Short and thick latina cums hard bubble butt and doggystyle

Short and thick latina cums hard bubble butt and doggystyle
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Chapter 1 I was walking along one early evening. I'd just had another fight with my wife, and I was tired of hearing the noise of all our kids (5 of them, but I also have 11 from other women).

Lately I'd been thinking about someone getting me some excitement. Maybe I'm not too smart or too successful or too handsome, but there sure is one thing I can do: breed. Black men are always potent, and I'm more than the rest. Once I get my seed planted the babies always come. It was dark. My feet had taken me to a high school in town. I was walking along a path behind the bleachers and stopped to smoke.

Suddenly, in the distance I noticed a white high school cheerleader walking out of the gym. She was wearing her uniform, a short cheerleading skirt and sweater. I expected her to walk to the parking lot, but instead she turned my way and began walking across the football field. It looked she was going to take the path that started behind the football bleachers.

I watched her, dragging on my cigar. I don't like white people, and white bitches in particular. In my view a bitch is good for one thing, and that's cooking and taking care of a man's babies. And here was this yuppie white girl. She probably came from this white bread family, would go to college and later marry some white guy. They'd live in a nice suburb, drive big fancy cars, and sure wouldn't want anything to do with me. I really enjoy putting girls like that in their place.

And there is one really good way to do that. Suddenly I noticed that this location was pretty lonely and dark. No one was around. There was traffic from a nearby highway, but that was the only sound. It was just me and this young short-skirted teenage schoolgirl. My big black cock began to throb. I smiled to myself. Showtime. I ran down the path to the back of the bleachers, where she would be in a few seconds. I hid behind a tree. I took out knife out (I always carry a nice long one).

In a few moments she turned a corner and began to walk towards the bleachers. I sneaked a look from behind my tree. She was of average height and had long dark hair. She was very pretty, with a young white girl's special innocent look. I guessed she was 15 or 16. She was wearing a heavy sweater, but her short white cheerleader skirt showed nice shapely legs. She may be have been a very young girl, but judging from those legs she was ready to be a woman.

My cock got super hard as I watched this schoolgirl walk innocently towards me, her thighs moving gracefully within that short cotton skirt. She got closer. I was still behind my tree and she hadn't seen me.


I checked to make sure no one was around. My black cock was just throbbing by now. She was now just a few steps away. I waited, like an African predator. She passed the tree but didn't see me.

She was carrying a small knapsack, no doubt filled with books and homework. She walked unconcernedly past me, her shapely legs moving softly together, her virgin hips swaying back and forth within her short skirt, tapping along on her little feet. Her dark hair was long and thick, and tied back with a flowing pink ribbon.

Growling, I leaped out her. I sprang at her like an animal, cupping one hand over her mouth and throwing her to the ground. She gave a high-pitched scream. Instantly I was on top and holding my pocket-knife to her throat. For the first time I could see her face. She was real pretty all right, with big blue eyes, a small pouty mouth and high cheekbones with a few scattered freckles. Those big blue eyes were full with fright as she stared into my big black face, and she screamed again.

I slapped her and moved the knife so she could see it. "Don't make another sound, you little 'ho!", I snarled at her. "Oh please, don't hurt me, mister", she whimpered. She struggled underneath me. I could feel her young hard body writhe. I wondered if a man had used this body yet.

It's writhing motion drove my cock mad. I slapped her again - that sure felt good. Then I pinned her arms back. "You understand, don't make a sound! You got it, white bitch? You do exactly what I want or I'll hurt you!". She was crying but stopped struggling. She nodded her head. She stared at me helplessly. I could smell her perfume and the soft girlish curves of her student's body underneath me. I was breathing hard and my cock was pounding in my pants.

But, I'd done this a couple times before to white girls, so I knew the drill. Just keep in simple and get inside.

I reached my hand under her skirt and hooked my fingers under her panties. She squealed again and her legs twisted. We struggled together. I always like this part. I pulled her panties down and tried to get them off her, but she used the opportunity to try to leap up and run.

I grabbed her again and threw her to the ground. As I did so I made another tug and her panties went flying off into the surrounding darkness. "No!", she cried and she fought all the harder. I was surprised how strong this little cunt was. It took all my strength to keep on top while I tried to get my cock out.

But her resistance just made me crazier. My cock had never been so long and hard in my life. Finally, I popped it out. Her eyes got real big as she saw it fully erect in the moonlight, a nigger cock in full glory.

She knew what it was going to do to her, I could see it in her eyes. I could also see her hatred of me. Maybe she didn't like black people. Well, once I was finished with her, she was going to be real familiar with what black men could do. And, if I got my way, she was going to make her own contribution to the growth of the black race. I yanked her skirt up. Again she fought it, but finally I got it wrapped far above her waist. This meant I couldn't easily get her sweater off - I really wanted to see those little white young tits bounce.

I always like watching that. Well, can't have everything. I'd do that to the next girl. I pushed her flat to the ground with my weight, and then settled on top of her. I felt a big rush when my hot black cock first touched those soft cool legs. Better than crack, better than whiskey. I had to fight to keep from spurting right then.

Of course, she clamped her thighs tight as soon as she felt my hungry prick, eager to penetrate. The little bitch, she wasn't make anything easy. "Whats the matter, bitch? Don't want nigger seed inside you? Too good for it?", I growled at her. I ran my hands down between her thighs and tried to pull them apart. For some seconds we fought, as I worked on prying her young shapely thighs apart. Finally I forced an opening and inserted my organ. It felt great being between those thighs, even if they were still resisting me.

I pushed hard but she squirmed a few inches and so I missed my target. We did this several times as I gradually inched her thighs apart. Finally, I was at her gate.

She thrashed and squealed, but at least knew better than to scream. I was great seeing her innocent body twist in the dirt, her long black hair spread out in a fan behind her.

And then I discovered what I had hoped: she was a virgin. Now, if this were a black girl, about 50 guys would have already driven through, and she already would have a couple kids. But these white girls were too good for that, and white guys are way too slow in getting them started. This is why someday everyone is going to be black.

Anyway, I was going to be the first in. And once she'd tasted black cock, I knew she'd be converted for life. She was really tight, but I kept pushing harder &hellip. "God no, no, no!", she panted. Our bodies twisted and turned as she tried to get out from underneath me, while I held on and pushed again and again, harder and harder, in a breeding frenzy. Her eyes stared into my mine, her little mouth worked, as she saw the animal lust in my face.

She was disgusted with me, I knew, but that was just tough shit. I was going to be the one, no matter what she might have hoped. With one vicious thrust, I opened her. She gave this funny girlish squeal, that special sound of a young white virgin being forcibly deflowered. I'd heard it a number of times, but never got tired of hearing it again. Her eyes flew open wide and she desperately tried to heave me off. I was having none of it. I just pushed her back into the dirt and thrust harder.

I forced my way deeper inside her twisting hips, pushing past her conquered gate. "Oh Jesus, help me!" she squealed as I drove my shaft home. Inch by inch I forced it into her virgin body, gradually impaling her on my huge black manhood. She struggled and thrashed, as I slowly forced it in. In a couple seconds my cock had completely disappeared between her cool white thighs. Shit, she was tight, but still I was able to get the whole thing in.

Even now she continued to fight, but of course it no longer mattered. I was in and her resistance just made things better. Her legs were still kicking. Her little feet fluttered around me.

She twisted and turned desperate to escape her fate, an innocent pretty white girl twisting on the business end of my cock. What a fighter! Most white girls give up at this point, but this one just kept struggling.

But now it was too late for her, no matter how much she fought. My good old nigger baby-maker was safely tucked between her young white hips, doing what it was designed to do, screwing her into the damp fertile earth. I began the old in-and-out. Her pretty blue eyes looked desperate, as she realized that now it was happening: she was getting raped by a black man.

With each thrust she twisted and moaned and squealed. It was something, seeing that young innocent beauty squirm in the dirt, getting forcibly fucked for the first time, as my cock pumped in and out of her. I tried to take my time, but there was no way I could keep my load inside. So I increased the pace and began to bone her.

After a moment, I felt the surge grow in my balls and then travel down my long black cockshaft. I could tell that she felt it too, she gasped and kicked and struggled even harder. She knew what was going to happen next and was trying to fight off that ultimate conquest. The slap off my balls and her panting filled our little world, and then… I exploded inside her.

Like an animal in heat, I forcibly planted my seed in her. "No, no, no", she softly whispered. Her eyes got really big and a creamy look filled them.

I knew she felt my sperm gushing into her, like an army invading a defeated city. She realized that it was all over. She was defeated, deflowered, defiled and there was no longer any reason to fight. I fired my seed again and again, planting it deep inside her fucked body.

I thought it would never stop, as I triumphantly mated with that pretty schoolgirl. She moaned and sank back into the damp earth, and her whole body shuddered as she was forcibly converted from an innocent white girl to a fucked white woman, owned by a black man. Finally she just went limp and submitted to her fate. Her sweet body lay there in the dirt, legs spread, allowing me to do what I pleased. You better believe I took advantage of the situation. I hoisted her skirt up even further and I continued to thrust between her soft cool thighs as fast as I could, just enjoying the sensation, and occasionally squirting a bit of sperm between them.

I dismounted. She just lay there, whimpering in the dirt, her little skirt hoisted almost to her neck. I looked around but didn't see anybody. I was still safe, so I decided to do a couple more things to her.

Give this little girl a good breaking-in. I grabbed her by the hair and forced her on her knees. I always liked having schoolgirls blow me, and now I figured my new 'ho would be happy to oblige. After all, she was already filled with my sperm where it counted, so a little more in her brains wouldn't matter.

She seemed to know what was coming, but she made no effort to escape or resist. My long black cock was hard again. I shoved it into her face. "You know what to do, little girl", I laughed. She hesitated, so I just grabbed my cock and pushed it against her lips. For a moment she clamped her lips shut, but then she saw my warning look. Her mouth opened. "Yeh, mother-fucka", I gloated. It was just as good as always. I shoved my organ past her soft tongue, rows of milky teeth and then down her throat.

She gagged a bit but made no effort to get away. "Suck!", I ordered. "And you'd better swallow at the end!". A felt her mouth close around my organ and then the gentle pull of suction, the rasping movement of her tongue. I grabbed her head and began to move her face in the correct manner.

It was an big turn on, my big old ugly prick thrusting into that pretty white face. My hairy black balls slapped against cheeks with each thrust. I told her to keep her eyes open, so she could see all my huge nigger parts in action. I loved watching her big eyes staring at my black hairy balls as they slapped her cheeks. I ran my hands through her long silky hair, and imagined my cock inside her head, just a few inches from my fingers, fucking her brains out. Slowly I untied her pink ribbon, and then ripped it off.

Her long hair came loose and then fell around my cock. All I could see was my black cock punching through the hair into her face. I wish I could have taken a photograph of that. This is how all white girls will someday end up. There was no sound beyond the warm sucking and chewing noises my new girl made as she blew me.

In a moment I felt another surge of semen well up inside me. I grabbed her head tight and pressed it down on my cock. She knew what was about to happen, but bowed her head submissively anyway. Then I fired my load right into her young white brains. She gasped and gagged but did as she was ordered. She sucked and swallowed as fast as she could. But she couldn't quite keep up with the flow, and a thin trickle of nigger sperm flowed down her chin.

It looked great, my cock filling her cheeks, my seed dripping out of her sweet little mouth. I pulled out and the girl sank back to the ground, coughing and gagging.

