Bisexual threeway with babe shared by hunks

Bisexual threeway with babe shared by hunks
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I can hardly move, restricted by handcuffs around my wrists and shins. My captors are in front of me, teasing me as they rip the clothes from my fianc? who has long since passed out. Her shoes come off first and are flung across the room.


Next comes her skirt and shirt, the first pulled off and the latter simply torn. They become even more feral as they reach her underwear, black lace on soft golden skin, showing cheetah smiles and eyes full of primal lust. My penis aches with pleasure. When I drunkenly suggested to a group of female friends that I wanted my fianc?to be taken advantage of as she had taken advantage of me I had no idea they would be so willing, or the ideas they would have, some of which were even wilder than mine.

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One of them, probably Clara, had spiked her drink with rohypnol after several strong cocktails, after she had already had enough to start sending her to sleep. After finding out from a mutual friend that she been cheating on me behind my back, I was about to see her have sex right in front of me. But not to her knowledge, of course.

I told them everything, how uninterested she had become in bed, my deepest fantasies, which included me watching her have sex with another woman and to have sex with her whilst she was unconscious, something which I had once managed to a certain degree of success. My friends, a couple of them bi-sexual and a couple straight but with healthy and adventurous sexual appetites, brought ideas from me I hadn't even thought of, and added there own.

When she began to lose consciousness Tara and Sally-Anne grabbed hold of me and dragged me over to a chair they had placed next to the strip-club pole in Clara's 'Entertainment' room, tying my arms and legs back so that I couldn't stop them from performing all the acts we had dreamt up.

The drinks I'd had during the course of the evening began to wear away as I imagined what the night would bring. My fianc?lay motionless a few yards in front of me spread-eagle. Her head had fallen to the side that was facing me, and her face was completely expressionless, covered partly by her long blonde hair. By now I had already expected her to show signs of movement or pain/pleasure, but she showed no reaction as the girls moved up and down her body.

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Abi zoomed the camera she was holding to a close-up of her closed-shut eyes. Her eyelids never met when she slept, meaning you could always see the lower half of her piercing ocean-blue irises.

This gave the impression she was dead to the world. Tonight she was exactly that. Tara was having fun playing with my fianc?s splayed limbs.

She brought one lifeless hand to her face, kissing my her fingers and then letting her arm drop with a thud to the ground. She then did the same with her foot, softly licking her painted toes before letting her leg fall from her grasp.

Still this brought no reaction from my fianc? who offered no resistance to their explorations. Clara gently pushed Tara away from her legs and without hesitation pulled my future ex's underwear off of her. Following suit Tara moved up and ripped off her bra, leaving her completely naked.

My fianc?s limbs had become as much of a mess as her hair. One arm was splayed across her chest, covering her breasts whilst the other lay flat at her side. One leg crossed the other so her right foot rested on top of the left, leaving just enough room to see the mound of black, wiry hair that sat atop her delicious pussy. Abi ran the camera across her body in a sweeping motion, picking up every inch of her in slow motion. The other four girls began undressing themselves, and indeed each other, revealing almost incidentally parts of themselves I had never even dreamed of seeing.

Clara's pale breasts were staggeringly pert in a magnolia push-up bra and her ass looked perfect inside snug skin-tight black leggings. Removing her black ballet shoes, she teased me soles of her bare feet, arcing and stretching them in my direction as she waved her shoulder length ginger hair and ran her fingers through it.


Admittedly she was the only one paying me any attention. Sally-Anne and Jenny picked up my naked fianc?and flung her on the mattress they had just brought in.

Sally moved on top of her and brought her tongue across her body, paying special attention to her breasts and neck. Jenny parted my fianc?s lifeless lips and kissed her vigorously, moaning softly. Tara had left the room a while ago and when she returned she brought a box with her.

She made a motion of pulling out every item in there. A permanent marker, a tub of lubricant, two pairs of rubber gloves, a dildo and several other sex toys that I had never seen before and could only dream of how they were going to be put to use. Until now the girls had been quite caring of my girlfriend but this was soon to change. Clara moved over to the box and grabbed the lubricant, smearing it on her fingers. Without hesitation she returned to my girlfriend and ran those same fingers into her pussy.

