Step mom babe Black suspect taken on a raunchy ride

Step mom babe Black suspect taken on a raunchy ride
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My School Project, Mom 4 Terry and Sherry sat at the kitchen table Wednesday afternoon; he had just gotten home from school.

Since his father was home Louis could not come over to fuck his mom, so she was in a foul mood. His father was in the garage, she leaned over to him "later I'd like to suck your cock, Marie said it would be ok because he will be home for a few days". "Sounds like a plan mom, say how did you make out with that lady Jill Ary?" "Frankly she a little bit flaky, she is 31 between you and I probably the most frustrated bitch walking." "She's really horny uh." "Oh god yes, she has never come out and said it in so many words, but she has confided in me she hasn't been laid in 10 months.

Any woman who goes that long will become a stone bitch. You guys don't realize we need cum it has a soothing effect on us whether we want to admit it or not." Jill Ary was one of sexist woman he or Lou had ever seen, she probably had 36c tits a small waist, a great ass, long legs and a look that said fuck me!

She was always dressed in seductive clothes, tight jeans or short shorts, halter tops or blouses that tie below her tits. Terry's father came out from the garage he was mumbling under his breath; Terry stood up he told his mom he was going to his room to work on homework. About twenty minutes later his father came in he sat down on the bed. "What's up dad?" "Nothing just needed to get away from your mother; I'm really beginning to hate her." At that moment Terry made up his mind, he took the pendant out from the desk draw, he started slowly turning it, in less than two minutes his father was completely under.

Terry went down stairs "hey mom I've got a question for you?" "What do you want to know?" "Has dad ever seemed gay to you?" "Well now that you mentioned it he does seem to have a lot of male friends he never brings them home, that and the fact he doesn't look at women at all.

Why do you ask?" "No reason see you later." Back in his room he gave his father a post hypnotic suggestion that he wanted to be fucked in the ass by a black cock then he woke him up. They continued talking for another five minutes the conversation ended he got up and walked out.

After dinner he told Sherry he needed to go to the office to get something, but he'd be home before nine and left. She looked at Terry "do you think I have time for a pussy fucking from Louis?" "No mom by the time he gets over here dad may be on his way home, what did the ass hole forget dingbat!" Sherry was under Terry told her to call Jill to start the conversation about her husband being an ass hole then get her talking about her pussy.

After 15 minutes Jill was telling Sherry her pussy was twitching just talking about young cock. If Sherry found some young strange cock keep her in mind as a helper she really wanted some young hard cock. Terry had heard the entire conversation, he whispered in her ear to tell her I just gotten home so you must hang up which she did.

He told her to remember the conversation with Jill but to forget he had made her do it or the fact he was listening.

Thursday after class having explained the plan to Louis, he arrived home to find his parents arguing again. This time it took him ten minutes to get his father out of the house for an hour or better. He put Sherry under immediately after his father left then he told her to call Jill. She was to tell Jill she was getting some young cock a couple of times a week if she was serious she would work it out, so Jill could get some. Jill didn't hesitate she was eager Terry was sure she had a climax in her jeans while on the phone with his mom.

He had her tell Jill her son would go over her house with written instructions the next day she had at least 4 hours to kill, the conversation ended. Terry quickly woke Sherry up, as the garage door went up.

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Terry's dad wasn't going out this weekend so Friday he spent the night at Louis house they fucked Maria senseless. Since Louis couldn't see Sherry both guys DP Maria four time that night.

Terry and Maria finally feel asleep in her bed. But this weekend was going to be dry as Maria's husband would be home Saturday by noon. After a good morning DP from the guys she was in the kitchen making breakfast as her husband entered. He said hello to Terry and Lou and headed to his room.

"Well see you later mom as they left the house. The rest of the weekend sucked for both guys and Monday wasn't any better. By Tuesday afternoon both guys were getting ready to jerk it. Terry and Louis had the plan in place to possibly relieve that it started with them going over Jill house, Terry would put Jill her under from that point forward she would be a new fuck bunny for them a very hot one at that.

As they walked up the front steps of Jill's house the front door opened before they got to the top step. Jill smiled at them. Jill was stunning her strawberry blond hair was swept up, her 5'4" 125 lbs, had a good pair of 38c breasts a small waist and a very tight ass. She was dressed in tight jeans and a blue blouse with black heels. "You must be Terry, right?" "Yes, this is my friend Louis, my mom told me to give this to you and wait as you may need someone to watch your son or give you a ride or something." "Yes, yes that's right please come in let's go in the kitchen." Terry had typed the note on his computer so both boys new what it said.