It was great seeing those leggy thighs and short skirt, that pretty face, and knowing my black sperm was busy swimming inside her, exploring her insides. A white man would have been finished long ago, but being black, I still had juice left. And my juice would stay inside her until an egg was found. That was always the best part. "Time to put my baby in your belly", I laughed. She just looked at me with big blue eyes. There was still sperm dripping down her chin, and her white thighs were still spread.

She had that raped schoolgirl look; the best look in the world. I knew I could do anything I wanted now. I pushed her down on all fours and mounted her dog-style. My new girlfriend was now completely submissive and made no effort to fight. I guess that blowjob had broken her spirit. I pulled her skirt up one more time. I positioned my throbbing black cock and penetrated. This turned out to be the best fuck I'd ever had to that point. I took my time and just boned the girl silly., I tell you, the sight of this white teenage cheerleader getting pounded by my cock was just too good.

Her long dark hair hung around her, and she gave a little yelp with each thrust. My long black cock now fit in her, and I kept firing my load deep inside her.

With each firing she'd moan and her little hips would twist, and then'd I start again. It took me a lot more thrusts before I was done, but finally I left loose with a final injection of seed.

I pulled out. The girl was now on her stomach, softly crying. I put my victorious cock back in his cage. I felt great, but now was time to go. The best part came over a year later.

I was walking in a shopping mall and I spotted my girl. She was pushing a babycart, in which there was a big balling black baby. I quickly checked him out. Yep, he was mine for sure, black skin, thick lips and sloping forehead. The girl herself still pretty, but had gained a lot of weight and now had a vacant conquered look in her eyes.

I guess nursing my black baby was taking a lot out of her. Not my problem, I laughed. Then I saw another white schoolgirl walk out of a store. Her blonde hair was done in a ponytail and her nice legs looked mighty nice in her short plaid skirt. She began to walk to the mall exit. I followed her.

Chapter 2 Sometimes the girls just walk into it, and sometimes it takes goddamn forever. Long time ago a highschool cheerleader had just walked right into my arms, and I'd scored easy, leaving a healthy black baby in her belly.

But other times it's harder, like in this case I'm telling you about. She was a catholic schoolgirl. I guess she was 15 or so.

She had long blonde hair that she generally wore in a ponytail. Her tits looked small, but I bet they'd get pretty big in a couple years. She was kind of leggy though, which I really liked. She wore one of those uniforms. White blouse, plaid skirt, knee-high socks. She had a very young face, real pretty and innocent, with big blue eyes and a button nose. I'd see her walking along on her way to school, tapping along on her little feet, her girlish hips swaying in that short skirt, and my cock would just about explode.

Damn, I wanted that bitch. One way or another, I was going to get to her. I first saw her at a mall. I'd followed her out to the parking lot, looking for an easy one, but it was way too busy. So I followed her and learned where she lived, went to school, everything. Day after day, night after night, I watched. Almost all the time she was with somebody, safe and protected. Her mother and father worked, but her mother always got home early. And she had this sister who was always around too.

The sister was maybe a year older, but not as pretty as the younger one. But finally I discovered that on Thursday afternoon she got home early, and her parents and sister wouldn't be there for another couple hours.

It was a big house, set far from the street. Just about right. So the Thursday finally came. I hadn't had a women for some weeks and the pressure was getting unbearable. But today I was going to make me another white girlfriend.

The little 'ho would be happy to take care of my problem. Those days I did some home theft on the side to add to the welfare checks, so it was easy for me to break into the house.

Nice place. And it was easy for me to find her room. It was all done in pink and white, and there were little stuffed rabbits on the bed. Well, I was going to turn this little girl into a rabbit, I remembered thinking. I checked out her dresser and found her panty drawer. So this is what is under that skirt I laughed, as I ran my hands through her stuff.

I heard the front door open. I backed into her closet and hid and waited. The wait went on forever. I got real impatient. Where was that bitch? I thought about going looking for her. Maybe she was watching TV or something. But then I heard footsteps. They were of my little girl all right, I could tell just by the sound. The bedroom door opened and she walked in. I watched her through a crack in the door. She was in her uniform and her hair was done back in her ponytail.

She walked to her dresser. I was breathing really hard and hoped the bitch would undress for me. Instead she just took out a pink comb. Then she walked right towards the closet. Shit, showtime I thought, and got ready. She opened the door and reached her hand for a dress. My big black face was just behind it.

I saw her little hand grab the skirt, just inches from my arm. My cock was pounding and screaming for action. I thought that enough was enough, time to do this girl.

I took my knife out, and then reached out and grabbed her hand. For a moment the girl was too shocked to do anything. She just started at my big black hairy paw wrapped around her arm. Then he moved the dress aside, and she saw me standing there, a big black rapist. Her mouth worked, getting ready to scream. I was ready for that and pounced. I grabbed her and threw her back into her bed and was on top of her instantly.

She cried out, a shrill sound of terror. "Don't make a sound, you little cunt, or I'll cut you up", I told her. I slapped her and showed her the knife. She was breathing real hard, but didn't make a noise or say a word. She was absolutely terrorized of me and didn't know what to do. I could see she wasn't going to be a fighter. Ok with me, I didn't give a shit to tell you the truth.

Though sometimes I like it when girls put up a struggle, all I really cared about was getting into their bellies. And this one was going to be real good. She was pretty all right, maybe even beautiful. Her little mouth was perfect and I liked the feel of her fresh young body under mine.

She had good curves and was ripe for the taking. My cock was just pounding. No time to waste. I grabbed the bitch and pushed her to her knees. Then I went to my zipper. "On please don't hurt me, of please don't&hellip.", the girl whispered. She was shaking like a leaf. My nigger cock popped out, thick and black and throbbing. Her big blue eyes got even bigger, and tears came to them.

Shit, now she was crying too. I bet she'd never even seen a cock before, much less a big nigger one. She tried to get up but I pushed her down again.

It was a great look, this little beauty on her knees, staring at my hungry prick. "Suck me, and make sure you swallow it", I ordered. I pushed my cock into her face, but the girl was so scared and shaking she couldn't make a move. So I grabbed her by the ponytail and pushed her face down on it. I almost spurted when my prick touched those red lips, but then she turned her ahead away. I forced it back into place and pressed against her lips again.

Slowly her mouth opened, and I began to slide it in. "Ah shit", I muttered. My cock slid into her little mouth, inch by inch. It made this thick pulsing bulge in her left cheek. I shifted and moved down her throat. I could feel her milky teeth, and her rasping tongue. Like most young white girls, she didn't know how to give a good blowjob. She began to suck my cock like it was a straw. Still, there is nothing like a virgin schoolgirl cocksucker.

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What they lack in experience is made up by everything else. Man, the wait was worth it, I decided. I moved my cock in-an-out, face fucking her. After all that time, watching this young untouchable girl, and now she was on her knees sucking my manhood. Too good to be true. I felt the first load of black seed coming up and got ready to fire it into her. But then she surprised me by pulling back at the last second, and my precious sperm went flying into her face and hair.

I was really pissed that she hadn't swallowed. "My stuff ain't good nuf' for you, hey bitch?", I shouted. I lost control a bit and threw her back on the bed, slapping her a few times. She begged me to stop. I'd break this cunt in. I straddled her face and forced my cock into her mouth again, this time forcing it way down her throat. Now she really struggled, but I was having none of it. I pushed in deeper, and my hairy black balls began to slap her pretty young face.

I few deep strokes and I felt another load coming. I held her tight and fired this load right into her brains. She gaggedbut didn't try that last trick.

She just closed her eyes and swallowed as fast as she could. Yeh, that felt great, as I pumped my sperm into her. I dismounted. She just lay there, conquered, sperm dribbling out of her mouth and sticking in her hair. I ran my hand through that hair, it was thick and silky. I grabbed my cock and spurted some more into her face, and then massage it into her hair and face.

Soon her entire head was sticky with my seed. I looked at her body, laying there and ready. Her shapely white thighs were slightly apart, and her plaid schoolgirl skirt was hoisted up several inches. Shit, I thought, I haven't even deflowered her yet. Being a black stud I didn't worry about my juice, but I did worry about the time. So I got to work. I could tell my girl wasn't going to resist anymore. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard, but was making no effort to escape.

Good, I wasn't interested in any more fighting. I unbuttoned her blouse and popped her bra up. There they were, two small girlish breasts, and a cross hung between them!

Guess she was a good Christian girl. I grabbed her tits and gave them a good feel. They were nice and firm and tight.

I sucked each one just to watch her nipples rise. The girl got tense when I did that and made a small effort to get up but I slapped her down again. I ran one hand under her skirt and hooked her panties.

I began to pull them down. "Oh please, I'm a virgin &hellip.", the girl said. I laughed. Did this 'ho think that would stop me?

"That's why I'm here, bitch" I sneered. The girl put up another feeble struggle now. Maybe she thought that blowjob had saved her, and that I wouldn't have the seed left to finish her. But now she knew she was going to get raped by a black man, and so she made one last defense of her body.

I easily pushed her back and got ready for the final conquest of her. I pushed her down and hoisted her skirt, forcing my hungry organ between her soft cool thighs. Shit, that felt great. She still struggled, but the feel of this twisting hips and legs just made things better, my cock longer and harder. With one hard thrust my black prick penetrated her.

"Oh God no…" the girl cried as I slid it in. Inch by inch my black cock snaked into her young virgin body. In a few seconds I had her completely impaled. Man, there is nothing like the feel of young schoolgirl pussy. It was tight in there as I began the old in-and-out. The girl went completely limp. Occasionally she'd squeal when I boned her extra hard, but beyond that she had given up.

So I just took my time and had a great fuck. I pushed her legs back and screwed her deep into her own bed. Her legs were now up in the air, sitting on my shoulders. She was still wearing her little black leather pumps and socks, but now they were sitting wrapped around my neck, where they belonged. Her eyes were tightly closed and her sperm-encrusted ponytail lay flowed across the bed. Her bed squeaked with each thrust.

Her firm little tits and the cross bounced as I porked her long and hard. Finally I couldn't keep it in any longer. I could feel a huge gob of sperm rising from my balls. My cock got longer and harder. The girl's big blue eyes opened - she knew what was about to happen inside her. I guess she wanted to watch me as I claimed her. And then I exploded my load inside.

Man, that felt great, as I pumped my sperm into her body. I just spurted and spurted, as all that seed I'd stored finally found it's home. Another virgin bites the dust, I thought, and another black baby gets started. I liked the fact that she was a catholic schoolgirl - abortion wasn't going to happen. I think life is sacred and it pissed me off that some of my girls had gotten rid of my babies that way.

Wouldn't happen with this one, I thought. Finally I was finished. Damn, I felt great. The girl just lay in her bed, softly crying, my seed planted deep inside her. I put my cock back in its cage, took her panties as a trophy, and walked out. As I did, I heard the front door open. I almost collided with the sister as she walked in. I was surprised, but less so than this girl. So I acted quickly.

I slammed the door shut and grabbed the girl. She shrieked and began to claw and fight. Shit, I hadn't planned on this. I dragged the girl back to the bedroom of her raped younger sister. The younger sister hadn't move. Guess she was in shock.

At first I just wanted to get away - my time was running out. But fate had given me a new virgin schoolgirl, who was struggling in my arms. I could smell her perfume and the soft girlish curves of her body. I decided I couldn't pass up a quickie. I pushed the girl onto a table, face down. Then I pushed her plaid skirt up and clawed for her panties.

