Nerd babe Layla London fuck with dads friend

Nerd babe Layla London fuck with dads friend
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Hard to believe that I just met you at the pool earlier today, and now your riding the elevator up to my hotel room, with a semi-boyfriend of mine. Vegas is such a great town. I am so excited to be with both you guys I can't stop smiling. I lean back against you while grabbing Scott for a kiss. While I'm kissing him, my firm ass is pressed against your crotch, rubbing back and forth, trying to wake your cock up.

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Catching your eye in the reflection off the closed elevator doors, I wink at you while Scott's tongue is in my mouth. Your hands slide down my back and take a hold of my ass, squeezing to feel how firm it is. Your mouth kisses my bare shoulder and I can feel your hot tongue tasting my skin. Your teeth grazes my shoulder as you start to get turned on watching us kiss up against you. I can feel your hands slide from my butt, around to my hips.

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Then slide down the front of me, to the flat part of my pelvis. Holding my hips, you push my body back against you, grinding my ass against your hard cock thru your pants.


The elevator stops and chimes as the doors open to my floor. Breaking apart, we all exit and walk quickly to my room. While, I'm trying to find the stupid card key for the door, Scott wraps his arm around my waist and nuzzles my neck. I almost fall to the floor when his hot mouth caresses my neck. I have to hold on to the wall for a moment as I melt with a warm feeling spreading through my whole body. I chew on my bottom lip to keep from moaning too loud.

You sit back and admire us. Scott is pretty hot guy. He's about 6 foot and very muscular. He's an all around athlete and has some of the best pectoral muscles and legs muscles I have ever seen.

He's even been in a few fitness magazines. He has long dark blonde hair, almost as long as mine. We use to date each other in high school and I was here in Vegas visiting him. He's a stunt man in the pirate show at Treasure Island. Scott and I were both hanging at the pool this morning, and I let out a wolf whistle at you when I saw you walk by. You heard me and came over. We started talking to you and you seemed cool. While spending the rest of the day and night hanging out with you, I have mentioned that Scott always wanted a threesome with another guy.

You seemed interested, so here we are. Finally clearing my head long enough to fish out the key, I open the door and you both follow. I have a two-room suite, with a sunken-in living room.

For some reason, there is a stripper pole right in front of the couch, which runs from the ceiling down through the middle of the coffee table. I point to the couch for you guys to sit and then I turn right, thru the double doors of the bedroom. It's a large bedroom from what you can see, with an oversized king bed. Scott grabs a couple of beers from the fridge at the bar that is on one side of the room and sits next to you. I come back out after a few minutes wearing a skimpy schoolgirl outfit with high heels.

I walk over to the large TV cabinet and turn on the stereo. Pantera's "Hollow" starts to play as I turn and slowly walk to you guys. Climbing up on the table, I grab the pole and slowly walk in a circle around it, giving you guys a full view of my outfit.

You both seem to stop in mid-sip of your beers, taking in the high heels, thigh-high white stockings with garters hidden under a short plaid skirt. My waist is bare because I tied the white button down shirt in a knot above my belly button. I only buttoned three buttons, and the top curves of my tits are straining out of the top of the shirt.

I put my long hair in two pigtails to try to look cute and innocent. I dance for you guys, slowly at first with the music.

Giving you glimpses of my ass when I bend over from time to time. I swing from the pole a few times. Rolling around on the table in front of you, I trace my hands up my thighs and lift my skirt up and giving you a peak. I take off my top, throwing it at you guys. Next, I slip the skirt down my ass and you watch it drop to the tabletop. As I reach for my bra, you motion me over. Stepping off the table, I walk to you… and I lean over towards you, you pull me into your lap.

You pull the straps down off my bra and pull the bra down to my waist. You turn me sideways on your lap and look down at my exposed breasts. My nipples hard and aching for your hands and mouth to touch them, taste them, and bite them. Your hand reaches for one and trace your fingers over its vast size. Scott's hand reaches over and grasps the other. Both of your heads lean over and begin to suck and bite my tits at the same time. My ass begins to squirm as I feel waves of heated pleasure courses thru my body.

