Sexy Lesbians Having Some Anal Fun

Sexy Lesbians Having Some Anal Fun
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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to actual events, characters, persons, alive or dead or beings of Earth or the multiverse, past, present or future, is purely coincidental. Unless, of course, I'm psychic, in which case this a work of non-fiction. But I highly doubt that, I'm not that attuned. I mean if I was, I'd have won Powerball by now and been able to afford creative writing classes and a proofreader.

Be forewarned, these writings may trigger some issue or issues that you have, either by the language used or it's content in general.


If you are one to get bothered by every little thing, just close it now and step away from wherever the hell it is that you are reading this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 2 : Paths That Merge, In Odd Configurations The smoke rose around us, escaping our lips, to twirl and swirl and drift off into the ether.

It billowed in puffs, infused with sounds that tunneled up from the hidden recesses, where energies, once dormant, forged themselves to take flight upon our ears. Hungry sounds, fun sounds, fuck it sounds.

There was no rush of adrenaline, no fireworks, no butterflies, no angels up on high. There was just, invitation, acceptance, and flat-out, unbridled brilliance. It was an interesting kiss, a fun kiss, but just a kiss, just two sets of lips and tongues playing, teasing, tempting and filling a need. He held my face in his hand with fingers half curled, the tips of them brushed my temples, frozen, in a delicious need. A pleasing grip toyed on the swelling in my jeans from his other.

Inhibitions slipped away and died without remorse, carried off and away on half tittering moans and the delicious taste of passionate implications. An unexpected sensation of soft skin tickled at my fingertips and I found my palm on bare flesh, warm, silken, inviting flesh.

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Somehow, during this spontaneous buss, it had made its way under the waistband of his pants and urged his song on, plucking on his nerves like the strings of an instrument of desire. My fingers gripped into plump, pliable muscle, hot, heavy air swaddled like a sweater around them. The middle one was pushing on a soft depression and tensing his body, with gentle, teasing probes and subtle explorations. I cradled and massaged at a firm, perky, little breast, tenderly rolling an obscenely long nipple between my thumb and middle finger.

It was provoking, supple, firm, and pliant. The sensations were all too familiar and feminine, save for the stiffness pressed into the muscles below my ribs. He arched his back, and pressed himself further into my side. His heat radiated into me, with a distinct disparity to the once ice cold and trembling body that laid against me a short while ago.

The fire, the weed, the beer and the blood flow, tempered the synapses in our bodies, stoking the passion that was now emanating from us. It surrounded us and pushed the world further away. My head was swimming in thought, but I couldn't think, didn't want to.

For if I did, I'd likely sink further into its unfathomable memories and drown. A singular intention focused itself on the promise of intimacy and release, fervidly steeling my resolve. He rolled his head back, pulling his lips away, and bent forward, his breath was labored, quick and strong, his cheeks flush. His forehead touched mine. His eyes locked into me, longing and wanting, searching my face for direction.

I had none to give, so I just gazed back into him, offering no signs for him to stop. I was as consumed by this, I was consumed by him, as much as he was, by this, and me. His fingers clenched at my cock, he bit his lip and ground his hard warmth into my waist.

There was a moment of pause as he formed the words and wrestled with the question's possible denial.

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A tactile hum rewarded out from his throat as my hand caressed his cheek and then those words petitioned, demurely, willed out of his mouth with hope. "Would you, maybe, want to have sex with me?" It was one of the bravest moments I have ever witnessed.

His eyes, fueled by loneliness and driven by a need, pleaded his case, and if there was any thing that would have stopped me, any social norm or sense of myself that walled my will against this, it would have crumbled in that look.


*"There's two things I really need to know first." "What do you wanna know? Anything just ask." His voice was twinged with excitement, turmoil and the hurried cadence of desire.

*"Not wanna know, need to know." I stood up, reached out my hand, he took it and pulled himself up and into me, testing the bond. My crotch was met by a measured warmth and a hardness that was barely veiled by the materials between us. Our lips met again, more like a tease than a declaration this time, brushing lightly against the others, as we sniffed and tested and tempted those urges.

My cock was pressed downwards at an uncomfortable angle, still entrapped by the worn cotton pants leg around it. It pushed hard into the unyielding fabric, attempting to liberate itself from its restraint. I bared my discomfort by shifting my weight to gain some relief.

