Maya Kendrick Sucking BBC While On The Phone

Maya Kendrick Sucking BBC While On The Phone
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--OFFICE GIRLS-- Richard was blindly staring at the Excel sheets on the computer screen in front of him.


This job was getting more and more boring by the day, and he found himself increasingly more often sitting behind his desk and doing nothing for longer and longer periods of time. This was especially dangerous when there were milestones coming up and deadlines to be met, but he just couldn't help it.

His mind seemed to go elsewhere. "The girls have arrived!" He suddenly heard Martha's voice from down the stairs. The office was spread over two floors but was small enough to do the most essential communication by shouting. Richard looked out the window to see the Blue "Office Girls" van parked on the company's small private parking.

"Not a moment too soon", Richard thought to himself. "It's already 12:45" Without rushing himself too much, he started walking towards the stairs, turning to look inside each office as he passed by and smiling at the co-workers that happened to be looking his way.

His colleagues smiled back the way only office workers can: the nonchalant but understanding smile of sharing the joy of the arrival of the lunch-break.

Or sex break, as the case may be. For the one thing that had kept Richard at this company more than any other, were the company-supplied sex breaks they had each day. As he arrived at the top of the stairs that led down to the reception hall, he looked down through the glass on his right side. Martha was standing in the hall, surrounded by half a dozen young girls in pink short skirts.

Most of his colleagues had already had their pick, it seemed. But that didn't matter. Richard wasn't picky, and the girls supplied by "Office Girls" were all equally handsome and willing. "Hey Richard", Martha greeted him as he reached the bottom of the stairs. "You're too late for the youngest girls, I'm afraid" she said, glancing over the group of girls in front of her.

"Unless you don't mind seconds", she added with a grin. Richard considered fucking one of the younger girls, her little cunt already slippery with the juices of the sex she would have had with one of his colleagues. He looked at the six girls in front of him and they all smiled at him. They seemed an eager bunch, probably feeling a little un-easy about being one of the last girls to be selected.

"No, I'll take one of these" he said. "Why not take two?" Martha winked at Richard. Some of the girls giggled and the six pretty faces beamed their cutest smile at him.

Richard took a moment to look them over. The girls looked to be between fourteen and seventeen years old. Five of the girls were blondes, and Richard recognized three of them from earlier service. One of the new blondes -"Alice", according to her nametag- had a very cute face with big blue eyes and pert red lips that he would love to see around his cock.

The tight mini-skirt did nothing to hide her small round ass and she had firm little breasts that were developing just how Richard liked them: Orange- sized, pointy globes that would undoubtedly be soft to the touch, their firm nipples clearly visible as they created little dents in her tight blue top. The oldest looking girl was the only brunette. She was almost as tall as he was and had a slim but soft looking figure with full, firm breasts.

Her nametag said "Stephanie". She had a friendly face, and Richard remembered her. She had once enthusiastically kept on riding Richard's dick until long after his sex break was supposed to be over. Richard saw two more of his colleagues approaching and decided to go with the cute new blonde before someone else took her away.


"I'll take Alice", he said, smiling at the young girl. "Very well," Martha slid one of her hands under the youngster's skirt, giving her ass a quick squeeze before gently pushing her forward.

"Give him your best, now", she encouraged the girl, who blushed a little as she stepped towards Richard. The shy look made her lovely face even cuter, and Richard immediately felt he had made the right choice. He put his hand on Alice's head, enjoying the feel of her soft blonde hair, and guided her towards the stairs. "Thanks, Martha", he said, looking back over his shoulder. Martha just smiled, and he noticed she had slid her hand under on one of the other girls' miniskirt.

Martha liked the office girls as much as the guys did, but always waited until all the guys had had their pick. She would then often take the leftover girls behind her desk in the lobby, sit on her chair with her legs wide open, and have the young girls kneel in front of her and eat her out all the way through the 30-minute break from work. That way, she could still answer the phone and watch the front door.

Sometimes she would switch places and eat out the girls. Martha loved eating out young girls and making them cum, and Richard always liked it when he walked down the stairs to see a young girl in orgasmic bliss in Martha's seat behind the receptionist's desk.

