Sultry schoolgirl is seduced and shagged by her elderly instructor

Sultry schoolgirl is seduced and shagged by her elderly instructor
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I guess that to look at I'm not really what people might think of as a computer nerd but I enjoy messing about with them and have built my own a couple of times by working through help guides of the web and I'm pretty good at it even if I say so myself. Other than that I'm just an ordinary girl who gets a good amount of attention from the boys and who likes to tease a little.

I'm close to 17 now although to look at you would think me older. I am average weight and height, have dark brown shoulder length hair with a slight kink and have a neat pair of boobs that I'm pretty proud of. They are a firm 34B with neat coned nipples and the boys love to suck on them. My hips are nice and in good proportions to the rest of me and my legs are in pretty good shape too. Who says so? Well I know that half the adult males in the neighbourhood ogle me at every opportunity so I can't be that bad.

A couple of weeks ago I was in my room surfing around the web when mom called me. She had been chatting to our neighbour who was having trouble with his PC and she volunteered me to go round to try to fix it. I was a bit pissed that she had said I would do this without even asking me but then I thought he was quite cute. He always made a point of talking to me and he'd call out "Hi Becky!" whenever he saw me.

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I'd always chip back "Hi Mr C!" and he would grin and remind me to just call him Alan and not be so formal seeing as we were such close neighbours. I'd nod "OK" and twirl from him giving him a flash of my thigh as I did so. I knew he was watching for this and I'd caught him staring at me a few times but I'd pretend not to notice. I knew my time would come and today was it! I went back to my room and switched off my system before making my way over to his house.

I checked myself in the mirror and quickly changed my top from a sloppy hang around to a hacked off T shirt which showed my shape very clearly. I wasn't wearing a bra and I saw my nipples through the cloth as they began to harden a little with me thinking of teasing him close up. Next was whether to stay in my shorts or to be even more risky and switch them for a skirt. Then I thought "What the heck, why just go half way?" so I changed into a neat little pleated tartan skirt and with a final mirror check I headed over to his house.

He opened the door and I almost felt his intake of breath as he saw me standing there. "Hi Mr C. Mom said you were having some computer problems and sent me over to see if I could help." "Oh yes Becky. I'm sorry if this is a problem and I didn't know you were an expert when I mentioned it to your mom.

She said you were a wizard with computers and that you had built your own so I couldn't really refuse. Please come on in but call me Alan though Becky." "Sure Mr C, um, Alan. What's wrong with your computer anyway?" and I brushed past him as close as I could without being obvious and smelled his cologne as I went by.

"Well, I don't know if it's fixable. I'm getting the dreaded blue screen and can't get it to boot up." I'm sure his voice cracked a little as he followed me down the hall.

"It's the last door on the left Becky. You'll find it in there. Can I get you a drink of cola or anything?" "Oh please Alan that would be really good. It's so hot today isn't it?" I purred and stroked my palm across my throat and then 'fanned' my face with my hand.

This is going to be fun I thought as I went into the study. By the time he'd brought my drink I'd switched on and tried to routine simple things to get it going but each time when I tried to re-boot it crashed and the windows blue screen appeared. "Can I open it up and look inside?" I asked him and I knew he was thinking of opening something else up when he said to go ahead. "I've got to unplug it first though." I said over my shoulder and got down on my knees in a most innocent teenaged fashion to reach under the desk and pull the plug from the socket.

I knew my skirt would hike up a little and that he would get an eyeful of my rear and thighs, and probably a little flash of my white panties too. Then I also realised that he could probably see up my hacked off T shirt to the underside of my titties as I crawled beneath the desk. I had a hard time stopping myself bursting out laughing but I knew that if I did he would know what I was up to. Having pulled the plug from the socket I backed out from under the desk giving what I'm sure was a long and detailed look at what I had.

