The Clipscene Remembers Hot Cosplay

The Clipscene Remembers Hot Cosplay
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Ashley. The 5'4" redheaded, hazel eyed, small titted (a-b cup) wicked witch of the west was the person we blindly agreed to hang out with for the next few weeks. Fuck my life. Of all the people that could have come through the door, why did it have to be her?

How bad is my luck? I know the saying goes you have to take the good with the bad, but this is worse than bad, this is beyond bad, this is Ashley, here, in our house, and there's nothing we can do about it. "Oh you've already met each other?" Ashley's father asked.

"Yeah we've met, we actually know each other pretty well," Ashley smirked. "Good, this will be easier than I thought. Just don't try anything or I'll break your arms," he said as he followed with that loud rich white guy laugh. I take the opportunity to glare a hole through Ashley, who in turn puts on a fake smile and gleams right back at me. She hasn't been here long and she's already getting under my skin.

I hear footsteps descending the stairs and watch as Rita rounds the corner to see all of us standing there, then gives the same look I gave when I first saw Ashley, utterly pissed.

"Hey, this is who we'll be hanging out with, you remember Ashley right?" I forced out nicely. "Y-Yeah, its been a while though, it might be a little awkward," Rita responded. "Nonsense, I'm sure you kids will hit it off great.

Mike if you'll come with me, we can hash out the details before I leave," Ashleys father said. They left the room and Rita and I went for the cereal and sat down like Ashley wasn't even there. We were sitting there quiet for a good while before she eventually started talking. "You know, at first I was against this, but the more I thought about it, I realized this could be fun. I'm really gonna enjoy telling you guys what to do," Ashley said. "Uhh no!

We agreed to hang out with you, not be your slaves," Rita said. "I use the term 'agreed' loosely," I added. "The way I see it, you need my fathers contract, and you keeping me happy and entertained is part of that contract, so unless you wanna ruin your dads big break, I suggest you get on board. Don't worry, I won't go too hard on you, at first, but I will need your numbers, and you had better answer if I call," Ashley grinned.

Fuck. She had us and she knew it. There was nothing we could do about it but hope upon hope that dad moved on to another contract or they pulled Ashley out of the mix, but you know how these things always go, never in your favor. Dad walked them out the door and to their car and the second he was back in the house we were right there. "Dad, come on, that's Ashley! Do we really have to hang out with her?" Rita pouted. "Yes, you gave your word, there's no getting out of it." "Dad she's impossible to be friends with, we don't like her and she doesn't like us," I added.

"Well you better figure out something you like about each other because for the next three weeks you three are gonna be best friends. Look at it like this, if shes as bad as you say she is, this could be the time to rehabilitate her, make her likeable again." "Probably not gonna work with her dad," I said. "I really need this contract guys, promise me you'll try?" Damn, I was hoping he didn't do that. Dad only gets like that when he really needs something, which surprising is almost never, which means we have to say yes, if we were the decent kids he raised us to be.

He took our silence as agreement and pulled us both in a hug. "I knew I could count on you two, its only for three weeks." "You owe us big time. Hey, where's mom and Aunt Lisa?" Rita asked. "Where do you think? Shopping. Your Aunt is a bad influence on her, your mom was already bad to begin with. I'm gonna go get them before they start buying stuff because its on sale." Dad went to the back yard and we put our cereal bowls in the sink and retreated back to our room and plopped on the bed, soaking in the recent series of events that just took place.

"I'm thinking the same thing, no getting out of this one," Rita said. "It might not have been that bad if she didn't threaten us right off the rip." "Yeah. On the bright side…" "There's a bright side?" "No, I just thought I'd get your hopes up," Rita laughed.

"I should've figured, we're talking about Ashley. Oh while I remember, I never got the chance to tell you about that dream I had. I was in some weird room and there were three doors, one had an R, one had an S, and one had an A.

I opened the door with the R and you came out, then I opened the door with the S and Stephanie came out, but then I got to the door with the A on it and couldn't open it, it had three locks. Stephanie unlocked the combination lock, you unlocked the hook lock, and I had the deadbolt.

When I turned it and opened the door Aunt Lisa woke me up before I could see what happened." "Well I'm guessing the A stands for Ashley right?" "That's what I'm assuming, unless it was mom, but I don't think so." "Maybe it's a good thing she didn't come out?

Why would you want those problems?" "I just thought it was weird. Why did the A door have locks on it and not the other ones?" "Maybe because you wanna seal yourself off from her, you don't want her in your head." That actually made a lot of sense. I want as little to do with Ashley as possible, so why not block her off in my head too. Something is missing though, I don't know what, because Aunt Lisa woke me up before I could see what happened next, but something definitely doesn't feel right, like the dream was trying to tell me something.

"Hey. Hey you. Over here, yeah, over here." I looked at Rita who was staring out the window. "We've been so caught up in your dream we almost missed a very important detail!" "And that would be…" She jumped back on the bed and climbed over me.

"We're completely alone." I looked around the room pretending to look for someone. "I guess we are, if only there was something we could do to pass the time…" "I could think of a few things." "Yeah we could clean the house, play xbox, catch up on some reading…" She took my hands and cupped her ass. "Or you could fuck me until I pass out," she grinned. She had barely finished her sentence before I was sliding her pajama pants down her legs.

She kicked them off and took my shorts and boxers off and immediately climbed on top of me.

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"No foreplay?" "Not today, I don't feel like being all cute after Ashley messed my day up. I just want to fuck." "Wont get any arguments from m.

oh fuck!" She didn't even wait for me to finish my sentence before she sat down on my cock. She didn't even bother taking her panties off, just slid them to the side as she worked my cock in and out of her pussy, slamming herself down on me with each thrust. I grabbed her hips and helped her slam herself down on me since its what she wanted. "Fuck yes Randy make me take all that cock!" She fell on top of me and cradled her arms around my back and met me thrust for thrust.

I couldn't see anything because of all her hair in my face and the only thing I could hear was our skin clapping together, and then my phone started ringing. "Let it ring, I don't care who it is!" Rita said as she kept riding me.

We ignored it and didn't miss a beat, or in this case, thrust. I rolled her on her side and lifted her leg in the air and fucked her on her side. I squeezed her tit in one hand and played with her clit with the other as I slid in and out of her.

By this point she was no longer talking or moaning, she was just breathing very loud and very labored, and I was enjoying the hell out of it, until my phone rang again. "Fuck!

Who is that! Call back later!" Rita yelled starting to get a little annoyed. Her getting riled up like that turned me on even more. I pulled out of her and got her up on her knees, making her hold on to the headboard as I tickled my cock at her pussy. "Stop playing Randy, no foreplay remember? Just fuck me!" "Who said this was foreplay?" "If you not fucking me then it foooooooh fuck!" I waited for that exact moment to slam into her as hard as I could. I pulled her hair back and held it with both hands as her ass bounced off me.

Fucking her doggy is probably the best because of how deep I always get combined with how tight and wet she always is, watching her ass bounce off me is the icing on the cake. I've made her come some many times like this I could bribe her with the most ridiculous thing and she would do it as long as I didn't stop fucking her.

To make her even hotter I took my thumb and started playing with her asshole, and when she started to moan again, I pushed it all the way in. "Oh my fucking god yes! Don't stop baby don't fucking stop!" By now the smell of sex was flooding the air so bad we would definitely have to open a window.

