Legal age teenager tranny wishes for orgasms

Legal age teenager tranny wishes for orgasms
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Chapter 3 Captain Marvel landed in the backyard of the Bromfield home and uttered his magic word, in a flash of magic lightning the Captain with his red, white, and gold costume was replaced by teen Billy Batson in his red T-shirt and blue jeans. Billy walked to his sister's backdoor and raised his hand to knock but the door was pulled open from the inside before he could do it.

"Hi, Billy," Freddy Freeman said, holding the door open with one hand while he balanced on his crutch. "We heard the thunder so we figured you were here, right on time too, the pizza just arrived. I hope you're hungry." "Starving," Billy said.

"That interview took longer than I expected and I haven't had a chance to get anything to eat." "In that case it's a good thing I ordered extra pizza and bread sticks," Mary said as she finished setting the table. "Wash up and hurry back, Billy, we're hungry too." "Sure thing, sis," Billy hurried back from the bathroom and he was just in time to see Mary and Freddy finish a kiss before they realized he was back. He shook his head to try and clear it and when he opened his eyes his sister and best friend were seated on opposite sides of the kitchen table and for a second he thought he must have imagined what he'd seen.

Then he noticed something white, gold, and silky sticking out of Freddy's pants pocket. "What's this, Freddy?" Billy asked pulling the item out of Freddy's pocket before the other boy realized what was happening. Billy recognized the panties in his hand, after all he'd seen them often enough while he was flying behind Mary as Captain Marvel. Then he noticed the second pair of panties Freddy was trying to stuff back into his pants pocket before he noticed them.

"Freddy, what are you doing with Mary's panties?" "What do you think he's doing with them, Billy?" Mary asked. "I gave them to him." "Why did you give them to him?" Billy asked weakly, barely noticing when Freddy took the white and gold panties from him and stuffed them back in his pocket.

"Well, it is kind of traditional for a girl to give her first lover her panties," Mary pointed out. "First lover?" Billy asked slowly. "Does that mean you and Freddy. . ." "Fucked lke bunnies," Mary said with a satisfied smile. "You bet. Mary Batson and Freddy Freeman; and Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior." "Freddy, how could you?" Billy asked, sitting down in the nearest seat.

"Billy, it was my idea," Mary told her brother. "I've known for a while now that I was going to fuck one - or both - of you, and the first time I actually had a chance to fuck for the first time Freddy was the one available.

It could just as easily have been you, and it will still be you if I get the chance." "You want to fuck me?" Billy asked, "but that's incest." "Oh, come on, Billy, don't tell me you haven't thought about it," Mary said.

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"I know you've been looking up my skirt whenever you fly behind me." "Freddy, how could you?" "I didn't tell her, Billy, she figured it out for herself." "We all have the wisdom of the Gods, Billy, it wasn't that hard to figure out why you were letting me fly ahead of you, and once I figured it out I even opened my legs a bit to give you a better view.

And wisdom isn't the only thing we got from the gods. After all, the gods don't think anything about incest, you do remember that Zeus and Hera were bother and sister before they were man and wife." "Good point," Billy agreed. "On top of that, you and I were raised separately and didn't even find out about each other until a few years ago so we don't really have emotional relationship that siblings usually have to hold them back from incest. I think of you more as my best friend than my brother, just like Freddy, so I don't see why you and I shouldn't fuck just like Freddy and me." "I agree," Billy said with a blush, "but I didn't realize you felt that way.

I've been trying to figure out how to talk you into fucking for months, and now it looks like I wasted all that time thinking instead of fucking." "You can say that again," Mary giggled, flipping her skirt up so her brother could see her naked pussy.

"So are you hungry for pussy or pizza first?" "Well I'm starving," Billy said without taking his eyes off his sister's bare slit, "so if I eat first and get my strength back, then I can fuck a lot longer and harder." "I guess you're right," Mary said with a disappointed pout before she let the hem of her skirt drop back down.


