Cory chase and kirsten lee intimate lesbian sex on sofa

Cory chase and kirsten lee intimate lesbian sex on sofa
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We just had a new submissive initiation party in Chicago over the Thanksgiving 2010 weekend & it was a blast! The initiation started when the petite South American submissive was led into the party room blindfolded, not knowing who as in the room or how many guys or girls were in the room nor what we were going to do to her but she knew she had to pass the initiation or she would never be invited to another party nor receive any post party favors (some girls do the group party for the fun we have after the party, sorry you have to be a sub to understand)!

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She was a very young looking girl although we were told she was definitely id checked and over 19years of age, I saw the Party Organizers take a couple pics of her id as they always do but I didn't think she looked like she was older than 16. She could not have weighed much more than 100 pounds and I could not help but wonder if she would be able to handle the guys in that room!

Altogether there were 12 guys and five girls including myself (I'm a 21 yo Asian Domina 5'3" 110# 34b - most of the dominant guest wish I were the sub) and the submissive. Six of the guys were regular members I knew from other gbs we've had and six were new. That's why I was wondering if she was going to be able to handle the party because those 6 guys I knew were pretty rough in previous gangbangs plus that had good sized cocks & were mature guys who knew what they were doing and they enjoyed fucking the shit out of a girl!

I had a female & male slave with me to serve me or the submissive in whatever capacity I chose, both were bisexual. Before the party we gave several shows to get the attendees ready. The two other female guests probably came with guys or perhaps came by themselves, its hard to say because the room was so small, that no matter where they sat/stood, there was always a few guys around them. Plus if they came with guys, their guys were either too pre-occupied with the party to pay attention to them or they just didn't care when the guys in the room systematically tested them out initially with suggestive words and as we got closer to initiation time with playful touches and rubs.

The girls seemed to not be discouraging the advances, the blond girl looked to be from one of our pervious group parties but i never got a chance to talk with her to confirm that but her later participation proved she was comfortable around cocks.

. The pretty dark haired exotic submissive was dressed like a young girl going out to a party in a short cute black dress, nice earrings, classy lipstick & perfume, She was wearing a nice pair of stilettos on her stocking legs, with nice jewelry on. Before she was brought into the room, I ordered everyone to be quiet and that the submissive did not deserve to know how many people she would be shared with until the right moment, so we were all quite when she was escorted into the room.

as she passed people, were encouraged to touch, rub, squeeze and spank her. Then she was brought to the middle of the room and her leash was handed to me.

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I commanded her to declare her sin. . in a loud voice she declared that she's always a bitch when she goes out to party and she verbally abuses all the guys who ask her to dance or who just want to talk plus she said she believed she was becoming a lesbian and needed to suck & fuck cocks until she either begged for more or begged to stop but either case, she didn't want anyone to stop. She admitted she was to be physically and verbally abused until she knew her place.

With that in mind, I ordered her to her knees and simultaneously motioned for two of the guys to step forward one on each side of her. Next I told her to hold out her hands and keep her mouth open.

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The guys at her sides knew what to do, as each unzipped their pants and put their cocks in the waiting hand near them. I told her she "was a slut and to please these cocks or else". I told her all the guys present at this party were guys she had rejected and now she was not only going to serve her body to them but they were going to punish her for the way she had treated them.

Then I told her a couple of their girlfriends had come with them, at that moment, I motioned for the girls to come up. The blonde one wearing a short skirt had a cute tanned ass & boob job so I knew the guys wanted to see what that cunt looked like (& so did I), so I told her to get rid of her panties and pull up her skirt. All the while the submissive kept her mouth open so I told her to keep licking her lips until her mouth was given something to do and don't stop working the cocks!

I told the guys if she didn't do a good job, to give her a spank on the ass to remind her she was to be a slut so they started calling her names.


I could hear the guys saying "work my cock you fucking bitch", I knew when you came in here you deserved to be on you knees serving my cock" or "you better make me come or I'll wear your little ass out " I though that was prophetic! How did he know she was going to be our three hole slut tonight? By this point the leggy blond had shed her panties and pulled up her skirt, so I motioned for her to make the bitch eat her pussy since she had previously mistreated her man. The blond grabbed her head and stuffed her cunt into the juicy submissive's mouth while holding her head in place.