As she started reading Terry pulled the pendant from his pocket he stated twirling it. Within thirty seconds her eyes were glued the pendant, in less than a minute she was totally under. Louis smiled Terry spoke to her "Jill make us two vodka and club soda please. She stood up she did as she was told.

As she handed them their drinks Terry told her to sit. She appeared awake, but she was in a deep trance. "Jill where is your son"?

"At class until 4 then he's home by 4:30". "Lou, check the house for anyone else." As Louis went to search the house he told her what was going to happen. Once they were sure they were alone she would change into something sexy, the guys would be in the den waiting for her.

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They were going to fuck her senseless, was she ok with it? She looked Terry in the eyes "yes that sounds wonderful" Louis entered the kitchen, "no one here but us," Terry looked at Jill, "Ok go to your room get the sexist outfit you have fix your makeup as slutty as you can be back down here in 30 minutes?" Jill nodded she stood up she was on her way to her bedroom.

"Call Gary, Lou see if he wants some of this". "No way man first I want to sink my cock balls deep in both her holes it's been five days since I came". "Ok sounds like a plan.

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30 minutes later she entered the den, she was stunning, red lace French cut panties with matching bra, garter belt stockings and 6" red heels. Lou smiled at her, "you look great I see you brought your girlfriends along, he was gesturing to her tits. "I thought they would like to get out for a while, they have been badly neglected lately." "Well let's get them out and introduced them." She giggled; she unhooked the clap on her bra she let it slip off. "Wow they are magnificent!" both guys said in unison.

Then without warning both guys each started sucking her nipples, the sensation of two men each sucking her nipples was electrifying. She felt small shock deep in her pussy, she moaned. They kept sucking her nipples for at least five minutes. While they were sucking her nipples, Louis was slowly and gently rubbing her clit, Terry was pushing his finger on her ass hole. The lace French cut panties were already soaked. The electric shocks coming from her pussy grew in their intensity.

With an animal groan she had her first orgasm from Louis's. hand. She shook and trembled for a solid minute as pussy juice leaked out of her before she could speak. "Wow that was wonderful guys thank you I haven't had a man touch my pussy in over ten months". Louis smiled "Jill have you ever had a black cock"? "No but I'd love to try it". "Oh god I'd love to fuck both of you right now." They headed for Jill's bedroom as they entered the room Lou put his hands in the waistband of her soaking wet panties he pulled them over her hips, they fell to her ankles; she stepped out of them she kicked them to the bed.

Jill sat on the bed as both guys pulled their cocks out, her eyes went wide as she kissed each one on the head. "Wow you have really big cocks, I've never had anything that big in me before." "Well I hope you're going to enjoy every inch, because were planning to go deep and fill you up". "Fill me up"? "Yes, with a lot of hot sticky cum". "Oh wow". Jill was ready to get some cock now, Lou got between her legs the head of this cock parted her slippery pussy lips he gently push it in.

Small moans escaped from her. "Go slow for a little while baby I need to get accustomed to the size of you cock." Lou pushed a few more inches in then he pulled all the way out so only the head was still in. Now he started pushing deeper and deeper with each thrust. She felt his cock push past her cervix, "baby I've never had a cock so far in me before, it feels incredible, please don't stop"! His pounding had speeded up he was balls deep pounding her pussy as hard as he could.

She wiggled under him like a hungry animal, moaning gasping and grunting as she had at least four intense orgasms. She was so lost in her own ecstasy she didn't realize he was ready to cum. He pushed his cock deep she felt the head grow then it felt like a hose was going off deep in her unprotected and fertile pussy. As hot cum bathed her womb the feeling of cum being pumped in her caused an orgasm of such intensity she almost passed out.

After a few seconds she felt his cock softening, he rolled off her, Terry put his cock at the entrance to her now sloppy pussy he pushed in deep as she was well lubricated and stretched out.


She couldn't believe how good his cock felt in her pussy. She looked up at him, "Honey your cock feels great, even after all the cum pumped into me it feels very tight, how does it feel to you?" "Great baby you feel wet and tight now let's fuck!" She was moaning and crying again in two minutes, even though Terry's cock wasn't as large as Lou's he was just as long, so he got deep into her pussy.