I sped up my thrusts to the point that she was pulling the headboard off the wall with her each time I pulled at her hips. She was getting close, I could tell, and if I kept it up she would have an exploding orgasm all over my cock. I was really in my zone, so much that I went on autopilot again.

I could fuck her for hours when I got like this, but I wanted her to cum, I wanted to feel her pussy squeeze my cock in appreciation as she came all over it, so I let her hair go, took my thumb out of her ass and went full go on her pussy. I grabbed her waist with both hands and hammered her, I hammered her like she wanted to be. "Yes, yes yes yes yes yes FUCK! YES!" We were both going crazy, me fucking her and her with pleasure.

She was the perfect picture of cloud nine, she was taking everything I gave her without a care in the world and on her way to what seemed to be a very satisfying orgasm, then her phone rang, and rang, and rang again.

It was such a distraction it threw off her momentum and killed her build-up. "FUCK! I was so close! Whoever this is better be fucking dying," she said frustrated.

"Its fucking Ashley," she said as she looked at the screen, debating on whether or not to answer the phone, then reluctantly picked it up and put it on speaker. "I have been calling you and Randy for the longest! Where have you been?" Ashley yelled.

"Busy Ashley, we do have lives you know." Rita responded. "Well you might, but I doubt Randy does, probably sitting at home right now isn't he?" "Don't you have something, or someone to do Ashley," I interjected. "There he is, I knew it, predictable lonely little Randy, awwwwwwwww." I held back my anger at the last minute. "What do you want Ashley?" "Some company. I just got some new movies and don't feel like watching them by myself." "After all that shit you just game me about being by myself you…" "I'm allowed to be alone every once in a while Randy, ONCE in a while, not all the time like you.

Anyway get over here asap, I'm about to make popcorn in a little bit." "What if we were already doing something," Rita spoke up.

"Whatever it was I'm sure you can go back to it later, just get over here." "We can come a little later…" "Don't make me have to call daddyyyyyyyyyy," she interrupted again. "Fine, were on the way," Rita said obviously holding back anger.

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"There, that wasn't so hard. Rita you still remember where I live right?" "Yeah Ashley." "Great, see you both in the next fifteen minutes." Rita hung up the phone and just stared at it, contemplating throwing it out the window. "I'm just as pissed, but don't break your stuff, break hers on accident." She gave a small smile but the frustration was still there.

We didn't wanna go, but for the sake of dads job we put our pride aside and got dressed and headed to Ashley's. "I don't wanna stay here long, lets just humor her for a while then leave, maybe we can salvage some more sex before mom and dad get back," Rita said. "She really did call at the worst time possible." "Humor her, then we leave." We pulled in the driveway of a larger than most house, just about what I expected since her father was a big shot. We got out and started walking to the door and Ashley opened it and stepped out onto the porch in what looked like a little girls tank top and shorts.

"Took you longer than fifteen minutes, but better late than never I guess." "You live across town Ashley, I'm not getting a ticket so I can meet your deadline," Rita said. "Lucky for you I'm in a good mood, I'll even let you pick the movie." We followed her into the house which was even bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. It was huge, I wouldn't even know what to do with all that space, let alone have enough furniture to fill it.

We followed her to the living room where there was popcorn and candy and all this nail polish crap set on the table in front of the couch. "The Wolverine or Thor: The Dark World?" Ashley asked. "Thor," I said and Rita agreed. "The Wolverine it is." "I thought we got to pick?" Rita asked.

"You did, I just didn't keep what you picked," she gloated as she put the movie in. I knew she would do that, that's why I said Thor, I already seen it, Rita and us both. We've been wanting to see Wolverine but couldn't find the time, at least one silver lining came of this.

"So what were you guys doing that was so important you tried to blow me off?" Ashley asked. "Family activities, you wouldn't understand," Rita replied. "Why wouldn't I?" "Because you don't seem like the family type," I added. "Shows how little you know, I love my daddy a lot." "You love daddys money even more," I mumbled under my breath.

"What was that?!" "I said I would love some honey on my popcorn," I rebutted. "Mm-hmm, that's what I thought you said. Be lucky I'm in a good mood." "Just for the record, you can't just call us up at some random time of the day and expect us to drop whatever were doing so we can come entertain you, we have lives of our own.

If anything you have to let us know ahead of time, we…" "First of all, Randy, you are in no position to demand anything, you need me and my father so I would watch it. Second of all, Randy, if I want you to fly to Tokyo to get me some sushi you'd be on a plane quicker than you can say doumo arigatou!

And lastly, Randy, this is the way its gonna be for a while so you better start getting used to it. The honey is in the kitchen, down the hall to the left, in the first cabinet to the left of the sink on the bottom, help yourself." I got up even more frustrated than when I first got there.

I didn't even want the damn honey, I just left the room so I could get away from her for a second. This was going to be the challenge of a lifetime, hiding our relationship from her wasn't gonna be nearly as hard as putting up with that for three weeks, one of us is gonna end up killing the other, I know it. I grabbed the bottle of honey and dragged myself back to the living room to see that the movie already started. "You couldn't wait five seconds," I said annoyed.

"More like five minutes, doesn't take that long to walk there and back. Why are you so quiet Rita? Randy complaining too much?" "Stressed from this morning, got a lot of pent up energy I need to let out, you called in the middle of an intense workout, with your horrible timing." "Intense workout huh? It involve Chris?" Rita paused a second too long to make Ashley think that it really did.

"It did didn't it? Well come on, details! He came over and just started pounding you or what?" "Not in front of my brother!" Rita fake complained to keep up appearances. "Please, it'll probably be the first time he even talked about sex. That reminds me, how did you manage to get Stephanie to go out with you, you bribe her or something?" "Yep. That's what I did. I told her if she didn't go out with me I would tell her parents I caught her smoking weed and fucking at a hippie party, worked like a charm." "I knew it.

Such a shame you have to blackmail someone to get what you want." "Kinda like how you're doing now?" "This is different, you both wanna be here, you just don't know it yet." "Yeah whatever, can we watch the movie in silence before we miss too much of it?" I saw her getting ready to say something because it sounded like I made a demand, but at this point I just didn't wanna go through another round of shit talk, I just wanted to get through this day, so for Rita's sake, and mine, I chose to be the bigger man.

"Please?" Her face relaxed as soon as the word left my mouth. "There you go, you're finally catching on. That wasn't so hard was it?" As about as hard as I was this morning fucking Rita before you cockblockingly decided to call and mess everything up, only to sit here and watch a movie, yeah, not hard at all. We all finally shut up and watched the movie without incident, which turned out to be better than I thought it would be, but it wasn't to last.

About halfway through Ashley started to get agitated, moving around on the couch, scratching her foot against the post, anything she could do to be annoying.

Right when the movie started to pick up she had to pull this crap. "Randy, quick question, how strong are your hands?" "What does that have to do with anything?" "How strong are your hands? It's a simple question. Well at least I know you have at least one strong hand with all those lonely nights. Come give me a foot massage." "What? I don't think so." "You don't have a choice, besides its not gonna kill you its just a foot." "Its your foot." "Which makes you lucky that I would let you touch me.

Now come on, foot massage." She put her foot on my leg and held it there. I snuck a look at Rita who was looking back with a "sorry, just get it over with" look, then I turned my gaze back to Ashley who was still staring at me until I reluctantly grabbed her foot and started rubbing it.

