Skinny teen huge toy my big black threesome

Skinny teen huge toy my big black threesome
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Chapter 15 A few days had passed since my last meeting with Doctor Carter but the images of our last encounter were still fresh in my mind. I felt like a cheap toy after he had made me orgasm so many times by using his mouth and fingers on me in his office, the receptionist undoubtedly hearing at least some of my moans even though I was doing everything in my power to control my reactions.

My friend Katie had invited our other friend Ashley and I to her house for a swim, since the weather didn't seem to be getting any colder and I haven't been spending much time with them lately, this was just the thing I needed to get my mind off things.

I went through my drawers and picked out a couple of bathing suits that had fitted me better in the past. One of them was a one piece that was more appropriate for indoor swimming pools, it was a bit more sporty. The other one was a two piece which my mother had bought for me last summer for our trip to Hawaii and I liked the way it looked on me. As I remembered the bottom piece covered my butt well and was also comfortable for swimming, the top managed to cover my large bust, even if it squeezed my breasts together a bit.

I decided to try this one on, so I removed my pajamas and glanced at myself in the mirror quickly before trying on the suit. My skin was white, no visible tan lines since I didn't have much time this summer for tanning; my hips were round and curvaceous and put my toned tummy in contrast which gave me a small waist.

My breasts were large, bigger that I wanted, but they were firm and had very little sag due to their fullness and my young age. They ended with my slightly large pink nipples which were soft now but had a tendency to stiffen easily and grow a bit when they got aroused; they were sensitive all the time which made it very difficult for me to wear almost anything that rubs on them or that is skin tight.

As I was looking at myself in the mirror it dawned on me: Many girls wish they had my body and some women even modify theirs to look this way, they get liposuctions, breast augmentations and much more… why ?

I didn't hate my body but I was definitely not happy with it either. It was a constant source of distraction for men to ogle at, for boys at school to stare and dream of, for other girls to be envious and mean to me because they wanted that. If only they knew how many problems it brings, how much embarrassment it offers me when I get greedy looks on the street on in the mall, how much I have to work to cover and conceal it so that the guy sitting next to me in class or on the bus doesn't get a boner&hellip.

But this is what I had to work with so I started by putting my bottoms on. They still fit well, rather snug but the material was stretchy enough that it worked.

Next I tried the top on which didn't seem to want to cooperate at first. I readjusted the straps and then tried again. It fit, but not as well as I had remembered. It felt tighter and my breasts were being pushed up more and also squeezed together. It looked like I was purposefully trying to put them on display. My cup size hadn't changed but it seemed that my bust was just slightly fuller now, just enough to push my two puppies out of their comfort zone.


I contemplated going to the mall real quick and just buy another bathing suit, but that one would likely act the same or even worse than the one I had on. I made a few more adjustments to the straps and it fit on nicely, except for my bust being thrust forward of course, but there wasn't much I could do about that.

It's what nature gave me and I had to deal with it. The two piece was light pink so I decided to go with my burgundy sun dress over to cover me on my walk to Katie's house which was just down the street. I also thought that it would all match well. I slipped on my flip-flops and went downstairs.

James was watching TV in the living room and just turned his head around when I stepped in. He said "Hi" and he asked me what was up. I told him that I was going to Katie's and invited him along, but he wasn't really into hanging out with my friends all day, even if a pool was involved in the plans. So I gave him a hug and left. I hadn't been over at Katie's in a while, in fact I just realized that I hadn't hung out with the girls almost all summer, since… since the attack.


Walking down the street by myself was bringing back some bad memories, especially since this was the very same street on which I was abducted. Of course now it was just after 10am and the sun was shining, kids were playing outside, but with all that I still felt very vulnerable, like the same thing was going to happen all over again. I quickened my steps and soon reached Katie's house.

I rang the doorbell and a voice yelled from the back yard to just come in.

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I went in and it sounded like the girls were all in the back so I went to join them. As I walked down the hall towards the back door I bumped into Katie's brother, Jack, which was four years older than me; he was turning 20 in a month or so… As he came out of the laundry room with a hamper in his hands, he was stepping backwards as I was walking down the hall and we literally bumped into each other. It was mostly my fault since he couldn't see what was behind him and was not expecting me to be there.

I excused myself and just ran outside embarrassed. The girls were by the lawn chairs pouring lemonade and I just joined them quickly.

We hugged and they asked me what was up… I told Katie that I had just bumped into her brother and I was embarrassed.

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They laughed and teased me that "at least I had my airbags out to cushion the impact"… I smiled too, I knew that they were just teasing and we always joked around about all kinds of stuff. Also, they weren't far off, I actually did bump into him chest first, and inadvertently pressing my large bust into his back and shoulder, mushing them between the two of us. I blushed a bit but they didn't notice so I just took this opportunity to change the subject.

I asked them how their summer was going and they each told me what they did and where they went so far, trips and camps and stuff like that. They also asked me if I was ok after what had happened earlier this summer and I told them that I was better and was getting over it.

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Of course this wasn't totally true, I'm not sure any of it was true since the therapy that was supposed to help me get over my rape was making things worse, but I didn't want to bring myself down again so I just decided not to think about it today.

Ashley broke my train of thought anyway: "OK Jasmine, why don't you take that dress off and we can get some sun…" They were already in their bathing suits.

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Katie's was comprised of a blue two piece with white lines, kind of a mariner design and a small bow in front on the top.