I can feel your cock hard and tight against your pants. Slipping off your lap a little, I bring my hand down to your pants and begin to unzip and free your dick. I tug on it softly, bringing it further out. Leaning over toward Scott, you both take your mouths off my breasts. Scott leans back a little and lets me take out his hard cock too.

While I stand up to working on freeing his, my ass is right in your face. Not able to resist, you reach up and caress it. It's tight and firm, and my skin is so smooth and soft. You give it a nice hard squeeze and then a slap. Letting out a surprise yelp, I straighten up, and then bend down on my knees on the floor, facing you guys. I begin to stroke both of your cocks simultaneously, watching you guys enjoy. Both of you guys are looking at each other's cocks in my hands.

Watching my hands slide up and down the length of your hard cocks, firmly and slowly. I take my hand away… and take each of your hands and place it on each other's cock. I sit back and watch you guys masturbate each other for a few minutes. You like watching your hand on Scott's cock. His dick feels like hot, smooth marble in your hand.

You lick your lips, imagining your mouth on it. You look down and can see his hand on your dick, firmly gripping it and stroking up and down. He has a nice grip and it feels so good. I'm getting turned on watching you stroking each other. Ok. I've seen enough. I get up and put my hands over your hands and cocks&hellip. and lead you into the bedroom.

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Upon entering the bedroom, Scott and I keep you standing as we both slowly take off your clothes. I stand in front of you and finish taking off your pants, and then dropping to my knees in front of you.

Scott stands behind you and reaches to your waist and pulls your shirt off. After I help you out of your shoes and socks, I look up and see your hard cock sitting up and just wanting my attention. I run my hands up your bare legs, my fingers slipping through the coarse hair on your legs, up to your thighs. I continue past your throbbing cock and move to your waist. Your skin feels hot and smooth as I trace up your stomach and up to your chest. My nails feel soft across your bare skin and I reach your nipples.

Taking my thumb and index finger, I seize one of your nipples and twist a little lightly, while looking into your eyes. I smile slyly as you suck in a sharp breath and I can see the hunger in your eyes grow. Looking over your shoulder, I ask Scott if I can play with the new toy (you) first. After he tells me yes, he moves to the chair in the corner of the room, his cock still hard and sticking outside his pants.

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I tell you to "stay" and walk past you and into the bathroom. After slipping my breasts back into my bra, I walk back out with a small black bag. After throwing the bag casually on the bed, I turn you so you're facing me with your back to the foot of the bed. You see I'm still wearing a bra and g-string with the garters and stockings. My heels are still on too. Putting both my hands on your shoulders, I push you down on the bed. As you lay on your back, you can see a large mirror above the bed.

You smile to yourself as I slide on top of your naked body. I slip my knee between your legs and start nudging you to move up to the top of the bed. After you slide up, your hands reach for me. I shake my head and tell you that you cannot touch me. I straddle your waist and rest my pussy on top of your throbbing dick. My pussy feels hot through my panties. Your cock wants it and I can feel you squirming a little under me. Shaking my head no, you settle down. I reach behind me; the movement has my cunt rubbing your bare cock a little.

I hear a small groan from you. I smile satisfyingly as I bring the black bag over to us. Opening it, I bring out a pair of handcuffs. You lift your eyebrows at me then smile a very happy smile.

I bring up one of your hands and click a cuff in place. The cool steel feels odd on your hot skin. While still holding your cuffed hand, I lean forward and bring your hand up to one of the posts in the headboard. I reach for your other hand and bring it over your head too. While I'm securing your hands, my breasts are only an inch from you. I catch you trying to lick them and sit back up. Bad toy.

I look up a Scott and he doesn't want his turn yet. I'm still sitting on your hard cock and I begin to rake my nails down your chest. Not hard enough to draw blood, but enough to leave a few red marks on your skin that you notice on the mirror above us. I only claw you a few more times and then lean over to the nightstand and pull out an ice cube from the ice bucket on the table. You watch me place the ice cube in my mouth and watch as I move my mouth over the scratches, the ice very cold on your hot skin.

