New straight male gay porn star act and boy sex movie first time Sexy

New straight male gay porn star act and boy sex movie first time Sexy
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I had a couple houses left of finish on this site. I had been gone two months. I somehow felt a need to go home. I had planned to wait until the end of the month. I asked Rob, my partner, if he could cover it for a few days. He said he would. It was a good six-hour drive. I called the house but no one answered. I had talked to mom yesterday but forgot to tell her I was coming home this week. I stopped by to see if she was home.

I unlocked the door and found a note on the table saying she would see me in a week. As I walked through the house I noticed sis's chest drawer opened slightly.

I bent over to close it. It was the one she kept her panty in. I noticed this worn red paperback book partially uncovered. I pulled it out and looked at it. It was titled in bold letters, "101 ways to enjoy SEX." A couple pages were folded along with several paper bookmarks. I smiled as I tucked it beneath her panty and closed her drawer. I just hope mom didn't see it. I didn't see any appearance of anything being out of order. Sis always kept her room and clothes neat and tidy.

She was like that. Mom was the same way. I raided the cellar and got a couple gallons of fruit juice and sat on the deck and had a couple large glasses.

The cellar kept everything really cool. She had said yesterday sis was taking care of Mike's house while they were on vacation. I put the jugs of juice in the truck and drove over there.

I was excited now. All kinds of things went through my mind Mile and. As I pulled the construction truck in the drive sis was standing outside the door talking to the neighbor and ran out to greet me. The neighbor, Kevin and Marsha was outside weeding the lawn border. I chatted with them for a few minutes since I hadn't seen them for near a year. Finally sis took me by the hand and pulled me in the house. "You going to spend the night with me?" I have to take care of the house for a week." "But where is mom.

I just talked to her yesterday and she didn't say anything. She just left a note on the table that she would be gone for a few days." "Oh, She went to Tennessee to visit our aunt Edna. She will be gone for a week.

She said you called her but didn't say you were coming home today." "I wasn't sure until yesterday afternoon. When will Mike and Toni be back?" I asked. "They will be gone a week also. "Does Tony next door know that?" "Yes but why are you asking all these questions?" Sis asked.

I took her by her waist and pulled her to me as I held her in my arms and kissed her. I pulled her down the hall to the spare bedroom. I had built this house four years earlier. The spare room was large and had almost all glass on the outside wall with a door-wall. It was about 100 feet from the woods like ours slightly facing the northeast. I had added a 12 X 16 deck about six months ago. I liked it better than the other three bedrooms.

It also had a king size bed. They had replaced it with their old one. "I just want to make sure I don't have to worry about someone walking in or knocking on the door for the next twenty four hours.

I'm horny and want to fuck you to death." I replied as I unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall along with her bra. She dropped her shorts and started to pull down her panty. "Let me remove those." I said as I let my shorts drop. She slid down my briefs as she wrapped her arms around my legs rubbing her right cheek against my upper thighs and slowly over my cock letting it slide through her lips kissing it as she inhaled on the way up. I knelt down on my knees as l hooked my fingers around the waistband.

I slowly sliding her panty down as I gazed into her beautiful mound, a little more hairy than usual but that little pink slit down the middle was just as beautiful as ever with her pink little clit peeking from beneath the shield. I could already smell her musty sweet fragrance as I closed in on it.

I slowly slid my tongue between her lips as she helplessly spread her legs slightly apart. I licked it from the bottom sliding it deep inside sucking and then licking it up to the top. My cock throbbed. I licked her clit with the full length of my tongue. She gasped as she grabbed my head. I was savoring her sweet passion as I slowly slid her panty to her feet. She quickly stepped out of them.

My cock was already getting heavy. I slowly stood up as it slid up between her legs. I wanted to stick it in her so bad. "Lets take a shower. It's awful hot out there and I sweat a lot on the way up. I didn't use the AC. But take it easy on that sweet little mound. I got a hard on just tasting it.