I wouldn't do anything fancy, I mostly just pushed the skin around as lazily as I could hoping she'd think I sucked at it. "Come on with this crap massage, I know you can do better than that!" "I'm not that good at massages." "Hes really not, he tried to give me a back massage once, end up hurting me more, I'd steer clear if I were you," Rita tried to help.

"He has to learn sometime. There are a lot of worse things I can have you do…" I didn't like that comment. The power she had over made me wonder what she could do, much worse than this, and I didn't want Rita or I to experience it first hand, so I sucked it up and started rubbing her foot. I'm actually pretty good at massages, I just didn't want her to know that. I kneaded and rubbed her foot like it was Rita's or moms, that "worse things I can have you do" comment stuck with me, really made me paranoid, so I figured whats a little personal embarrassment, at least we weren't out in public.

I made perfectly sure not to stare at her or her foot as I was giving her the massage, but then she started making little noises that I was doing a good job, which made it hard to concentrate on the movie. "See? I knew you were good at something, noones that useless." "Well if anyone would know its you Ashley," I responded.

"Watch it, I still own you if you haven't noticed, do my other foot." She switched feet and grabbed the bottle of light blue nail polish off the table, shook it and handed it to Rita, who didn't give it a second thought.

"That's ok, I don't want my nails painted right now," Rita said. "Umm ok, good thing its not for you then, its for me." "Then why did you hand me the bottle?" "So you can paint my nails for me, duh." "Are you serious Ashley?

You can't paint your own nails?" "I can, but its way easier to have someone do it for you, someone who doesn't have a choice." "You're taking this a little too far Ashley, yeah we have to be nice to you for a while but this is ridiculous, turning us into slaves for your amusement?

Who does that? Don't you have that group of ditsy girls who love to do this kind of stuff for you?" "Yeah I do but they're not here. Don't think of it as slavery, more like educating. I'm showing Randy how to keep a girlfriend and I'm showing you how to get a best friend, my actions are completely honorable in this." "Yeah bull crap. You're enjoying making me rub your ashy ass pale feet," I jumped in.

She took her foot and crawled it up my chest to my face and squeezed my cheek with her toes. "Don't act like you don't like it Randy, you probably have some little fetish with feet for all we know and are just playing dumb." "If I did I wouldn't be using your foot I can tell you that. Can you move it off my face please!" She actually for once listened to something I said and moved her foot off my cheek, only to put it back on my chin and force her toes in my mouth, all while keeping that cheeky grin.

"How does my ashy pale foot taste, Randy? Maybe next time you wont put your foot in your mouth and end up with mine there.

Since you brought it up, Randy, grab the lotion and get rid of this so called "ash" you speak of, and don't think I didn't notice you run your tongue between my toes, I knew you liked it, nasty." I didn't have a choice, she jammed her foot in my mouth so unexpectedly I had no time to react or move my tongue out of the way.

I slapped her foot out of my mouth and grabbed the lotion and put it on her as Rita started painting her nails, prompting her to sit there like she was the damn queen of England. "See now this is a life I can get used to," Ashley gloated. "First and last time Ashley, don't count on this again, cuz it won't happen," Rita replied. "You two aren't any fun at all." "Ok lets switch and let me ram my foot in your mouth and see how you like it," I said.

"See no, those are two different things, my foot is tiny, delicate, and perfectly manicured, perfect to be sucked on, yours on the other hand, is not. I'm not about to have your hairy, diseased ridden, deformed, stinky man foot in my mouth, disgusting." "Yeah that's what I thought, can give it but you can't take it." "Don't you worry about what I can take, concentrate on what you're doing." "I'm done, forty-five minutes is long enough, my hands are cramping up." She actually let me rest my hands and paid attention to Rita painting her nails, then let her rest when she finished also, so we got to see the rest of the movie without incident, which turned out to be really good at the end.

"See, that wasn't so bad, I got a free massage, free manicure, and got to sit back and watch a movie, and you two complained the whole time over nothing," Ashley said. "Whatever you say. We did our community service, now were going home," Rita followed. We got up and started for the door, but not knowing she was gonna follow us Ashley got the jump on us and beat us to the doorway, trying to block it with her thin frame. "I didn't say anything about leaving!

There's still the whole day left." "To do what? Watch movies all day? Pass," I said. "Nope, were getting out of the house, I got the perfect place for us to go. Wait here." She ran upstairs I assume to get something and as soon as she was out of sight I headed for the door full speed, but Rita stopped me. "Come on let's get out of here while shes upstairs!" I pleaded.

"Then she calls her dad and tells on us and dad loses his contract. I don't wanna be here either but we made dad a promise, wherever we're going can't be all that bad." "I just… uuugh fine. Stupid dad making us promise. We better not be doing anything stupid!" She bound back down the stairs holding a small duffle bag and had changed into a mini-skirt and spaghetti strap.

"Ok let's go, we can take my car, in case you get any ideas about ditching." We headed outside and got in the back of her Mercedes SUV (no doubt a gift from her father) and drove off. As we were driving to who knows where, I looked around to admire the car, and I had to admit, the car was loaded, everything a kid could want was in there.

It had tv's, Pandora, a play station, leather and metallic interior, he spared no expense on this car for her. "Nice car, what you get it for? Tying your shoes?" I joked. "Joke all you want Randy, don't be mad because my daddy loves me." "I'm sure you love him too, and his money," I whispered at the end. "Is that all you think I am?

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A spoiled little rich girl?" "You haven't proved me wrong yet." "You're spoiled too Randy, just not to the extent that I am. Why should I have to work? My daddy wants to take care of me so who am I to stop him? Jeez. You put your foot in his mouth for one second and he blows up on you…" "Can we move past that please?

I'll be quiet now." "There you go, that's better. You should know better than to get into an argument with a girl, you'll never win." Rita snickered at that comment and tried to hide her face so I wouldn't see it, but I did. "Sorry but its true. How many times have you gotten into an argument with mom or Aunt Lisa?" "Not that many." "And of those few, how many have you won?" None. I didn't win any of them, I never even came close. She on the other hand split what arguments they did have down the middle, but my dad and I, none for like ten.

"I don't wanna play this game anymore." "Awwww its ok, I'll let you win one so you can feel better." Ashley reveled in the fact that Rita backed her on at least one thing. "Then you can make me feel better after," Rita whispered in my ear when Ashley turned her attention back to the road.

"Ok we're here," Ashley said as we pulled into a small plaza with three stores in front of us. "Which one? The antique store, the tanning salon, or the pet store?" I asked. "Really Randy? Which one do you think?" "No, hell no, I'm not going into a tanning salon." "Why not?

You gave me the idea, with my pale feet and all. You can use a tan too." "Nah I'm ok, I don't even have tanning shorts or anything like that." "Yeah I don't have a bikini to tan in either," Rita added. "There aren't tanning shorts, just shorts, and you can do it in your boxers. Rita I have a bikini for you, were basically the same size so it should fit." "Same size except her tits are bigger than yours," I joked.

"Why you looking at your sisters tits you perv?" Ashley retaliated. I'll admit I did sound like a perv for saying that out loud, but I just couldn't resist the free shot at her, she basically walked right into it. "I didn't have to, if I had tits they'd be bigger than yours." "Are we gonna stand here talking about tits loud enough for everyone to hear or are we gonna actually go in the salon?

Just wondering," Rita jumped in. "Were going in, before Randy pervs at my tits any longer." "Its for dad, its for dad, its for dad, its for dad," I kept repeating the whole way in. We walked up to the front desk and I pulled out my phone to bullcrap when I was interrupted by loud girlish screaming directly in front of me. "What are you guys doing here?