The ice soothes your skin and my hair tickles across your skin. The up and down movement from my mouth trailing your scratches has my pussy grinding against your cock.

I can feel your chest rise and fall fast under my mouth. Your breathing is hard and quick. My hand reaches down between my legs and on your dick. Using just my palm, I rub it softly. I can feel your hips lift off the bed a little, wanting more&hellip. Scott calls my name. I look up and the ice is removed from your skin. He wants a turn, but wants to tell me what to do to you. I agree. I don't want to leave you yet. As I'm about to take the ice cube out, he tells me to leave it in my mouth. He has me un-straddle you and move down to lie between your legs.

I obey and when I'm down there, he wants to watch me suck your balls with the ice cube in my mouth. I bend forward and lick your sack with my tongue. You look down but can only see the top of my head. Looking up at the mirror, you watch as my mouth takes your balls in my mouth.

You jump as the ice cube shocks your hot, tight balls. I grab your thighs and try to keep you still. My tongue rolls the cube across your skin. After a few brushes across your fever hot skin, the ice cube is almost gone. I sit up for a moment and swallow the sliver. I dive back down between your legs. My tongue is still a little cold on your balls, but my breath is hot and soon you're panting and moaning a little.

My mouth must feel so good down there; I can see some pre-cum on the head of your dick. I look up and Scott is stroking himself slowly, his eyes closed. I lean up and taste you. I climb slowly up your body. You can feel the lace on my bra graze up your cock, then your stomach and chest. My face is above you, and I look at you for a moment. Then I lean forward for a kiss. You open your lips and I slip my tongue in between them.

As my tongue starts to caress yours, you can taste your cum. I start to deepen the kiss and grab your head to pull you closer to me. I slip my knee between your legs. My knee gently slides up your inner thigh and rests against your balls very softly.

I'm kind-of straddling over one of your legs and begin to squirm and grind my pussy against your leg. My thigh is rubbing against your hard cock, you can feel the garter belt grazing across your skin while my knee is slightly caressing your balls.

I can feel you trying to pull your hands free. This must alert Scott that we have moved to a new position, because he clears his throat. I stop the kiss and tell him it's my turn again. He starts to protest but I say you snooze, you loose.

I roll off you and lean over for the black bag. I tell you to roll on your stomach. I have to help you a little, but after I have you settled, I place a large hand mirror by your head. You looked confused for a second, but then see that by looking into the hand mirror, you can see yourself in the large mirror above the bed.

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You also see me pull out a large, square paddle brush. I climb back on the bed next to you and sit up on my knees. You feel my hand rub your ass, back and forth. You can also see it in the mirror. Your ass clenches as you see me bring the flat part of the brush across your ass. It's not hard, just a slight sting. I do it several more times and you can see your ass has a cherry red mark on it. I lean forward and kiss it your stinging skin and rub it lightly. Then to show you that you're a good toy, I lean down and you can see me from the image above us, slip my head between your legs.

I feel you shiver a little as my tongue licks the back of your balls and then slides up to your ass, between your cheeks. Scott says it's his turn and asks me to free you. After I free you, Scott gets up and walks over to us. He has already undressed and is naked too.

As I walk towards the chair to sit and wait my turn, Scott reaches out and grabs my arm to stop me. He tells you to get off the bed and remove my clothes. I narrow my eyes at him for a moment, and then smile.

He's getting even for taking his turn. Scott sits on the end of the bed and watches you stand next to me and unhook my bra. You slowly slip the straps off and I suck in a small breath as the air hits my bare nipples. You let my bra fall to the floor. Then you kneel down on your knees and look up at me while reaching up and pulling my g-string down my hips. They are actually pretty cute panties. They are plaid and match the schoolgirl skirt I was wearing.