She was out of control shaking and moaning, his cock hurt each time he went balls deep but the pleasure of the pain was well worth it. After several minutes Terry pushed deep she felt a sharp pain he held his cock at that point and blasted her womb with a huge load of sperm which caused her to have yet another orgasm. Before she had a chance to recover Lou pulled her over on him he stuck his now hard cock back in her pussy.

At almost the same time she felt a very slick cock pressing at her ass hole, plop in the head went. Terry was behind her his stiff cock half way in her ass. Just when she was worried her pussy would be sloppy and loose from the two loads of cum which had been deposited in it she felt tighter then she had ever felt. She started crying "no please my ass is virgin." "It's not virgin anymore "uggg she moaned it really does feel wonderful." As the two cocks got into a rhythm it was feeling fantastic as feeling she had never experienced.

She could feel the cocks pressed together in her canals separated only by a thin membrane. Suddenly she felt the cock in her ass go deep it explode, she felt her bowels being soaked with cum, it caused her to orgasm, which in turn caused the cock in her pussy to blast a third load of cum deep in her. She felt the cock in her ass go soft and plop out. Terry rolled her over on her back, cum was running form her pussy like a faucet.

Lou pushed his cock as far in her mouth as he could get it, Terry held her hands and Lou held her legs. Terry fucked her face for five minutes she was gagging but was getting accustomed to breathing through her nose as he cock was seep in her throat. Then without warning he pushed it deep down her throat, his cock spewed a large amount of warm cum down her throat, the volume was just too much to swallow at one gulp, cum was dribbled out of her mouth down her chin but most of the liquid went in her mouth or her belly.

Lou looked at Terry "its 3:45 we need to get out of here." They pulled up her panties she sat on the bed, covered in cum. Terry was standing there looking at Lou, "ready to go?" "yup but what about her"? "Let's get her dressed then get her into the kitchen I'll give her a suggestion then" In her kitchen Terry gave her instruction. "You will remember the wonderful sex you had this afternoon; you will know both of us fucked you, you are aware of what you did you want to do it again and very soon.

You will call Sherry thanking her as soon as you can. You will get texts from me concerning more sex. You will discuss it with me, Lou or Sherry but no one else, do you understand? When you hear me say dingbat you will go into a trance immediately. When I snap my finger you will wake up, your son will be in the kitchen in a minute when he comes in you will wake completely up then thank me for the dropping off my mom's receipt.

You will kiss us both on the lips then we'll be out of here you can call me or text whenever you want." Her son entered she woke up, she was staring at Lou and Terry. "Tell you mom thanks for the receipt". She gave each one a kiss they were out of there in less than two minutes.

Jill did what she what she was told to do she stank from cum, frankly she was covered in it. Her son gave her a strange look she told him "get whatever you want I'm going to the bathroom". A half hour later she called Terry, "hi Terry is this you"? "Yes, Jill can you talk"? "Yes why"? "We wanted to know how you feel" There was a long pause "well frankly I'm wet and sloppy, my butt is a bit sore as hell, but I really feel great are we going to do this again soon"?

"You bet we are I'll be in touch". "I've got to call your mother and thank her for the cock". Terry laughed he hung up. Terry's dad finally left for work Saturday morning, Sherry dropped Terry off at Maria's and her and Louis headed to her home. Maria xhusband had just gotten the two little ones; she just had time to wear his favorite yellow boy shorts and bra. She cocked her hips to the side as he entered her bathroom, "I wanted to fix my makeup for you." "Don't worry about makeup it's been three days since your pussy had cum you must be getting bitchy about now, if you'd like I'd like to help return you to a better mood"?

"Nothing better than being cum filled she cooed". Monday, he sent a text to Jill, Lou and he would at her house Tuesday at noon, she texted him back, great two things any preferred color outfit, secondly should I get a box of rubbers? He responded back I don't think so why? She explained she could get pregnant, she felt they should take some responsibility for it. He told her if she didn't want to get fucked please tell him before Tuesday as they could make other arrangements.

After about a half hour he got a response from her.

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I'd like to get fucked I'll be ready at noon. Tuesday at 10:30 his phone buzzed with a text from her, my son is home and acting strange. He texted back strange like how? The text read just strange, but could you come over now" he texted back I'm coming over now.

