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Male celeb bondage video gay The scanty guy gets his mushy booty
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For more than a century it had been asleep, hidden in a dusty, abandoned lab. The passing of time held no influence over its crystalline structure but without nourishment, it had grown dormant.

A small ember of light appeared in the center of the object, pulsing slowly. Within a few minutes it had grown stronger and brighter until finally the sentience within awoke with a single thought "Avatar". David Gant checked his map one more time.

When he marked the route to Sylvain Grove he knew they would come near Wilson Lake, but not at it. Wondering where he had taken a wrong turn he turned around and took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. So much better than the city he thought, this will be great for Tillie. Mathilde, or Tillie, still sat in the car looking at the lake. She was a good looking girl and for 15 years old, physically very mature.

Her mind however was not so lucky. Tillie was born with a severe form of autism that bordered on the vegetative state. When their parents died, David had taken her under his wing after seeing how she was treated in the mental hospital where she resided. David had been the lucky one, at age 18 he had sold his first novel only to have it become a bestseller. His next two books made sure he never had to work again if he wanted too.

For his fourth book, he had decided to move out of the city to a place where he could relax and Tillie could enjoy the outdoors. That is, David pondered folding the map, if he could find Sylvain Grove.

Less than two hours later, they passed the town limits of Sylvain Groove. It was a small town in the middle of a great forested area. The main income was tourism, hikers and bikers mainly, but with good weather all year, all the residents were well to do.


David parked his car in front of the real estate office and hoped that the woman he spoke through on the phone was in. They were a day early and it wasn't likely that she'd be there unless she had an appointment.

Stepping out he looked around and felt a weight fall of his shoulders, this looked even better than he had hoped. This could work, he felt confident about it. Looking back at his sister, he smiled and walked to the office.

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The office window had a few pictures of real estate available in the area, all near to the town. They all looked good and compared to the city prices David was used to, damn cheap too. He was about to enter when a woman stepped out. She was just as surprised as David was. The woman was the first to speak as David, while being a great writer, was a bit socially inept.

"Can I help you with something? The name is Maggie by the way, I run this office" David stammered for a bit, taken aback by the presence of this woman. "Hi, my name is David Gant, we spoke on the phone two weeks ago" "Ah yes, Mr. Gant, you were looking for a large, secluded residence, right?" "Yes, I am" David managed to get out. Being socially inept was hard enough for David, but this woman was gorgeous. Just not staring at her big breasts took an effort.

Maggie noticed that David was flustered and was flattered by the looks this young man was giving her. She knew she looked good for 45 but this was a handsome new man in town, she would enjoy teasing him, maybe even make a sale today. "You are lucky then that I was in, I didn't expect you till tomorrow" "The trip took less time then I though, you wouldn't happen to have time today would you?" "Sure thing Mr.

Gant, sure thing. You want to get settled first at an inn or hop in and start looking?" "We will get settled later if you don't mind" "No problem on my end" Maggie replied and looked over at David's car. "You want to take my car or yours?" she asked. They decided on Maggie's car and David sat in the back with Tillie.

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During the drive, Maggie made her sales pitch, praising the surrounding area, telling what great people lived in town. David told a bit about himself and his situation, explaining in greater detail what he wanted.

Maggie showed him two houses, both very nice but not secluded enough. The third one was more like it. The Quentin property was a hill house, surrounded by trees. It was secluded enough so he asked for a look inside. Maggie parked the car in front of the house. It looked a bit rundown, as if nobody had bothered to fix it for at least 10 years. The price was low, mainly because it needed a loving hand and a big wallet to get the house back in its former glory. The other reason was that according to local rumor, the former owner had gone mad there and killed himself.

Leaving Tillie in the car, David and Maggie went inside to have a better look. "There is no power hook up active at the moment so we will have to use flashlights" Maggie told David when they entered.

"The hook up will take two days if you decide to get this property" As soon as David entered, he felt at home. There was a tangible presence here, an atmosphere conducive to writing despite the poor state the house was in.

"How long would it take to fix up the house using local contractors?" David asked. "Depending on who's available and how much you are willing to spend, between 2 and 4 weeks" They walked through all the rooms, noting what would need to be done. During the walk through, David couldn't help himself and look at Maggie whenever he could. She was almost as tall as he was, 5"6, athletic, with great breasts in the DD range and her pretty face had the most luscious lips he had ever seen.

The fact that she was dressed in an outfit that showed of her qualities didn't hurt either. A light grey skirt suit with a white blouse buttoned down to show her ample cleavage. When she walked up the stairs to the next floor, her swaying ass transfixed him, his eyes glued to her and his cock, already awake, rose to full manhood.

Maggie was surprised that David liked this house best so far, it was a property unsold from before she started to work as a realtor and everybody she showed it to had felt uneasy here. David apparently liked it, almost as much as he liked her figure. She had noticed him looking at her several times. She had dressed for a date later that day so she made sure to give the young man a show. Flirting would be fine, but he was at least half her age, it would feel like cradle robbing to Maggie if she pursued him in a sexual manner, but to help her sell this house, she would be a bit naughty.