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I don't want anything washed away." I said as she led me to the bathroom. We hurriedly washed each other not wanting to waste no more time than necessary. She covered her pussy with a washcloth as I soaped and rinsed her off. She took a couple towels from the linen closet as we made our way back to the bedroom.

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She spread them out on the middle of the bed as she sat down and rolled over in the middle laying on her back spreading her legs apart as her beautiful love box slightly gaped apart. I anxiously crawled in from the foot sliding up between her luscious thighs. At last we were naked together in a big bed all alone. Her naked body was beautiful lying there all spread out.

It was a wonderful feeling and a dream come true. "Can I spend the night here?" 'I can sleep in this room as a guest." I asked her.

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"Sure, you can spend the whole week here and we can both sleep in this bed together as guest." Sis replied excited. Can you stay all week?" "I think so. You remember Rob. I'll have to call him at the site and check up on the progress.

I replied as spread her lips apart. I buried my face between her thighs inhaling her wonderful sweet musty aroma. I slid my tongue deep in her beautiful sweet pussy. Her pre-cum was already starting to seep out. I licked up between her lips tasting her sweet juices. I fluttered her clit with the tip of my tongue as I sucked on it. She gasped as she moaned. DAY ONE "If I would have known you were coming I would have been shaved. I have an awful lot of hair now." She said.

"That's okay. It's fine with me. I'm not going to eat your hair. Besides, I wanted to surprise you. There isn't much anyway. But if you feel uncomfortable we can shave it tomorrow." I replied. "Okay." But I'd like to have it slick and smooth for you.

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I know you like it that way." She replied. Her hair didn't bother me as I licking full length of her inner lips. I probed deep inside with my tongue and nibbling her clit with my lips. She began moaning even more as I started tongue fucking her deep. "Little brother, now that you are in this big bed alone with me come up here and lets enjoy our bodies and make love with me like we've wanted to do for such a long time." I slid up on her body as my cock touched her love box. "Lay on your back.

I want to look at your body in the daylight with all the light." She said as she began to roam and kiss it all over. My cock was bone hard already sticking straight up as she slid the foreskin back kissing the head as she licked my groins guiding her tongue around my balls sucking them in her mouth and sucking one at a time. She couldn't seem to get enough.

We played with each other's bodies as we roamed and caressing every part slowly enjoying our intimacy to the fullest for at least a half hour in the middle of that big bed. We roamed from one end to the other as she laughed excitedly and serious all in one.

Her tits were nice and firm as I sucked them filling my mouth flickering her hard nipples with my tongue as she moaned. She turned back around in the sixty-nine position on her side a she laying her head on my thigh. She licked my cock up and down the vein and nibbling it as she sucked my balls into her warm mouth again one at a time as she moaned. She looked down at me and smiled. Her beautiful pink pussy was glittering with her wet pre-cum flowing heavy now.

"Straddle me sis. I want to suck your pussy and let your juices run in my mouth. You are getting awful wet," I told her. She slid her body on me as she placed her wet pussy over my face. I pulled her down to my lips sliding my tongue softly between her outer lips. I spread them apart with my lips pressing my lips tightly against them as I slid my tongue slowly inside gliding it over her clit. She gasped with moans of pure pleasure. I felt the small hole with the tip of my tongue where pre-cum oozed out.

I sucked her inner lips in my mouth slowly tongue fucking her. I could feel my pre-cum oozing up cock as she slowly slid the foreskin back with her lips sucking it out of the head sliding her lips and tongue up and down deep as it went deep in her mouth.

"Your pre-cum tastes so sweet." She moaned as she caressed my cock slowly pushing her pussy against my face. Our desires were beyond expectation. We were in heaven in the middle of this big bed all alone. We couldn't seem to get enough of each other. We never dreamed this opportunity would ever happen. She turned back around on top of me as she slowly guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy and slowly slid her body down over it as it slid deep inside her.

