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The Neighbor Continued form chapter three Hell he can blow his load all in me for all I care I'm already pregnant anyway. I think I would like to try something either today or tonightor maybe even when we go camping. I went back into the den pretend to read I softly said to myself wow she really is kinda slutty.

Chapter Four sues gets Laid I decided to double check my clothing and other stuffI may need to take some extra stuff camping. My bedroom is next to spare bathroom It's the one that has the jacuzzi in it.

I wanted to make sure that were all packed and ready to go. It's a great van for going camping it has 2 sliding doors and ac you know the basics of a good van. While I'm walking by the spare bathroom to go outside I hear a soft moan. it's coming from inside thereI heard her again moaning softly, it's a soft moan. One that if you listen very closely you can her it I guess she was trying to be as quiet as she possibly could. I stopped and tried listening closely on the door just too see if she's alright.

That didn't work then I remembered the door had taken an old skeleton key. There was Just enough keyhole room so I could peek in and see the whole bathroom area where she was with one eye. I really didn't know much about this young womanAll I know is that she was one of Aprils best friends. I remember Mary told me that she was four months pregnant and she maybe extremely horny. I don't want to disturb her so I knelt and peered into the key hole.

"wow ! " this was truly amazing I saw her holding my electric hair trimmer in her hand. What's she trying to do with it ?was she trying shave her pussy ?. I looked again and then it hit me she was using the trimmer like a vibrator. When I hold it it vibrates Sue was using it On her slitShe was using it to get herself off.


The vibrations coming from it made her feel really good maybe I should go in there. Then again maybe not so I waited a bit she began to moan louder and that did it for me. It got so dam hard hearing and seeing what she was doing with my hair trimmer. "Oh Tony baby ! Fuck me with your cock !" oh God yes!! Please fuck me!!" oh baby I'm so horny. I stood right up and I opened the door OopsI am so sorry please excuse me sue, .

I thought you needed me for something she stood there with a shocked look on her face. I heard you call my name that's why I came right in. I see the trimmer in her hand I ask her sue can you please explain to me what are you doing with my hair trimmer ?.

I well Um I'm sorry she said with a frown standing there naked. II haven't been laid in four months ever scene that bastard boyfriend of mine took my virginity and knocked me up. I'm so sorry I been so horny lately with out any cock inside me. Before I stepped into the jacuzzi I noticed your hair trimmer . I plugged it in and I noticed it gave off a really good vibration, so I was using it trying to get myself off.

I was hoping you would not hear me but you caught me red handed. I'm sorry I should have tried to cover my mouth with a towel. Then she noticed I was listen but also looking at her very sexy teen body. what are you looking at Hugh ?


Haven't you ever seen a naked woman before ?. I bet you don't even have a clue that I'll be eighteen tomorrow. Sue honey I thought it was Sunday?. No it's tomorrow (Saturday ) someone got the dates mixed up. Alright Thanks for the explanationagain I am truly sorry for walking in on you. I then turn to my left side and tried walking out of the bathroom. She stops me whoa hold on a minute there buddy !I see you have a hard on. Come over here let me help you with that she begins to rub my crotch.

Wait a minute honey your only seventeenyou shouldn'tum we shouldn't be doing this. Doing what Tony ? what's wrong don't you want some horny pregnant pussy ?.

Yea I'd love some but "oh Hell I don't care I'm eighteen as far as I'm concerned and that's final !. Besides whats a few hours anyway It's less than twelve hours away. I want that hard cock of yours in my tight wet pussy "In Me Now Mister !! ". I lifted her up and carried her out of the bathroom into my bedroom next door.

She's already naked so I slip a finger in her pussy I can already smell and feel her juices flowing. I lay her down on my king sized bed She sits up and swings to the side. She begins undressing me pants firstmay I ask you something sure sue. How long had it been scene you had any good tight pussy?. Please Don't tell me the girl next door Who April ? Yes April silly.

Haven't 't you fucking her hot virgin pussy yet ? No why ? I say to her. Well my take on it is this April directly told me She has the hots's for you. I think her mom does also ,Oh really now ? I never knew of anything about this. She told me all about this last night she said she flashed her tits to you and gave you a two thumbs up.

It was something to do with today and our camping trip. Yes that's true but I only I licked her pussy just once and that was yesterday afternoon. Well you must have done something right because what you did it to her she's been waiting for it for a very long time.


When I spoke with her by cell last night She was so happy alright. I tell my self in my head the followingI knew April loved me licking her but this was suppose to be our little secret.

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I'm guessing these girls tell each other everything Sue was a blabber mouth she was letting out all their secrets. I was not about to tell April anything epically about what sue just told me. Well I wasn't about to let her stop talking now either.

I wanted to hear what else she had to say. I will tell you this much it really turned her on she must have fingered herself for an hour last night. Before she falling asleep she text me this this morning on the matter.