Shit, this girl really was a fighter, unlike her sister. But finally I scared her a bit with my knife, even though she still twisted and struggled. I got her panties off and pushed her into position. I thought my cock was finished for the day, but all the excitement had made it hard again. I slid it between her soft shapely legs and began to push at her gate.

"No! No! No!", the girl kept shouting. I kept pushing trying to open her, but she was really tight. Finally, my cocktip nibbled into her a bit and then I began the big push&hellip. With one victorious thrust I penetrated her.

The girl shrieked as I deflowered her, but continued to fight. But now it didn't matter. Inch by inch, my black prick skewered her sweet body. After a moment my nigger baby-maker was secure inside this girl's hips, doing what it did best.

I rode her for maybe a half a minute, thrusting and porking as fast as I could. Then I felt the last black seed of the day travel down my shaft to its destiny. The girl's body got real tense as she felt this. She knew she was about to end up like her younger sister, and she fought like an alley cat, twisting and scratching. That just made it better, I like balling spirited girls.

I felt my load build up, and then I let it loose… The girl moaned as she felt my seed gush into her. I stroked a few more times, shooting my last creamy spurts between her soft cool thighs.

Finally, I dismounted. The girl slid off her raping table and fell to the ground, crying and conquered. I picked her up and laid her by her sister. They made quite a pair, two raped white schoolgirls, filled with potent black sperm. Damn, I remember wishing I had brought a camera. Anyway, I had to go. This time I got out the front door with no problem. As always, I checked into these girls about a year later.

As happened a lot, I had succeeded in breeding both of them. They had ended up at some kind of place for unwed mothers, taking care of three black babies (the young one had fucking twins!). The older sister had a boy, not sure about what the twins were, although I hope they were both boys. Chapter 3 One night I went driving with, Amos, one of my many sons. Although only 14 Amos was just like his daddy, big and mean, and black as coal. He was the fruit of one of my first conquests.

In this case I had spotted a white girlscout (his mother-to-be) alone in the woods. To make a long story short I chased her down and impregnated the little bitch, and Amos was the result. She gave up the baby after he was born, and I had tracked him down years later. He had already been thrown out of school and had done some time in juvi for drug dealing and attempting to fondle a white girl at school. I liked his style. His dealing was already netting him a good income, but he hadn't gotten to a woman yet.

And, believe me, he was really pissed about that. All he could talk about was how some white girls had turned him down. I told him not to worry, we'd find us some young girls and we'd make sure they would do what he wanted. We drove along for some time on an isolated country road. It was dark and there was no traffic. Suddenly on the shoulder I see a broken down car. There are four kids standing by it, two boys and two girls.

They were real well dressed. The boys wore rented tuxedos, but the girls looked like real models. One was a brunette and the other blonde, and they both were in nice dresses and high-heeled shoes I sized up the situation pretty quickly. Must be coming back from a high-school dance, and had been driving up here to neck. Car broke down and now they were up shit creek. I parked the car. "You kids need help?", I asked.

We walked over to the kids, friendly-like. The boys looked to be maybe 16; typical dumbass white boys. They seemed real confident. "Yeh, could you give us a ride?", one asked. "Our car broke down".

"That so?", I asked, as me and Amos took a closer look at the two young girls. And they were a great sight, too. They were real pretty and looked younger than the boys, I'd guess 14 or 15. The brunette one was a real beauty, taller than any of the boys, with long silky hair and dark doe eyes. She was wearing a short white dress. Her legs were longfull and shapely. The blonde was real pretty too, but not as beautiful as the brunette.

She wore glasses and had her hair in braids. She was wearing a white blouse and black miniskirt. She had great set of tits though, real large and firm, and big blue eyes. Amos was really eyeing the blonde, licking his thick lips.

I guess she reminded him of the girl who had turned him down. That was good with me, since it was the dark-haired one that I really wanted, even if her tits weren't quite up to snuff. Amos' eyes roved over the blonde, from top to bottom, pausing to stare at her tits and hips. The girl sure as hell noticed this, and looked real nervous. She kept trying to get the attention of her boyfriend, to let him know that Amos was undressing her with his eyes. Meanwhile I was looking at the dark-hair bitch, staring at the spot where her soft thighs touched and curved into her short dress.

Man, what a looker. My cock throbbed. She was real nervous, too, and both of them backed off a ways. Meanwhile the dumbshit boys were still clueless. One was telling me how the belt broke, and how he needed to get Megan and Christine home before midnight curfew.

I found out that Megan was the brunette and Christine the blonde. Well, it was always important to know the names of the mothers of your babies, I thought. The other was jabbering something about how no one ever came up this road this time of night.

This was enough for me. I nodded to Amos and the party got started. "Do you mind if we fuck your girlfriends?", I asked casually. The boy's jaws dropped. The girls backed away fearfully behind them, trusting on their boyfriends for protection from me and Amos.

They knew the story. Black sperm wanted to get inside them, and only these boys could protect that from happening. Well, that wasn't going to work. Amos slugged one boy in the stomach and then began to pummel him. I took out my gun and in one motion hit the other boy on the head with it. He dropped like a stone. The two girls screamed and ran to the back to the car and climbed in. I took out some handcuffs and bound up the first boy.

Amos was still beating the other one; he looked pretty bad already. I pushed him off and handcuffed him to his friend, and then tied them to a tree. There, now they had a ring-side seat to watch me and Amos have our fun. Suddenly a horn started honking. I could see Christine was leaning on the car horn, trying to summon help.

Cursing, me and Amos ran to the car. Shit, it was locked. I waved my gun at them. The girls screamed and jumped to the over side, but refused to unlock the door. Amos leaped over there but that door was locked as well. No matter. I took the butt of the gun and busted the window, then stuck my hand in and began to unlock it.

Now the girls really panicked. Christine jumped out and started running down the road. But Amos was right there and tackled her before she got three feet. In a flash he was on her, tearing at her clothes like an animal.

I heard lots of screaming and cursing, but paid it no more heed. It was Megan that I wanted. She was holding tight to the seat belt in the back seat and kicking and screaming. I grabbed her by her ankles and tried to pull her out, but she kicked all the harder. I jumped in with her and grabbed her legs again and pulled. Her legs was soft and warm, and I really liked the feel of it as my hands grabbed further up her thighs. Finally, I overpowered her and pulled her from the seat.

We fell into the roadside dirt together, struggling and panting. I got on top of Megan, pinning her to the ground. Man, she was a beauty all right. Her long thick hair lay there in the dirt, and her big green eyes were filled with fright. I could feel her virgin teenage body move underneath me, feel each soft curve and smell her perfume. She was kicking and thrashing, her sweet body heaving underneath me. Finally, I pinned her arms back and stood her back on her feet.

Her little rump rubbed against my cock, which made it even harder. I could tell Megan felt my throbbing snake rub against her. Her whole body shivered and trembled as I pressed against her hips.

Now that Megan was finally ready for screwing, I looked up to see what Amos had done to Christine. I didn't have far to look, they were just on the other side of the car. Turned out that my boy was already way ahead of me.

Christine was on her knees in front of Amos. Her blouse was ripped open and her big firm breasts were exposed to the moonlight. Amos was holding her head with one hand, while he was trying to pull out his prick out with the other. Christine was sobbing and begging him to stop. "Amos", I ordered. "Bring your bitch over to the car before you start on her". Amos knew better than to disobey me, so he grabbed Christine and dragged her over.

He still hadn't got his cock out of his pants yet, it was huge and had got caught up in his shorts. Well, the boy would learn. We dragged our two girls back to where we had tied up their dates.

Amos got a real big smile on his face when he suddenly realized what I was up to. It's one thing to rape a white girl, but the best thing in the world is to do it front of the her boyfriend. This was going to be quite a night.

I pressed Megan closer to me, rubbing my eager baby-maker against her squirming hips. She had an incredible body, girlish and curvy. She struggled against me, I could feel her thighs and hips move underneath her short dress. I ran one hand over her breasts and squeezed them. They were firm and meaty. I felt like spurting right there. She was panting and trembling with fear.

"You do everything I want, or these boys get it, understand?", I whispered to her. Megan began to tremble even more. "Oh no, please don't hurt me, oh please don't&hellip.". I didn't bother answering. We dragged them down in front of the boys. I held Megan tight as Amos went to work on Christine. He finally had his cock out.

Shit, it was black and huge, almost as big as mine. Laughing, he pushed Christine back on her knees. Now there was no escape, and Christine knew it.

She stared at his organ with big blue eyes as it came toward her.

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Amos pressed it against her lips. Christine had no choice. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. "Aw shit", Amos muttered, as his cock slithered into her mouth. It bulged in Christine's cheeks, and then snaked down her throat. She gagged but did as she was ordered. She began to suck. So now we all just watched my boy get his first blowjob. There was no sound except the warm sucking sounds from Christine, and the slap of Amos' hairy balls against her pretty face. Megan was horrified, but she couldn't tear her eyes from that black cock as it moved in and out of her friend's face.

The two boys were staring at the ground, trying to wish away what was being done to their girlfriends. Amos began the rapid strokes. At the same time he grabbed the girl's head, as I had told him to do.

Sometimes girls try to pull back at the last moment, and so you don't the satisfaction of watching them swallow your seed. It didn't happen this time, though. Amos grunted with pleasure and stopped stroking. Christine's head vibrated and her eyes flew open. She began to swallow as fast as she could. She gagged and swallowed for what seemed like forever, as Amos pumped his sperm down her gullet.

Finally he pulled his organ out of her, firing a final spurt into her face. Christine crumpled to the ground sobbing, while Amos did a little victory jig. I had seen enough. I was about ready to explode. I took Megan to my car and forced her face down on the hood. Then I reached under her skirt and hooked her panties and pulled them down.

Megan cried but didn't resist. I hoisted her white dress around her waist, exposing my target. Then I pulled out my black cock and mounted. When my cocktip first touched her soft cool thighs I thought I'd spurt right there. But I kept my load in and began to worm my way between them. It felt great having my cock between those beautiful thighs, as they moved and opened. Megan squirmed a little, which just made me even longer and harder.

I pushed her down harder on the car hood and began to push. Shit, she had a real tight little flower, but I was real experienced at this kind of problem. I pushed and pushed, until I gradually nibbled in her a bit.

Her whole body convulsed and she squealed a bit with pain. Man, I love that sound. And then with one big push I pierced her. "Oh god, no!", Megan screamed as I deflowered her. She made a final feeble effort to get me off her, but now her fate was sealed. I pushed her down hard onto the hood of my car, and forced my way in deeper and deeper.

She panted and begged as my prick chewed into her virgin teenage body. Inch by inch I impaled her on my baby-maker, until finally it was snug between her virgin hips For a few seconds I just let it stay in there, relishing the sensation of being inside Megan's conquered and defiled body.

I turned and looked at her boyfriend.


Sure enough, he was starting at me and Megan in horror. He could see my big black balls dangling underneath Megan, and best of all, my hungry black prick plugged into her girlhood. Meanwhile, I could see that Amos was busy as well. He was on top of Christine, busily porking her. Christine was crying but making no attempt anymore to resist him. His cock was driving in and out of her like a thick black piston, claiming her as his own, while her breasts jumped with each thrust.

Well, might as well follow my boy's example, I decided, so I began the old in-an-out. With each thrush Megan squealed and sobbed, mixed in with sounds of my balls as they slapped against her soft thighs.