One time he came down and saw a girl that was so cute that he joined Martha on the floor and licked the girl for more than fifteen minutes, causing the soft thighs of her small legs to tremble around his face as he made her cum several times. Of course, the boss was not so happy when he found out why exactly he had had to wait for fifteen minutes when he had asked Richard to come down to his office right away, but that was another story.

Right now, Richard was in for a wonderful half hour with a gorgeous blonde girl. "How old are you?" he asked Alice as they walked towards his office in the back of the hall.

Faint sounds of sex could be heard from some of the offices they passed and Richard knew some of his colleagues were already having their way with their girls. "I'm fourteen, Sir", she replied politely. Just then they passed Rob's office and Richard had to stop for a moment to enjoy the view. He didn't like to disturb people during their sex break but Rob had left the door open and the scene inside the room was amazing.

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Rob had a very young brunette bending down over his desk, and was standing behind her, his big hands holding her firmly by her hips as he fucked her hard. Because Rob's desk faced the door the girl was staring directly at Richard. She had a lovely face with large brown eyes and a cute little button nose. She looked even younger than twelve, the minimum age for office girls, and she was breathing very fast, moaning even, her small mouth opened wide.

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Rob was quite a big man, and the sight of his large body towering over the beautiful small, naked girl was incredibly erotic, her body shaking as the big man fucked her -no doubt very tight- pussy with steady strokes.

"Are we going to do that?" Alice asked him, her voice giving away her sudden eagerness. "I thought I would just have a blowjob today", Richard replied, thinking out loud.

"Your mouth looks like a wonderful place for me to shoot my cum" She smiled nervously at him; "It feels real good inside me too!" Richard even thought he heard a bit of disappointment in her voice, but dismissed that idea as being his imagination. Office girls were obedient and would please their costumers in any way they wanted. As he preceded the young girl into his office, Richard started to unbuckle his belt.

"Can I do it?" he heard Alice's soft voice behind him. Turning around, he found the fourteen year old girl already on her knees, looking up at him eagerly.

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She kept her hands on her knees, waiting for his permission. "Please", Richard smiled, taking his hands away from his pants.

Smiling happily, the sweet girl started to take of his pants while keeping her eyes fixed on his. "God, she's beautiful" Richard thought to himself. "Thank you", the girl suddenly said, as if she had been reading his thoughts. She started rubbing the bulge in his underwear and Richard's erection quickly grew too big to be constrained by it. Gently the girl reached into his underwear to take out his manhood, before sliding the piece of clothing down to his feet with both hands.

Keeping her hands on her knees, the fourteen year old blonde started kissing and licking the underside of his dick, which was throbbing in anticipation. The gentle caresses of her tongue slowly spread over more and more of his shaft until his entire member was coated in a shiny layer of saliva.

She straightened herself and little bit to be able to face his throbbing organ, and finally closed her lips around the bulging head of his penis, causing Richard to moan loudly with the sensation. The way the girl's wet lips and tongue stimulated the head gave away an expert training that belied her innocent looks.

"Let me go and sit down, honey" Richard said to his sexy lunch break. He intended to enjoy this girl's service as much as possible. As he stepped back towards his chair, his dick broke free of her mouth with a soft, wet pop, and a thin strand of wetness swung down from her extended tongue, sticking to her lower lip and chin.

Richard sat down, and 'Alice' shuffled over to him on her knees, wiping the strand of saliva and precum from her chin with a slow gesture that fueled his arousal.

Her luscious red lips were shining with saliva and precum, and in the heat of his desire Richard thought she had the must fuckeable face he had ever seen. He scooted down on his chair, willing his penis closer to her wetness of her mouth, while at the same time the girl bend her head forward, her lips pouting as she prepared to suck him further.

He could see in her eyes now that she wanted to make him cum, to please him. The Office Girls were all trained to enjoy what they did, and they had an eagerness to please that was hard to find among regular sex partners, even other young girls. The Office Girls were ready to be used in any way: They did anal, cum-swallowing, and even sex with two or more guys at the same time.

Some girls were very slutty, seeing their work as an Office Girl as a fun way to make money, while others were modest and shy, taking the job because their family might be in need of money, essentially becoming little whores. However, among the sixteen to twenty girls that were sent to Richard's workplace everyday, there was usually something for all tastes.

"All the girls give head to both men and women, and it's always ok to cum wherever you choose. You can shoot your load inside a warm, sucking mouth or coat the girls' cute and sexy faces with your semen.

