Emo gay porn video Keef Gets Wet For His First Time

Emo gay porn video Keef Gets Wet For His First Time
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It was getting late, I switched of the TV and decided to check my E-mails before I went to bed. There was a reply from my ad in Sexyads, I read the mail and was somewhat intrigued by the content. I must explain firstly, I have an ad in that site with a picture of my erect cock, it also shows my steel cock ring which does get some peoples mind wondering. For those who have never seen one before, it fits behind my balls and can only be squeezed on with a very soft cock, once on it maintains a stiff cock at all times, makes it longer and thicker, increases staying power, I only cum when I want to, cum to order if you like, and increases the sensations.

Lastly after I have cum it takes a while for my erection to subside. Now we all know. I checked her profile first, single, BBW, aged 50, that seemed just right. I read the mail, she was basically challenging me, asking if I was really game, am I *up* for it, can I take it.

My ego was at boiling point. Faster than you can blink my finger hit that reply button. I told her, yes I am game and can take anything she had in mind (at that time I didn't know she meant literally), and I am always *up*.

She mailed me back and suggested a quiet drink to find out if we were what we each pictured, and to discuss her requirements. Her requirements, sounded a bit bossy, but who cares, lets have some fun. We met the following week, in a small pub, it was warm so we sat outside, it was a very quiet pub so we could talk away without fear of being overheard. She had arrived in a very expensive sports car, very well dressed, short skirt showing nicely shaped legs, and her breasts strained the buttons of her blouse.

You could see her nipples clearly through the material. Very nice I thought. Not too large, but shapely. I bought us both a drink and we sat there just chatting idly. After a while we got to chatting about sex, she quizzed me on my experience and sexual practices, then told me what she was looking for. She was holding a gathering of friends, all women, and wanted someone to serve their drinks all evening. What the hell has this got to do with sex I thought?

Then she hit me with it, I was to be naked and if one of the women wanted any form of sexual relief, I was to oblige. Now that did sound like fun. She asked me if I was wearing my *ring*, which I was, and when no one was around gripped my cock through my trousers, I had been very stiff for quite some while and a smile appeared on her face as she felt it. She looked at me and said that I looked fine and had just what she needed between my legs.

Then she enquired how I felt about the task, and whether I could refrain from cummin all evening. I think she guessed by the stiffness of my cock that I was game, so I said yes, and I would only cum when she wanted me to. So it was arranged for the following Friday and she gave me her address and phone No. We went our separate ways, and I headed home. I took off my clothes and my cock was still stiff and precum was oozing out of the end. The head was shiny and deep red in colour.

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I lay on the sofa, thought about the following Friday and stroked my cock. My other hand cupped my balls and squeezed them gently. My hand stroked my cock faster, gripped it harder, and it wasn't long before I felt my balls swelling up, I squeezed my balls, pumped my cock and a giant arcs of cum shot from my cock all over me, my cock kept pumping for ages, the arcs got shorter and shorter until cum was just dribbling from my cock.

I relaxed, wondering about Friday, and nodded of to sleep. When I awoke I had to jump straight into the shower to clean myself up and then sat down to think about what I had let myself in for. These days are going to seem very long until next Friday, I think my hands might be just a little busy between now and then. Well Friday eventually arrived, it took ages to come around. I showered, put on my ring, had to do it then whilst my cock was stiff, as soon as it was on my cock started to swell in anticipation.

I got dressed and drove to her house.


It was massive, large gardens, long drive, secluded. I knocked at the door and she greeted me wearing only what I could describe as expensive and erotic, high heels, short skirt, black stockings, and tight blouse, she looked great.

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She beckoned me in, I followed her into the lounge, there were about 6 or 7 armchairs arranged in a circle with a gap at one end, I was told this is where they would gather. I was told to follow her upstairs into one of the many bedrooms.

Strip off I was told, I did so, I looked down and my cock was like a rod of iron, globules of precum on the head. "I can see you are ready for action" she said.

"Now put these on", and she handed me a pair of leather ankle cuffs, a pair of leather wrist cuffs and what looked like a studded dog collar. I put them on and she attached a lead onto the collar.

