Mature Blonde Sucks A Big Boner

Mature Blonde Sucks A Big Boner
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I've been a bit of a tweaker for about 10 years now. I guess you could say I'm a functioning user who doesn't get all spacey and "out there" in orbit. But that doesn't mean that I don't get freaky and nasty! It all depends on what's going on. But this story starts 7 years ago. My girlfriend and I were living in a double-wide trailer then and her teenage son who was in high school. Now since she and I been going out I'd like to check out her son Kyle when he'd be in a t-shirt and briefs, checking out his small ass cheeks and wondering how good my cock would feel between them.


Sure, the crys helped that, but it works for me. In fact, I'd always had a thing for these twinkies with their slender frame and smooth skin and being smaller than me. So like I said, 7 years ago is when I went for it.


It was summer and Kyle was out of school for three months. Oh and keep in mind that I would make my cash slingin' locally and fixing people's cars in my driveway. So one morning my girlfriend went to work all day at the restaurant and it was me and Kyle in the living room. I was in my briefs and a wife beater and Kyle was in his sweatpants.

Now he wasn't stupid and had seen me and his mom getting high before. So, I took out my pipe and lit up a bowl.

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Kyle was watching the TV but watching me smoke at the same time. So, after a while I looked at him and asked if he wanted to try it.

Funny, the boy was all for it and so I showed him how and he got a real good hit.

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We talked for a bit and Kyle was getting amped because he was going on and on about things with music and stuff and his friends. So I smoked more and offered him another hit. He went to the bathroom, which was a good chance for me to hit play on the remote for the VCR and on came my porn vid I bought a couple days before.

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Kyle came back out and saw me with my hand squeezing my dick and balls and I pretended I made a mistake like I was going to shut it off, but Kyle was staring at the screen seeming to like what he saw. He sat down and I didn't say anything for a couple minutes and let him watch. Then I asked him how he liked it and he was like "wow". I asked if he liked seeing that guy's cock go into the slut's ass and he nodded and stared at me with wide tweaky eyes. So I pulled out my cock and said he could touch it if he wanted.

He looked at me and then down at my cock with the band of my briefs under my nuts and so I took his hand and placed it around my dick and maneuvered his hand up and down the shaft. He stared doing it on his own and so I sat back and let him stroke me. After a bit of that, we smoked another bowl and I had him stand up and I pulled down his sweatpants and breifs and bent him over the sofa.

I looked down at h is sweet ass cheeks and started feeling them in my hand. My cock was so hard at this point. So I said to him "now I'm gonna fuck you like that girl is getting fucked on the TV and asked if he wanted that. He said "yeah" and so I bent down far enough on my knees and pulled open his pretty ass cheeks and dug my tongue into his hot hole, squirming it around and getting off on his moaining and the clenching his hole was making. I reached under the sofa where I kept a jar of Vaseline and opened the container and stroked some onto my throbbing prick.

Then I pushed down on his back to hold him in place and began pushing my hard dick into his tight rectum. He yelled and squirmed under me and I put my hand over his mouth, talking in his hear telling him to relax and that he'd get used to it. Meanwhile, I'm pushing and pushing my dick into his tight virgin fuckhole, having to use a bit of force to gain entry.

Once I was inside of him, I held still and let my dick twitch in him.

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I knew I wouldn't last from how tight he was. I asked him if he liked being a whore like on the video.

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Between gasps catching his breath from my cock penetrating him, he let out an "uh-huh" and nodded. I told him his mom didn't let me fuck her in the ass, but that I needed him to take it up his ass whenever we were alone. I asked him if he wanted that and he said "yyyeesss" and so at that point I made a few good, firm thrusts into his violated anus and let out a yell as my dick spasmed and twitched and I emptied every drop of jizz inside of him.

For the longest time, my girlfriend didn't know her son was tweakin until one day when she saw him in his room jerking off like no tomorrow. She was pissed for about a minute until I took her in the bedroom and got her tweaked herself. She told me not to give him too much and said she knew he would eventually.

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Only thing she didn't know was that every day so far in the summer, after she went to work, I'd get Kyle high ask a kite and then find new ways to stick my cock in his ass. I got him to start talking dirty like a slut to me and that really got my rocks off. The next month in July, one of the guys who comes over to get a little sump'm sump'm hung out for a while and we got nice and tweaked and I knew he was bi-sexual, so I let him in on what Kyle and I were doing.

Well shit, he fucking loved that one and asked if I tough Kyle would let him. So I called Kyle from his room and asked if he'd mind if James had a little fun with him.


Kyle shrugged and said "cool". So I got to watch as James sat back and Kyle sucked on his cock and then James got Kyle onto his lap, straddling him after he had Kyle strip naked and then seated the boy right down on his hard prick. James started thrusting hard up into him and then thrust his head back and clenched his jaw as his cock pumped hot cum into the boy's fucked asshole.

It wasn't the only time James got to fuck around with Kyle. He'd intentionally hang out for a while when he came over until he got to have a fuck.

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Kyle would suck one of our cocks while the other fucked him and he was becoming such a good little whore. Well fuck, I'm going to continue this later, my fingers are numb from typing my ass off here! Later.