I thought you weren't gonna do anything today?" Ashley said to the short blonde girl. "Well we figured since you didn't wanna do anything that didn't mean we didn't have to, so we came up here and… its those two from the bowling alley, are you here with them?" "Yep, you won't believe what happened, I'll tell you about it in the tanning room. Since none of you have officially met, Rita Randy this is Becky, Carina, and Dana, and vice versa." Becky was short, like 5'2" with blonde hair, green eyes and what looked like mid-b size tits, Carina was the tallest of them all at 5'7" with brown hair and brown eyes and tits a little bigger than Beckys, most definitely c cups, and Dana was in between both of their height at 5'2" with black hair blue eyes with tits bigger than all of theirs, at least d cups.

I didn't try to examine their tits on purpose, but they were just there, already in their bikinis all ready to go, but then I remembered who they belonged to, friends of Ashleys, and from what I already know about them, they were just like her, so I had to be on my guard with all of them.

"What bet did you lose that you have to hang out with them?" Becky sniped. "Probably the same one you lost that made you put on weight," Rita snapped back. She sucked in air and turned right to Rita trying to examine her to look for a flaw.

"Go ahead, look all you want, no extra weight, no stretch marks, no fake hair, yeah, natural blonde here, I see those brown roots in there from a mile away, you're not fooling anyone." "Can we go? I don't wanna look at them any more than I have to," Becky said getting upset.

"I'll go with them in their room, you can get your own room or…" "We'll get our own booths, thanks though," I said cutting Ashley off. Rita got a bikini from Ashley before they went down the hall to their tanning room, we stayed at one up close that had two side by side booths in it. "Do we really have to do this?" I asked. "Might as well, we here. At least were not in the same room with them." True.

Lock the door, I don't want anyone walking in while I'm stripping." She locked the door and I got down to my boxers and sat down on the booth I was using.

Rita didn't miss a beat either, she stripped completely naked and put on the bikini Ashley gave her. Even though we weren't anywhere near modest around each other and I've seen her naked millions of times, it felt different being in a public place so near to so many people. "Just like that? Ass naked? What if they have cameras in here?" "They don't, I checked. They can't anyway, privacy laws." "Then why don't you tan naked?" "I would, but I don't want the barbies walking in on me with you in the other booth." "Just keep the door locked." "Maybe next time.

Don't worry, I'll be naked for you soon enough," she grinned. We set the booths to the settings we wanted and got in. I, never having used this machine before didn't know what I was doing, luckily, Rita came and fixed it for me before I melted my shorts to my body. She unlocked the door and got back in her booth and we both turned on our phones to listen to music while we lay there.

We had just finally gotten ourselves situated when the door opened and Ashley walked in with her two sizes to small bikini on. "So, enjoying the tan that I so graciously paid for?" "Its… different. Not something I could do everyday," Rita said.

"Yeah, the actual sun is much better," I agreed. "What? In the actual sun you gotta put on lotion so you don't get cancer!

And this works way faster. Well you're new at it, I don't expect you to hold up so soon anyway." "About as hard as it is for that bikini to hold up?" I joked. "Once again, being a perv.

I know you want me Randy, stop oogling me in front of your sister!" "Whatever makes you feel better. How did you even get that thing on?

It looks like its suffocating you." "Awwww are you worried about my safety?" "I don't like to pass up a joke." "Whatever. Get burned, I don't care, you neanderthals. You try to do something nice for people…" she said as she shut the door behind her on the way out. I laughed as she shut the door. "How the hell did she get that on?" "Shes a girl, we just have a knack for getting into stuff way smaller than our actual size." "Don't take this the wrong way, but for someone so bitchy and spoiled, her body isn't that bad.

Pale as shit but other than not bad. I'd never in a million years tell her that though." "Yeah, remember who you're oogling." "I wasn't oogling, I was just saying…" "You better not be, there are enough women in your life as it is." We both turned our music back on and laid back and did nothing as the artificial rays burned our skin. I'm not gonna lie, it did get relaxing after a while, at one point I forgot I was even there and drifted off to sleep.

I couldn't have been there for five minutes before I found myself having that door dream again, only this time, Rita and Stephanie weren't there, and neither were their doors, it was just Ashleys, and the other locks that had gotten opened previously were now gone. Now they were replaced by chains and locks covering the whole door.

Just then I saw a figure start to come together on the other side of the room, but I couldn't make it out. Whatever it was had so much light around it it was too hard to make out. It just stood there glowing, and when I tried to get close to it, it would move back even further, then just like that, it disappeared, leaving me in the room with the chained up door with the A on it. I walked up to the door and went to mess around with the chains when all of a sudden my groin jerked.

It came out of nowhere and I thought it had something to do with the door so I backed off, then it happened again, and again. I moved as far back from the door, completely paranoid now, then my groin started to get wet. I didn't know what was happening. Something in this dream world was messing with my body, making me feel all woozy, then I felt my cock get suctioned into something, and it hit me, I wasn't going crazy, I was getting head.

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I woke up from my dream and looked down, only to see Rita's swinging tits and her mouth around my cock. "Care to explain what you're doing." She pulled me from her mouth with a loud pop. "I think its self-explanatory." "So you're ok with giving me head, but not getting naked?" "I know, I got my priorities all mixed up." "No I think they're fine, you didn't have to wait for me to go to sleep though." "I'll remember that next time," she said as she put my cock back in her mouth.

I turned my music off and concentrated on her, as if it was hard not to. She had her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy as she downed my cock, she was so wet I could hear the sloshing every time she jammed her fingers into herself. There was nothing to grab on to around me but the booth itself, and I didn't wanna grab her head with as horny as I was, I was liable to start facefucking her, but she solved that problem by grabbing both my hands and putting them on the back of her head for me.

She looked up at me as I slowly pulled her head back all the way to the tip, then pushed it all the way down until her nose touched my skin. I repeated this over and over, and she never took her eyes off me or gagged, she just slid her lips across my shaft and sucked, and it felt so fucking good.

After a while she took my hands off her and put hers on my thighs and started to speed up, taking me to the hilt every time. "Fuck baby I'm not gonna last long if you keep doing that!" She smiled around my cock and went back to playing with herself, and by her excessive moaning I could tell she was just focused on her clit.

I started getting closer and closer with pump she took, and the smell of her pussy filling the room wasn't helping. I felt her bite my cock a little bit and she slowed down which let me know she was cumming, but never took my cock from her mouth. When she finished cumming and had a chance to gather herself, she went right back to sucking me off, going just as fast as before. "I'm getting close Rita, I'm about to cum," I warned her.

She took my hands and put them back on my head and started bobbing her head faster, signaling me she wanted me to facefuck her. I obliged and gripped her head and went about feeding my cock down her throat as far as I could get it each time.

Watching my cock disappear into her mouth over and over again was pushing me to the edge, I couldn't hold back anymore and fucked her mouth until I felt my cum rising. "Here it comes baby, I'm about to cum!" I kept the rhythm until my body stiffened and I pushed my cock down her throat one last time and held it there, and emptied all my pent up seed from this morning and now into her mouth.

By now she had gotten used to me cumming in her mouth so she didn't miss a beat as it flowed into her mouth and down her throat with ease. She used her mouth to squeeze the rest out of my cock and let it fall from her mouth with another loud pop.