She led me downstairs and into the kitchen, where all the drinks and glasses were laid out. "Now", she said, "if you have to speak to me you will call me mistress, do you understand". "Yes", I replied, with that I felt her hand slap my backside, it did sting. "Well" she said. "Yes mistress" I replied. I was told to stand there just inside the door. After a short time I heard the door bell go.

It kept ringing every few minutes as her guests had all arrived. The door opened and Mistress walked in, grabbed hold of the lead and pulled me into the room.

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I was led through the gap in the chairs, into the centre of the circle. "This is Bernie your *waiter* for this evening, anything you want just tell him, he will obey your every word", she told her friends. They ranged from slim women to plump women and their ages ranged from around 40 to say maybe 55, I was never any good at guessing ages. I took their drinks order and went into the kitchen, loaded the tray and returned and handed them out.

"Stand by the door" she said. "Yes Mistress" I replied and moved to the doorway. To start with things were very easy, I handed out drinks and received the odd polite comment like, *nice cock* *lovely balls* but as the drinks flowed the comments got a little cruder, and hands started to grab my cock and balls every now and again.

I served one woman, she held my cock in her hand and squeezed it, precum dripped out of my slit, she rubbed her finger in my precum and smeared it all over the head of my cock, making it really shiny, she then moved her finger up to her mouth and sucked it, just as she would a cock, looking me in the eye all the time.

Then as I served a drink to this woman she slid forward in her chair and opened her legs wide.


"Lick me she said" She was certainly prepared, no panties and a short skirt that rode up to her thighs. I knelt between her legs, gazed at her pussy, juices were already running out between her pussy lips. I pulled open her pussy lips with my fingers, they were quite long. I gently blew onto her pussy, I felt her tense as my breath cover her. I started to lick the length of her pussy lips, tasting her juices.

Then I sucked each pussy lip into my mouth and gently sucked on it. I placed a finger each side of her clit, pulled them apart making her clit point straight up in the air. I lowered my mouth over her clit, sucked it into my mouth and sucked on it, running my tongue all over it at the same time. I slid my tongue down her pussy, and into that wet hole.

I started to dart my tongue slowly in and out of her pussy, she was breathing heavily, moaning slightly, so I tongue fucked her harder and faster, sliding my tongue into her as far as it would go.


Her hands gripped the back of my head, forcing my face into her pussy. All the time her breathing was getting heavier, her moans louder, her hands gripped the back of my head and forced my face into her pussy so hard I could not breathe, she arched her back, screamed out and I felt her pussy grip and suck on my tongue, and her cum ran down my tongue into my mouth.

I licked her pussy all over for a few more minutes to clean all her juices and cum off and returned to the doorway. All the time I was licking her pussy, that is when her thighs were not gripping my head, I could here comments from the others, *Go on, lick her*, *Suck that pussy*, *Make her cum*, and many more.

I looked around the room, the woman I had just made cum had a contended look on her flushed face, the others all sat there with smiles on their faces. This soon became a regular occurrence and I was licking one pussy after another. Then, I was serving this plumpish lady and she hoisted up her skirt, bent over the chair and said "Fuck me", I moved behind her, took my finger and wiped my precum all over the swollen head. I slipped the end of my cock into the wet opening of her pussy, gently slid the whole length into her, then built up a slow rhythm, I reached around her and rubbed her clit with my fingers, my rhythm got faster, harder, my balls slapping against her ass each time my cock filled her.

She was bucking against my thrusts, then she hammered herself back onto me and shouted out, she started to fuck me like mad, trying to get as much of my cock into herself. She went rigid, moved backwards and forwards slowly a few times and finally lay back on the chair, contented. Again this happened a few more times, but now things were going further. I was impaled in one pussy and one of the others sat on the floor between my legs and started to lick and suck my balls as I was fucking her friend.

Hands rubbed themselves over my backside, then I felt a finger sliding into my arse, and gently fucking me. I looked around, there were two of them in a 69, really licking each others pussy's, another was laid back in a chair, legs apart and pointing into the air, between her legs was another woman, wearing a strap on cock and slowly fucking her. Mistress was all the time walking round, watching, occasionally lending a hand, playing with a breast or pussy and now and again squeezing my cock.

