Jungfrau erste Sex auf der Hochzeitsnacht

Jungfrau erste Sex auf der Hochzeitsnacht
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Kristen is a very attractive 25 year old woman, she is bitter towards men because of previous relationships. I want her, she is my new flight attendent on my private jet. She has made her off limits, therefore my mind is open to being with her. Kristen is intrigued by me, I have this edge about me that is scary and forceful. She has found herself at times watching me, wondering what being with me would be like.

But the thoughts never last long. Why wonder about what she can't have, right? The scene is a happening place in Dallas. Dark colors cross and mingle as Kristen sits on a stool at the bar sipping a drink.

The place is packed, drinks are being slopped and laughter is in the air. The music is loud so conversation is difficult but Kristen doesn't care, she isn't looking to engage in any. There are pairings and threesomes scattered around enjoying plenty of kissing and Kristen watches.

This is her second drink and she has turned down 2 offers to go somewhere "private." " Private" would be a bathroom stall or a dark corner where her mini skirt can be hiked up and some lucky stud can avail himself of her feminine treasures. That's what she wants, a good fuck. The fire is burning inside her tonight and the displays of affection are adding fuel to the heat.

I see her and wind my way towards her. I give her a raised eyebrow and she gives me a surprised look. She recognizes me, I'm wearing black pants and black shirt. As I get closer she smiles, she crosses her legs slowly flashing me a generous view of her upper thighs, the air hitting her bald pussy making it tingle all the more and she clamps her legs tightly to control herself. " He is the one tonight", she thinks to herself. My dark shape blocks her view.

She is expecting me to move but I don't and she looks up annoyed at having her view blocked. I peer at her, arrogant, and full of confidence. I'm wearing a black turtle neck shirt.

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Kristen clenches unconsciously, this man has an instant power over her just by staring into her eyes. My eyes are a green color, offset by gray hair. My voice is deep and melodic, the moment I speak she feels her pussy starting to moisten. " John." She gushes. " Dance!" It is more of a command than a question, and Kristen follows me onto the packed dance floor. The beat of the music pounds through the floor, making her breasts vibrate, compelling her body to gyrate to it.

I'm full of energy but I control my movements with a grace that belies my size. My broad six foot frame towers over her as I offer my hand as I lead her into spins that should not have been possible in such short space.

There is a strong sexual energy on the floor, the limited space is forcing incidental and a lot of intentional contact. Kristen is uncomfortable, the vibration, movement and heat has her body and mind in out of sync with the musically driven crowd.

I spin her around drawing her into me so her back is rubbing against my chest. I hold her close to me and she dances as one. Her pussy is moist with anticipation as she feels the hardness of my cock growing into her back.

One hand slides under her dress, between her thighs to her pussy. Kristen opens her thighs welcoming my probing fingers into her pussy. Most men would be rejected, but tonight she is very horny. I drive my fingers deep inside her, filling her. Despite the heat she shudders, welcoming my fingers as I slide them in and out of her. " Cum on my hand Kristen," I growl. She can't speak, she swallows hard and mews.

I'm fucking her hard and she doesn't care what people see or think, she has one thing on her mind- to give me what I want. Kristen doesn't last long, she has been simmering away for so long, she welcomes the waves of pleasure as her pussy spasms. I drive my fingers deep pressing against her hard.

Kristen is shaking more than dancing, head tilted back in ecstasy as she cums violently against me.


Kristen is reveling in the sensations overtaking her body, and then feels a strong sense of loss as I remove my soaked hand from her pussy. I propel her quickly off the dance floor and out of the club to my condo. I push her into the bedroom supporting her weight, her weakened knees are not up to the task. She is in a haze. She hears the click of the door closing and collapses onto the bed facing me.

I unzip my pants pulling out my hard penis. The head is an angry purple, the veins line my huge throbbing member. There is no doubt in her mind what is called for. Kristen is hesitant it has been a while since she has seen a cock.

She wants my cock in her mouth but her experience with bad relationships make her reluctant. Before she can move, I place my hands on either side of her head pulling it toward my cock. Kristen opens her mouth involuntarily tasting the salty residue of my pre-cum as it slips deeper into her mouth.