The car bounced up and down, as I triumphantly mated with this pretty little schoolgirl. After a while I felt the familiar surge of semen come rushing up from my balls. Megan's whole body tensed up, as she anticipated the ultimate conquest.

She made one last effort to escape, but it was way too late. I held her firmly into the mating position as my load came down the shaft… .and shot a shattering surge of creamy sperm into her, claiming her as another of my conquests. "Oh…", Megan whispered, as she felt my victorious sperm rush into her body. I sprayed into her girlish hips again and again. Shit, I didn't think it would ever stop, as I forcefully implanted big globs of thick black seed into her body.

I came again and again, finally shaking her whole body to get the last few drops into her. Finally I finished and pulled out. Megan just stayed on the hood, her legs spread wide, sobbing hysterically, as my potent black seed began it's work inside her.

Before I knew it Amos leaped past me and jumped on top of her. I guess he'd finished with Christine and now wanted another girl already.

Shit, to be 14 again. Anyway, Megan didn't move as Amos mounted her like a dog. With one thrust he impaled her, making her squeal yet again. In a moment the car began to bounce up and down again, as he banged her against the hood. While Megan got raped again I walked over to Christine, who was sobbing quietly. Her clothes were almost entirely ripped off - she still had her miniskirt on but her blouse and bra was nowhere to be seen.

Her panties were hanging in a bush where Amos had thrown them. Her thighs were red with her shattered virginity, and there were thick streaks of drying nigger sperm on them. Another clump of sperm was dangling from her little button nose.

Her glasses were lying broken next to her. Guess she'd need another pair if she wanted to read homework anymore. Anyway, my prick got hard again as I saw that blonde schoolgirl there, ready for anything I wanted. I figured she was an expert cocksucker by now, so I pushed my organ into her face. Her eyes had that vacant raped-girl look, the best look in the world.

I knew from experience she'd do whatever I wanted now. I wasn't disappointed. Her red lips parted and I slid my manhood into her mouth. She began to suck, and I felt her rasping tongue and her teeth.

Christine really had talent, I have to say. Most white girls need a lot more training before they get this good. Anyway, it was big turn-on as my huge black veined cock moved in and out of her young innocent face, while she desperately sucked me.

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I guess Amos had really put the fear of God in her, so she wasn't holding anything back. Anyway, after a minute I felt another load coming. I didn't bother to hold her head; I knew she would swallow it. And she did, too, as my sperm gushed down her throat.

Her big blue eyes got this creamy look as my sperm flowed in her. A little extra bit dribbled out of her mouth and ran down her cute little chin. I pulled out, but still felt I had some more seed to plant tonight. So I flipped her over on her stomach and ordered her to get down on all fours. Silently she obeyed me. I mounted her dog-style and penetrated her easily. I positioned her so she was only a foot away from the two white boys, staring directly at them.

I wanted them to have eye-contact as I fucked her. She had a nice soft teenage body, and my cock felt great tucked between her hips. My cock is bigger than my son's, so I opened her up a little more than he did. She sobbed with each stroke and her whole body shook as my baby-maker chewed into her, boning her silly with each violent thrust.

Her big breasts slapped and shivered with each penetration, while she stared straight ahead at the boys who had failed to protect her. Shit, this was an incredible turn-on, as I fucked and fucked that young blonde schoolgirl, while those white boys watched helplessly. After a few minutes I felt my final load coming. I held her tight but Christine made no effort to resist my seed.

I planted it deep inside her, in long creamy spurts. I got up and put my triumphant cock back in its cage. Looking back I could see that Amos was finishing up on Megan. He had ripped her dress off and now had her completely naked on the ground, straddling her face while his cock powered in and out of her mouth.

I watched while his black prick moved in and out of Megan's pretty face, slimy with spit and semen. If it had been another man doing that to Megan I would have been pissed, but I figured that with Amos it was all in the family. Anyway, Amos started his grunting again and I knew what that meant, and so did Christine and Megan from first hand experience. Megan's head vibrated as he fired his seed into her brains again and again, while she helplessly slurped it down. Finally he pulled out smiling, while Megan just stared sightlessly ahead, her big green eyes in shock, thick chunky sperm oozing from her mouth and dripping onto the ground.

So me and Amos took the girl's panties as trophies and drove off. It had been quite a night, but a real educational one for Amos. A year later Amos checked out the highschool where Christine and Megan went to school. Turns out that we had increased the black race that night, since both girls gave birth to black boys nine months after their rape, the latest victims of our potent seed.

Amos is real proud now about that, and likes to brag about it wherever he goes. In fact, he got kind of inspired about it and ended up raping and putting another baby in the belly of that first white girl who turned him down. Like father, like son. Anway, I'm sure Megan had my baby, and maybe Christine as well.

So we sometimes argue about which kid had which father, but it don't really matter to me. In fact, I kind of like the idea of being a granddaddy already. Chapter 4 Sometimes I would get a girl real easy, other times in took months. In this case I'm telling you about, I just took an opportunity and got a real quickie. Don't know what happened to the girl, but it kinds of shows how most of my conquests went.

I was watching driving along with one of my younger sons when I see this girl young walking along. Looked like she was coming back from the store down the road. It was summer and she was wearing cutoffs and one of those short bikini tops. She was average height, with medium brown hair pulled back in ponytails. I guessed she was 14 or 15 years old.

Far as I could tell from the car, she had a real pretty innocent face. Her tits looked to be real small and hard, but her hips were already like a woman's, nice and curvy. My cock began to throb the first time I saw her.

It knew that no man had gotten into that mouth or those hips yet, and it wanted to be the first. I drove by her a few times, checking her out. I liked the way her ponytails bounced and her little pussy swayed as she walked along on her little feet.

Guess she was enjoying summer vacation, before school started in a few weeks. I noticed a spot ahead of her where she had to walk over this small creek. There were lots of trees and bushes there. A couple houses were close and there was some traffic, which meant that this would be kind of dangerous for me. But I really wanted that girl, really wanted a chance to put my black baby in her belly.

I decided the gamble was worth it. I'd just be extra quick about it. I told my boy Kevin (he was 8 back then) that I was going to have me a little fun, and that he could be the lookout for me. So I parked the car and we ran over to the creek, hiding behind some bushes.

At the last moment I remembered I had a camera; I told my boy to bring it. I had this notion for some time that I should start taking pictures of my girls and what I accomplished with them. Figured I could sell quite a number of photos, which did turn out to be the case. Anyway, I waited. I was real nervous, because of the traffic and all. In fact, wasn't even sure this girl would keep walking and end up over here. But sure enough, after a minute I see her coming.

I hid behind a bush and waited, as she began to walk by. As luck would have it, no cars were coming by right then. She was pretty all right, with nice tanned legs and perky little tits.

Shit, I couldn't wait to get to her. I timed my rush, and then leapt out and grabbed her from behind. I put one hand over her mouth and wrapped another arm around her chest. Then I quickly dragged her down into the bushes. She was so surprised that first she only gave a surprised squeal.

As I pulled her down the slope though she began to fight and began to scream. I punched her and pulled out my knife. "Don't make a sound, you little bitch", I said, and threatened her with my knife. She had real big blue eyes, and they were just full of fear. She was trembling now, but stopped her screaming. I looked around, but didn't see anyone could have heard us. Still, those houses were close and there was no telling who might have heard, or seen me pull this young lady off the street.

The cops could be coming right now. So I decided to finish her real quick. I liked the feeling of her soft young body squirming against mine. I could feel her curves and smell her perfume. There is nothing like holding a teenaged girl. I rubbed my hungry throbbing cock against her hips and ran my hand up her blouse.

Her tits were small and hard, and her little nipples were erect. Maybe I was turning her on a bit, I know that lots of schoolgirls dream of getting nailed by a black man, maybe I was this honey's dream come true.

Anyway, I pawed and knead them really good, felling her virgin meat. "Oh please, mister, don't…", the girl whispered. She was trembling and scared to death, but knew better than to resist.

I took a good look at her face. She was really cute all right, the way lots of young girls are. Had freckled cheeks and a full mouth with nice red lips.

Looked she had used this lots of lipstick this morning, trying to look grown-up and all. I leaned down and kissed those lips hard. She shivered and squirmed in my arms, which made my cock just about go wild. Shit, I didn't know just kissing a girl could be such a turn on, but that's the way it was with this one. I ran my long thick tongue into her mouth, and played around inside for a bit.

Her eyes closed hard. I knew she was disgusted by my tongue in her mouth, but that was too bad. In a minute she was going to have something else even more disgusting in there. I heard some clicks. That was my boy taking pictures.

The sound brought me back to reality. I hated the idea I didn't have more time with this schoolgirl, she really turned me on more than most. But time was short - sure as well didn't want to get caught porking some teeny-bopper in this whitebread town. With that thought I pushed her to her knees. She began to cry but it was clear by now that this one wasn't a fighter. Too young and too scared.

Good thing too, since otherwise I might not have had time to do her. Anyway, I pulled my cock out. It was just about fit to explode. Her eyes got real big when she saw my nigger prick erect in full glory, thick and black and pulsing.

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From the look in her eyes, I bet she had never even seen a prick before, much less one as big and potent as mine. Well, time to give this baby an education. "You do me little ho, and then I'll let you go.

Just make sure you swallow", I ordered her. She didn't respond but just looked at me with big scared eyes. I grabbed her head by the ponytails and began to push her face down on my waiting organ.

Her head was tense and there was some resistance, but slowly her head bowed into position. Meanwhile, my boy was busy taking pictures. I told him to slow down and make sure there was enough film for later on. Only had one roll. When my cocktip touched this full red lips, I almost came right there. Shit, that was a turn on, my meaty cock pressed against her mouth. The girl held her lips together firmly as I ran it against them.

Looked like she didn't want to do this for me. I gave her ponytails a hard hank and she squealed a bit. Then her lips slowly parted. "Ah yeh, little girl…", I moaned, as my long black snake slithered into her face. I moved it inside her left cheek, and then the right. It made a big pulsing bulge there.

It looked great, her young freckled face with a veined black cock stuck between her full red lips. I could feel her teeth and her sweet little tongue.

Her eyes were wide open, staring helplessly at my thick black rod as I began to move it in and out of her. I began to face fuck her, moving in and out.

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The girl wasn't much of a cocksucker, she clearly didn't have any experience in this area. She just sucked it like a straw and didn't know how to use her tongue right. Still, the sight of a young white schoolgirl sucking my manhood made up for her lack of skill.

Maybe I'd come back some other time and teach her have to given a black man a proper blowjob. Meanwhile, this would do for now. For awhile there was no other sound other than her crying and sucking, and the slap of my hairy balls against her face.

I kept forcing my cock as far as possible into her head, and was able to get quite a bit of it inside. Shit, once or twice I thought it was going to pop out the other side of her head, between her ponytails. Meanwhile, my boy watched with a big smile on his face. This was an education for him too, I guess. After a few seconds I could feel thick clumps of sperm well up from my big balls.

I stopped stroking and grabbed the girl's head and held it tight. She knew what was coming. Her whole body got tense and I could see her make hands became little fists.

Then I exploded my load. "Mother fucker yeh!" I yelled as I fired my seed right into her brains. The girl groaned and gagged, and then began to retch. She tried to pull away, but I kept her head pinned to my sputtering organ. She shuddered and began to swallow as fast as she could. I just kept ejaculating like crazy, firing one creamy spurt after another. Soon sperm was dripping from her mouth even though she was trying to keep up with the flow.

