Jade Kush in The Realest Workout

Jade Kush in The Realest Workout
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A continuation of the long weekend in Mexico - I left the ladies in the bathroom and went looking for coffee. Found some and to say the least it was strong and what I needed. I expected V and J to join me out side but didn't see them so I wandered back into the room.

They were laying on our bed together and J had her face in V's pussy licking furiously. V looked at me and said she wanted a taste of your cum and wouldn't let me wash.I just smiled and started stroking J's legs up towards her pussy and ass.

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She spread her legs and started humming into V's pussy. This brought a moan from V and a big smile as she started to cum.I pushed a finger into J's pussy and she was already wet and she pushed back to get more fingers into her pussy. I withdrew a finger coated with her juices and moved back to her ass and started stroking her tight hole.

V reached back to spread her cheeks and J lifted her hips for better access. I was rock hard and started to shift around but V looked at me and mouthed not now.here comes some blue balls and J orgasm'd and pulled away from V's crotch with a smile and said time for another shower.

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Shortly I heard C's bike come thumping into the parking lot and I headed back outside for more coffee. He came around the building carrying beer and a bottle of tequila. He asked what's up and I said the women had been in the shower and on the bed playing at muff diving and he said he wasn't surprised and J had told him she wanted to fuck me silly!

I said not yet but that could be interesting. Just then we heard another Harley motoring down the road and we went around the building to see M with her X on the back. M parked the bike and walked over to C for a big hug and then turned to me and gave me a full body hug and a kiss on the lips. She obviously wasn't wearing a bra and I noticed her nipples sticking out proudly.

She smiled at seeing me ogling her tits and said they would be on display later.I said I'd be happy to apply sun tan lotion as needed. She intro'd her X, B and said he's along for moral support with no sex.did I say this was only Friday?? M and B had the room next to ours and there was a door connecting the two.

M went in their room and came back out and went in ours. I heard the connecting door open and all three ladies scream with delight! I went in our room and V and J were standing there naked and M was busy toweling them off. She started sucking on V's nipples and rubbing J's snatch and the aroma was wild and wet. J said they were going to need shower number three if this kept on getting sexier. M pulled her fingers from J's pussy and coated V's nipples which I proceeded to suck on.

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V liked this a lot and pulled J over to suck on her other nipple and proceeded to cum without her pussy being touched. The group of us four were all getting super turned on and M said alright we either fuck now or get some food as we had some serious drinking to do.did i mention blue balls??


We loaded up on the bikes and again I road with V. She really liked me fingering her up her pant leg and I managed to get her to cum again as we parked at the restaurant. I was licking my fingers as M and J walked past and I heard them say I was paying far to much attention to V and they needed to get fucked soon!

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We sat outside in the sun and feasted on shrimp cocktails and many beers. The parade of bikes was starting and M jumped on hers for a ride around the block. The second time around she stopped in front of us and lifted her top showing off her beautiful tits and nipples.

The third time around she had her top off and was getting quite a bit of attention from men and women. J said she wanted C to take her around the block but he said not in this crowd. The fourth round for M had her dropping her bike right in front of three cops.we watched in amazement as they helped her lift the bike as she put her top back on.she came putting back around to us red as a beet. We all moved down the street and parked in front of a bar where we could get plenty to drink.The afternoon wore on as the parade of bikes continued.

I was sitting on M's bike sideways and J was next to me and V was standing by the front wheel. She was getting fried and M decided to straddle the bike with her pubic bone pressed right into my hip.

I mentioned it was nice with her top off and she commenced removing it and pulling my face into her boobs.

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I managed to latch onto a nipple and I swear it grew to almost an inch long and was fat too! She started grinding her pussy into my hip and the spandex pants she had on started to show some moisture in her camel toe.I started sucking on the other nipple and I felt a hand slip into my pants and grab my cock.

It was J giving me a hand job and it was a good thing it was wall to wall bodies. V walked over and stood astride my leg and started rubbing her snatch on me. Did I mention blue balls. problem solved as I came all over J's hand. Don't know if anyone else got to cum and I near passed out from cumming and way to much beer.

I finally felt my head start to clear and V suggested we go back to the room for a nap and full body to body rubbing.

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As I stood up I saw M had a wet spot over her pussy and she smiled and said thanks for the orgasm! V and I headed to the hotel and she said she felt a wet spot on her back.

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I told her J had given me a hand job and my shorts were pretty gooey. When we got to the room she pulled my pants off and washed my cock with a warm wash cloth. I started to get hard again and she said she'd meet me on the bed.

I asked what about the audience but she just smiled and squeezed my cock and said she wants this in her now!


I jumped in the shower for a quick wash and when I went in the room she was on all fours with her head down and ass in the air. I got behind her and started rubbing her pussy lips around to her clit. she started moving her ass around and said damn it fuck me now! I rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy lips and pushed into her. I couldn't believe how much muscle control she had and she said she practiced with her revolving toy. We were hard at it when I heard the door open and M was standing there but naked watching us.

V's pussy was very wet and tight and it didn't take long for me to cum and I pulled out and M was there in a flash licking V's pussy. I laid there and watched this and finally felt like my blue balls were done. M leaned over and licked the cum off my cock as I passed out. I woke up after midnight spooned with V.nope M had my cock tucked in between her butt cheeks with V on the other side.

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I just laid there quietly flexing the head of my cock between her asshole and pussy. I felt her hand grab me and tuck me into her pussy and she pushed back getting me all the way in and I fell asleep again. She didn't feel as tight a V but nice and wet and maybe I came again.the rest of the weekend is a blur from the booze and a bit more sex but M and J text me often wanting a redo.