Gay video Punishing The Sexy New Boy

Gay video Punishing The Sexy New Boy
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I rolled over in my bed, staring intently at the alarm perched on my night stand. 11:59. I sucked in a quick gasp, "Almost there" I whispered to myself.

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Just then the clock it 12:00 AM. I rolled out of bed and quietly went around the house. Checking first on my older sister, then on my parents. "Yes!" I thought "they're all sound asleep".

I snuck back into my room softly closing the door. I walked over to my computer, now without fear of being caught and turned it on. I quickly navigated to a browser and pulled up my favorite porn site. "Amateur Babes". I scrolled over to the live cam category, looking for new show girls. I felt my dick begin to swell as I scrolled. Finally I found a girl I liked, "Miss Naughty" kind've a cheesy name. But from her profile pic she had a nice rack. I was a little bothered by the fact that her face wasn't in view but I figured I would see it soon enough.

As I read through her profile I liked what I saw black hair, large breast, a nice sized ass and brown eyes. My cock was throbbing in anticipation. I reached into my pajama pants and pulled out my dick. I stroked its length a few times to make sure I was full length.

I smirked with pride as I looked down at my dick a nice 8" long and nothing short of 3" wide. Now I'm only 16 so the size of my dick was always something I was proud of. It not that I wasn't attractive, hell more girls have asked me out before I even got the chance. I was 6'3 with an athletic build, sandy blond hair, tan skin and blue eyes.

The only valid turn off I could find in myself are my long piano fingers. I'm not conceited or arrogant but I am well aware that I'm attractive. I returned my focus to the screen, my raging boner pulsing in my hand. I finally clicked "enter show".Their were only three other people watching, but I didn't mind that just meant that their would be less arguing in the chat box.

I enlarged the screen and was greeted by a glistening pussy being spread by two fingers.

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"Nice" I thought jacking my cock a little bit faster. The woman on screen slipped a finger right in between her pussy lips furiously rubbing her slit her liquid spreading. I reached over to my mouse and turned on a screen recorder just incase I wanted to watch this again later. Before my hand left the desk I pumped a bit of lotion into my hand. The woman on screen kept rubbing her cunt. Her juices coating her hand. She took her hands away from her oussy to scoot back a little bit.

And with this motion her tits came into view, I almost spent my load right then and there. They were beautiful, at least a 36 D. Large brown areolas and rock hard nipples to match.

One of her hand's went back down to her pussy now rubbing her clit. If she was moaning it was too quiet to heard. My eyes flicked back up to her breast. They had a slight jiggle as she tweaked one of her rock hard nipples.

I jerked my dick faster my balls beginning to boil. The lady on screen stopped for a second and adjusted the camera. And in those few seconds I caught a good look at her face. My balls tightened and my cock jumped in my hands as my hot seed flew onto the keyboard.

I let out a loud sigh and a smile spread across my face. Ignoring the jizz on my keys and the lube in my hand I quickly saved the video to my computer. I shut it down wiped my hands and dick on an old towel on the floor, and crawled into my bed. And with that I fell asleep with one thought on my mind. " I just jacked off to my creative writing teacher".

p a fantastic idea shot in to my mind. I ran over to my desk and quickly grabbed a flash drive, plugged it into my computer and copied the video to it. After that I took everything else off of It leaving only the video. I unplugged the drive and slipped It into my pocket. I sauntered down the stairs and into the dining room. "Good morning sleepy head" came my moms cheery voice. Now my mom was a pretty good looking woman for her age. She was 5'8 had long brown hair and green eyes. Her breast weren't all that big but were at least a C cup.

She had a pretty big butt that kind've jiggled when she walked. Though her ass was only complimented by her long legs. "Good morning to you too, what's for breakfast" I said obviously in a good mood "Nothing too good for you" she said with a chuckle "Why not?" My voice curious "Because you over slept, now here's an apple. Your sisters in the car" she replied nonchalantly I glanced down at my watch. Shit! She was right. I snatched the apple from the table and ran to the door.

Grabbing my bag on the way out I waved goodbye from the door. I ran up to the car and flung open the door, hoping in. "Finally, what took so long" grunted my sister as she pulled out of the drive way.

"Sorry late night" was all I said In contrast to my mother when she was a kid. My sister Melanie is a bookworm. And because of that guys didn't really pay her that much attention. But let me tell you first hand she had an amazing body.

