving them there, he continued with his rain of kisses, moving his mouth all about her body, sucking at the magic spots, tonguing the shallow grooves of her ribs, burying his nose in her navel, tracing with his lips every intimate curve and slope of front, back and sides, yet never going below her hips.

Entreatingly, blindly, she lifted her aching breasts toward him in silent urging but instead he drew back, cupping her bare white butt with his hands. "What'd'you want, Daisy Mae?" he whispered.

"I. I want you to. to make love to me." she softly replied. "I'm making love to you now, girl, the bestest, lovingest love you ever did have, baby. What more do you want?" She guessed his meaning. "I want you to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she said, gasping with pleasure at the touch of his fondling fingers on the sensitive inside curves of her ass. "What'd'you went from me?" "Your. your prick!" "What kind of prick is it you want, Daisy Mae!" "Your.

big. black. prick. Wes." "That's good; that's real good, Daisy Mae. What'll you do to get it?" "Anything. anything. just don't stop loving me!" "Right on, baby, that's just about what you'll do, okay. You'll work you ass off for my black cock, won't you, Daisy Mae!?" "Anything. anything!" "Anything'll be later! Right now, just get back down here and get these things off me. Hear, cutey-cunt!?" Her heart bump-beating with anticipation, her mouth dry with unholy excitement, Maryon stepped down off the stool and stood waiting as he sat himself down with his back to the mirror and stretched out his arms and legs.

Swiftly, anxious to have him touch and hold her again, she drew the yellow T-shirt over his head, purposely brushing her hard, erect nipples over the course matted hair of his chest, ripped off his sneakers, then knelt to fumble urgently at his belt and fly. She closed her eyes as she pulled off his pants from under his obligingly lifted butt, wishing to see him completely naked before she caught sight of his manhood.

When she was free of his clothing, still kneeling between his legs, she opened her eyes. "Ohohohohohohohoh-ohohoh-oh-oh-oh-oh OH OH OH!!!" Lusciously shiny purpley black, darker and as smooth as an egg-plant was his cock, free of foreskin, narrow-domed, sleek as sweat, tapering slightly in from the hard rubbery ridge below the dome down to the narrow cylindrical stem that jutting out proudly, rigidly from his sparse-haired crotch. Two great purple grapes hung from his prick beneath, smooth as satin.

As she looked at it wide-eyed, he jerked it and, though there was no way she could not want it in her, she shuddered. Except for the hard ridge near his cockhead it was not big about, but its length! Like a child she splayed her fingers, placing her pinkies at his dry black root and her thumbs, stretched to their limit, along his cockshaft. Beyond their span, his cock reached toward her fully another three inches! Eleven inches in all?

She shuddered again, but a hot surge lit her loins at the thought of this magnificence to be swallowed in them. He leaned forward and took her by the shoulders, beginning his smooth, sensuous stroking again.

"Kiss it, Daisy Mae. That's all. for now." With drugged, amazed eyes, she leaned into him, rubbing the velvet-skinned hot cock flesh about her face before delivering a tender, sideways kiss on it. "Up, Daisy Mae!" he commanded, running fingers in her ears to make her ooh!

and tingle. Easing himself further forward so that his sweaty ass was hanging off the seat, he brought her in to stand between them, touching him, and told her to take her briefs off.

She would have gone running naked through the streets for him by this time and, not caring how humiliating this all was, wriggled her briefs down over her knees, rubbing her bare legs against his, while his large black hands roved intimately over her dangling breasts.

When she was standing up again, he put a pair of fingers to her wet-lipped cunt and took one breast between his lips, tonguing her nipple and sucking her tit till she felt faint with desire, meanwhile lifting one of her feet to rest on his thigh, the better to toy with her unprotected blonde pussy. Over his shoulder she saw through lust-heavy eyes the sleek shining blackness of him as he clung to her pliant white body, and let her hands wonderingly entangle themselves in his crisp curled hair, outrageously reveling at the sight of their contrasting nude colorings.

She pressed closer against him, silently willing him to take her now. But instead he pulled her up to stand spread-legged over him as he half-sat there, and now she could see her full nakedness shamelessly displayed in the mirror.

The strong hands moved around to her ass and he thrust his head up between her thighs, almost lifting her off her feet with the power of his hungry, working jaws.

She almost cried out with pain as his big teeth churned at the soft skin of her belly and the tender tiny ridge that ran between her legs but then, as though skillfully aware of every last least change he was putting her through, Wes ran a long and licking tongue into her fragrant, gaping cunt, throwing his head back and moving under her so that, in the all-seeing mirror, she could look down over his fine broad nose and actually see the dark and glistening organ wash the wallow of her plump pink lips.

The sight of herself so wantonly presented added to her lust and she wriggled her hips, rubbing her satin thighs against the roughness of his hair, making her labia pucker and kiss him as his lips played about them.

And then his tormenting head was withdrawn. "Like what you see, huh, Daisy Mae!?" he said from beneath her, licking her cunt juice off his lips.

"Okay, girl, now you'll really see som'p'n. Jest you stay right where you are, I'll be right back. And jam your fucking fingers in your little old white piece of meat, huh, to keep it warm and ready for Uncle Wes!" Not daring to disobey lest he change his mind and leave her poised on the cliff-edge of her desire, but with a wince of disgust at what she was doing, Maryon prised apart the lips of her cunt with one hand, smoothing back the tiny golden curls there, and thrust two fingers of her other hand between them, bending at the knees to further widen the passage.

As soon as her vagina felt the loving invasion, it automatically sent its messages through her to continue and she watched in weird wonderment at herself as she frantically frigged herself in full illuminated view of the naked black boy in the shadows behind her. But it was not for long, for now he dragged into sight a wooden kitchen chair which he placed behind the stool, facing it and the mirror.

