Learn To Be A Slave Only SMOTHER Facesitting BBW Cute Ass

Learn To Be A Slave Only SMOTHER Facesitting BBW Cute Ass
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"So, the earthquake… made the two of you have sex?" Mom asked. "And that's what made you guys accept what happened?" Emma took my hand.

I looked into her eyes and she smiled. Emma and I both knew that we had to let our mother know about our relationship.

Now that we had told our mom about the fact that we accepted her choice, it was more than likely that she'd accept ours. "No, that's not all." I said before turning my head back to my mother. "At first we had a physical attraction sparked by the incident." I started as I turned my head towards Mom. "Wait. You two are?" Mom asked. "We're taking it slow. Like a regular relationship." Emma said looking over at her. "Well, I can't say that I'm angry, considering my past." Mom said.

"I'd say so, given the videos." I said with a smile. "Besides, you two are both adults, and incest isn't illegal here in New Jersey." Mom said. "I was actually hoping to let you both know this secret one day, so I might talk your dad into coming to live with us." "Why don't we then?" Emma asked. "What?" Mom asked. "You have vacation time coming up. Let's go visit dad. We can tell him everything in person." Emma said. "You two have really been thinking this over, haven't you?" Mom asked.

We both nodded. "I came up with a plan for almost anything that you could say or do." I told her. "Really? What if I had asked you to fuck me?" Mom asked. I cleared my throat. I honestly hadn't come up with a solution for that.

Emma laughed. She had known the entire plan, and saw the look of astonishment on my face. She stood up. "Well?" She asked as she walked around the table. "He didn't have a plan for that one." Emma said. "Oh really?" Mom said. She stopped behind me, and gave me a hug from behind. "You two have been so wonderful about this. I'm sorry I kept this from you so long." Mom said before pulling away from me and hugging Emma. "Emma, we'll pick you up any toys you want this weekend, and get you on birth control as soon as possible." Mom said.

"Thanks mom." Emma said. "Now kids, I'm gonna go get dressed for work. You two probably have a full day planned." Mom said after pulling away. She walked around the table, and turned back towards us. "Oh, by the way, since everything is now out in the open, kids, I expect things to be a bit more relaxed around here." She said before opening her robe and letting us get a look at her body.

My eyes went wide and my cock throbbed before she turned around and walk away. Emma had been right though. Her tits were a little bit bigger than Emma's. I attribute my mistake in that to the fact that she had probably been wearing tight bras… not that she should've. Her tits were still the same shape as Emma's, with no sag to speak of. She also had six pack abs and a hairy pussy that hadn't been fucked in a while. "Holy shit." I said as I put my face in my hands.

"What box of Pandora did we just open, Emma?" "I'd say a pretty good one, Cyrus." Emma said. "Mom just pretty much admitted that she needs to get laid and wouldn't mind having you fucking her." "Yeah." I said.

I put my hands down and got up. "Where are you going?" Emma asked. "Are you going to fuck mom?" "No, I'm gonna go jack off." I said. "Good, because if we're waiting, it's not fair if you got laid and I didn't." Emma said. Basically, Emma was forbidding me from having sex with our mother before I got used to the idea of not only dating Emma, but fucking her on a regular basis. I agreed and made my way up stairs and to my room. Having two willing and able women walking around the house naked and committing myself not to have sex until I was sure I was ready was a hard task.

Yes, it was torture. Mom would walk around naked before heading off to work, and Emma, while mom was home would walk around naked too.

I'd hear it from both of them if I closed the door to my room during mom's off time. They wanted me naked too, but I limited the time I was naked in front of them. Mom would do anything to entice me into fucking her.


Emma was a bit more relaxed about that aspect, though she did send me a video through my email of herself doing a strip show and masturbating until she squirted. She said she had learned to do it after she found an instructional video online, and wanted to record it for me when she did it for the first time.

However, my mother would make sure she masturbated using a small pink pill like vibrator on her clit in the open. As I said, pure torture. This went on until a couple days before we left.

I was walking down the hallway towards the bathroom. My mother stepped out of it. She was naked again, and this time she had shaved her pussy.

She was really trying to entice me this time. "Oh hi, Cyrus, sweetie." Mom said as she walked up to me. She gave me a hug and put her left hand down my pants, and gave my cock a gentle squeeze. "Hi mom." I said.

"So is my well hung boy ready to give my pussy a pounding yet?" Mom asked. At this point, Emma and I had gotten up to just past the grope stage.