When he arrived she was dressed in tight jeans and a low cut blouse, she had purchased a new baby blue bra and panty set which she had on underneath her street cloths. "You look great where is he'?

"in his room I think." "I'm going up stairs wait here." Her son Ethan was a normal sized kid. Terry knocked on his door. Ethan yelled "come in," he entered. "Hi E what's up?" Ethan looked Terry straight in his face, "well it's not my cock that's for sure." Terry looked puzzled. "Look Terry I know you and the black guy are fucking my mom. I know because I saw the results last week." "E you've got this all wrong," "Fuck you Terry I know, I've decided to tell my dad what happened let him deal with you and her." Terry didn't like the sound of this, "Ok partner perhaps we can make a deal," "Yeah sure." "No, I'm serious, what would it take for your silence?" Ethan thought about it for several seconds, "Ok since you asked, I want her to come up here in only her panties, she can jerk me off, then then suck me off while you video the whole thing, she'll need to start doing that every day.

I'll keep the video, maybe I'll jerk myself off watching it or maybe I'll make her watch it with me while she's sucking my cock." Terry looked at this guy, wow he certainly knew what he wanted.

"Give me a half hour with her, wait in here with the door closed but not locked keep you cock out but don't jerk it, you may get extremely lucky, by the way how did you find out"? "I have a spy camera in her room I saw the whole thing".

Terry entered the kitchen, "Jill you've got a problem." "Really what kind of problem is it?" "Your son just told me he had a spy camera in your room he videoed the entire fuck session" her face turned white. "I guess he got some of the action on his cell phone as well. " Oh, my god, now what do I do?" "Well good news bad news, if you go upstairs and blow him until his balls are drained and continue doing it as often as he wants you secret is safe.

If you don't then tonight I guess he's going to show your husband, the video." She sat there with her mouth open in amazement, "is there anything else." "Yes he wants you topless with nothing but panties and high heels. Jill frankly under the circumstances I think you should have several very strong drinks and go to his room.

I'll call Lou and explain something has come up. Oh, just one last thing he wants me to record it." "Your fucken nuts or what I mean is, is he nuts?" "Well his nuts are definitely involved," she looked at him, they both laughed. Terry and Jill sat there for five minutes not saying anything, she was chewing her nails; finally, she looked at him she spoke.

"If you are in their making a video is there any chance I'll get you to fuck me after I've drained him dry?" "If you want as this would be bad for me as well, but we can never tell anyone." "Oh god do I ever know that." "Ok give me five minutes alone with him then I'll go to your bedroom door and get you, I'd suggest you get a sexy as you can." They both headed upstairs, she looked at Terry "I'm not sure how to sex up panties and heels but I'll try." She walked into her bedroom.

Terry went to his room and walked in, he was sitting on his bed with his cock out. "Ok sport you win, but I keep the video. You get your nut sack drained as often as you want any way you want. You can even fuck her pussy and ass." "Wow ok man it's a deal." "Where is the recording stuff? " Under the bed." "Well help me set it up then I'll get her." Five minutes later he walked into Jill's room, "You ready?" "As much as I'll ever be with doing this thing." Jill you don't want to go in there with an attitude, I would suggest you do your best to convince him you really want to suck his cock and drain his nut sack.

If he's not happy with you were both royally fucked." "I know I'll do my best to be as sexy as I can." "Babe with those tits swinging around I'm sure he'll be putty in your hands." She giggled "or cum in my mouth." She entered Ethan's room, he was sitting on the bed they both looked at each other, "honey Terry says you nut sack is overflowing with cum, if you don't mind I'd really like to drain every drop out for you.

Would you like that?" "Mom that would be great, let's get started." She dropped down on her knees she crawled over, so she was between his legs, she took his cock in her hand. She kissed the head twice, opened her mouth she sucked in the whole thing. She had his entire cock down her throat, Terry realized he wasn't going to last very long. After no more than three minutes he grabbed her head, his cock erupted sending cum down her throat in unbelievable amounts, she swallowed all she could, but the volume was too great it dribbled out of her mouth and landed on her tits.

When his cock had stopped cumming she slipped it out and licked it clean. There she was on her knees between her sons, legs with cum in her mouth and on her tits. That and the fact the entire episode had been recorded she couldn't believe it. She started to rise "how's your nut sack now baby?" "A little better mom but there's still several loads for you to get out. I see you have a great bush let me see it." She glanced over at Terry, he shrugged.