Finally, I shot my last spurt and pulled. The girl collapsed to the ground sobbing, semen dripping out of her mouth and chin, staining her blouse. I noticed that there was a nice red ring around my cock shaft, where her lips had wrapped. I bet when she was putting on lipstick this morning she never dreamed it would end up smeared on a black cock! She looked so cute laying there, her sweet girlish thighs jiggling slightly in those short cutoffs, that I decided I'd risk taking another minute.

I just had to mate with her. I knew it was dangerous, but I just had to be the one who bred this little babe. So I leaped on her and began to pull her shorts down. The girl cried but didn't really fight me.

I had always found that girls rarely resist after they've been forced to give a blowjob. Don't know why this is, maybe all that sperm in their brains has that effect. Anyway, I pulled her cutoffs down. She wore pink panties with little birds on them. Shit. I hooked my fingers around the elastic and ripped these off, too. I threw them off into the bushes and settled on top of her. Her young tight body felt great underneath me. I could feel every curve of her schoolgirl body, and still smelled her perfume, even though now it was mixed with the smell of my semen.

She was trembling and crying, but still made no effort to fight me off. I inserted my throbbing baby-maker between her thighs. They were soft and warm, ready for the taking. I began to push into her virgin girlhood. Shit, this was really a tight one, and my cock was just massive. I kept pushing and pushing, trying to pop her. Finally, after one big thrust, she yelped and moaned. I knew what this meant, as the flesh gave away and I slowly penetrated.

Another white virgin bites the dust. I heard Kevin take more pictures like crazy. My cock gnawed into her sweet young body, inch by inch. The girl panted and yelped as it chewed into her virginity, and her soft curved hips moved and shuddered.

Shit, this felt great. After a minute I had my organ fully into her. I leaned back and admired my work: a teenaged schoolgirl on her back, with my black rapist baby-maker nestled within her hips, filling up her virgin body. My cock throbbed inside her as she squirmed and moaned, impaled and conquered. Although she was tight, she was pretty moist inside. I laughed, maybe her white-girl mind didn't want me, but her body sure did.

It looked the idea of my strong and black potent seed inside her, using her for reproduction. I began to pork her with the old in-an-out.

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With each thrust her small hard tits would bounce and she'd yelp and squeal. I had already take way too much time, so I really went to work. It felt great inside her, nice and tight and moist. Since this one was so obedient, I ordered her to wrap her legs around me. After a moment hesitation, I felt her lift her legs and slowly coiled around me, and then the click as her feet touched at the small of my back.

Man, I wish I could have taken this babe home with me, she was such a natural turn-on. I just rode her, thrusting and porking, while she moaned and squirmed under my breeding rod. So I balled my new girl hard for a couple minutes, until I felt my final triumphant load travel down my cockshaft. Her whole body tensed, as she awaited her fate. And then I exploded and claimed her as my latest victim … Our bodies shook together as my seed flowed into her.

Her eyes were wide open and staring at me with this vacant raped look. I leaned down and kissed her and stared back into her pretty blue eyes, as I ground thick clumps of my life into her conquered body. I spurted again and again, until sperm dribbled down her thighs and into the ground. Finally, after seeming like forever, the girl unwrapped her legs.

I pulled out and watched her roll over on her stomach, whimpering softly. As for me, shit, I felt great. What a way to start the week. I put my spent cock back into its cage and left the scene of the crime, taking her panties as my trophy. I never did see this girl again, so I don't know if she had my kid or not. My boy claimed that he saw her some months later and she had a real big belly, but I never did see for myself if this were true or not.

Anyway, the pictures turned out great, especially the part where she first started the blowjob and during the the first part of the mating (he got a great picture of the look on that girl's face when I penetrated her). I made quite a bit of money off those pictures, it sure bought a lot of crack.

CHapter 5 I had a hard week and really wanted some fresh white meat. Driving along I see a bunch of high school cheerleaders walking into the local gym. So I parked and went inside. It was a basketball game, and the girls were there to cheer. I bought a ticket. Figured I'd watch these sweeties and see if I could knock one of them up after. I didn't watch the game. I watched the cheerleaders. There were ten of them, bouncing around in their short white pleated skirts.

Some were real lookers, but one could have been a real model. She was kind of tall with long blonde hair, tied back with a blue ribbon. She had a real pretty innocent face with big blue eyes.

She had a cute button nose and a nice full mouth, red with lipstick. She was leggy and with nice tits, all packed into that uniform of hers. When she kicked her long tanned legs I could see her panties wink underneath her skirt. My black cock throbbed as I watched her shapely legs kick, her hips sway back and forth, and her firm breasts bounce underneath that tight cheerleading sweater.

Another pretty underage girl, who thought she could show off her wares without paying the price. Well, I was carrying a full load of potent black sperm, and it wanted this girl. The game ended, so I went back outside and waited in my car.

Sure enough, after a while she came out, walking with several of her friends. They were all real pretty, just talking and giggling.

I wanted to plant my seed in every one of those youngsters right then and there, but there was no way I could do that. Just had to take them one at a time. So I focused on my little blonde. After talking forever, she got into a car and drove out of the parking lot. I followed. I didn't have a plan, just wanted to see if I could get a break somehow. Most times this doesn't work and the girl gets away. But it turned out luck was with me that night.

The girl parked in front of a house and got out. I noticed the house was dark. I just drove by, turned around and drove by again. Now the house was light. Guess my schoolgirl was home alone… I parked the car in a dark spot and made my way to the house.

I do a lot of stealing from houses, so the rest was easy. First, check for a dog. Nope, no dog in this house. So then I just walked into the back yard, checking into the windows.

As I passed the kitchen window I look into the living room. She's there talking and laughing on the telephone.

She had untied her hair and it flowed down her back now, soft and silky. She looked so pretty and happy. Her hips back and forth as she talked, swishing her little skirt. Maybe she was talking with her boyfriend, or something like that. I didn't care. All I could think about was getting into those hips, one way or another. I wanted to see the look on her young face when my raping black prick began to penetrate her. I went to the side of the house and jimmied open a window nice and quiet.

In a moment I was through it and in a bedroom. I had a lot of practice in this kind of thing, so I moved slow and real quiet, like an African predator. Looked to be the bedroom of her mom and dad. There was a picture of the girl on the nightstand, and lots of jewelry and stuff. Typical white person shit. I took the opportunity to take the best of the jewelry, plus some cash laying around, and stick it in my pockets.

This would by lots of crack. Then I walked into the hall. It was quiet now; I couldn't hear the girl on the phone. Good, I couldn't attack her while she was talking with someone else, but now the coast was clear. Still, I had no idea when her parents would get home, so this had to be quick. I walked into the living room and peered around the corner, and saw that I was now just a few feet away from my prey.

She was laying on her stomach on the couch, reading some girl fashion magazine. She was clueless that I was there. Her blonde hair was flowing over her back and onto the couch. She had her feet in the air, and was idling kicking them back and forth, like schoolgirls sometimes do.

I had a real good look at her legs and thighs, curving into her little skirt, her panties just visible underneath. Just me and this sweet honey, I couldn't believe my luck. I started breathing hard with excitement and my thick black cock just about went wild in my pants. I took my knife out. Then I carefully walked over and shot my hand between her soft warm young thighs, goosing her hard.

The girl squealed and turned over fast. Then she saw me standing there, a big black man, grinning and carrying a knife. "On no … help!", she screamed. In a flash she was off the couch and running.

She was so quick that I was a bit unprepared. She almost got to the door before I caught up to her, grabbing her and throwing her to the ground. She scratched me and fought like a bobcat. Man, she was real strong and athletic, more than I bargained for. It took all my strength to pin her to the ground, but even then she kept fighting and scratching.

My left arm was already bleeding where she had scratched me. Once she almost got one of my eyes. I hit her hard on the shoulder and tried to beat her down.

"Rape! Help! Rape!". she kept shrieking. Shit, she had a real strong voice too. I was getting real panicked and angry.

I hit her again and she yelped in pain. Finally, I got my knife right underneath her throat. It nicked her a bit and she yelped again. "You yell or fight anymore, bitch, and I'll OJ you", I said. This finally quieted her. Her big blue eyes were filled with terror. "Please don't hurt me, mister. We've got money and stuff, you can have all you want".

"You just do what I want bitch, and then you'll live. Got that?". She nodded her head. She was crying and I could feel her strong young body move underneath me, soft and curvy. She smelled of perfume, and her firm little breasts were jiggling with fear. Shit, I couldn't wait to claim this young lady. I fumbled for my zipper and pulled it down, and extracted my thick black nigger cock.

It was huge and throbbing. The girl's big blue eyes flew wide open when she realized what I was going to do to her. "No!", she shrieked again, and tried to buck me off. She pushed my knife away and we had another wrestling match. She was the strongest girl I had ever attacked, and was a real fighter too. For some reason that made me even hornier, plus the fact that a beautiful white girl like this wouldn't have the time of day for me normally.

I liked the idea of getting inside a uppity teenage bitch like this, and grinding my life into her. The fact that she resisted me so hard just would make the conquest that much sweeter. Finally I got her back down again. I had to nick her again with my knife before she finally stopped struggled.

She just lay there panting, her blonde hair spread over the floor, her clothes rumpled, her red lips parted and ready. "Now, you just suck my cock, and make sure you swallow. You better do it right, bitch!", I snarled. I figured I had better scare her good, otherwise she might try to just bite it off.

I wouldn't put it past this one. But now I could see that she was completely terrorized of me, and would do what I say. I pushed my veined black cock into her white face and rubbed it against her lipsticked lips. She was disgusted, and still refused to open her mouth. Man, that made me angry. "Open up bitch and suck. Your last chance", I snarled, and then slapped her again and again.

She cried and sniffled. Then she closed her eyes, and her lips parted slightly. I saw my invitation and took it. My black snake began to slither into her mouth. It made a pulsing bulge in her cheek. It looked great, her beautiful young white face, with a thick throbbing black cock sticking into it.

I then began to slide it down her throat. She gagged and struggled, but I held her tight and forced it in. I began to move it inside her face. Her eyes were tightly closed and she was sucking it hard. My hairy black balls slapped against her face with each thrust.

I looked down at the rest of her body. Her legs were tightly crossed and she was squirming on the carpet, like a worm on a hook. There was no sound but the moist sounds of her sucking my organ. This was a dream come true. After a minute I could feel thick clumps of nigger seed well up from my balls and travel down my cockshaft. Then I fired a load right into her brains. She swallowed and retched and squirmed, but did what she was told and began to swallow.

I fired again and again into her, until sperm spurted out of her mouth. Laughing I pulled out. She opened her eyes and began to sob. You should have seen the look on her face now, as my seed dribbled down her little chin. She wasn't nearly as uppity as she had been just a couple minutes ago, now that she had been forced to taste my life.

I pushed her to her feet and marched her down the hall. My cock was already erect again, as it knew what the next step was. I could feel the girl's body shaking next to mine. I rubbed my cock against her tight little rump and she winced and squirmed. Guess that blowjob hadn't broken her spirit yet. "Where's your bedroom?", I demanded. Trembling, she pointed to a door.

I dragged her in and shut the door. It was her bedroom alright, filled with teenage cheerleader and sports posters, stuffed animals, and shit like that. Her little single bed was in one corner. "Your bed's big enough for the two of us", I laughed. I started to drag her to it "No, please don't do that to me", she whimpered.