Delicately he sat in it and slid his bent legs beneath her till his feet rested on the table-top and again she could see his waving black wand framed by the inverted V of her slender white legs. Wes lay back with his shoulders low down against the back of the chair, then abruptly told her to bend down and grab his ankles.

Like this he could see, inches from his face, her twin holes, vulnerable and defenseless, but instead of lingering, he reached forward and struck her behind her straining knees so that they bent and she involuntarily dropped to a wide-kneed, forward-leaning crouch.

Wes started to play his sinuous fingers along the hollowed ridge of her curved spine, letting them at last come down to the darker valley between her cheeks and scratch and scrabble at her asshole until she felt the sphincter muscles push the hard brown ring out toward him. He laughed as he ran a set of scraping nails across its itching surface, then reached below her and took hold of his long, purple prick. For a while he amused himself by rubbing it around between her widespread satin thighs, teasing her with its knob, letting it bang and bob against her vulva.

All the while he was slowly spreading his legs, forcing her arms out as they gripped his ankles, and straining apart her knees where they rested precariously and a bit painfully on the edge of the dressing-table. "You want it, Daisy Mae?" he asked, and in the mirror she looked at the spectacle of herself and nodded. "You got it, fucker!" he hissed and, taking her strongly by the ankles, lifted her up and settled her down so that his big black prick was notched into her crying cunt.

He brought her feet behind her and crossed her ankles on his belly, this position forcing her knees wide. He opened his own knees flatly, bending them and bringing his ankles a little closer together so that his gray soles almost faced each other a couple of feet apart.

One fist thumped her in the small of the back so that she caved in, and then he was easing her down onto his prick until she was firmly ensconced, leaving his hands free then to tickle the wrinkled wet bottom cleft of her engorged cunt, and electrically spark the mercilessly exposed protruding ring of her rearward hole. "Pump, blonde bitch, let me see you fuck yourself on this black man's totem pole," she heard him say, dimly through the rushing blood that suffused her ears.

In the mirror she could clearly see the length of his purple-black lance as it fed itself into the gold-clustered glistening pink lips that centered the creamy-white softness of her stretched and yawing thighs. Her large, ivory breasts swung gently with each heavy breath she took and bounced at every gasp; her belly bounced along with them as inch by inch the black prick climbed toward its trembling interior target. Her reddened nipples pointed out from her and ached for want of handling or contact, but neither came and so she began to flex her mammary muscles so as to draw them in and out of her bounding breasts' sheaths.

About her pink-flushed face her yellow-golden hair tumbled in beautiful disarray, full and soft and shining in the many fights of the mirror's border, while her wide blue eyes roamed lasciviously now to eagerly record every last sensational sight of her submissive, servicing self as the young blonde cunt impaled itself upon the long dark dull-edged sword.

She licked her rose-bud lips, took a deep breath that set her boobs to jostling, silently counted three, then thrust herself back and down.

She let out a shrill, quickly muted scream as the reflection in the mirror confirmed what her ravaged vitals already knew, that she'd somehow managed to get all of his long black cock inside her. She jerked up at the sharp pain at her womb's entrance but cruel hands on her hips held her down.

Her cunt went wild and began to clench and clutch and strangle at his dick with its tiny hands, as though to kill this ruthless ravisher, but all that did for her was to rouse her to almost instant climax. But before she could let herself go, she felt Wes' hot jet spurt high up into her, unable to escape into her vagina because of the plug he himself provided. She screamed again, harshly this time, as a hard and fiery wire seemed to be coring its way up through her stomach.

Tears blinded her eyes but she felt him move and then his huge black hands were squeezing the bases of her breasts where they swung out from her body, gripping them into a tight circle of pain, pulling down at them like udders. "Wes! Wes! Wes! What-are-you-doing-to-me-Wes? Wes-you're-hurting-me-WES!!!" she shrieked, writhing her body, unable to escape his now jabbing black cock and his grasping vise of hands, feeling his sharp chin bore into her spine as he bore down strongly with his head.

And then, miraculously, he sank back and let her go and, as she lifted herself but a quick, agonizing half-inch off him, a plug was pulled in her and she came and came and came and came in one long soul-shattering body-shuddering mind-blowing cascade, her needy body responding to her sudden relief by over-reacting, sending her into massive, splendorous paroxysms of pure and unadulterated plunges of pleasure. All time-sense was lost to her. She rammed herself up and down his still -- still!!!!

-- rampant black rod, rolls of gasping gratification rippling along her body, screwing herself back and down on his prick, pulling herself up, bent awkwardly but uncaringly back so that she could place her splayed fingers hard down on her pubic mound and feel each glorious new penetration as it swelled her flesh, and lift and pump his black balls like a pair of enchanted douche-bulbs.

And he let her have her way with this inspired instrument! Happy as a child with a new toy, she wriggled and squeezed and winced and gasped and cried and laughed and clenched and groped. It was wonderful! Why. she had only to flick her flaunting clitoris and she was off to a new paradise of selfish sensual pleasure. How long could it last? How long could he last? How long could IT last?

Maryon didn't know, not then or ever. Once or twice she halfheartedly tried to time herself by the clock, but always the inevitable little death sent her to the doors of drowsy, desire-drugged sleep. Now, she was dimly aware that he lifted her off, his beautiful black cock still marvelously erect! -- and laid her out on table-top, stool and chair as he had been, with her bundled clothes beneath her head.