We grasped our bodies as we rolled over. I lay on top of her. "Fuck me little brother like never before until I cum all over you. I want you so bad.

I've missed you so much. I slept in your bed. I think I masturbated every night since you have been gone pretending my finger was your cock. I dreamed of you and woke up almost every night finger fucking myself dreaming it was your cock in me, and wishing it was." "How come you didn't use the dildo?" I asked. "I tried to a few minutes every time just to get it wet enough. Then stuck it between two pillows and sucked it still pretending it was you.

But I couldn't get any feeling in my pussy with a piece of rubber so I used my two fingers and curled it up and massaged my g-spot real hard.

I cum a lot then. It was really warm one night. Mom had forgotten to turn the air on. It was about twelve and neither of us had any cover over us. My nightie was halfway up my tummy. I was slowly finger fucking myself. Mom rose up on her bed and asked me asking if I was okay. I pretended to be sleeping and didn't answer her because I was embarrassed. After I had finished I was just laying there pretending to still be asleep.

A few minutes later I heard a commotion and looked over at her. She was lying there on her back. Her legs were spread out as she had her body slightly raised off the bed and humping, massaging her clit squirming and moaning. I kind of wanted to get up and help her but knew that wasn't the right thing for me to do so I just lay there and watched her.

She must have done that for about ten minutes. I don't think she realized how loud she was moaning. Then I heard a sigh with relief as she relaxed. In the meantime she had gotten me turned on again. I slowly slid my finger in my pussy and curled it up and started massaging my g-spot again silently until I cum again.

I think she lay over there and watched me the whole time. We both finally went to sleep. "Did she ever do it any more?" "Yes, almost every other night after that. I think she knew I knew as well but she never did say anything.

Neither did I. She seemed to always be in bubbly moods after she started doing it.

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She replied. 'Now make love to me little brother. We have a whole week and I want you every time your cock gets hard. It isn't going to take me long to cum now I'm so hot." I pressed my lips against hers she parted them. I slid my tongue deep in her mouth as we started sucking with passion. We went wild with each other as she shoved her pussy up against my cock fiercely, pulling me tight against her as she ground her beautiful tits into my chest.

Her nipples were rock hard. She slid her hands down between our bodies and wrapped her forefinger and thumb around my cock as it slid in and out. She started massaging her clit with her forefinger slowly as she sucked my tongue. Suddenly she grabbed the cheeks of my ass and started jerking as she started moaning loud. "I'm going to cum baby." She moaned as she started quivering, steadily pumping in rhythm with me.

I was ready to explode but held off as long as I could. I slowed down a little as she moaned. I loved to hear her moan like that. It was in such a tone that I knew she was really enjoying it to the fullest.

Then with loud moaning grunts I felt her hot cum squirting over my cock as she dug fingers deep in my back. "Oh god&hellip. Ooooooooh." 'Ooooooooh yes, you feels so good. I've missed you little brother so bad. I have missed this." She moaned as she vigorously banged her body against mine. "Ooooooooh baby cum in me. Ooooooooh god you feel so good." She moaned as my orgasm reached its peak and shot down my cock.

I shoved deep in her holding it tight deep in her as I felt several loads spattered against her innermost part. "Oooooooh sis I'm cumin. Oooooooooooh baby." I moaned as it shot deep in her.

'You feel so incredible." "Yes, ooooooh yes baby. That feels so good." She grunted. 'I have missed that too." I started pumping her hard and fast gushing two months of juices deep in her sweet little tight hole. I couldn't stop pumping her as I shot load after load in her. It felt better than ever as pumped her at about two inch intervals as I felt my cum squishing around the head of my cock.

It was indescribable as I felt the last load squirt in her. I rose up a little and looked down at my cock as I pulled it halfway out.

The base of my cock and our pubic mounds were saturated. She reached down sliding her fingers in the hair. She massaged it as she wrapped them around my cock. I slid it in and out pressing them tight between our bodied. "I missed you so much sis. I missed your hands stroking my cock and playing with it. Though my cock was still hard I slid it out as I rolled us over on our sides.

