Echte weibliche ejakulation 24

Echte weibliche ejakulation 24
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True story.

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---- In my defense, I can argue that his computer was so much better than mine. Well, sort of.


Anyway, I'd use any excuse I could find to justify my curiosity. Dad used to spend so much time at night in his computer.

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sometimes I woke up very late at night to drink water or use the bathroom, and I'd notice the light in his bedroom. His computer light.

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Oh, there should be something really, really good happening over there, and I had to know what it was. But first, let me say something about myself to you, my dear reader. Mother left us when I was young, and my father was always a perfect gentleman with me.

At first he hired a maid, both for the chores and to take care of me after school, but as I got older I told him I could take care of our home and myself. I knew things weren't easy, and he could save that money.


It took him a while to agree, but eventually he did. I was obviously thrilled about that freedom. During afternoon our home was all for myself. Sure, it required a lot of trust from my father, and I always did everything I could to be worthy of it.

That meant no friends or boyfriends, for that matter at home when he wasn't around. I could have done some pretty. naughty things and he probably wouldn't find out, but I never, never took any chance. And wow, I had a lot of reasons to do it. Since I entered puberty and discovered my own body, I was horny all! The! Time!. Masturbation was a very important part of my daily routine. I used to daydream at school about new exciting ways to masturbate myself, and barely could wait to get home and try it.

Although horny, I've never touched myself at school, saving my energies to do it at home, completely at ease (and naked). Oh, how I enjoyed to be naked. It brings this powerful energy when you remove your clothes, specially when you're not supposed too.

I knew daddy would be very, very angry (or at least, disappointed) with me if he found out I walked around home totally nude (sometimes, only wearing some sandals or socks), and that thought turned me on very, very much. It was naughty, forbidden, and made me horny as hell. Sometimes I'd spent a long time in his bedroom, in his own bed, watching TV (and touching myself).

"Oh, if daddy knew what I'm doing, he'd probably chastise me". No, I didn't think anything sexual about him (not at that time, anyway).


When I say chastise I truly mean punish, like confining me in my bedroom, no TV or telephone for a month, hiring another maid, maybe even hitting me (although I couldn't imagine he hurting me in any way). Oh, telephone. Another important part of my teen years (and it still is).

The first time I thought about calling one of my friends nude I was thrilled (and apprehensive). What if he/she noticed I wasn't wearing anything during our call? I knew it was a very silly idea, but I had this naivety in me. What a problem that would be? I imagined them gossiping for the entire school about my "clothing" habits at home, and that terrified me.

It took me a while to do it. I handpicked one of my most trustful friend, Camila. If somehow she found out (I know! Silly!), I could persuade (or beg) her not to tell anyone. And so I did. Called her. Completely nude, laying down in my bed. I wasn't horny at first, I was afraid, and tried very hard to sound completely normal. I was sweating profusely.

We gossiped as usual (mostly about boys). For a while I wondered if she was nude too, another silly idea, I knew she lived with her parents and brothers. But imagining her naked, with me naked too, while we're both on the phone was enough to turn me on.

I didn't dare to masturbate during that first call. Neither during the second, third or fourth, if I remember it right. But I did after all of them, and oooooh, it was amazing. Talking to people while totally bare was a huge turn on for the teen of me (and sometimes, it still is). I became bolder. Yes, I silently masturbated during our calls. Not only with my female friends, but the boys too. Specially them. I knew boys wanted to see girls naked, and there I was, totally nude, talking to them on the phone.

And they had no clue about how I was "dressed". I remember the first time I was so horny, but soooo horny, I had to rub the phone in me. Yes, "there". In my hairy, virgin teen pussy.

He was talking about his math homework, and I rubbed lightly the speaker in my wet vagina. When I returned it to my ear, he was asking "What is that noise?!?!" And I answered, slightly breathless "I dunno. maybe something in the cable". He noticed I was. different. "Are you okay?". Still turned on, I had to stop my fingering. Although confident he wouldn't know the truth, I still didn't want to run any risks.