Now, she was delightedly aware that, as he seated himself sideways on the stool alongside her languorously exhausted thighs, he made no objection to her firm hold on his princely prick as she drifted in and out of dreams. Now, she was dormantly aware that he was telling her a story, something about why he called her Daisy Mae, how he called all his girls by their cast-names, how there was 'Baby Doll' and 'Nellie Forbush' and 'Doris W.' and of course, 'Eliza', his fair lady, and how he was so glad he could share himself with them all, and how they were eager and content to share him, and how she would be just as willing and happy to hustle her ass for him, once she was properly gentled.

Now, she was drowsily aware that once more his hands were on her naked, sprawling white and golden body, readying her for fresh and unfancied fuckings. Anything, as long as she could satisfy her cravings with his licorice stick.

She pulled it toward her and began happily to suck and lick. Yes, Wes, I'll screw for fun and profit. profit for you, and fun for me only with you, you loveringly all-day licker, you!

EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD When she'd gotten a little more used to the weird ways of Wesley McAlister, Maryon found herself amused by his cool attitude. He was the con man supreme, a super-pimp who was still ghetto-hustling, but with a scholastic cover and an acceptable, accepted image among writes that let him operate his stable of (with herself) five fillies with virtual impunity.

Who would suspect him of running a string of high school call girls? From Glenville, no less? The girls very seldom met, and then only the context of school. Once a week only Wes would set up an appointment for each with some john in a discreet apartment he'd rented in an oasis of residences just outside the heart of Metropolis, and there they turned their tricks.

Wes handled the finances and was, so far as she could tell, generous in the gifts and allowances he made them. But it wasn't the money that they worked for, it was Wes himself in Maryon's own case even the sex got to be a bore, when it was not with him.

For the black took the trouble to give her the semblance of loving, a least, and made sure that she was ready to bounce and blow before he got his own rocks off in her. But it was the whole put-on bit that really intrigued her and kept her with him. She had no intention of making a career out of hustling, but his idea of using 'Higher Education' to promote his own hustler's career kept her in a state of inner amusement.

Unlike the other four times, Maryon didn't intend to drop out of school and spend the next few years of her life on her back. She had a pretty good idea of what kind of future there was in that! When, the following year, she was accepted at Central U. and told Wes she'd be moving upstate, he quite cheerfully wished her luck and let her go, after one glorious sneaked night of fucking with him in the apartment that left her bruised and happily weak, and owner of three single hundred dollar bills.

At Central she found herself thrust again into a new environment -- the 'new kid' at school all over again, but this time she was in no way eager to gain the friendship, or even attention, of any of the several thousand students who bustled the campus.

Lois had managed to scrape up some money, chiefly out of Burt, though he complained he had enough to do supporting Michael at college. and with Wes' three hundred she was easily able to escape the dormitories and sororities and take a couple of rooms of her own, a basement apartment off the beaten track so far as students were concerned, with its own entrance, and beneath a house whose owner used it infrequently.

Mike gave her a desultory hand at fixing it up, moving a few sticks of furniture in, knocking nails, helping to hang drapes over one weekend. but otherwise didn't interfere with her life in any way. Remembering Karen's room back in Glenville, Maryon draped all the walls, blocking out the window and designing a heavily curtained air-lock for the doors, so that her storage space was all behind the thick cloth hangings, these on runners so that she could reveal her bookshelves, her record-player, her desk, and other possessions whenever she wanted to use them.

Her bed was a box-spring and mattress, double-size, which sat in the middle of the smaller room, with yards of brightly colored cloth shielding it from the floor to ceiling like a tent. She rarely went out and most of the time she wasn't studying was devoted to reading Mead, Goodman, Wylie, Rubin, Reubin. the Barb, Realist, Eyergreen and Avant Garde; and listening to Baez, Collins, Stones, Beatles, Dylan, Shankar.

Anthropology was her chosen field and she gained many useful sexual insights from it. She was all but through with The Naked Ape when she met Carver and it was memories of that book that still, floating in her head, led to her shacking up with him in spite of her self-promise to keep out of the world as much as possible. For once Mike had invited her to one of his pot parties. Wes had been almost puritanic about keeping his chicks off of anything stronger than aspirin and so this was her first experience with shit.

With Mike around, she didn't figure she'd come to any harm, so when the others in the lowlit crowded room began to pass the joints around, she freely let herself go and so, perhaps, took in more than she should have of the acrid, rough-edged smoke.

She soon got the hang of toking, though, and while at first she was a little uptight about her dizziness and the strange way the stuff affected her sight and hearing, it wasn't long before she was comfortably sprawled out on the cushions and relaxing.

Next to her was Carver, a heavy-set blond boy, a contemporary of Mike's, apparently, who'd gone out of his way to talk to her throughout the evening, a bit to her annoyance. But his tanned face was almost simian, with great, jutting white-browed porches over his deep-set blue eyes, an unlined, symmetrically rectangular forehead, and arms that seemed too long for his squat and muscular body.

The low light glinted on the hairs of his forearm and the sight delighted her. She giggled. She reached out with one slim hand and began to tousle and stroke the little coils of gold wire.

She knew what she had, and where, that would match them. She thought about it. Which was golder? Ho, could she find out? She giggled again.

Carver leaned over her and asked what was so funny. She giggled like a child, wouldn't tell him, acting coy. He shrugged, bent down and kissed her. There seemed to be an animal musk about him. She continued to stroke his arm, squinting to keep it in focus. She rested his hand on her shirted belly, for convenience. In a moment she felt his fingers insinuate themselves between two button spaces.