Again I expected some reaction but received none. Clara must have been disappointed with the lack of reaction herself, as she grabbed my fianc?s legs and put them over her shoulders as she slowly drove her fingers deeper into the wide-open pussy in front of her.

Abi again picked up the camera and focussed on this, switching between Clara's fingers, the motionless face of my cheating girl and the grin on Clara's face. The foreplay was well and truly over. Sally-Anne knelt above my fianc?s unconscious face and placed her pussy onto her mouth, which was wet with Jenny's saliva. She then rode up and down, giving the impression the passed out head below her was moving as she thrust with her ass and hips.

Sally-Anne turned towards me and started playing with her breasts, smiling at me but in a way I that left me in no doubt I was the last thing turning her on in the room. I had become too distracted to notice that Clara had left my unconscious lover alone and had crawled over towards me. She began to play with my penis, but did so in a way that would stop in ejaculating.

At least for the moment. There was a long way to go yet. Jenny had replaced Clara between my fianc?s legs, and inserted a twelve inch double-headed dildo partly into both of their pussys. As was Sally-Anne, Jenny began to ride on top of my girlfriend, driving the dildo into my fianc?s well lubed but un-assisting pussy. She moaned with pleasure, joining Sally's ever-increasing squeals. Tara made do with the lifeless feet that were sticking out from under Jenny, rubbing one against her face and letting the other rest between her legs.

It was reassuring to know I wasn't the only one in the room with a foot-fetish, and my fiancee's bronzed size-five feet looked delicious as the toes, painted black as ever, moved in and out of Tara's mouth. It was hard to know where to look, and Clara had to squeeze my testicles to get my attention. "I hope you are ready for the main course!" She tried to sound seductive but ended up sounding like a giggling schoolgirl. The excitement was obviously getting to her to. The other girls seemed to take this as a cue.

Abi passed the camera to Sally-Anne and helped Tara drag my fianc?s limp form to its feet. Jenny, who was only slightly behind Sally in achieving an orgasm, rolled over to lay on her back. The girls then placed the unconscious plaything on top of her, spreading her legs out as far as they could go.

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Sally-Anne took more lube and from the tub and spread it around Jenny's pussy, my fianc?s pussy and finally my fiancee's anus, one part of her that had always been off limits to her. Here is where the handcuffs were needed. I was going to watch the love of my life for five years lose her anal virginity to a gang of laughing rapists who were filming every second. Not being able to stop it was torture. Not being able to join in was even moreso.

The girls' ingenuity was spellbinding. Tara placed a U-shaped dildo into Jenny and my fianc?s lubed up pussys whilst Abi grabbed the double-ended dildo straight into my fianc?s ass. Making up for lost time whilst holding the camera she sat on top of the other end and began riding both women. Abi was probably the smallest of the group after my fianc?and her youthful looks and youthful body seemed out of place in the scene. The other four girls were all carriers of impressive figures, particularly Clara and Jenny with her sun-tanned skin and voluptuous behind which inevitably led to the nickname 'J-Lo', but I found myself attracted to Abi more than the others, her sexual confidence defying a body that looked to young to be finding itself in full contact with another.

I almost forgot the target of all the interest; my fianc? In the midst of all the screaming and frenzied movement her body still showed no signs of life when it wasn't thrust into movement by someone else. Her eyes were still half open and a mixture of saliva (who knows whose) and vaginal juices dribbled out of her open mouth.

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Her cheeks had gone bright red but through heat and not exhaustion. When the movements of Abi, Tara and Jenny stopped so would she. When they moved quicker she would unwittingly return the compliment, the hand that had fallen from the mattress audibly bouncing against the hardwood floor.

Ever the leader, Clara had made sure my fianc?s face was facing me at all times, mocking the oblivious expression that never flinched.

Now she moved back to me. "Are you ready to cum?" She spoke again with a girlish grin. I didn't answer, but it was obvious I had been ready for what seemed like hours, unable to relieve myself with my hands tied behind my back.

She crouched down and steadied herself onto my bulging cock. "As you couldn't have your girlfriend's can have mine". I have no shame in admitting I came almost immeadietly, shooting a massive load into Clara's un-lubed anus.