I just went limp on the machine, arms hanging off the side, face turned over, still starting at Rita's freely swinging tits. "Holy fuck I needed that," I said exhausted. "Me too. It felt so good having you fuck my mouth so hard like that!" "Yeah you must be really pissed at Ashley, we've never gone that hard on a blowjob." "I needed it.

That should hold me over for a few hours." "That's it? Just a few?" "That's me being generous, as soon as we get another moment to ourselves its round three." "I think I can go the distance. It smells like pussy in here, we have to air it out before someone comes in here and gets suspicious." "They have candles, and towels for the 'mess' I made, get that up for me please?" I looked down at the puddle of juice she left on the floor by my booth.

"What a waste." "Don't worry, there's plenty more," she smiled as she put her bikini back on. She lit the candles and I mopped up her juice with a towel and unlocked the door and we got back into our booths as of nothing happened, and about five minutes later Ashley came back.

"So, what do we think now," Ashley said as she came back in fully dressed. "It wasn't that bad after a while, I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime," Rita said.

"Yeah, I hate to say it but I kinda liked it," I added. "Good, because we're gonna be coming here at least three times a week. We're gonna leave now, going to Mikey's pizza." "When you say 'we', you don't mean those other girls too do you?" I asked. "You're all gonna get along eventually, so for now just suck it up and come on." She left the room as fast as she came in.

We haven't been around her friends that long and I could already tell we weren't gonna like each other. We had to tolerate them one more time today, but at least we got to eat our favorite pizza while we did it, so I'll take it. Its only another hour or so, then were free, I told myself. Piece of cake. We drove to the pizza parlor and went to sit down at our favorite booth, only to be bombarded by the "Ashleys," that's what we're calling them now since they act just like the girls from Recess.

Ashley squeezed in the booth with us and the other girls got in on the other side. The waitress came over to take our order just as we fit in the seats. "Ok, party of six, what'll it be?" "One large pepperoni and sausage, two orange sodas and…" Rita started and looked at Ashley. "And a large supreme with two root beers and two mountain dew," Ashley finished.

"Ok, that'll be up in about fifteen," the waitress said as she smiled and walked away. "Randy you know you're paying right?" Ashley said. "What? Why am I paying?" "Because the man always pays for dinner! Don't you know anything?" Becky jumped in.

"I know this isn't a date. We got kidnapped for the whole day!" "So I invite you over to my fabulous house to hang out and take you tanning, which you loved by the way, and you can't thank me by paying for a couple slices of pizza?" "That isn't fair to put him on the spot like that Ashley," Rita said. "Fine, if it'll make everyone happy, I will pay," I surrendered. "A real man wouldn't have to be asked to pay," Dana said. "And a real woman doesn't show her tits to everyone me meets, flashing them won't get you a discount on the food," I said pointing out her obviously too small, opened shirt that was definitely worn on purpose.

"Why are you hanging out with them again?" Dana asked pissed. "Our fathers are in business together, they want us to get along for a few weeks," Ashley said. "Sounds like you got the rotten half of the deal." "Why?

Because she talking to people with an IQ higher than 100?" Rita jumped in. Dana turned her attention to Rita. "You're just mad at those bumps you call tits, smart is the only card you can play." "Typical dumb girl comment. Those silicone tits aren't gonna last forever." That last comment made the table go "ooh," as well as a few people around us. "Real bitch, all real. Wanna touch em? Since they're all you seem to be concerned about." "Ok girls, play nice. You can tear each others hair out later when I'm not starving," Ashley said.

The two glared at each other and Carina whispered something in Beckys ear that had them both giggling like schoolgirls, that thing girls do to make someone uncomfortable. "Something funny?" I asked. "Yeah you two, you're sitting with the cool kids, you should be kissing our ass," Carina said. I looked at Ashley in disbelief. "Is she serious?" I looked back at Carina who still had that grin on her face. "I'd rather go swimming with sharks than hang out with you voluntarily." "Ashley why are we even trying?

Let's ditch them," Carina complained. "You are more than welcome to go do what Ashley tells you to somewhere else," Rita said. "You little wannabe, you got some nerve…" Just then the waitresses walked over with our pizzas and drinks, and Carina stopped talking mid-sentence as they sat our food down.

We stopped them when they got around to our stuff and went to sit at another booth, not wanting to deal with all their crap while we ate. "We're gonna eat over there, we'll leave you with your puppets," I said to Ashley. We sat down at the table across from them and dug into our pizza. They were smacking their lips and giving us the evil eye but we could care less at that moment. "We gotta do something, we can't go through this for three weeks," I said.

"I know, but remember why we're doing it." "Yeah. We gotta get some dirt on her, on them." "How are we gonna do that?

Neither of us trust each other at all!" "I don't know, but we gotta figure out something soon." We sat and ate in silence while we watched Ashleys friends bitch about us, which seemed like they could do the entire time we were there, and then my phone rang, it was Stephanie. "Hey Steph, what's up?" 'Where are you guys? Chris and I came over and you aren't here." "At Mikeys pizza with Ashley and her bitchy friends." "What?

Why the hell are you guys there?" "We told our dad we'd hang with her, he's trying to get a contract with her dad." "Oh, well sucks to be you guys!" "That's nice Steph, way to be supportive." "How long you gotta do it for?" "At least three weeks, which means we won't see much of you guys in that time." "That's not gonna work.

Let me talk to Rita real quick." I passed Rita the phone and took the opportunity to steal another slice of pizza from her. They looked like they were having an intense conversation, then turned into a giddy girl as they obviously started talking about me and Chris by the subtle hints she gave me.

She hung up from her and gave me back my phone. "What was that at the end?" "Chris came in and started fucking her while we were talking, she was still trying to hold a conversation and failing miserably." "You told her I did the same thing to you?" "Yeah, that's why I was making all those faces. We gotta do that to her again soon." I guess we were having to good a time because just then Ashley got up and strolled over to our table, for a while I had forgotten we were here with them.

"You ditched them? Please tell me you ditched them," Rita said. "No, well yeah kinda, we're about to leave. You all better start playing nice, or you'll gonna be miserable the next few weeks." "You're asking the impossible, but yeah, where do we have to go now?" I asked. "Home, well at least yours, I didn't get a chance to really meet your mother." "Or our Aunt, but maybe that's a good thing." I left a tip and we exchanged evil looks with the Ashleys as she said goodbye to them.

Finally done with that at least for today, we waited the eight years it took to say goodbye to three people, then we got in her car and drove back to her house to get our car. "What they say about us? It doesn't take that long to say goodbye to three people," I said. "Its not important.


What is important is you all will get along," Ashley responded. "Yeah I don't think that's gonna happen." "Yes it is, I told them the same thing. You all aren't gonna mess up my fun." We got back to her house and when we got out to get into our car, she stopped Rita, telling her to get in the front seat. I got in our car by myself and drove back to our house, wondering what Ashley was talking to Rita about.

The drive seemed to take forever as I finally pulled into our driveway and parked behind moms van. Ashley parked across the street and she and Rita walked in behind me to mom and Aunt Lisa sitting on the couch watching tv. "Hi Mrs. Stevens, its nice to see you again, and ummm…" Ashley paused as she got to Aunt Lisa. "Lisa, or Ms. Stevens. Nice to meet you," Aunt Lisa said back. "We didn't get the chance to get into any details about anyone, but we have three weeks to catch up on everything.

I'm looking forward to spending time with them." "What exactly are you planning on doing for three weeks?" mom asked.