Casually she popped the three lower buttons and his hand cupped her navel. She continued to twist his hairs about her fingers. He flattened his hand and worked his fingertips under the edge of her belted jeans. Without thinking about where she was, she obligingly sucked in her belly and thrilled as he boldly slid his hand beneath her panties, over the curve of her belly, and pressed with one finger at its base. He pulled her up against him, half sitting, and brought his other arm about her, running his hand up under her partly opened shirt until it reached her bare breast.

His exclamation of admiration caused her to bridge through her fuzzy funny feelings and she thrust herself forward so that her nipple rested against his fingers. She drew her legs up, forcing his other hand down between her thighs and jerked pleasurably as he laid a finger into her slot, rolling it a bit to part her moist lips. "Hey. Maryon! Let's get to bed and out of here," he whispered in her ear. "Oh, sure," she murmured, beginning to get turned on and wanting the feel of a prick in her after her several months of abstinence, all the old sensations coming back to her.

He looked as though he might be as good a stud as the next. "But I don't know if Mike'll let us, here." "We'll go to your place. I'll drive," he said, squeezing her erecting nipple. "What about your place, Carver? Do you have a chick stashed there?

Oh, I don't care, anyway." She clamped her thighs on his fingering hand. "Don't have a place. or a chick," he replied. "Been crash-padding here with Mike. Get yourself in gear, chick, I'll pick up some shit and we'll split." Abruptly his hands were withdrawn from her. She was, for the moment, disappointed. But later? When was later? Why not now?

Oh, well. She took a couple of deep tokes from the next joint that came her way, and drifted into a waking dream. Return of blond ape Carver. Button your shirt, Maryon, m'girl. Huh, okay. 'Bye and see' yuh to Mike. Kiss from Mike and have fun, Sis. Yuh, will do. Cold night air. Car. Week-long night-time drive, how pretty all those lights, and the reds and greens and yellows, stop-go-wait stop-go-wait. Hah! home. Matches? Matches? Oh, yeah. for the joints.

Joints? All this mine? Big fat motherfucker of a joint, big as m'pinkie. Wow, man. hey, bed's over here. Yuh, fix y'self a sandwich. Wheeeeee! on the bed. Get these Goddamn pants off! Huuuhhhhmmmm, yeah, man. This is good stuff, uh? Hey, now that's not fair. I've got my pants off, wassamatter with you. with yours, huh!!? Later Maryon was to remember sitting cross-legged on the bed, wearing her unbuttoned shirt only, drawing huge drags on the joint, watching Carver, naked, unconcerned, also cross-legged, facing her.

Somewhere along about then was the time he began to rub her clitoris with his big toe, but most of the night was a blur. In the late morning when she awoke to find him still peacefully sleeping there, she remembered his muscular body, with its flats and planes, as hairy as a golden ape, covered with crisp yellow matted fur.

She was naked and her cunt was sore, though she couldn't remember the fucking that had caused it. She pulled down the black satin-like sheet until he was exposed, flat on his back, and looked at him. Even his balls were furry, though only a few stray strands of long golden hair decorated the lower part of his now flaccid cock. Brushing her own long golden hair back from her face, determined to really enjoy him now that she was in her own mind, she let her heavy breasts dangle down onto his hard belly and took to kissing him there.

With one hand working on his hard and hairy balls and her expert mouth pulling and sucking at his limp prick, it wasn't too long before it showed signs of life and lust, springing up like a newly awakened flower. His prick wasn't all that long -- just comfortably so -- but she was astonished at its width. This no doubt accounted for her soreness, for it was fully two inches across. more at the coronal ring.

It'd been circumcised and the lightly tanned flesh of it was smooth as satin to her tongue's touch and symmetrically domed. almost a formalized artist's conception of a prick. As she continued to play with it, she felt him stir behind her, and then his hands were fondling her butt and breasts. He said nothing, content, evidently, to let her take the initiative. Presently he moved his hands to her legs and, taking her by one ankle, passed it across his chest so that she straddled him.

Maryon stroked and smoothed his broad manhood, secretly determining to bring him off in her mouth, to give her cunt time to settle down. Even his prying fingers and occasional kisses on her slot were irritating, and, careful not to show antagonism, she said as much. Immediately he turned his attentions to her out-thrust ass, boldly before his eyes, and she shivered as his rough palms ran tenderly over the globes, gradually bringing his thumbs down into her crack to pull her checks apart as though he was halving a peach to get at the stone which was her blind brown rearward eye.

"You've got a beautiful ass," he said, after a while, running his tongue caressingly over the out-turned puckered ring of it. She wriggled encouragingly, feeling his cock stir in her mouth like a clapper in a bell. "Pity your pussy's all worn out right now," he went on.

"I feel like putting it to you, hard and long and strong. Guess there's nothing for it but to fuck your ass." Maryon froze. In all the situations she'd ever been in, she'd never lost her rear vent's virginity, gently dissuading the Johns' or Wes' who'd wanted to take it.

And what was so special about this blond-ape Carver, that he should get in there? And with his great club of a cock? "Oh, no you don't," she said, starting to swing her leg over him, but he thrust one powerful arm about the front of her thighs, pulling her back onto his other thumb which, after a moistening dip into her stirring cunt, he rammed into her rectum.

Trying to fight him, she still could not prevent or put out of her mind the sensationally shocking feel of his digit as he pushed against the backside of her cervix, cracking a knuckle up under her coccyx. Using her as a lever, Carver shot himself up out from under her, dragging his hard prick from between her startled lips, and, still holding her in the crease of belly and thighs, pushed her forward.

Stimulated despite herself, she heard the succulent sound as her pussy pumped lubricating moisture down the length of her vagina.

