Slim like asian girl play pussy cam to cam

Slim like asian girl play pussy cam to cam
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This story has no build up it is all sex. I wanted to reader to fell like he is in control of his experience so there are no ages or description.

you get to fill that in you self by using your mind to choose the age and looks of your dream cake and fuck the shit out of him hope you like it. The world has froze and time has stopped.


The only people still moving are you and me. We are alone together in a hotel by the beach with a room where everything from the floor the the ceiling is as bright white as the brand new white briefs and socks we are wearing.

We embrace each other and make out as we fall on the bed. Never once breaking contact, I get on top of you and suck your lips and tongue. As I hump our bulges in our underwear together. I run my hand through your hair and you grab my ass tight.


We enjoy the new wonders of one another. Groping and sucking face for what feels like days in your arms. I kiss you down your body stopping at your nipples to give them a good sucking. Then kiss your belly down to your bulge and rub my face on it. feeling the outline of your package.Then I take your underwear off with my mouth and I rub your thigh. You are now wearing socks, only socks. I start to rub my face on and lick your cock and balls all over.

I love the smell of your balls in my face. You decide it is time you are not the only one who get to be naked so i get on my back and you give me a kiss. Then you get to my boner and nibble in playfully.

You tease my hard dick for what seems like forever. Then you strip me of the last article of clothing I have. Then like a little boy playing with his toys. you just play with my most private parts. You can't take it anymore so you start licking my dick up and down. The taste of me drives you crazy so you start searching for the door into my ass with your finger.

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You find it then plug in and start to fingering me making as you suck I start whisper moaning your name. "finger me oohhh suck me ahhh god Lalo!" you stop sucking my cock and spread my legs and pull my cheeks apart and start eating my sweet hole i rub your hair and you eat me out.

You move your tongue deeper as you use your hand to play with my balls. You come up and make me suck the finger that was just in my ass.

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Then you get on your knees and kneel over me as you slap and poke your dick in my face. I open wide to accept my gift. You forcefully push your dick into my wet mouth. I lick your dick in my mouth as you begin to fuck my face. You are talking dirty to me and going full speed. "You like my dick?" "aahhh huh!" "Oh fuck you feel good on my cock! Take my penis in your throat" With every thrust your dick head hits my throat and your balls hit my chin.


You taste amazing but you pull out, come down for a long wet kiss then you look in my eyes to tell me it is time for the main event. I get on my back and you pull me close and start to rub your dickhead on my asshole sending shivers through our bodies. You pull me close and start to rub your dickhead on my tight asshole sending shivers through our bodies. Then you spit on my hole as you softly poke the head in my hole slowly making my way deeper and deeper inside me.You push your warm dick as deep inside me as it can go and leave is there for a little while.

Just to pull in out fast and push in slow. As I moan on the way out and breath out on the way in. Then you move my legs onto your shoulders and bend down to kiss me lustfully as you slowly pick up speed on reentry We make out and as you fuck me harder and harder making me moan into my mouth.

Which only makes you go faster.

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Your dick is so warm in my ass. You push it in and out as we start to sweat and the room is warm with the smell of love making.You break the kiss only to start jacking me off. The faster you fuck the more noise we make, moaning each others names and yelling out in pleasure. Harder and faster and harder and faster you fuck me and jack me. I start to feel an orgasm coming on and you ask me if I want to cum for you. I moan "YYYYEESS!" "Want me to cum in your tight ass" "Yes please cum deep inside me.

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Coat my inside with your seed" You feel my body tense up as you give my dick and ass all you can. You hear me give a loud moan and you feel my asshole tighten as it spasming around your cock. Then my prostate spills rope after rope of cum all over my stomach. All this movement from my hole that it devouring your cock pushes you over and with one last push burying your dick inside me.

You release all the cumm in your balls inside of me. You lay on me and we catch our breath. You pull out moaning because you are still sensitive from the best orgasm you ever had.

Then you lick up all the cum on my stomach and spit it in your mouth and say "Don't swallow yet" You then slide down to my tender hole and tell me to push. Your cum oozes out of my ass and you lick it all up. You come back up to me and we make out with both our cum in our mouths.

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We make out under the covers and rub out slippery body together. then cuddle till we fall asleep in each others arms. if you comment on it constructively i will write some with build up and back story. this is my first story so be very gentle.