She sucks hard on the head as I grunt with pleasure. My cock is filling her mouth, but I want more. She opens wider as my cock slides down her throat. Her eyes watering as she controls her gag reflex as I go deeper until she feels my balls against her lips.

My hands clasp her tightly as I fuck her throat. Tears streaming down her face as she tries to retain what little control she has left. I fuck harder and harder, my cock bruising her throat. I do not care. The veins in my head are bulging, my eyes are closed as I drive to the ultimate climax. Then I go deep one more time and my salty tasting cum coats her throat. I groan and moan holding her head tight for over a minute as I thrust my way through the climax. I let go of her head and step back from her.

" You really look sexy in that red dress," I said with an evil grin. The cleavage now made her feel like a tramp, but I didn't take my eyes off her tits. I reach out with my hands, grabbing a handful of her long, shoulder length, blonde hair, jerking her into my arms.

Kristen starts to scream when I clamp my hand over her nose and mouth. Kristen struggles and tries to break free but I'm to strong for her.

The way my hand is over her nose and mouth, she cannot breathe. Finally, she stops struggling. " I am not going to hurt you, not if you do as I want," I instructed, " I want to sample that pretty young body of yours." I can't help but notice the exposed breasts as Kristen attempts to cover them as much as the dress and bra allow.

Kristen tenses as she feels my fingers sliding up the inside of her thighs pushing the hem of her short dress upward. " Do you understand that we are going to enjoy each other tonight?

Nod your head and I will take my hand away," I ordered. Kristen looks down as her dress is pushed up to the top of her thigh and my hand is between her legs inches from her pussy.

Kristen is now terrified nodding she will cooperate. I release my grip spinning her around onto the bed in a sitting position again. " What are you going to do?" Kristen asks hesitantly. " I am not going to do anything; you're going to do it.

Stand up and let me look at you." I ordered. I'm trying not to laugh at her. I'm certainly not going to harm her. After all, Kristen is a beautiful young woman that I want to fuck. I want to scare her into allowing me to fuck her. I pull the chair from the desk over in front of her and sat down. I watch her, waiting for the show. Kristen cannot believe what is happening. Still sitting on the bed, she begs me and reminds me that she has not been with a man in a long time. I'm growing inpatient at the stalling, stood up, and start toward her.

" Okay, okay," Kristen muttered afraid that I would hurt her. She stood up, facing me. " Now I want you turn around and let me get a good look at you." Kristen turned slowly feeling my eyes burn into her body. " Very nice, now remove that dress and do it slowly, or else." She reaches for the hem of her dress. " Why do you just want to see a naked 25 year old single woman?" Kristen asked trying some psychology on me as she pulls the dress over her head and threw it onto the bed.

" I don't just want to see you naked," I told her, " now take off the rest." Kristen turns around and bit her lower lip trying to fight back the tears.

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No one except her last boyfriend has ever saw her naked and now I'm going to force her to strip. Kristen tries to decide which would be less embarrassing to expose first and decided on her panties.

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband with her back to me. Slowly, she pulls her panties down bending at the waist as she pushes them to her ankles. " What an ass, nice firm, small and flat," I commented. " Leave the panties around both of your ankles and get out of that bra." Kristen reached behind her, unclasped the bra, and let it fall to the floor.

Instinctively she covered her breasts with her hands even though she was turned with her back to me. " Turn around, I can't see anything but your shapely ass," I ordered. Kristen started to step out of her panties and I shouted for her to leave them around her ankles. Slowly, she started to turn around, hands still hiding her 34B breasts flat against her chest. Finally, Kristen is facing me. She sees the bulge in my pants where I'm sitting in the chair. Thoughts of this man raping her raced through Kristen's mind.

No one but her last boyfriend has ever had sex with her. As she stares at my crotch, she realized that I'm not only a big man, but also my cock is much larger than her previous boyfriend's six inches. I took note of where Kristen is staring and inside knew she is curious. " Your pussy is too hairy, we'll have to shave it later," I said, " now lower your fuckin' hands and let me see your tits." Kristen is appalled.