His hand slid nervously between my pants and stomach and embraced my shaft's length. I felt another pulse, through my already tightened skin, as he worked it tenderly across my thigh and gently persuaded it to a more pleasurable position. I signaled my satisfaction, at the release of the strain, with an exhale, as his fingers, bid a sluggish retreat, slipped under my shirt to my stomach, then nestled delicately into my side.

"Better?" *"Much better, thanks." "I should have done that a while ago, but." I put my cheek to his and my mouth closed in against his ear. *"Shhhh. Don't, if you had done that before I got to know you, I might be on my way home.

Besides, if it was that bad, I would have found a way, eventually." The vibrations of my words on his ear, from lips so close, tickled nerves and trembled his skin. Everything was heightened and alive with purpose. I pulled my head back and locked eyes with him. *"Was that really your first kiss?" His face turned shy, his head angled down but his gaze stayed true. "Yes, and no, I was kissed once, by a boy who was dared, this was my first kiss from someone I wanted to, who I hope wanted to back." *"How was it?" "A lot nicer than that one was." *"So this one was nice?" "It was nice, very nice." *"But no trumpets from the heavens?" His head pulled back, he looked into me again and smiled.

"I don't know, but I liked it. A lot. A lot more than I thought I would. There might have been a harp there, somewhere." *"Damn! I guess I'm out of practice. Sounds like I'll have to work on my technique. Harps are okay, but trumpets are so much more, heralding." He laughed and came closer, his nose touched mine, tip to tip. "Promise?" *"Promise." He moved, slowly yet eagerly towards me, until our lips almost met again.

We held a distance, just enough to fade the line between touching and not, dancing and shifting, testing the space and our wills.

They touched again and were consumed. It hungered and fed, lingered then broke. His head tilted back and offered me a vulnerable neck. I nuzzled under his jaw, tasting the salt of his tears and the subtle scent the rain water left on his skin.

He growled, purred and moaned, with sounds that somehow took shape and formed a query, "Mmmmmm, Soooo what is it, that youuuuhhh mmmmm need to knooow?" *"This." I slid my hands to his waist band and pulled it away from his stomach, put my head against his chest and looked down. What came into my vision was something I never expected to see under another lovers clothes. It was hard, really fucking hard, with a sheen on the skin that betrayed its fullness.

The dome was a lite pale brown with purplish hue. The length of it jumped and flexed as his heartbeat transposed in its movements. I crouched and rolled the cloth down, letting my fingers graze his hips, as I pulled it off and away, then slid them down, halfway to his base. I was greeted by warm, hard, throbbing, flesh, similar to mine in length, a little paler and silkier in color and texture.

It was clean, smooth, cut, and not hard to look at, with a vein that measured enticingly along the underside of it's breadth. I don't watch porn often, but when I do it's usually lesbian porn. Mainstream porn seems to be nothing but humiliation and shock these days. There's no joy or pleasure in any of it, it's just fluids on faces for money, maybe it always has been, but at least the old school tried to fake it sometimes.

And, cocks, well, they do nothing for my visual appreciation of it, never did. Most times they can actually turn me off, especially if they're uncircumcised. Hell, even looking at 'tranny fucks girl' porn doesn't help, it just gives me the same bad taste, no pun intended.

Damn! Another fourth wall break, !suck a cock! Deadpool for making me notice them. So? Where was I? Oh yeah, on my knees, staring at a cock. A cock I was going to play with, the one cock I ever saw, besides my own, that I thought I could play with, the first one that didn't turn me off anyway.

I ran the back of my middle finger from the top of the shaft, just under the crown, tracing the vein, with my knuckle, half way down and back up. It rose and fell without tempo, just throbs and twitches that foreshadowed a gasp or a guttural mmmf.

"Please, not that." *"Why?" "I don't…" He lost the words as I blew on his rigid flesh. *"Just flow with it, let me see if I can get over and past it. In some ways this isn't just your first time here." He ran his fingers through my hair searching my eyes for whatever he needed to see, then nodded his head, with an uncertain smile. My fingers made a few more passes. *"You Okay?" He nodded again, this time with a little bit less of that timid reserve and a little bit more of an adventurous demeanor.

I wrapped my fingers around it, sizing its thickness to the memory of the only other one I've ever held. Hmmm, almost the same, maybe, a little bit slimmer, but close. It was hot, in my hand, and so stiff but so yielding.