Her boobs were a little bigger than my mothers and she was a little bit shorter at 5'6 she had long shoulder length brown hair and striking green eyes. But her sexiest feature was her ass. She had the nicest bubble butt I had ever seen on anyone that wasn't a pornstar. And it looked even bigger on her small body. She had nice sized thighs to match her ass. I let out a sigh, she would probably have a boyfriend if she wore something else besides semi-loose jeans and hoodies.

She had no more than three friends, in short she was a 17 year old social zero. An amazingly beautiful one at that. I felt the car slow and I looked up. We were here, school. "See you here after eighth period" came Melanie's voice as she got out of the drivers seat swinging her bag over her shoulder. "Alright" was my only reply It felt like it took forever to get to lunch.

I hardly spoke to anyone the entire day. At lunch I simply sat at a table in the cafeteria alone. It was unusual but today, of all days I needed quiet to think.

As time passed I thought harder and harder until finally the plan came together and a smile once more spread across my face. Only one more period till creative writing. Now creative writing was an elective so I still had to sit through English before I could go. Today it went by in a flash. Then came creative writing, taught by Ms.Mahogany or as she preferred Ms.M. She was a 26 year old biology major that found her calling as a creative writings teacher.

She was tall about 5'9 with long raven hair so dark it looked almost blue and so long it stopped at the top of her butt. She had pretty blue eyes and a playful smile. Her breast were huge, they swayed when she walked and bounced when she stood up.

They added to her delicious hourglass figure. Her ass was nice not to big but big enough to give a nice sway when she walked, it looked nice and jiggly. Today was casual Friday and she was wearing a simply pink blouse and skin tight jeans. Her shoes were simply black flats. She was standing by the door as always offering a friendly "hello" to the students that entered. I walked in and took my seat in the back of the class. About half way through the class I locked eyes with her.

She smiled kindly and I only smirked in response. We had a good teacher student relationship and got along pretty well. So she thought nothing of it when I was moving slowly to pack my things at the end of class. It was Friday so the other students and staff were rushing home for the weekend.

I knew Ms.M would stay late because she always liked to grade over the weekend. "Hey! Ms.M I was wondering if you could read over a skit for a play I've been making? You know kind've critique it" I asked innocently "Sure no problem Brian" she replied cheerily I walked over to her desk and pulled out my flash drive handing it to her so she could plug it in.

"Should be the only file there" I said as I walked back to my bag as if I needed something. Hiding my grin along the way. When I got to my bag I whipped out my phone and shot a text to Melanie " leave without me l8 for dinner". I exited messages and pulled up the recording app and turned it on dropping the phone in my pocket.

I walked back over to her desk just as she was clicking on the file. The video opened and the screen was filled with the video of a woman masturbating. "What the hell is this shit!" Yelled Ms.M She frantically tried to exit the video.

I grabbed the mouse and unplugged it throwing it across the room. She looked at me in shock with those big blue eyes. "Watch the fucking video" I commanded My hands holding her shoulders so she couldn't stand up. The video progressed until the face of the woman on screen was revealed. I quickly tapped the space bar pausing the video. I turned to look at Ms.Mher face was frozen in a look of utter terror. I released my hands from her shoulder and walked over to the door closing itthen locking it.

"Care to explain Miss Naughty" I said forcefully calling we by her stage name She turned to look at me. Fear in her eyes. "What do you want" she said quietly "I think the question you should ask is what can you give" I said taking this as an opportunity to display my power.

" Now, I've made several copies of the video. So unless you want to lose your job and possibly go to prison. I suggest you come up with something." I continued making it clear that I meant business " Money.I can give you money" she sputtered desperately " Hmmmm " I said aloud as if I was thinking it over in my head " I had something else in mind" I said walking behind her chair, clasping my hands on her shoulder.

My prick jumping in my pants. " Whaa.what do you mean " she sputtered again " I think you know" I said. As I slid one of my hands down her shoulder and over her breast. Until I got to the waist of her jeans slipping my fingers underneath her tight jeans.

Rubbing her slit over her panties. "No! Please not this" she sobbed a tear running down her cheek " I'm sorry but you have no other options" I said my voice gruff and commanding. I kept rubbing her cunt as she sobbed softly in her chair.

After a few minutes I realized that her sobs had turned to soft coo's of pleasure. Her pussy was even starting to get wet, with it her sweet smell filling the air. I smiled to myself. O, how easily the body can betray the mind. " Stand up!" I commanded loudly My voiced caused her to Jump but lead to no movement " GET THE FUCK UP!" I demanded this time yelling. She stood in front of her chair obediently. I led her to the front of her desk.