"Whatevers fun, like today we went tanning, which I could tell was their first time, but they warmed up to it. Whatever pops in our head at that moment that's what we'll do." "Sounds like fun.

Maybe Lisa and I will join you sometime, if we aren't to old that is." "Noooo, you two look as young as us, you might even get more guys than Rita," Ashley joked. "So Rita pulls the guys huh? How many we talking here?" Aunt Lisa asked looking at me. "I think it was a figure of speech, shes just saying you two still got it," I interjected.

"Yeah that's it, I wasn't saying she was loose or anything. Well it was nice seeing everyone but I should get going, don't wanna keep my dad waiting. I hope we all get to hang out one day, should be really fun, see you guys later, and tell Mr. Stevens I said hi." She hugged both mom and Aunt Lisa and then gave us a hug for show, secretly grinning at us as she opened the front door and walked out.

As soon as the door closed Rita threw her hands in the air in mock anger, but mom and Aunt Lisa were already on to her. "That girl deserves an Oscar," mom said. "You mean you didn't buy that nice girl act?" I asked.

"What? No! We figured her out from the moment she said hi," Aunt Lisa said. "How are we gonna put up with that? She had me rub her feet!" I said. "And I had to give her a manicure!" Rita followed. "Just remember, its for your dad, but also, if it feels degrading, then don't do it, we won't care if we don't get the contract in the end, nothings worth your self-respect, remember that." "Ok.

We're gonna go get some ice cream, you want us to bring you anything back? Rita asked. "No we're ok. Don't be gone too long though, your father will be back soon," mom grinned. "Geez you nympho get your own!" Rita mock yelled. "He is my own, and so are you," mom said back.

Rita grabbed my hand and led me out the door, mom and Aunt Lisa watching us the whole way and we got in the car and made the short drive to the ice cream place.

Rita got her usual banana split but I decided to mix it up and get a chocolate sundae. We sat down in our usual seats outside and watched the night traffic go by. "So what did Ashley say when you were in the car alone?" I asked. "She was trying to pick my brain for any info on us dating Steph and Chris. She still can't believe you're dating Stephanie, like she lost a bet or something." "Just can't seem to wrap her empty little head around it.

What does it matter to her anyway?" "I think she wants us to ditch you two and join her little group." "And make you guys her hand puppets too?

Yeah right." "I told her it wasn't happening, and she just said wait and see. I'll admit it spooked me a little." "We gotta be careful, shes one of those girls who doesn't take no for an answer." "We have a lot of experience in that field remember," she said referring to mom and Aunt Lisa.

"But this one is different, she only has HER best interest in mind, she could care less about ours. It all comes down to us getting leverage on her, without it, I hate to say it, but we're screwed." "We'll find something, don't worry, shes not messing anything else up for me!" Her voice got a little high as she took the last bite of her banana split.

"You're still pissed off from this morning aren't you?" "Aren't you? I was this fucking close!" Rita said pinching two fingers together. "Dads probably home now, so that ruins any chances of picking up where we left off." "Thinking about it makes me hate her guts right now, worst fucking timing ever." "Come on.

Lets go before you drown yourself in four more banana splits," I suggested. We threw out our cups and walked to the car. She got the keys from me and got in the drivers seat before I could do anything about it, probably to drive and let off some steam.

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She started the car but sat there, looking out into the street for what seemed like minutes, then in an instant she swung around the back of the ice cream store and parked in back in a shaded spot and cut the car off. She had my pants halfway down before I even got two words out. "Ummm, dumb question, what are you doing?" "Picking up where we left off this morning," she said as she got my pants down past my knees.

"We're in the back of the ice cream store, its still open! People could drive past and see us!" "I don't even care, besides, the chance of getting caught makes it that much more worth it." Rita got her pants off and straddled me, both of us still in our underwear, and sank down on my cock. She groaned loud and wrapped her arms around the car seat to hold herself up and worked my cock like she hadn't had any in six months. A car drove past and its headlights flashed through our car for a second and I held her as still as possible, which wasn't as easy as I thought it would be with her hormones pretty much raging at the moment.

"You know, they probably saw us, they saw you stuff your big cock into your little sister…" "No, they saw you slam your tight pussy down on your big brothers cock…" "Oooh and it felt so good, next time I'll park in the front, let everyone see me fuck my brother." "One step at a time," I said as I grabbed her hips and thrusted into her hard to distract her.

It worked as she groaned again and slid her face into my shoulder and took the pounding I'd started giving her. I was still paranoid to anyone who could pass by and see us fucking, so I pulled the lever on the seat back a little so we could drop out of sight, I don't even think Rita noticed the slightest bit. I maneuvered her to turn around in the tight space and sat her back down on me, this time giving me complete access to her clit.

I took advantage and worked my hand around her panties and latched on to it, squeezing it like I wanted to pop it, then caressing it back to safety, then over and over again. "You better stop, unless you wanna clean my juices out of the car," Rita moaned. "I wouldn't mind doing it if I know I caused it." I reached up with my other hand and cupped her tit in my hand and squeezed her nipple the same way I was doing her clit.

Everything going on at once was throwing her off rhythm and she was struggling to meet me thrust for thrust. To make matters worse I started giving her a hickey, but decided that would be bad considering the weeks we had ahead, so I settled for tickling her with my tongue. By now I had forgotten completely that we were still in the parking lot, or like her I was too caught up in the sex to think about it, I locked my mind on Rita and everything that didn't come from her kinda blocked off.

I stopped fucking her and held my hands on her nipple and clit, waiting for to get agitated and fuck me back, which didn't take long, but the way I was moving against her she couldn't get any sort of rhythm going. "What are you doing? This isn't funny Randy!" "Is it making you go crazy? Do you wanna feel my cock pushing inside you again?

You want me to go back to fucking my little sisters tight pussy again?" "No, now your little sisters gonna fuck the shit outta you…" She twisted back around and almost immediately had my cock back in her all the way. I tried to say something but she closed her lips over mine to shut me up as she rode me like crazy. "Uh, uh, uh, fuck, I'm gonna cum baby, I'm gonna cum all over you!" I lay there as she fucked the hell out of me for teasing her, a punishment I would gladly take over and over again, and I felt her pussy starting to clamp on me.

She lifted off me just high enough where I could see her face, and at that moment a pair of headlights passed over her face as well, showing the lust driven glow on her face, and reminding me that we were still in dangerous waters. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…" I was pulled from my thoughts by Rita who was at that moment literally cumming all over my waist area. I could feel my boxers getting soaked with each second that passed with her flinching on top of me.

Her warm, extremely pungent girl cum filled my boxers and the car and sort of put me in a trans from the amazing sex we just had.

I held her there and lifted her up to peck her on the lips as she struggled to stop shivering. "Better?" I asked. "Yes, so much better," she whispered back in my ear. We lay still for a while, enjoying the silence and each other, until we heard that noise that first messed up our day, my phone ringing. At first I thought it was mom or Aunt Lisa but I have them on two different ringers, then I actually listened to the song, "I'm a Bitch", and knew exactly who it was unfortunately, but took my time answering it.

"Yeah Ashley." "Good, you aren't sleep yet, get Rita and get over here." "What? Its late Ashley! Cant it wait until tomorrow?" "No it can't, now get her and get over here asap, and stop waiting so long to answer the phone, I know you're doing it on purpose!" I ended the call and looked at Rita, who was still smiling despite knowing Ashley just called.