I could feel his moans ripple through its taut skin as I stroked it. His heartbeat pulsed in my palm. He stroked my hair, back around my ears, staring down at me and sucked at the air with a gasp. I fixed my eyes, gathered my courage and brushed it against my lips, breathing it in.

My nostrils filled with a thick, heady bouquet as the warmth carried his scent, through my sinuses, directly to the erotic switches of my brain.

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I opened my mouth and licked the head, feeling the heat and the texture. It was oddly succulent and not unpleasant. 'It's just flesh,' I thought, 'why would it be.' It throbbed as he moaned with more than a hint of pleasure.

His hands tightened in my hair as I slid my mouth slowly over him, sampling his texture, feeling his warmth, savoring the taste of him. I slid my mouth further down, willing it into me and back, enjoying the sensation of it on my lips and tongue, heeding the sounds he was willing me on with. I slipped my hand to cup his balls and was met with a warmth and a moistness, and an all too familiar feeling of folds, velvety lips and a taut little bump. His sound changed and his moans grew more intense.

I pulled my mouth off and tongued my way down, pulling his pants down passed his base. Soft creases of skin peeked back at me, gently curving out and back from under a long luscious hood. From just under the shaft, a ridge of skin flowed downward, arcing over and hooding a pea sized nub, with a similar sheen as the head I had just tasted.

It was swollen and raw. The flesh continued downward in glistening lines that merged together just above the perineum. I looked up and smiled, then gave him a lick from the bottom of his lips, up and over his clit, then back up the shaft to the crown, tasting the sweetness that had smoothed out from inside him and the dew that presented itself at the tip of his head.

His legs buckled as multiple nerves fired and his body shook. I kissed the tip, then rose up and pulled him into me. *"Why didn't you tell me?" "I did." *"No, no you didn't. You told me you had a dick, you didn't say anything about that, beautiful, pussy." "No, I guess I didn't, I'm sorry, I…" I cut him off, with a nibble of his neck.

*"Don't be, it was a very nice surprise." I slipped my fingers through warm moist lips and felt a trembling. *"You know though, I went this far thinking you only had this," I grabbed the shaft and gently squeezed, "and this," I touched a finger to the tight ring between the cheeks, "so I hope you're ready to explore it all, because I'm intrigued and feeling bold." "You mean everything?" *"I mean, every-thing." "But, I don't, play with, it, like that." *So, you're more feminine in your nature, more Salmacis than Hermaphroditus?" "I guess.

I'm not sure what you mean." *"Hmm. Hermaphroditus was the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, he was all male but, being the offspring of the goddess of love, he also had a beauty to him that men found attractive too. Salmacis was a water nymph who never left the forbidden pond she lived in. One day Hermaphroditus stumbled upon the pond, and she was smitten with him. Now there's some tellings of the myth that say she forced him to bond with her for daring to enter the waters, there's others that say she prayed to the gods to join them together.

In both accounts, the outcome was the same, they were merged and became a being of both sexes." "Wow, you know a lot about that." *"I told you I like weird, interesting things, and the old Gods, they were some of the weirdest. I like to learn and explore and find truths in the odd. Life is a wonderful journey of the strange and uncommon, not all of it is bad or violent. And, I'm guessing you identify more as the Salmacis half. "Yes. I guess I do." *"Well, look, this is a part of you, a part that, I know, can add to your pleasure, and if I'm going to have sex with you, I'm going to have sex with all of you, not just pieces of you.

I don't understand why people feel the need to deny themselves the pieces they were given, to enjoy this life. And you have both those pieces together. So you have to decide, do you want to share, all that 'you' are, or do we get dressed and go back to the couch and steer our way to being just friends." She looked in my eyes and studied my resolve. I brushed the hair from her face and fell into them once more. The back of her hand stroked my cheek down across my jawline and she held my chin in her fingers, pondering my expression and the gravity of my words.

"Yes. I would like to, be with you." Her hand gripped into my back expectantly when my whisper tickled in her ear, *"Good, cause now it's you're turn." Her breasts pressed to my chest.

Her nipples were rigid and they strained through the fabric of our shirts to poke and tease at mine. She didn't miss a beat, she kissed me deep, then pulled away, dropped to her knees slowly, lifting my shirt, nibbling at my nipples, then kissing her way slowly down my stomach.

She nuzzled the bulge in my jeans to her face and breathed in deeply through her nose, with want. I felt her hands, on the front of my thighs, tremble as they rode up and pressed into me, one on either side of the hardness in my pants. She unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped them with anxious fingers. Her hands reached in and around to the top of my ass and slid them around my waist, over my skin and down. They fell away with a pleasing motion across the sensitive places on the back of the legs.