As you glide the panties down my legs, your hand caresses and tickles my soft skin. My pussy is now bare and in your face. I'm mostly shaved except a small, but trimmed, "landing strip". Your tempted to kiss and taste me, but Scott says not yet.

He now tells you to put on my g-string. As you stand and pull it up, I walk over to the chair and sit down. Scott has you kneel in front of him and asks you to kiss his cock. You look at it. It's very nice. About 6 ½ inches and his balls are actually shaved. You lick your lips and lean forward; your lips kiss the head of his cock. It's very stiff and warm against your lips. Scott asks if you like it. You reply a husky yes. He then asks for you to suck it. I lean forward in my chair and watch your lips open and slide your mouth over his hard dick.

You try to fit him in as deep in your mouth as you can. I begin to get a little jealous watching your head bob up and down on his cock. Scott starts to moan and you start to go a little faster. His cock feels so hard in your mouth. You seem to be doing a good job at keeping it very warm and wet. Scott seems to be really enjoying your mouth sliding up and down on his cock. Every time you bring his cock in your deeper in your mouth, your tongue can feel the smooth ridges of his veins, which are risen slightly under his throbbing cock.

You also notice that his cock is getting harder in your mouth. You don't hear me approach you, but I crawl over to you on all fours. When I reach you, I slip my hand up your bare ass and pull on the g-string. You feel the tight string slip tight up your ass and get tight against your already aching balls. I tug on it a few more times. The front fabric rubs tightly across your hard cock, turning on so much, it distracts you enough that you have to slip Scott's cock out of your mouth so you can grind your teeth down and suck in a sharp breath in pleasure.

You murmur to me " Fuck…yes…fucking pull that up my ass, you slut." Smiling, I lean forward and kiss your butt and then tug on the string one more time, but with my teeth.

While my teeth are tightening the pressure on your balls, my free hand smacks your ass. This drives you crazy&hellip. The next thought in your mind is how you just want to grab me, throw me down and fuck the shit out of me. Just bury your cock deep inside me and cum so hard you might pass out. But me calling you toy reminds you that you can't and I nudge you aside You sit back a little and watch me sit Indian style and slide my mouth on Scott's dick.

You watch my lips wrap tightly around his cock and suck my cheeks in tightly. I notice you panting a little and reach over and grab your hand and place it on my pussy.

Your finger slides my lips open eagerly and starts to slide back and forth across my clit, happy to get a chance to torture me a little. My pussy already wet from playing with you earlier. You really want to replace your fingers with your throbbing dick, you're almost moaning with such intense need.

I stop sucking and motion for you to take over… you slide over to be in front of Scott and take his cock back in your mouth, but you keep your finger on my swollen clit. I lean back, letting you get a chance to slip a finger inside me.

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You let out a growl from your throat when you feel how tight and hot I am inside. You're sliding your finger in and out of my hot pussy at the same speed your mouth is moving up and down his cock. Now you're making Scott and me both moan with pleasure.

Of course we could share you&hellip. I get greedy and want more. I move forward and your finger slides right of my pussy because it's so slippery thanks to the attention you gave to it. I nudge you aside again and get on my knees. Before I suck Scott again, I tell you to keep playing with my pussy. Eagerly, you kneel behind me and crouch on all 4s.

After I adjust my ass higher in the air, I separate my legs a little to welcome you in. Your hand slips between my legs, palm up and your finger slides back and forth a few times, feeling me get even hotter and wetter against your hand.

You watch my head bobbing up and down on Scott again, and feeling me drenching your finger, you decide to use take your free and rub it up and down your rock hard cock on the outside of the fabric of my panties you still have on.

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The room is full of moaning and sucking sounds. From the living room, the stereo is still on. The CD changer has moved on to another Pantera cd, because you can hear the guitar riff from Cowboys From Hell playing. Your fingers feel so good on my pussy; I start to move back and forth against your hand.