Even a pair of firm young boobs held up and pushed out for you to cum on is only an order away." Richard recalled the briefing back when the company first started to use the 'Office Girls' service.

"The girls are all obedient and will let you cum inside them as much as you want." The explanation of the service that the hot redhead from the Office Girls company gave had seemed quite unreal, but had turned out to be all too true.

The young girls even encouraged you to get off inside their bodies, eagerly accepting one big load of semen after another being shot right inside their tight pussies, and remaining inside their nubile young bodies after they put their panties back on, unless you specifically requested to watch it drip out. "Maybe I'll fuck this one after all" Richard thought to himself, as he looked at young Alice gently lowering her face over his hard cock.

She started sucking him up and down very gently and slowly, but her tongue caressed whatever part of his dick was in her mouth with such expertise that she kept his pleasure rising slowly.

"Oooh baby. I could have this for half an hour" he voiced his appreciation. Alice cast her eyes up at him and purred, pleased with his approval. "Please rub my balls while you do that", Richard requested, and the young teen immediately brought her hands up cup his swollen balls, rolling them in her fingers.

"You're an obedient girl, aren't you?" Richard stated this more than he asked. "You do nothing more and nothing less than what I ask you too" he smiled "I like that." Alice took her mouth off of his dick with a slow upwards slurp, turning her face up at him while still massaging his balls. "Do you like me?" she asked, in a voice almost to cute for her fourteen years. "You're a very sweet girl" Richard complimented her.

Reaching down to stroke her lovely face, now flushed with excitement. Alice closed her small but incredibly sexy mouth over his dick once again and began sucking him, increasing her speed and the lapping motions of her tongue ever so slightly. She was eager to bring him Richard off, but waited obediently for him to tell her to go faster. Richard felt more and more appreciation for the sexy teen. "Stand up for a moment, honey", he said. "I want to see more of you." The little blonde complied, getting up with a slow and sensuous movement.

Richard gazed at her lovely body as it moved up in front of his eyes. Her pert breasts, slim waist and the gentle curving of her hips intoxicated him.

She was standing right in front of him so he had to lower his eyes to look at the rest of her. Beneath the short pink skirt her creamy white thighs appeared.

Her legs were slim and slightly muscle-toned, and she was wearing the white socks and sneakers that complemented the Office Girls' cute schoolgirl look. Richard put his hands on her legs and slid them slowly upwards, enjoying the smooth feel of her flawless skin.

As he reached her ass his fingers pushed her cotton panties slowly upwards until each of his hands covered one of her tight round buns, the smooth globes almost completely nude to his touch as her underwear had slid between her cheeks.

The sensation made his dick throb, and he could suddenly think of nothing but fucking this teen goddess. He was under her spell. He looked up and his eyes met those of Alice, the young girl anxiously awaiting his next move.

She was ready to serve him any way he wanted. Not wanting to waste any more time, Richard tugged at her underwear until the fabric popped loose from between her tight ass. As he pulled them down he noticed the crotch was wet. The scent of wet young pussy suddenly filled his nostrils. "Are you going to fuck me, Sir?" she asked.

Without answering, Richard stood up, his penis burning as it bumped against the soft fabric covering her belly. He gently forced the girl back with his body until she reached his desk, and she instinctively tried to hop onto it.

Richard helped her onto his desk, lifting her by the hips. He was now standing in between her slightly spread legs, the tip of his dick almost touching her belly. There was a large wet spot where his hardness had just rubbed against her shirt. He reached down to lift her skirt, and Alice moaned softly in anticipation. As he rolled the tiny skirt up he found her beautiful young pussy glistening with wetness. He took his dick, which seemed ready to explode, and guided it towards the swollen little snatch.

Alice, meanwhile, managed to free one of her feet from the panties around her ankles. With nothing to hold them together, she spread her legs wide and wrapped them around Richards' hips, her white panties still dangling on her left leg. She was ready for this man, her first costumer, to fuck her. He seemed gentle and she was glad about that, as her tender pussy had only been fucked a few times before.

The young Office Girl put her hands behind her for support and leaned back, pushing her vagina up to meet her costumer's throbbing erection. Her pretty face was looking down at where their bodies were almost meeting, eager for their mating to commence. Her teen pussy had only a natural sparse covering of soft hairs.