I was admiring her beautiful body as the sun still glared through the glass wall. It was only 2:30 PM. We hadn't bothered to pull the blinds. I sucked on one nipple massaging the other one between my forefinger and thumb. Our cum run out of her down the side of her pubic hair and onto her inner thigh. The foreskin was over the head filled with cum but she still stuck her finger in her pussy and wetting it as she slid it inside the foreskin sliding the skin back and forth over it.

She moved closer sliding the head between her lips rubbing it up and down between her saturated lips as she massaged her clit. She looked at me smiling as she stuck her tongue between my lips kissing me.

'I'm so lucky to have a little brother like you to please and make me feel better than anything else in my whole life." She said. "No more than having a sister like you." I replied. 'I never dreamed something like this would ever happen, especially lasting so many years.

On my part I'm glad you can't have babies cause we would still be taking chances on getting pregnant with us doing this. Especially like we just did. I like the feeling of my bare cock sliding in and out fucking and coming in you and you feeling it spatter against you inside and the bare head sliding in it.

Then you're hot cum squirting all over my cock. Its hard to describe the feelings, but then you have the same feelings too." And it just wouldn't be the same using a rubber like we did that one time. "I am glad too. I love you too much ever to stop.

I love us fucking too much to worry about getting pregnant. Besides, if it were to happen, then mom would know for sure what we've been doing all these times at the barn and in the woods all these years.

Then we would have to stop. I think that would want to die then." Sis replied. "I wonder if the same thing has happened to anyone else around here." I commented.

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"Probably. There are a lot of boys, with pretty little sisters with nice bodies out there. They seem awful close together. But I won't ask. Devin is fucking his sister too. I never see them getting out or going anywhere unless they are together. Their parents were gone one day I was coming from Maria's house. They had left the blinds open. They were in the middle of their parent's bed.

I stood behind that tree behind their house. I'm sure they didn't see me. Devin had his head between her legs. They must have just started. Then he straddled her. He's got a big cock too. He bent over a little. She took his cock and stuck it in her pussy. He started sliding it in and out of her pussy. I was afraid to leave so I stood there watching them.

Without realizing it, I had slid my hand beneath my shorts and was finger fucking myself massaging my clit. I had an orgasm just as he rose up and walked up to her face on his knees and started fucking her in her mouth. He must have done that for ten minutes. Then suddenly he grabbed her head and pulled it to him humping over as he started fucking her in the mouth. He had his whole cock down her throat. He straightened up as she started licking on it.

Then they got up and went to the bathroom. Neither had clothes on. And they are younger than us too. I quickly took off. I had cum so much watching them and doing my thing I could feel it between my legs as I walked." "I didn't think that tree was that close." I replied. "Yes, you can see everything from there." She said laughing as she crawled back on top of me sliding my cock back in her.

'You have to get this soft and I don't think it will get that way by itself." "I think you're right." I replied as she sat up on her knees and sat down on it sliding it almost all the way in. 'We might as well take advantage of all we can.

We may never get this chance again." She said as she bounced up and down on me. "Are you really happy we learned about each other sis, and that we have never gotten tired of it or has never gotten old or ended?" "Why don't you wait and ask me fifty years from now!" She replied in a serious tone without smiling I just smiled as I lay my hands on her lower sides assisting her as she slowly slid up and down on me as we watched my cock going in and out.

"I like watching us do this." She said as she smiled. 'Maybe we can fulfill all our fantasies this week, huh!" "I think I'd like that. I replied. "Do you have a lot?" "A few, but we'll come up with some more I'm sure." She replied as cum run down my cock. She started rubbing her wet clit in circles.

"You like playing with that little thing don't you." I said to her. "Only when you are around to watch me or you are gone like before and I fantasies you fucking me and want to cum." She replied as she smiled.