Her voice was soft and girlish. "I'll do anything if you don't rape me". "Like what?", I asked, laughing. "Anything, anything", she whimpered. Silently, she got down on her knees. Tears were straining down her beautiful face. Looked like she was offering me another blowjob! I guess she figured that if she sucked out my seed, I wouldn't have enough to plant inside her. That meant she was a virgin and ripe for impregnation, or probably both, and thought this was the way to keep me from finishing her off.

Okay, this young girl didn't know what studs black men were. I decided to take advantage of the situation. "OK. First tell me how much you want black cock.

Then blow me good and hard, and run your tongue up and down my shaft while you suck, and swallow every drop. Then I won't fuck you". The girl nodded. She looked damn sexy sitting there, her little feet tucked underneath her, her short white cheerleading skirt covering her tanned shapely thighs. "I want black cock &hellip. I want black cock so much … ".

Well, it wasn't phone sex, but I figured that was the best she could come up with right now. I walked closer to her and stuck my prick into her face. She took it in one cool hand and guided it to her mouth. At the last moment she hesitated, then she screwed her eyes close and swallowed my cock. Inch by inch, it slide between her red lips.

"Open your eyes while you blow me, and use your fucking tongue" I ordered. She did as she was told. She stared at my breeding rod between her lips, and gave me the best blowjob she could. It wasn't the best one I've had in my life, but it was pretty good considering this was only her second attempt. I could feel her teeth and her rasping tongue, as she sucked harder and harder. Well, it didn't take long. In just a few seconds I felt a huge load coming.

The girl felt it too. She got tense and shuddered, and then thick creamy seed was spurting down her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could, slurping and chewing. I could tell she was desperately tried to get all my sperm out, but of course, I wouldn't let her get away with that.

Before I was completely drained I pulled out of her face. She sobbed and bowed her head, and began to wipe her mouth with her sleeve. I could see a bright red ring of lipstick around my cock, where her lips had met. "Get up", I ordered the girl. She obeyed. She stood there looking innocent and vulnerable, her blue eyes hopeful that her ordeal was ending.

She had been forced to orally copulate, but she had avoided the worst of it. For now. I just looked at her white schoolgirl body, tight and beautiful, and licked my lips. "Take your panties off" I said. "You promised" the girl stammered. She began to shake again. I took my knife out again. "Do it!". Slowly, the girl reached under her short skirt. She hooked her panties and pulled them down. Then she stepped out of them. "Get into the bed and lay down, and then spread your legs".

The girl began to cry, almost hysterically. She hesitated obeying, but then saw the warning look on my face. Still crying she climbed into bed and lay on her back. Then she parted her thighs a few inches.

Now only her thin cheerleader skirt kept my cock at bay from the ultimate conquest. "My parents will be home soon", she quavered. "They'd give you anything you want, just don't do this …".

I didn't say anything. I just walked over and began to climb on top her. "Please mister … I'm a virgin … please don't … I can't afford to have a baby …". I ignored her and settled on top of her soft virgin body. I could feel every curve of her hips and thighs, and the feel of her breasts as they pressed against me.

Slowly I slid my cock up between her legs, which were soft and white and warm. I thought she was going to resist, but I guess those two blowjobs was finally having an effect. She was ready to accept her fate and my seed. "You're going to have a nigger baby", I whispered I yanked her skirt up and began to push into her girlhood. "No … no", she whimpered. My face was now pressed against hers, our noses were touching. Her young blue eyes stared straight into mine.

I kissed her and ran my tongue into her mouth. She had already accepted far worse in there, so she didn't fight that either. Meanwhile, down between her legs, the mating was ready to happen. My cock was nibbling around the edges, slowly forcing an opening. Her whole body squirmed and trembled, as my invading organ kept pushing and pushing. And then, with one hard push, I penetrated her. She gave a sharp yelp, the special sound young girls always make when they get deflowered.

I had heard it many times, but never got tired of it. Her eyes flew open wide and she desperately tried to heave me off. I was having none of it. I just pushed her back into the bed and thrust harder. I forced my way deeper inside her twisting hips, pushing past her conquered gate. "Oh Jesus, help me!" she squealed as I drove my shaft home. Inch by inch I forced it into her virgin body, gradually impaling her on my huge black manhood. She struggled and thrashed, as I slowly forced it in.

In a couple seconds my cock had completely disappeared between her cool white thighs. Shit, she was tight, but still I was able to get the whole thing in. I stopped for a minute to admire my handiwork. Here was this beautiful teenage cheerleader, laying in her own bad, impaled on a rapist nigger cock.

If those friends of hers could see her now. I laughed and began my work. I began the old in and out, and her bed began to squeak with each thrust. She twisted and turned helplessly, an innocent pretty white girl twisting on the business end of my cock.

My good old baby-maker felt great tucked between her young white hips, doing what it was designed to do, screwing my seed into her helpless body. With each thrust she would pant and squeal, as my cock drilled deeper into her defiled body. The slap of my balls and her panting filled our little world.

Her bed bounced up and down in time to the rape. Her little stuffed animals fell off the bed onto the floor as I fucked her silly. Time was running short, so I increased the pace and began to bone her faster and faster After a moment, I felt the final surge grow in my balls and then travel down my long black cockshaft.

I could tell that she felt it too, she gasped and her eyes stared directly into mine. "Please … don't … put … it … in …me", she panted. Her body squirmed and heaved, with my cock embedded inside her. "No, no&hellip.". I exploded.

Like an animal in heat, I claimed her. The girl gasped and stopped struggling. Her eyes got really big and a creamy look filled them. I fired my seed again and again, planting it deep inside her fucked body. I thought it would never stop, as I triumphantly mated with my newest girl. I hoisted her skirt up even further and I continued to thrust between her soft warm thighs as fast as I could, just enjoying the sensation, and occasionally squirting a bit of sperm between them.

I dismounted. She just lay there in her bed, not saying anything, not even whimpering. Her pretty face was now vacant and expressionless. Her cheerleader skirt was coiled around her little waist, and her thighs were still parted and smeared with rapist sperm. I knew the rest of my sperm was now safely inside her, beginning its work. I felt great, but now was the time to go.

I put my victorious cock back in his cage, grabbed her panties as a trophy, and left the house. I saw the girl many months later walking near a park. She was with some of her cheerleader friends, who were all in their cute outfits. But my girl wasn't wearing a cheerleader outfit anymore. She was wearing a maternity dress. Her belly was huge and round, and it looked like my black baby would be crawling out just about anytime. I laughed, glad that I had succeeded in reproducing off this pretty young lady.

But I kept my eyes mainly on her friends. One little brunette parted from the group and walked towards an alley, her hips swaying in her little skirt. I followed her. Chapter 6 There are all kinds of ways to do it. Sometimes you find a girl and you plan forever until the right situation comes up, and then you can finally get into her. Other times one comes along at the right time and the right place, and you just take advantage of the situation for an easy score.

Like the story I'll tell now. I was with one of my kids, Amos. Amos was just 12, but real big and mean for his age. Unlike most of my sons, his mom was black. The young black bitch - I forget her name - had come to me for crack and couldn't pay. So I just took her pussy as payment, and Amos was the result. He may have been young at this time, but let me tell you he was already plenty dangerous, just like his daddy. One day we were out there behind the trees next to these railroad tracks, smoking crack.

It was a nice quiet place where no one would mess with us. Suddenly, we see this white girl coming walking along the railroad tracks. She was in some catholic school uniform, sweater, short plaid skirt, high cotton socks and black leather shoes. Real pretty, maybe 15 or 16, with long brown hair done up in ponytails. She was kind of small, and you couldn't see her tits, because they were hidden behind that dumb sweater.

But she sure had nice shapely legs, full with good curves, and they looked mighty fine as they moved within that short little skirt. Her face was real pretty and innocent, with a small nose and cute dimpled chin. She practically screamed "virgin available" to an experienced stud like me. I was carrying a full load, and in no time at all my big black cock was throbbing with anticipation.

The girl was walking with a tall boy, probably from her school who was escorting her across this lonely piece of track. They were walking hand in hand, and the girl was giggling and smiling, her eyes bright and happy. I could see Amos was itching for a fight, he was staring at the white boy and muttering something. He already hated white people, but was probably too young to know that their girls were good for something besides just beating up.

As for me, I was already imagining what I would do to that cute young coed if I got half the chance. I never get tired of catching them, prying their legs apart, and forcing my life into them. All I had to do was get her boyfriend out of the way, and then the coast would be clear for some serious schoolgirl screwing. "That white boy dis you Amos". I said. "Go talk sense to him". Amos didn't need any more prompting.

He ambled out of the bushes and approached the boy and girl, cutting them off. I stayed behind and watched. It didn't take long. Amos shouted something at the boy, but the boy tried to avoid him, putting a protective arm around his girlfriend. I could see the girl was frightened, and so was the boy. Amos followed along shouting gang slogans, but the boy still wouldn't fight him. Finally Amos wised up, and grabbed the boy's girlfriend and pulled her towards him.

She squealed and struggled in his arms, her shapely legs kicking and twisting. That's my boy, I thought. The dumbass white boyfriend was still really afraid, I could see, but that was too much, so leaped to protect his girl. In a moment Amos and he were mixing it up. Of course, in no time at all Amos had the boy down, and was beating the shit out of him.

While this was helping I quietly came out of the bushes and approached the girl. The girl was screaming and running back and forth., watching her boyfriend get beaten. Her tight little ass wiggled in that skirt of hers, as she ran one way and another on her little feet. I liked the way her thighs quivered when she ran, and how her ponytails bounced up and down. She was frightened but didn't know what to do. She didn't see me until I was right next to her. She looked at me surprised, her big eyes lighting up with hope.

"Please mister, he's beating Brian up, please help him!" I didn't say nothing, just looked the girl up and down. She had a real pretty face all right, although maybe a bit younger than I first thought. Her big eyes were hazel, and she had a few freckles on her pink cheeks. Tits didn't appear to amount to much yet, but her thighs and legs were already nice and full, and barely covered by that plaid uniform skirt of hers.

Her ponytails were long and silky, and tied back with blue ribbons. When she opened her mouth a bit, I could see she was had braces. That really turned me on, for some damn reason. I wondered what a cock would feel like in that mouth of hers, and what it would feel like to impregnate her body. The girl got more and more nervous, the more I didn't say anything and just stared at her, undressing her with my eyes.

It must have begun to dawn on the little bitch what I wanted to do to her. Slowly she began to shake, and then to back away. Then she spun around and tried to run. I was ready for that and grabbed her easy, pressing her body against me. She screamed and kicked and panted, and I could feel her little rump grind against my prick.

That damn near made it explode, but I was able to hold it in. Laughing, I began to rub my lengthening manhood against her, which made her frantic. She fought as hard as she could, which wasn't saying much.

I could hear her pantings and squealings, and I could smell of her perfume and feel the warmth of her tight body. I bet no man had ever held her before, and you could damn well be sure she had never felt a prick rubbed against her before neither. I began to drag her towards the bushes. Time to claim my reward. "Brian, help! Help! Help me!", the schoolgirl kept screaming. I looked back and saw that her boyfriend was on his knees, blood dripping from his face, watching me drag his girl off to her fate.

Amos was just standing over him laughing. When the boy tried to get up and help, Amos kicked him real hard. The boy groaned and rolled over, and Amos began to beat him some more.