Her asshole clenched and unclenched against his probing thumb, hot as an oven, burning her. The nail of a finger rubbed around the corrugations of its pouting lips. "Oh yes I do!" he declared, and in a moment was kneeling behind her as she still continued to wink and work and suck at his thumb. Before she had begun to recover and realize what was happening, he put his left hand under her belly as she knelt and placed the other on the nape of her neck, under her golden hair.

Using the moisture from her cunt and her mouth as already-applied lubricant, he thrust his broad blunt cock-head between her cheeks, slid easily between them, and impaled her. Lifting her effortlessly off the bed with his long and powerful arms, be stepped back and began to draw her in over him like a boot on a leg. With all the moisture, still his steady thrust hurt her, and yet a sudden strange desire kept her wanting him to continue. She yelled, she laughed, she sighed loudly, she screamed, she kicked him and cursed him for a motherfucker.

She yearned, she wanted, she craved, she lusted and longed for him. She sobbed from pain and pleasure. Inexorably he pulled against her belly, and his mighty bar of flesh tore into her tender asshole until she yelled again with ecstasy, feeling his cock presently reach the bone of her spine, felt it begin to rip upward, seating her more firmly, inescapably, upon the spindle of his manhood. Pausing for a moment, he spread his muscled legs, girding himself for another cock plunge into her tender softness, and bent her down easily over his arm so that she was at right-angles to him.

He let her rest her hands on the edge of the mattress, ignored her almost hysterical moans and sighs, and took his hand from her neck long enough to draw her long, slender pale legs up and around him. Maryon had no sense to deny him this, and dug her heels into his hard balls of buttocks, feeling the flexing muscles there as he strained again to pull her.

This move accomplished, he again forced her head down and moved back so that her hands slipped off the bed and she fell forward, her hair hanging down in a golden river to the floor.

Vainly she reached to support herself on the soft carpeting but his other arm, a bar of yellow-burnished steel, held her up so that her fingertips scrabbled uselessly a couple of inches above it. Apart from the leverage of his arm, which he now moved up so that he could seize, squeeze, fondle and caress one breast, the bulk of her weight rested on his riveting spike. As she looked back along under herself, her reversed vision showed her other breast hanging, scarlet tipped like a cherry sundae, then his broad-splayed golden hand against her pale skin, then her writhing belly, the muscles playing like chain-lightning under the skin, and then, and then, and then.

the underside of that broad and hairless wet piston that just moments ago she'd so delicately toyed with in her mouth. She shuddered, and screamed silently at the sight and shock of her passionate pain. Obscuring a good portion of this horrifying vision was her pink-lipped pussy, pulsing wide open, the gold-dusted triangle of her dampening hair, and she was able -- forced! -- to see herself throbbing and sucking there on emptiness, with creamy moisture already oozing out of the slit.

She went into a wild, meaningless, frenzied ululation as the great thing stuffed between the plump checks of her butt jerked and moved forward another half-inch, touching the seat of her womb, or so it seemed. It was like being tom apart by wild horses. She had somehow expanded to fit his cock, but only just, and she was as tight around it as a rifle around a bullet.

She wanted to spend herself, yet there was an enormous, crying hollow in her cunt that yammered for the filling. She clamped her ankles around him in an agony of frustration and at the same time he made a last stab into her. She felt his hard golden balls bang up against the searching moist lips of that gaping wound, and she clenched as though she could actually close herself about the slapping gourd-filled sack and take it in.

She squirmed herself down on him, looking through her tears back up at her humiliating hung self, crying to him wordlessly to satisfy her.

But he only began to turn her this way and that like a chicken on the spit, wriggling her further down his shaft. He released her head and placed one hand under each breast, cupping them, pressing them so that she cried out with pain, thumbing the hardened nipples until they sprang against his nail.

She bucked and twisted and writhed, the great hotness of his flesh spearing her ass at each movement. Now he started to draw her off and on, her moisture and his lubricating the wrenched passage until there was a steady shwuck! shwuck! shwuck! that sounded in her flaming ears above her own moans of pleasure and hurt and his deep draughts of air into his lungs.

Another long minute, and he brought one hand down under her and stuck a stubby finger straight into her slavering slot in a lunge that reached the agonized end of her vaginal sheath, and she came. She shrilled with passionate delight as she flooded, and flooded, and opened up into a sea of liquid fire. Immediately he let go of her and deftly brought his hands rapidly sliding up her back to bury themselves in her mass of golden hair and pull her sharply back. She hung suspended by her tresses and his driving prick, and as she involuntarily opened and closed her various sphincter muscles, she screamed at the top of her voice at the pain distributed throughout every inch of her slender, self-slung body.

Carver moved heavily forward and she just had time to brush aside the drapes surrounding the bed and throw her hands up against the wall, or her face would have been mashed into it. Braced as she was, he drove straight into her, burying most of his cock length into her quivering bowel flesh.

Her whole being consisted of her tight flesh around his massive prick. nothing else remained to or in her. As she continued to jerk and jump like a fish on the line, he came, and a boiling raging torrent surged up into her ass. She was past screaming, but her mouth opened in a silent oh! of ecstatic agony. A fiery freewheeling bomb built in her, somewhere just behind her belly, and exploded. The sensual pleasure fought against the sickening pain until, finally, it won, and she relaxed and let it all hang out as it wonderfully happened -- glow and glory, heat and horrendous wetness -- rocket-burst after rocket-burst as he spent himself in plunging, rectum-wrenching, ass-ripping, butt-busting fusillades.

Carver relaxed his grip on her now and she hung from him in a limp loop, face down, arms and legs and neck dangling like a dead goose. Through searing eyes she saw her own spendings trickle and spurt down on his golden-furred balls to the floor as he continued to convulse and flicker within her cock-crammed cavity.

