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I jerked awake for a moment feeling lost, and then the memories of the last week flooded my mind. The council leader's son had managed to find us. Though I had severely injured him, he was still after Naci and me with even more of a vengeance. Naci and I had been here almost the whole time after our narrow escape. I had finally started trying to strengthen Naci though it was slow going. She had power there was no doubt about that. It was just that her defenses were so weak.

Plus there was the fact that she was so untrained in most defensive tactics. I sighed as I had Naci again try to stop a bolt I sent at her. Shaking my head I saw that she held it great at first. Then she seemed to lose her resolve a few minutes later.

A whole week and I felt she was no closer to being able to protect herself than when we started. Sitting I started to run through everything I had ever learned. I was looking for that one thing that I felt would help her somehow get what I was trying to teach. I mean don't get me wrong she was a fast learner; it was just getting her to see the concept; that and trying to teach her exactly what to do.

Alright, so she was a hell of a lot better than a week ago, though to me not enough. She was my partner now, and I had to be able to depend on her if this came down to an all out fight. Shaking my head I knew that she was nowhere near that yet.

"Alright Naci; that's enough for today. You feel like strengthening your defenses," I asked as she was panting a bit. Naci dropped her eyes almost a look of shame as she nodded her head. I opened up reaching in feeling her defensive abilities. They weren't that strong as I felt they needed to be. When we started she was barely more than half what I was. Now I had her at almost three quarters of what I was.

Not bad but not enough knowing who and what we were up against. "I'm sorry Toman I am supposed to be your partner. I feel I am failing you." She said in a quiet voice.

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For some strange reason I reached out gently caressing her cheek. "No I am failing you. Had I been teaching you all those months ago when I promised you, then you'd be a lot better." Naci's mouth dropped open as she stared at me. "No Toman you are doing the best that you can, considering." Here she looked at the ground again. This time I saw a few tears escaping her eyes. "I know you have had so much on your mind. Plus all that you have to do. I'm not sure I could have lasted as long as you had I lost both mother and father." "As far as I know it is harder to lose one than both.

As young as we were it wasn't easy but we both made it. Now relax I'm going to be as gentle as I can ok?" Naci's eyes opened wide as she snapped her head up to stare at me. "Yes husband I will for you. Thank you for being gentle." Naci said in a whisper. Shocked I almost forgot to start. Reaching out I was diving in all the way to where her power was. Strange though this time things felt different.

Almost a warm safe feeling. I touched all the strands I wanted to strengthen. Thinking a moment I started out slow letting the power go up on its own as it strengthened. I swear I could almost feel her sigh then I felt something else. Even as I watched the strands started to thicken far faster than I had ever seen them. Shaking my head I slowed the power flow into all of them. Again I could swear I felt a sigh from Naci. That's when I noticed that all the strands had grown far more than I had seen them since I had started this.

I also could feel no strain at all; it was almost a warm loving feeling. Strange I thought. I had her higher faster than I had ever yet. Withdrawing, I almost felt a disappointed feeling as I was leaving. Again what in the hell was going on? Why did I feel that she was far stronger than I thought? Opening my eyes I looked at Naci, what was that look she was giving me?

Then just as suddenly it was gone had I imagined it? No I thought I don't think so. "I'm sorry Naci I know you are tired. I need to see how much further you are, ok?" I saw a light in her eyes as she smiled then nodded. "I am ready husband, I will hold as long as I can." She told me. I was about to start when something Merlin had told me came to mind. "Ok, I have something I want you to try. This time try not to push everything you have into the shield ok? Just use the barest amount increase only as much as you need to keep the blasts off of you." I saw her eyes open wide as something seemed to click in her.

"Yes husband, I see what you mean. I am ready when you are." Opening up I sent a half power bolt toward her.

When it stopped cold I smiled, finally. She was starting to get it! Increasing, I was almost three quarters power with her still keeping the bolts at bay.