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We had just had our first sucking session the prior night. Emma peeked her head out of her room, but I hadn't seen her. I pulled my mother's hand out of my shorts and off my cock.

As tempted as I was to just bend her over and fuck her in every hole god had given he, to cum in her pussy, her ass, her mouth and all over her tits, to leave her walking funny for a month, I just couldn't. I had made a promise to Emma. "No mom," I said.

"You know I made a promise to Emma." "That's my boy, being as sweet as his dad." Mom said before giving me a hug. "Emma dear, you'd better make sure he gets rewarded tonight." "Don't worry, Mom, he will." Emma said as Mom let me go. Mom walked over to Emma and gave her a kiss on the lips. Emma was still standing in her doorway, completely naked.

She crossed her arms across her stomach as they broke the kiss. To be honest, it was quite arousing to see them like that. It was almost like Emma was kissing a slightly older version of herself. "You two are sure taking it slow." Mom said to her. "His idea, not mine." Emma said as she leaned against the door frame.

"I've been waiting for weeks to feel his cock inside me again." She sighed. "It's been torture." My mother turned back to me as I turned around. "Young man is this true?" She asked putting her hands on her hips. "Here I thought you've been fucking your sister every day since our talk in the dining room, and you've been holding out?" "I wanted to make sure it was more than just physical." I told her.

"Is it? I would think that it would be by now." Mom said. She gave me a look that said I was in trouble. "Come here young man." She said.

I walked over to her. She turned around and bent down. She reached over to Emma and spread her pussy lips. "I want you to bend down and look at your sister's bald pussy." She told me. I did what I was told, and knelt down and looked at my twin's pussy. Mom grabbed my head and forced me in closer so that I was about 2 inches from her pussy lips.

I could smell her arousal now. "Your sister has not only shaved her pussy for you, but I bet she's had to masturbate multiple times a day." Mom said. "Emma, how many times have you masturbated today?" "Twice." Emma said. "The vibrator's nice, but it's not a cock." I was getting the point and fast as I looked at my twin's aroused pussy.

It was already glistening with her own juices and my mother touching it only aroused her further. And it was her arousal that was getting me aroused as well. My cock was quickly hardening. "So why are you still making her wait?" Mom asked. "I just didn't feel like it was the right time yet." I said. "Oh really? Do you still feel that way? With your sister's pussy in your face?" Mom asked.


I didn't say anything to answer. I didn't have any words to explain it any further. It hadn't been the right time while I made her wait. Mom let go of Emma's pussy just before I plunged my face to it and began licking and sucking on her clit. Emma had to grab the door frame for support as her knees almost completely buckled from the sensation.

Mom put her arms around Emma to help her keep standing while I continued my assault on her pussy. "How did you know that would work?" Emma gasped. "Your father sometimes needed a kick in the butt too. I figured it would probably work on your brother." Mom told her. "I hope you have your birth control in today. I'm guessing that it's not a safe day for you." I shoved a finger into my sister's pussy and began thrusting it in and out, causing her to moan.

"Yeah, I put it in this morning." She panted at Mom. "Oh my god, it feels so good. He wasn't this aggressive last night." "Emma, I want you so badly. I just wanted us to have a romantic relationship too." I said as I pulled back from her pussy. "I wanted one too, Cyrus. I'm glad we waited for this. It makes it even better." She said as she looked down at me.

My hand was still like a piston, finger fucking her. I went back to licking and sucking her clit. A few seconds later, she cried out, and her juices squirted on my hand, face, and in my mouth. I swallowed down what I could as I stopped finger banging her. I stood up and kissed her passionately.

"Now, you two kids have fun. Mommy's gotta get ready for work." Mom said as we broke the kiss. "And figure out which room you both are gonna be living in after this, cause we're gonna end up turning the other one into an office." Mom walked off, leaving Emma and I to our own devices.

I lifted Emma into my arms and carried her over to her bed. I softly laid her down on it, removed my shorts and climbed over her. I didn't wait long to plunge my penis inside her waiting pussy, and she let out a loud groan when I did. Her pussy was tighter than I remembered. For the first time in weeks, I had fully penetrated my sister.

She passionately kissed me as I began making love to her. My cock thrusted in and out of her like it had a mind of its own as I began massaging her breasts and teasing her nipples until they were hard. Her pussy started to clamp down on my cock as she had another orgasm, her juices squirting all over my lower half. After a few moments she stopped squirting and broke from our kiss to gasp.

"Oh my god, Cyrus, I can't stop cumming." She said. My sister, who hadn't had a cock inside her for nearly a month was now experiencing multiple orgasms. As she came down from the first set, it only made her hornier. She had me pull out of her, then she flipped over and kept her chest to the bed as she raised her hips in the air.