"Yeah, I was. lifting a. book." "A book?" "Books. It's a mess here". He laughed, I was relieve and resumed my silent masturbation. Just then I noticed I could smell myself on the speaker. I knew my smell from my fingers (and I usually washed my hands at the end of the day), but to have my scent so close to my mouth, and I didn't think twice. I licked it. "That weird sound again. What's happening to your phone?" "I dunno, maybe humidity. It's been raining these days".

I tried to hide my breathlessness this time. "Yeah, you should change your cables".

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"I know. I can barely hear you now". It was a lie. And I furiously masturbated me with the phone. "Crazy", I thought, "I am crazy", and I came. I tried hard not to moan, but I failed.

A small whimper escaped my lips. On returned to my ear, I could hear him calling me on the phone. "Sorry, I wasn't listening". "Did you fell or something? I heard you whine!" I could feel my cheeks burning. I was blushing furiously. "No, I was masturbating, you moron", I wanted to admit, perhaps laughing.

"No, I. I was lamenting my faulty line.", I lied, visibly breathless. again. "We'd better talk later", I concluded quickly, and hung up the phone. Gee, I was hysterical! I couldn't stop laughing and thinking about the crazy thing I just had done! I felt bold, embarrassed, excited, horny, all at the same time. Did he notice I was touching me?

I was horny? Would he say something tomorrow at school? While I thought about the possible implications, I licked tenderly the phone. I loved my taste, so much I had to lick my fingers too. I carefully cleaned the phone after that.

Last thing I need was my father finding out I had sex with my phone. and the thought of him sniffing my sexy scent on it was. weird. Enticing, but weird, because I was sure we wouldn't get horny, he would get mad at me. That's what I believed at that time, anyway. About my friend, nothing. He mentioned quickly something about my line, but we both let the subject drop. fast. I was embarrassed, maybe he noticed what really happened and was embarrassed too. Anyway, I didn't discover the truth back then, I probably never will.

That was the first and last time I masturbated with my phone, but I didn't stop masturbating at the phone. I remember vividly one time I called one of my friends (I knew he had a crush on me), and his father answered the phone. There I was, naked, slowly masturbating, and talking to a man old enough to be my father.

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And he was handsome *grin*. I wondered if he'd like to see me naked. The boys I was sure, but a grown up? Would he even care to see a teen nude? Would he have a hard-on? And want to have sex with me? You have to understand I was just a teenager.

I could notice the effect I had on boys, but I've never noticed a grown man look differently at me. I always assumed boys wanted only girls, and men wanted only women. Fact is, I wanted to know. I had to know. It was the very first time I wanted the person on the phone to know I was naked. But not only tell him. I wanted to show him.

I would feel a very powerful girl if I did notice he was interested in my body, maybe I'd even agree to let him pop my cherry, even knowing very well it was utterly wrong. Age problem, and he was married, and father of my dear friend, just to name a few. But the fact it was so wrong.

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made it much, much better. Juicy, to say the least. And I had to control the urge to tell him I was naked and horny and I'd agree to let him see me if he wanted.

All he had to do was ask. And didn't, of course, but that was the exact moment I understood I had a thing about older men. I even called a couple of male teachers in the nude, and fantasized about them.

My imagination had no limits, and I felt like a slut, a virgin one, ok, but a slut anyway. And loved it. But there's a problem on becoming confident and bold. You also become careless, sloppy.

I always took all my precautions before undressing and playing with my own body. I lived in a condo of buildings, and there were both neighbors in front and back, what meant that almost any open curtain could mean trouble. A lot. And it finally happened. I forgot to close my father's bedroom curtain. I was masturbating in my living room, talking to a friend.

Distracted, I decided to move to my dad's bed, and didn't notice the problem. When I finally hung up the phone, I saw him. Mr. Henderson looking at me. Completely naked.

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Masturbating. In my own father's bed. And he was smiling, clearly enjoying it. I knew him. He knew me. And my dad. And I was in deep trouble. Scared, I closed the curtain fast as a lightning. Heart pounding heavily. What I show I gave him! Well, that's enough for today, I think. I'm gonna continue later. Thank you for reading, and lemme know what do you think!