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I started to smile bigger. This was the highest I had ever been without her being boosted by anger. Smiling larger I started to nod I was right at three quarters power when I felt her start to falter. Stopping I looked at Naci she was hardly panting, hell she hardly looked tired. Well that is 'til she tried to take a step towards me. Catching her before she hit the ground, I picked her up putting her on the mage bed. Naci's eyes flickered open, "I'm sorry husband I wasn't able to hold it longer." I smiled at her, "you don't even realize do you?" "I realized I failed again even after you strengthened me." With that Naci turned her head away.

I gently took hold of her chin turning her head toward me. "No Naci, I was right at three quarters of my power. I'd say that you made a major jump today. I don't know what happened but this changes things greatly." Naci could only stare at me as she whispered, "three quarters?" Her mouth made a large 'O' as she continued to let all of that information sink in.

Then, like when I had explained how I wanted her to use her defense I saw something almost click in her. With a squeal she launched herself at me kissing my face all over. Though none of those kisses compared to the one she gave me on my mouth.

I almost dropped to the ground from the amount of energy that shot through me. Her wide eyes let me know she was feeling it also. Breaking the kiss seemed to be the hardest thing I had ever done. As I looked at Naci I started to feel something deep within me that I had never felt before. I also noticed that she was breathing as heavy as I was. Shyly Naci looked away as I saw her face turn a reddish color, so that was what a blush looked like! "Rest Naci, I am afraid we are going to have to move soon.

From what I have felt the council leader's son Rigal was getting closer." "I will try to recover as fast as I can husband." She said as she lay there. "I'm glad you have gone up as far as you have Naci, it will make things easier and safer now." I told her as I turned to go out. "Thank you husband, I will do better soon." I heard her say as I stepped out.

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I waved my hand over the table that was outside our shelter. Two small bags appeared full of all that I had been thinking of. Stepping to the edge of the bubble I started to throw the seeds that were in the bag all the way around our camp.

Nodding I snapped my fingers watching all the seeds dig down deep 'til they might be needed.

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Grabbing the other bag I pulled out a single flat piece of metal. Waving my hand over it, it soon split into thirty two identical pieces. Motioning I watched all of them fly to equal distances from each other then bury themselves. With that done I wondered if I needed more of them, then decided that was enough. Pulling out an arrow I placed it in the air then snapped my fingers then waved both hands over it.

It divided many times over 'til there were at least several hundred.


Grabbing a small statue of a dragon I waved my hand over it thanking Merlin that he'd taught me this. Breathing into the nostrils of it I watched it grow then divide into a total of sixteen. Igniting a piece of wood I fed it to each dragon as each bowed to me then accepted the fire. Then they all went to hide at various points around the camp. Satisfied so far I started to motion outside the bubble making a complex series of ropes appear entwined in each other.

Extending them completely over us I felt a little safer though not much. I checked on Naci seeing that she was recuperating extremely well.

I just hoped she was enough before Rigal appeared. Thinking it over I wasn't sure if the defenses I had set would slow him down that much.

This hunter was no slouch he not only had the best human weapons, he also had far more power than any other hunter. No I was going to have to be at my best to survive him as well as Naci. Damn it! I could feel him getting closer; soon he might be able to feel the null field. I could feel he was only about ten to fifteen years away. I could also feel that he was starting to get a small inkling as to where I was. I knew he was hunting the both of us though I also knew he was zeroing in on me being the strongest.

I had to wait as long as I could to give Naci a chance to recharge. As she was right now she might not make it all the way through the portal. It was about a day later that I finally felt Naci wake up.

Stretching I saw her look out then a worried look came to her face as she saw how tense I was. "Husband is the hunter close?" I nodded trying to keep my power down as much as I could.

I had to give Naci a chance to recover completely. Whispering I told her, "I'm sorry I pushed you as far as I did. It made you stronger yes, though it took over a day for you to recharge most of the way." A huge smile crossed her features, "I thank you husband, had you not then I wouldn't have grown would I?

