18 jungfräulichen Sex lüstern auf sexy 18 Jahre alten Harfens

18 jungfräulichen Sex lüstern auf sexy 18 Jahre alten Harfens
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Please bear in mind that this is my first story, so try to be as constructive in your criticism as possible. This is the first chapter in a series I'm planning, so keep in mind that the erotica only starts later on in the story, after the main bits of plot. All characters depicted in this story are imaginary, any similarities between them and actual people is purely coincidental.

Nice reading! --------------------- It was the dreaded day. The day Edward had feared for a while. It was his first day of high school. No, he wasn't a freshman. He had simply been transferred in from abroad to do his junior year at his 18 years of age due to some family issues. He measured 5 feet 9 inches and weighed in at 169 pounds. It did not help him that he wore glasses, and his dark-skinned complexion only made him stand out more in the middle of the mostly white demographic.

He was dropped off at school by his father's friend, the man who took him in while in America. "Good Luck Ed!" shouted out James Anthony, a 6 foot 3 inch brown haired man, his pale complexion contrasting that of Edward's. Edward made his way inside the building, nervous as normal, but still thinking about his own philosophy.

"Fuck what other people think, be yourself and be happy with it" he told himself as he paced inside the building, looking around the empty halls.

His first stop was the principal's office. He knocked the door three times, entering only after hearing a voice calling out "come in". He walked into the beige office, thinking poorly about the tastes of the office's owner, until something broke him out of his inner machinations.

Principal Demeter cleared her throat, getting his attention. He chuckled at how well the name fit the bill, as the person in front of him was a chubby, short brunette, usually the representation made of the Greek goddess Demeter, her eyes also behind a pair of reading spectacles.

The principal scowled at his chuckle, looking him up and down as if evaluating him "I guess you are mister… Edward Ramos?" "Indeed I am, miss Demeter" the boy answered in a relaxed tone, something the principal was not very used to.

Demeter was used to being feared by the students, fear that she did not see in Edward. The principal eyed him from head to toes, snickering at his seemingly slacker figurine before handing him a few papers "take these to your legal guardian, and among them you should find your class schedule" "well thank you, Miss Demeter" he said before excusing himself and leaving the office.

He wandered about the halls, reading off of his class schedule, trying to find out where to go. He finally found his way around to his first class, which was coincidentally Biology, his best subject. It seems not all is bad, or so he thought.

He lightly pushed the door open, finding class already in session. The teacher simply stopped explaining with an annoyed look, probably disliking the fact that he was interrupted "might I know who you are, young man?" the teacher asked, some snickers sounding from a few students inside the classroom.

'Oh boy, what a great way to start my school life here' he briefly thought before answering "well, sir, my name is Edward, and I am the new student. I just transferred in today, so excuse my tardiness" he answered, already inside the classroom.

The teacher glanced at him and said "You may go sit there" pointing at a desk at the end of the classroom, right behind a very cute girl, a red-haired, pale-skinned beauty, probably of Irish descent. But things that look too good to be true usually are, as he found himself sitting next to a 6'2" wall of muscle who had already locked his sights onto the him. He sat down with a slight sigh, putting his backpack down and deciding to try and pay attention to the class.

His peace was short-lived though, as the muscle man decided to work on the new kid right away. He waited for the teacher to turn to the blackboard before lightly tapping Edward's shoulder. Edward tried his damned hardest to ignore him and pay attention to class, but after the fifth time he turned around and whispered "what do you want?" in an annoyed tone.

As soon as he did a spitball hit him square in the forehead. He turned back around, wiping his forehead off with his shirt's sleeve, silently cursing the bully. Not five minutes later the bell rung. The teacher simply dismissed class with a sigh after giving them their homework.

Edward decided to try and talk to the teacher, seeing as he had interrupted his class and felt the need to apologize for doing so. "I'm very sorry, mister…" he started speaking before the teacher, the plate on his desk read Arthur, cut him off with an outstretched hand "No need to apologize mister Edward, it was your first day and you could have not helped it.

