Adria Rae In The Consultation

Adria Rae In The Consultation
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It was late and my ride left me stranded in a strange neighborhood. I had to get home because I didn't have enough for a cab. I was walking along the side of the road in a micro mini skirt that hung just below my ass and go-go boots hoping that the cars that wear speeding down the dark highway wouldn't run me over. After walking for a good twenty minutes, a car pulled over.

There was a couple in the car. The woman stuck her head out the window and asked me if I need a ride. I told her 'yes' and climbed into the back seat, gratefully. They asked me where I was going.

After I told them where I lived (which was about an hour or so drive) her eyes grew large. "You were going to walk the entire way?" I looked at her and said, "I was going to try." They told me they would take me home, so I gave them the address. The man (which turned out to be her husband) typed my address into their GPS and, after receiving the directions, started driving down the road.

I had been drinking and was still a little tipsy. The wife began to talk to me, sensing that I probably wouldn't be able to answer too many questions coherently.

They were on their way to visit a family member who was having a wedding. They were actually going to be staying in a hotel near where I lived! "Boy, was I lucky you two came along," I said, slightly slurring my words.

The husband chuckled and said, "I think we're the lucky ones." I didn't know what he'd meant, but laughed. I pulled a small flask out of my bra and offered it to the couple. The husband declined - after all, he was driving, but the wife took a sip. Then, I took a sip - actually, it was more of a gulp - and giggled a little. "You're pretty," I told her. She was! She had red hair and porcelain skin. She just smiled at me as I lay my head down and drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I knew, the car had stopped. I sat up. "What's wrong," I asked the wife. "Nothing," she said, "the hubs just had to use the bathroom." "Oh," I said, "I think I need to stretch." I got out of the car and stretched, arching my back.

She had gotten out, too. As I stretched, her eyes darted to my chest. One of my tits was about to spill out of the bustier top I'd been wearing.

She could just see my nipple. Before I realized what she was doing, she reached out and brushed her fingers against my nipple. In response, I shivered and my nipples hardened as gooseflesh rose on my arms. Before I could stop her, she reached out towards my nipple, this time pinching it lightly between her thumb and index finger. I could feel my pussy getting wet. She leaned towards me and kissed my lips, lightly.

She drew back, her hand still caressing my nipple. Then, she kissed me again - longer and deeper, her tongue darting into my mouth. I moaned into her mouth, leaning into the kiss.

I felt her hand leave my breast only to be replaced with a mouth. Surprised, I drew back out of the kiss. Her husband was sucking my nipple and it felt SO GOOD! I leaned in to kiss her again and felt a hand sneak under my skirt. Every part of my body was vibrating! A soft hand freed my other tit out of my bustier and began to play with the nipple. The wife grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, breaking our kiss. Her other hand was playing with one of my tits while her husband sucked the other one.

It was his hand under my skirt, playing with my wet pussy through the crotch of my panties. Suddenly, it dawned on me what we were doing and my head began to clear just a bit. "Wha-," I began.

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The husband looked at me and whispered fiercely, "Shut up, you little bitch!" I was shocked and opened my mouth to yell at him. He clamped a big hand over my mouth. I began to realize what a precarious situation I was in. He was well over six feet and very muscular. I was 5 foot 6 inches - 5'8" in heels.

He still had several inches on me. I looked at him, pleading with my expressive brown eyes. His look didn't waiver - his eyes were an icy blue. I looked over towards his wife; she was about my height and, while not as curvy as I, was still voluptuous. She had seemed so sweet and understanding before. The look on her face was purely predatory, now.

"You're going to do exactly what we say, or we're going to leave you out here," he told me. I looked around. We were in the middle of the woods.

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How had we gotten here? I'd thought we were driving towards the city. I began to whimper. "Yeah,' he sneered, "take a good long look. We're out in the middle of nowhere. From the looks of you, you wouldn't survive out here." "Especially not in THOSE heels," the wife muttered.

"Just do as we say - have a little fun - and we'll take you home. We really ARE going to a wedding in the city.

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We weren't lying, but the wife, here has decided that she wants a little piece of you. As a matter of fact, so do I. You're going to be our little fuck-toy. Behave. Do as we say, and we'll take you home." I nodded my head to show I'd understood.

He took his hand off of my mouth grabbed a handful of hair, pulling my head back and leaned in for a kiss. He kissed me savagely, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I felt her mouth on my tit. She was kneading it. It wasn't too long until I was wetter than before.

