Gia Love gives awesome massage

Gia Love gives awesome massage
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Friday the 19th of June was like any other day.

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I wouldnt have this day any other day. It was spent like any other day, hanging out with my best friend Cody. We had been best friends ever since he moved here in the fourth grade. Cody was a foster child. His life had been rough on him especially since he had a hyperactive disorder. But he finally found a fimily that was actually willing to adopt him so he was content until he found out that his new mom was a really strict mean BITCH! So it was the summer when we were about to be freshmen.

We woke up real early and decided to ride our bikes.

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So after about five hours of riding we decided it was time to take a break. We had packed a lunch and so we stopped by the river to eat it. I was 13. a somewhat atheletic body. Peircing blue eyes and trimmed brown hair.

Cody was 15.

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He had a real atheletic body. Soft smooth skin, green eyes, and shaggy black/brown hair. Needless to say the was gorgeous. And all of the ladies thought so too. He always had a girl on his arm. So I never thought he would ever wanna try anything with me so I never asked.

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And besides, where we lived It would never be accepted. So after lunch we decided to rest some more.

"I just dont get it" said cody "what?" I asked "well everyone that has never been here thinks that everyone from Nebraska are jsut a bunch of hicks" "well" I said " i guess they just have no clue huh?" "yeah i guess" he said in a kinda bored tone "god its hot out here" I replied "Yeah its like 105" said cody "I think im gonna take a little swim" i said but inside i was thinking that this would be the perfect time to see if he would do anythng with me "yeah a dip would be nice but you know we cant" "we would get in soo much trouble for getting our clothes all wet" "so." i said thoughtfully "lets go naked!!" cody just had a look of shock on his face so i stripped down to nothing and "accidentally" dropped my stuff and gave cody a nice look at my pink man hole and my sack I could see him grow in his pants and that made me very hopefull, but i just jumped in the river very casually "come on get in" I encouraged but i could tell he was embarrased "cody i can tell you are hard" and i want you so bad i can hardly stand it" I could tell he was relieved especially when he said "DAMN!!

i want you too" and then he got in Immediately we locked in a long lingering kiss. i was about to stop and scream because his tounge on mine and it exporing every inch of my mouth and me doing the same.our young muscled bodies touching our hard dicks rubbing agains eachother.was gonna make me explode! we grabbed eachothers cocks and then i said " no one will be at my house all day" lets go and we can continue this so needless to say we peadled faster than we ever did before- finally we made it back to my house and sprinted right for my parents California King Size bed we fell on to the bed in another long kiss and then i started to carress his hard nipples with my tounge and continued to kiss down his abs until i finall reached his cock.I started to roll his helmet around with my tounge and licked all the way up and down his shaft!!

couldnt believe it but i could actually feel his cock swell and then he burst his sweet man juice in to my mouth!!!!


i swallowed every single last drop of iti pulled out and he wanted to suck me, but i still wanted the taste of his lollipop in my mouth so we started to 69 and i cummed and he did again and then he rolled over and started to suck my ass. it felt soooo good and after the got my muscle ring all relaxed ahe slid right in to me and started to move up and down soo slowly at first then for aggressive.he continued until he cummed in my stomache was in knots we were both exhausted and so we decided that was enough for now but lateri asked him what was wrong and he replied "you never went inside my ass" so i asked him "do you want me to?" "well yeah!


can we do it now?" "no" i said "my dad will be home any minute" " so lets go to my brothers house he went to cancun for the week" "ok" i said "lets go" so we went there and started to do pretty much the same thing but this time i was in his ass when the front door opened "I thought your borther was gonna be gone all week!" i said "me too" he said "hey derek" "Hey!

what are you doing here???" "oh well mom locked the house and jared wanted to come over here" said cody "oh well i had to come back early" said derek "sherrie dumped me and i really need some sex but oh well im just gonna take a shower" I was still in cody and so i pulled out and he let out a scream of extacy derek was 23.

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He was a known bi-sexual. He worked out daily so he had a nice toned body.

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he had aubrun hair shaggy to his to the back of his shirt. He had gray eyes. then jsut out of nowhere cody blurted "derek has a huge cock" i was shocked "how do you know?" i asked and casually cody replied "i have messed around with him" (i always thought derek was hot) so i shot back "can we take a shower with him!!!!?" "hheeeyyyy good idea" so we went to the bathroom and flew the shower curtain open to find derek jacking off right there in the shower!

we were already stripped and finally derek asked "why did you guys just get in the shower with me" "well" said cody "we were kinda hoping you could screw us!" after about a full minute derek said "its your lucky day boys" and he gave us the best most mature most pleasuable experience we ever had!!