"Looks like the strongest stud is going to get the girl", I said to her. "I know you want the strongest seed, sugar." The girl squirmed in my arms even more frantically. She began to yelp and scream, but this place was real isolated so I knew no one could hear. Her big eyes were filled with fright, and I could feel her body shake next to mine. Her ponytails bounced back and forth as I dragged her into the bushes.

Soon we were hidden from view, just me and this pretty young lady. I turned her around and pressed her against me. I liked the feel of her tight breasts against me, and the soft warmth of her thighs. There is nothing like holding a young schoolgirl against you. I ran my hand through her hair. It was soft and silkly and smelled real nice. Then I grabbed her by the base of the ponytail and yanked her face up so I could see it. Her lips looked real inviting.

I leaned down and kissed her long and hard. She whimpered and closed her eyes, and I slid my tongue into her mouth. Her eyes opened in disgust and she tried to push away from me, but that was just tough shit. Besides, in a minute there was going to be far worse than my tongue inside this youngster. I began to run my hand up her white thighs. They were nice, soft and warm. She gasped as my hand went underneath her plaid skirt. I hooked her panties and begin to pull them down.

Meanwhile, my cock was going wild inside my pants. I reached down for my zipper and prepared to unleash it. "No!

No!", the girl began crying hysterically, and tried to pull away. Instead she just fell backwards, with me on top over her. She cried and wiggled underneath me, her young body squirming in the dirt.

I finally got my zipper down and pulled my thick baby-maker out. You should have seen the look on her face when it popped out into the light, bouncing up and down, ready for action. I was about ready to burst right there, so I went to work on the girl like an animal, ripping her clothes off. In a second I had her panties off, which I tossed off into the bushes. I yanked her school sweater up until I got to her bra.

After a second there was a snap as the bra gave way, and a nice pair of girlish tits lay exposed underneath me. They were real small but were perfectly formed. I kneaded them like a loaf of bread dough, and watched her nipples get harder. I threw the bra into the bushes as well, and started to pry her thighs apart as I settled on her… "Oh god, oh god", the girl cried.

"Help … help!". I just smiled and pushed her flat into the dirt. I pried her thighs apart inch by inch, and mounted her. In a moment she was under me, crushed by weight.

Our noses were touching, and we stared into each others eyes. She was crying now, but wasn't really fighting. Her arms were spread out, and her hands were in little firsts. Her pretty ponytails, ribbons and all, lay stretched out in the dirt. I just grunted and began to push my huge hungry prick up between her thighs. In a moment it was at her gate. I could feel its warmth. My black snake began to nibble at it, getting ready for the final assault. The girl quivered underneath me, her mouth open in terror, her braces looking damn sexy.

She didn't say anything, just stared at me, tears coming down her cheeks, as I got into the right position … And then with one hard thrust I deflowered her. Her body bucked convulsively and she gave a short girlish yelp, but that was it. She screwed her eyes shut and turned her ahead away. She was panting and crying, but it was clear that she wasn't going to try to stop me.

Truth be told, I think she was turned on by getting nailed by a black stud. This happens a lot; most young white girls dream of getting screwed by a black man like me. So I just took my time, and casually penetrated her. Inch by inch, I slowly inserted my manhood into her. Damn, she was warm, moist and tight. In a minute I had her fully impaled, my baby-maker throbbing between her young shapely hips.

I began to ball her. "Oh … oh … oh . oh", the girl panted as I moved in and out. Her body shook with each thrust, and her small firm breasts bounced in time to the rape. My heavy, hairy balls banged against her deflowered pussy, making a wet slapping sound.

Her small firm tits bounced in time to the rape. Her eyes were still closed, and her cute innocent face was stained with tears. The only sign of resistance was her little hands, which were still balled up in fists I took my time and opened her up as deeply as I could, but after a minute I just couldn't stop the rush of sperm.

I felt it well up my inside my balls and come storming down my cockshaft. I held it to the last second, and then exploded into my victim. "Uhaggg, hu, aggg&hellip.", the girl moaned, as she felt my victorious seed flow into her. Slowly, her fists relaxed, as she surrendered to her rape and the planting of my seed. She opened and stared into mine. I don't know why that is, but generally girls open their eyes when I finally come into them. I always like that part, that they watch me as I claim them.

Anyway, I just pumped it into her, hot and thick and chunky. I thought it would never stop, one creamy spurt after another, between her soft cool thighs. Finally, after one more deep thrust, I fired my last load and collapsed on top of her.

I lay there for a minute, my cock slowly receding from her conquered body. Then I pulled out of her and admired my handiwork.

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God damn, she looked pretty laying there in the dirt, her panties ripped off, skirt coiled around her waste, her thighs stained with my potent semen.

Anyway, I grabbed her and put her back onto her feet. She was still sniveling, but did as she was told. There wasn't a bit of fight left in this bitch now, she was completely fucked and obedient. I grabbed her hand and marched her out of the bushes. Back to Amos and the white boy, Brian, fought. Brian was against a tree, pretty well beaten up. He wasn't going anywhere. He stared at the girl and bowed his head. I don't blame him, it was fucking obvious what I had done to her.

Amos was standing there drinking whiskey. He smiled real broadly when he saw me return, holding the girl in my hand. I pushed my girl to her knees. "Give my boy a blowjob", I ordered her. I wanted to give my boy his reward for allowing me to rape this girl, plus I wanted to help along his education about white women. Amos, as usual, didn't need any prompting. He was an eager student. He ambled up to the girl and pulled his zipper down. After a minute of fumbling, he pulled out a big throbbing black dick.

I have to say, my boy is pretty well hung for someone his age. The girl was sniveling again, her head bowed. Amos grabbed one of the ribbons in her hair and untied it.

Laughing, he then tied it around the base of his cock, making a nice bow. I tell you, Amos always did have a pretty sick sense of humor. Then he boxed the girl hard on the side of the head. "Suckl it dry, you little cunt", he snarled at her. The girl obediently raised her blonde head, her little mouth wide open. Guess my balling was really taking effect inside her, now she'd do anything.

Anyway, with one smooth motion Amos stuffed his cock between her red lips. It looked fucking great, his ugly veined organ bulging out of her pretty face. The girl stared straight ahead, her eyes fixated on the black breeding rod in her mouth, her lips firmly wrapped around its base. The girl's ribbon was still wrapped around the base of the cock. So it hung out her mouth, looking kind of funny. Wasting no time, Amos began to face-fuck her. The girl thrashed a bit, but didn't really fight it.

My boy's black prick punched in and out of her face, partly obscured by her blonde hair. The only sound was my boy's satisfied gruntings, and the wet sucking noises from the girl. Of course, being only 12, Amos didn't have much experience making the girl really work for it.

In just a few seconds he picked up the pace, his hairy balls slapping against her face. Then suddenly he grabbed her by the hair, holding her mouth in place. Everyone knew what was going to happen next; me, Brian, Amos and certainly the schoolgirl. There was a short pause, one final thrust of the cock down her throat, the ribbon still protruding from her mouth.

Then Amos fired his load right into the girl's brains. "Ah shit, baby, yeh", Amos groaned, a big happy expression on his face. The girl slurped and swallowed, slurped and swallowed, her little head vibrating on the business end of my boy's prick. Amos just kept firing and firing, until sperm spurted out of her mouth. Shit, I almost expected it to come spurting out of her ears. It went on and on, until semen dripped down her chin and down onto her skirt.

Finally, Amos pulled it, then did a little victory moonwalk around the tree. The girl simply collapsed into a heap, her eyes glazed. As for her boyfriend - her ex-boyfriend - he had crawled off sometime during the blowjob.

Guess that was just too much to watch. Can't blame him. We heard a train coming, so I decided to leave. Too bad, I wouldn't have minded having another go at that youngster. I really wanted to make sure I had impregnated her. But I figured that enough was enough, beside, there are always other young girls, and it was likely my baby was already sprouting in her belly anyway.

So we left. About a year later I saw the girl, and sure enough she now had a black baby with her. I didn't get too close, but Amos told me later he got a good look, and it was a spitting image of me. So I guess I gave Amos a new half-brother that day after all, and Amos sure got a good education in return.

Not bad for a day spent by the railroad tracks. Chapter 7 I had just picked up my welfare check and was cruising around. Didn't want to go home. Had another fight with my woman and my two live-in girlfriends, and didn't want to hear their bitching anymore. Plus the screaming of the all our kids got damn irritating after awhile. So I was just hanging. After a while, I thought that the best thing to do now would be to get me a new white girl.

That was sure to bring the old gleam back to the eye. So I headed for the local high school, one of my better hunting grounds It was a Saturday afternoon, so I wasn't expecting much action, but you never know.

Sure enough, no one was around. So I decided to see if there was anything around to steal. After a while, I found a door I could jimmy, and broke into one of the hallways. There I found a janitor closet and stole some keys. In a few minutes I had opened a number of classrooms.

Everything was dark and there wasn't shit to steal. So I left the hallway and walked back out into one of the side exits. There were tennis courts here, and I see that some white people were playing. A couple old geezers with their wives, plus a few others. But what really got my attention was this young girl hitting the ball against the backboard. She was 15 or so, average height, long blonde hair, and was wearing a white tennis uniform.

Her face was real pretty, with a young girl's innocent cuteness, but goddamn, she had a woman's body. Her legs and thighs were tanned and real shapely and athletic, I guess she did a lot of tennis to get those legs. Best of all, her tits were large and were practically exploding from her blouse. I could see the tops of them jiggle when she bent down for the ball.

Most girls I nail are too young to have big tits, they barely bounce when I pork them. But this bitch didn't have that problem.

My long hungry cock began to throb and twist in my pants as I watched this coed race back and forth, her muscular thighs moving in that short tennis skirt, her teenage breasts twisting and bouncing in that loose blouse of hers. I liked the way she ignored me and just concentrated on those fuzzy green balls. Well, given half a chance, I was going make this youngster stare at another pair of fuzzy balls.

Except these pair were going to be black, and were going to be slapping against her pretty face. So I watched and waited. Soon it got dark, and one by one, people left the court. Soon it was just this girl and some geezer. Several times it looked like the girl would leave first, and I got really angry. But luck looked to be with me that night, for finally the old man left.

Now it was just me and this youngster. After a minute she stopped and began putting everything away. She toweled off her pretty face, and so I took the opportunity to get closer. The girl walked towards her bike. In a moment she was going to ride off, and with it my chance to get to know her - know her really well. I licked my thick lips and checked around.

There wasn't anyone around. Still, there was traffic on a side road and this place wasn't exactly remote. Generally, I like getting to girls in their own bedrooms, or in an alley or behind the bleachers. Somewhere private, where I'd have the chance to do everything I wanted and not get caught.

But damn, this girl was so young and pretty, and practically bursting out of the little skirt and blouse. I hadn't had me one like this for awhile. So I decided to take the chance. One way or another, I just had to make her mine. "How ya' doing, sugar?", I asked her, walking up casually.

She looked startled, she hadn't heard me walk up. I noticed that her eyes were big and blue, and that she had a cute dimple on her chin and rosy cheeks.

Her lips were full. Her long silky blonde hair hung over her tan shoulders, and her breasts were outlined beneath her white blouse. I could see where the nipples were, sticking up under that blouse. It was getting dark. "I'm fine, mister", she said. She had a high-pitched, girlish voice. "What's your name, go to school around here?" I asked, getting closer.

"I'm Jennifer. I'm a sophmore here", she replied She put her stuff on the bike. It was clear she was a little scared of me and planned to ride off now. She wrapped tanned shapely thighs over her bike, they jiggled a bit as she settled on the seat. I could see the wink of her panties underneath. I got right next to her. "You're real pretty. Want to get balled by a black stud?" I put my hand on the bike. The other I put on her thigh.