A few times I felt cum building up in my balls but managed to quell the feeling, I must not cum until I'm told to the mistress had said, and anyway I was thoroughly enjoying myself, I was fast approaching that *gone* feeling, lost in sexual oblivion. Then Mistress barked out "Stop, you have all had yours, now it's my turn" She stripped off, lay on a low coffee table, two women held her legs up in the air and wide open, two started to suck her nipples, one grabbed my cock and pulled me to her wide open pussy, held it against that wet tunnel and pushed my backside so my cock slid in, and it slid in so easily.

I started to fuck her slowly, the woman who had held my cock squatted beneath me and licked my balls, I built up a steady rhythm, pumping my cock in and out, I could hear her pussy squelching as I thrust it in and out. I looked down, my cock was covered in her juices, I don't think I have ever seen more.

By now I was *gone* I felt something nudge my ass, I looked over my shoulder and saw the woman who was wearing the strap on, I knew what was cummin.

I held still, felt the cock slide in, I was so *gone* it just slid in with no effort. As I was pumping forward, the cock in my ass slid out, as I pulled out of her pussy, the cock slid into my ass again. Between us we built up a rhythm, slowly but getting faster, I could see the two women on her breasts biting her nipples, tugging them with their teeth.

Now all three of us were fucking really hard and fast, I knew I building up to a cum, but could I hold back this time? Mistress was writhing around on the table, screaming out, "more, more, harder, faster" then she arched her back screamed out loud, then shouted to me "Cum, cum all over me", I pulled out my cock, a hand grabbed it and started to wank me, another hand gripped my balls, the women all knelt on the floor around Mistress.

I could feel the cum building up in my balls, I could feel the sensations, they started in my balls, then inside my cock, suddenly the sensations really hit me, I threw my head back and cum started to pump out of my cock, long arcs which landed on Mistresses face and hair, then shorter arcs, onto her breasts and stomach, then cum was dribbling all over her pussy.

There had been so much build up there seemed to be gallons of it, it covering her face, hair, breasts, stomach and pussy. One woman slid my cock into her mouth and milked it, the others started to lick my cum of Mistress. We rested for a short while, then Mistress stood up, held my lead and walked towards the door. When we got to the door, she turned around and gave my lead to this plumpish woman, opened the door, said to her friends "Enjoy yourself tonight, he's all yours", and with that gave me a wicked grin and as she left closed the door.

There I was, surrounded by these women, what is going to happen I asked myself. I was led into the centre of the circle of chairs, the women all stood in front of the chairs they had been sitting in and started to undress. They stripped off completely apart from their stockings and high heeled shoes and sat down, I gazed around, and the youngest was about 40, the eldest about 55, some were thin, some average and some overweight.

The woman, who had been given the lead, came over to me, I will call her 'Matron', well she looked a bit matronly, and she took the lead and led me to the first chair. I was told to stand still in front of the chair, legs slightly apart and not to move or cum. The woman sitting in the chair, leant forward, cradled first my balls then my cock in her hand; she squeezed my cock, gently at first and then harder.

I looked down; there were still droplets of cum oozing from my cock. She leant forward, her tongue darting out and lapping up the drops of cum. She then started to lick my cock, starting at the head, and slowly moving down my shaft, until her face was touching my wiry hair. She opened her mouth and took my knob into it. As she started to slide her mouth down my cock until she was told by Matron to stop. I was led in turn around the circle, each of them having a good lick of my cock, but every time one tried to suck on it she was stopped.

My cock was rampant; it was as stiff as it was before, the excitement of being licked differently by all these women was making precum ooze out, it was dripping out of my slit onto the carpet. I was put in front of the first woman again; she held my balls and slide her mouth all the way down my cock, she started to slide my cock in and out of her mouth, slowly.

She then started to bite all along the length of my shaft, starting at the head and going all the way to my pubic hair. She sucked my cock back into her mouth and built up a slow rhythm of sliding it in and out. I could see she was getting excited, her other hand was rubbing her clit like mad.