"OK" I said in a matter of fact way "let's get the covers off and see what's hidden here." Again, a careful choice of words and I just knew what must be going through his head then. "I just want to check and see if there's anything hot. You know, maybe a scorch mark or something or maybe just something hot to the touch." By now he was practically drooling over me but I pretended not to be aware of the effect I was having on him although I could see the bulge growing in his trousers and he kept trying to sit and cross his legs to hide it.

It wasn't long before I was fairly sure what was wrong with his PC as the power lead to the hard drive was only just about making contact. I pushed it home and popped the covers back on. "Alan, could you plug it in for me now please?" I teased and smirked to myself as he bobbed his head beneath the desk to reach the power socket.

I was leaning on the desk as I turned the PC on and 'concentrated' on it starting up. He must have been desperate now under the desk as he could peer right up my skirt and although I couldn't see him from where I was, it was a certainty that he was doing just that and I began to feel myself getting a little wet at the thought. Sure enough windows booted up and I said "There you go Alan, it's as clear as anything now.

What do you think?" He slowly crawled from his vantage point and looked up towards the screen. From there he also got a clear view up my hacked T shirt and I looked down at him to see a flushed and sweating face staring wide eyed back up at me as he stuttered "Oh, thanks so much Becky, I um, I&hellip.

what was the problem?" "It was easy, I just found a terminal that was not slotted home right and once I pushed it into the hole and made it tight everything was fine." Then I thought that maybe I had gone too far with these little innuendo quips but I could tell from his face that either he still thought them just coincidental or he was getting to like my line of chatter as he smiled and held the glass of cola out to me.


"Mmmm, this is so good!" I crooned tipping my head right back and gulping the cool liquid down as my throat pulled tight to show me swallowing and I 'accidentally' dribbled a little from the side of my mouth. It ran down my chin and onto my T shirt. "Woops! That was careless of me. I hope it doesn't stain if I brush it off before it soaks in" and I flicked the drops of cola off my left tittie with the back of my hand causing it to jump and sway with the movement.

Alan was a picture! He could hardly move as his eyes locked hard on my swaying nipple. "One more test" I said clicking open his browser history and there as I hoped was just what I was looking for.

One quick click and it opened to a porn site. "Oops. Sorry Alan, I didn't mean to pry." Now he was really embarrassed and he tried to take the mouse from me saying, "I'm really sorry Becky. I don't know how that got on there like that. Let me shut it down." "Oh, no that's OK Alan I stuttered, faking surprise.

I shouldn't have opened your browser without permission so it's my fault really." We stood there in silence for a few seconds that seemed like hours and he was too shocked to figure what to do so I took the initiative.

"Do you go to this site a lot Alan? What's it like? I've never seen a porn site myself. What sort of things are on there?" I lied, still playing the innocent little teen and putting him firmly on the spot now. Either he would have to get into my little game or he would shy off. Knowing what he had already seen of me and the bulge in his trousers I was pretty confident he would take the bait and sure enough that's what he did. "You shouldn't be looking at these things Becky and I shouldn't be letting you see them on my computer either, especially with me here as well." "What difference does that make?

If I can see them without you then what's the problem seeing them with you here?" "If anyone found out they'd think it was my idea and I was trying to corrupt you or something." "Well, it's my idea now and anyway, you're not trying to corrupt me are you? We are just looking at some things on the web." "Yes but they are not things you should be looking at, not at your age anyway." "I'm not a child!" I rounded on him, attempting to sound annoyed and vulnerable at the same time "I can look after myself and anyway there is nothing on here.

Is this all there is? It's just a couple of pictures and anyway, they've got stars covering things up." "Well, no. the stars are only on the home pages. There are uncensored video clips and such inside." "What?

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Do you mean in this bit?" I asked as I clicked the site open and revealed stills of four different sample films. The first showed a blonde and a black woman fingering each other and the blonde kissing the black woman's tits, the second was another blonde holding a huge black cock, the third was a young brunette girl sucking on a cock and the fourth was a cock squirting cum over a redheads face.