So it was a good thing." "Yes, you are more a force to deal with now. Get ready to go I fear he will be here soon." I told her as I could feel Rigal drawing ever closer.


Naci nodded as she was like a storm flying around the camp putting up everything she could with lightening speed. Again as I watched her I felt the same deep something I had the day before. What in the hell was this? Naci was almost done putting everything up when I heard a boom as time was ruptured announcing the arrival of Rigal.

Nodding I felt everything I had planted bristle at the intrusion of an unfriendly magic user. Not yet I thought to everything. Wait 'til you have to, I thank all of you I'm sorry that you might not survive." I felt most of the things I had set acknowledge. Without reaching out I could feel that Rigal was still somewhat hurt, good! "Hey you abomination! No sorry both of you bastards. I'm glad you ran it makes the fact that you die today that much sweeter. Don't think that your toys will save you this time!

You might know a few of the hunter tricks but I am the master. Tell you what come out and face me, I'll make it quick. Then I'll get to use that piece of ass you have with you. A few times with me she'll be glad when I end her!

I." It was at that moment that the vines attacked causing him to laugh. Well he was laughing 'til they started to grow far faster than he could stop them. I heard him scream as one finally got through though it only ripped along his side. Laughing he advanced to the edge of the bubble slashing his way through. I had already created the portal as he stared at me with venom. "I am so going to enjoy killing you!" Taking a pouch off his side he was about to reach in when a few hundred arrows streaked toward him from several directions.

Laughing almost all stopped short with the exception of the last two. One pierced his shoulder, just as he threw the first thing out of the bag. Suddenly his eyes got large as three dragons engaged the beasts that grew. Even as they were tearing each other apart the last arrow found its mark in Rigal's thigh not far his genitals. Screaming louder Rigal started to sink to the ground as the other Dragons came out breathing fire.

Motioning with his arm Rigal was shocked when his magic refused to work. "A little variation of the hunter power siphoning disks. Enjoy you piece of crap. With any luck you'll die here with all your toys! Because to me that's all they are!" With that I stepped into the portal. Rigal's mouth dropped open when it closed immediately behind me!

Damn it Rigal thought this is no beginning wild magic user! This one has complete control! Still it didn't matter he was unregistered, therefore he had to die! Toman kept as tight a hold on Naci as he could, drawing her body against his. Making a motion they were suddenly moving forward then back.

Making it again they again went forward for almost an hour then changed going back almost to Naci's time. Emerging Toman was almost exhausted as they both tumbled out of the portal. Landing with a thud on his back, Naci was pressed hard into him. It was the first time they had ever been this close.

Toman suddenly noticed that certain lower parts of him were growing in length from the feel of her on him. Releasing her Toman said. "I'm sorry about the rough landing Naci.

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I'm afraid all the turns I took nearly exhausted me." "I am fine Toman my husband. I am more concerned about you as you took all the force of the fall." Getting off of him they both groaned at the break in the contact of their bodies. Naci started to feel all over Toman making sure nothing was broken. Then as she was going over him she inadvertently brushed his erection.

Snatching her hand away as if she'd been burned her eyes got wide. Then just as suddenly Naci was blushing. "I'm sorry Toman I didn't mean to touch without your permission." She shyly said looking away with a red face. What she'd wanted to say was she was proud that her husband was as large and felt as good as he did.

Toman could only lie there just that brief brushing touch had caused a stirring in him he'd never felt before. His heart was pounding as well as a great throbbing between his legs. Shaking his head he really needed to talk to his father or Pops. God forbid he asked his mother, though here he gave a deep sigh. He just might have to ask her after all this. Then again only if Pops didn't have an answer, though THAT hardly ever happened.

Naci suddenly shot up moving to start setting up their camp. Toman stood concentrating on the bubble, at least now it didn't take as much energy though he had so little of it at the moment. Feeling it form Toman pushed it as it started to grow though for once he wasn't sure just how big it would get.

