Brunettes vibrator makes her moan with pleasure

Brunettes vibrator makes her moan with pleasure
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I was blind and deaf. The feeling of Rachel playing with my dick had taken over my whole body, and I was powerless in her mercy. She had propped my head up on a pillow so I could watch her, but when she started, the waves of pleasure were so overwhelming that I had to close my eyes to contain myself.

She had started by stroking my shaft straight up and down, and moved onto kissing it lightly all over.

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I was moaning constantly and I could hear myself getting more desperate with my pleas for relief. It wasn't enough that she touched my dick. I needed her mouth around it, or even better, her hot pussy. She had just begun tracing the tip of her tongue over my skin when I started to lose it.

"I'll cum if you keep that up!" I said through gritted teeth. "Mmm" was all she said and then I felt her tongue licking the whole length of me. When it got to the top, she lowered her lips around my dick a little way, and made a hungry sucking sound as she popped her lips back off. I looked down in an attempt to warn her again, but just ended up growling with lust.

I noticed she had one hand down near her panties and realised she was fingering herself. We could do so much better than that, I thought. "Baby, please suck me." I pleaded.

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what she let me do was even better. She untied both of my hands and lay upside down on top of me. Her panties were right in my face and the scent of her sex was overpowering. The fabric of her panties had changed to a darker shade of red as a result of being so wet.

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I pressed my tongue against it and was surprised at being able to taste some cum. Her panties were so thin that the juice had seeped through them completely.

My cock was so hard now that it hurt.


I knew I was on the brink of cumming and was trying my hardest to hold it in. I wanted to orgasm with her, to make her feel as good as I had been feeling the whole night. Quickly, I pulled her panties away with my fingers. I spread open her pussy lips and knew this would be a fast orgasm from the liquid leaking from her. As Rachel's finally deep throated me, I released a wild moan, which was masked by Rachel clamping her legs around me, pushing my face into her sweet pussy.

I shoved my tongue straight into her depths, wanting to taste every bit of her. At the same time, I was thrusting my hips up into her mouth, making her nose hit my balls over and over. At the moment that I felt my balls contract, I remembered her clit. I reached up with my right hand and pinched it, mercilessly clamping my fingers there. Rachel's scream around my dick was instantly cut off, as I shot torrents of cum into her stomach.


For the next few minutes, we moaned and groaned together, thrusting into each other's mouths, my fingers never letting go of her clit. She had only managed to swallow half my cum; the rest of it was dripping out of her mouth and into my pubes. The cum she had made for me was delicious.

I loved the taste and smell of her pussy and although my fingers fell away from her clit, I continued eating her out and she continued sucking me until we both calmed down.

While we were in the afterglow of our orgasms, I hugged her.I drew her in close to my chest, her head tucked under my chin. Her hair smelt really nice, and it was soft on my skin when I buried my face in it. Rachel's breathing eventually became deep and regular. I looked down and saw that she was smiling to herself but her eyelids were heavy. I was more than satisfied for the night, but when I asked if she was tired, she insisted that she be allowed to continue.

She tried to get up, but with my hands untied, I was simply too strong for her. I chuckled and held her tightly, then kissed her to shut her up. I started off slow, letting my tongue flit into her mouth and running it over her bottom lip. This woman's naked skin against mine was turning me on nicely and before long my erection returned.

I broke away to untie my legs from the bed, folding and stretching them to wake up my sleeping feet.

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"My turn." I said, and positioned myself over her, on all fours as she had done not so long ago. We were both tired, so without further ado, I lined up my dick with her pussy and pushed straight in.

We both moaned, long and quietly.

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I fucked her carefully, lifting her hips up to meet mine. After a while, I came deep inside of her, and felt her body shudder in reply.

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I rolled over, both of us one hundred percent spent. She used my arm as a pillow and before we could move another muscle, we were both fast asleep. I woke late Saturday morning when Rachel opened the curtains and let the bright yellow sunlight in. She helped me back into my clothes, and put on a long white robe herself.


She offered me breakfast, but I politely refused, so she led me to the front door. We both stepped outside and I thanked her, then gave her a kiss on her cheek, turning to leave. She grabbed my tie and pulled me towards her again for a better one. My brain kept telling me that I had to stop or I'd never be able to leave, but my body only tasted her cherry lips and clutched her tighter. The sound of a dog barking in the neighbour's yard abruptly broke us apart.

"This isn't going to be our last night, is it?" she asked, her eyes suddenly wide with worry.

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"Of course not," I called over my shoulder, "You are my secretary after all."