Big booty Trinity from Detroit

Big booty Trinity from Detroit
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I wish I were a talented author, so that I could truly describe the beauty of the girl who sat so very close to me, at the library. However, I am only a librarian with a journal so I will do my best. Let me start with her hair;Shirly-temple curls that twirled down to her shoulders, a shining chesnut, complete with a tiny pink bow at the side, holding the cascade of locks into place.

The hair framed a decidedly heart-shaped, with a pronounced round little chin. Her features were so perfect, so fragile and perfectly crafted that she could have been a large china-doll, right down to her plump ruby lips.


What was different from a china doll, were her eyes. Her rounded and youthful child's face held the very sultry, very sexual eyes of a woman.

Not just any woman either,and I must stress this, but the eyes of a filthy slut. A bright smouldering grey, her eyes breifly flicked to me through heavy and dark eyelashes-the same look an experianced pornstar might flash at the camera before taking a cock in the ass. The reason I want so badly to stress those whore eyes glowing at me, is because I am NOT a bad man. I have never touched a child;ever.

Sure every guys fantasizes about younger girls, sixteen or seventeen admittedly(fourteen and fifteen in private) but I had never ever taken action on my thoughts until this girl walked into my library. And who could resist?

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I feel that any man would have done the same, and argued the same case I am right now. She had seemed to glide through the library doors, slender frame swaying her hips from side to side.


That was what caught my attention first-Such an alluring stride for such a young lass. As I gazed at her over the top of my book, she began walking torwards me. This girl was a tiny thing, five feet tops, ninety pounds wet. Her small round breasts jiggled freely in her loose t-shirt and I silently thanked god I had decided on laser eye surgery two years ago, when I spied the small dark spots where her tiny nippled pressed against the white shirt.

As she approached, she flashed those sex-kitten eyes at me, turned and sat down at a table. I continued to stare for a moment, wondering how old the girl was. Based purely on her physical apeparance I would say fourteen, but the confident sexuality that radiated from her said she was more like sixteen.

This is where the story gets a little difficult to tell. I am writing this to you, journal, because I know I can never tell a living soul.

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As I watched the girl, my cock growing thick and heavy in my slacks, I began to devise a plan. I don't believe there was any concious decision made-but a purely animal instinct to hunt, and be satisfied. I watched and I waited, praying she would stay until the library closed-And catching my breath every time she leaned forward and her skirt rose a few inches on her creamy thin thighs.

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The library closed at ten oclock,I watched with baited breathe as people slowly trickled out, and at nine fifty when she still sat, reading away, I knew I had her. When ten struck, I silently rose, and began to walk slowly around her back. I kept a great distance, not wanting to disturb her reading as I crossed to the library doors. She continued to read, oblviously lost in whatever book she held, and I carefully eased the key into the front doors, even more carefully twisting it shut.

Done. I wuickly turned my head to see if she had noticed her entrapment, and she had not. Step two was to close the curtains, which might be more tricky without calling her attention.

I debated wether to pull them closed quickly, and run to her, or to try and draw them quietly. I decided on the latter, not wanting a chase. I had been waiting patiently for what seemed like forever, my cock throbbing ever painfully, and I wanted to simply have her.

The curtains on the left side of the door pulled shut with ease and quietly, and I moved to the second.


The right curtains squeeked slightly, and I turned my head so sharply, I felt a painful twinge as something let go of my neck. Still, she had not raised her head from the book, and I pulled it all the way closed.

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The time was now. My heart was pounding as I slowly circled back around her, making my way out of her field of vision should she look up.

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Once directly behind her, I advanced until I was within arms reach. For a moment I stood there, unsure. Until just then the consequences of what I was going to do hadn't occured to me. RAPE flashed through my head in bold capitol letters, followed by JAIL and DEATH. The second that I stood there, my hand twitching at my side to reach for her, seemed a painful eternity, until something in me broke. I let go of all worries, all concerns, and in my wild and joyful abandoment, I reached forward, and laid two heavy hands on her shoulders.

Now she looked up. Her confidence gone in an instant, her once sultry eyes now wide and frightened, she stared at me for a moment, holding her breathe. "You are a very pretty girl." I broke the silence, keeping one heavy hand on her shoulder, and running a finger down the side of her face with her other. Ahhh, her skin was a cool silken cream.

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It seams this entire ancounter hapenned in slow motion, so I could savor every flash of emotion that swam through her eyes, each surfacing in turn.

First outrage, then fear, then an even darker terror. Ahh, sweet the tears that filled those whore's eyes and ran down her cheeks. Still she had not spoken, and I began to feel the delicious power over her tiny form. No longer doubtful, but confident and quite enjoying the fear I impressed on her, I tightened my grip and shook her a bit. "How old are you doll?" I asked roughly, leaning forward so I was almost nose to nose with that tiny doll face. What color her milk white face had kept all drained away, and she was a sheet white, her eyes wide, as her lips worked to respond.

"Se.Seventee." No fucking way.

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This tiny girl? I thought no way. Then I realized, who gives a fuck and pressed my lips to hers. Juicy, soft full lips that tasted of bubblegum. My tongue snaked into her moist mouth, swirling about hers as she gagged-And then I felt a sharp sting on my tongue;Dumb bitch had bitten me.

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I oulled back, suddenly more furious than I have ever been, and slapped her hard. There was some color on her cheeks. I slapped her on the other side, harder, and she shreaked, throwing her arms up and sobbing. In her attempt to get away, she scooted off the chair, falling onto the ground and I immdiately fell on her.