I understand, although I appreciate the gesture". A bit happier, Edward walked out of the classroom, scanning the papers for his locker number and code, actually managing to find his way to his locker, placing his belongings inside, most of which were the books he needed for the year, listed in his enrolment file, and locking it up. He hadn't taken four steps from his locker before a row of five guys closed him off, pushing him into one of the bathrooms.

In it, captain muscle was waiting from him "Hello hello, new kid. We haven't been formally introduced. I'm Joshua, but my friends call me Josh. Well, you are no friend of mine so you won't even say my name, get it, nerd?" He said, his arm wrapped around Edward's shoulders "Or what, you going to beat me up, Joshua?" Edward shot back, causing some of the guys to snicker.

Josh waved his goons off to watch the door while he talked one on one with the new kid "Look here, I was trying to make it easy on you. Rules are you obey me, and you're safe" "Safe from what, you?" "No, just safe from people trying to hurt or scare you." "Oh, you really mean you" Edward shot back with a smirk.

Joshua was getting tired of the new kid's attitude, and thinking he needed an adjustment, grabbed him by his hair which he kept at medium long length, and slowly dragged him towards one of the stalls, pushing his head into the toilet before flushing. He held Edward's head underwater for several seconds, before he started to struggle for air.

He let him be for another couple of seconds before pulling him up, a wet, gasping mess "So, need me to explain how shit works again?" Joshua asked, full of himself. What he didn't expect was Edward's reaction. Edward simply started chuckling, when Joshua lost his cool and punched him in the face, sending him reeling backwards into one of the sinks.

Edward just stood there, rubbing his cheek and chuckling "Well you're agitated because I'm not submitting, and I can tell you why" he started. Joshua had started walking to him, but as he started speaking he became curious, feeling like he should hear him out before "educating" him. Edward simply started speaking "Well, Joshua, you are a coward, want me to explain why? Because people don't like you and you know it. You know people just look at you like a jock, a dumb wall of muscle, people didn't respect you.

So you started bullying people, trying to be cool. And the others just jumped on the bandwagon because they were afraid of being your next Victims. You know this, and you know the only way you can keep your 'friends' is by showing how bad you can be. Well, I'm the new kid here. First day and I'm already defying you, that's a no-no, right?" Edward said as Joshua just stood there dumbfounded, the color draining out of his face.

"You need to show everybody else you're still the Alpha male. But I can tell you don't have a future in politics big guy. Let me give you a tip, you don't pick on minorities. If you want to make people like you, you help them out.

Well, I am new, wear glasses and am black.

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I am a walking model of minority in this school. Imagine what hitting me does to your reputation." He says before washing his face, his glasses, and then walking out of the bathroom, his right cheek lightly bruised from the punch he took, nothing very noticeable for now but it was going to swell up good later.

'Oh well', he thought, 'at least he got the big guy to doubt himself', and he could play this very well. But his inner monologue was soon cut short by a female voice calling to him. "You're Edward, right?" Came from the redhead bombshell he sat behind off during biology. "Are you okay? Joshua or his goons didn't do anything bad to you, did they? Those jerks have a history of hurting others." "Nah" Edward answered with a chuckle, remembering what happened in the bathroom "I'm okay, he didn't do anything" "Are you sure?

Oh, by the way, my name is Hanna" she told him. "Yes, I'm sure. I bet he's more frightened of me than me of him right now" he says smiling. "What do you mean? What happened?" "Well let's just say that I can be very persuasive" He states, which Hanna doesn't believe. "Okay, how about this, I'll explain to you what I did to him later today over a cup of coffee, how does that sound?" "I don't see why not, how about Crusty's book shop at 5?" Hanna answered.

"Wow" Edward thought as he nodded "This day might not be all bad after all" Soon after the bell rings for his next class, but by now he wasn't paying attention to class, just thinking about what to do next.

How far did he want to go with this thing, or rather, how far would he be able to take it? He had already stopped the main asshole in school and got a date with the hottest girl in his class, but from now on it only got harder. He was called out of his thoughts by the teacher "And might you come up here and do this problem, Mister Edward?" The math teacher, Mr.

