Busty babe pussyfucked after exercise

Busty babe pussyfucked after exercise
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The Anonymous Reader 4 Having removed Mags' cock I made it hard to create a part 4. I sincerely hope I have managed to do it justice.

Here goes Mags and I were not in any hurry to get married as until recently Mags had thought marriage would never be in her future. For this reason I wanted to give her the wedding every girl dreams of. Looking back over the last year or so Mags and I had both been through some significant changes. Mags of course had been through a lot more with having her cock removed and the emotional roller coaster surrounding the circumstances that lead to it, but I too had learned a lot and was a lot more educated and a whole lot less ignorant than I use to be.

I guess that is what led Mags and me to seeking out and becoming involved in the Transgender community. A support group had been very helpful to Mags in adjusting after her surgery and helping her to believe she had made the right personal decision.

It was at the support group that Mags and I had met the friends that we now spent time with. It was a small group most of which considered themselves female with a couple of guys that had undergone most of the surgery they needed to become legally male. Holly, one of the group and Mags had become very close and Holly had also been through some very traumatic experiences.

She was a very beautiful woman and not unlike a lot of transgender woman would go completely undetected in a room full of women. One ex boyfriend had set a guard dog on her and stood back laughing while the dog mauled her.

She had reconstructive surgery that had restored her neck and shoulders and was very lucky to have not received worse injuries before a neighbour had jumped in to pull the dog off of her. Holly's physical scars were not visible through her clothes but when Mags and I met her the emotional scarring was very evident. She was very shy and withdrawn and somewhat suspicious of anyone new in her life. The function of the group was not for people to come and choose a gender or to preach the cause to the majority but simply a place where people were encouraged to be happy with who they were and to seek out others who were happy to accept who they were.

Holly was at a difficult point in her life as she had all but decided to take the plunge and have the surgery that would make her female only. Holly knew that Mags and I talked and she knew that Mags had been through a lot.

I guess that is why she felt comfortable talking to both Mags and I about what was going on in her life. One night when Mags and I had a few people around I spent some time talking with her and discovered her desire to 'become a woman'.

She had just started to see a guy that she liked a lot but he did not yet know she could 'satisfy his every desire' if that's what he was into. She just needed to get something out of her system, to prove something to herself. She got up the courage later that evening when the other guests were leaving and I was seeing them off to talk to Mags about something she had been considering as a kind of test of her sexual preference, to see whether she was ready to be a single sex person or not.

After saying goodbye to our other guests and coming inside that night I walked past our bedroom door and heard Mags and her talking.

"How did you decide?" Holly asked. I assumed she referred to Mags surgery. "Well what made the decision for me was when I knew he loved me, all of me. The day we got my bastard ex back he gave me the sweetest blowjob. He looked into my eyes and took me deep into his mouth without batting an eye lid .and then he choked" Mags giggled and I figured I deserved the embarrassment for eavesdropping.

"But it was then that I knew I didn't need it anymore. He had overcome so much and given so much to get to that point and I longed to be his wife. And I guess an old fashioned part of me never wanted my dick to come between us, pardon the pun." I covered my mouth to stop from laughing and moved away quickly so I wouldn't get caught. Damn it I wanted to hear more of the conversation, it was getting good. Whatever was said after that led to holly requesting that I let her 'borrow' my fiancé for a night.

I needed time to think about it of course. Mags and I had never discussed being exclusive but neither of us had found ourselves wanting to be with anyone else for a long time.

Mags had been through so much and I did not know if she would cope with this besides I have to admit I was a little bit jealous. After a lot of thought I told Mags if she was comfortable then I was. She explained that it was something she felt she ought to do for her best friend, for our chief bridesmaid. Two weeks later on Friday night Holly came over for dinner and a "girl's night in". I left to see a movie just after dinner and as I expected I could not concentrate on the movie for more than 10 seconds.

At home, in my bed there was my spectacular petite oriental fiancé with her very dark African American gorgeous best friend and they were feasting on each other's magnificent bodies and here I was in this crappy old cinema watching some bloody lame movie with the empire state building sticking up under my pants.

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I considered going to the bathroom to relieve myself manually but then decided I would save it and let it build up and give Mags a treat when I got home.

Meanwhile back at home. Holly and Mags stood on opposite sides of the bed facing each other. Holly began to turn away as she began removing her clothes. "No baby, please turn around. Don't be afraid or ashamed or anything but proud. You are so beautiful with clothes on and I'm positive you are stunning without" Mags said reassuringly.

Holly turned back to face Mags but shyly dropped her face toward the ground as she loosened and dropped the beautiful gown she had been wearing and stood before Mags wearing a pair of satin boxer shorts.