Slowly she put her thumbs in the waistband of her panties she wiggled them down over her hips, they dropped to her ankles she stepped out of them. "Mom I'm going to fuck your pussy now, you'd really like that wouldn't you?" She sighed but kept smiling, "baby I can wait to feel your cock in there, I'll go get a rubber." "I'm not using a rubber; now get on the bed and spread." "Ethan, we have to use a rubber I," his hand went up as to say stop.

"You fucked those guys bareback, so I really don't want to hear shit about it." "But honey that was a onetime shot you and I are going to be doing this almost daily, I." Again, his hand went up "You will just have to get the morning after pill, now let's fuck!" There was no foreplay with him, he put his cock in and started slowly pumping. His cock was average size; she was wet from sucking his cock so that helped.

After several minutes of his pumping she felt a small shock deep in her pussy, oh god he's not going to make me cum or is he that what he really wants through her mind. She was trying to think of something to distract her from the small but steady shocks coming from deep in her pussy.

Her body was betraying her as she slowly started rotating her ass in small circles to increase the feeling. The shocks were coming faster and getting stronger, at the same time his pace had increased dramatically.

Suddenly, she felt it, an orgasm took control over her she was moaning fuck me baby, fuck me now. Then she felt cum bathing her unprotected pussy, this caused her to continue her orgasm. For the next two hours Terry and Ethan fucked her in every hole, they DP'd her twice. It was three o'clock both boys were completely drained of cum.

She laid on Ethan's bed leaking cum from everywhere. Ethan spoke, "Mom how do you feel?" Actually very good, my ass burns a little, but I think I could get used to it." "Good because you will have too, hey Terry when's the next time you can come back?" "I'm not sure guy, I'm thinking Thursday afternoon, but I'll need to bring Lou you ok with that"?

'Yeah she likes black cock, I even have a couple of black friends I may ask her to fuck". "Good until we can DP her again I'll just let her suck cock every day". She smiled at them both "well guys that sounds just great to me, I'll be looking forward to Thursday." Monday Jill called Terry she told him he needed to do something about her son he was becoming a real prick. He was going to have one of his friends come over Tuesday morning she was told had to suck him off then lick his ass.

"If I had my way I'd love to see the s.o.b. get fucked in the ass, he should be turned gay, for that matter his dad too"! Terry thought about it for several seconds "Jill perhaps I can give you what you want, we'll talk later". Terry was sitting in Jill's kitchen Monday afternoon as Ethan got home, "Hi E how's it hanging"?

He gave Terry a cold stair "what the hell are you doing her"?


"my mom is actually a friend of your moms she asked me to drop off a receipt, your mom went to the bathroom". Terry had the pendant in his hand he was twirling it as Ethan sat down, two or three minutes later his eyes were fixed on it. It took a bit longer but finally he was under.

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Terry sat their looking at him, "E you will go upstairs you will bring down to me all the photos and video of your mother having sex with anyone, please do it now"! E seemed to resist the suggestion, so Terry repeated it, the second time he did what was asked of him. He had two flash drives, it was on his computer and phone. It took several minutes for Terry to get him to wipe everything clean. He told E to return everything back to its proper place and come back down stairs.

Five minutes later he was sitting in the kitchen with Terry.

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"E when I snap my fingers you will wake up you will not remember any of this conversation, you will not have any recollection of having sex with your mother nor any recollection of the sex tapes you made with her do you understand"?

He answered "yes", "now from now on you will have sexual desires to suck cock, you will want to have someone fuck you in the ass do you understand"? Again, he did not respond so the suggestion was made again, as before it worked the second time Terry snapped his fingers, E was awake he resumed the conversation "so your mom and my mom know each other, wow that's cool". Terry got up he headed for the bathroom he ran into Jill's room he snapped his finger she was awake, "come down stairs E and I are having a great conversation".

Ten minutes later E headed for his room she was flabbergasted, "how the fuck did you do that"? I can do the same thing to your husband if you want". "After I'm gone suggest fucking E in the ass with your vibrator text me later with the results".

He squeezed her tit gave her a kiss and left. An hour later he saw her text, "E had his first ass fucking he loved it thank you so much, when can we do hubby?

He texted soon.