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She started to pump my cock faster into her mouth, "Stop" Matron shouted, "not yet, wait, we are going to have a lot more fun yet" I was taken around the circle again, each one sucking and biting my cock, if I had been given the chance I would have cum by now, I was dying to pump my cum, anywhere, I just wanted to cum. I had felt like this earlier, I knew what was going to happen. I am going to become totally out of control sexually, I will be 'gone' again I will enjoy everything that is done to me, the more things done, the more aroused I will become.

I was told to lay on the coffee table, a bowl and towels were brought in, I was covered in soap, all around my cock and balls, each one did a little shaving until my nether regions were completely void of hair.

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I looked down, my erect cock seemed inches bigger, whether being minus hair made it look bigger or the sexual state I was in, who knows. I was led to each one in turn, each one playing with my bald cock and balls.

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I was led around the circle again; each one sucked my cock hard, sliding it in and out of their mouths fast. Matron stood behind me, she thrust a finger into my arse and started to finger fuck my arse as the other women greedily sucked on my cock.

I didn't care, I was 'gone' it could have been a twelve inch dildo and I wouldn't have cared, once I get like this I cannot even remember which day of the week it is.

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It is a wonderful feeling. I was about half way round the circle and I felt Matron push two fingers into my arse to fuck me with, oh, what a feeling, my cock being sucked, my balls being squeezed and my arse being fucked. The other women were screaming out to the two of them to fuck me well, "bite his cock, suck his balls, fuck his arse, harder, faster", I was gone, totally.

I was led around the circle twice more, two more lots of fantastic sexual abuse. Then Matron knelt in front of me, took my cock into her mouth, slid her hands behind me, pushed a finger of each hand into my arse and started to finger fuck my arse, her fingers were making me push my cock forward, forcing it into her mouth and down her throat.

The others lay around on the floor, some were rubbing their clits like mad, some were just fucking themselves with their fingers, and others were rubbing their clits and finger fucking at the same time.

The noise they were making was deafening, they all seemed to be about to cum together, Matron was pumping my cock in and out of her mouth, sucking it hard, suddenly she removed it, shouted at me to cum and quickly got my cock back into her mouth.

I could hear some of them cummin, as she sucked my cock she gripped my balls and I started to shoot my cum into her mouth, my cock just kept pumping cum, I could feel the pulsations of my cock, it seemed to just go on and on.

When she was sure I had finished pumping my cum into her mouth, she pushed me away, opened her mouth and my cum just poured out of her mouth, over her tits, her stomach, her neck and her chin. As the others had cum, they jumped up and started to lick up all my cum. Their faces were covered in cum, all wet and glistening.

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One grabbed me, pulled me back down onto the table, I lay there my cock still stiff and pointing towards the ceiling. She straddled my cock, facing me, and then suddenly impaled herself, sliding my cock right into her pussy. I gasped as that wet pussy slid right down my shaft, and started to grind herself up and down on my cock, her tits were swinging to and fro.

She started to fuck me hard, forcing herself right down on my cock. Two others lifted her off my cock and immediately another pussy was impaled onto my cock and started to fuck me, someone else straddled my face and a dripping wet pussy was rubbed over my face, I was being gang banged well and truly. Every few minutes another pussy was forced down onto my cock, on the second or third round, I cannot think which, as I was just lost in sexual oblivion, they started to cum, fucking me hard one by one, they just carried on until they had each cum.

I could feel pools of their cum on my groin, my balls, and running down my thighs. They lay in a circle, faces together, Matron said "Now wank that cock, spurt your cum over their faces and open mouths, go on cum" I gripped my cock harder, started to build a rhythm, getting faster, faster, I cupped my balls in the other hand, I could feel my cum building up in them, then my cock started to twitch I could feel my cum pumping from my balls up through my cock, it arced up in the air, started to splatter over their faces, their mouths were wide open, tongues hanging out, trying to catch as much of it as they could.

I looked down, there was cum all over their faces, in their eyes, running down their cheeks and necks, forming small pools in the hollow of their necks. Their fingers were busy, trying to scoop as much of it as they could into their mouths.

Cum covered tongues were darting in and out between their lips. I was led to the sofa, laid down with a cushion placed under my head, they gathered up their clothes, and as they passed by me they all said goodnight, kissed me on the forehead and placed their panties over my now limp cock.

Now would I just love to experience that………………&hellip.