"I don't even care. After that, I can deal with whatever bullshit she throws at me tonight." I smiled as we got dressed and headed back to Ashleys for god knows what, we weren't spending the night so whatever she wanted she could have told us over the phone, she just wanted to be an asshole, or Ashhole, I might patent that.

We finally made it there with Rita still sporting her smile like a two thousand pound weight has been lifted off her and got out to knock at her door, but just like this morning she was waiting there for us, this time in a robe.

"No I'm not hitting on you, I just took a shower, pervy," she said as she let us in. "Whatever you say Ashley, why'd you call us over here?" I asked. "I needed to talk to you before I went to sleep." "What? You coulda called us instead of having us drive all the way over here!" "I wanted to see your faces, a visual is always better." She was again getting under my skin and she knew it, all the little simple stuff she could have done she found a way to blow it up way out of proportion to get a rise out of me, and it was working, we drove all the way here and burned all that gas to talk?

It better be important. "What are you smiling so big about?" Ashley asked as she noticed Rita. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Now for real, why'd you call us over here?" "Oh, yeah, you two, Becky, Carina, and Dana are all gonna be seeing a lot of each other over the next few weeks, so you're gonna have to cut out all that nitpicking and namecalling and learn to get along, or you're all gonna be really miserable together, and no more splitting off like at the pizza parlor." "Were you paying attention to what happened?

They were the ones who jumped down our necks, we didn't say anything to them, we're not gonna just stand there and let them talk about us like that, and I didn't see you playing mediator or anything," I said. "Well that's all about to change now, starting tomorrow everyones gonna be nice, and if you can't be nice, be tolerable, and if you can't be tolerable, don't say anything at all." "Were not the ones you need to be telling this to," Rita jumped in.

"I already told them, so everyones on the same page." "Don't forget about yourself, you're not so innocent in all this. Last I remember you started shit at the carnival, then again at the bowling alley, then you make a deal to boss us around, now all of a sudden you wanna be friends? And we're supposed to just believe that?" Rita asked. "I'm willing to overlook that if you are, besides, this morning was just a little bit of payback for those past incidents, me having a little fun, now the slates clean." No way was I gonna believe this off rip, I wanted to see what happened in the next week or so before I believe Ashley had anything close to a change of heart.

"Well its not gonna happen overnight, but we'll give it a try." "See? Now that wasn't so hard was it? You should listen to me more often." "Yeah yeah whatever, is that all you wanted? I wanna go home," Rita said. "One more thing," she said as she pulled some index cards from her robe and gave them to us. I took the card and read it… Café, spa, tanning salon, shopping, gym, movie night, fat Tuesday, and the list went on.

"What the hell is this?" "That's the day to day I have planned. Learn it, live it, love it, because that's what we're gonna be doing for the next few weeks." "You're outta your mind, I'm not doing this!

There isn't even anything on here for guys!" "Well tough luck, that's why its MY schedule, not yours. If it was yours it would say drink beer, watch football, drink more beer, wrestle, blow stuff up, and finish with more beer, pass." After you just gave us that big ass speech…" I said stopping to read the rest of the cards.

"I have to show some authority, I mean I am still running this operation. Oh and while you're at it bring Stephanie, I have a few things to ask her, Rita you can bring Chris too, it'd be nice to have someone around who can lift over a hundred pounds," Ashley joked. "Maybe I should bring her, it'd be nice to have someone who could fill out a bikini," I retaliated. "All that means is you're checking me out like I've been saying all day, I'm sure Stephanie would be happy to know that, perv." "Ok how am I a perv?

Last I checked guys were supposed to look at girls, I don't even…" I stopped, knowing I was only doing what she wanted me to do, which she confirmed by grinning and crossing her leg over the other. "Is that all Ashley?" "For today, yes. That schedule starts tomorrow, be ready to follow it exactly." "Exactly? Who plans out their whole… never mind, its late, we'll have plenty of time to rant about it tomorrow, I'm going home," Rita said heading for the door.

"Don't forget what I said!" Ashley yelled as we went out the door. We got back in the car and drove straight back to the house, we weren't gonna take any more detours and get called somewhere else again. I went through the cards again groaning with each event I passed. "This is gonna suck, I just know it," I said. "It doesn't seem like a bad list." "That's because you're a girl, everything on here is right up your alley!" "Well what do you expect? Shes a girl too, a high-maintenance one at that." "Still sucks.

You think Steph and Chris will wanna come?" "Not without some major convincing, Steph might agree when she sees the list, but Chris wont, they won't wanna hang out with those other girls either, I don't know." "We'll ask em tomorrow, that's a discussion I don't wanna have tonight." We drove the rest of the way in silence with me staring disapprovingly at the cards and Rita still with the little grin on her face, I guess Ashley didn't break her mood.

We finally got back to the house and walked in to dead silence, all lights off, and not a person in sight.

Its was past eleven so we didn't expect anyone to be up, but it was still weird walking into the house like that. We walked upstairs and almost into our room when Aunt Lisa's door opened and she stepped out in her robe and leaned on the door frame, looking frustrated as she stared back at us. "And where have you two been?" "Shhhh Aunt Lisa dad could hear you!" I panicked.

"They're both in there sleep, happily I might add, now once again, where have you been?" "Ashley called us to come to her house last minute, we just came from there," I said. "Bullshit, I can smell what you two just came from doing, might as well have took a bath in it." "Ok maybe we did, but whats the problem?" Rita asked.

"The problem is you were supposed to get back before your father did! Everyone got some but me, you two went out and fucked each other so hard Rita is still smiling, you mom waited on you but when you didn't show she hopped on your father, and I'm stuck tiddling with my toys because anything else is too risky with your father home.

What about me, what about Lisa?" She was part yelling, but mostly sad and sexually frustrated by her body language. Even though we made no plans with her or anything, she had been flirting with me all way and who knows what she did to Rita, so I felt we owed her something at least. I looked at Rita who looked back at me, once again the twin thing showing we were thinking the same thing again. "You willing to chance it?" I asked.

"Tonight? After the day we had? Yep. As long as she doesn't scream…" Aunt Lisa looked a little curious to what were saying, but before she could get anything out we grabbed her and pushed her back into her room.

We locked the door and threw her against the bed, opening her robe to show her naked body with a glistening pussy that showed she was just recently playing with herself, probably when we came back. "What's this? Guess someone really was horny after all," Rita said as she picked up a big pink dildo from the bed and waved it around in front of her. "Won't be needing this tonight." She locked lips with her as she massaged her huge tits with both hands and I wasted no time taking my place right between her legs and locked my lips with her still wet pussy.

I could hear her moan into Rita's mouth when I first made contact but Rita didn't let her break free. She clenched her legs around my head and pushed her hips off the bed to push her pussy even more into my face. I felt Aunt Lisa's hands grab the back of my head and hold them firmly on her pussy as her moans were no longer muffled. I looked up to see Rita taking off her pants, and when she had them off she sat her pussy right on Aunt Lisa's face, completely blocking her view of me, but I think she liked the one she just got a lot better.

It took some doing, but I finally managed to pull myself from her pussy long enough to strip down and position myself between right behind Rita. I slapped my cock against her clit, making her jump every time, and without warning, I slowly, very slowly, slid balls deep into her pussy.

"Oh my god! Yes! I waited all fucking day for this," she whispered past Rita's pussy. "Fuck her good Randy fuck her as good as shes eating my pussy," Rita groaned. I held her legs in my hands and long stroked her as she ate Rita's pussy. Rita leaned back on her hands and found my lips as Aunt Lisa kept hers attached to Rita's lower lips. "You like the taste of that young pussy Aunt Lisa?