Finally he was through. His bag went flaccid and the shaft up her asshole became soft. He shuffled toward the bed, bending his blond-ape legs so that her own, drooping down, could touch the carpeting. She slid painfully off his fragrant, brown-limp cock, giving a couple of last wringing-out squeezes before he was free, and flopped, exhausted but content, covered with dampness inside and out, upon the mattress, her ass sore and bruised, breasts aching, her cunt a red-hot void that felt uneasily pleasant.

Carver slapped her rump playfully and Maryon winced, but he dropped down beside her and put his arm about her shoulders. "First time?" he asked. She nodded.

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"Won't be the last," he laughed in her ear, and began to run a soothing finger up and down her crack. And it wasn't. Not that he was particularly perverse, fixed only on fucking her ass, but Carver did like variety, and Maryon soon found herself adjusting. He stayed for four months until she learned from Mike that Carver looked forward to a life of being supported by girls, seeking neither to work nor study, but relying on his pussy-powered piston to get him along.

He wasn't that good, although he had humor and some tenderness in him, so. out he went, with a grin and a groan. NINETEEN YEARS OLD PLUS Carver went because he'd been using Maryon in a way that she could the more easily perceive because of her studies in Social Anthropology. As she moved into her nineteenth year and the beginning of the '70s she spent much time in analyzing her near decade of sexual experience and began to see that, though she had most often had her own pleasure, it had been at the price not, actually, of willing cooperation, but of an enforced coercement that had been laid on her by physical or moral pressures.

Even when she had actively sought out some new enlargement of her sexual scene, it had usually come about by her being prepared to submit to another's whims. She was now able to see that this would have been bearable, that to cater to someone else did not necessarily mean that one thereby had to lose something, that a compromise, or a share of giving was, after all, the only way in which any area of life could be maintained in a civilized manner.

But, not knowing this at the time, she had appeared as a 'victim' to the other participants in her sexual adventures and had thereby been degraded in their eyes, from her brother Mike on through Colin and Sylvia and Johnny, through Karen, through the 'cats'. Jim, Wes, Carver. All had taken advantage of her and she had willingly gone along with them, taking her joys as though they had been crumbs thrown her from the table of the others' sensual feasts.

A comparison of various cultures throughout space and time showed her that it was always possible to find one that broke the more usual taboos. incest as practiced in ancient Egypt, polyandry in Northern India, polygamy in China and in Islam, sodomy in Glorious Golden Greece.

The list of unacceptable sexual practices' became smaller and smaller as she read and studied in the literature on the Global Village. Mistress of all these facts, and of herself, Maryon began a steady program of search and fulfillment, determined to live a full and complete sex life.

But the way was not necessarily easy because of her knowledge. A visit, alone, to a meeting of the local chapter of the Sexual Liberation Movement found her one evening on the porch of an old Victorian-style mansion whose purple-painted door and orange lintels proclaimed it as the repository of the 'new' and 'in' and 'far-out'. At her buzz the door opened to disclose a short, stringy-haired blonde girl in a throat-to-ankle wrapper, presumably an 'officer' or functionary of the SLM.

An imitation Tiffany lamp gave off a red-bulbed glow to illuminate the small foyer into which she was quickly ushered, and another lit a slightly larger room opening off it. "Hi," said the girl, after locking the front door. "Just feel free to wander around.

If you see anything you like." The statement was loaded with implication. "If you feel like skinning down, just drop your stuff in this room -- find yourself a corner or something -- it'll be easier to get yourself together that way when you're ready to split. Have fun." With that the blonde pulled a pair of granny-glasses out of her pocket, put them on, and dropped the wrapper onto a chair to show herself as a rather chunky nude with a thick waist and a wealth of hair at her crotch.

Looking at the flat planes of the girl's butt as she wandered away, Maryon begin to realize why the lighting was so subdued. She'd brought no purse, and she didn't feel like stripping down till she'd seen what the action was like here, so she contented herself with dropping her maxi-coat behind a couch whose surface was covered with little piles of clothing and went cautiously off to explore.

Not quite knowing what to expect, she'd come dressed in a black leather ensemble of vest, mini and boots, over a pale blue bodystocking, the vest joined at the front with a single silver chain. She soon found that she was over-dressed. Practically all those she saw in the house were nude, and those that were not wore only minimum clothing that did more to enhance the wearer's sex than to conceal it.

There was a tall, crop-haired black girl in glasses, for instance, who wore a kind of ornamental metallic yoke about her neck from which hung down hundreds of white silky filaments, through which her proud strong black breasts protruded impudently.

When the girl struck a pose with a foot placed on the head of a boy on the floor, her long leg broke through the white waterfall to disclose a belly whose base was covered with a wooly black mat to match her hair. Every room in the multi-roomed house had a different colored light-bulb either hanging from the ceiling or glowing from a stand in a comer. And every room in the house contained at least five people engaged in some quasi-sexual activity, from comparatively innocent naked necking between boy and girl to several copulating couples to blow-jobbing men to mutually masturbating girls.

There seemed to be very little voyeurism involved, and Maryon figured this was because there was just too much to do. Everybody seemed to have found a partner but even as she watched two couples merged together and changed partners in mid course and a single roving male wandered into a room to thrust his hand-held erection in between a mobile mouth-and-cunt team to no one's objection. Do-it-yourself seemed to be the name of this game. Still, Maryon wasn't quite ready to be this indiscriminate and sought for some halfway measure that would take her out of the role of being mere spectator.

Returning to the room off the foyer, she saw that it was already occupied by a bearded male whose age she couldn't quite determine in the dim light. Naked, he was stretching himself as if weary, in a pose that reminded her of some Roman statue, his back toward her, head half turned.

