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The truth about Charlie Prologue When I was a little girl I used to take my mothers hands and spin in circles until we both got dizzy and fell down laughing. She would then wrap her arms around me tightly and put her small beautiful face in my hair and kiss me. We would both stand up and she would pick me up and carry me in to get ready for dad to come home.

He would walk in kiss her and then kiss me. All I remember about my mom is I look almost just like her when she was my age. She was short woman with a light tan all year round she had a small face but big green eyes and long brown hair that had a red tint to it in the summertime. That and she always smelled like jasmine and pine.

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Mom died the year I turned five she was leaving my father ob her way out to my grandparents house she hit some black ice and we were in a car crash she died I broke my arm. I and my father had a rocky relationship and it would soon become worse over time. He started drinking and by the time I was eight I had broken my arm three more times along with all together one hundred and sixty-three stitches.

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My teachers would ask what happened and I'd say I fell down. No on ever thought to ask my perfect dad.

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Mostly because he was a sheriff and what officer of the law would hurt any one especially his child. The year I turned eleven things got worse dad would walk in to my room at night and lie in my bed with me rubbing me and kissing me at first then he would slide his hand down my leg and whisper" My Charlie my sweet angel daddy loves you so much" I would just lay there hoping he would go away.

As time went on things got more heated he would start by whispering my name then he would slide his hand down and play with my clit one night he took off my small panties and slid down kissing my stomach then my thigh then slowly he would like my hairless pussy, then slip his tong in and flick my clit after a while my body would betray me and I'd have a orgasm. For almost two years this happened on a nightly base.

When I turned thirteen I had hit puberty. I was looking more like mom everyday. I had her big green eyes and had hair down to the middle of my back that had big wavy curls in it my hair was blond like dads but with a red tent like mom. My boobs were bigger than hers a 34c cup I was framed more like dad than mom I was five one and weighed 105 and still growing.

On the day of my parents twenty year anniversary is where my life went from a living nightmare to a living hell. While sitting in my bedroom doing my home work I hear the doors slam open and shut. I quickly jump up and start picking up the books off the bed to put them away when my door slams open.

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I drop the book on the floor and jump making a small squeak as he enters. "H-H-Hey D-D-Dad what's up" swallowing hard I look at him knowing he gets a sick satisfaction at me shaking like a leaf. He stands there for a minute and then smiles. "Guess what Charlie" he crossed the rook and grabbed me tightly by the shoulders.

"What dad" I said with a forced smile. He slid his hand down my arm and took me by the hands.

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"It's my and your mom's anniversary and I got the biggest surprise for you." He looked at me licked his lips bent in and kissed me on the mouth forcing my lips to part as he shoved his tong in mine. He kissed me like this for a few minutes and pulled away "And I'm going to teach you how to be a wife" I was taken aback and blinked. "How daddy" He smiled and took my hand leading me to his bedroom I was terrified I had no clue what he was about to do to me.

When we reached his room my dad shut and locked the door turned.

"Undress Charlie" I just stared at him in a matter of seconds he crossed the room and back handed me so hard I hit the floor. He bent over me with an evil glare. "I said undress you ungrateful bitch" Quickly I stood up and took off the blue jeans and pink cami I had been wearing. "The panties and bra too Charlie" I looked at the ground and started crying as I slid my panties down and unclasped my bra letting it hit the floor. My dad smiled and took my face in his hand and gently rubbed my cheek.

"Oh my Charlie how pretty has you become' His hand slowly moved down to cup my breast as he gently squeezed it he pushed me one the bed and pulled me to the edge where he slowly started kissing my stomach and ran his hand threw my puffs of hair he slowly startled liking the out side of my lips then taking two fingers opened them and started to like the inside.

As he tongued my clit I felt my pulse quicken and soon I felt that tingly filling before I finally orgasm and felt a rush of warmth dad hen stood up and dropped his pants for the first time in my life I was staring at a fully erect cock. Dad climbed on the bed and held me down putting it in my face. "Open your mouth Charlie" Shaking me slowly started to open my mouth and felt a firm slap across the side of my face. "I said to fucking open you mother you stupid bitch" Quickly I opened my mouth as he slid his cock in.

"Now close your lips around me and if you bite I will knock out your fucking teeth" With tears flowing down my cheeks I closed my mouth and he started to slide in and out of my moth feeling his cock grow in my mouth as it hit the back of my throat causing me to gag I closed my eyes and prayed it would end.

After what seemed like eternity my dad sped up let out a moan and started to spray hot cum down my throat. Leaving his cock in giving me no choice but to swallow it then rolled over and grabbed me wrapping me in his arms and sighed.

"Now my beautiful Charlie that wasn't so bad was it." All I could do was lie in his arms and cry.


This went on for another four years. In those four years I had learned how to give what my father called a porn star blow job and was expected to do this every day and night and sometimes in the middle of the day. During this whole time I would thank god I remained a verging. On my seventeenth birthday I was excited I had just graduated high school and was looking forward to collage far away.