Alice didn't shave yet. Her smooth lips were swollen and red, and between them a little pink hole was shining with wetness. She moaned as the head of his dick gently nudged it. Richard almost came with the feeling of the hot and slick little pussy against the head of his dick. The fourteen year old's cunt appeared very tight, so he pushed gently, not wanting to hurt her. The girl pushed back at him, though, and the tip of his penis popped inside her with a load groan from both of them.

He looked at Alice's face, and she stared back at him, her mouth slightly open as her breath was coming in little gasps. Richard felt his orgasm approaching quickly, even though they weren't moving any more than their heavy breathing caused them to. Her pert little breasts were heaving on her breath, and he suddenly wanted all of her, her whole naked body. He started hastily unbuttoning her blouse, gasping at the beauty of the young girl as her firm little belly came into view.

His orgasm imminent, Richard felt as though he was racing against time as he clumsily tried to open all her buttons before letting go of his pending sexual release. As he opened the last button and uncovered her boobs, he suddenly realized why he was being driven to an orgasm so fast: Alice's tight cunt was squeezing his penis, slowly drawing him deeper inside, in a heavenly rhythm that coincided with the sexy sounds of her panting breath. Having uncovered all of the teen gorgeous body to his hungry eyes, he stopped holding back and pushed himself deeply into her tight, wet entrance.

She winced for a moment, then moaned loudly as she felt his throbbing member completely fill her young, willing tunnel. Richard stared wide-eyed at the beautiful slim teen as she trembled underneath him, her belly quivering as her whole body instinctively tried to please her adult lover. He moved back and forth only three times before he felt the burning in his loins that signaled the start of his orgasm.

His sexy young servant-for-the-day felt it too, and wrapped her legs tighter around him, drawing him as deep inside her young body as she could. "Cum inside me, sir?" she asked sweetly.

The girl's whole being at this moment was being focused on making this adult sperm her young womb. It was as if her little cunt had become the epicenter of pleasure for both of them. The idea of such a pretty young girl willingly complying with his perversions made Richard groan loudly. Grabbing her boobs, he started cumming, squeezing the firm little globes with each spurt of semen he released. "Ooooh yeah." Alice looked up at him "you're doing it inside me.

I can feel it shooting inside me." Her beautiful, tight vagina squeezed the base of his dick as he did her small breasts, drawing more and more semen from him. The force of his orgasm caused Richard to let his hands slide down to the desk, as he had to support his body weight while catching his breath. This brought his body closer to the girl's, and she suddenly wrapped her arms around him, pulling her body up into his.

She was effectively clinging to him, and he felt her boobs rubbing against his chest. "Thank you, Sir", she whispered truthfully. The Office Girls were trained to enjoy getting fucked by older men, especially the feel of an adult cumming inside them.

It was their job to make them cum and it made them very proud and happy to do so. "Thank YOU, Alice", Richard said, still catching his breath. "That was wonderful." He glanced at the clock on his desk and noticed it was only fifteen minutes into his lunch break.

He had time for some more fun with this eager girl. "Is everything going all right in here?" a warm voice came from the door. Richard and Alice both turned their heads and were met by Stephanie's gentle smile. "Can I come in?". Still out of breath, Richard nodded, and Stephanie stepped into his office. "Did you enjoy her?" she asked, directing her attention to her adult costumer while ignoring Alice's heaving body.

"She's wonderful" Richard sighed, wishing the blonde nymphet could stay for the rest of the day. Or even longer. "You're her first costumer, you know" Stephanie smiled. "Steffy!!" Alice gave her older colleague a mean look. "No need to be shy about it," the brunette teased her younger colleague "he did say you were wonderful." "Really?" Richard asked, "You're a new girl?" Alice nodded "Today is my first day going out." ".going out" Richard player the words in his mind for a second.

Though she had been thoroughly trained at sexually pleasing her adult costumers, this cute little blonde had never actually gone out to a client company before. Teenagers that joined the Office Girls were trained for one or more weeks, Richard knew, depending on how talented they were.

He wondered how long this little blonde had been trained? Over the course of her training, several instructors would have had sex with her, both males and females.