No one talked to her like that before. The vulgar words stung her ears and she shook her head " no." " No, this is as far as I go," Kristen yells trying to act tough. I got up from the chair walking directly up to her. I grabbed her arms at the wrist jerking them down to her side exposing her breasts. Kristen tries to free herself, but I'm too strong. " If you disobey me again, I'll have to spank you," I told her, stepping away releasing her. Kristen immediately put her hands back over her breasts and ran toward the door.

She forgot about the panties bunched around her ankles. Kristen never got more than two steps before she fell flat face down on the carpet. Before she can get to her feet, I grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her to her feet. Kristen took hold of my hand and screamed as I threw her across the bed. Before Kristen can recover, I yanked my belt off and brought it down hard across her ass.

" Owwww," Kristen yells and put her hands over her ass. " Now, get up on your knees and spread your legs unless you want more," I yell, short of breath from the spanking I delivered.

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Kristen is sobbing as she got on her hands and knees on the bed. She tries to spread her legs, but the damn panties prevented her from getting them to far apart. She starts to remove them again, but I ordered her to leave them on. Kristen looks over at the mirror on the wall, she cannot pull her eyes from the sight.

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Kristen sees herself on her hands and knees, red panties tight around her ankles, her breasts hanging down from her body and red welts across her ass. In the mirror, Kristen sees me removing my pants and underwear.


Kristen sees my tool spring straight out. She knew now I did intend to rape her. As she sees my hard cock, she realized it is huge. Her previous boyfriend was small and her humiliation turns to fear as she feels my hand on her back.

" What are you doing?" Kristen pleaded as I push her head down into the bed along with her shoulders. " You're going to help me," I informed her. " Reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart for me to kiss your pussy." Kristen pleads and begs for me to stop, not to go through with it.

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She feels the weight on the bed and increases her pleading. Kristen screams when she feels the warm, wet tongue between her cunt lips. " Please don't, stop, please," She pleads as she tries to reach back and push my head away. I stick my tongue between her cunt lips and start to taste her sweetness. I run my tongue up and down her dry hole trying to bring out the moisture.

Kristen's plea became softer as I found her clit and start swirling my tongue around it. I feel a sense of satisfaction as I feel the nub growing in response to the oral stimulation. Kristen buries her face into the pillow. As she feels the dampness grow in her cunt, she cannot believe her body is betraying her. Kristen feels the bed moving again and then my fingers grabbing her cunt lips pulling them wide apart. I stick my tongue deep inside her cunt. My tongue is fucking her then is licking her clit.

Her breathing increasing along with her heart rate. She feels her body responding and is sickened by the thought of someone else fucking her.

She starts to beg me to stop as she feels her juices flowing freely down the inside of her thighs. " I think you're ready now," I observed. My tongue stops fucking her and she breaths a sigh of relief. She cannot believe she has almost experienced an orgasm. Kristen reminded herself that I'm raping her. Suddenly she hears a loud " whack" and feels the pain of my open hand slapping her ass.

" Now, reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart like I said," I ordered, " or I'll spank you again." Kristen starts sobbing again and as if a robot reaches behind her. She took her buttocks in each hand pulling them in opposite directions. Kristen sucked in a breath as she feels the cool air hit her exposed cunt and ass.

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She braces herself when she feels the head of my cock against her vaginal opening. Without warning or concern for her, I drive my cock into her cunt until my balls slap against her. Kristen shrieks and releases her ass, closing her cunt around the huge rod. She grabs the pillow with her hands squeezing with all her might trying not to scream.


Kristen's cunt feel like it is splitting open as she tries to accommodate my huge cock. I grip her hips as she tries to pull away, digging my nails into her flesh. I pull my cock out so only the head is still inside her, then I slam back into her. Kristen screams, lurching forward, trying to get me out of her tight tender pussy. I realized she is extremely tight, I had felt her resistance on my cock, I knew to make this enjoyable, I had to go slow. I held her in place with my hands, and pushed in further, I kiss her neck as I again feel her resistance, forcing my cock deeper inside her.

