Desi wife nude after sex

Desi wife nude after sex
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Aurora woke in her bed, she was confused. Had it been a dream? She was clean between her legs but her hair was wet. She was going to have to talk to Alex about this, as if on cue Alex called up to her at that moment.

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"Roar!!" Alex called from the front door. "I got the groceries in the car, can you and Tony bring them in while I put them away?" "Sure thing mom!" Tony called down. "Be down in a sec sis!" Aurora's called back.

When she got down stairs though Tony already had everything carried in and was standing in the kitchen watching his mother's ass bend over putting things away. Alex had on a pair of shorts and when she bent over they showed her ice blue lace panties against her clean shaven pussy.

"Honey can you put the ice cream in the freezer down stairs?" Alex asked passing a bag to her son unaware of his attentions or the view she presented. Tony took the bag with a groan but went down stairs.

"Your pussy is showing." Aurora hissed quietly as she pulled the shorts into place for Alex. "Oh fuck! Do you think he noticed?!" Alex said clearly worried. "He's a teen boy, is he going to notice a pussy?" Aurora asked sharply but Alex didn't get a chance to respond as Tony came back up from the basement.

He didn't appear to have a boner so Alex assumed she was in the clear and didn't want to bring it up.

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It didn't take long for all the food to be put away. "I'm going for a swim, either of you want to join me?" Alex asked. "I got dishes." Aurora said pointing at the small pile of pans that wouldn't fit into their dishwasher.

"I'll playing some video games or something." Tony said and left the room. Alex shrugged and went to the laundry room to change into her swim suit. "Tony." Aurora called, it didn't take him long to get to her. "Yea?" "Did you put me in my bed?" Aurora asked not sure how else to ask. "Yea," he said casually, then was suddenly behind her.

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"After I cleaned you up because you were dripping with my cum." He said shoving a hand into her hair. "What?!" Aurora said, shocked more by his language and less by the fact it wasn't a dream. Not that she should have been all that surprised. She tried to turn to look at him but Tony had her by the hair as he shoved his hand down her shorts.


"I love you even if you are such a dirty slut." He whispered to her, his voice deep and like rough velvet. It had always made her a little wet but she'd never thought he'd use it against her. He was rubbing her pussy but hadn't actually slipped his fingers into her.

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"If you don't stop I'm going to call your mother in here." Aurora said firmly, she knew he was stronger than her and she couldn't physically pull him off. "No you won't," He said confidently. "You're gonna stand there and you're gonna cum for me." He said and expertly moved his fingers to open her nether lips enough so that he could slide his middle finger inside her. Aurora couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips, her mind raced but her body seemed to be taking on a life of its own.Her nephew was molesting her, had her by the hair forcing himself on her.


His mother was only a few yards away in the back yard pool, all Aurora had to do was yell for her. In the next moment Aurora was wrapping her arms around Tony's neck and pulling his head down to her's so she could kiss him.

Tony smiled triumphantly and met his beloved aunt half way. He'd wanted her for a long time and now he was finally going to have her. "You're so wet." He whispered pumping his finger in and out of her tight folds. He was mildly surprised to find her so wet, he'd honestly expected her to fight back. To scream for his mother, to slap him or something. "We can't do this… its wrong." Aurora said even as her hips rocked against his hand.

He smiled wickedly and pulled away, Aurora gasped in shock and dug her nails into hisbare shoulders. His swim trunks did nothing to hide is massive hard on. "I thought this was wrong?" He said teasingly, "I thought wecan'tdo this." As he spoke he pushed his cock against her and was rewarded with her moan.

"It is…" She whispered. Suddenly he let go of her hair and was ripping her shorts down. Before she could react he was shoving his face into her pussy, his tongue slid through the folds with ease and began tracing circles around her clit.

Aurora cried out and buried a hand in his hair holding him to her. "Yes it's so wrong." She said moaning, he responded by lifting one of her legs over his shoulder to allow him better access.

He didn't waist the room as he started shoving his tongue into her honey pot lapping hungrily at her juices.

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"My god you taste better then I'd dreamed." He said looking up at her before going back to licking her, slowly he made his way to her clit and flicked it once with his tongue.When Aurora moaned he flicked it again with the same result, he began to tease it back and forth and soon had his lips locked around the tiny bud sucking it, rubbing it, and flicking it with his tongue.

"Oh fuck!" Aurora said not realizing how loud she was. "Where the fuck did you learn this?" She asked, doubting there was a class for this at school.

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He didn't respond only shoved two of his fingers deep inside her and began to stretch her open. A few thrust latter he was standing so suddenly that he had to hold her upright, once she was balanced heturned her around and bent her over. He refused to give her time to think as he pleased his cock at her sopping wet entrance.

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"I love you Aunt Aurora." He said then thrust in filling her and stretching her.All she could do was cry out in the bitter sweet pleasure of being stretched. She loved the feel of having a hot thick cock inside her. "That right you little slut, how's it feel to have your nephew's cock inside you." He whispered leaning over her.

When she shook her head he grabbed a handful of her hair and with his other hand on her hip he began to pound in and out of her dripping pussy. "Oh fuck you're so tight!" He growled, pumping in and out of her.Aurora heard him but could only moan and scream in response, she didn't know if it was the taboo of her nephew fucking her or the risk of being caught but either way she was having enjoying one of the best fucks of her life.

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She knew that if Alex walked in at the moment she wouldn't have cared.She felt herself getting closer to the peak, she wasn't sure if it was her imagination or not but it felt like his cock got a little bigger. He was hitting her back wall with every thrust sending sparks of pleasure racing through her body and causingher vaginal walls to contract around that wonderful cock.

"Tony, I'm gonna cum!" Aurora heard herself announce, it seemed a little silly but she realized a moment later she wanted him to cum inside of her at the same time as her. "Do you want me to pull out?" He asked, since he'd gotten further than anything he'd expected he wasn't sure. "No, keep fucking me." Aurora answered shaking her head. "Will I be punished if I disobey, Aunt Aurora?" He asked teasingly.

"Yes." She half moaned the word; he snickered and slammed in a little harder. "Oh yes!" She cried out.

Tony didn't need to be told to understand that his Aunt liked it hard, he was more than happy to give her that as well. "You're such a fucking slut, you're gonna cum on my cock." He whispered pulling her up right so she could feel his hard muscled chest against her back. "Aren't you?" "Yes, I'm gonna cum on your cock and I don't care." Aurora said, and in truth she didn't.

At this point she was filled with a thick hard cock and really didn't care who saw her. He bit where her neck and shoulder met. "FUCK!!!" Aurora screamed as the sensations became too much, her walls clamped down on his cock and a few thrusts later he was roaring his climax to.He wrapped his arms around her.His cock was still inside her and her walls were still twitching sending feeling through both of them.

"mmm I don't want to let you go." Tony whispered kissing her neck. "It feels so good to have my cock inside you." "We have things to do." Aurora said but her walls still clenched his cock not wanting to release it. "Starting with explaining." Alex said from the door between the kitchen and the laundry room.