It was before her and the girls went to cheerleader practice. Hell Just thinking of doing It with you Tony turned her on so much that she wants your cock deep inside her. Thinking to myself there's no doubt now how badly April wants me. There now your all naked like mehere let me lay down on your nice big bed. Now I would like for you to do me a big favorPlease lick my hot wet pussy !!. Do it to me Make me feel really special. Spreading her legs wide I begin to lick her slit I start Sinking my tongue deep between her sweet slit.

She takes her hands and places them on either side of my head. Oh baby That feels so good ah she moans loudly. "Oh !! Baby!! Fuck me with your tongue " oh yeah she lifted her hips up and down began grinding motion against my face.

I slip a finger in her and curve the tip of it upwards looking for her G-spot. I find it and I begin working itI keep working the outside of her pussy with my mouth. She lifted her head again to look down at me I suckle her slit as I work her slit with my tongue. I kept right on licking her wet pussy "Oh my god! ! oh Please! Don't stop!". " oh fuck yeah oh God it feels so good . I'm gonna cum Oh my god I'm going to cum Ah yes she hissed I'm cumming!

I'm cumming Oh God ! Ah!. Her pussy juice began dripping out onto my tongue as she had her orgasm . Oh Baby I want you to fuck me right now!! I need your hard cock in me. Alright sue honey but it's almost two forty five. April your friend will be home soon ," I don't care !

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" put your cock in me Now !! ". I wasn't going to have her pissed off at me. I pushed her legs back almost to her chest ,taking my dick in hand I placed it at her vaginal opening. I pushed right is she was so wet it went right in deep the first push. Oh my God Tony your cock It feels so good inside me. Ah Oh your filling me up inside.

Oh God it feels so good Oh baby fuck me stick it deep inside me oh god oh fuck yeah. God she was so dam tight and she squealed as I started fucking her harder. "Your pussy is so tight baby ah!! " I know she screams Oh!! God it feels like you're ripping me open!".

oh God ah fuck!!!. Oh God baby it's squeezing my cock oh fuck. I kept on pounding her tight teen pussy as hard as I could the bed began squeaking louder. I'm going to cum soon ah baby yes oh yes cum inside me baby please!!. I want to feel your cum deep inside me ." Ah I'm Cumming again she squealed with delightDo it, now baby shoot your hot cum right up there inside me.

I felt my cock tip bottom out it's hitting her baby maker. I'm thrusting in and out of her pussy she using her vaginal mussels to milk my cock. I thought to myself I'm so glad April's not home.

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Common Baby she fuck me with your hard cock I want you too shoot your cum inside me. I'm going to cum inside you I'm ready Now !! give it to me baby.

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Give it all to me !!Ah!! fuck! . I'm cumming! Sue I'm cumming!! oh Yeah !! Yeah I feel it Tony it's shoot it deep baby Ah yes !! Oh yes fuck me !! Harder!

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I'm Cumming, too again oh God Don't Stop Please. Don't Stop oh Gawd It Feel So Good Oh fuckI'm cumming !again ah baby do it! !yes "!!!. I was busting a nut here trying my best at fucking this hot horny pregnant girl. I thought I heard a quiet WTF going on here ? !! behind me. I just ignoring it and kept blowing my load deep inside her already Hot pregnant pussy. I just kept going I was almost finished, Sue looked over April whom was standing there in the room UN-announced to me. Sue put her finger to her lips quietly with out saying a word shh.

Sue screamed one last time ah. Fuck me make cum once more. Ah!! fuck! Yeah!! I'm cumming. "Oh my God!!" I'm going to cum again. fuck me with you hard cock .ah I'm cumming again. April stands behind me with eyes wide opened watching me. I'm give her girlfriend sue a good hard fucking I'm just finishing ready to pull out of all of a sudden I hear April's voice. " What The Fuck Going On Here ? !!" "Hell No !!" This ain't going to happen Not with out me , You guys Don't"!! ". I pull out of sue and look at lay on my backs She then went into a exhausted state her body went limp.

I Love You Tony she said Now see April I say what you doing home so early? Early its three thirty. Oh My God we lost track of time. Yes baby you did I'm Home for a half hour now. Hell I could hear you two all the way from my bedroom window next door. I gave up trying to masturbate and decide Scene you were having so much fun over here. I decided I shall joining you guys in this bedroom . What do you think your going to get away with doing this with out me ?. Sue says to April I'm truly sorry I didn't know I would have waited.

Well I'm here now and I want some of his hot sausage meat inside me too. April begins to take off her cheerleader outfit and glasses placing them on my night stand. She leaves her pigtails in place she hops into my bed with us. I'm ready now she begins sucking sues breasts I can't wait till they start giving milk. Sue Would you let me have some when it's ready ? Of course you can April. She begins tugging at my limp cock here let me help you with that sue says.

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I have an idea why don't you guys sixty nine good idea April says thanks. I'm going to try and take another soak in the Jacuzzithe last time I tried it was earlier today .I had been interruptedI'm sorry sue that's alright Tony you had a good reason.

you had to give me some relief sue smiles and kisses me on the lips. A real passionate kiss she leaves to go back to the bathroom. To be continued : Please Stay tuned next chapter April loses her virginity