She had positioned herself perfectly so that I could see the rape of my fianc?and her lily-white ass at the same time. It was without question the most powerful orgasm of my life, and my entire body shook for several minutes after.

In this time the girls all reached their own orgasms, either through the use of my fianc?or each other. The mattress became a mess of limbs as all but one of them crawled over each other. Eventually Clara kicked the limp doll onto the floor, and it came to a rest in an involuntary foetal position facing me, toes and fingers pointing out.

Abi, by far the most excited of the five rapists, grabbed the permanent marker and became scrawling across my fianc?s body; "TRASH". "WHORE". "SLUT" When done she made a show of picking up and dropping different limps, repositioning them in various interesting angles.

Sally-Anne caught each one in a video I couldn't wait to watch and relive. Clara made her way back over to me and unlocked my handcuffs, signalling an end to the fun, at least for them. "Do what you want with her.then clean this slut up". To my surprise Clara also spat in my fianc?s face, hitting her in the mouth. Of all the things that happened during the night it would be the strangest thing to turn me on.

The five girls left without another word, kicking and moving the limp form beneath them. When they did I rushed over to her, cradling her head in my arms. Without thinking I checked for a pulse, perhaps wondering how she could have felt none of what had happened. It was shallow and steady, indeed as if she totally unaware of what had happened. I raised one eyelid and a diluted pupil starred straight past me, giving a look of sheer lifelessness, or even ecstasy, when coupled with her open mouth.

I let her fall heavily to the ground and stood up. She was a mess. Below the word "SLUT" scribbled on her forehead her face and body were covered in a mix of bodily fluids, curses and handmarks. The area around her pussy and ass were bright red, as were several handmarks on her ass.

Saliva and other juices covered her torso and beneath her thigh it seemed that she had involutarily urinated, probably when one of the various instruments inserted into her went to far. Looking at her innocent expressionless face at once I felt protective of her, like the rape was completely against my own will, but this feeling didnt last for long.

I straightened out her unconscious bod, positioning her straight like a corpse. I then climbed on top of her and fingered her pussy. More urine began to seep out and for some reason I entered her as soon as I felt it. The warmth of it couple by the helplessness of her situation brought me from half-erect to rock hard, and I began to fuck her. Hard. I kissed her deeply and tasted the mix of salival juices that had made its way into her mouth. Her head lolled beneath me as I thrust harder and I looked down to see the same nodding pattern she had adopted earlier.

Her breasts, painfully small but with glorious pink nipples, even began to sway as well. I realised I was fucking her with more force than she, or indeed any girl, had ever let me. I withdrew and threw her legs around my shoulders, then bent forward so I inserted her with her knees touching her shoulders, with my kneeling either side of her ragdoll limbs.

In this position her feet fell in front of my face when I thrust down, and I caressed both of them with my tongue before moving back to her mouth. What with Clara's past effort it took several minutes for me to ejaculate, and for each second I watched my lovers face for any signs of life.

It felt weird to know that she would know nothing of our last sexual encounter, but I would have enough memories to last a lifetime. I came again with power I had not previously known and collapsed on top of her. I felt all the juices covering her body press onto mine, and felt a trail of urine, much larger now, seep out underneath me, wetting my penis further.

I lay there for a couple of minutes, lacking the desire to bring an end to the nights proceedings. After I did I took several pictures and short videos of my own, moving her into several uncompromising positions; putting the dildo back inside her, shaping her onto her hands and knees and forcing it into her anus, placing her on the chair next to the lapdancers pole with one hand rested suggestively over her pussy.

Soon though, it was time to clean her up. I went into Clara's bathroom and got various toilettres and a couple of towels. I placed the towels under the limp body and began to scrub the juices and curses from her, taking longer than was perhaps necessary.

After this I grabbed her pyjamas and forced them onto her, fitting them awkwardly around her as her arms and legs offered no help. I put her on top of the mattress and laid a cover on top. I crawled in next to her and put an arm round her, foolishly half-expecting her to move closer to me now the fun was over. Her cheeks had returned to a normal colour, and she seemed completely at peace. However, I realised that there would still probably be another 3-4 hours before the drug wore off and she regained consciousness.

You won't believe what happened next.