"Wow Alan, are these really on video clips on here? Can we see them for free?" "Um, yes we can. If we open up the video clip it will play for us and as they are just short samples they are free.


But we shouldn't do this Becky." "Why not? What's wrong with you anyway, you sound sort of different?" "That's because I'm here in my house with a teenage girl and we are talking about porn films and I've got a raging hard on and it's damned uncomfortable!" he blurted and by then I was too amused to keep from laughing and I just burst out with the idea of him trying to control his 'raging hard on' as he called it. "Oh come on Alan, now that we are nearly there can't we just watch one?

Please?" I simpered knowing that he was too far gone now to refuse and I looked down at the bulge of his cock knowing I was going to get a feel of it soon enough, "OK then" he relented "pick one and open it up to view it." Now he had other things on his mind besides watching film clips and it involved easing the tension in that cock of his. He was ready for the next stage of this little game. I opened the clip of the blonde holding the black cock.

The video showed her stroking it and asking him if he liked what she was doing and was he ready to fuck her and then the clip ended. "Oooo, that looked so good Alan.

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I'd love to be able to hold a big cock like that and feel what it was like. It must be really good to feel one as big and hard as that." He was almost choking but by now he knew I was no little miss innocent and I'd been setting him up all along. "Well Becky, if you really want to feel a hard cock why don't you get a hold on this one?" and he nodded down to his bulge. "Can I Alan? Really?" I asked as I undid his zipper and eased his cock from his pants.

It was a bit of a struggle as his cock was rock hard and I had to manoeuvre it to get it out but he finally unclipped his pants and dropped them to give me full access. I grasped it in my fist and began to stroke along the length feeling it pulse and throb as it filled further with blood. It was like a steel bar but still with a hot velvety touch. "This is really good Alan.

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So much better than watching it on a film clip. It feels so hard. I love it. Am I doing this right?" "Oh yes Becky! That's doing it right alright! God damn what a sensation! I'm going to explode here any minute!" "Ha ha" I laughed "are you going to cum for me? I'd like to see you cum Alan and feel what it's like as it shoots up through your cock. Do you think I could feel it through my hand as you came?" I teased "Let's see what this other one is" and I clicked open the one with the brunette sucking a guy's cock.

She was bobbing her head up and down the length and then swirling her tongue around the head before bobbing again. "Does that look good to you Alan? Would you like me to copy what she's doing for you? Do you want me to suck your cock for you Alan?" I didn't bother waiting for his reply but slid down to take his cock in my mouth. I still kept my fist wrapped around the shaft and stroked it up and down as I took his cock-head into my mouth and bathed it with saliva.

I know I'm a pretty good cocksucker and I knew I could make him blow right now if I wanted but I needed a little longer yet and I stroked my pussy lips through my cotton panties feeling the wet seep through. "Can we watch the last one where he cums?" Alan just grunted and reached past me to click open the video clip.

It didn't last long but showed the final suck and stroke that a redhead was giving before taking the cock from her mouth and pumping it over her head and onto her tongue. "I want to do that Alan. Do you want to do that with me?" Again I didn't wait for his answer but began to flick my tongue around and across his cock-head as I pumped his shaft. He was grunting and gasping and began to groan "Yes. Yes Becky. I'm going to cum.

You are making me cum now. Yes. Suck it now!" and I felt the first plug of his sap as it shot up the shaft of his cock and I pulled my mouth away as I carried on rapidly pumping him with my hand. Then it flew from the end. A thick wad of hot white cum blasted out and plastered my forehead and my hair. I pumped him again and the next stream flew and I moved to open my mouth and catch it on my tongue where its salty bitterness struck home straight away and I engulfed his cock with my mouth as I drew his remaining spurts into it and swallowed him down.

"Mmmm, that was nice Alan" I purred looking up from his lap "now what can we do?" "After that Becky, we can do whatever you want" he gasped. "Do you want to touch me Alan?" "Oh yes!