It was warm and soft … Jennifer gasped and almost fell over. She recovered and began to pedal as fast as she could. I reached out and grabbed her, pulling her off the bike. We struggled for a moment, then the bike fell over. I got her in my arms, my hands squeezing those big soft breast. Her young body twisted against me, she was real strong and muscular. I could feel her short skirt swish and feel her little rump grind against me as she fought, driving my cock wild.

I had to fight from spurting right into my pants. "Oh! No! No!", Jennifer yelled, and then she began to scream. I was prepared for that and stuffed a clothe over her mouth. She took the opportunity to bite me, drawing blood. Shit! I slapped her down and then pinned her arm behind her back. She screamed again, both from pain and fright. I half dragged her, and half carried her towards to open door of the school. Still she fought, kicking and screaming. It took all my strength to get her past the door and into the school hallway.

Even inside, she kept making a huge ruckus. Man, I was really scared someone had heard and called the cops. Still, there was no way I was going to let her go before I had done it to her.

I was in a breeding frenzy and wasn't going to stop. I dragged her into a classroom. Her tanned shapely legs were still kicking out, and she knocked over some chairs and shit. I was breathing really hard from the effort and from the anticipation. For such a small young honey, this one really defended herself pretty well.

But I was determined that she'd lose it all to me in the end … I pushed her onto the teacher's table, scattering a bunch of papers. Then I pulled out my knife and held it to her throat. "I'll OJ you if don't become my girlfriend, bitch!", I snarled.

The girl was now scared out of her wits. Her big blue eyes were large with fright and panic, and she was breathing rapidly. Her tits moved up and down to her heavy breathing. I could see them there, ripe and ready. Her soft thighs and hips pressed against me, and already my hard cock was nestling against her panties, getting ready for action. I could see that she felt my cock against her, and knew what it wanted with her.

"Next time I pull out this knife, I use it, cunt!", I said, as I put the knife away. Then I leaned down and kissed her full red lips. They tasted like strawberries. Her body shuddered. Meanwhile, my big black hands went to work. I ran them up inside her blouse, then under her bra. In a moment I had a double-fistful of fresh young tits in my hands.

Damn, they felt might fine, big and full, but with a young girl's firmness. No baby had other sucked on these nipples, and no man had tasted them either. The girl was still panting, laying on her back on the table, one leg on either side of me. I stopped kneading her breasts and did some quick action on her clothes. In a moment I'd ripped her blouse open, then snapped off the bra. Her tits now lay fully exposed, jiggling in the darkness, the nipples erect.

I leaned down and took one of the nipples in my mouth. You should have seen the look in her eyes as I did that, and she moaned softly as I began to suck. I sucked it hard, then did the other one. Fuck, those titties were fine. Meanwhile, I began to grope under her skirt. I started to pull her panties off… "Oh no!", the girl screamed, and we had another short wrestling match.

I pulled her to the floor for a minute, as I struggled to get her panties off. The girl kept kicking and twisting, making it damn hard. Finally I took my knife and ran them under the panties. I cut the fucking panties off her. Then I flung her back onto the table, her leggy thighs squirming in her short skirt, with nothing to keep me from planting myself between them.

She tried to clamp her legs together, but I just pried them apart and pushed between them. Now her legs were kicking on each side of me. I could feel her muscular thighs wrapped around my hips.

"God no, god no", the girl kept moaning. Yes, I grinned at her. I unbuckled my pants and pulled down my zipper. My huge thick black baby-maker leaped out, throbbing and ready for action. I inserted it between her legs and began to thrust towards my target. In a moment my prick was wrapped between her twisting soft thighs. Goddamn that felt good.

That's a great feeling, having a desperate young virgin's thighs wrapped around your cock, as she struggles against you, trying to avoid the fate you have in store for her. I could feel the crevice, and began to push. Fuck she was tight, and she kept twisting her hips every time I got it in the right position.

Her legs kicked around me and she was crying hysterically. But I kept at it. Position, push, position, push … the crevice gave way a bit, the girl gasped and kicked harder … push, push . I could feel her cherry … my cock began to chew into it … gasp, oh god no, oh no, push, really hard. "Ohhhh!" the girl gave a high-pitched scream as I defiled her. Her eyes flew open wide.

Laughing, I pushed deeper into her twisting waiting hips. Inch by inch I opened her virgin body up, skewered her on my potent manhood. After a full seconds I was fully embedded inside the pretty coed. Fuck, it felt great in there. Nice, moist and tight. I was leaning over her, my nose touching hers, staring into her helpless blue eyes, flattening myself against her big breasts.

Her silky blonde hair lay spread out on the teacher's desk. Her full red lips were open in pain and fright. I kissed them and ran my tongue into her mouth and played around inside for awhile, while down below, my cock got accustomed to its new schoolgirl home.

I pulled my prick out partway, and then stuck it back. Jennifer squealed - I like that sound. I did it again, and again. I began to pork her, faster and faster. Her teenage tits bounced and rippled with each thrust.

She squealed each time I drove home. Her warm soft thighs squirmed and twisted around me. Even though I was inside now, Jennifer kept fighting and trying to buck me off.

She was still clueless that she was lost, but I liked her spirit. There was eight inches of bloated black cock meat inside her now, chewing right into her belly, and it would have taken a harness and a tractor to pull me out of her now.

I was a big dog with a fresh piece of meat, and wasn't going to stop until I had gotten what I wanted. So I just kept knocking her back onto the desk, never breaking my stride, my prick chewing deep into her virginity, pumping in and out of her resisting body.

No way was my cock leaving until it made a baby between those squirming twisting teenage hips. My thick hairy balls slapped against her pussy. That was the only sound except for our heavy breathing and Jennifer's squeals. She twisted on the business end of my raping organ, like a fish on a hook.

I thrust deeper into her. After a minute I got down to the short strokes. In no time at all I felt the familiar rush of my seed coming up my from balls and down my thick bloated cockshaft. I tried to hold back the torrent, until I got my prick right at the gate of her womb. Then I plunged it in as deep as it could go, stopped, and held her tight against me.

"Here you go, Jennifer! Here comes your first load!", I crowed. Then I exploded inside her. "No …", Jennifer whispered, so quiet I could hardly hear her. Her big blue eyes stared into mine, and then began to cream over as my sperm pumped into her.

It came fast and heavy, thick clumps of fertile black seed, storming down my cock and planting itself deep into her fucked body. I sprayed again and again, shit, I thought I'd never stop, as I finished her off right there on the table. Another big spurt, and her whole body jerked. Then another. She went limp, and her legs stop kicking. It was over. I fired one last spurt between her soft girlish thighs, then pulled out.

I pulled my new girl off her raping table, and gave her a long hard kiss. She didn't fight it. Damn, let me tell you, she looked real pretty standing there, her hair a mess, her blouse ripped open, her skirt hanging loosely around her. She was crying and had that vacant raped schoolgirl look, but still looked might sexy. I was proud to have been the one to claim a girl like this.

On the table there was a red spot of her lost virginity, sitting amidst a large spreading pool of my semen. I guess that pretty well said it all. I cleaned my prick with her panties and then walked back out into the hallway, checking to make sure no one was still around.

Coast looked clear. So I went back into the room. Jennifer was still just standing there, sniveling a little bit, swaying back and forth on her little feet.

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My cock leaped up again, erect and throbbing. When Jennifer saw it, she began to whimper again. I put my hands on her warm slender shoulders and pushed her to her knees. For a moment she looked surprised, I guess she thought this was over. She didn't know what studs black men were, and or how fucking hot she made me. Then I stuck my cock into her face. "Give your man a blowjob, Jennifer, and make sure you swallow every drop." For a long second Jennifer just stared long and hard at my cock.

Her big blue eyeswere pinned on the veined black prick that had conquered her, and the huge hairy balls that had filled her full of triumphant nigger seed. More tears came to her eyes, and her whole body trembled. But she knew better than to resist.

My cock just got longer and harder the more she looked at it. It was ready for her and there was no other choice, and this youngster knew it. She turned her pretty young face up to me, tears coursing down her rosy cheeks. She hesitated, then closed her eyes tight. Then she slowly opened her mouth wide. "Fucking yeh…", I muttered, as I saw my invitation and took it.

My long black snake slithered into her mouth. It bulged out her left cheek, and then her right, as inch by inch I pushed it into her face. I grabbed her by the hair, it was long and silky soft. Then I slowly forced her head down onto my organ, stuffing my ugly pulsating black meat into her innocent white face. It chewed into her. I could feel her milky white teeth, and her soft warm tongue.

When there wasn't any action I gave her head a quick slap. That did it: I began to feel suction. Jennifer was giving the first blowjob of her life. "Open your eyes bitch, and use your tongue", I instructed her. She obeyed immediately. The suction increased, and her tongue began to rasp up and down my cock. Her eyes opened and stared at the thick breeding rod between her lips. I began to move in and out of her face, my black prick punching between her hanging blonde hair.

The only sounds were my satisfied grunting, the wet sucking sounds from my coed, and the slap of my hairy balls against her cheeks. She was now completely dedicated to the task, her legs curled up underneath her, her eyes staring helplessly at my triumphant manhood, sucking and slurping on its business end. I thought I had died and gone to fucking heaven.

This young beauty wouldn't have given me the time of day normally, but now she was on her knees blowing me like an expert. It felt damn fine, as my cock got sucked and stroked by her tongue. I tried to hold it in, but there was no way I could keep my load for long in this kind of situation. Beside, time was short. So I grabbed her head with both of my hands, and pushed my prick all the way down her throat. She twisted and gagged, and then my load started down to its destiny.

Desperately she tried to pull away, but I was having none of it. I held her little blonde head tight and then fired a full long stream directly into her brains. She swallowed as well as she could, but as usual with young white girls, couldn't keep up.

Sperm spurted from her mouth and dribbled down her chin, staining her skirt and thighs. I fired again, and again, as she choked and struggled. Then I shot my last load of the day and pulled out of her face. There was a red ring around my cock, where her lips had met.

She collapsed on the floor, a look of defeat and shock on her face, semen oozing from the corner of her mouth. God damn, I felt fine. As for Jennifer, well, she looked real good there on the floor, her pretty face blank, her schoolgirl thighs spread, all the spirit beat out of her. I thought about raping her again just for kicks, I knew she wouldn't fight me or another injection of seed.

Probably she would even enjoy it. But I had accomplished all that I wanted, and my cock was pretty worn out anyway. I had broken this little girl, and filled her with my potent life. Now it was time to get out while the getting was good.

So I said goodbye and left her. I saw Jennifer a couple years later at the local shopping mall. She was still real young and pretty, but all the sparkle had gone out of her and now she looked kind of slutish. She was pushing a stroller, and there inside was a black baby boy about a year old. I checked the baby out: black as coal, big lips, small forehead - he was mine for shit sure. What was weird was that she was pregnant again.

I wondered about that until I see another black guy come up and began to walk with her. Now I got it. That baby was mine, but now she was having another baby by this here black man. I saw a lot of that - once a white girl is forced by a black cock, they usually come back for more. I could tell a lot of stories about that, but maybe some other time. Right now, I was too busy watching this cute pony-tailed brunette come out of a movie, leggy in this blue and white high school cheerleader outfit.

I followed her out to the parking lot, my cock throbbing.