My cock sprang from its confines and stood, unwavering and defiant, towards any moral dilemma I might have had left. I stepped out of the denim pile and kicked it to the side. She looked up to me with a smile, and an ache in her eyes. A hint of trepidation on her face matched the one, not so long, gone from me. She pushed that fear aside and leaned forward. Her hot, wet, mouth engulfed me. Her lips slid down as far as she could take, then up and back. She moaned with pleasure, rolled her tongue all around the head, kissed it with happy, quick, little pecks, then began to steadily, and provocatively, fuck her mouth with it.

*"!!!FUCK!!!" The word escaped my lips with a volume that shocked me and a desire that shocked me even more. It had been a long time, four years I realized, since I last had sex, a couple years less than when I last had a beer.

Work had become my mistress and I had lost all liking for the bar scene. Those long years of solitude came upon me fast, exposing a void and an emptiness, that I guess, I had just become accustomed to. Only then, in that moment, did I fathom, even the shallowest depths of hers.

Every minute of pleasures missed, every day of emptiness and the lack of touch and companionship, welled up in me and surged their way through me into her warm, hungry mouth. It felt encompassing, working its way up and down my shaft with such appetite. The hum on her tongue, that told me she was enjoying it too, was almost too much.

Oh hell, everything about this was almost too much. One of her hands, tickled it's way up my back then squeezed on the muscles of my neck and shoulder. A wave snapped me back and out of my head. All the bullshit, just fell away. I was close to that line and getting lost in it, so I took her head in my hands, stroked her hair, then guided her back up to my face, with my eyes locked in to hers.

She sighed when her mouth lost it's purpose. I gave it another one to fill its need. She sighed once again when her lips touched to mine, and again when they parted for my tongue.

I turned her around so she was facing away. I followed the contours, from her ankles, to the gentle curves, that ended halfway up a plump little butt as it teased away under the bottom of her shirt. My cock tensed as I wrestled it right between the gap of her cheeks.

I pulled her back into me with a firm yet drawn out embrace and watched it slowly disappear in the dale of those pale luscious orbs. They were warm and pillowy and smooth. I swelled harder inside that velveteen nest, nuzzled by the warmth of her welcoming flesh. I undid the buttons on her shirt, with one hand and found her hardness with the other and stroked her slowly. My hand slid inside her top and teased and kneaded her breast. I brushed my lips up her neck, pecking a path to her ear.

The hand on her shaft ventured further down to the warm moist folds of her pussy. She melted back into me and sighed grinding her clit into my wrist. "Did that answer your, questions?" *"Almost, I mean, whether or not your dick turned me off, and I think we both could tell that was a big no, was one thing." "What's the other?" I slid my hand to her hip.

She turned to face me, eyes filled with passion, lips with thirst. A shy but mischievous arc crossed them both, telling me the answer before I could even ask the question. *"Will you let me share, the virginity I still have left, well technically, you did share one about a minute ago, so, will you share the one virginity I have left, with you? Like you're sharing yours with me" She looked at me, with uncertainty. *"You, are a world apart from anyone I've ever been with.

Kissing you makes me heady and adventurous and stone. I am attracted to you on many levels and if you can't tell my hands are also shaking and not just from their desire to touch you." My hand brushed her cheek again, her cheek brushed back. *"You are otherworldly beautiful, sweet, sensual, smart and enticing and I want to experience everything you have and I want you to experience everything I have." Her smile beamed, from what you could call the honied words, but, I'd like to think it was more of a new found outlook of herself, as a being, complete and not of particular parts.

*"Look! You are cute in a very, feminine, sexy way. And your dick is, surprisingly, not hard look at. It feels, delightful in my hands and my mouth and it tastes strangely, pleasing. Okay It makes my mouth fucking water, but that's probably because it tastes and smells like your pussy, which, in and of itself, is absolutely fucking artistinal." She blushed but smiled even bigger.

*"You're pretty fucking hot, in a tomboyish way, and God knows that's always been a downfall of mine, and, I really do actually like you, as a person, and that's always been a complete aphrodisiac for me." "I like you too, you don't pull your words or walk on eggshells around me.

And you're the first person, ever, besides my mom and dad, to see me and accept me as something other than that poor albino freak with a dick.

