Very tight teen stepsis pussy slammed by handsome guy pornstar hardcore

Very tight teen stepsis pussy slammed by handsome guy pornstar hardcore
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16 year old Robert walked into the doctor's office with his mother, to get semi-annual sports check up.


His mother walked up to the nurse behind the counter. "My son Robert Conlin has a sports check up with Dr. Chase." Stated his mother. "Conlin spelt c-o-n-l-i-n?

At 2:30?" came the reply of the nurse. Robert's mother nodded. "Dr.

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Chase is out on family business today, Dr. Kelso will be taking his patients for the day" Robert's mother nodded, without much concern, she wasn't all that worried about the appointment, it being only a sports check up.

They walked over to the couch in the waiting room and sat, awaiting the call for Robert's appointment. After a few minutes, a nurse opened the door and said "Robert Conlin?" Robert looked at his mother and she said "Go on without me, your old enough to go through a check up by yourself" Robert said ok, and followed the nurse into the hallway.

"We're in room 6 at the end of the hall." Said the nurse. Robert made his way into the room, and knowing the drill he undressed to his boxers and the nurse too k his height and weight, and after doing so she said, "Dr. Kelso will be with you shortly" and walked out the door.

A short time later, the door opened and a blonde woman who appeared to be in her late 20's walked in carrying a clipboard. Robert looked in shock; he was not expecting a woman. She was very attractive although she was wearing a lab coat.

Her upper body was still visible, with perky c cup breasts that were followed by a small waist, which expanded into perfect hips which were backed up with a well curved and rounded rear. She was wearing a tight white blouse, with the top few buttons undone so her cleaving was just teasingly visible.

She had red lipstick which showed off her white teeth, and black eyeliner with made her grey eyes appear even more attractive.

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The woman introduced herself, amused slightly by Robert's surprise. "I'm Dr. Kelso; I'm filling in for Dr. Chase. You must be Robert?" Robert nodded, slightly unable to vocalize a response; he was still surprised and mesmerized at her.

"Ok, so you're growing at a steady rate, you were 5,4 when you came here last year in may, and you are now 5,6 and show no signs of stopping. You are at a good body weight, especially considering the fact that it says here that you are involved in kickboxing, 145 lbs is good." She had finished the introduction and it was time to move on.

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She took his heart rate, and admired his toned body, impressed that someone of his age had managed to acquire his physical state. She then asked if he had any aches or pains, which he replied no. "Ok, can you remove your boxers?" she said, as it was part of the procedure to check for any abnormalities on the genitals.

Robert started to panic, afraid that his little friend would decide to show up for a visit, but managed to suppress the thought by imagining his math teacher in a Speedo.

He took off his boxers, and Dr. Kelso leaned in to get a closer look. She picked it up to examine the underside of his penis, and it was just too much for Robert. He panicked as blood rushed to his penis; his erect cock's head now pointing directly at Dr.

Kelso's beautiful lips. He started to panic. "I'm sorry, I-just" Robert said frantically, trying to generate an excuse. "It's ok." Dr. Kelso said "It's perfectly normal for adolescent boys like you to get an erection at inconvenient times. Besides, it ties into the next thing I need to do" Robert was perplexed, as she then moved her hand around his bulging member, and slowly started massaging it. "We were instructed to take a survey of the semen volume of our male teenage patients, so I'm going to stroke you to a point of orgasm, and I need you to get it all in this cup, ok?" she said as she reached onto the counter to get a plastic sample cup.

Robert nodded, dumbfounded as the beautiful woman started stroking his cock. "This is strictly professional, of course" Dr. Kelso said with a wink.

Her smooth hands glided over his penis, pushing the blood up and down his shaft. One stroke. Two strokes, he had lost count. She stopped at the top, and squeezed, creating a moan from Robert.

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She laughed. She added her other hand into the mix, stacking them on top of each other, twisting in opposite directions with each hand has she stroked up and down. It felt so good, her hands were warm and firm, but small, but that made little difference to Robert.

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After a while, Dr. Kelso said "I think you may need a little more help" and she lowered her lips to his dick, and slowly wrapped them around his head, licking the slit with her tongue as she did so.


Robert groaned with pleasure, he was in heaven. Her hot, tight mouth glazed over his bulging red cock, up and down, up and down. Her red lipstick left a mark as she went.

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The sucking pressured his penis every time she bobbed her head, squeezing his shaft as she continued. Then she lowered her head slowly all the way down, she stopped for an instant and then pushed forward, thrusting his cock past the back of her mouth and inter her throat. Robert could feel her esophagus squeezing his dick, as if it were food that needed to get to her stomach.

She continued, moving his penis in and out of her throat. Eventually, Robert couldn't take it anymore.

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He felt his orgasm rise, her head still moving up and down. "I'm coming!" he said, and with that she removed her mouth from his penis and proceeded to stroke it quickly, aiming the slit at her face.

Her mouth wide open, waiting to receive anything he had for her. "Ahhh!" he moaned, as he finally released his orgasm. Her mouth quickly filled and she swallowed, and tried to keep swallowing the incoming ropes, but it was too much.

Rope after rope of hot cum shot at her face, creating several splotches, which aroused Robert even further and only made him come more. His orgasm finally subsided, which left Robert breathing heavily. Robert looked at his doctor's cum covered face, and remembered the cup.

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"Oh," he said. "I didn't get any in the cup" "That's okay." answered Dr. Kelso. "We'll just have to take the survey again your next visit to the office" she said with a smile.

Robert smiled back nervously, and Dr. Kelso leaned down and kissed his softening penis. "See you again next time" Dr. Kelso said, while whipping her face with her finger, and licking off the remnants. I hope so, thought Robert.