Gay sex doctors stories I had him remove his T shirt to check his

Gay sex doctors stories I had him remove his T shirt to check his
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His hand stroked furiously. The pressure was building and he began to feel the tingles deep in his chest. He clenched his jaw and his ass cheeks. Tight. His left hand held the windowsill for support. The only way to keep upright. A small grunt escaped his lips and he forced his mouth closed. He continued to pump is turgid cock with all he had.

In the garden below he watched the two young women, oblivious to him watching their every beat. Flowing hair. PumpPump. Round shoulders. PumpPump. Pale legs. PumpPump.

Uncovered feat.

PumpPump. So tight. So hot… Almost… His right hand arm was burning, screaming for release. So close. The tingles reached the base of his cock. He ground his teeth together. Clamping the sounds of burdening orgasm in his throat. He thrust his hips forward.

Humping the air.

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Unable to take his eyes from the smooth, unblemished sight below him. His cock was bursting - "AH-uh… Uh…" He came and felt his seed spurt around his fingers.

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Despite his best efforts there was too much to contain and the excess dripped out of his hand and onto the bathroom tiles. "Shit," he muttered, still milking the last faint waves. He turned from the window, crouched, so he couldn't be seen out of it. Awkwardly, with his pants around his ankles, one hand covered in cum and with more still leaking from his semi-hard dick, he waddled to the sink to clean off.

When he was done, he pulled his sweat pants back up and stealthily worked back to the window. The two girls had left the garden and were walking back towards the house. "John! Food's ready!" John jumped away from the window at the call from his mother. Sighing, he tried to slow his heart rate. For a moment he thought he had been caught jerking off to his eighteen year old sister and her friend.

Well, just her friend, he reminded himself. Mostly. John had returned from his first year of college a week previously. He wasn't ashamed to admit, he had been a virgin before he left, nearly a year ago.

That had certainly changed while he was away. He wasn't particularly handsome, nor did he boast a physique to cause much discussion.

But there had been plenty of quietly pretty girls at college, who didn't have much (or any) sexual experience, and who seemed more than happy to even be approached by a boy. Once John realised this, he used what little confidence this gave him (along with not a little bit of liquor) and began making notches in his bedpost. He made his way around several of his classmates over the year. He wasn't the most prolific by any means, but compared to where his high school self had been, he felt like a sex god.

But all good things must come to an end, and now John found himself back at his parents' house, with no outlet for a newly acquired sex drive which he had grown accustomed to satisfying in a dorm room of weed, spirits, and a tight, wet sorority minx, eager for his throbbing cock.

He was not used to having to jerk off silently, crouched by the bathroom window, leering at his sister and her friends as they played in the hot summer evening in shorts and tank tops. It was a warm evening. At dinner, the doors of the dining room were left open to attract a breeze that would never come. John's mother and father complained immensely throughout the meal. His sister, Sarah, and her friend Lisa (whom John had noted since his return suddenly looked much more… mature, than when he had left) fanned themselves profusely.

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John spent the meal stealing glances at the two girls. He did his best only to keep his thoughts on Lisa. She was a quite girl, long blonde hair, slim, very small, barely over five feet. She had had her braces removed since John had last seen her. Her teeth fit perfectly into her smooth cheeks. The tank top she was wearing showed off how her body had developed as an eighteen year old.

Modest ass and boobs were accentuated by her slight figure, resulting in a deliriously enticing tight body. John became captivated by the trails of sweat that formed in the crest of Lisa's throat and made their way, agonisingly slowly down her chest, across the unblemished skin to the hollow just visible between her boobs, then out of sight.

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John closed his eyes as his thoughts drifted to what was left out of sight… After dinner, John wasted a few hours playing video games in his bedroom.

It was past midnight when he decided to go to bed. His parents would be asleep by this stage, and their bedroom and ensuite were downstairs, but as he left his room towards the bathroom, he saw Lisa just about to close the bathroom door.

"Sorry, did you ?" She whispered. "No, no you go ahead. I'll wait." John replied, with a smile. "Thanks.


Sarah's already asleep, I just want to change quickly…" She closed the door as John walked back to his own room. He lent against his own door and in his mind's eye, he saw Lisa peel her tank top off.

Her tight eighteen year old body was perfect. Her boobs were small, but perfectly round. As she reached behind and undid her bra, they didn't move at all supple. John swallowed.


She would bend down, pull her shorts of her smooth legs, let them drop. He imagined her there, bare but for her panties, imagined her catching sight of herself in the mirror, and spinning, to admire herself. Her bare shoulders giving way to her orbs, perfect boobs, with pert nipples. Her flat stomach, and her bubble, firm ass. She would tuck her fingers into the waistband of her panties, begin to peel them over her hips The sound of the bathroom door jerked John out of his thoughts.

He opened his door and glanced out. The hall was deserted, the bathroom door slightly ajar. He entered the bathroom and pulled his shirt of, dumping it in the laundry basket. As he turned away something bright caught his eye. On the mat to the bathtub were a pair of bright blue panties. In that inherent, and slightly disturbing way that one becomes vaguely familiar with one's families underwear, John recognised that these were not his sisters.