Naci had already started setting up their mage home, a few chairs one of which she put behind Toman.

Then she worked slowly on the rest keeping an eye on Toman. He was a lot more powerful though he still had a tendency to push too far. As the bubble started to expand she nodded then watched as Toman nearly collapsed into the chair.

Looking at her he mouthed thank you. An hour later Naci was done, helping Toman to lie down. Then she sat beside him as he was asleep in no time. Again as before Toman entered a dream field with Rigal arriving a moment later.

"So I see that you are still alive." Toman said as he passed a hand over Rigal. "OuuuH! Nasty burn there, what your little toys not strong enough?" Laughing Toman could see Rigal start to grow angry than just as fast calm. "Oh they're strong enough they took out your guardians." Rigal said smugly. Again Laughing Toman told Rigal, "guardians? Ha! Those as I told you were toys like you use. Had they been MY guardians you'd have been dead before I left you to rot there. No, keep coming after us, then you'll see my guardians.

Plus I guarantee you won't survive!" "So another challenge! Dually noted." Rigal said a smile forming on his face.

I smiled as I could feel that Rigal was very low in energy and a high in pain. "Alright." I told him. "Though I suggest you get patched up before you come after us again. As I said the next time I just might kill you out of principle alone. Your toys are no match for me, as I am finding neither are you. So come at me again I have no problem ending you." Here I drew up to his visage as I snarled. "No problem what so ever!" Then I withdrew leaving him there seething.

I snapped back jerking awake again feeling Naci beside me in a moment. "Toman husband? Are you alright? I saw that you seemed to be struggling in your sleep." Sitting up I nodded to her as I thought about the encounter with Rigal. He was weak not far from death the way he was going. I scratched my chin as I thought for another moment. Calling up an orb I concentrated on it willing what I wanted to see. Smiling I saw that the weakest council member was alone.

Perfect! "I think this is the perfect time to go after him." I told Naci as she was watching the scene play out that I was watching. "I agree the same as before?" She asked. "Hmmmmm perhaps though they are going to grow wise to that soon." I took Naci's hand feeling a shock run through both of us.

"I want you to be careful. This is the first full council member we are going after. That makes him far more dangerous than the sub-council members. Plus as I end them a new and better one will take their place. Also remember each time I use my powers they get stronger." "I know Toman though I haven't such ability as yet, I hope to when I have grown stronger." Naci told me. I nodded though I suppose I should have told her that she was already strong enough.

I still hadn't found the strand that activated this ability, though I was starting to narrow it down. I opened a portal taking her hand we both stepped through.

Appearing in the seedy run down sections of one of the mage cities. Nodding to Naci she followed the mage into a dive of a tavern. Moments later they both emerged with the mage trying to get his hands in Naci's shirt.

Well that was 'til he saw me opening his mouth he found nothing came out as I reached in stripping all his power then all of the memories of plans to destroy several families. Snarling I snapped a chop to his throat as blood started to bubble out of his mouth. Dropping like a rock I had already opened the portal as Naci took my hand as we ran for it. I should have known the mage would have guards nearby.

I felt a burning sensation as a flame bolt brushed my leg. I felt Naci's anger before I saw it. A shield was between us and that far stronger than I had expected. Then I was suddenly clutched tight by Naci as we were falling into the portal. Weakly I made a motion collapsing the portal right on our heels. We emerged in a familiar grove of trees as I heard Naci start to scream. Damn was that Pops? Mother? Merlin?

Damn it! I hadn't wanted to come here. I couldn't expose them all to danger. I tried to stand to make another portal, and then Naci screamed again as I felt the wetness oozing down my leg. Looking down I saw all the blood as I thought damn I'm bleeding, well crap that's going to ruin my day. I felt several hands as I was lifted then I felt a familiar energy I hadn't felt in a long time.

Mom was healing me. damn not again! That's the last I remember as the world suddenly went dark.