Mags thought she looked so cute but did not say a word for fear off embarrassing her. After a few seconds Holly dropped the boxers to the floor. "Oh my god you are amazing" Mags blurted out. "Oh I'm sorry but you are. I have never seen anything so beautiful" Mags said softly as she walked around the bed to be with Holly. Mags was fascinated by her cock, it was 7 inches by her description and black as the night. Holly was completely clean shaven around her balls and pussy and there was not a hint of fat anywhere on her firm luscious body.

Her breasts were a nice firm 34C with appropriate sized nipples that stood hard toward Mags. Mags continued to mutter praise to Holly about her body as she moved in for a sample. She kissed Holly on her thick full lips and released her snake like tongue into Holly's mouth and worked feverishly until they both needed to come up for air.

Mags ran her tongue down Holly's body to her breasts and payed them the respects such beautiful tits were due with a lick here and a nibble there but only for a short time as it was Holly's cock she wanted.

"Oh it's so gorgeous" Mags said. Holly put her hands on the back of Mags head as Mags took her cock head in her mouth but did not even need to assist Mags as she slowly slid the whole thing into her mouth and down her throat. After all she was used to swallowing my massive cock so she was never going to struggle with Holly.

The instant Mags' nose touched Holly's stomach Holly trembled and sprayed warm nectar all over Mags shirt but Mags bounced up and down on her cock until her orgasm had fully subsided. Mags gently steered Holly backwards onto the bed behind them and then removed her clothes as Holly eagerly watched. Holly reached out for Mags to join her on the bed and as Mags climbed over her to lie next to her Holly took one of her rock hard nipples into her mouth greedily.

"Oh I love your tits Mags I had thought they would be pretty but I never imagined they would be so perfect" Holly gasped and then took the other nipple into her mouth.

Mags lay next to Holly only for a second before Holly rolled over on top of her and started feasting on her skin ferociously. She ravaged her mouth and her neck before gorging on her tits and firm stomach.

Just as she came to Mags lower stomach she paused and looked up at mags who was puffing and panting. She slowly and very gently with one finger tip rubbed the small dimple on Mags lower stomach and said "Is this where it use to be?" "Yes babe, it is" Holly leant in and kissed the dimple tenderly. "Do you miss it?" "Yes and no, but mainly no I guess.


I always enjoyed being eaten out more anyway. It's not like it really saw much outside action anyway. But I guess I use to work it very frequently" She said with a giggle. "I don't really think about it much these days" Holly seemed satisfied with Mags' response and leant in and softly kissed the dimple again. Mags opened her legs wider as Holly climbed in between them and blew warm air tantalisingly over Mags swollen clit making Mags throw her head back into the pillow and gasp.

"Oh eat me already" Mags groaned as Holly teasingly blew more warm air over her lips and into her ass hole. Holly ran her tongue up Mags slit from bottom to top once and then paused. She did exactly the same thing 3 more times each time causing Mags to whine with desire. "Oh please stop teasing me you bitch, pleeeeeeease" Holly grinned a sinister grin satisfied that she had forced Mags to beg and then wrapped her wide mouth around as much of Mags' pussy as she could.

It only took a couple of flicks of Mags swollen clit with Holly's skilful tongue to send Mags over the edge immediately as she spewed buckets of juice into her best friends face. "Holly fuck, what did you do to me?" Mags asked as Holly climbed up and lay next to her. "What I have wanted to do ever since I laid eyes on you" Mags smiled at the compliment but was a little surprised.

Maybe Holly was not ready at all. Maybe she didn't like this guy as much as she claimed. For now she was just happy to have experienced what she just had at t he hands of her best friend. "Oh my god, now THAT is why I became a woman" Mags said with a giggle.

Holly joined in with her laughing as they lay in one another's arms. "Ok, it's time" Mags said. "For what?" Holly asked with great curiosity. "You need to fuck me with that big black cock before my fiancé gets home and changes his mind" She grinned. "Now that I can do" Holly rolled over and sat on her feet with her knees spread around Mags and Mags' legs draped over hers.

She rubbed the swollen black head up and down Mags lips and then entered her slowly. Mags gasped and grabbed the pillow either side of her head and squeezed as Holly sunk her full length into her. Holly found a slow steady pace and placed her hands over Mags' beautiful tits to feel them.