"Now there's a job" Richard thought to himself. Getting to teach young girls how to take fully grown cocks in their pussy, mouth or even their tight ass and then please those pieces of flesh until they start squirting their sticky load of cum inside the girls' sexy bodies.

Getting to explain a young girl how to give an expert blowjob while she is doing just that; Sucking on your hard dick and following your every instruction with her hot little mouth and tongue. Teaching the young girls that making you cum is their reward, and that they should be happy to feel you shoot a big load of creamy sperm deep inside their hot bodies.

Some of the girls were probably virgins when they apply for a job as an Office Girl!

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And even the ones that weren't would most likely need at least a week or more of training to become the eager and obedient little sluts that enjoy pleasing their costumers.

Girls were free to leave at any time, Richard knew, and there are other ways of making money, so even the girls that appear reluctant must have some sort of secret desire for sex with older men and women. Richard was feeling his dick stirring a bit, still fitted snugly inside the young blonde girl's tight little cunt. "Are we going to do it again?" Alice's cute voice caused another surge of blood to pump into his hardening member.

She looked up at him. Hopefully? Or was she just timidly awaiting her costumer's orders? Richard didn't care. He started pumping in and out of the girl again slowly, teasing his dick to full hardness inside her pussy. The sweet teen was very slippery inside by now, and he easily slid his dick in and out of the tight canal as he started thinking about dumping another load inside of her.

"Don't you want to come in her mouth?" the brunette suddenly suggested. "That way you will be the first costumer to use both her little cunt and mouth." Richard looked at the young blonde's face, her head nodding slightly with the steady fucking he was giving her nubile body. She looked back at him, her mouth slightly open as soft moans past through her lips. He thought back to how good her blowjob had felt earlier, those soft red lips lovingly wrapped around his dick.

He wouldn't mind shooting a big load of cum into that sexy little mouth. But right now her hot little cunt was squeezing on his erection like she never wanted it to leave. "Why don't you fuck her for a few minutes first and then cum in her mouth?" Stephanie suggested as she stepped closer to the fucking couple, "I think she might like that." "I think I might just do that!" Richard replied, "she really has a hot little pussy, this one." "Oh.

Yes, sir," the young blonde had completely given in to her costumer, accepting that her body was being used by the older man as a sperm-receptacle; A hot sexy body for him to use as he pleased as he took a break from his work. His last load was still warm inside her body, his big dick pushing it all the way into her little womb, and he was already contemplating where he would shoot his next load.

Stephanie was now standing next to Richard and reached for her blonde colleague's boobs with one hand while stroking Richard's ass with the other.

She snaked her hand in between Richard's legs and started gently tickling and rubbing his balls as best as she could while he kept fucking her young colleague. At seventeen, Stephanie was one of the most experienced girls at Office Girls.

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She was not so much obedient as she was slutty, staying at the company long after her immediate need for money had been resolved. She loved fucking older men and making them cum in her sweet pussy, but she also got a kick out of watching the younger girls getting fucking and cummed in. Whenever she got the chance she would encourage the costumers to use the youngest girls in the most dirty ways, soiling their innocence with sweat, semen and the fuck-juice their young pussies would produce.

The fourteen year old that was being fucking in front of her right now was very innocent still, and Stephanie enjoyed the sight of the sexy little teen getting fucked by an older man. Young Alice herself was enjoying her servitude very much. The adult man's prick sliding in and our of her tight pussy made her feel so good, and she felt proud that grown men liked her body enough to use her that way. Her little hole was soaked with both her own juices and the big load the man had squirted inside her just minutes ago, and the warmth spreading through her body was driving her crazy.

"You can cum wherever you want, Sir." She encouraged him over her breath, before a sudden orgasm overtook her. "They should call them Office Sluts" Richard thought to himself, "She's really enjoying it!" He slowed down his movement for a minute, reveling in the feeling of the tight teenaged pussy squeezing his hard, wet cock and enjoying the sight of the beautiful young girl shaking with orgasmic thrills underneath him.

Her beautiful young face contorting in the throes of orgasm was a heavenly sight, and as he stared at it, he could feel large amounts of precum flowing out of his dick and into the depths of the girl's trembling little pussy. Stephanie was still massaging his balls gently, and felt his nutsack tighten up. "Where would you like to come, Sir?" she asked.