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You come off as hard, but you're really a mush." *"Don't let that get around, some people will think you need to be committed." I reached up between her legs and fondled her, running my fingers around her lips and my palm against her shaft, just to get her attention, by the look in her eyes I knew that I had it.

*"You really are quite disarming." She flushed again, and looked at my face, counting the lines and scars. "You know your kinda hot yourself, in a skinny, saltier, Sirius Black sorta way." *"That's just my magical personality." She chuckled, and nibbled up my neck.

*" So? You will have sex with me?" The question oozed with a little impatience, a little excited joy and more than a hint of hope. *"Will you let me share, the one virginity I have left, with you?" "Yes." *"Then no, I won't have sex with you, but I will absofuckinglutely make love with you. I'd be a fucking moron not to seize this moment and enjoy you and enjoy it, for all that it is worth." She hugged me tight with anxious arms, pecking my cheek like a chick eating seeds.

Her head fell to my shoulders and she nestled in again. "Joe." *"Yes, Little one." A fluttered whisper flowed across my neck. "I'm scared a little, but I want this." *"Don't be, I can't promise it won't hurt some, but I'll try and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Let's go and take a nice hot shower, then let me treat you like a fucking princess. I want to make this night, very, very fucking special." "I'm going to try and make it special for you too." *"All you have to do for that, is take my hand and lead on." She hugged me tighter and pushed her body into mine, wrapping one leg around and behind my ankle.

I undid the last button on her shirt then slid it off her shoulders, to the floor. My mouth found her neck and nibbled. I swore she whispered please, but it was more than likely, tease. She lifted at the bottom of my tank top, and pulled it up, over my head, and off my arms, then tossed it casually to the pile by our feet.

We stood there nude, not naked, but nude, yes there is a difference, a world of difference. We were nude and hard and pressed into each other, like it was the most natural thing in this world.

Things just fit and rubbed and felt, somehow, not wrong, in a very unorthodox way. Her thin sensual fingers found mine and she led me in the direction of the bathroom. She walked slightly ahead of me, giving me a very nice view of that cute little perky ass, the one that was mine to play with. It didn't have the high heel sway, but now and then it had that little, thump.

God knows that always made me crazy, that little rise, hold, hold, then, bloop. My cock throbbed with every step and jiggle. Once inside, I turned the shower up hot.

I didn't know about her, but even being as high as I was, I needed a little more relaxing. My muscles were still stiff from all the days of work, and the cravings, that were mounting, had definitely added to the tension. A good deal of heat would chase the last of the cold from her bones and, I was hoping, relax the muscles of her oh so bite-able ass. It was another part of her I was now invested in being inside. An ass on the body of someone I wanted to make tremble, and I did, want to make her tremble, with a lot of pleasure, and as little pain as possible.

All, fucking, night, long. *"Turn the lights down a bit will ya, it's more sensual that way." "So, sensual, is it now?" *"Little one, it's been sensual since my fingers found your chest." "How's that?" *"Because that's when you wanted it to be." "Really and how do you know that for a fact?" *"Two reasons, the first, you didn't punch me in the balls and scream, 'What the fuck man,' instead, you squeezed me harder." "and I'm gonna guess, the other is the fact that we're standing here like this, about to do to each other, what we are gonna do to each other." She tried being brash, but the color returned with embellishment.

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*"Correction, three reasons. The second reason being. you didn't hesitate when it was time to unveil what you were going to be playing with, but you did take your time getting there and you seemed to enjoy it, nice and slow and sensual." She beamed a brighter red, dimmed the lights over the sink then crossed the floor and stepped in, slid the glass door shut, moved in close and embraced me.

Steam rose around us as the hot water pulsed on our skin. It emboldened our cause and calmed our nerves, our hands tuned them to a more pleasurable frequency. I rubbed my scruff to her face.

Her head shifted and shivered. *"Too sensual?" "Oh fuck no, be as sensual as you want." I felt her cock smooth against mine as we inched together. Our tongues danced between our mouths, moving in joy to the beat of our tango. The smell of her hair was that of the rain. Rain that had soaked into it, and into her, a little under two hours before. I breathed it in through my nose, greedily.

Memories, of a day long past, making love to Kim in a soft spring shower, flooded my senses with imagery. My cock pulsed and raged at me, for tempting up such thoughts. I smiled inside and the vision fell away. I reached over and grabbed the soap, turned her around and worked it across her shoulders and back.