You like your niece's pussy? Your nephew had his cock in there twice today. He fucked me so good I drenched us with my juice. What about you? Is he fucking you good with that big cock of his?" "Yes! He's fucking me so good! So much better than that fucking toy!" "You want him to keep sliding that big cock inside you while you suck on your nieces pussy?" "Yes I'll do whatever you want, just don't stop fucking me, I need to cum badly!" "Switch places with me, I'm sure he'll love to fuck you doggy style." I was loving how Rita took charge of the whole thing, playing to Aunt Lisa's need to cum and getting some pleasure out of it herself, as well as for me.

It took only seconds before Aunt Lisa had her ass pointing at me with her face once again buried in Rita's pussy, and she was shaking it at me to tell me I was waiting too long putting my cock back in her. I squeezed her cheeks and pulled them apart, spreading her pussy lips in the process and showing me her little asshole.

I thought about shoving my cock in it but her pussy was still glistening and she clamped it with every thrust I made like she didn't want me to pull out, so I put the head back at her pussy, held her ass cheeks open and pushed back in. She was so wet I basically got sucked into her pussy. I quickly got into a rhythm pushing my cock into her that everytime I did it made the clapping noise I love so much, but I realized I had to tone it down so we wouldn't be heard, so I slowed down my pace.

"You see Aunt Lisa, we do care about your needs," Rita said through labored breaths. "I NEED to cum, can you do that for me Randy, can you make your Aunt cum?" "I think I can work something out," I said as I pulled my cock from her and got off the bed. "What the- what are you doing? Get back here!" Aunt Lisa said getting sad. I took Aunt Lisa's robe and fitted it in the space under the door to muffle any noise coming from the room, got back on the bed between Aunt Lisa's still open legs, wet my thumb with the juice from her pussy and stuck it in her ass at the same time I pushed my cock back into her pussy.

"Fuck! I'm so horny I don't even care what you do tonight, just keep fucking me!" With cover from the robe, I went back to fucking her like I wanted to, letting that big ass smack against me each time I stabbed her with my cock.

My thumb in her ass didn't seem to discourage her as she began to meet me when I thrusted. I saw her reach her hand under her and rub her clit like a crazy lady while she still had her face buried in Rita's pussy.

"I think shes getting there Randy," Rita said as she got on all fours in front of Aunt Lisa. "I think she is," I followed as I started moving my thumb in and out of her ass. "Just a little more like that, keep doing that, keep fucking that pussy baby!" Aunt Lisa moaned.

I had been sliding in and out of her so easy I was pounding her to the point of ramming her face into Rita's ass, she couldn't even lick her pussy due to the force, she had to fuck her with her tongue instead. Her ass started to gape a little from my thumb being there so long, but before I could think to do anything with it I felt her pussy clamp down on me.

"That's it baby, uuuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh," she muffled through the pillow she hid in. If I thought she was wet before, now she was overflowing. She wasn't squirting, but it just kept squeezing out every time I thrust into her convulsing pussy. Each push back in while she was cumming was a grunt into the pillow. "Ok, ok, I can't take anymore, my pussy is too sensitive now, please…" "I think you can take some more, what do you think Rita?" I asked.

"Yeah I think she can too, as horny as she was, I think she can take a lot more." "My pussy can't take it right now, any touch is way too sensitive…" "Who said anything about your pussy…" I followed. "You don't care how, remember?" "I uhh… that was when…" I didn't let her finish. I let my cock slide out of her pussy, dripping wet as it was and still hard, put it to her asshole and pushed in.

She grunted, but I could tell it didn't hurt by the way it slid in easier than I thought it would, probably from warming her up with my thumb. "Uugh god Randy, uuugh fuck…" Aunt Lisa groaned in half pain half pleasure. Rita pushed her ass hard against Aunt Lisa's face and closed off her face in the pillow to muffle her screams as she came from Aunt Lisa severely sucking on her clit. With Rita laid out on the bed underneath her she brought her awareness back to my cock invading her tight asshole with long quick thrusts.

I made sure she felt every inch, pulling out to the head and shoving it back in balls deep every time, reveling in the feeling of her ass around my cock. I stopped thrusting and with my cock still in her I walked her backwards off the bed slowly and had her lean over Rita's computer chair. Her back now fully arched, I grabbed the arms on the chairs and went back to pounding her ass for all it was worth, while she tried her hardest not to scream.

"Quiet Aunt Lisa, you wouldn't want dad to wake up and see what we were doing would you?" "That's a little hard to do with your big ass cock shoved up my ass!" "You like it, don't try to play innocent, bite your lip if you have to." With all the leverage I needed I slammed my cock into her, making those thunderous cheeks clap against me to the point where I felt myself about to cum.

I felt Rita get behind me and grab my waist and help me thrust into Aunt Lisa as I made my own grunting sounds, letting her know I was getting close. I warned her again but she didn't stray away from the moans she was trying so hard to hold in, and I reached my point. I grabbed her hips and did one last power thrust and spilled my seed into my Aunt's freshly abused ass. She gasped each time I spurted and pushed forward, making sure I let out every drop inside her.

When I was done, I slowly slid out of her ass so none of my cum would follow after and pulled out with a wet slop and a shiver from Aunt Lisa. She lay on the chair trying to catch her breath, and we knew she would stay there if we left her like that, so we pulled the blanket back on her bed (flipped it around for good measure) and carried her to it and covered her up, she was asleep in seconds.

We grabbed our stuff and peeked outside after moving the robe and unlocking the door, making sure no one got up for a lite night snack or anything, and jet across the hall into our room and shut the door. "What a way to end the night," I said as I locked the door and cut on the lamp.

"After the way it started, I'm not surprised.


You really gave it to Aunt Lisa in there… " "Yeah, I guess Ashley got to me too, don't think Aunt Lisa cared though, she enjoyed every second of it. On a serious note though, if these next few weeks go the way Ashley set them up, today might be the last contact we all have with each other for a while." That struck a nerve instantly with Rita.

"I don't fucking think so, not by a long shot!" "Shhh, don't wake mom and dad! I was just saying…" "I know what you were saying, and I'm saying I'm not waiting three long ass weeks to have sex with you again, no fucking way in hell I'm doing that." "It might be good for us," I teased.

"Try it if you want to, I'll fucking rape you in your sleep, I'm not even joking." I laughed it off as we got into sleeping clothes and cut off the lamp as we got into bed. With the ice cream shop and what we just did with Aunt Lisa not five minutes ago we were about ready to pass out.

We cuddled up and I draped my arm around her as she rested her arm and head on my torso, what has become our usual way to sleep now. "Goodnight Randy, I love you." "I love you too Rita, goodnight," I said as I kissed her on the forehead. The room fell silent as we prepared to drift off to sleep, the day's events flowing through my head again.

I may not fully enjoy the next few weeks that we were about to undergo, but they would certainly be an interesting few weeks. "Hey Randy, remember, I'll rape you if I have to.

Without a second thought. Or remorse. Ok goodnight," Rita said as normal as ever as she kissed my cheek and cuddled back into me. I lay there, speechless, not by what she said, but because I wouldn't expect any different from her. I hugged her, knowing she fully meant what she said, and hoped for the chance to see it first-hand.

Yep. Definitely an interesting few weeks.