"I'm about ready to blow." he gasped. The cute blonde underneath him looked like she needed a minute to recover from her orgasm, but the feeling of her little cunt spasming around his swollen erection had brought him very close to his own release. "Don't worry" Stephanie broke his dilemma. "You can cum in my mouth and I'll feed it to Alice." The buxom brunette fell to her knees as Richard withdrew his dick from the younger girl's tightly clenching vagina.

The suction of the little hole as he tried to pull the head of his dick out of her was enough to push him over the edge and he started cumming, the first of his spurts coating the inside of the teenager's pussy.

He came free with a wet 'plop' and immediately felt a warm mouth engulfing his throbbing member, in time to catch the next big squirt of hot cum.

Stephanie was an expert at getting men off, and she was determined to coax a big load out of the older man for Alice to swallow. She felt his dick expand in her mouth to allow another burst of cum through and licked the underside of Richard's glans, allowing the semen to squirt onto her tongue without disappearing down her throat.

Richard was shuddering with delight as he started filling the teenager's mouth with one thick ropey string of semen after the other. She massaged his balls, stroking and squeezing them in attempt to drain every last drop of cum from them, all the while rubbing her lips along the shaft, just behind the head. After milking every drop of semen from her costumer, Stephanie had a big mouthful of cum to give to Alice.

She looked up at Richard and smiled, causing a few drops of sperm to leak out of the corner of her mouth. Giggling slightly, she scooped up the leaking sperm and licked it back into her full mouth. Alice, meanwhile, had recovered from her orgasm and remembered she was supposed to have swallowed the man's semen.

She quickly scooted down off of the table and joined Stephanie on her knees in front of Richard. His penis was still hard, and she took it into her mouth and sucked it, looking up at the man hopefully. The familiar taste of semen and the slow wilting of his dick told Alice she was too late, and she could only enjoy the leftover droplets as she cleaned Richard's member.

"Hmmhmm" she suddenly heard Stephanie's moan next to hear. Alice turned to face her colleague, who was sitting up and leaning towards her, her lips glistening with saliva and cum. The young girl immediately realized what was expected of her and cocked her head back and obedient opened her mouth while staring up at Richard.

Stephanie was going to feed her her costumer's cum while the man watched. Extending her tongue, the brunette slowly let a big gob of semen flow into the waiting mouth of fourteen year old Alice. She turned to smile at Richard, a small string of glistening cum still dangling from the corner of her mouth. Alice raised her mouth to Stephanie's face and slurped the ropey fluid directly of off her cheek, her lovely red lips shiny with the sticky juices.

The brunette turned towards Alice again and gave her an open-mouthed kiss, allowing the rest of the cum to slide from her mouth slowly down onto the younger girl's tongue. Richard watched in awe at the two beautiful teenagers sharing his semen while the girls swirled their tongues around each other for a bit until young Alice had captured all of it in her mouth.

"That's it Alice" the older girl encouraged, "swallow it all down like a good girl." Richard clearly heard the young blonde gulp once, then twice as she swallowed her first mouthful of semen from a costumer. "Hmumhu" she acknowledged after the fact, before opening her mouth and extending her tongue to prove she had swallowed it all. "Very good" Stephanie praised her. "Now was that nice, Sir?" "Very nice, girls" Richard glanced at his clock "And with great timing!" His break would be over in just two minutes.

Richard zipped his pants back up and the girls got up to leave. Alice especially seemed a bit reluctant to go, putting her panties back on very slowly. As Richard sat back down behind his desk he noticed her looking back at him over her shoulder.

"Thank you, Sir" she said in her cute voice. She rubbed her tummy, reminding Richard of the cum she was carrying in her belly. "Take good care of her, Stephanie" Richard said, "She might become a favorite of me." He winked at the fourteen year old girl. "Really?" Alice blushed for a second, and then her face beamed "I'd like that!" And with that the girls were gone, and Richard turned his attention back to his work.

What with the free sex-breaks every day this company wasn't so bad, and he was happy to have applied here a few months back. "Of course, there are some lucky bastards working for the Office Girls company that get to deflower all those young teens" Richard woke up his computer monitor with a quick nudge of the mouse and resumed staring at the Excel sheets in silence "but until I find out how to get a job there I guess I'll stick with this one." END