I slowly soaped a path to her ass, both hands toying with her ribs, and spine, and all the other delightful curves they found on their way. My fingers reveled in the sensation of her silky skin. My palms pressed firmly onto her sculpted cheeks, she pushed back, into them, with want. I lathered it up, awakening her skin, toying on the edge of her tiny velvety hole. I let my thumbs test her tight little ring, before probing them in and out, coyly teasing and relaxing the muscles around it.

My middle finger teased it's way from her pussy to her ass and found its way just inside her. The soap, mixed with her juices, acting like a lube, let it slip deeper than I intended. She signaled her discomfort, or her pleasure, with labored breath. I was hoping it wasn't the former. *"You Okay?" "I'm fucking. yeah, oh. Okay. It's… intense." *"Good intense I hope.?" "Mmmhmm.

I never thought I'd feel someone touching me, never mind touching me this way. Oh, slow, good." My other hand lathered her lips, then I slipped a finger between them. She moaned and ground herself, pushing me further inside her womanly folds. I rinsed away the soap, and leaned in. I spread her cheeks, to get a better view. It was wrinkled and charming, and rhythmically pulsing, trying to take my finger deeper. Her hands braced against the wall and her butt arched higher offering me more.

My tongue got curious and I pulled the exploratory digit from her, letting it drift lightly to her sex then off.

She jumped, "Oh shit." My mouth was wet and salivating, the muscle within licked at the bottom of my upper lip. I stuck it out and gently taunted it across the place, behind where her shaft and clit met, then tasted and teased up to her cute little asshole with little, side to side, flicks. She arched even harder, then pressed back into me. I tasted her, fully. It wasn't unpleasant, much like the taste of a woman's deodorant, slightly chemical, no, more on the metallic side, like a nickle.

It wasn't a taste that turned me on but I knew I could deal with it and I knew how to make it better. So I ran my fingers from her pussy to her tailbone, coating it with a flavor I knew I enjoyed. I flicked it a few more times and then tensed up my probe and pushed in, just a little. She growled and pushed herself back to me, "Oh good god!" I pulled my face away from her, teased my way up her back then turned her to face me, *"Did you like that?" "Yes, I liked it," she giggled, "maybe too much." *"Good." My words left lips that were kissing her softly on the neck, *"Don't be afraid to ask for it.

You don't have to do it to me if it's a turn off though." "Well, I'll just have to see about that." She grinned, like someone who was just given a dare, and man, were they going to take it.

She turned, put her hands on my hips and spun me to face the wall, took the soap from the dish and followed in my actions but slower.

Much slower, oh god this feels so good, slower. She was taking her time enjoying touching someone else's body. A body she knew now, was hers to enjoy, and hers to please, and hers to be pleased by.

Soap slicked fingers massaged their way down my spine, every movement, a tingle and a pulsing in my ravenous groin. I felt her thumbs tease towards the ring of my ass as she probed me, it's muscles relaxed and tensed. It started to feel just as hungry. The water washed away the soap and she pulled me out of the hot spray. There was a coolness as the air met my exposed flesh, another when she blew right on me.

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A moist heat and electricity surged through me as her tongue fluttered across nerves I never knew were that sensitive. Her hands found my hips and she pulled me into her face. Her tongue stiffened and pushed, fighting to gain purchase inside me. She licked and probed for what seemed like minutes, making me want it deeper inside me.


I wanted her in me, she was making sure of that. My back strained into the pleasures she was giving. It was raw in its nature and it was fueling passions dormant too long. I couldn't let it happen so fast, I didn't want to. Not yet.

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If this was foreplay I can see why women can do it for hours. I wanted this to last, needed it to, I wanted to grab every minute of it and sip it like a fine tequila. I pulled away, turned and went down to her quickly, before she could protest the interruption of her fun.

I kissed her as hard and as fucking passionately as I have ever kissed into anyone. We lost our breath in it, I stood up slowly, she followed never breaking the bond. I swept back the hair, off her face, while we looked long and hard into each others eyes. *"Fuck, that tongue felt good." "Can I do that again, too, please?" I kissed her and slid my fingers from her shoulders down, barely touching her skin. She moaned long and anxious in my mouth.

My hands gripped the smooth, firm, sexy mounds at the top of her legs and I picked her up holding her cock level to mine. Her hands gripped my shoulders from behind my back, her arms tightened as she pulled herself up and into me. Her legs wrapped around me, holding me tight.