Albert, asked. Edward did not even bother getting up from his seat, glancing at the blackboard and spitting out "X= sin7 times 14". "That is the correct answer. See, you all should try to be as attentive as mister Edward here". 'Shit' Edward thought 'As if I didn't stand out enough already.' It was a bad habit of his, toss a problem his way and he felt the need to solve it. Luckily for him second lunch rolled around and this time he actually intended to eat.

He went out to the cafeteria, grabbing a tray and getting in line. He eventually managed to get to the food selections. Seemingly he was supposed to choose between mashed potatoes with what seemed to be tough dog meat or pizza made out of cardboard. Yum. He decided to go for the potatoes, then going off to find a place to sit. He finds himself an empty table and sets his tray down to start eating in peace. Apparently, peace isn't what he's supposed to get today as a group of punk scene kids walk up to him all menacing, a pale, skinny figure with a shaved head and many face piercings leading the group.

He stood up behind Edward, casting his shadow upon him, but Edward just kept eating, ignoring his presence. Halfway through his lunch he gets tapped on the shoulder, turning to face the punk kids "Oh excuse me how I may help you?" he asks cordially. The punk guy just said "You're in our table". Edward chuckled "Your table? Then why weren't you here before me?" "We don't have to tell you shit now out of our table or else".

Edward stood up, hands up in a non-threatening manner, being met with snickers and malevolent grins from the rest of the punk brigade. He grabbed his tray and what he did next was unexpected by most. He stepped around the punk boss and as the asshole took a step forward he tripped him, sending him face-first into Edward's mashed potatoes.

The cafeteria was deadly quiet, the tension palpable. The punk brigade was stunned, nobody expected that to happen from the seemingly intimidated new guy. Edward just gathered his bearings and walked off, leaving the punks to clean up their mess. He makes his way his locker, placing some stuff inside and getting his chemistry book out. He closed the locker and was met by a Hispanic-looking guy, about 5'7" tall, also closing his locker. The guy started out "Hey man, name's Arturo" with his hand held out.

"Edward" he answered, shaking the other guy's hand. He noted that he had a firm handshake. "Well Edward, i watched that thing that happened in the cafeteria. The guy totally deserved it, but that's beside the point. I wanted to show you not everybody is an asshole in this school and to warn you to watch you back after school. After that I'm sure they'll try to get you sometime soon" "Well thanks man, I hope we can become good friends." The bell rung for their next classes, and Edward headed straight for the classroom.

After a boring physics class given by an older bitter man who looked at everybody as if they were covered in shit, Edward finally managed to get away from school when the final bell rung.

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He quickly headed out to the parking lot, finding James already out there waiting for him. He walked with James to the car, hopping into the back of the SUV as they sped off. Soon James pulled up into his driveway and killed the engine. "Hey James" Edward called out. James looked back at Edward "Yeah Ed?" "Do you mind taking me out someplace a bit later?" "Yeah I don't see why not, where and when?" "Crusty's book shop at 5, that okay with you?" "Sure." After their brief conversation they both went into the house, James heading off to his own devices as Edward went upstairs, making his way past the three other bedrooms on the upper floor and the guest room, entering the room which over the course of two weeks had been converted into his own.

He tossed his bag on the bed, pulling up his chair and sitting in front of the computer screen, opening Facebook to search for the new people he met. He manages to get Arturo and Hanna's profiles, sending them friend requests before relaxing back into the chair.

He went out to the bathroom, showering in preparation for his "Date", wrapping a towel around his waist as the door is opened, Lisa, James' elder daughter being the one who opened it. "Oh sorry, I didn't hear the shower running" said the 6 feet tall brunette. She was on break from college for a month for reasons which were unknown to Edward.