"So, after dinner we can have ourselves a three way, right?" "I'm afraid not," Freddy said, frowning at the clock. "If that's the right time I have to fly if I'm going to get back to the newsstand before closing time. I promised Mitch I'd be there to close up today." "Who's Mitch?" Billy asked as he loaded his plate down with several slices of pizza before grabbing a bottle of soda. "My new assistant," Freddy said, "I hired him to cover the newsstand when I'm called away.

Today was his first day alone, but I promised to be there to close up and place the weekly orders. It'll probably take me a couple hours to get everything done, but I can be back right afterward." "Well we don't want you to sacrifice your secret identity if you don't have to," Mary sighed. "I guess we'll just have to postpone the three way, and I'm sure Billy and I can keep ourselves occupied for the next 2 hours." "Easily," Billy said, eyeing Mary's breasts through her blouse.

"In that case I'll see you guys in a couple hours," Freddy said, grabbing a last slice of pizza before he headed for the backdoor. "I hope he gets back in time," Mary said after they heard the crash of thunder and whoosh a air. "My dad is out of town for the weekend, but my mom is suppose to be home later tonight, and the servants are suppose to be back tomorrow." "That won't give us much time for a three way, unless we're really quiet while we're fucking." "No promises there," Mary grinned, "I was screaming while Freddy fucked me." "Well, I hope I can make you scream just as loud," Billy said with a grin as he finished his meal.

"Oh, I'm sure Captain Marvel won't let himself be outperformed by Junior," Mary said with a grin, patting her twin brother on the ass as she walked past him to answer the phone when it rang.

"Hello? Oh, hi mom, is everything alright?" Billy moved close enough to listen to both sides of the conversation. "Everything's fine, dear," May's mother replied. "In fact it's better than fine, we had so many things donated for the charity auction that it's going to be late by the time the auction is done, and even later by the time we finish all the paperwork after the auction is done." "So you'll be home very late tonight," Mary stated.

"Actually it's going to be so late that I probably won't want to drive home so I've already reserved a room here at the hotel and won't be home until tomorrow morning.

Will you be alright home alone? I assume your father already left on his business trip?" "That's right, he left a couple hours ago," Mary said, she hesitated for a second before she continued. "Mom, you know I'd probably be just fine on my own for the night, but if you don't mind I was just thinking I'd like to have Billy and Freddy spend the night with me." "Sure, they can have one of the guest rooms, or two of the guest rooms if they want them," Mary's mother said.

"After all, if we can't trust our little girl with Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior, who can we trust her with?" "Thanks, mom," Mary said, giving Billy a big grin before she turned back to the phone. "Enjoy the auction, I'll see you in the morning." "Good bye, dear," Mary's mother finished before she hung up. "Smooth, sis," Billy said appreciatively, "real smooth. I wonder if your mom will ever figure out what we're really up to." "Maybe in a few months if things work out tonight," Mary said, patting her flat stomach.

"I guess we should call Freddy and let him know that he's spending the night with us." "Good idea," Billy said as Mary punched the number for Freddy's newsstand.

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"Freddy? Hi, it's Mary.


Sure you can talk to Billy, let me put you on speaker." Mary punched the appropriate button on the phone and a second later Freddy's voice came over the speaker. "Hi, Billy, are you there?" "I'm here.

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Freddy, what's up?" "I was thinking about calling you, but I was afraid I'd be interrupting something important. When I got here I discovered that the monthly shipment arrived a little early, so I was wondering if you wanted me to pick up your usual order." "That sounds good," Billy said, giving Mary a quick nervous glance. "OK, so that's one Hustler, one Barely Legal, one Barely Legal Hardcore, and anything that has an incest or pregnancy theme, right?" "That's right," Billy agreed, "but did you have to say it out loud so Mary could hear my order?" "Mary knows about my collection," Freddy chuckled, "it wouldn't be that hard for her to figure out that you had one too." "Say, Freddy," Mary chimed in, "that sounds like an interesting collection - especially the pregnancy porn - can you give me the same?" "Sure, if you really want it," Freddy said.

