Cute nude college teens want dick

Cute nude college teens want dick
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It all started when my older brothers said the wanted a little sister. They would tease me and call me a girl, then the day came.

Yes they wanted more then to tease me they chased me into our bed room and put makeup and a girls dress on me.

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They did this to me when ever Mom and Dad would be away for the evening. The day finally came that they wanted to do more, they raped me both ways. this went on until they both moved out of the house, Mark going to collage and Brad got a apartment. My senior year of high school I had a girl friend, and sex was good, but I always wished I could be her and she me.

I think I could do a better job of putting her makeup on then she did. One weekend just before graduation they took me to Brads apartment for a surprise. What the had was a complete girls outfit, a sexy dress, shoes, nylon stockings and sexy undies. After they got me dressed they gave me a wig to put on and makeup. I have to admit, looking at my self in the mirror I was pretty damn hot.

This was confirmed by the bulges in my brothers pants.

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They needed to have that taken care of right away, so I spent the next half hour on my knee's. Brad had such a large load I don't think he could of had sex in the past week.

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After that they took me down to the car for a ride, all the way to Marks collage town. We drove around town then went to a part of town that was known for it's gay bars. Mark would stop where ever guys where on the street and ask them if they wanted a boy boy toy. One guy looked me over and said Hell Ya, he got in the back set with me.

I thought he would just want a blow job, he pushed me down on the set and started to kiss me. I wasn't ready for that, I had never thought about kissing another guy, it was a real shock.

Then I thought I always wanted to trade places with my girl friend so what the hell. I realized I could not stand to be French kissed, so I made him stop.


When his hand started down to my cock and I felt him wrap his hand around it I got fantastically hard. Then he put his head under my dress and kissed and sucked my cock, this was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. My precum flowing and I knew I would not last much longer.

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I pushed his head away and said slow down, Crist I'm going to cum already I reached for his zipper and got his cock out, he was big about seven and a half inches. I felt his shaft slide between my lips and could taste his precum, what a grate taste. I worked that big cock over with my mouth and tongue, finally he started to squirt gobs of cum in my mouth.

After he recovered from his orgasm he finished giving me a blow job. Mark dropped him off in front of the same bar that we picked him up. My brothers continued to drive around until they found the next guys that wanted a boy boy toy. This time there where two of them, I was ready for any thing now, they where ready to give me every thing also.


Right away they got me on my hands and knee's. One put my face in his lap to suck his cock and the other got behind me to fuck my ass.

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They where only average size, about six inches each, but this was some thing I always enjoyed when my brothers did me this way. I never let on that I loved it to them at the time. The guy behind me was driving it into my well lubed ass, his thrusts where forcing my mouth to go hard into the guys lap. they both fucked me like that for at lest twenty minuets. the cock in my ass started to cum and I could feel his the spasms of his urethra.

The cock in my mouth shot a couple of nice gobs of cum to the back of my throat. Brad and mark said one more fuck for our boy boy toy, its just the matter of finding the right fucker. We drove around the loop watching for people or just one guy, then mark stopped and brad asked a black man if he wanted to fuck a boy boy toy.

He introduced him self as Tryon, then asked if that skinny gurl could handle a man size cock? Brad said one way to find out, Tryon got in the back set with me, ordered me to get his cock out.

I got his soft cock out and commenced to suck him hard As he grew hard in my mouth I knew he was going to be huge and he was all of eight and a half inches and at lest five and a quarter inch around. He forced my head down until he was fucking my throat, I didn't even get to taste his precum when he forced me on to my hands and knee's. Now he was behind me and going to put that monster cock up my ass, just the thought had my cock hard as a steel shaft. My cum lubricated ass was as ready as it was ever going to be.

He push his tip with grater and grater force, then finally it started in, I could feel the mushroom head in me and wanted the whole shaft in. The pain and pleasure where over road by my desire to be fucked by a cock that size.


I was being stretched to all most crying out loud, but then I felt his hips agents my ass cheeks. The pleasure took over and my own cock was leaking precum, what felt like by the gallon. He fucked me hard and good, shot loads of cum up my ass, and held hi cock in me until he when completely soft.

He pulled out rolled me over and sucked my cock to completion. My brothers drove me back to Brad's apartment and there they both fucked me again. When I took of the nylon stockings I found a small peace of paper with a phone number.