Jamie Valentine and Crystal Rae lesbosex

Jamie Valentine and Crystal Rae lesbosex
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This story is about a gay man who never had any sexual experience with anyone until he was 30 years old. His name was David he was tall and handsome he knew that he was gay since his childhood but he was a very shy boy and did not reveal his feelings to anyone.

His parents separated and he lived his life mostly alone.

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He liked a few boys in his school but never had the courage to talk to them about what he felt. When he was 22 years old his sister separated with her husband as both of them wanted to live a free life and didn't want to take responsibility of their only son who was 4 years old then.

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David felt that he was also ignored by his parents as they always kept fighting and never cared about him and he saw himself in his nephew. He decided to keep his nephew with him. His sister agreed and also said that she could visit her son when ever she wanted.

David knew that she was just saying that and had no intentions of looking after her son.

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Now David started to live with his nephew alone whose name was James and he looked after him and started to have an attachment with him. David always missed James when he was away for some work and he always worried about him. Four years went like this James was now 8 years old and David was 26 both of them loved each other a lot. James was also like David as he never made friends and always liked to spend time at home with David as he cared for him a lot.

One day David came home late and he saw that James was asleep but he kept looking for a while as he was naked.

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It was a very hot day and James had taken all of his clothes off and slept. As David was gay so he was turned on by that sight his nephew was growing up but before that day David never thought of such a thing like he had in his mind that day but he went to the shower and jerked off remembering his nephew's naked body.

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A few days passed and David had something on his mind he had a plan. He started to hide some pictures of boys kissing each other in such places where he was sure that James would find them and his plan worked after a few months he placed pictures of totally naked boys and he knew that James was interested in those pictures he used to spy on his nephew. For years David educated his nephew about gay stuff like this but he never exposed him to something hardcore.

After 4 years David stopped exposing that stuff to James and James was very annoyed he was about to turn 12 in some hours and he was very angry because it had been months that everything he saw hidden in the drawers had disappeared for over a month now.

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When David came home he asked James that what did he want as a gift on his 12th birthday and James didn't reply.

David: why are you so quiet?

James: I don't want anything David: why are you so angry? James: I don't know David: listen pal we have loved each other and always been like friends you can talk to me whatever you like.


James: I want those pictures David: what pictures James: you know we are only two of us in this house and you have hidden them. David: I have something better for you today as a birthday gift kid its a movie of different boys doing different stuff to each other but you will get it only if you obey me. James was exited he agreed and David asked him to get naked he did as he was told then he put a collar in his neck and said that you will be my dog today.

James agreed and soon David got naked and played the movie and taught the art of gay sex to his nephew. Now David ordered his dog to lick his body and James who was so turned on did as he was told.


David: now suck the bone my sweet puppy James took David's cock in his mouth and started sucking it and David was moaning in pleasure first he called him a dog then puppy and now he was saying, "suck it kid" After some time he stopped him and held him in his arms and started kissing his nephew on his pink little lips oh it was sweet then he started to suck James until he cum in his mouth it was the very first orgasm of James and he loved it.

Then came the real birthday gift as David started to fuck James. First he started slowly as this was the first time for James so he was feeling some pain but he still badly wanted David to fuck his little ass then he increased the pace and started thrusting his little boy ass.

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Both of them were enjoying it a lot. David fucked James in different positions and taught his nephew different positions it was also his first experience with someone but he had seen it all.

James was loving every bit of what was happening to him and he was moaning in pleasure and pain which was also very hot and it made his uncle cum earlier in his ass. David had never cum this much before in his 30 year life he also made James cum on his birthday cake and then they both shared it as well He fucked him for the whole night and shot loads in his mouth on his chest and in his ass.

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It was the 12th birthday of James and David who was 30 had his first ever sexual experience with his lovely little nephew