He stood still for a moment, and almost became light headed as his cock swelled in his pants as he looked at Lisa's panties. He knew it would be sordid, bad of him… But he was achingly hard. He hadn't had sexual contact with another person for weeks… It wasn't like he would be spying on her. With a sudden movement, John reached for them. He picked Lisa's panties up with his left hand and pressed them too his face, as his right hand freed his cock and grasped his shaft.

He inhaled deeply. The scent, the feeling of moisture combined on John's face to release an orgasmic swell of lust and he ran his hand along his throbbing cock.

Opening his mouth, he licked the seat of Lisa's panties and tasted her sweat, her arousal, her tight teenage pussy. God, he had needed this.

His hand began to pick up a rhythm and he heard a door close. He froze for a moment, one hand on his erect dick, pulled over the top of his sweat pants, and his other hand clasping a pair of women's underwear to his face.

Footsteps. Coming closer. Desperate, John dropped Lisa's panties and forced his cock into his pants. He hadn't locked the door! Surely, if it was her, she would know he was in The door burst open and Lisa appeared. "Oh, John, I'm sorry! I forgot you were awake, I think I left…" She trailed off, as she looked around the room and John felt his cheeks warm, like a deer caught in headlights. His cock was clearly visible, still very hard through his sweatpants.

At his feet where he dropped them, were her panties. She had to realise what she had caught him doing. "Um. It's not, I can…" John tried to answer in a way that wouldn't further incriminate himself.

He felt horrible, caught in the act of perversion by an eighteen year old girl. Would she just run away? Wake his sister? Or worse, his parents? "Oh, you found them." Lisa came closer and knelt down right in front of him. "Thanks" John looked down at her as she took her panties and flashed him a smile from the ground.

She was so close to his hard dick. If she stretched out her tongue, she surely would've licked it through his pants. If he had been hard when she walked in, he was ready to burst now. And she knew it. "I hope I didn't keep you from anything…" Lisa straightened up but did not back away.

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John still had the scent of her pussy in his nose and could smell her fresh now. He was aware of his cock, straining to burst free towards her hot young body. She was evidently aware of it too. "That's nice," she said. "Is that what you were doing before I came in?" She reached a hand and gently traced her fingers along the line of his dick. "Were you jerking off? Using my panties?" John and Lisa looked each other in the eye as she traced his cock.

He couldn't believe this was happening. He had been dying for sex. Could this young teenage blonde beauty be the answer to his prayers?

"Yeah. Yeah I was." John spoke for the first time, still a little scared she would run. But she stayed, and continued to finger the shape of his dick. "I loved your panties, they smell so nice." "Do they?" Lisa answered, and she got more forceful, palming his shape. "Did you taste them?" "Yes," John breathed through his teeth. He had to concentrate on not cumming too soon. His cock wasn't even out yet.

"They tasted wonderful." "Would you like another taste?" Lisa said coyly, teasing. John could only nod. Lisa dropped her panties and took John's hand. She guided him under the hem of her night dress, up her thighs to the top of her legs. John moaned as his fingers grazed the outer lips. "You're so wet baby…" Their foreheads pressed together as he slipped his middle finger between the folds. Now she moaned.

John went deeper, until she pulled his wrist away, and forced his finger into his own mouth. He sucked her juices clean, and Lisa smiled devilishly. She released his writs and pulled the front of his pants down, freeing his cock at last.

The head brushed her middrift and left a trail of precum along her night wear. She giggled as she took his cock full in hand and pulled from base to tip. John returned his hand between her legs. This time two fingers forced their way deep, deep into Lisa's dripping pussy.

She moaned as she felt his fingers inside of her and pulled on his cock. This was his signal and he moaned too, delving deeper into her. They developed a rhythm, moaning quietly as Lisa's hand tugged and slipped along John's throbbing cock, and his fingers prodded and purred deeper every time into her teenage depths.

Lisa's pussy clenched around his fingers with every thrust and John ground his teeth and felt his release building. Lisa sensed his impending orgasm, and sped up.

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"Make me cum John. Make me cum with you." John responded to the horny girl's hot words, pistoning his fingers in and out of her. His thumb reached to find her clit. Her sudden gasp told him he'd done the job. His fingers and thumb worked furiously as sweat dripped from both their bodies.

Hers falling onto his bare chest, his onto her chest and down, into her cleavage and between her covered breasts. Lisa's pussy bit down hard on John's fingers and he felt her walls pulsate with her orgasm. He took this as his signal and finally relaxed, and felt his own orgasm throb through his cock in time with the beat from her pussy.

His cum spurt onto the front of her gown, reaching as high as her boobs. For a few moments they remained, lost in the dying throes of their orgasm. Lisa smiled and gently kissed him as she untangled her hand, with long drops of cum still connecting her hand to his dick.

She pulled away and his fingers slipped from her pussy. Lisa bent down to retrieve her forgotten panties and smiled at John as she spread her tongue and licked from the bottom of her had to the top.

"Well… goodnight." She turned with a final smile and left, still licking his cum, with more spread in great streaks across the front of her night dress. John lent back against the sink, spent.

He hadn't cum like that since his first time with a girl. As he cleaned himself up, and retreated to his bedroom, his thought of the beautiful eighteen year old in the room down the hall with his cum all over her dress and hands. He still had two months of summer to go. He had to fuck her.