Our cocks pressed into each other, her breasts crushed to my chest. I balanced her against the wall and fucked her hard flesh with mine. Her head tilted back, she was almost purring. My tongue licked up her neck, it found her earlobe and flicked. *"Yeah, you can do that whenever you want." I whispered.

My words, more like hot, heavy, air than a voice, tickled at her ear. I looked down at those lovely nubs, straining out from the two perfect handfuls of flesh teasing out from her chest, *"but right now, hmmmmmmmm so many decisions." I kissed her neck, collar bone and cleavage, then sucked a nipple right into my mouth. It was long, hard and sensitive. It felt bumpy and rigid to my flickering tongue. I sucked hard and she sucked deep at the air, while she wiggled and squirmed against me.

"Ooooh shiiiiii." Her eyes glazed and rolled back, her head followed, her breath came out in one long sigh, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck." Our cocks sought each other out.

Grinding, rubbing, throbbing. She was moaning "fuck me" under her breath, more like a declaration of surprise, or a surrendering to a pleasure, than a request. One hand was holding my head to her chest, massaging my skull absently, as I continued licking and sucking on that supple, savory nipple playing with my tongue. Her fingers opened and closed on my scalp, egging me on, pleading with me through touch.

I ground into her a little faster and stronger, building her up. "I'm gonna., oh fuck Joe, you're" I released her nipple from my mouth and looked her in the eyes, they were half closed and filled with tension, ecstasy, and 'fuck I'm gonna cum'. A tear dripped from one corner, I tasted it off her cheek.

She was biting her bottom lip, I shuddered. Her eyes caught me, enjoying the erotic expressions on her face like a voyeur, and grew wide. She steadied my head with a grip of hair and leaned in to kiss me. I pulled away, causing her to freeze. A look, of shock and confusion, took hold of her delicate countenance. Her eyes pleaded with me for more, for release. I slowed my grinding, fucking her cock with a little more pressure and a slower more grinding speed.

*"That's what I'm here for, enjoy it. I'm planning on making you cum a bunch of times tonight, it's my mission. I'm going to fuck you, even if you, or I, are sleeping. Happy Non Virgin Day." I didn't wait for a reaction. I kissed her hard, her hands gripped into my back and bunched my hair, her legs tensed and she pulled herself harder to my grinding cock and stomach, fucking me back with equal vigor.

She caught her breath and mumbled in my mouth, "You're such an ass," her back rolled as her chest rose. "Joe." *"Yes?" "Fuck." *"Mmmhmm." "You're making me cum." The mumbles became a moan, then an impassioned scream. Her fingers gripped at my shoulder and ribs, digging in with pleasure. We were enmeshed in each other and consumed by a comfortable, friendly, passionate heat. She sucked the world from around my tongue, her grip strengthened, her body trembled.

I could feel a moist sensation pulse upon my skin and soothe its way down my belly to our cocks. The friction between us was gone, replaced by a slick, smooth, fluidity. The change on our skin enticed the feel of our motion.

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A musky essence swirled in my nostrils. She kissed me deep pulling herself up higher. Her body twitched with every pulse of orgasm. "Oh fuck Joe, hhhhhmf, ooooowwww fuck, Joe, can't, no more, stop, fuck, please slow." I sped up, she shook hard, *"Slow? Why?" "Too sensi.", I pushed hard into her again. "tiiive.fuck." *"You've got one more in you, I know it." I pushed my sex into her, hard again, her whole body jumped, almost pulling herself out of my arms. *"One more?" "No no no no no noooooooooo FUCK." I pushed again and pulled her in.

She spasmed and twitched uncontrollably, her body rippled, her fingers dug deeper into me, like she was trying to get out of her own skin and slip right into mine. The fine hair on her arms stood erect, and glistened from the mist and the light from the vanity. Her body went limp, it took all I had left, to not lose my balance or let her fall. She was done. I stopped my onslaught and just held her. Her tongue found mine again and she kissed me, softly, slowly, sighing and moaning in my mouth, as her orgasm settled.

Her muscles convulsed and quivered in her skin as her legs wrapped tighter around me. She put her head to my shoulder, while catching her breath, and let her fingers trace the ring around my nipple, sending shivers through me. Pre-cum had started to weep out of me and mix into what she had just released.

Her body cuddled into mine closer, more familiarly. She breathed in deep, then let out a tranquil sigh.