I slid my cock back inside her and began fucking her again. We continued for hours, all over the house. I was fucking her while she made lunch, dinner, and even when we took a shower together. When mom got home from work, Emma was riding me in the dining room. By this point my balls were aching, and Emma was trying to get me off for a 6th time that day.

"I see you two are enjoying yourselves still." Mom said as Emma pulled back from a passionate kiss she was giving me. "Uh, yeah. But I think Cyrus came one too many times." Emma said looking back at her. "What makes you say that dear?" Mom asked as she walked over to us. "I can't get him to cum inside me again, and I wanted him to before I went to bed. I was actually about to stop, but I have him so worked up, that I feel bad." Emma explained.

"Aw, well go to bed, baby girl. Mommy will get your big brother to cum one last time." Mom said. Emma pulled off of my dick and stood up.

It was absolutely aching but there was no way my erection was about to quit, and I could feel it throbbing in protest as it suddenly was cold. Emma gave mom a kiss, then headed for the stairs. Mom turned to me and pulled something out of her purse and set it on the table. She pulled out a bottle of something, but it didn't have a label. "Your dad had this problem once or twice during our marathons, and it drove him nuts. We found a solution for it, and I'm sure it'll work on you." Mom told me.

She pulled off her turtleneck fast, and then her bra, exposing her wonderful d-cup tits. She then pulled off her skirt and underwear. Her pussy was already dripping wet. She turned back to me, setting all of her clothing on the table. "Now young man, I expect you to give me a hard fucking until you cum." She said. "Alright mom." I said. "Now bend over the table." She said, taking the bottle and the device in her hand.

I did as I was told. She walked around behind me and soon I noticed a cool sensation on my asshole. "Mom, what is that thing?" I asked before I felt her shove the device into my ass. Holy Shit was that thing big! I had never done any anal play with Emma, so this was a first for me. I gritted my teeth when it went in, then when I stopped clenching my ass, I was gasping for air. "It's called a prostrate stimulator." She said. "Think of it as a dildo for guys." "Okay, what does it do?" I asked.

"You'll see." Mom said as I stood up. She bent over in front of me and spread her legs. Her pussy was glistening with her juices. I didn't need any motivation to shove my cock deep into my mother's pussy. She moaned loudly as I sunk to the hilt inside her. Her pussy was as tight as Emma's and just as wet and hot. Then I felt an odd sensation as she activated the vibration function on the prostrate stimulator.

I began pumping in and out of her, and before long, I could feel that I was about to cum. "Mom, I'm about to!" I warned her.

"Oh yes, Baby. Cum inside mommy's pussy." She moaned as I continued fucking her tight snatch. "Fill me up with your cum." She said. "Oh mom!" I yelled as I came harder than I had ever before inside her.

After a minute or so, I stopped humping her, and I felt the stimulator shut off. I pulled my cock from inside her and she stood up and turned around. My cock and balls were sore, and my asshole felt weird. She reached around me and pulled the device from my ass then handed it to me with the bottle and the controller.

"Only use it in that type of situation, okay?" She said before looking down to see my cum leaking from her pussy. "Wow." She said as I looked down.

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"I wouldn't be surprised if you just knocked me up." She laughed. "You weren't using protection?" I asked. This made mom laugh even harder. "Even with protection dear, nothing is 100 percent.

Yes, I'm using the same type of birth control your sister is." She said. "Shit." I said. "What?" Mom asked. "I made cum leak from Emma's pussy too many times to count today." I said. "We even showered a couple times to clean her out so we could keep going." "That's a good boy. I'm glad your sister got plenty of sex today." Mom said as we looked into each other's eyes.

"But she could be!" I started to say but mom put a finger over my lips, hushing me. "If she is, there's nothing you can do about it now. She might've even gotten pregnant when you to had sex during the cave in. Try not to think about it if it makes you worry. Just keep doing what you're doing. She'll have her period before long if she's not pregnant." Mom told me.

"Now, young man, run up and get some sleep. We leave for your dad's place tomorrow, and I know you're gonna want to get some rest before the trip." I listened to my mother, heading to my room.

I grabbed a towel from the top of my dresser, got showered and went to bed. I had cum nine times since that morning, and each time, it was like a hose had went off. I was chaffed, sore, and tired. Though I would later get my mother and sister to agree to not ask me to do a marathon again, I'd still end up doing them like that at least once a month, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The next morning, I slowly opened my eyes to find my sister, sitting in my computer chair, wearing a cute little baby doll type nightgown. It was red and see thru as were her panties, so it really left nothing to the imagination. "Morning, sleepyhead." Emma said. "Don't tell me, you're looking for a morning fuck?" I asked.