Licking her lips, she briefly wondered what it would be like to fuck this boy silly as she walked up the stairs. In the lab, hidden from sight by a secret door, the light grew even stronger as it fed of the feelings of lust it sensed. Still not fully awake, its primal instinct fanned the flames of passion it sensed. Soon the ember would be a flame, then a bonfire and then a feast.

The crystal vibrated until it reached the correct pitch and opened the feeding channel to the two unsuspecting people on the stairs. Their passion and lust fed the crystal until finally it fully awoke, regaining its full sentience and powers. Almost at the stop of the stairs, Maggie suddenly felt faint. She tried to regain her balance but was unable to and fell back. David saw Maggie falter and sped up to catch her.

He barely made it, her weight almost pushing them both down the stairs. Heart pounding David felt her breasts against his hands, his cock hard against her ass. Maggie was instantly aroused by the cock pressing against her ass, not questioning where the feeling came from, she turned in his arms and pulled him up to the landing. David followed willingly, his cock harder than it had ever been, straining against his jeans. Maggie unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor to reveal a small black thong.

Grabbing David by the belt with one hand, unzipping him with the other she released his cock. David on his part felt a sexual aggression he had never experienced before, he felt confidant for the first time ever in the presence of a beautiful woman.


His cock slipped out of her hand as he turned her around, grabbing her hands, pressing them against the wall. With his feet he spread her legs, pressing her ass against his cock as hard as she could. With a single stroke David entered Maggie's wet cunt making her cry out in lust.

David was almost a virgin, having had sex only twice before and both times had been disappointing. That didn't seem to matter now as he plowed into Maggie with force he didn't know he had.

As if his body had a mind of its own, David adjusted the angle a bit so he could pleasure her G spot and with his right hand he led Maggie's hand to her cunt, pressing her fingers on her clit. She understood what he wanted and started to finger herself.

David moved his hands to her breasts, fondling them through her bra and blouse. Soon that wasn't enough for him and he ripped her blouse open, moving the bra up so his hands could play with her released breasts. Maggie was wailing with pleasure now and David's pants got wet with all her juice spraying out.

He kept on pounding her, feeling her cunt contract as she neared an orgasm, grunting his satisfaction. When it came, she fell forward to the wall crying out in joy, barely managing to stay upright.

David simply moved forward, dropped his hands to her waist and kept fucking her. Her body now caught between the wall and David's body, Maggie couldn't move except shudder from the continuing assault on her cunt, giving her smaller orgasms every few seconds. David kept her upright with her ass a bit towards him so he could keep going in deep. As he felt his own orgasm approach, he sped up, lifting Maggie from the ground each time he went in.

She was still having orgasms and before he came her eyes glazed over as all the sensations became too much for her. He came in her unconscious body with a force that made time stand still, his heart missing beats, and his mind out of his body. Every nerve in David lit up, giving him the most intense orgasm he had ever had. His cock throbbed as his balls send out an enormous amount of sperm into the soaked cunt of Maggie. It sprayed out as there was too much for her cunt to contain together with his cock.

David pulled a bit back, his cock sliding out of her cunt together with a copious amount of cum and juice. He was still hard and when David looked down, he could swear he had grown in size.

The next thing he noticed was that his pants were soaked with Maggie's cunt juice and quite a lot of his own cum. That brought David back to his former self as he grew red in the face. He gently lay Maggie down, admiring her body. His cock twitched and he felt himself get aroused again almost wanting to ravish Maggie's unconscious body.

His decency kept him from doing so as it would be a rape in his mind. Nevertheless he kept getting hornier as he looked at her. Slowly he started to jack himself of, standing above her semi naked body, looking down at her bare breasts. He felt wanton, lustful to an extend he hadn't known was in him.

His imagination coming up with all sorts of things he could do to her, getting him hornier even more. David's control was about to break when she woke. Looking up Maggie saw David slowly stroking the most magnificent cock she had ever seen. Somehow it appeared to be perfect, worthy of worship, something she needed inside of her. Maggie slowly got up on her knees, her cunt hurting in a pleasurable way, and licked the head of David's cock. When she looked at David's face she saw the lust and desire for her reflected in his eyes.

She felt wanted, loved and desired by him and wanted nothing more than to please him. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she started to suck on David's cock. Her tongue slid over his cock, her teeth bit down softly and her hand pumped his dick in counter rhythm to her bobbing head.

David never had gotten a blow job before and the sensations she was giving him with her mouth made him gasp loudly. Pleased with the effect she was having, Maggie increased the speed. His cock speeding in and out of her mouth, saliva dripping down and the view of Maggie sucking his dick made him cry out when he came. She swallowed as much of his cum as she could but David was relentless in his orgasm. He kept coming and finally she had to let go of his cock, her mouth still filled with his sperm, trying to swallow it away.

She felt his cock pulse four more times before he was finished and she had felt the huge amount of cum fall on her breasts. With her free hand she smeared it over her body, wanting to bathe in his cum.

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It had tasted like nothing she had known before, the taste itself almost made her come. Rubbing it over her body she felt satisfied like never before and when she looked up, she saw the worship in his eyes, the desire for her body, her passion and her lust.