Grasping her neck, I forced her to bend over the desk. "Wha. What are you doing!?" She asked with concern "Punishing you. Now each time my hand comes down on yor ass I want you to count" I demanded " No please! Please don't do this" she begged I brought my hand across her ass once. A satisfying. SLAP! Followed by her scream.

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Hearing no number, I slapped her ass five times in quick succession. "I'm starting over you weren't counting!" I yelled at her "I'm sorry please. I'll be good, I'm begging you stop!!" She wailed on " Hey! I call the fucking shots" I informed her " just for that. The jeans come off!" I yelled She just sobbed. Not daring to fight against me as I stuck my thumbs in her wast band and pulled off her jeans. Leaving he there basically bare in a very sexy red thong.

He ass was hanging out begging to be spanked. Red from the previous blows. " We'll I guess the panties can go to since they're so dainty" I chuckled I slid the red thong off to reveal her beautiful cunt.

And boy was it wet.


Her pussy lips were puffed out to reveal her slit.And her clit was swollen. I couldn't handle it anymore, I had to take my dick out. I didn't waste any time, I unzipped my pants and pulled down my jeans and boxers all at once.

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My raging boner standing proudly before me. She turned at the sound of my pants unzipping. Her eyes bulged when she saw my dick.

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" Oh god no!" She sobbed " You're going to rape me" she spat " Shhh" I said " As wet as you are slut you may even like it" I growled I rubbed my fingers through her pussy lips tickling her clit. She moaned in ecstasy. With that I thrust a finger into the wet folds of her warm sex. She cried out at the sudden intrusion.

I pumped my finger in and out of her cunt and she just got wetter and wetter until she was basically dripping. So i added two more. A loud gasp escaped her Mouth as her vagina got stretched even more. After a while she began to hump my hand back as I finger fucked her pussy. And with that I took my fingers out with a wet pop. Leaving her whimpering in frustration. My cock was a rock, I wanted to see her tits before I came in that sweet pussy.

" Stand up!" I barked She stood. Her back still facing me. " Turn around" I commanded She turne. Her make-up had bled a little because of her crying. I looked down at the little bit of cleavage that was showing through the few buttons left undone on her blouse. " Take it off" I told her She slowly began to unbutton it one button at a time.

I lost patience quickly. I grabbed both sides of the blouse and ripped it open. Exposing her bra. Her wonderful breast almost in full view. She looked at me In shock.

" Next time be faster" I spat at her " Now take of that bra. Quickly" I added for good measure I was on her before the bra hit the floor.

Seeing her full body completely naked turned me on in a way I couldn't explain. I pushed her onto the desk, I forced my mouth up to hers and we shared a kiss.

My tongue breaching her mouth and dancing with hers. I played with her tits twisting her hard nipples causing her to cry out.

I broke away from the kiss and began to suck on her nipple fondling the other while I feasted. She moaned again now egging me on. I pulled her off the desk and into her knees by her hair. "Suck" I commanded And she set to work. First licking the head of my dick and then swallowing it. All eight inches of meat gliding into her throat. My hands grabbed fist fulls of her lucious hair as she expertly sucked my cock. I pumped her head on and off my dick until I was about to explode.

I pulled her off and threw her to the ground. She immediately got on all fours. "Take me master please I need to cum" she wailed I got up behind her and slid my rod into her snatch. It was the best feeling ever. She was dripping juice and was tighter than a vice. I pounded into her. " Yes! " she screamed " Fuck me master. Please fuck me " she cried Her calling me master only drove me on.

Pretty soon we had a perfect rhythm, she was fucking me back just as hard as I was fucking her. I gripped her hips as I pounded her sex.

Her tight cunt milking me with each thrust. And then she contracted her pussy gripping be even tighter than before. "Ughh, Fuck . Fuck I'm cumming" she yelled I could feel a flood of juices force there way past my cock and splash onto my balls.I kept pounding as she squirted on my cock. I couldn't take it. I forced my self into her snatch as deep as I could as my balls boiled and I shot rope after rip of semen in to her cunt.

She moaned and gasped for air. I pulled my softening cock out of her snatch with a wet pop. She just collapsed on the floor. I ran my fingers through my hair straightening it. " Alright bitch here's the deal" I said garnering her attention. As she rolled over to look at me.