I walked in to the house to go upstairs and pack before dad got home to stop me. I shut the door turned and felt a painful shock on the side of my neck and passed out. When I finally came too I was in a room I didn't recognize. I looked around and grabbed a sore spot on my neck I noticed a small mirror on a wall and walked over and saw two round burns on my neck I gingerly touched the spot and winced at the pain. I walked over to the door and turned the knob and walked out.

Slowly I walked down the hall and found my self at the top of some stairs. Slowly I grabbed the rail feeling slightly woozy and sluggish I descended the stairs.

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I heard some laughter and two men talking then I heard my father. "No Adrian I assure you she is pure and well taught." Slowly I followed the voices and could make out the other males voice. "Well Zachariah you did a fine job on her she is a very beautiful woman but what does she know about hoe to be a wife." Inching closer I could now see my father and a strange man.

He was in his late thirties he black hair with graying thrown through it he was a rather handsome man well built and looked as if he was wealthy. "She knows how to please a man with her mouth and she cooks and cleans also she also know no to talk back." The mans laughter boomed across the empty air causing me to jump with a small squeak.

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Bothe men turned to me. "Awe speak of the devil" Adrian said with a sly smile. He motioned me forward. I looked at my dad and walked closer to the two men where my dad reached out and grabbed me by the arm.


Adrian looked at me and smiled. "Drop her pants I want proof of her purities." My dad grabbed the my skirt jerked it off along with my small pink panties and threw me on the couch jerking my legs apart and holding me down as the other man walked over and gently rubbed my leg with one hand.

With the other he stuck a finger in his mouth and slid it in to my never before opened pussy. He slowly slid it further before I felt him hit my barrier. With a smile he took out his finger and stuck it back in his mouth and smiled. "Now Zachariah that is one sweet and pure pussy' I looked over at my father with tear in my eyes as he stood up.

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"As I said she would Adrian she is perfect so how much are you willing to give for her" Realizing what they were talking about I jumped up and looked at the both of them.

"What the hell dad I'm not for sell. "Shut up girl." Adrian said with a hard slap across the face I stumbled and hit the floor. "10,000 sounds good and fair Zachariah" My dad looked at me then back at him "15,000 and we have a deal" The man looked at me then back at my dad and put his hand out to shake. "Deal" My dad reached out and shook his hand I jumped back up.

"Dad no please ill do anything' The next thing I knew I felt a sharp prick in my arm I turned and looked at it seeing Adrian at my side with a needle before I could say any thing my world went black.

Sometime later I woke to find my self in the same room only naked I tried to cover my self only to find my arms and legs tied to bed I started to struggle but quickly gave up. Fighting was causing the ropes to become tighter causing more pain. I looked around scared and panicked when the door opened and I saw the same man from before walk in.

"Well my sweet Charlie good earning I'm sorry we must do this this way but it's been so long since I have had an innocent girl and I intend to get it to night with no fight." The man stood up and dropped his robe raveling nothing on under neath he then climbed on the bed and started to kiss me on the lips and he shoved his tong in my mouth he then started to squeeze my tits and started kissing me down taking each nipple in his mouth shucking and nibbling on each before continuing down ward kissing my stomach then my pussy lips that were now freshly shaven some how.

He slowly stuck his tong in between my lips flicking his tong on my clit. After a few seconds he stopped and came back to my face he kissed my lips again and moved up father putting his already hard dick in my face. I was terrified it was larger then my fathers it was at least 7 inches and fat he laughed at the fear in my eyes. "And that ain't even hard yet baby now why don't you suck it" Opening my mouth and taking ing his large cock bobbing up and down till the whole thing was in my mouth feeling the pre-cum drip down my throat as his huge cock grew several more inches before he pulled it out and moved down positioning it perfectly near my whole he slid it up and down my lips and around my clit leaning down with a sadistic smile he whispered in my Ear "Now this is going to hurt honey" He moved it in going slowly at first in then out never fully hitting my barrier before he pulled back and slammed into me causing me to scream out in pain as I felt my insides ripping apart.

All he did was laugh and grabbed my throat and squeezed till I stopped creaming he then started pumping in and out slamming in deeper each time a my tears flooded down. I prayed that this would end the pain was almost UN bearable. Soon he started breathing faster and moving faster deeper and deeper before he pushed in as deep as he could and let out a loud moan I could feel his hot spunk feel me in deep he just laid inside of me filling me up.

After what seemed like for ever he finally pulled out and untied me I just laid there and cried he got up but on a pair of boxers and went to the next room where I herd water running he walked in picked me up and sat me in a huge tub. Where I saw the water turning red with blood He smiled and bent forward kissing me on the head. "Now my sweet angel your mine all mine. He walked out as I began to cry I was no longer a virgin and now I was due to marry my rapist. To be continued possibly.