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Feeling this Mags put her hands on top of Holly's and helped her to massage them. "Oh yes, you're driving me crazy Hun. I want you to fuck me like a dog" Mags requested. Holly withdrew and Mags scrambled quickly onto all fours in front of her not wanting Holly's cock to be out of her pussy for more than a second longer than it needed to be. Holly pushed back into Mags and pumped a few slow steady strokes and then started pumping Mags relentlessly as Mags puffed and panted her way to another orgasm.

Then Mags groans became slowly louder and higher pitched as she climbed her way to her orgasm. Holly sunk deeper and harder into her and finally they both came in waves squirting one another with blast after blast of female ejaculate that ran down their bodies and soaked the bed clothes. "I need to ride you" Mags almost begged. Holly flopped on the bed and then mustered up enough energy to roll over onto her back. Immediately Mags went to work reviving Holly's slowly dying cock with her hands and her mouth.

It wasn't long before Holly was full mast again and ready to go another round. Mags climbed on top and slid Holly's cock up inside her and this time slowly and somewhat more gracefully began to slide back and forth at a nice even pace. The girls rocked and swayed for a long time exploring and admiring each other's bodies with their eyes and hands.

Mags leaned over and kissed Holly on the lips. As she did their nipples met deliciously becoming the catalyst for their next mouth watering orgasm. It was like being at an x rated tennis game as they echoed each other's groans as their bodies shook and spasmed and ground to a weary halt. They lay exhausted for a few moments.


When Mags was finally able to speak she asked "Well how was that Hun? What did you make of it? Are you any more enlightened to your decision now?" "It was the best sex I have ever had, honestly it was, and don't get me wrong I am so glad we did it.

It just seems that.well it seems something was missing." Holly said as she twirled Mags hair around her finger. "You know what I think. I think you fucked the wrong partner. How would you feel about another little test babe?" Mags asked "Really?

And you would be ok with it?" "So long as it happens here and no one else knows about it. That's all I ask" "Oh my god, why are you so good to me" Holly said with excitement. "Hang on, he hasn't agreed yet, but I think I can convince him" Mags said with a devilish grin. I arrived home to find Mags fitting new bed clothes to our bed and Holly had already gone.

"Hey Hun!


How did it go? Oh and you didn't need to change the sheets!" "I kind of did" Mags laughed. "Give me a sec to finish and we'll sit and talk about it, Ok?" "Ummm, sure" I fixed us a coffee while Mags finished off making the bed and then we sat and talked about what had happened.

"Baby you have been so understanding and have gone through so much and I really appreciate that, I want you to know that. I would like to say I have one more favour to ask but you never know what is around the corner so I will just say I have another favour to ask and I will fully understand if you say no." "Ask already" I insisted impatiently. "I want you to fuck Holly" I nearly spat my coffee out.

"Me?" Mags explained that she thought what was missing was simply a 'man' and that I could test her theory out and since Holly and I were close anyway I would probably make her feel the most comfortable. I agreed to do it and Mags called Holly immediately to set a date up for the following evening.

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Holly made plans to go and visit some friends to give us some space which was a decision I was not fully convinced was a good one as I was real nervous about the meeting. It was the longest 24 hours in my life waiting for 7pm and Holly to arrive together but it finally happened.

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Mags apologised for running late as she had meant to be gone when Holly arrived and then left. "Have fun you two, I love you both" Mags said as she ran to the car. I tucked my hands in my jeans and my mind raced for something to say to put Holly and mainly myself to be honest at ease.

"So umm, would you like a drink?" Was all my male brain could think of. "That would be great actually, but only one. I want my head to be clear" She said. "You're a brave girl. And a very beautiful one too I might add." I said trying to make her more relaxed which it did in a roundabout way. "Don't try too hard, just be yourself ok. Oh and thanks" Holly beamed.

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After a drink and a bit of a chat we headed to the bedroom. Holly started nervously to unbutton her shirt but I stopped her. "Let me" I insisted, hoping it would make the experience more comfortable for her. I gazed at every new inch of her flesh that appeared as I unbuttoned her shirt and dropped it on the floor. She looked straight at me for a reaction. "Oh wow, Mags was not kidding. You are spectacular aren't you?" I said as I added her bra to the pile of clothes forming on the floor.

She responded only with a smile as I leaned in and took a nipple in my mouth.

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"Oh" She gasped at my touch. Her nipple became rock hard at my kiss so I evened up by kissing and licking the other one until it too stood at attention. I remembered what Mags had said about the cute little boxers as I stuck my thumbs under the waistband of her skirt and began to drag it down. Unsure if I could stop from laughing at them I decided to remove the whole lot at the same time and slowly dragged them down looking into her eyes as I did. She stepped out of her clothes and kicked her shoes off still looking at me as she did.