"Do you have a place to hide it if your parents come looking? Hopefully somewhere better than under your mattress or in your panty drawer." "Yeah, my parents believe in giving me some privacy so they gave me a locking cabinet and I'm the only one with a key." "If you think so," Freddy said hesitantly.

"I can bring your order with me when I'm done here in a couple hours." "When you come be ready to spend the night," Mary told him. "You know my dad and the servants are gone, and now it turns out that my mom is going to spend the night at the hotel so we'll have the house to ourselves.

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Not only that, my mom says she's fine with you and Billy spending the night here, but I didn't tell her you'll be spending it in my bed. She thinks the two of you are going to use a couple guest rooms so you'll have to mess the rooms up before she and the servants get home tomorrow, but the two of you sill be spending the night in my bed." "Sounds like a lot of fun," Freddy said. "I'll bring your orders with me when I come over.

I'll see you guys in a couple hours." "See you then," Mary said before she hung up the phone and turned to her brother. "Now, where were we?" "We were about to go to your room so I could fuck you like crazy," Billy reminded her with a big grin. "Right," Mary said, leading the way to her room with an extra sway in her hips, "time to see if what they say about incest and twincest is true." "And what do they say about incest and twincest?" Billy asked grabbing Mary's hips and pulling them back toward him as they walked down the hall.

"They say incest is best," Mary giggled, "but when you have twincest you never go back. Or so I've heard." "That's what I've heard too," Billy said as he followed his sister into her bedroom. He let go of Mary's hips and started stripping out of his clothes, but as fast as he was, Mary was faster and she was already naked and waiting for her brother in the center of her bed.

"Hurry up, Billy, I'm horny and ready to fuck," Mary said, opening her legs to give her brother easy access to her pussy.

"You don't have to be in such a rush, Mary," Billy chuckled as he peeled out of his clothes and climbed into his sister's bed between her thighs. "Your parents and servants are gone for the night and Freddy won't be here for 2 more hours. We have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves before Freddy gets here and the real party starts." "So, what do you have in mind, Billy," Mary asked with a crooked smile. "I thought I'd start with this," Billy said, crawling up between Mary's thighs and giving her a kiss on the lips.

Mary was so startled that she didn't know what to do at first, then Billy stuck his tongue between her lips and she instinctively started tongue wrestling with him, finally chasing Billy's tongue into his mouth before they broke the kiss.

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"Wow, sis," Billy said, taking a second to catch his breath, "you may be new at this, but you're a natural." "I'm a natural? What about you, Billy, wasn't that your first kiss?" "Well, yes and know," Billy said with a furious blush.

"That's my first kiss as Billy Batson, but Captain Marvel's been kissed by a few girls who wanted to get in his pants. It never happened, of course, but I've had a few kisses, and none of them were better than yours." "Thank you," Mary said with a blush of her own.

"So what else do you have in mind?" "I thought I'd start with this and see where we go," Billy said, kissing Mary on her chin and then moving down to his sister's throat for another kiss. Mary giggled as Billy continued to move down her body with each kiss, and when he reached the top of his sister's breasts she gave a little sigh of pleasure. The sigh turned into a gasp when Billy started sucking on her nipples and Mary reached down to stroke Billy's cock as he played with her breasts.

Just as Mary started shivering with the pleasure of getting her tits sucked by her twin brother Billy moved down to give her belly a quick kiss before moving down to the top of her pussy mound. Mary's moan of pleasure turned into a purr as Billy licked her slit and sucked on her clit, switching back and forth several times before he stuck his tongue deep in her cunt as he continued to suck on her juicy pussy.

"That's great, Billy," Mary said, pushing her brother's head hard into her crotch. "But it makes me feel selfish letting you eat my pussy while I'm not doing anything for you. Why don't you turn around and let me suck your cock while you eat my pussy?" "That sounds great, Mary," Billy said, taking his head out of Mary's crotch and smiling at her.