Kristen screams again and whimpers, as I hold myself there, kissing and nipping her neck soothingly. Kristen feels her pussy accomidating my huge cock buried inside her. She stifles her tears, reveling in the sensation. She has never felt so full before. She wiggles her hips against my cock, moaning as my cock rubs against her sensitive untouched areas. I took this as a go-ahead as I begin to thrust into her, deeper each time as I continue to kiss and nip her neck.

As Kristen begins to relax under me, I let my primal lust to take over again. I thrust into her ruthlessly, my hands gripped her hips tight. My nails tore into her hips as I impale her on my cock.

Hearing her panting and moaning under me, I reach out my hand, holding one firm breast, then the other. I realized it has been a long time since she has felt this good as I return my hands to her hips, watching her breasts swing under her. I groan as I feel my cock begin to grow, I manage a couple more long hard thrusts into Kristen's juicy cunt before my girth swells locking us together.

As soon as I'm locked, I change my thrusting from long and deep to short and fast, drumming into her soft moist pussy. Kristen feels my thrusts change, the fire burning in her stomach is about to explode, her muscles tensing as her eyes roll back into her head and she screams, " John! Ohhhhhh." Into the room, collapsing underneath me as her muscles relax and she is released from her orgasm. I came at the sound of her cry, groaning as my seed fills her womb, still tied to her from the girth of my cock, I collapse on top of her, our bodies covered with sweat.

Kristen gasping " More, please, give me more." Thinking I'm going to fuck her vagina yet again.

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I smear her juices into her ass. Kristen is spent from her series of powerful orgasms and she never considered what I'm preparing her for. I lined my cock up at the entrance to Kristen's tight virgin asshole. I place my hands on her hips again to hold her in place and start pushing. Kristen jumps and twists trying to escape the sudden pain she feels in her ass. When she realized what I'm doing, she is protesting loudly. I'm taking her virgin ass, I push my hips forward trying to force my cock pass the tight ring of her asshole.

I hold her tight and thrust forward as about one inch slips into her ass. Now Kristen is twisting and fighting more than she ever has before. " No, you're hurting me, you're to big, not there, please put it back in my cunt," Kristen pleaded trying to twist away, not removing the one inch of cock from her ass. With a wide grin, I shove two more inches into her ass. Kristen tries to get her hands around her ass and push me away.

The pain is incredible, worse than in her cunt. Kristen is trying to concentrate on breathing with the searing pain in her ass. I stop, feeling Kristen relax her ass, then I shove hard driving the reminder of my cock into her ass. Kristen's asshole looks like a thin rubber band encircling my cock. I pull partially out of her ass, I run my hand under her rubbing her clit.

I resume fucking her ass as she tries to relax. Kristen decided that if she could get me to cum, her ordeal would be finished. Kristen squeezed her asshole together tightening her ass cheeks around my cock. I quicken my pace in response to Kristen's apparently willingly participation. Kristen concentrated on the attention her clit is recieving, it is having the desired affect. Never in her life has she experienced multiple orgasms, so she is shocked that she feels the tingling beginning for another one.

Kristen is rocking her hips backwards as the pain in her ass turns to a bizarre, sexy pleasure. She knew I was going to pull it out any minute.

Suddenly, she feels my cock growing and becoming even more rigid in her ass. I quickened my pace, tensing, then Kristen feels the warmth of my seed bathing the walls of her colon.

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As I pumped my cock dry in her ass, I continue to massage her clit. I pull free from her as her orgasm continues without me in her.

Kristen lay on the bed moaning in a stupor as the sparks of her most powerful orgasm travels through her.

I pull on my pants. I started out of the room leaving her with an afterglow from a series of massive orgasms. She is covered in sweat, lying on her stomach, on the bed with a pair of red panties around her ankles. I glanced back and see cum leaking out of her ass and down onto the bed. I smiled at Kristen knowing that things for her will never be the same.

Kristen watched me leave with a sly grin, she knew she was glad I brought her here. She wondered how she could arrange another afternoon like this one.