'You like watching me too don't you." "Yes, it turns me on. I love watching anything you do." I replied We lay there for about ten minutes as she massaged herself with my cock slowly sliding up and down in and out.

She started moaning again. I knew she was getting ready to cum again as I looked up at her face. Her jaws started trembling as she emitted trembling echoes. "I'm almost ready to cum again.

She said as she moaned. Then she started those short little moaning grunts again. I watched her cream slide down my cock as she started bouncing up and down faster as she moaned. 'Ooooooooh little brother, I'm cumming again." She said as she started bouncing up and down. You feel so good. After she finished she eased off my hard cock. She looked at me as she said; "You can fuck my mouth until you are ready to cum as she said as she slid down between my legs. "She slid the foreskin back and slid the bare head in deep her mouth as she bobbed up and down banging against her throat.

Her tongue was playing a tune up and down the vein. That wasn't going to take long. Soon my orgasm was heavy on the burner. I started pumping meeting her every stroke.

I started to moan. She slid it out and started jerking on it full length. "Baby it's on its way." I said just as she slid the foreskin over the head. I started pumping it in her hand. I shot three or four small loads as it puddles in the skin running around her fingers in a puddle. "It looks like mine." She said laughing as she slid the skin up and down over the head until it was all out.

She licked it all off as she smiled. 'I think we should take another shower. We are all wet and messy." She laughed again. We took a quick shower as she took a quick douche and then took a walk through the neighborhood. We dipped into the pool for a while to relax. We fired up the grill and burnt a couple dinner franks and burgers as we sat on the deck and ate laughing and talked until the moon had come up in full view watching the stars get brighter.

Finally she suggested we go inside. She pulled the blinds and slid a movie into the VCR as she changed into a short sheer nightie without panty and curled up beside me. It was almost ten o'clock.


"Why don't you pull your shorts off and relax." She suggested. I didn't hesitate as I unbuttoned them. She slid them off leaving just my briefs. She stretched out on the couch and laid her head in my lap as we watched the movie. My cock had gotten hard and throbbed beneath her cheeks often.

I could see a grin appear on her lips each time as it throbbed.

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Now and then she would slide her head against my tummy and breath her warm breath through the material on my cock then laugh. She tugged at my briefs slightly pulling them from beneath as I rose up to assist her until I felt the cool air hit my cock. I watched her warm tongue lick the head as she stuffs it in between her teeth and jaw.

She slid it out and licked and caressed it for at least a half hour until the movie was over. "Are you ready for bed yet?" She asked. "I've been waiting for you." I replied as we turned off the lights and walked down the hall to the bedroom. She pulled the shades and flipped on several light switches making it look almost daylight. She dropped her nightie and turned to me. Again I was gazing at her beautiful body as she slid my briefs off. We met in the middle of the bed as our bodies clung together deep kissing and sucking each other's tits.

She slid down the middle on the bed in the sixty-nine position on top of me as we fell madly in love with each other all over again.

She spread her thighs apart as I buried my face in her crotch I inhaled her beautiful sweet pink love box. I slid my tongue deep between her inner lips, as I taste her already sweet pre-cum again. I could feel her warm tongue licking up and down the vein as she paused to suck on the tip of the head as if trying to stick her tongue in the hole. I felt her tongue go from my cock to my balls putting one in her mouth sucking on it and then the other following up to the entrance of my butt hole as she spread my cheeks with her hands.

I relaxed as her sharp tongue penetrated the hole. She had never done that before. It had it's own unique sensations and I liked it. I followed suit as I licked the skin between her pussy and butt hole spreading her cheeks breathing my hot breath against her little hole as I wet it and penetrated her with my tongue. She relaxed as I slid my tongue at what must have been an inch as I tongue fucked that little hole. It wasn't like her pussy but it was different and liked it as I buried my mouth between her cheeks, tongue fucking her butt as I pressed against it.