He simply shook his head "Oh it's no big deal, just be sure to knock next time" before walking out of the bathroom, looking back at her hourglass figure with a big, plump ass and luscious tits which were plaguing his attention and tempting his eyes as they spoke, getting closed up by the door. He walks into his room, choosing out his clothes. He decides to go for a black t-shirt with the words "Get inked" in white on the front, a pair of dark jeans and black boots over his black socks.

4:30 PM and he was ready for his appointment. It might not be an official date but he wanted to make a good impression. He went downstairs to find Caddie and Lucas, the inseparable twins of the Anthony household, sitting down on the couch watching TV. "You look good, who's the lucky girl?" Caddie starts out as Lucas just chuckles. "Well, there's no lucky girl.

I'm just having a small meeting with someone that is not a date just to be clear." "Yeah, keep telling yourself that" Lucas said, the 5 feet 9 and also brown haired boy, like his father, unlike the Blonde Caddie, who measured up to 5 feet 8 inches and had a more athletic build, having firm, toned legs and smallish breasts seemingly taking after her mother, but an ass to die for, not that he had been watching. Nobody would ever think that they were twins. "Stop bothering Edward" James says, walking out of the kitchen and into view of the teens "Ed I'm good to go, you ready?" Edward nods, making his way out to the car after checking on his belongings, finding his phone in one pocket and wallet in the other.

He opened his wallet and found five $50 bills, thanking his past self for his good management of his monthly allowance. He gets dropped off in front of the bookstore, thinking of what to expect from his supposed date. He decides to just let things take their course and walks in, spotting Hanna already seated at a booth in the corner. He slid into the opposite side of the booth, directly across her. She lowered her book, raising an eyebrow as she sees him "Cool T-shirt" "That's why I wore it" he says back at her with a smirk.

Hanna chuckles lightly before closing and putting down her book. "Now, about what we were speaking about earlier…" She starts before being cut off by Edward "Excuse me but I'd rather do this over a coffee, do you mind?" he asks.

She shakes her head as he walks up to the counter, getting himself a cup of black coffee and for her a latte. "I hope you're cool with a Latte" "I rather enjoy it, thanks. But now that we're set, what did you tell him earlier?" Hanna asks, genuinely interested in it. "Well" Edward starts in between sips of his coffee "I showed him that I'm more observant than I seem and then gave him some political advice." He answers, his gaze locked onto hers.

"What do you mean?" Hanna inquired, interested and mildly confused. "I just told him what his fears were. He's a coward and he knows it himself. Then I told him that he shouldn't pick on minorities if he wants to be popular because I'm pretty darn sure he's going to try to run for student council president" Hanna sat there stunned. Who was this guy that did in one day what the rest of the school didn't have the guts to do in earlier years?

"Plus" Edward kept going "I'm going to turn him into an ally" Hanna looked at him as if he had grown a second, or maybe even a third head. "What are you thinking? Are you serious? Are you crazy or just dumb?" were some of the questions Hanna thought of, but all she asked was "How?" Edward gave her a wide smile "Well, by being a good guy to him." He says before leaning in closer to her, who also leaned in "I can see he has a thing for you by the way he always hangs around you, and by the way you usually act as if he wasn't there I'd say he's asked you out before and you said no, most likely because you hate his bully mannerisms.

Well, he has many 'friends' in school, some of them hang around the area and might have seen you, the target of his affection, and me, the new kid, coming in here. Now either they think I'm stalking you or we have a date, either way he's bound to know and burst in here sometime soon." Not ten seconds after Edward says this the door to the place is opened and Joshua walks in, rushing at the booth as soon as he sees the 'couple' talking. "What's going on in here?" Joshua spat out in poorly controlled anger, and before Hanna could say anything Edward spoke up "Well, Josh, I was just telling Hanna here about how you offered to give me a tour of the school tomorrow.

It seems she was being told by some people you were a mean green bullying machine, so I had to show her that wasn't the real you" Edward said smiling. Edward didn't know who was more dumbfounded, if it was Hanna or Joshua, but Hanna quickly regained her composure and flashed him a fake smile "Yeah, he told me about how cool you were to him in his first day." Joshua just looked at Edward, not knowing what to do when Edward stunned him further by exiting the booth "Sit down man, I'd like to have a drink with you and I'm sure that Hanna doesn't object, but I have to take a 'tinkle'.