David was having a hard time to keep standing up, his knees felt weak and his balance was of. His cock however was as hard as it was at the beginning, even after two major orgasms it still wouldn't deflate. If anything, it was even bigger. Maggie lay back down again and turned to lie on her stomach, pushing her ass up.

For a second David was stunned, he had seen movies where girls were fucked up the ass, but never in a million years did the think that he would be able to fuck this gorgeous woman up her ass and yet she offered it to him.

David got on his knees and maneuvered his dick to her well lubricated ass crack. She pushed her ass a bit up and used her hands to open her cheeks, giving David better access.


Placing his cock at the entrance he slowly proceeded to push it in. The sensation for both of them was intense, the heat and tightness of her asshole for David and the size of the cock that was entering her for Maggie. Once he was fully in her, he relaxed a bit and moved his hands beneath her armpits, holding on to her shoulders.

Having a good grip, he moved out of her almost to the end before pushing back in. Both were making grunting sounds as the speed steadily increased. Soon he gripped her tightly as he pounded in her ass. She felt filled in a way she didn't know was possible and soon she felt the familiar waves of an orgasm approach. Except it wasn't a wave, it was a tsunami that hit her.

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Howling her throat raw, she came bucking, almost dislodging David on top of her. Her cunt spraying like a hose, the orgasm clenched her muscles, tightening the entrance for David even more. The bucking and the sound she made when he plowed her to orgasm almost made him come but when she clenched on his cock, he came in similar fashion.

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Again his cum shot back, dripping out from the side, the throbbing intensified by the ass grip on his shaft. After several blasts of cum in her ass, his dick finally decided to shrink a bit. David rolled of Maggie, completely spend.

She looked at him with foggy eyes and smiled, getting up a bit to plant a kiss on his lips. "I don't know what came over me, but that was one hell of a fuck" Maggie whispered softly. David could do nothing but agree, if sex was always as good as this, he probably wouldn't write a book ever again. Slowly both came to their full senses again, still basking in the intense afterglow. It was then that David noticed his sister standing near the wall where he had fucked Maggie.

She was smelling the mess they had left and with a finger brought some to her mouth. David was too stunned to say anything, still laying on the floor with his cock out and Maggie half naked cuddled against him. Tillie licked her finger first, then put it in her mouth smiling. "Good taste" she said, the first words she had spoken since they left his NY apartment.

Maggie looked up and saw Tillie as well, putting even more cum and cunt juice in her mouth. "I think she likes the taste David" she smiled as she looked as his stunned face. David got up and helped Maggie do the same. They both looked like a mess. "Hmm, it looks like I still have some unfinished business" Maggie said as she kneeled again, taking David's flaccid and messy cock in her mouth. David looked down, not knowing what to do or say and decided to enjoy Maggie's tongue play.

Maggie licked and sucked his cock clean of any cum remains, giving his balls a once over as well. A few of the bigger cum blobs on his pants made their way to her mouth too as she relished the taste of it. Having cleaned him up a bit, she started to get dressed again, picking up buttons from her blouse as she found them. Tillie had watched Maggie give David a blowjob, sucking on her fingers with the bits of cum she had found.

It had made her feel very hot inside, she noticed her nipples getting hard and her pussy getting wet. Not understanding why, she just looked on as Maggie and David enjoyed themselves. When they were done she walked back down to the car, not sure why she had even left. Near the door Tillie noticed a pretty piece of crystal, picking it up she felt warmth radiate from it and decided to keep it.

David watched his sister return downstairs and turned his eyes again to Maggie. "Can you arrange for a crew to give an estimate on the costs of fixing up this house?" David asked.

"Sure thing David, I can even get someone to look it over today if you wish, getting you an estimate tonight" Maggie replied getting her skirt back on.

She didn't bother with the thong as it was a casualty of sex. She turned to look at him and said "You don't have to buy this house just because we had amazing sex you know" "I know, it was amazing" David said smiling "best ever but I like the house and location so you have a buyer for the property" Maggie smiled, took his arm as they walked back to the car.

"You know, I had a date later today but I think I am going to cancel, how about you two stay tonight over at my place, I'll fix you some great dinner, I have enough room so that's not a problem" "Besides" Maggie continued "you can't show up at an inn looking like you do now eh?" They both laughed at that and the trip back to her place was filled with pleasant conversation.

The energy poured into the crystal, causing a cascade of new lights to flicker on. The meal was a great feast, bigger than expected.

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Dormant parts of the crystal woke with the influx of energy and parts of the personality and memories came back. New structures were forming, storing the memory of the feeding. Slowly the crystal entity became aware of itself again, gaps still remained in its memory but the sense of self had returned.

She was Aphrodite, the last name given to her. With her name back, she bathed in the power feeling sated and contend. Connecting to her awakened base structure she noticed parts of her were missing, memories lost.

Her most recent memories caused her to pause, an avatar had awakened her by accident and brought a vessel with him? She thought about this strange series of events while she slowly rebuild her memory and waited for the avatar to return to her.