You could hear the submissive slurping that cunt and the guys spanking her ass as she lost concentration on their cocks. Just to make her concentration even harder, I ordered my male slave to get her pussy and ass ready. So he slid under her and begin eating her pussy and licking her ass (he is a young dark haired Caucasian with washboard abs that I have trained well to server both women & men, if you met him outside of one of my parties, you would never think he was such a little suck up!

Sometimes when I'm out at the club, I invite him to come later just so I can show my girls I own his ass, I make him lay under our table as our personal footstool or foot warmer or foot servant, other times I just make him lay face down on the sofa while all of us sit clothed on him - I sit on his head).

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I could tell he immediately got her going as she let out a sigh and got her ass smacked be both guys while the blond pulled her head in tighter. Meanwhile, the other female guest a thick big assed black female guest was standing there voluntarily pinching on her size 32a nipples through the pretty black dress, I knew the sub was wearing a push up bra to make those little orbs look bigger but she wore no panties for fast access and my male slave was all over her pussy and asshole (slurping & licking the pussy and cleaning the asshole as deeply as his tongue permitted).

The black girl was a dominant mean ass bitch, she would pinch her hard and smack her in the head. I'm sure she was getting dizzy but the guys with the dicks in her hands would not let her forget their cocks.

I motioned for the remaining guy who were watching that it would be alright for them to jerk their cocks, thinkin a bukkake in her party dress would be the perfect humilating start for the petite cunt. Some of the guys were already rubbing their cocks while in their pants but now they knew they could take them out but I told them to let me know when they were about to cum because this little bitches face need to be a cum dumpster, that made them roar and stroke harder.

I told the black girl to pull down those stretch pants she was wearing so the guys cold see that big ass of hers and so she could start the second part of the submissives oral use.

She wasted no time and pulled them to around her knees and I had her turn around and stuff that big ass right at the submissives face pushing the quivering blond out of the way. Everyone could see the petite Latina's face disappear in the ass cheeks as the blond fell between six guys who were really ready for som action.

The guys noticing she was still cuming started feasting on her. First two guys stuck their cocks in her face and took turns face fucking her while another condom clad male took up position between her legs and aimed at her well lubricated coochie. As they began to invade the blond, I saw two guys put her hands to use also while two other played with her nice 34dd gravity defying breast! I yelled abused those bitch's fake tits and they pinched, pulled & smacked them while the face fucking duo were through trying to tke turns and were both trying to stuff her mouth.

The breast maulers help the condom clad guest to hold her legs while he pounded the blond with his big black cock right to the hilt.

That slut just kept squirting, I could see her juice popping out and it looked like she was trying to stop them not in anger but like she was not able to stop comming! Finally the last two male guests start working over the teen sized submissive's orbs. I reminded the guys if they didn't save their loads for the guest of honor, they would be penalized later!

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I had my female slave to oil up a nearby butt plug I was saving for the still blindfolded submissive and to force it in her ass. There was nothing she could do but accept it and she signaled that with a loud pleasure squeal as her spit lubed ass hole and the oil lubed butt plug met with a pop and it went right in!

She couldn't look back because the mean black girl was shoving her shit hole up and down her nose to chin channel and making sure she held her mouth and head there.

She couldn't put her hands back because the guys were near orgasm and each was holding their hand in place plus there was no moving her torso because my male slave was all over her cunt and holding her butt hole target wide open for my female slave and she hit the target hard and fast and with a pop, then pulled it out and re-inserted it over and over until there was no resistance.

Now she was starting to become the ultimate fuck-toy had it not been for the blond who had taken that role first. There always seems to be a girl or two at our parties that are not the main meal that want to take over the party and she was on her way, I was just waiting for someone to flip her over and start pounding that cute tanned ass of hers. I motioned for my female slave to replace my male slave so she could complete his work and simultaneously had one of the guys who was playing with the sub's nipples to put a condom on & get under too her and stuff her with is more than ready cock.

I actually did it because I was growing jealous of her moans and squeals that I know my male slave was causing with his expert tonguing, so I positioned him for my personal use even though his mouth was still slimy with the sub's juices. . Part 1: Meko asian party domina Let me know if I should continue & write part 2 & in your comments tell me what you think will happen next too