Lesbians Tasha and Marianne pleasure each other by Sapphic Erotica

Lesbians Tasha and Marianne pleasure each other by Sapphic Erotica
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I'm watching as Clive gets to bowl the last six balls of the match, he have been doing quite well and I'm rather proud of his improvement from wayward thrower to great bowler. I had to take a few hours off from work to come watch the team play, since I got recruited as the bowling coach I was allowed to come and watch the little people play to see how they react under pressure.

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I notice one of the coaches making his way to me "Good afternoon, are you Steve?" I turn to him and nod "Yes that's me" He sticks out his hand and I shake it "I'm John Evans the cricket coach for Grade 5 to 7" "Good to meet you" "I heard that you helped out with the Grade fours this season and I must say I'm quite impressed" I smile "Thank you, I do try" We stand looking at Clive bowling, and then he speaks again "How would you like to keep on with the bowling coaching?

It would be a whole week afternoon job from four to six" I start to wonder if that is a good idea, I could probably make up those two hours by going to work earlier. Misinterpreting my silence he goes on "We will be willing to pay you double the normal working rate per hour" I look at him "You're talking of 25 per hour" He nods "Yes I know, I've been talking to the staff and they agreed that it's a good idea to get somebody to coach the children in specialized direction, I have the batting down, but bowling is a bit beyond my reach" Now this I'm going to enjoy!

Teaching kiddies to play my favorite game and getting paid handsomely for it "Sure, where do I sign?" He chuckles "I have the papers at my office, come around after the match and we can go through everything and you can sign if you're happy" "Sure thing coach" We shake hands again and he walks away as Clive bowls the last ball and bowls out the last batsmen.

I smile as the children shows the exact same jubilation that grown up teams show when they win a match "Well luckily he doesn't know you're fucking his mother" I turn around and look at my accuser, she's almost as tall as I am, and her clothing covers all the essentials, but is not enough to hide her perfect figure and the short skirt shows off her long tanned legs "Excuse me?" She gave a self important smirk "I said luckily Clive doesn't know that you're fucking his mother, I wonder what Clive senior would say if he knew" Right now I'm starting to swear at my libido and of course Wendy, the young blonde woman pulls a photo from her hand bag and shoves it under my nose.

It's a high quality picture and in full color, showing Wendy on her knees, deepthroating my cock, she pulls out another picture and it shows Wendy on her back and me shoving my cock into her. I look at the woman and she smiles sweetly at me "You really should close the curtains during the day you know" I'm starting to think about strangling her "And what are you trying to do?" She place the pictures back in her handbag "It's called blackmail honey" "I know that, what do you want" She raises her one eyebrow "My you're an angry one when you want to be, I want what she's having" I blink "Excuse me?" She sighs "OK you want it in plain language then?

I want you to fuck me just like you're fucking my neighbor" I stare at her dumbfounded "What?!" "Hello Cynthia" She smiles sweetly at Wendy "Wendy! How are you? You ought to come have some tea again, it's been so long" They hug and they walk to one side chattering idly, I stare at Cynthia and try to figure out how I could kick myself hard enough.

I notice that coach Evans is heading to the school buildings and I see my escape route. "Sorry ladies, but I have to have a talk with Coach Evans, Cynthia it was great meeting you" With that I hightail it out of there, joining John as he walk, we start to talk about the performance of the national cricket team and which players seem to be performing poorly and who we would use in their place.

Not too much later I finish reading the contract and sign it, John signs it as well and one of the parents, who is the chairperson of the Parents committee, signs it as well "Well that concludes it then, next season you're going to help we build better bowlers" The parent nods "From what I saw today I think we have made the right decision, you surely made a vast improvement in the mini cricket players" I get up and we shake hands, Coach Evans sees me to the door and I walk leisurely to my car.

I notice the piece of paper stuck under my windscreen wiper, I take it out and find that it's one of the pictures that Cynthia showed me, on the back is written a phone number and 'A sign of good faith, do call me as soon as you can'.

