Sexy slut experiences the first throbbing dick unfathomable in her ass

Sexy slut experiences the first throbbing dick unfathomable in her ass
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I had only just started dating my girlfriend Kirsty when we went to meet my family. Now kirtsy is 5 foot slim and lovely 38d breasts and the day i met her i knew i was going to spend my life with her.

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So we set off to my parents home it was only a short drive and i sensed Kirsty was nervous about meeting my family. Rubbing her thigh and assured her that my mum didn't bite and it would all be ok.

We pulled up outside my mums bungalow and i gave her a long deep kiss and cupped her breast in my hand and gentle caressed it through her top and bra feeling her nipple start top get hard pulling away "stop i can hardly meet you mum with hard nipples can i" she giggled.

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We got out the car walked down the path and were welcomed by my mum and sister at the door. My mum is in her late 50s about 4'9'' and slightly overweight but with massive breasts and my sister is 5'6'' and slim with firm breasts and a nice arse. We said our hello's at the door and went into the hall which led to the kitchen at the far end of the house.

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"Kettles on who wants a cuppa" mum said. So we all settled down and chatted for a while mum and Kirsty were getting on really well when mum suggested that Kirsty might like to try some summer dresses on as she was looking a little hot in her jeans and top.

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So off they went down the hall to mums bed room which left me and my sister chatting. My sister said she was going to the shop and did i want anything which i didn't so we called out to mum and Kirsty and asked if they wanted anything and got no reply so i went down the hall and tapped on the door and asked again and got a definite no so i walked away and let my sister know.

she went out and left me on my own i heard her car start and pull away and thought to myself how short mum and Kirsty had been so i crept down the hall and could here giggling coming from the bedroom. I knelt down to try and see through the key hole but something was hanging in the way so i crept outside and looked in through the window. In the mirror i could see Kirsty in a summer dress standing in front of mum who was sitting on her bed.

" Try this one on it will really suit you" she said Kirsty smiled and started unbuttoning the front of the dress. "Let me help you with those they can be so fiddely" mum said as she stood up. Kirsty moved her hands out of the way as mum undid the remaining buttons letting the dress drop to the floor.

My girlfriend was standing there in her white bra and matching knickers. "mammy" was all i heard come from mum as she reached forward to cup Kirsty breasts i saw Tim do this to you in the car and couldn't wait to see how they felt Kirsty stepped back "look i don't want to seem rude but."mum lent forward and kissed her full on the lips exploring her mouth with her tongue her hand moving to her back undoing her bra and letting it fall to the floor. I couldn't believe what was happening my mum was seducing my girlfriend not knowing i was watching i could feel my cock starting to rise in my shorts i undid them and continued to watch.

"Please" say Kirsty. "Now now young lady I'm sure you're going to enjoy this" "What about Tim" "He's gone out to the shop we have plenty of time" Mum lowered her head and took Kirsty right nipple into her mouth and sucked on it very gently.

Kirsty seemed to relax and stared to fumble with mums blouse undoing the buttons as quickly as possible. Wanting to get to release her huge breasts.

I now had my hand down my shorts slowly stroking my cock watching as my mum sucked one then the other nipple making them hard as she did, Kirsty pulled her blouse of an lifted one of her huge breasts out of its protective bra squeezing it in both hands before sucking on its huge hard nipple. Mum held her head not letting her stop telling her to suck it hard. God this was amazing my shorts had dropped to my ankles and my shaft was sticky with pre cum as i wanked myself when i heard a noise behind me!

I turned around to see my sister back from the shop looking at me oddly with my cock in my hand not knowing what to do i started to pull my shorts back up as she walked towards me. My shorts were by my knees when she reached me lifting her foot she pushed them down again.

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"Whets going on here" she asked. Slapping my cock playfully, "shhh mum and Kirsty are playing in there and they will here you" "playing what do you mean playing" she said looking over my shoulder getting an eye full of Kirsty arse in the process. Looking down at me. "don't let me stop you having you fun actually i might watch with you" So we both looked back into the window mum was now naked and Kirsty was sitting on her bed with mum on her knees in front of her kissing and sucking her nipples.


Kirsty moved back and opened her legs a little wider pushing down on mums shoulder urging her to taste her smooth pussy. Mums head dropped to her pussy eased her knickers to one side and slow started to lick her finding her clit with the tip of her tongue.

Kirsty reached up for her own breasts and started to play with her nipples squeezing them between her finger and thumb letting out a loud moan each time her clit was touched.

My sister had lifted her skirt up and was slowly fingering her knicker less crutch i reached across and felt her breast forcing my hand into her top making her moan as i played with her nipples feeling them grow as Kirsty had my mums.

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Moving me so i was standing in front of her she took my cock and started sucking it taking my full length into her mouth. "Finger my pussy i want to cum" was all i heard coming from the bedroom i looked back in to see mum pushing two fingers into kirstys very wet pussy.

"aaaarrrrrgggghhh thatssssss soooo good finger me harder" she cried as mum stuffed three fingers into her pumping in and out really hard. My cock was no longer being sucked and i was being moved behind my sisters pussy. "I want to watch her cum whilst you fuck me little brother" my cock felt huge as i pushed it into wet pussy feeling her tighten around my shaft this was my sister but i didn't care.


I was fucking her whilst my mum fingered my girlfriend. I looked back into the bedroom to see mums fingers replaced a long black dildo which was pumping my girlfriends pussy a good six inches were up her and at least another four left to go "your going to take all of this aren't you and i want you to come" mum said as she pushed even more of the black toy into kirstys trembling pussy.

This was getting to much for me ,my sisters tight pussy pulling at my cock as i fucked her ,her hand between her legs furiously fingering her swollen clit pushing back into my as my pace started to quicken fucking her as we watched my mum fucking Kirsty my girlfriend with ten inches of black pleasure i knew i was close my balls started to tighten as i started to fuck her my balls slapping arse pulling her back into me as my cum filled my sisters hole feeling her tense as her orgasm burst through her body.

We stayed still watching as mum pushed the didlo deep into kirtsys tight hole her eyes screwed shut as her orgasm also hit feeling it slide in and out as wave after wave hit her.

God she was enjoying it i pulled my cock out and watched as my cum oozed out of my sisters pussy. I pulled my shorts up and my sister straightened her skirt and we made our way back to the front of the house. We entered the house and made plenty of noise so they knew we were home. Mum called out "is right with you just finishing off in here give us five minutes". They both came through to the living room and i asked how it went.


Kirsty replied "yeah it was really nice to get to know your mum so well" and smiled a knowing smile at me. We had to leave a little while later we said our good byes and got in the car as we pulled away Kirsty asked "did your sister suck your cock as well as i do" and patted my now growing cock now that's another story.