Those sexy blue eyes. " You're going to call me master or sir when we are in private." I demanded " You will never deny me sex with physical retaliation. But you will let me know if I cause you too much pain" I began to list my rules. " If you break my rules, I'll punish you. Severely" I added for effect " If I ask you a question you will answer me. Everything else will remain as it is" I finished She looked up at me with those eyes and spoke a simply reply.

"Yes master" I grabbed my pants and under wear from the floor slipping them on. She still lay on the floor watching me quietly as I moved. I held out my arm for her to grab. I helped her up and led her over to the table. I smacked her ass playfully watching it jiggle. She turned with a slight smile. "Don't think I forgot about your punishment slut" I reminded her She pulled her hair back and bent over the desk presenting her ass to me. Without warning I plunged two fingers into her moist cunt.

Causing her to jolt up pressing herself against the front of my body. She gasped out in pleasure. I pushed her hair to the side with my free hand. " Ill finish your punishment later" I whispered in her ear I clasped my hand on her shoulder for leverage.

And I began to pump my fingers in and out of her pussy. Her cunt was dripping as she began to moan. " Oh, yes keep going" she whispered I slowed my pumping. Causing her to growl in frustration. " Beg me for it" I shot back "Please, fuck my fat snatch with your fingers until I squirt all over your hand." She begged. " And then let me taste it" she added panting like a bitch in heat I started again with out warning. Thrusting my fingers into her pussy relentlessly.

Using my grip on her shoulder to push her back on to my hand. " Yes!" She cried I kept going.

Driving my fingers in and out of her tight sex. And then she clenched. Her pussy contracting as she cam.

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" Yes! Oh yeah! I'm CUMMING" she screamed. Dumping a bucket of cum onto my hand and the floor. I pulled my fingers from her folds and brought them around to her mouth. She attacked them hungrily slurping her juices of my hand. I grabbed both her shoulders and spun her around. Kissing her lips, still slick with her juice. Our tongues danced as we kissed. Her hand wandered down to my dick, bulging in my jeans.

" Please master. Let me please you" she begged I unzipped my pants and whipped out my cock. She slunk down to her knees and took me into her mouth. She flicked her tongue over my dick coating it with her spit. I grasped that raven hair of hers and forced her head all the way onto my cock. She gagged on my dick as I fucked her mouth.

My rod pulsating in and out of her throat. The familiar heat in my balls started as I neared my orgasm. " Make me cum on your face whore!" I commanded as I slipped out of her throat. " Yes master" she replied. She started to jack me off furiously. Her hands well lubricated with spit. My balls felt like they were going to explode, as I spent my load all over her face. Warm cum dripping off her chin. A little in her hair, fore head and chin.

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But a lot around her mouth. " Thank you for your cum master. May I please swallow? " she asked me curiously. " You may always swallow " I replied. As I pulled up my pants getting ready to leave.

She quickly cleaned the cum off of her face and straightened her hair. I walked over to my bag and grabbed a piece of paper. I quickly jotted down the rules I had given her earlier. I also added my cell phone number to the bottom. " No more webcam shows or boyfriends" I commanded " I will satisfy all of your needs" I said " I understand master" she replied " Also I put my number on the bottom if this sheet" I continued.

Waving the paper " Text me before ten o'clock tonight" I finished. Placing the paper on the desk. I began to walk to the door. I unlocked it and paused in the frame. Looking back at the beautiful blue eyed woman kneeling on the floor, pussy juice on the floor and traces of cum in her hair. A soft smile on her face as she stared at the floor.

" See you around Ms.M" was all I said as I closed the door and left the school. My exit from the school was cut short. As I walked past the library I noticed a light on. Shit! I had only gone through one hallway. Who ever was in that library could have heard what just went on. I opened the door to the library and quietly crept about, looking for anyone that was here.

I snuck past the counter and froze in my tracks. What I saw was unbelievable. It was my sister legs wide open sprawled out on the carpeted floor of the library. Fingering her self! Her bespectacled eyes were closed as she cooed softly as she lifted her ass of the ground with each thrust. I whipped out my phone closing the recorder and opening the video camera. I recorded the ordeal. I couldn't see much but it was obvious what she was doing.

As her body shook and she cried out she said a single name "Brian!". With that I closed my phone and walked back to the door. Gathering my composure I let out a loud "Hello?". And began to quickly walk over to where my sister was. Secretly hoping to catch a look at her naked body. "Over here!" I heard her call. Obviously out of breath. ( Only she wasn't aware i knew why!) As I rounded the counter I was disappointed. She was sitting cross legged on a chair reading a magazine.