I sigh and start to swear softly again, I take out my cellular phone, dial the number and push the dial button. She picks up after a few short rings "Cynthia hello?" "Cynthia, its Steve" "Oh hello Steve, so nice of you to call I grit my teeth as she purrs in my ear "You said I must call you?" "Oh all business I see, well you know where to find me, come on over and we can discuss the terms of our negotiation" I grumble angrily as she ends the call, I get in my car and drive to Wendy's street, I park the car out of site and wait to see Cynthia.

Suddenly a plan comes to mind and I make another call, a few minutes later I see one of the curtains moving in the house across the street, I keep looking and shortly afterwards the curtain moves again and I catch a glimpse of blonde hair. I get out of my car and walk over to the front door, as I lift my hand to knock, the door opens and I get ushered inside by Cynthia.

The inside is quite spacious and very homely, I turn to look at Cynthia and she seems to be a bit unsure of what to do. Without a word I take her hand and lead her upstairs, I know that I'll find a nice big bed there and right now I'm very frustrated.

The first door I open is a bedroom and it seems to be the master bedroom, I drag her inside and quickly appraise the dressing table, seeing what I need, I grab the hand lotion bottle and place it on the night stand.

Somehow Cynthia seems to still be at a loss for words, so I pull her short skirt up and slip off her red thong, thank heavens that she is also of the shaving kind. I push her back onto the bed and spread open her legs, I go down on my knees and without waiting I dive straight in, softly licking around her pussy lips, I gently keep tonguing and kissing her soft pussy lips, softly at first I can hear little sighs and half moans of pleasure.

I start to gently suck on her lips and I start to detect a faint wetness as she keep on sighing and moaning in pleasure. I pull my head away and pull her off the bed and on the floor, she looks confused up at me and I point at my shorts.

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She hooks her hands in the elastic bands of my shorts and boxers and pulls them both down. For a married woman she surely know how to attack a cock, within seconds she have my cock in her mouth, sucking and then licking, then drawing my cock back into her mouth and rubbing her tongue all around the head and shaft as I grow harder in her mouth, after a few minutes of her mouth expertly working on my cock it's as hard as rock and throbbing along with my heartbeat.

I pull her to her feet and throw her over my shoulder, she exclaims in shock and I grab the bottle of lotion as I march out of the room with her over my shoulder and head down the stairs again "What the fuck are you doing?" She hisses as I enter the living room and she lets out a shocked gasp as I dump her on the couch, I look her firm tanned body over and grin at her "Why baby I'm going to fuck you, just like you asked" I think the sarcasm in my voice unnerved her a bit and she tried to get off the couch, but I blocked her way.

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I move closer, my hand shoved between her legs and my fingers entering her wet pussy as I lean closer. "Oh now now my dear, just feel how wet you are. So aroused by the thought of my cock fucking you hard" I wiggle my fingers a bit and she relaxes visibly, she grabs my head and pulls it down to hers. The kiss is hard and passionate and I bite her lip hard at the end of it, she recoils in shock, but by now I'm sure about what I want to do with her.

Without a word I flip her onto her stomach and squirt some of the lotion onto her ass, she tries to move away, but I pin her down and start to rub the lotion into her skin and then slip my well lubricated middle finger into her asshole.

She hiss and her body clench up, but I slowly work my finger in and out of her asshole, she glares over her shoulder at me "I don't like that" I grin at her and jam my ring finger into her asshole and she close her eyes and her mouth goes slack, I work my fingers inside her tight asshole, adding lotion to lubricate it even more. When I pull out my fingers she looks back at me and I can see that she's torn about wanting me to stop or go on.

Without a further word I spread her ass cheeks and place my cock's head at her puckered entrance, when she starts to wriggle I jam my cock into her well lubricated hole. She cries out in pain as my cock enter her and I grab her hips and start to sink my cock deeper into her "Oh God that hurts!" I push harder and she sinks her nails into the cushions of the couch, her breathing is shallow and she is clenching on her teeth.

I love the way her muscles contract around my cock and I slowly push deeper. When my whole cock has entered her, I reach between her legs and start to rub her clit, this seems to relax her slightly and I start to pinch and rub her nub in earnest, soon she's moaning like a whore on steroids and I delve my fingers into her steamy pussy.