Oh do I want to touch you!" he reached under my crop top to cup my titties and I lifted it up over my head to give him better access. He stroked them and twirled my nipples and began to suck them alternating from one to the other as I slowly stood up in front of him and rested my rear on the desk top.

"Let me show you something Alan" I said, gently pushing him from my tits and I arched back so that I was perched on the edge of the desk and I lifted my legs either side of him and rested my heels on his shoulders as I slid my fingers inside my white cotton panties and stroked my pussy lips. I watched him transfixed by my show with eyes and mouth wide open then I pulled the gusset to one side and exposed my wet pussy for him.

He stared at my little strip of trimmed downy hair resting above my slit which I now prised open for him to reveal the pink inner lips and the bump of my clit. "Is that nice Alan? Do you like my little pussy? Do you like watching me stroke it?

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Kiss it for me!" I commanded and he leaned into me and I felt his tongue dart up inside me, setting me on fire. I pulled his head in tight and he licked the length of my pussy slit, pausing at the top of each lap stroke to suck on my rigid little clit and I shot through my orgasm and felt my pussy walls twitch and contract as they dribbled my juice out onto his chin.

He was hold of my ass cheeks and pulling me tight onto his mouth and I loved every second of it. "I want to fuck you Becky," he grunted "please let me fuck inside you." I giggled and opened my legs wider as he rose from his knees holding his rigid cock in front of him. "Yes Alan, that looks so good! Put it in me and let me feel your big cock inside me." I held my panties to the side for him and he slapped the head of his cock against my clit sending a spasm of pleasure shooting through me and then he eased forwards and slid the tip of his cock into my wet hole.

He felt so hot going in there and I gasped with pleasure as the head popped through the opening when he then rested it, gently rocking back and forth. God this was going to be a good fuck I thought, loving this sensation when he began to slide further into me. He felt so much better than my dildo and so much better than any of the boys who had pounded me in the past.

He was slow and deliberate and let me enjoy the velvety feel of his long cock as it slid right up into me. I clenched myself tight to feel him even more and we both gasped again at the feelings we were giving each other and then I began to alternate my clenching and relaxing so that my pussy muscles massaged his cock as he held it buried to the hilt inside me.

I was fucking him without him moving now and he clearly loved it as much as me. "Now Alan, fuck me hard" I yelped "it's OK, I'm on the pill so you can cum in me if you want or pull out and let me suck it when you cum. Just fuck me hard now 'till I cum." And that's just what he did. He grasped my hips and began to pound in and out of me.


He'd already cum once before and I could tell that he wouldn't be long before he did so again. I absorbed all the feelings as I looked up to his sweating face and watched him grind his teeth with concentration as he tried to hold back and then I came.

I clamped my hips into him and gripped him tight as waves of pleasure rolled through my pussy and I felt my juices drip from my hole and down my ass crack to plop onto the desk top and floor and then he began to shoot too. I watched his eyes crunch up tight as he pulled me onto his cock which he had now slammed as far as he could into me and I felt it bang against my cervix where the first hot stream of cum shot out. He pumped and pumped in me and with each thrust I felt his cock spasm as it shot another stream of spunk into me until finally he just flopped on top of me, exhausted and gasping for breath.

I held him tightly and kissed his ear, licking inside it and then saying, "Do this to my pussy now Alan and finish me off completely. Lick me out now like you did before and get your cum from me so that I can taste it on your tongue when you finish." My obedient lover was now so much in my control that I think he would have done whatever I asked but he seemed more than happy to do this and he dropped back down to slurp his tongue into me and I listened to his moans of pleasure as he literally licked me out.

I'm sure that when he had finished there wasn't a drop of spunk still inside me and I raised his head in my hands and kissed him as I'd promised and then I slid from the desk to take his limp cock back into my mouth and suck him clean. Now that I'd finally seduced him (although he probably thought he'd seduced me) I sucked and licked his cock in a contented way knowing that I had lined myself up for great sex all summer long whenever I wanted it, and I sure as hell was going to want it a lot!

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