He broke off the kiss and pulled her off of my tit by her hair. He leaned down and kissed her just as savagely as he'd kissed me. Breaking from him, she grabbed my hand and pulled me to a tent. When had they set up a tent? It must have been when he was "using the bathroom". In the tent, I was pushed down to my knees on several big, fluffy sleeping bags. "Strip," he told me. I took off my bustier. His eyes bulged as my tits were released from the tight bustier.

They were very big - much bigger than they looked popping out of the top of the bustier. I took off my micro mini skirt and panties. I was in my garter belt and stockings when he told me to stop. While I had been stripping, they had, too. The wife was on her knees, naked. Her tits were on the small side but tipped with large, pink nipples. She started to kiss me, again, pushing me down onto the sleeping bags. She stretched out next to me on my left side kneading my tit.

The husband stretched out next to me on my right side. He began to suck on my nipple and once again, his hand made its way down to my pussy.

He growled as he began to finger my wet pussy. I moaned. He stopped sucking my nipple and grinned at me.


"You're still wet, you little slut." Yes, I was wet. I was more turned on than I'd ever been. He grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his hard, thick cock. I could feel his pulse.

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I began to stroke his cock. Then, the wife took my other hand and cupped her bald pussy with it. I began to rub her clit. She rocked her hips in time with my hand. She was almost as wet as I was!

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She stopped kissing me and got down between my legs. The instant her mouth touched my pussy, I couldn't move!


Another woman had never touched my pussy, before! She began to suck, and I moaned. The husband got up and straddled me, his long cock between my mountainous tits. As she was licking and sucking my pussy, we began to rub his cock between my tits, pushing them together so he could fuck them.

Each time the head of his cock poked out of the tops of my tits, he pushed it into my mouth so I could suck it. Soon, I could feel myself close to cumming and he'd abandoned my tits for my mouth.

He'd forced his cock very far back into my throat. He fucked my mouth and throat with long, deep strokes. I'd had begun to time my breaths so I wouldn't pass out. His wife must have been very close, herself, because she was sucking my pussy and licking it for all she was worth. I began to come, screaming while his cock was in my throat. The vibrations on his cock seemed to be too much for him - he began to shoot cum down my throat, yelling as he came.

I swallowed every drop. He sat up and looked at his wife. Her face was shiny with the juices from my pussy. She leaned down to kiss me, darting her tongue into my mouth. I could taste myself on her and I began to get wet, again. I reached for her pussy, not even realizing what I was doing, and began to rub her clit. The wife grabbed my hand to stop me and looked at her husband. He smiled and looked down. His cock was still hard even though he'd cum in my mouth.

She moved away from me as he climbed on top of me and thrust his cock into my wet pussy. He was thicker than anything I'd had in my pussy, recently, so it was a very tight fit. He grunted as thrust his cock into my pussy twice, then rolled us over so that I was on top. He pushed me up so that he could see his cock splitting my pussy. He still wasn't even all the way in. He pulled on my hips, getting a little further into my pussy each time.

Finally, after a little effort from him - and a LOT of stretching from me - he had managed to get his cock all the way into my pussy.

His wife came over and straddled his face - apparently she'd been waiting until I had been impaled on his big, thick cock. She leaned over to kiss me while he began to eat her out. She grabbed my tits and began to knead them. His hips were pumping into my pussy, while I rocked my hips back and forth to meet his thrusts. He had grabbed his wife's hips in an effort to keep her still while he tongue fucked her pussy. She began to kiss me harder and was twisting my nipples.

I rocked my hips harder riding his cock. I could feel it filling me up. Suddenly, he hit my G-spot and my body was no longer mine to control. I began to rock my hips faster. I took over the kiss with his wife, forcing my tongue into her mouth.

I began to play with her tits. I broke off the kiss and began to suck on her nipples. She gasped and began to come on his face, in his mouth. She ground her pussy on his face for a minute, then got off of him. As she did that, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down. He rolled us back over so that he was on top.

He kissed me and I tasted his wife's pussy juice on his lips. He began to thrust deeper into my pussy, fucking me harder. I was so close to cumming again. She watched us fucking, sharing the taste of her pussy and my pussy. He thrust deeply into me, hitting my G-spot. I arched my back in ecstasy and he kept hitting my G-spot. He fucked me harder and harder until I came, screaming and writhing. My pussy muscles squeezed his cock and he came arching his back, his eyes bulged.


My pussy milked his cock. Afterwards, we got dressed and they dropped me off at my house. "We'll be by, later," the wife told me. "You still owe me an orgasm."