At sight of her he grinned and good-naturedly winked, immediately taking her into his aura of semi-boredom with all this.

Ignoring him Maryon unchained her blouse, put it down onto her maxi-coat, and began to unbuckle the broad belt of her mini. The man. no boy, he, she could now make out. momentarily paused in his task of pulling on a brief pair of black jockey shorts to look at her, and kept his eyes on her body as she dropped the skirt and stepped out of it to reveal her long, slim-waisted and voluptuously curved breasts and ass in the tight-clinging blue bodystocking.

She'd noticed a lot of crap on the floor, litter, paper, bits of broken plastic wine-glasses, and decided to keep her black boots on. When she left the room she noticed from the corner of her eye that the bearded man, in his late twenties or early thirties, had restricted himself to the jockey shorts and was preparing to follow her. Well. who knew? He looked like he might be pretty good. Conscious of his continued gaze, she let her blue-shrouded butt roll just a bit more than usual and drew herself up so her tits would stand resolutely out against the thin covering.

She climbed the stairs, stepping over a girl stretched blindly writhing on them with an unsexually defined long-haired head buried in her crotch, and made her way to a room lit with discreet blue table-lamp that, she soon realized, as she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror, canceled out her costume so that it seemed she was a nippleless blue-skinned Venusian in boots.

The room's single bed contained a number of slowly-moving bodies, all naked, of both sexes, while on the bizarrely carpeted floor sat two youths and a girl, a black with an Afro, a thin boy with a WASP-hive. the girl, perhaps a redhead, heavily made-up about the eyes and mouth, hair cut short and close to her scalp, her chest nearly as flat as the boys', all nude.

Judging from the quick look Maryon gave them as she entered, they were rapping about something non-sexual, for the two pricks and twin nipples were soft and unaroused. But her arrival brought something new into the scene. "Hey, man," greeted the black, "whad'y'know, baby!? Come sit down a while. park your butt." Shrugging to herself, aware that the black-banded beard was leaning against the doorway, Maryon crossed over and let herself limberly to the floor.

Immediately WASP-head reached out and touched her breast. "Wow," he breathed. "Y'had me fooled there, chick. Thought you'd cut your knockers off there for a while. How come you're all dressed up? You uptight or som'p'n?" "Way out, honey," said the girl.

She was a redhead, Maryon decided, after a look at the blue-glinting auburn oasis that sat between the girl's thighs.

She nodded and said "Hi!", glad to be so easily accepted into the group, not at all minding that the WASP was continuing absently to stroke her breast through the tight-knit material, the black was running his hands through her hair, and the girl plucking at the muscle of her thigh. "I'm Maryon?" she asked, and quickly the others responded, as "Wash", "Dave", and "Vinny", "We were just rapping about recruiting, getting in fresh blood," offered Wash, fingering her ear.

"We's interested in turning on some more bodies to where it's all at with us. We kinda run the SLM y'see." "Yeah," put in Dave, "welcome to the club, Maryon chick.

Haven't seen you before, here or anywhere." "Uh-huh. I'd've remembered her!" said Vinny, running the back of one hand along Maryon's thigh and taking the blonde girl's wrist in her other to place it against her flank. "Ae you bi, honey?" Maryon laughed lightly. "Can do," she said, "but I can take it or leave it, frankly." "Mmmhhh. but can you give it, honey," throated the redhead. "And give and give and give and give!

I bet," said Dave, fully engaged now in tweaking at her nipple to make it cone out against the material. "And life's just full o'give 'n' take," drawled Wash, leaning over to kiss her ear and run his tongue around in it so that she tingled. Both boys were getting hard-ons, Maryon noticed, while Vinny's ridiculously small nipples poked out of her like nail-heads.

Behind her the figure at the door came just inside and sat with his back against the jamb. She stretched her legs out straight in their boots, leaned back on her hands, and brazenly offered herself up to their combined caresses. "I guess I do all right," she said, closing her eyes and pressing her ear against Wash's thick-lipped mouth. Vinny still had hold of her wrist but, instead of trying to bring it again to her own body, bounced herself cross-legged over the carpet until she was slightly behind Maryon, on the opposite side from the young black, and adjusted herself so that now the blonde girl's arm was encircled by her legs, with her hand trapped under the copper-covered pussy.

She leaned forward so that her chin rested on Maryon's shoulder. "You want to make it with me, honey?" she whispered, squirming so that Maryon could feel her loose wet vulva on her knuckles, warm and juicy. She hesitated. She wasn't sure yet just what she wanted. Dave must have overheard the question. "Hey, Vinny chick, no fair you hog it all, you pig. I could do with a bit of bishop-bashing myself!" "Me too, man," said Wash in her other ear.

"Say. what say we all get our rocks off, huh, baby?" "Okay," said Maryon, after but a moment's hesitation. "But I'll have to get out." "Hey, hey. we gonna liberate you, we liberate you all the way," cried Wash, getting to his feet and going over to the bed, whose occupants were still dreamily hugging and humping.

Leaning over them, the black picked up something from the bedside table and returned to the three on the floor. "C'mon, Maryon," he said, "just kneel up, now. that's right. Now just lean yourself back again, baby, like you were before. yup, that's the way. Now, just hang in there a minute." Arched backward over her heels, her cuntish mound and the twin peaks of her breasts thrown prominently up at either end of the straining curves of her hard, firm belly, Maryon saw, upside down, the bearded stranger tugging the black jockey shorts from his ankles.

Across the blue-hazed room she could make out the dark forest between his thighs out of which sprang a barkless white tree-trunk of sturdy proportions. Something cold touched her own invisible thighs and, after her initial jump of surprise, it took her several seconds before she realized that Wash was cutting away the thin blue material at her crotch with a pair of scissors.