"No, after yesterday, I'm sore and worn out." She said. "Me too." I laughed. "Well, big brother.

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Mom told me that you got worried about something last night." Emma said. "I wanted to let you know that my period should happen between the day we arrive at Dad's house, and the day we leave." "Do you know when Mom's is supposed to happen?" I asked.

"Same time." She said. "So we won't know until it happens." I said quietly. "Are you really that worried?" Emma said. I thought about it for a moment.

No one had ever forbid what we had done, and I could easily doubt our relationship or our fun ending over a pregnancy, though it might be hard for Emma to explain during our last year of high school. Mom was a different matter entirely though. She not only had a job, but a career. The kind with full benefits, and maternity leave. So, I really didn't need to worry about being a dad.

"Maybe a little for your part." I said. "It'd be easier to explain a child if we weren't in high school." I said. "Oh, so you're worried about what some of our friends might say. What questions they might ask during the course of my pregnancy?" Emma asked. She got up and walked over to me. She bent over, giving me a wonderful view of her tits, and gave me a kiss on the lips.

"Well, here's my thoughts on that. I'll tell them the truth. Anyone who can't accept what we have isn't worth our time." Emma said. Honestly, what she said got me hard.

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She wanted to be with me in every way possible and she didn't give two fucks on who didn't approve. I grabbed ahold of her and rolled her into bed, and got on top of her.

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I kissed her passionately then moved to her left side of her neck and began sucking on it. She moaned my name as I began rocking my hips against hers. "Oh Cyrus, this feels so good, but I'm sore." She said to me. "I'll be gentle then." I said as I reached down to her panties and began rubbing her clit through them.

"No, Cyrus, stop… I can't… handle… the attention… there… right… now…" She panted as I reached up her baby doll top with my free hand and began massaging her right tit. "Awe, you're telling me that you don't want my big fat cock in your tight little pussy?" I asked as I moved my fingers from her clit, and traced them down to her opening.

She didn't argue as I went back to sucking on her neck and slowly moved her panties aside. She was enjoying the attention too much. I rubbed her outer lips for a moment, and dipped the tip of my index finger inside her. She was wet with anticipation. I slowly repositioned myself, and slid my cock in her tight snatch causing her to gasp.

She looked down and watched as I began thrusting in and out of her pussy slowly. "Oh fuck." She moaned. I raised my other arm to her baby doll top and lifted it up, freeing her tits, and then started massaging the one I hadn't yet done. Her nipples were already hard. Yeah, my cock was still sore from yesterday, but I was just so turned on that I couldn't help fucking her. She lifted her legs so they were bent on either side of me. "Cyrus. I need it harder.

This is driving me nuts." She said. "Please?" Not wanting to disappoint her, I began picking up some power and speed. She wrapped her legs around me as I continued fucking her. Her pussy was an inferno within a few moments of this, and began to squeeze my cock for all it's worth.

She reached down and began teasing her clit as I fucked her. "I'm… so… close…" She panted. I didn't respond, I just kept sucking, groping and fucking. "Cyrus! I'm gonna cum!" She cried out. She did too, and I felt it gush out of her pussy on my balls. "Oh god." She moaned as I gave a few more thrusts, then began cumming inside her.

I pulled back from her, as I thrust hard again as I came, looking into her eyes, as they went wide. "Oh no. I forgot to put in more birth control this morning." She said. "I thought you told me you weren't worried about that." I panted as my cock kept spasming inside her. "I wasn't but we weren't trying for a baby, and I've been ovulating since yesterday." She said. This bit of news made my eyes go wide. No wonder she had been insatiable yesterday.

Mom was probably in the same condition. That's why she told me that nothing was a hundred percent, and it was still possible that they got knocked up. I laid down on my sister and kissed her neck. "So what? Like you said, we won't care about what anyone thinks." I told her. This made her wrap her arms around me and squeeze me tight.

It was exactly what she had wanted to hear from me. "I should be ovulating for the next couple days if you wanna keep trying." She whispered. My cock twitched inside her in response. I was getting very turned on by the thought of my twin sister getting knocked up with my kid. "I'll take that as a yes." She giggled and hugged me. I didn't know it yet, but mom and Emma had planned out the entire trip for tomorrow, and planned to keep me from driving.