There is a squelching sound as my fingers enter her wet folds and she cries out and a gush of liquid drenches my hand. I laugh softly and finger her dripping pussy, twisting my wrist as I push my fingers into her "For somebody who doesn't like it up the ass, you sure get worked up by it" She looks over her shoulder, tears slowly running from her eyes and a blush covering her cheeks "Fuck you, you bastard" I grin at her and pull my fingers from her pussy "That is just what I intend to do you blackmailing cunt" I grab her hips firmly and pull my cock back and slam it forward again, making sure not to pull too far out.

She squirms and her muscles contract around my cock, trying to force it out, but I push back against her. I grin as she tries to struggle and end up gasping for breath "The more you resist…" I pull back my cock slowly "The more it hurts…" I drive my cock back into her "If you relax, you can enjoy it more" I start to give little thrusts into her, she still struggle, but I keep up my pace, enjoying the feel of her extra tight ass and the muscles contracting around my cock.


I slap her ass and she gasp, her muscles relax and I take the opportunity to pull back all the way and drive my hard cock deep into her asshole again.

Her scream has a mixed quality to it, I can't figure out if she's in pain or pleasure, but her body seems to relax a bit and it allows me to start thrusting into her asshole. After a few thrusts she starts to moan and I know she's mine now, I slip my hand again to her pussy and start to rub her clit fast and hard.

Her moans increase in tempo and volume and I grin to myself. I slide my other hand up to her loose hair and pull back on them, her mouth pulls open and I increase my pace inside her now well lubricated ass.

Her moan is long and hard and I keep thrusting hard into her. As luck would have it, there is a mirror opposite us and I have the perfect view of her breasts swaying to the rhythm of my thrusts, I keep watching her lovely full breasts as I pump my cock inside her ass. I drive my fingers into her pussy and again she almost screams in pleasure and another flood of cum drips from my fingers.

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I decide that it's time for me to cum as well and I think of the perfect place, I grab her hips with both hands and start to pound hard and fast into her, she moans and cry out and tries to say something, but her panting for breath makes it impossible to hear anything.

Just as I'm on the verge of my own orgasm I pull out and push her back against the cushions, I stand over her and pull her face closer just as I release my pent up cum. I groan in pleasure and watch as my cock jerk and send my cum splashing onto her face and her hair, she opens her eyes and look angrily up at me.

I calmly wipe my cock on her big, firm breasts and let go of her "You rotten bastard that wasn't part of the deal!" She screams at me and jumps to her feet, her legs wobbling slightly under her as the impact of my hard fucking of her ass suddenly dawns on her body, I grin at her and walk over and unlock the front door.

My friend Andrew comes in from outside and I lock the door behind him, Cynthia's face blanches slightly when she sees him. I turn to face her and grin wickedly as Andrew hands me a digital camera. "W-what is going on?" I make a show of going through the pictures then smile sweetly at her "You see Cynthia baby, two can play this game. Andrew here did a little back ground check on you and I'm sure that your organizations and your husband will be very interested in these here pictures" "You're bluffing" I laugh and turn the screen towards her, she jumps at me, but I pull the camera away and Andrew catches her and restrains her.


"You see baby doll, you will get rid of those pictures that could break up Wendy's wedding and break little Chris for life, or you can keep them and I'll make sure that you're life becomes a living nightmare" Cynthia starts swearing at me and I just grin at her "Well since you want to get laid so badly I'm sure Andrew will help you out there and afterwards he'll make sure you destroy those pictures" Andrew looks over at me "Man I'm not going to fuck this bitch with your cum all over her face and tits" I shrug "Just bend her over the couch my friend, you don't need to see or touch it and I'm sure that tight pussy will just eat up your cock" With that I head upstairs and get dressed, I sit down and decide that as bad as it seems, I will have to call it quits with Wendy.

She's hot and everything, but in the end our affair will just damage her marriage. I get up and walk down the stairs as I enter the living room I just smirk. Andrew did exactly what I told him to do and Cynthia is bent over the backrest of the couch, with her ass in the air and Andrew is thrusting his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

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I lean over and say to Cynthia "Just remember, I don't bluff and I will destroy your life. Wendy is not just a lover, she's my friend and I care about my friends. I'm sure Andrew will occupy your free hours if you ask him nicely" With a soft laugh I leave the house and head for my car