Too many liquids." Edward walked off, a Cheshire-like grin splayed across his face as he went into the bathroom and pulled out his phone, texting Hanna from the number he got off of Facebook. "Have fun out there?" he typed in. Not minutes later she answered "You're playing a dangerous game. You're juggling a live grenade and expecting it not to blow up in your face? What would have happened if my reaction was different?" Edward chuckled before answering "For short messaging you really write a lot" "Not funny Edward, I'm serious here" "Well, I knew you'd be at least quicker than him in regaining your composure, and you're smart, so… yeah.

And about the grenade, I'm juggling it exactly because it's live. I'm doing it to get him to not blow up. I know what I'm doing, trust me" "I hope you do". Edward slid his phone back into his pocket after checking the time, 5:45. 'Dinner's soon, gotta have James pick me up.' He thought before walking out of the bathroom "Sorry guys, something came up I got to go, have fun!" He says, placing a $50 bill on the wooden top of the booth's table before walking out the bookstore and calling James telling him he's clear.

Not five minutes later James' car pulls up in front of the store, Edward entering in the back seat. "So Ed, how did your date go?" asked Lisa from the shotgun seat. Edward just shrugged with a neutral face, chuckling to himself on the inside.

'Josh must be so confused right now' he thought.

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As soon as they pull over in front of home, Edward exits the car and walks up to the door, using the keys James had given him to open it and let himself in. He found Caddie and Lucas, whom he called Luke because why the fuck not, still watching TV in the living room.


"God, don't you guys have any homework to do?" He asks as he goes up the stairs in a good mood. He goes into his room thinking about what to do next when his phone buzzes with a text from an unknown number. "Hey dude, it's Josh" 'So It went from not even saying his name to the all so familiar Josh, funny' Edward thought as he kept reading the message "I got your number from Hanna.

I just wanted to apologize from that shit earlier today and thank you for the word you put in with her. I hope you can forget that" Edward didn't answer right away, but added Joshua's number to his contacts list.

He decided to be productive, so he got his homework out and spent a good amount of time doing it. After that he surfs the web a bit more before he's called down for dinner by James. He decides not to keep his hosts waiting and heads straight for the dining room, finding James, Lisa, Caddie and Lucas already seated, a dinner of meatloaf set for them on the table. After he sat down, only one seat was empty.

Everybody started eating, and not two minutes afterwards the living room door gets opened and then closed. Amber, James' wife and the mother of the house quickly makes her way into the dining room.

Amber was a 5 feet 8 tall blonde bombshell, her black knee-length hair up in a businesslike bun, her shapely body kept in shape at her 32 years even after having three children by her visits to the gym every weekend and her controlled diet. Her body was adorned in a navy blue blouse slacks in the same color, her feet framed in a pair of black heels.

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She sets her handbag down before taking her seat at the table. "Sorry I'm late, I was kept late at the office because I was showing a newbie her way around the office" James chuckles lightly before joking "Looks like Edward isn't the only one having their first day today." Lisa lost no time inquiring after her father had finished speaking "So Ed how was your date?" Amber raised an eyebrow at the question.

She wasn't told there was any date. Lucas starts glancing up from his plate occasionally and Caddie outright stares at him. Edward opens his mouth to speak, before getting another idea, smiling inwards as he closes his mouth and just shrugs, much to the dismay of everybody present. He quickly finishes his dinner and after excusing himself gets off the table, taking his plate to the kitchen and washing it along with the silverware he used, before drying them and setting them in place inside the cabinet.

He then walks up the stairs quickly before anybody else has a shot at questioning him. He closes his room's door behind him, changing into some lighter clothes before he started his daily 'before bed' exercise regime. He kept himself in shape mostly through his jiu-jitsu training, keeping his other training light, but seen as he was without a dojo to train in he doubled the exercise load. He worked out for four hours, starting at 7:30PM and stopping at 11:30.

