Apretando las ricas tetas de mi esposa

Apretando las ricas tetas de mi esposa
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This is my first story please excuse any mistakes and i love criticism bad or good. It all started one day i found a pair of my sisters sexy little pink underwear before i go further my sister was sexy she was white skinned but hispanic she had the biggest tittes i had ever seen and the nicest ass she wasn't the skinniest girl but i liked that about her.i sniffed the panties and had a the biggest boner i'v ever.

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I jacked off into it and put it back for some reason i loved the rush of being caught. Now fast forward about 7 years.I was about 17 years old i had a friend who's house i would always go to, nothing sexual we would just hang out. One day we had just come back from the mall and we just wanted to sit down watch some t.v.


I began to walk around his house and i noticed he didn't even notice i was gone. At the time i was really spoiled by internet porn so i needed something new. I remembered the time i sniffed my sisters panties and i walked casually to his moms room.i knew his mom well we had talked a couple times but she was never home she was either at church or working.

Her name was patty and she had nice perky tits and was mexican but you could hardly tell she didn't have such a nice ass but she made up for that with her tits. I had to go upstairs to get to her room but the only problem with that was that was that you could see the stairs and if someone was going up them if you were watching the tv so i made up the excuse that i was going to use my friends computer but the funny thing was that he didn't even care so i was good for maybe 3 minutes until he came up to see what i was doing.

I was so excited, nervous, and horny all at the same time i and i loved it. I made it into her room and began to look around to see if she had any dirty underwear just laying around or in the hamper if they were dirty i would jack off right then and there. Sadly it was laundry day so i found the drawer where she kept them and began to sniff as many as i could grab with two hands i was hard already.

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I thought i heard my friend coming up so i began to stuff my pants quickly with as many thongs as i could find. I looked out the door and i was still o.k.

I ran back inside with my pants filled with about 3 pairs of underwear. I stuffed more and more until it was obvious that i had something in my pants. I made up the excuse that my mom was calling and i had to leave so i said goodbye without even looking at him and left. Mission accomplished i thought to myself and ran home. I remembered no one was home and quickly ran into my room and put all the panty's i had stolen in a pile on my bed and began to just hug myself with all the panty's i had i felt as if i was in heaven and began to jerk off my huge boner.


After a month i began getting very bored with all those panty's i had and thought i needed more.but not from the same person i needed variety i began going to alot of my friends houses when there mom's or sisters weren't home i would always say i had to go to the bathroom and check out their moms rooms. I especially loved going to my friend's.carl.lets call him that.his mom was a big woman i loved women just like his mom.she wasn't home alot either which was another reason i loved going there.

She had the biggest waist size i had ever seen the greatest ive seen since my sister's i couldnt take too many or else she would get suspicious just like my first friends mom. I was in love with carl's mom and she didnt even know it. I jacked off in her room so many times and she didnt even know it.but once.i was doing my weekly routine and out of the blue i hear carl's mom yelling all i think is "OH SHIT!" and ran into her closet.

The worst thin was that i was jacking off in her room that time i told carl i had to use his mom's bathroom because his brother was using the other one.

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She stormed up the stairs and into her room i was in the closet luckily. She stormed in and locked the door. I was surprised by what happened next.

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She pulled out a vibrator and began to masturbate i couldn't believe what i was actually seeing! i couldn't pass up the chance i took out my cock and started jerking it while she masturbated. She must of had a bad day at work or something but whatever it was it made day so much better then stealing some of her panties. By my surprise she didn't finish i wasn't too happy about it.

She fell asleep and it was a [perfect time for me to leave and make my escape. I was right by the door when i looked back and i saw her lovely plump ass. I couldnt resist and i was still hard from watching her.

I walked up to the side of her bed pulled off the covers, she was completely naked i almost came right then and there.

I began to jack off, to this day i have not jacked off so wonderfully, she was a heavy sleeper to my suprise so i began playing with her titts i couldnt take anymore i pulled my dick one last time and pulled tight on her tittes and blew my load all over her bed for some reason i wiped my nut on her lips she began to lick it. I couldn't believe it but my dick was hard again.


I was ready to go for another round when i heard someone coming up the stairs it was carl. I guess he was looking for me so i ran into his mom's bathroom and pretended to be surprised she was in the room.

He saw me and told me to get out of there. He saw my cheeks were flustered and my knees were shaking. Whose knee's wouldn't be?i told him i felt sick and had to leave. I walked home feeling like i was on some kind of drug. It felt so great.the next day carl called me over i was hoping his mom wasn't there so i wouldn't have to talk to her. She was there, it was actually a trap it was just her.I knocked on the door i saw her and asked if carl was there she said he had just left.

I thought that she knew but i wasn't sure but she took me to her room and asked me to look at the carpet.i was so embarrassed to see my nut all over the floor.it couldn't of been anyone else she was divorced and i was the only one in her room yesterday.carl must of told her i was in there.i wanted to kill him. She said exactly this "are you the one that has been stealing my panties?" and was smiling i said yes with a guilty face looking down ashamed but not really.she lifted my head by my chin and began to make out with me i was confused but not stupid i began to grab her huge ass and had a boner that she could obviously feel.

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She grabbed my cock threw my pants it turned me on so much but she backed away and said that carl wasn't going to be gone for long so i had to eat her out quickly i had no idea why she wanted me to bang her so bad but i wasn't in a mood to ask i began eating her like a pig roast.

she came at least twice and told me to leave.

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We talked the next day and she told me that there is to be absolutely no talking between us and that we would be strictly each other's booty call i was so happy i don't know what i did to deserve this but i was in heaven.

tell me if you guys liked it i will defenetly be putting up a part 2