" Hey Brian!" She said greeting me I gave her an awkward wave. " Whacha doin' here sis" I asked genuinely curious as to why she was still at the school. " Just hanging out reading a magazine.


Figured I'd wait for you to take care of business before I left. Now I can drive you home" she answered as she stood up picking up her bag as she walked over to me. "Alright. Lets go" I said calmly. She walked past me and I followed her out of the school. It was basically empty besides a few teachers attendant's and janitorial staff. We got to the car and I flung open the door.

Hoping in the passenger's seat. After the short drive home. I went to my room closing the door. There were no locks on me and Melanie's doors ( my mother doesn't like it) so I propped a stack of books in front of my door to let me know someone was trying to get in.

I pulled out my phone and plugged it in to the computer. I uploaded the video of my sister and the recording of Ms.M, I made copies of them all and put them on seven different flash drives. I collected them and set about hiding them in my room. After I was satisfied that they were hidden I unplugged my phone and slipped it into my pocket. A smile spread across my face. " All my dominoes are falling in line" I thought.

I laid down on my bed glancing at my clock. 6:30 PM. I laid on my bed eyes closed thoughts drifting. After a while I got called down to dinner the three of us ate in silence. News playing in the back round. After I took a hot shower and retired to my room. The clock read 8:30.

I layed down on my bed in only my boxers. My phone buzzed. I picked it up and unlocked it. I had a new message from an unknown number. It read "Hello master" A smile spread across my face as I turned to my clock.

9:00 PM. Nice! An hour early. I tapped in a quick response. "Good evening cunt" Her response was instant "Is there anything I can do for you master" I waited a minute and then responded " Now that you ask you can. Strip down to your bra and panties. And then send me a full body picture.

" After a few minutes a message appeared. I opened the picture and immediately felt my dick begin to swell. She was dressed in a black and white lace bra that pushed her breast up to make them look even bigger than they already were.

She was turned to the side slightly so her matching thong showed off her voluptuous ass. She had an extremely suggestive smile on her face and her blue eyes glittered. I rubbed my dick through my boxers it was now solid as a rock. I replied to the message. "You look beautiful cunt.

Now what are your living conditions like." I pressed the send button. I silently prayed that she had a place of her own and she lived alone. After a few seconds my phone buzzed. I crossed my fingers in excitement. "I live in a three bedroom house with a finished basment. I live alone but I do have a cat and my parents sometimes visit." Reading her reply caused a smile to spread across my face.

"Fantastic. I hope you don't have any plans for Saturday or Sunday because I'm coming over. Prepare your wardrobe for me to go through.

Send me your adress and Ill try to be over as soon as possible tomorrow morning. Any complaints slut?" I pressed send. I sat my phone on the bed and walked over to my closet grabbing an old duffel bag. I began to throw several changes of clothes into it. Not even bothering for a reply. I picked it off the floor and I noticed something fall from behind it. After further inspection I discovered that it was my old camping gear.

A smirk rose to my face as a grabbed the large bundle of rope and threw it in my bag. I turned and checked my phone on my bed. "Im free when ever you say I am sir. Shall I wear something nice for your arrival?" "You will wear nothing when I arrive. We will go through your wardrobe later.

I will knock once upon arrival open the door for no one else." I texted back I plugged in my phone and hopped into bed. Closing my eyes I went to sleep ignoring my raging hard on knowing I would use it tommorow My alarm woke me up at 6:30 on the dot.

I flung my sheets off and hoped in the shower. After I got myself cleaned up it was nearly 7:30. I went down stairs with my bag and realized that everyone else was still asleep. So I wrote a note and said I was staying at a friends house. I was about to walk out of the door when I nearly forgot something. I needed cash. I ran upstairs to my room I went over to my desk and picked up computer (not the moniter) unscrewing the sides I poped off the top and took a third out off my rainy day fund 500 dollars cash.

I folded it up and slipped it in my pocket. Putting everything else where it was I went down stairs and left the house grabbing my bag on the way out. Now Ms.M didn't live that far away which was a bonus because this way I didn't have to ask my sister to drive me there. I got to her place in about and hour looking at my phone it was 8:00 AM. I walked up to her front door and knocked exactly once.

I heard foot steps inside and then the turning of the locks.