She moaned as she started doing the same. She started pumping slowly against my face. She pressed her mouth tight against my butt. It felt like her tongue was going deeper as she pressed tighter. She reached down and took hold my head pulling it as she moaned, her tongue penetrating in and out the entrance of my butt hole. We did that for at least five minutes as she pumped.

Finally she relaxed she released my head and turned around lying on her back. "Straddle me and fuck my tits until you cum babe." She said in a low sexy tone. "But I don't know if I can cum so soon again." I told her. "Try it anyway." She replied. I started slowly pumping my cock between her nice firm tits as she squeezed the tight around it. It couldn't get any better than this.


Sucking pussy, getting tongue fucked in the butt and fucking tits and all in the same night. She was really going overboard. I wondered what was coming next. It didn't take long until I had a terrific orgasm. "WOW!" Was that another one off your fantasies?" "Kind of, did you like it?" "Yes, a matter of fact, I did.

Different but I wouldn't mind doing it again. I replied. 'I'm wondering what you have in store the next six days. I can't wait." I replied laughing excited as I turned around and lay on top of her. "Would you do everything I want you to do to me?" She asked. "As long as it is nothing to hurt you." I replied. "Have you ever taste your own cum?" She asked. "Not exactly. Maybe when I first discovered I could cum and maybe once when we both had cum after we started this relationship together.

Why? Have you?" "Only the wetness I mentioned to you about on the dildo when you were gone. There wasn't much taste on that piece of rubber." She wiped a couple heavy spots of cum between her tits and saturated both nipples then wiped another drop and stuck it in her mouth. "Suck my tits." She said looking me in the eyes without a smile this time. 'But only if you want to." She said. "You want me too, then I will do it." I replied as l slid my tongue between her tits and licked the remaining load clean and slid my tongue in her mouth.

She greedily sucked my tongue into her mouth and sucked it from my tongue like a hungry animal. I slid my tongue out and immediately sucked her left tit in my mouth as I licked the cum off her nipple and went to the next one of which was a little heavier. It didn't taste much different than hers as I ground on her nipple the full length of my tongue. "Um-m-m. That feels good too. She said. 'How did you like it?" "It taste almost like yours." I replied.

"I like yours. It has a sweet taste. I think I could take it several times a day." She replied. "You known I will do anything you ask or want me to do, don't you." I told her. "Yes, I know you would. That's why we are going to enjoy ourselves for a whole week." She replied. I knew her tits were sensitive but not sure how much. Since she said it felt good when I just licked them, I decided to see just sensitive they really were.

I sucked the left one as far in my mouth as I could, sucking it hard at first sliding my tongue steady full length over her nipple for about five minutes. She moaned slightly as I went to the other then back and forth. She soon begins to squirm and moan more as she slides her hand down and starts massaging her clit in circles. Soon she begins to moan a little more. Then a little more.

I slid down as I licked the end of her finger and nudged it away taking full control of her clit starting slow at first and sped up a little harder.


I didn't let up. She started moaning harder as I vibrated it harder. Her body started into a quiver. She pushed her body up as she started cumin. I raised my head as I watched cum shooting from that little hole in little spurts. It was beautiful. I tongued her clit with just the tip of my tongue until she was almost finished.

Beneath her clit lay a small puddle of creamy gray cum. I held her hips up as I sucked her pussy scooping it out with my tongue. I slid up her body as I lay my lips over hers.

She her eyes were closed as I brushed her lips with mine. She parted them opening her mouth as I let her cum slide down her tongue. She savored it as our tongues locked as she sucked mine. "Now how does yours taste." I asked.

"Just like yours." She replied as she wrapped her arms around my neck and slid her tongue back in my mouth. My still hard cock found its way into her pussy as we slowly pumped until I had got the sensations of another orgasm. We took a quick shower again and curled up on the bed to go to sleep.

"Oh, before I forget, when you wake up in the morning, wake me up before you pee. I have something else in mind." She said as she curled up with her head in my arms and hands around my body.

'Another fantasy?" "Uh-huh. I saw it in a book. She replied.