Then I feel your thumb move up and rest on the outside of my asshole. You start to apply a little pressure and move it in a few slow circles. I moan against Scott's cock, enjoying your thumb's teasing play. Scott asks me in a very panting, husky breath if I want it. I moan yes. He calls to you and tells you to now bury your face between my legs and eat my pussy. You slide your hand from between my legs and dive your face right for my pussy quite eagerly.

Your breath feels hot on the outside of my pussy. You've been waiting to taste me all night. I can feel your tongue lick me first and enjoying the taste of me, your tongue slides into my pussy.

You distract me from Scott's cock when you start rolling your tongue in circles inside me. And when your tongue slips out and flicks my clit hard and fast, I have to stop and moan and beg on Scott's thigh.

Your mouth feels so good that I just loose control and drop my head to the floor. My ass and pussy push further and higher into your face and you can slip your tongue further into my steaming hot pussy. I'm now writhing my head back in forth on the floor and my nails are clinging tightly on the carpet.

Scott watches you from above, still on the bed. He encourages you, telling you to eat my pussy good. Some how you move over my legs and take your hands on my hips and start pulling me back and forth, fucking me with your tongue. You pause for a moment between strokes and leave your tongue deep in me and wiggle it back and forth. You feel me shiver against your tongue and scream against the carpeted floor.

Scott tells you to now lick my ass. I feel your tongue slip back behind me and lick my ass. The slow teasing circles are driving me crazy and I begin to whimper and pant. Then as the tip of your tongue enters my ass, I buck forward in uncontrollable pleasure. You hold my hips in a tight grip to keep me steady. I beg for you to fuck me. Scott tells you to stop and take me up on the bed. We climb on the bed and I get on my knees in front of you. Your cock is throbbing with ache as you push the head of your dick on the outside of my hot pussy.

Taking a second to tease your self and me, you grasp my hips and bury yourself hard and deep with one stroke. You're finally able to fuck me and you want to cum right away. You look back and see Scott is still on the bed, stroking himself while watching us. Giving yourself a moment… you calm down a little and start to make slow, deep strokes inside me. You look down and take your hands off my hips and move them over my ass.

Using your thumbs, you spread my ass cheeks a little and watch as your cock slowly enters and exits me. You even look up and watch yourself pump into me. I feel you lean forward over my back and your hands hold on to my ponytails. Holding my head back with my hair, you start to fuck me a little faster. Looking up at the mirror, you can see that your holding my hair, riding my pussy so fucking good. My head is tilt up and I'm watching you too. You get very turned on and after a low growl; you reach forward for my hips again.

You start pounding into me hard and fast. I'm receiving every inch of you with every stroke. You're about to cum… so you stop for a moment to rest. My pussy feels so good wrapped tightly around your cock… you want more. After a moment, you continue to stroke your throbbing dick inside me again. As my pussy starts getting your cock all creamy, you start to lose it again and fuck me hard and fast again. You tell me you want to cum.

Scott and I agree that you've been a good toy and deserve a request. You tell us you want to be fucked in the ass while fucking in the ass. Anything for you, baby. Scott climbs bed with us.

He kneels behind you and waits. You slip your cock out of my pussy. Your cock is practically dripping wet, so you slide easly in my tight ass hole. As you slide in slow and deep, I can hear you moan through your clentched teeth.

Scott licks and spits into his hand and you feel his fingers against your asshole, getting it wet. He then leans forward and you feel his cock nudge up against your ass. Probing a little, you feel his cock enter you, filling your ass with his dick. Your ready, your cock begins to move in and out of my hot, tight ass and you feel his doing the same.

You look up and watch us in the mirror. It's the hottest thing you have ever felt and seen. You pull my hips up and slide inside me so deep, your balls are on my ass.

You cum so hard, you can't even breathe. Scott also fucks you deep and you also feel his ball on your ass as he releases his load in your ass. After a minute, we are able to move and collapse in separate areas of the bed, trying to breath and looking at ourselves in the mirror. We make plans to get a drink in the living room, order some room service and just fuck each other the rest of the night…&hellip.