Sone leoni xxx new story

Sone leoni xxx new story
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She threw open the door. "KEVIN!!!.What are you doing here". Kevin looked at Shannon dressed in a small tank top and girl boxers and rolled his eyes "what are you doing here.this is my house" he said with a attitude.

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Shannon closed the door and laughed nervously "oh nothing just came to talk to Maleka about some stuff"' she said waving her hand like it was no big deal. Kevin looked her up and down again then squinted his eye "uhm-hm" he said. This is the fifth time this week Kevin had caught her over here wearing just a tank top and boxers and she knew he was getting suspicious.

He started to walk up the steps and Shannon caught his arm on the second step.

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''Hey" she said "why don't i fix you a cup of coffee or something and let Maleka know your here I think she may be in the shower". Kevin snatched his arm away "Bitch ive seen my wife naked before why the fuck would she care weather or not i see her in the shower.You should be the one waiting down here".'stupid bitch" he mumbled under his breath as he walked up the steps.

Shannon knew he would see her clothes on the floor and smell the sex in the room so she calmly walked to the living room sat down and waited.


Kevin walked into the room and automatically knew something was wrong. He looked over at his wife still sleeping in the bed oblivious to any of what happened down stairs. He threw the covers off of Maleka and saw that she was completely naked. He stepped back thought for a minute and knew exactly what was going on. Kevin started laughing.

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He laughed so hard he woke Maleka up. She turned over and asked him what the fuck was so funny. He laughed harder at her and she got really pissed. Maleka got up out of bed walked over to Kevin and slapped him hard. Kevin stopped laughing put down his brief case, took off his coat, unbuttoned his work shirt and took off his tie.

Maleka watched still fuming because he woke her up. Kevin walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Maleka shook her head and took the elevator down to the first floor.

She walked into the living room and nearly screamed when she saw that Shannon was still there.

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They looked at each other for a minute and Maleka knew at the moment what Kevin had been laughing at. Shannon stood up walked over to Maleka and kissed her. Maleka kissed her back because they both knew there was no need to hide it anymore.

Kevin cleared his throat after watching them kiss for about five minutes. They broke apart with a gasp because neither of them heard the shower shut off. He walked past them into the kitchen and they both followed. Kevin took out bread, ham, and mustard and began making a sandwich. Shannon knew both of them were hard headed and neither of them would start talking first so she decided to start it off.

She walked over to Kevin and took the stuff from his hands he looked at her like he wanted to stab her so she took a step back and began to explain why she was over here and why she had been coming here for the past 3 months. Kevin listen patiently to the entire story about her not being pleased by her husband and fucking Maleka until they both cam three and four times.

Shannon was reaching the end of her story when she looked down and saw that there was a bulge in the front of Kevin's pants. She stopped and stared at it for a second then looked back up at kevin who was looking back and forth between her and Maleka. He stood up straight and walked up to Shannon. He grabbed both sides of her face and kissed her.

He saw that Maleka was about to protest so he told her that if she got to sleep around because she wasn't pleased then so did he, Maleka didn't say anything so he started kissing Shannon again. She could feel his dick growing larger and larger in his pants so she broke away from him and got to her knees. Shannon undid his belt unbuttoned his pants and pilled down his Joe Boxer Briefs.

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His cock was huge at least a half size bigger then her husbands and she licked her lips, not being able to control her self she licked the tip of his dick and Kevin hissed, taking in a sharp breath Shannon smiled and took his head into her mouth.

Kevin pumped his hips and Shannon greedily took his entire cock into her mouth deep throating it.

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Kevin moaned and grabbed her hair winding it into a fist and pumping harder. Maleka watched has her husband's dick was being sucked by her best friend and she found her self completely aroused.


She could feel her pussy getting wet. Maleka started rubbing her breast, tweaking her nipples and her clit. she trust two fingers into her weeping pussy but it wasn't enough she wanted more. Maleka walked over to Shannon who was still sucking his dick and began to play with her pussy through her panties, Shannon moaned and ground her pussy against Maleka's hand.

She lifted up Shannon's tank top and started to suck on her erect nipples, flicking her tongue over them. Kevin stood Shannon up off of her knees and the three of them walked into the living room together. TO BE CONTINUED.