When I was sure she was free of her clothes I smiled at her and lowered my gaze down her beautiful body. I kissed her firm stomach and lifted my hand and placed it gently under her cock just as it came into view.

Knowing she was still watching I kissed the head of her semi hard cock without hesitation. I felt surprised at how easy it was to take her cock into my mouth but after all this was a very good friend who I loved dearly and this was a very big moment for her and this was part of who she was just as it had been with Mags not so long ago.

Her black cock slid past my lips and into my throat as I heard Mags voice in my head saying 'breathe through your nose babe'. This was only a little helpful as it nearly made me laugh however i was able to keep going until my nose pressed up against her firm flat stomach. I felt her hands on the back of my head as I began to bob up and down on her cock. She moaned deep and low as I cupped her balls in my hand and continued to move up and down the length of her shaft.

I paused to remove my own clothes and stood naked before her. "Now it is my turn to be impressed. Holy shit you are going to kill me" She said looking at my 11 inches standing out in front of me.

"Are you sure you. "Yes, yes. I want you to fuck my brains out with that thing. It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." She said trying to make me more comfortable. She sank to her knees and kissed the tip of my prick tenderly and then began licking up and down the length of it. "It's beautiful" She said again as she kissed and licked it. She stood up and I picked her up and lay her on the bed.

She wiggled across giving me room to climb in next to her and then as if she could read my mind she spun around and climbed on top in a sixty nine as we continued to gobble down each other's swollen pricks. The room was filled with sucking ad slurping noises interrupted with the occasional gasps for air as we pleasured each other feverishly.

I grabbed her black cock and pushed it forward and sucked her balls and then poked my tongue into her pussy. "Oh holy shit" Holly whined as a burst of her sweet nectar erupted from her cunt and splashed off of my forehead. "Oooooooooh.ooooooooooh.fu.uuuuuck" She groaned as she soaked me with her juice. I lay a little in shock from her violent eruption as she began to work overtime on my cock with her hands and tongue.

I started to finger her cunt with one hand and pull her cock with the other until I felt my balls contract and prepare to unleash a mighty stream down her throat. "Cumming" I warned her but she did not budge. She gulped and liked down every drop. I continued to stroke her cock and lick her out kind of hoping the next part would go away. Finally I got up the courage and set myself up on all fours in the centre of the bed. "Are you sure Hun?" Holly asked.

"Hell yeah, just go slow. You're a lot bigger than Mags was" I said closing my eyes and becoming terrified. As I felt her spit in my ass hole and rub it in then place her cock head at the entrance I began a soft bounce and closed my eyes ready for the pain.

I knew it would get better I just wanted to get past the initial shock. With that in mind I grabbed the bed head tight and rammed my ass down over her cock nearly pushing her off the bed. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghh" I roared.

"Are you ok?" Holly asked with concern in her voice. "Yes babe just keep fucking me so it stops hurting, please" She thrust in and out of me at an easy pace and I felt her bend over and kiss me on the back. She rocked back and forward and before too long was coating the back of my legs and thighs with her sweet warm jizz.

Now it was my turn. I placed her on her back and knelt between her legs and placed my knob between her sweet pussy lips. I pushed gently into her. She grabbed the bed head and looked at me almost in horror as my cock slowly inched its way inside her.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked "No, no. It's ok" She looked away as I stated to plunge in and out of her. Soon she was enjoying the ride and asked me to pound her harder. Just then I stopped. "Holly, I have an idea" I grunted.

Holly allowed me to play with some pillows on the bed. Finally I put some pillows below her lower back propping her ass up in the air. I backed myself into her on all fours facing away from her so that all she had a view of was my ass between her spread legs. I pushed my cock into her pussy and plunged up and down a couple of times to settle into her again and then grabbed the head of her cock and aimed it at my ass.

Holly knew what I had in mind and helped me out as she stuffed her cock back into my ass. We moved very slowly at first but before long we were rocking back and forth with her cock reaming my ass while my monster pounded her cunt. She began wailing as her body convulsed in orgasm and my cock jerked and filled her black cunt with hot sticky cum as she washed my balls and ass with her warm fluid.

I moved around and lay next to her and whispered in her ear "You know I won't be able to walk tomorrow" "That makes two of us" She managed to get out before we erupted in laughter. Just then Mags came home. We were too sore to get up so we just lay there.

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On seeing us Mags just removed her clothes and climbed in with us. "So girl, what are you thinking? Is this guy worth it?" "What guy?" Holly beamed cheekily. We all burst out laughing and were surely all thinking the same thing as we lay there contemplating the best way to make a three way relationship work.

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