He got up and walked in front of the mirror, flexing his arm and feeling it, before doing the same to his core. He might have put on a bit of weight but he did not get fat, only heavier. Good. He gets out a pair of boxer shorts and a flimsy white tee he used to sleep in laid out on his bed before getting his towel and making his way out his room into the bathroom, most of the house already asleep. He takes a quick cold shower to cool him down and lose the smell of sweat before stepping out of the shower and wrapping his towel around the waist.

He makes his way downstairs into the kitchen to get a glass of water, before walking past James and Amber's room, the only downstairs room, hearing some light moaning and bedsprings squeaking coming from within it. He just chuckles while thinking 'You go James!' before going upstairs and back into his room.

As soon as he enters his room he loses his towel, letting his 7 ½ "cock out in the air before he hears somebody clear their throat. He looks at the source of the sound, finding Caddie sitting nervously on his computer chair. "So, would you mind covering… That?" she asks, fidgeting while pointing at his crotch. Edward just shrugs "I'm in my own room after taking a shower, why would I cover up before drying myself?" He asks as he gets his towel and dries himself off slowly, making sure to let her see his cock move with each of his exaggerated motions.

If she's gonna see it might as well let her burn it into her memory from all angles. After a few minutes of this Edward puts on a pair of boxer shorts and a flimsy white tee, sitting down on his bed "So, would you tell me why I found you inside my room?" Edward asks as Caddie frowns "You know damn well why, you haven't told me how your date went yet!" "First of all, it wasn't a date.

Second of all, if I didn't say earlier what makes you think I'd say it now?" Caddie scowls, her curiosity driving her more than her rational brain as she asks "Is it really true you went out with Hanna Evans?" Edward thinks for a bit before deciding he could profit a bit from this "Well, what would I gain from telling you what happened and who I went with?" Caddie thought for a while, thinking about something she could give him.

Edward acted as if he was thinking very deeply about what it could be that she could give him when he already knew damn well what he wanted. "What about… Nah. Never mind" Caddie quickly looked up at Edward "what is it, tell me!" "Nah, it was a stupid thought. You'd never agree to it anyway." "Just say what it is I swear I'll do it!" Edward smirks lightly before saying "I want your clothes." "What do you mean?" "Well, you seem to really want to know and you have nothing else to give me than that.

Plus, you've already seen me naked so I guess it's only fair. How about one piece of clothing per question answered?" Caddie goes into deep thought, debating on her options. She eventually decides to accept, thinking that she could always just ask one question and then flee.

"Okay, so is it really true you had a date with Hanna Evans?" Edward just nods as Caddie shakes her head in disbelief "No way, on your first day?" "Did you see me go to school any other day? By the way, I've already answered two questions, you owe me two pieces of clothing. Start stripping." "No way!" Caddie blurts out embarrassed as Edward shrugs "I guess you don't want to know the really juicy details of what happened during the alleged 'date', or what went on during second lunch today" He says getting up to escort her out of his room.

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Before he could get to her though, Caddie was already taking off the tight top and boy shorts she slept on, revealing her white panties and bra combo. Edward just raised his eyebrow "You sleep in a bra?" "No, I just didn't want to come here with no bra knowing how cold it is right now and you also owe me a piece of clothing." Edward chuckles at how Caddie tried to turn his game on him, thinking that she could get away from giving him her underwear if he didn't also give her his.

He pretended to be taking off his boxer shorts, tugging at the waistband before grabbing the hem of his shirt and pulling it over his head. Caddie decided to resume her questions "So what happened during lunch? And what else happened during your date?" "Well, during lunch some punks tried to mess with me and I served them, quite literally" Edward says before chuckling "And during my alleged date Joshua showed up.

Also, are you aware that you used up your two remaining questions?" "Yes, and you asked your final one too, so if you want me to give you my underwear you have to give me your boxers." Edward shrugs and tugs his boxer shorts down, handing them over to her "your turn" Caddie hesitates before reaching back and unclasping her bra, letting it drop to the ground, before tugging her panties down and giving them both to Edward.