She was pretty slim with a smaller figure and a cup breasts. We were all on the volleyball team so we kept in good athletic shape weather we liked it or not. Ashley was wearing a smaller white bikini, showing off some of her curves. She was also slim, but had a rounder butt than Katie and B cup breasts. She was always the more outgoing of our group, always had the more sexy clothes, taller heels and sometimes more revealing cleavages than either of us felt comfortable wearing.

She wasn't a slut or anything, in fact all three of us were pretty mellow, but she was the least conservative you could say.

So I pulled the sun dress over my head and placed it on one of the chairs, then reached for some lemonade. Ashley just looked at me for a moment and smiled: "Wow Jass, you look great, I mean look at those babies!." She exclaimed as she was staring at my chest.

"Hey, don't tease her about that!" intervened Katie who probably felt that this might be a sore subject for me after what happened a while ago. I really didn't want them to be uncomfortable around me, in fact none of this bothered me anyway and I just wanted things to be back to normal.

"No, no, it really doesn't bother me, I know you guys are just kidding, and to be honest I could use a good laugh." "Cool, but I wasn't kidding, I'm actually jealous" Ashley recounted ''There really isn't anything to be jealous of Ash… They're really not all that they're cracked up to be" I said while laughing We kept talking for a while as the sun was getting hotter and then decided to jump in and cool off.

The cold water felt good on my skin and swimming again with my friends was just what I needed. We splashed around and played with a volley ball. At one point Katie's brother Jack and a friend of his came outside to kind of check on us, or more likely check us out, then said that they wanted to use the pool too.

He and Katie got into some sibling argument about their parents saying that Katie would have the pool all day and something about Jack saying earlier that he would be out with his friend Kevin. Eventually they decided that we would share the pool and so the guys went inside to change into their trunks. A few minutes they came back out and jumped right it splashing everyone and eliciting some screams from the girls.

We all started splashing each other, boys versus girls as it turned out, but the boy's attention was mostly directed at Ashley and myself, trying to get us all wet (as if we weren't already). It kind of made me feel very self-conscious, especially as my breasts were bouncing up and down while we were splashing around and the fact that my top wasn't the most concealing and in fact pushed them up and together (as if they needed a top to do that) wasn't helping my embarrassment issues one bit.

Katie jumped on Jack's back trying to push him underwater and then Kevin came towards Ashley and me to do the same. He put his hand on Ashley's head pushing her down, but she swam under water and got away; then he turned to me and I giggled and just splashed more water in his face.

Yet, he still managed to get close enough and I just turned around to get away but he grabbed me in what seemed like a playful bear hug except instead of putting his arms around my shoulders they went around my elbows and his hands ended up on my chest. He briefly cupped my large boobs and gave them a slight squeeze.

I struggled and he let go, as I turned around he had a smile on his face; since I didn't want an argument I just shook it off and decided not to say anything. As we played around in the pool booth his and Jack's hands ended up touching me briefly, either on my round butt, my firm legs or especially on my overly developed breasts which seemed to be attracting the most attention from the guys.

I figured that we were all just playing and there was no reason to react in a negative way. They came up with the idea to play Marco Polo, and it seemed like fun so we all joined in. We played rock paper scissors to see who would go first and I ended up being the one.

Jack was pleased and went inside to get a blindfold. "I like that!" exclaimed Kevin "I'm sure you look good blindfolded" He laughed.

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As I was thinking of a good come back jack showed up with a scarf and tied it around my eyes. They made sure I couldn't see anything and then swam away leaving me in the middle of the pool. I started searching around as we screamed out "Marco!" "Polo" and so on… I wasn't catching anyone so they started swimming closer around me, sometimes bumping into me and then quickly getting away before I could reach out to grab someone. The girls were having fun and the guys were coming in closer getting bolder.


A couple of times I felt a hand touching my back and pinching my butt under water so no one could see. I wasn't going to make a big deal, but they were touching me more and one of them grabbed my ass with both hands and gave it a good squeeze so I just took the blindfold off and told them that if they didn't play nice I was out. They laughed, but the girls called them pigs and threw water in their faces and then the three of us got out of the pool.

We went over to the lawn chairs and had some lemonade while Katie told them that now they can play by themselves like "a couple of gays"… We giggled and they just got out and went inside leaving us alone.

With the boys out of the way we decided to do some sun bathing and maybe get a tan, so Katie brought out a bottle of lotion and we helped each other rub it on ourselves. As Ashley was putting some on my back I looked up and noticed that the guys were watching from Jack's room window. Even though we obviously had our suits on they seemed to be enjoying the show.

My gaze went down a bit and saw that they had a pair of bulges building in their trunks. This made me feel very self-conscious since they were looking straight down my cleavage which was in plain view from the vantage point of the second floor window. The fact that the cold water made my nipples pop out didn't make things easier on me but definitely contributed to their erections. The girls noticed them too and called them a couple of perverts but they just laughed and finally stepped away from the window.

"They are probably rubbing one off" said Ashley laughing "Yuuu… That's gross… but I bet your right" said Katie I hadn't thought about that yet but even though they were probably just joking I'm pretty sure that the girls were right on the money.

By now I was starting to know how men reacted and what thoughts they had and what they did about it. It didn't really bother me if they masturbated thinking about us, but the fact that they groped me in the pool which is most likely what added to their hard-ons was making me feel used or taken advantage of in a way, a feeling that was beginning to be more common with me these days. We spent a few more hours outside and then decide to call it a day as the afternoon came.

We went inside and I put on my summer dress and hugged the girls before I left. It was still sunny outside and people were mowing the lawn or working on the car, stuff that you usually see in a quiet residential neighborhood.

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My walk home was nicer than the one over here and I hardly thought that I was in any danger, hardly&hellip.