"Just give me a few seconds to turn around and we can do a sixty-nine." "Well hurry up, Billy, I don't want to miss a second or your mouth on my pussy." A few seconds later Billy was sliding his cock into his sister's mouth so she could suck his prick while he continued to eat her cunt. For several minutes brother and sister were lost in the pleasure of sucking each other, Mary shivered through two orgasms and was approaching her third when Billy pulled his lips away from her pussy.

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"Hey, sis, I think you better stop sucking my cock." "Why?" Mary asked, letting Billy's cock slide out of her mouth with a reluctant pop. "I thought you liked the way I was sucking you off." "I love it, but if you keep this up I'm going to end up cumming in your mouth instead of your pussy." "Oh, well we can't have that now, not if I want to get pregnant as soon as I can.

Hurry up and turn around so we can fuck. Or, better yet, let me try something different." "What do you have in mind?" Billy asked as his sister pushed him off her naked body. "I just wanted to try another position," Mary said, rolling on to her belly and getting up on her hands and knees.

"How would you like to try fucking doggy style?" "Well, since I've never fucked anyone before, I'm ready to try anything, any position, any hole." "Just as long as that hole is my pussy," Mary said, "after all, I want you to fuck me in the ass eventually, but until I'm pregnant you'll fuck my pussy, right." "Whatever you say, Mary," Billy said, grinning down at Mary's ass as she wiggled it at him. With one hand he grabbed his hard cock and guided it past his sister's thighs until the head was set between Mary's pussy lips.

Billy shifted his hands to Mary's naked hips and said, "Hold on, sis, here we go." Mary gasped with pleasure as Billy slammed his hips forward at the same time that he pulled her hips back toward him.

With one thrust Billy buried his cock so deep in his sister's cunt that the tip actually bounced off Mary's cervix. "Fuck me, Billy," Mary squealed as her brother shifted his hands from her hips to her full tits, getting another squeal from his brown haired sister.

"I never imagined fucking would feel this great," Billy cried, thrusting deep in Mary's pussy with every thrust while Mary clamp down on his cock every time he went to pull out of her tight little slit.

He felt Mary's body shiver through another orgasm as he fucked her and he felt her tensing for another one when he felt his own orgasm approaching. "I'm going to cum, Mary," Billy panted. "Well make sue you cum deep inside my pussy," Mary gasped, "the deeper the better if I'm going to have your baby." "Here it comes," Billy screamed, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in Mary's cock and holding it tight against her wide open womb as he spurted several shots of cum where they'd do the most good.

"Oh my God, I'm cumming too, Billy," Mary screamed as her cunt slammed down tight on her brother's cock and tried to milk every drop of cum from his body. Brother and sister collapsed on the bed and let out a tired but contented sigh as Billy's softening cock slid out of Mary's pussy with a sloop. "That was incredible," Mary said with a contented sigh as she rolled out from under Billy's body.

"Are you ready for round 2?" "After that?" Billy chuckled, "Give me a few minutes to recover." "But, Billy, the more we fuck, the more cum I have in my pussy and the better chance I have to get pregnant. "I know," Billy sighed, "but I only have so much energy, and I have to recover between fucks.

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And so do you for that matter." "Well, maybe we need to recover," Mary said with a sly smile, "but you and I can change into two people with the stamina of the gods. Once we change we'll have the stamina to fuck all night long." "That's true," Billy agreed with a smile of his own, "and the sooner we change the sooner we can fuck again." Together the brother and sister called out, "Shazam!" and changed into their Marvel forms in a flash of lightning. * * * * * * * * Shazam's Private Room, Rock of Eternity "Now that was a hot fuck," Shazam said taking his eyes away from his scrying ball to stretch, he turned to glance at the display case he'd already prepared for the Marvel's current costumes when they changed back into their mortal forms.

He turned back to his scrying ball and called up the information from the lighning bolts that had just changed the Batsons into the Marvels. He stopped when he got to the packet of information concerned with Mary Batson's health status when she changed to Mary Marvel. Well, well, it looks like Mary got her wish sooner than she expected - and with her brother as well. I guess I'll have to change the information plates for the display to include this new information.

Congratulations Mary and Billy, first times the charm."