"Well, wanna know what happened afterwards?" Edward asks and Caddie nods "Ask me." "What happened afterwards?" "Well, after that I stepped out after telling Joshua that I put in a good word for him and let him have the date he's been asking for." Edward says before looking Caddie up and down "Well, we're out of clothes and we've both asked each other a question, so I say that as compensation we each get to feel the other." Caddie nods, not really thinking about it, just processing the information he had just fed her, before walking over to Edward and placing her hands on his shoulders as he places his on her hips.

He feels up her sides as she glides her hands along his defined chest and as her hand starts gliding down his stomach he tenses the muscles, making her feel his tight abs she feels as his own hands go along her back and down to her buttcheeks, groping and kneading them lightly. "You're fitter than you look, did you know that?" Caddie asks as Edward answers with another question "You feel as good as you look, did you know that too?" As his hand keeps going lower, feeling her toned legs, and her hands feel his thighs, which he flexes lightly.


He leans in close, whispering into her ear "We each asked another question, so I say we get to feel each other with our mouths" before lightly pushing her into his bed and taking a 69 position with her, kissing around her thighs, letting his face get as close as possible to her warm, moist cunt without actually touching it.

Not one to be outdone, Caddie starts to lightly kiss up his quickly hardening shaft until reaching the tip, kissing the crown before engulfing the head as her hand worked his shaft. He decided to dive in and spread his tongue out flat, licking up the entire length of her slit, her juices covering his tongue as he starts flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue as his fingers pressed into her moist hole.

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She moans softly onto his cock, causing him to tremble lightly as he decides to get more aggressive, licking and flicking at her clit with his tongue before sucking it between his lips as his fingers quickly work her hole, her juices flowing out in large amounts causing his room to fill up with a wet squelching noise.

She breathes in deeply before engulfing his entire cock in a deep throat, causing him to lightly groan. He lets his face up from her hole, asking "Ever been told you're good at that?" Caddie, getting his idea answers with another question "Ever been told you're big?" They both change positions, him settling between her legs in a missionary, grinding his shaft against her slit.

Edward gets a serious tone, asking Caddie a final question "Want to go all the way?" "Did you think I'd say anything other than yes?" Caddie asks before Edward presses the head of his cock into her hole, getting about three inches into her on his first thrust, feeling her tight, moist insides squeeze his cockhead, barely letting him in. He pulls back and then slams in harder, getting almost all of his cock in the second thrust, a gasp escaping his partner's lips "Fuck, that's, good" she says between breaths as he keeps hammering into her tight hole.

He moves up onto his knees, lifting her hips with his hands, her back arched in a show of her athletic flexibility. He goes back to hammering hard into her, her head thrashing around on his pillow as her hands grip his bed sheets. He feels her walls contracting, Caddie almost breathlessly whispering "I'm close".

Edward feels himself get close too. He feels the pressure build up at the base of his cock, driving hard and faster into her before exploding inside of her which causes her own orgasm to start, her body shuddering as her thighs clench around his waist, her hips bucking back into his as she milks him of his final jets of cum. Afterwards they both lay down tired alongside each other before caddie asks "So, if your date was successful would you be doing this to Hanna?" "Nah, didn't have the intention to do so from the start.

By the way, is it okay that I came inside of you?" "No problem, I had really bad menstrual pains, runs in the family, so we're on birth meds to make the periods regular and lessen the pain." Edward just chuckles before saying "Funny how you can turn that soft time period after sex into a biology lesson" as both start softly laughing. Caddie decides to get up, taking Edward's boxers into her hands and using them to clean herself out before getting back into her shorts and top.

"What about your undies?" Edward asks getting up. "You keep mine and I keep yours. Also, I hope you don't mind us repeating this once in a while?" Edward smiles as he wraps his towel around the waist, getting up and heading back to the bathroom to get cleaned up "My pleasure." To be continued, please vote and give me your feedback on what you think about the story.