She bridled at the thought of her blonde fuzz and pink-lipped luscious fruit being thus exposed. After he'd taken a good-sized triangle out Wash, bidding her be still, cut two neat circles about the globes of her breasts so that she could feel her taut nipples spring out as their tension was released to the air.

Swiftly Wash and Dave slid alongside of her, put an arm each under her shoulders, took her own arms and pulled them down so that her hands rested on their rampant pricks, they lowered their lips to her breasts.

Hands caught at her booted bent legs and pulled them out and apart. A warm wet sponge seemed to soak down on her and she knew that the redhead had placed her hungry lips to the steamy dish of meat that Maryon presented. In her hands she clutched the upstanding staffs of the two men who mouthed her bared breasts, while their hands held her shoulders down to the carpet, and slid smoothly up and down the blue nylon of her inner thighs.

She squeezed and rubbed and jerked at their two pricks, rubbing her thumbs over their tips, slicing her nails into their opened holes, basketing their balls with her fingers. Her cunt responded quickly to the probing tongue of Vinny, who varied her industrious employment by taking the gristle of her clitoris between her teeth and grinding on it gently.

After a little while the activity at her core ceased, and then the red-tufted crotch of the other girl came down on her face as Vinny reversed herself over the blonde and, as her busy mouth returned to its tantalizing task, Maryon began to work her own lips around the soft and juicy fruit laid against them.

She slid a long lascivious tongue in between the pomegranate halves and probed mercilessly, urging the other on to do likewise. Hot silky thighs clamped about her cheeks and moved slowly there as Vinny strained to offer a loving cuntish kiss, herself now laving languorously in a cat's lick about the blonde girl's craving cleft.

Maryon brought her black-booted long legs up, bending her knees, and let her inner thighs slither their nyloned sleekness about the redhead's ears, letting Wash and Dave continue their tormenting teasing behind her knees and down into the covered crack of her ass. Her breasts began to move of their own volition as they answered the close-mouthed questing questionings of the two whose naked cocks she held so hotly, and beneath Vinny's light weight she began to move restlessly as her nipples were nipped and chewed like succulent candy.

The sight of the red-haired girl's hard small blue-white buttocks above her wide blue eyes stirred her to fresh sexual stimulation and she closed them, wishing to prolong and savor the mood and feeling. Then with a shock she realized that Vinny had suspended her titillating torture, and that something else was replacing her mobile mouth. Something that was beginning to penetrate her eager, yearning vagina.

Something too large, surely, to be the redhead's thumb. She opened her eyes in welcoming wonderment and was startled to see, peering cheerfully down at her, sighting at her between the blue-tinged ice cream scoops of Vinny's trembling ass, the face of the bearded stranger. With the cooperation of Vinny, who'd moved her head sideways on Maryon's widespread thigh, he'd sunk his shaft into her expertly prepared quim and now, with his hands firmly grasping her shoulders around the outsides of the red-haired girl's thighs, he was pulling his prick into her.

With the weight of the two bodies on top of her, Maryon was breathless, but in no way could she prevent the rapidly cresting pleasure he was giving her. Trigger-happy from Vinny's manipulations of her little clit, she sucked in her belly, buried her head wildly burrowing into the sweet-sour fruit between her jaws, and came in a wave of sweet release that flushed her body like a hot shower on a cold day. Her hands jerked spasmodically and she felt sticky cum on her wrists as Wash and Dave spent their loads.

Gagging and gasping for breath, she could not stop the oozing stream of Vinny's cream as it trickled down about her lips nor control the convulsive jerkings of her loins as they threshed to expend their contents. Hot and flushed and elated and satisfied, Maryon still had to wait until the stranger suddenly spouted off in her, adding a fresh sensory stimulus to her quivering cunt that set her to deep, strong squeezes that rippled along his comfortable, steady-stroking cock. Finally she almost passed out under the strain, weight and excitement, but she was aware that the others moved from her for an instant before coming back to take her into a warm family embrace that rolled them, laughing and exhausted, on the carpet.

She shook her head to clear it and found herself facing Wash. "Hey, baby, like we said. welcome to the club," he said. Then, as an afterthought, added, as he rolled the bearded stranger onto her: "This here stud's Nick. How'r you doin', Nick?" Suddenly the thought of being introduced to a guy who'd just finished fucking her struck her as funny, and she went into hysterical giggling which caught the others up in nervous relief.

And that's how Maryon met Nick. how I met Nick. We stay more or less together now, each of us having a small apartment, across the hall from each other so that we can visit at will and still have a place of our separate own. I went twice more to a SLM meeting, once alone, once with Nick. I didn't need it any more, but it was pleasant for me to see others going through stages that I'd long since passed through on my way up to Nick. For he gratifies me, treats me as a person.

as a woman in womanly things, as an equal in manly things. For a time, while I was still, I suppose, unconsciously rebelling against the feelings I was having toward him, I set out deliberately to pick up men, in bars, in cafes, even on the street, treating them as the sexual object they evidently thought me to be.

putting them through their surprised paces, playing the part of a male in a rut. But, well. Nick and I are making it. I have my Bachelors, and mean to spend some time in what I call Sexual Anthropology. Nick is in the same field.

the same bag. We have a lot more to do in bed than fuck, and on the other hand if we feel like having it off at two o'clock of a Wednesday afternoon between classes we'll find a convenient closet and he'll slip it to me. If we have a philosophy about it, I guess you could say we both agree that fucking should be fun, that it should have flavor and fervor, and that it should be freely participated in.